NFL Week 7 recap: Titans crush Chiefs, Bengals best Ravens, Stafford beats Lions | SNF | NBC Sports

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The Football Night in America crew looks back at a wild Week 7 as two AFC powers went down, Matthew Stafford upended his former team and more.
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NFL Week 7 recap: Titans crush Chiefs, Bengals best Ravens, Stafford beats Lions | SNF | NBC Sports




24 Eki 2021




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Alan Chen
Alan Chen 4 gün önce
Brees way better at this than manning brothers
Maria Lozafa
Maria Lozafa Aylar önce
Wisdom Aylar önce
Colin Kaepernick has a Netflix special that is Excellent
Shea Billadeau
Shea Billadeau Aylar önce
Drew Brees is meant for this role. He seems very comfortable and I like to listen to him.
crispy Aylar önce
These guys should watch/listen to Chris Simms, he's on the same network, he at least shows examples of what's going wrong and it's not the fluff these dudes are talking about.
Wholoves sports like this coment
Adam Hasser
Adam Hasser Aylar önce
People keep sleeping on the Titans and I don't get it. They've knocked off the Bills and Chiefs in back to back weeks. They got the pass rush they've been missing. I'm hoping my Colts can knock them off next week. Should be a great game.
dbsti 300
dbsti 300 Aylar önce
Seeing Drew behind a desk and wearing a suit is weird for me. Lol.
Bone Cold
Bone Cold Aylar önce
Drew Brees looks 15 lol
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Aylar önce
I'm calling it now: Raiders vs Colts in the AFC championship game... what are the odds & what is the payout if if this comes to pass?? :)
Hans Shouse
Hans Shouse Aylar önce
The Cardinals are 7-0
What about Rob?
What about Rob? Aylar önce
Football Gods don't like Mahomes.
What about Rob?
What about Rob? Aylar önce
Titan up!
The Light Of The Body Is Pineal
Defense, The Quarterback should never be “touched” let alone get his neck broken. So please protect the quarterback.
Angry patriot
Angry patriot Aylar önce
Titans beat the two teams in last years AFC championship game and they get 2 sentences worth of coverage. When they beat the Bills it was all “Allen slipped” ( he didn’t Jeff Simmons stopped him) and then this week after completely destroying the team that represented the conference in the super bowl the last two seasons and it’s all about the chiefs. When Titans win on sunday night in a couple weeks it will be all about how the Rams lost. They NEVER give the Titans the credit they deserve. Yes they lost to the Jets but can anyone that’s not a Titans fan name a WR that played that game for the Titans?
Jayson Terry
Jayson Terry Aylar önce
Brady throws his 600td pass and 4tds on the day and not even a mention ?
JJM Aylar önce
The NFL is hilarious. Speculating which team will pick up a guy who sexually assaulted over 20 women without any mention of his scumbag tendencies. To make it even better; Florio has a book about the scumbag tendencies of the NFL coming out. Yikes, super cringe.
Steve Veasey
Steve Veasey Aylar önce
The Chiefs offensive line is 5 guys who never played with each other til week 1. 4 of them weren't even on the team last year, they just panicked after the Bucs had Mahomes running for his life in the SB but they should have made more incremental changes. Now they can't run the ball at all OR protect Mahomes. At least they should get better with more games under their belt.
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide Aylar önce
Ravens have over achieved gotten really lucky vs lions Colts . Ravens are a 9 -10 win team playing other tier 2,3 10 win teams in kc ,chargers etc.. Ravens are in that wildcard bubble. . Cinnci might be taking a big leap into that tier 1 level 11 ,12 win team. It is a complete balanced team on both sides of the ball.
dlm Aylar önce
Who is florio why does he get to say anything, he just repeats the talking points, we have eyes & a brain. Let the people who know what they’re doing do it.
God is Good
God is Good Aylar önce
The Ravens played poorly all around and the coaches didn't help either but the Ravens secondary could not even stop my grandpa, even though he's dead.
Martin Jacoby
Martin Jacoby Aylar önce
munene mathenge
munene mathenge Aylar önce
I'm just so glad that I at least get to see Drew talk football now that he isn't playing for my team.
radke jeffry
radke jeffry Aylar önce
The terrible government overwhelmingly drown because ambulance importantly scatter a a lame holiday. cute, eight alto
El Cid
El Cid Aylar önce
IMO, Kansas City is only an all around bad football team......
caleb j
caleb j Aylar önce
Mahomes looks like Sideshow Bob. If an nfl player starts worrying about wearing headbands getting their hair and nails done showing up with blue red or any of the colors prefered by circus performers they are femboys and are on their way out. There are too many athletic lamar jacksons or geniuses like TB12 and AB84 to worry about tictok and lookin like a chick.
Big White
Big White Aylar önce
After this week. Joe burrow is now the only QB to throw at least 2 tds every game. Mahomes left that list this week.
TheSnowshow33 Aylar önce
Drew so cute
Mitt Obama
Mitt Obama Aylar önce
Who lost on the Overs? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Also, who double dipped on 2H ATS? I wonder how did that look? Is is like Chiefs -10 and Titans +10?
wkyken Aylar önce
I thoroughly enjoy these wrap-ups -- all four of you.
Omar Lopez
Omar Lopez Aylar önce
MADDEN curse!! Only for Mahomes, Brady total opposite, going for MVP
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz Aylar önce
4 minutes taking about the Chiefs and why they lost, about 45 insincere seconds of talking about the Titans. Man the disrespect is fucking real.
Jack Colebank
Jack Colebank Aylar önce
So now can we make patty cakes win the games before we talk that goat crap anymore?
Bourbon Cask
Bourbon Cask Aylar önce
Patty Mahomes is, always was, will always be, a gimmick.
hotwatermusic Aylar önce
How is Tony Dungy still on this? He's is the most vanilla, boring, zero charisma person in the world lol
Shiri Aylar önce
Joe Burrow didn't bat an eye cause nobody was getting to him. he had all the time he needed to throw the ball. and when he was hurried, his receivers found a way to get seperation to make the catch and move the chains. We had at least 3 mis-tackles that directly resulted in 7 pts for the Bengals. And our offensive line was a no-show yesterday...Lamar was running for his life most of the game, and when he did do something good with his legs it was nullified by a bonehead penalty by us. We should've tried harder to get Andrews more involved in the game. We hit Rashod a few times, but it's like our receivers were MIA for the most part yesterday. Hollywood made a few catches, but couldn't get open enough to be more of a target, same for Andrews.... this was a wake-up call for us, but we'll be back after the bye.
Ian Edmunds
Ian Edmunds Aylar önce
Man, i swear these shows have some of the least in-depth analysis you can come up with
Anthony Freeman
Anthony Freeman Aylar önce
I think when the Bucs beat the chiefs in the Superbowl. It gave the rest of the NFL teams confidence. They realized that the chiefs are not this unstoppable offensive force. Teams realized they can be stopped. They can be beat. And the chiefs are not built to methodically drive down the field. Putting a 12-13 play scoring drive together is non-existent for the chiefs.
Tomislav Nedanovski
The Titans should have been 6-1 if not for that ridiculous loss against the Jets when half their players weren't playing. Given that they are in a very weak division I could see them getting at least 12 wins this regular season as they have 4 of their remaining 10 games against the Jaguars and the Texans and for the other games the only game where I see them probably losing is the Rams game. All other games are winnable given Julio and A.J. stay healthy and R.T. continues playing this good. The defense has also improved since the beginning of the season. I see them as a TOP 3 contender for the AFC together with the Bills and the Ravens. Also Bengals shouldn't be slept on. That Burrow-Chase combo is looking scary. As for the NFC those TOP 5 teams: Cardinals, Bucs, Cowboys, Rams, Packers are all scary but the rest of the conference looks awful.
Pallah DaOracle
Pallah DaOracle Aylar önce
Every game is winnable for the Titans The Rams game is a toss up
Chris   Diaz
Chris Diaz Aylar önce
When tf did drew brees get his hairline back 😂
Timothy Antoine
Timothy Antoine Aylar önce
Yeah just a year and a half ago Patrick Mahomes the 500,000,000 million dollar man , soon to be the greatest QB of all time . Not for long !
Joseph Garduno
Joseph Garduno Aylar önce
Or maybe Kc isn’t that good?
Mark Stansbury
Mark Stansbury Aylar önce
Charlistin chews yum yum.
Paul Mcgee
Paul Mcgee Aylar önce
“Experts” think that the same thing that happened last year is what will happen this year. Every year. That’s why they love TB12 so much, he actually delivers it. But nobody else does
David Ingersoll
David Ingersoll Aylar önce
Chiefs won't win the division, let alone make the playoffs.
bearholdensharks LUX
But i was told by the media all KC had to fix was their offensive line, and not find a 3rd option on the pass game and fix their defense
Antonio Caballero
Antonio Caballero Aylar önce
What's going on with KC is when every play your QB is running around like a child, your WRs never get into a rhythm and the whole offense is wearing themselves out every play The drops are sometimes even on Mahomes, you can't every play run around and then whip a pass at your WR and expect it to always go well
Y C Aylar önce
drew brees hits the nail on this one! patrick mahomes is overcompensating for the lack of play on the defensive side. the whole nonchalant attitude that the coaches are giving off "oh we'll bounce back we are the chiefs we have mahomes" is ridiculous at this point. hes going to continue to feel the pressure and hes just gonna end up getting hurt 😢
LahJay Aylar önce
@Kyle Badeaux 😭😭CHILL
Kyle Badeaux
Kyle Badeaux Aylar önce
It's almost like he knows exactly what it's like to be in that position
Kisembe Namusyule
Kisembe Namusyule Aylar önce
Pat Mahomes in 2021 is becoming Brett Farve post 1997
Idontlike Haters
Idontlike Haters Aylar önce
The Chiefs remind me of the 2002 Rams.
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Aylar önce
Chiefs dynasty??? Boy that didn’t last.
23 KYD
23 KYD Aylar önce
KC problem is the way of all SB winners and contenders. They lose the 2nd and 3rd choices on offense to free agency because you can’t pay them. When KC was dominant Hardman was there soooooo…so what if you’re able to shut down Hill. Defense has always been underwhelming. They don’t have the horses anymore. It’s not rocket science. Gives you a real sense of how important consistency in coaching and team management are. Patriots way anyone.
Jason Lopez
Jason Lopez Aylar önce
So it's not that the Titans just beat the chiefs it's more about what they've done wrong to lose LMAO 🤣 mahones will never be AS great as Tom Brady NEVER!!!!
Darla Gregory
Darla Gregory Aylar önce
Like stafford really beat somebody. Never be brady
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide Aylar önce
Titans Henry is 5-2 vs kc. Its been a core vs core series they win recently. Titans pass rush dominated this game.
Pallah DaOracle
Pallah DaOracle Aylar önce
Titans are 4-1 since we drafted Henry against the Chefs
Greysoul Jr
Greysoul Jr Aylar önce
still kinda weird for me when Drew Brees not playing
Emmanuel Shaul
Emmanuel Shaul Aylar önce
I know the saints team now seem regular well except for kamara
Elden Neemia
Elden Neemia Aylar önce
I was focus on this till the end, what is your favorite halloween candy. That’s it, completely fogot everything you guys talked about. Got me fumbled my thoughs into chocolate mode now. Now thats a sign of great show. Mmmmm
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith Aylar önce
It’s time to bench Mahomes…… no point getting him hurt every week for another L
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith Aylar önce
@dbsti 300 Oh I love Mahomes QB and wouldn’t trade him for any quarterback still. My point is his career is getting cut short with brutal hits & injuries for no purpose. It’s a strategic decision much like NBA players make all of the time. Save his body for another winning season (this season is toast)
dbsti 300
dbsti 300 Aylar önce
Mahommes has accomplished a lot early in his career. Too much to justify benching. Patrick has something else going on and I wish him luck to correct whatever it is.
Sean Tyler
Sean Tyler Aylar önce
20-0…….,.,I mean……19-1……… I mean holy S we are in trouble
mike atwood
mike atwood Aylar önce
that moment you realize that mahomes is just like anybody else......iTs A dYnAsTy. lol.
D E Aylar önce
Exactly don’t buy into the hype lol its all for the $$$
mike atwood
mike atwood Aylar önce
that moment you realize that mahomes is just like anybody else......iTs A dYnAsTy. lol.
Scott Reser
Scott Reser Aylar önce
its so funny how they dumped Russ so fast and now Mahomes has done the same thing and here we go ..lol
LahJay Aylar önce
I stg‼️‼️‼️😭😭
Nicolas Mina
Nicolas Mina Aylar önce
Drew Bree’s hairline made the greatest comeback in NFL history
NUFF SAID Aylar önce
Looks great's all I can say.
kg the great one
kg the great one Aylar önce
You noticed that too huh LOL
marcwa74 Aylar önce
I was just about to comment on the hair 🔌. The first time I noticed it I was like, there’s something different about Drew… is it the suit? No, that’s not it… ohhhhhhh 💂🏻 👀
FEAR No More
FEAR No More Aylar önce
Toupee!! I mean Touché!!
Anthony Savedra
Anthony Savedra Aylar önce
It s a tupey I believe
Michael Tribbet
Michael Tribbet Aylar önce
Chiefs don’t have a defense that can hold up to make a run for the playoffs sadly. They’re just so bad I don’t see how how even mahomes can overcome this. How they are playing doesn’t make any sense. It’s hard to say what tf is going on there
Blue Optix
Blue Optix Aylar önce
Mike florio is a clown. Just a few weeks ago he was saying burrow needed to try and get out of Cincinnati because they would be terrible this year.
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods Aylar önce
Lol he is so bias it’s funny
Alexander Jorgensen
He also essentially called chase a bust
Dakota Martinez
Dakota Martinez Aylar önce
Oh great drew Brees is a sports caster now? Lame
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson Aylar önce
Tell creator or creators of the commercial that has breathing poison that the commercial that has breathing poison that some Californians are breathing poison at anytime. /
S Yeah
S Yeah Aylar önce
Locally they have been calling for Reid to be fired. Over the top reactions. Patience is key and discipline something just don't have right now. Right I would just like for us to put together a solid effort on both sides of the ball
W C Aylar önce
Maybe Andy should step down and concentrate on his family? His head and heart are not with his team
philfromkali Aylar önce
No mention of Tom Brady's records?
Emmanuel Shaul
Emmanuel Shaul Aylar önce
That's just understood. Not nothing to mention brady got all types of stuff
Mr Zen
Mr Zen Aylar önce
I think the Bucs might've ended the Chiefs in the superbowl
Jason Munoz
Jason Munoz Aylar önce
Lol you guys sounded stupid af
Evildivision Aylar önce
The chiefs were figured out last year before the super bowl, jus that Tamba bay had the defense to expose it fully for everyone to see.
W C Aylar önce
@William D you're exactly right
William D
William D Aylar önce
Nah, it was Britt Ried (Andy's son) who broke Andy and thus the Chiefs.
Jeremy Browne
Jeremy Browne Aylar önce
Gave the blueprint
Hassani Henry
Hassani Henry Aylar önce
BBM716 Aylar önce
You ain’t lying one bit lol and I’m a bills fan 😂🤙🏼 I was rooting for you guys in that AFC championship game
Jason Munoz
Jason Munoz Aylar önce
Sure did in the afc championship
El Cid
El Cid Aylar önce
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor Aylar önce
G- Rock Tha Israelite
Chiefs are 🗑️
Chris Nichols
Chris Nichols Aylar önce
Rams 6-1 baby let’s gooooooo
Mick Kimmings
Mick Kimmings Aylar önce
Kansas did a Seattle Won one lost one... paid someone Now your done. See ya in 50 years
PhoenixFlame Aylar önce
We might be seeing the beginnings of the best QB-WR combo ever. Think of how prolific Chase and Burrow have been in their short time together in both the NFL and in the NCAA. Its been absolutely crazy. They seem to have a chemistry I'v never seen before. Finally the Bengals have a team to root for.
A Mi
A Mi Aylar önce
@PhoenixFlame Joe Rice is way better
Christopher Carver
Christopher Carver Aylar önce
@El Cid well considering Chase is number 2 in the league with like 25 less receptions is saying something. He's shattering rookie records and is on pace to break Moss' single season record but sure. He doesn't know anything about football. Maybe get the help you need if you're this butthurt over a youtube opinion. It's 2021 noone will think less of you.
PhoenixFlame Aylar önce
@El Cid I'd rather be a sheltered teenager than a whiny insecure manbaby. Did you fefees get hurt?
PhoenixFlame Aylar önce
@Christian Holbrook Thanks Captain Obvious. You forgot Manning-Harrison, who for my money is best currently.
El Cid
El Cid Aylar önce
You must clearly be a shelterd teenager.... That, or you don't know football and its history.
Son Pham
Son Pham Aylar önce
But some how these expert (or idiot) keep pick the Chiefs every week to win the SB.
Chad Ferguson
Chad Ferguson Aylar önce
I love these 3
QuantumSpin Aylar önce
The media is nutless to blame QB Mahomes for KC performance. Any other team media would blame QB and receivers. The Bucs exposed KC in KC's Superbowl 55 loss
dbsti 300
dbsti 300 Aylar önce
To be totally honest, Mahommes ran the offense for a bit. It's a worthy argument. As a Saints fan, I can tell you that the blame is always on Winston every post game show. The media is gonna hate and create stories to keep their boats afloat.
Larry Wallace
Larry Wallace Aylar önce
Teams are not scared of them anymore
Matthew Wilton
Matthew Wilton Aylar önce
No, Goff won the game for the rams with red zonish int at end of game
Lou V
Lou V Aylar önce
Not one word about the Pats beatdown grounding the jets... hmmm...
The Gaming Chef
The Gaming Chef Aylar önce
Miss Rodney Harrison lol.
IsMiseAnthony Aylar önce
The only logical reason for Mahomes’ decline is the football gods are mad at his obnoxious GF and his idiot brother Dancin on Sean Taylor’s number
Williams Akalefu
Williams Akalefu Aylar önce
Ben Pommer
Ben Pommer Aylar önce
Or…he has horrible habits that no one dared correct.
Dylan Martino
Dylan Martino Aylar önce
The dolphins 🐬 better give the Texans anything, I mean anything they want I’m talking about 3/1 first round picks three second round picks 3/3 round picks 4/4round picks anything
PJ Kicks
PJ Kicks Aylar önce
Drew Brees go his hairline fixed
Vajrapani Buddha
Vajrapani Buddha Aylar önce
Drew brees is milk toast
David Sessera
David Sessera Aylar önce
Yes, the show lost its fun / energy when they replaced Rodney with Drew.
Matthew Wilton
Matthew Wilton Aylar önce
I think it’s Milquetoast or something like that
B Sewell513
B Sewell513 Aylar önce
Man Mike Tirico is one of the best in the game when comes to commentating and navigation of conversation.
Thomas McKee
Thomas McKee Aylar önce
With Tony and Drew it makes easier I'm sure.
Michael Tribbet
Michael Tribbet Aylar önce
NBC gets the best
Chewy Suarez
Chewy Suarez Aylar önce
MarxAviano Aylar önce
Chiefs are just sandbagging this season for a better draft pick to REALLY start the dynasty next season.
SonoraMan Aylar önce
Reese’s Cups all the way
SonoraMan Aylar önce
@David Blette you win 😂 are you planning a flying bike
David Blette
David Blette Aylar önce
Reese’s pieces while wearing an E.T. Halloween costume.
Relayer6a Aylar önce
I loved Dungy cracking up at the mention of PFF. I have a similar feeling but my reaction is typically rolling my eyes.
Shaolin Zen Dragon
Shaolin Zen Dragon Aylar önce
Great Day
Pitchforker Aylar önce
Arizona Cardinals are 7-0 and not a peep about it.
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods Aylar önce
Media still hates them idk why
Michael Tribbet
Michael Tribbet Aylar önce
@Harinder Rana yes haha thanks for providing perspective
DH Aylar önce
I thought Mahomo was supposed to be the "goat", and Kansas City a "dynasty". In Mahomes case maybe "goat" should stand for greatest overrated all time.
Daniel Duron
Daniel Duron Aylar önce
Overrated? Nah, not even a chiefs fan
Ruben Loza
Ruben Loza Aylar önce
Probably why goat talk in year so early in a career is loony.
t ng
t ng Aylar önce
His $500 million contract probably has a lot to do with how bad they are now.
GG Aylar önce
Drew still salty over the Vikings, won't even mention the team.
gsxerwhite Aylar önce
Michael Partyka
Michael Partyka Aylar önce
Dolphins have a lot more problems than Tua.
Michael Partyka
Michael Partyka Aylar önce
Chiefs will be lucky to be a wild card…losing Super Bowl curse factor as well.
Nick Ravareau
Nick Ravareau Aylar önce
That madden curse said y’all thought mahomes was safe 💀💀
W C Aylar önce
And Brit Reid nearly killing that poor little girl...
Ben Pommer
Ben Pommer Aylar önce
AND Mahomes on the Madden cover 😂
Matt Martinez
Matt Martinez Aylar önce
Cincinnati bengals, Buffalo bills, and the Tennessee titans are the real contenders in the AFC this year. 💯
Rohit T
Rohit T Aylar önce
No Raiders?
Matt Martinez
Matt Martinez Aylar önce
@Angels fan they just got destroyed by team the bengals destroyed.
Angels fan
Angels fan Aylar önce
You forgot my Chargers
AAA121 Aylar önce
I’m still with my browns as contenders tbh all these injuries killed us
Posters Aylar önce
texas legend
texas legend Aylar önce
I’m holding out hope that the chiefs will find the juice and at least end up with a wild card.
texas legend
texas legend Aylar önce
@Wes I been a chiefs fan since you was shittin yellow.
Wes Aylar önce
Just like the majority of chiefs bandwagoners
Greg Kuruvilla
Greg Kuruvilla Aylar önce
Mahomes will rebound maybe not this year but definitely he will rebound finally teams are beating the Chiefs one time when Chiefs have dominated the AFC the last three seasons! And everyone's going crazy. Do you think that it's forever every team wants to beat the Chiefs that's all they do now people are doing it Chiefs are going to have to adjust figure it out maybe it won't be this year I don't know but I do know Patrick Mahomes will be back and be better than ever. Then we can hear more people say all the things that people say it never changes.
Cole Ernest
Cole Ernest Aylar önce
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