Newsy Investigates: Surge Of Rejected Ballots In Texas

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Roberto Allende
Roberto Allende Aylar önce
Excellent journalism Newsy!
Matt David
Matt David Aylar önce
all 50 of their subscribers appreciate it
Paul Bernhardt
Paul Bernhardt 29 gün önce
Welcome to the new literacy test for voting.
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi 29 gün önce
Look who created it, and look who's failing it.
Carlos Sandoval
Carlos Sandoval 29 gün önce
With the importance of eliminating fraudulent ballots by all means necessary I suggest get your information on there 100 percent correct or yes your vote shouldn't count period.
Jun Gleno
Jun Gleno 29 gün önce
It was changed to prove that you were registered to vote in your state. It definitely weeds out in eligible voters. This is a hit piece.
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi 29 gün önce
Hahahahaha ... got you!!!
WTF Horror & Scifi
WTF Horror & Scifi 29 gün önce
They'll make it simple. If there's a registered Democrat, reject it.
What Up Doe
What Up Doe Aylar önce
This is the fault of those who didn't put their info. Too dam bad!
WTF Horror & Scifi
WTF Horror & Scifi 29 gün önce
Did you use your SSN or Driver's license when you registered to vote? Do you remember? I registered as Republican 10 years ago. I have no idea if I used my SSN on the app or my gold star driver's license number.
WTF Horror & Scifi
WTF Horror & Scifi 29 gün önce
@kev n Warriner If you've got poor vision that small print can be almost impossible to read, even with glasses. That is also part of the intent.
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi 29 gün önce
... yep, too bad for our country.
kev n Warriner
kev n Warriner 29 gün önce
Did you read the Tiny Fine print that was hidden were you might not see it? Did your State change the Voter Laws without telling you? Could your Mom/Grandmother still Vote if they changed the rules without telling her and she Couldn't See the Fine Print? I hope you don't get caught out and lose your chance to vote because you can't SEE the Fine Print, that would be to bad and your own fault...