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Fortnite live event at the end of Chapter 2 Season 2! Midas blows up The Agency, and the Storm on the map is now water! (Nick Eh 30 reacts to new Fortnite Doomsday Live Event)


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14 Haz 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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SwiftDinoDom Yıl önce
I love how he does some clips from before the event and then the event that is so cool ;)
Luca Aylar önce
@Blue Dragon VR m
Luca Aylar önce
@Blue Dragon VR m
Luca Aylar önce
@Blue Dragon VR m
Danielle Cox
Danielle Cox 2 aylar önce
Landon 2 aylar önce
@Zack23 actually season 8
Poncho Yıl önce
I love how Nick is always happy and positive making others happy
juicy orange
juicy orange Yıl önce
I love Nick's reactions idk why but I like the way he reacts. I watched him react to all the events so far
Deathstroke 3 aylar önce
Bleach 4 aylar önce
I saw this on my iPad but lt gone I play in ps4
Zuhaila Farah
Zuhaila Farah 5 aylar önce
LucidBoi 8 aylar önce
@Mo the tired boy if my mans changes his user name to reeves then ur done
Okami 8 aylar önce
@Mo the tired boy frrr I can’t take the way he reacts and then he’s always saying random stuff like half the time I don’t think he even knows what’s he is talkin about
cooper york
cooper york Yıl önce
Hey nick!! I just wanna say that you are such a genuine and nice guy and when you're happy you make everyone else happy around you, you have created a lot of love in the world and you taught me to have no bias and treat random people with respect.
Ryan Kinney
Ryan Kinney Yıl önce
Hi Nick, I love your videos. And keep up the great work that you do for your subscribers!
[PACK]mangoez_- Yıl önce
Nick always has the best reactions to the events
Roath Chan
Roath Chan Yıl önce
I love your streams and videos keep up the good work eh team
Roath Chan
Roath Chan Yıl önce
I love your streams and videos keep up the good work eh team
Josiah Jones
Josiah Jones Yıl önce
I love how you guys have so much fun at the end, its hilarious
evrp_.. Yıl önce
I love watching your reactions to live events
Nick Eh 30
Nick Eh 30 Yıl önce
Who saw the event in-game? Who missed it? Who watched it from a stream/video?
Ryder Plunk
Ryder Plunk 21 gün önce
In game is better
Declan Lee
Declan Lee 24 gün önce
Me u saw the event. I missed it I seen it from streamers
Rayan Nini
Rayan Nini Aylar önce
I missed it
El_papa2 Aylar önce
I saw it on game lol this was a year ago
DeadshotFPS 2 aylar önce
I was in the game
Marsha Bridgette
Marsha Bridgette Yıl önce
Your an inspiration dude keep the hard work
Austin Tylar
Austin Tylar Yıl önce
I could watch any Fortnite event 150 times over again and still get chills, even after seeing them many times already 😂
Keagan Hoyle
Keagan Hoyle Yıl önce
Whenever I watch your videos it puts a smile On my face and it makes my day. Thanks 😁🙃
shay Yıl önce
Nick doesn’t care what people think of him Im happy for nick he’s so positive that gives me a smile
Brittany Griffith
Me to
flaresznlul Yıl önce
When it comes to these amazing events u have some of the best reactions. I love it
Zodakis 6 aylar önce
I love the clips he plays before the events so people can see what Lead up to it
Jus Gaming
Jus Gaming Yıl önce
Nick love the vids your so nice keep up the good work
Bruh Cut
Bruh Cut Yıl önce
The story line is that they were using the storm to hold the tsunami (when they said it was going to keep it up) from flooding the map. But then through out the last days of the season the storm started to become weak. In the new update the storm broke and the tsunami flooded the map. Then it went back to the normal storm after the new Patch.
MalakSmalak Yıl önce
Bro the build up to this event was HYPE! I can't wait for this seasons one!
Perkashツ Yıl önce
It's funny how I saw the event 5 times. On lachlan's channel, fresh's channel, lazar beam's channel, nick's channel and in game🤣😅
Avalos Family
Avalos Family 16 gün önce
Bat flaÿz
Bat flaÿz Aylar önce
República Federal Centroamerica Mapper
They call him a madman
Eli Yıl önce
Mentxlityyy You Made Yourself Ask Cause You Went In The Comments In The First Place
Mythixx Yıl önce
Same I do it with all event
ali Hashem
ali Hashem 8 aylar önce
Bro that was seriously one of the best events ever I was so shocked while watching it
Aidan Shea
Aidan Shea Yıl önce
They should bring glider redeploy for the storm so u “can’t” take fall damage from it
Bxzzare Gaming
Bxzzare Gaming 4 aylar önce
I love your vids Nick. Keep it up you positive panther you
Preston Burr
Preston Burr Yıl önce
I was in your game and I was on the top of those builds that you wished you where on! I love your videos! :)
Derek Sanders
Derek Sanders Yıl önce
Your my hero nick eh 30 I literally made my keybinds off of you, used your code, been subbed for 3 yrs, and have notes on! Keep up the good work man!!
Preston Burr
Preston Burr Yıl önce
I was in your game and I was on the top of those builds that you wished you where on! I love your reaction! :)
Shaun Marshall
Shaun Marshall Yıl önce
I love you nick you make me happy every day I watch you
PBRJ 11 aylar önce
I can't belive they actually thought that we would get a new map in season 2.
Mike E
Mike E Yıl önce
You are such a good you tuber keep it up
Dame Z
Dame Z Yıl önce
This is by far the funniest squad I have ever seen. I would like Replays here too, but this was awesome.
Youfes Yıl önce
I can’t wait to see how much cool trick shots there is gonna be from the storm
DeSean Plays
DeSean Plays Yıl önce
Theory: Midas was losing control of the storm and you can see it was fighting back and Jonesy was saying something about stabilizing something(I assume he was talking about storm),I think they stabilized it by adding water to the storm to save everyone(They wanted to save everyone because Jonesy had a ghost mug on his desk and Ghost are the good guys), Eventually the storm will become unstable and the water in the storm will flood a part of the map.
Iliana Albisu
Iliana Albisu Yıl önce
I like how he said “we have a storyline in Fortnite now,” yes we’ve had a storyline since Season 3
ViciousGz24 2 aylar önce
@Keanu Johnson True
Lil kandy
Lil kandy Yıl önce
No in season 4 yiur not if they weren’t story line in s3
Tfs moved to tfs2
@Keanu Johnson Ik they trying to keep it original in ch2 ss1
Chezz Yıl önce
Yes but no not a good one so get better
Keanu Johnson
Keanu Johnson Yıl önce
In chapter 2 season 1 there wasn’t much of a storyline
scoots gaming
scoots gaming Yıl önce
Who else in season 4 watching this because it was a sick event and loved it
Brady2334 _
Brady2334 _ 8 aylar önce
I love how Nick thought the device was a Missile and how for 2 days you can only drop within the tsunami like the event was
Exotic Potato Genesis Umbrella
Other streamers would be talking about something completely different or would be referencing tons of memes while watching the event. Nick's reaction is all about the event, and is actually acknowledging what's happening. I love it.
JDPLAYZ 24 gün önce
@MrTonaBoi oh no
MrTonaBoi 24 gün önce
@JDPLAYZ hahaha get REKD I didn’t forget >:)
JDPLAYZ 25 gün önce
@MrTonaBoi im replying to your reply beacause u forgot about this reply
MrTonaBoi Aylar önce
I’m commenting on ur comment because you forgot about this comment
erised6 Yıl önce
Fortnite events are following a storyline again. I love it!
LiteralGarbage Yıl önce
This event was fire 🔥🔥
Shopmations 9 aylar önce
The event actually makes sense now in season 6!
Wenoah Goodson
Wenoah Goodson Yıl önce
The event was so good
Shawn daddy
Shawn daddy 7 aylar önce
I love his reaction
Dogie Renegade
Dogie Renegade Yıl önce
I love Nick I’ve been watching this for years now
I’m Out
I’m Out Yıl önce
His reaction and his laugh is so cute and funny 🥺😂
Julia Rodgers
Julia Rodgers Yıl önce
The event was sick!
SuperMario’s CrazyAdventures
You are such a friendly TRvidd and I love your videos!
Neptto Yıl önce
Nick if theres an event i watch it first and then go see your reaction because your the happiest and my favorite streamer ever! 🦈🌊🌴🌴
distorteb Yıl önce
who was sad that they missed the event nick you are the best youtuber
Ploe f
Ploe f Yıl önce
You had to queue 30 minutes before if you did you would have 100% got in
Maybe Caleb
Maybe Caleb Yıl önce
Not me I saw it in game
Steven Lawrence
Steven Lawrence Yıl önce
I was :(
Douglass Restoration Inc.
I was in a game and then got kicked and vouldent get back in
prpl hAwKs
prpl hAwKs Yıl önce
Oh sad
XtremeGaming Yıl önce
I’m excited to see the clips before the event for Galactus
Vertical Yıl önce
"woah thats so cool" love it how he does that every time
Superfarts25 10 aylar önce
i like how every time nick sees something, he says woah dude
Noodle thing
Noodle thing Yıl önce
I love when nick zooms on his face
A gamer
A gamer 4 aylar önce
Can’t stop watching your channel!
the Joker 1
the Joker 1 Yıl önce
The event was awesome
Big Boned
Big Boned Yıl önce
I could watch you do this all day
oReliic Yıl önce
fun fact: storm now ticks 10 damage no matter what time in game
Joshua Guardado
Joshua Guardado Yıl önce
The visitor mentioned something about being muted, and Jonesy said “Wait, you can hear me?” So, they are not muted...
Xd lol
Xd lol Yıl önce
@opsst omg you're just not focusing on the story line pfff
Joshua Guardado
Joshua Guardado Yıl önce
Simply Emma that’s my point!
Kaven Uchiha
Kaven Uchiha Yıl önce
stoneofsteel has always
Emma Yıl önce
remember? "or once Looped, will I be just as muted as the others?"
Jeppe Langager
Jeppe Langager Yıl önce
Its because fortnite is LIKE a matrix simulation watch top5gamings video the you Will understand!
E L L I S Yıl önce
The fact every time there’s a new event everyone is getting hyped to leave this map behind should be a clue to epic
FalseAwaken Yıl önce
he predicted the whole thing, or... epic took his idea with the new fish, good job Nick, you made fortnite better
Mr Lol
Mr Lol Yıl önce
When the event happens I had three of my favorite streamers reacting to this while I was playing
Adrian González
Adrian González Aylar önce
I love when Nick says: Ohhhh no way!!
Faze Tiqx
Faze Tiqx Yıl önce
I love the clips before and after and love all of his videos it lit i hope I get notice one day 🥺🙂🥰
1k subscribers with no videos ?
Best 17 min of my life thanks nick ehhhh !!
Brick Boss
Brick Boss Yıl önce
This brought me joy to look back on in state that the world is in
Tejas Andhale
Tejas Andhale Yıl önce
When the event said: *Checking Epic Services Queue* I FELT THAT
Timmy Yıl önce
I hope everyone reading this is staying safe and have a great life with alot of success!
Tejas Andhale
Tejas Andhale Yıl önce
My theory: Midas is going to use his device again to break the storm that is holding back the water and flood the map
jaycccamp Yıl önce
yeah, when the machine breaks the water might break and fall on the map
garrethizer Yıl önce
The theory rn is that the world is a simulation to train for save the world. Midas became a bit more aware and wanted to stop the storm for some reason. He teleported to the real world several times while controlling the device as Cyclo. The storm didn't react as planned and became water but it isn't stable. So when it destabilizes it will probably flood the map.
Grow and Glow
Grow and Glow Yıl önce
Still my favorite event
FineeeAbs Yıl önce
Who else has watched the event but just can’t stop watching it from other youtubers reacting to it.
R4H00N Yıl önce
Possibly the best event after the galactus event when he comes
CometGaming Yıl önce
Everyone: That event was the best ever Travis scott event: Am I a joke to you?
Feather Yıl önce
@Are you seeing This comment no why 😂
༼Mr. Keys!༼
༼Mr. Keys!༼ Yıl önce
@Are you seeing This comment it was ok
Are you seeing This comment
@Feather you are good the event was not
Feather Yıl önce
@Are you seeing This comment you are not good the event was good
markus Yıl önce
@Are you seeing This comment Cuz u couldnt get in ungrateful kid.
Catherine Bligh
Catherine Bligh Yıl önce
The storm be like “how dare you underestimate my power “
Eric Jimenez
Eric Jimenez Yıl önce
I wish i was at the event but i saw nick react to it and watch it and when i saw it with nick it was better
Feather Yıl önce
This is the Fortnite I wanted where everyone is happy
Hussain Ali
Hussain Ali 4 aylar önce
I love all your work
JackieSz0729 Yıl önce
15:36 I like when he Laughs like that
Ahmed Baiz
Ahmed Baiz Yıl önce
I think they’ll have a first person feature
GalaxyWraith YT :D
GalaxyWraith YT :D 2 aylar önce
Anyone gonna notice how when he could first start to build after the event, he had a purple pump but the icon wasn’t a spaz
8:58 What is that weird sound? It sounds like something is looping around, I’m not crazy right.. I noticed that the storm was closing on us until the device pushed it back. When the storm closes in the Loop resets so that must have been us being reset because we were in the loop..
22dallas1 Yıl önce
“This is the thumbnail nick” Me: *goes to check if it’s the thumbnail
Lennon’s FUT
Lennon’s FUT Yıl önce
I have a theory when the storm got pushed back i think it got pushed to the old map so next season we can travel to it
The realest J
The realest J 11 aylar önce
Dont get me wrong this season right in this video was super cool but what made it hard to win was if you were trapped in the "storm " turned into water you were basically dead
False Optify
False Optify Yıl önce
It’s season 5 now.. quarantine really makes time fly :( I miss season 2 🥺😔
Latonna Jolliff
Latonna Jolliff Aylar önce
@deakon ig fax
False Optify
False Optify Aylar önce
@tekicad -_- fr
tekicad -_-
tekicad -_- Aylar önce
good days
SB 3Pic Man
SB 3Pic Man 2 aylar önce
@deakon ig welp now add ch2s7 too
TheBestBaconHair 7 aylar önce
ONI Yıl önce
Bro u have the best reactions
ruu ruu
ruu ruu Yıl önce
Only the wanna be TRvidrs will appreciate the perfect formation of the video it’s so well put together
Nimix Yıl önce
I can imagine ppl saying "only OGs remember the agency"
Java Cake
Java Cake Aylar önce
@AbdoMemerXD yes
Ivan14XYU 7 aylar önce
This aged like wine
@Jamie Johnson I'm in season 69
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson Yıl önce
@AbdoMemerXD im in season 5
sdf jnhi
sdf jnhi Yıl önce
There is no way this event was 4 months ago. Quarantine makes time fly😔
Jan H
Jan H Aylar önce
I was in the event i love it it was best season from chapter 2
Idkimcringe Yıl önce
My favorite part of the event was when it had the screen saying "checking epic services que"😁
Brem Yıl önce
An amazing event is going on Nick: dude look at the time
joshua higuera
joshua higuera Yıl önce
I'm sad because I couldn't get in but good thing Nick got in and with good clips :,-)
Sixin 9 aylar önce
“I’m on the space ship” LMAOOOOO that caught me off guard
Varun Nukala
Varun Nukala Yıl önce
Fortnite: The storm wave is going to be way to scary. Nick Eh 30: Guys let's use the wave as a slingshot.
JTZombiE Yıl önce
When you’re at a sleepover at your friends house but then at 3 AM you hear clapping in the other room: 8:55
BonBon Gacha
BonBon Gacha Yıl önce
nO Yıl önce
JTZombiE uh harder daddy
kenah meraz
kenah meraz Yıl önce
Eikify Yıl önce
Tendo ZEno
Tendo ZEno Yıl önce
I have an idea on what is going to happen to the storm. I think that the storm is the only reason that the map isnt getting flooded. The strom is somehow prevent the water from going any further. In season 3 something is going to happen to the strom and it will destabilize. THEN THE WHOLE MAP WILL GET FLOODED and some builds will start to rise up with the water because they got covered with INSURANCE.
come on now
come on now 2 aylar önce
This was one of the best events
cool doggo
cool doggo 11 aylar önce
nick: we have a story line now?? me: always has been
robot Timmeh ninja
robot Timmeh ninja 11 aylar önce
I love how nick says we have a storyline in fortnite now even tho we have lol
vilde carlsson
vilde carlsson Yıl önce
8:42 ”It’s Tfue” Lmao
LeoMessiGaming Bias
I hate how you can’t heal in Zone but either way it’s good for Scrims because it makes it look cooler and everyone will Push each other now because it’s like a game of luck on who has higher health. I really like how there’s a current and it gives you more speed
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Crazy how little it takes to make 4 grown men have so much fun :D
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