New Record Flathead Catfish!!!

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Never know what will bite next!!

Interested in trying to catch your own river monster? Maybe you could catch the new boat record!
Contact Captain Ty Konkle by visiting our website at:

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Camera: Getup Git2



30 Haz 2018




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Raymond Mitchell
Raymond Mitchell 2 yıl önce
Thanks guys for releasing those big flatheads for our future generations to enjoy, great video.
Jason Cowling
Those were some huge beautiful fish. I would love to fish there. And that boy is going to have some lifetime memories catching that monster he reeled in. Just loved this video
*Freedom of speech * R have U 4gotten
Great job man I dream of this fish all the time
Tim Halcomb
Tim Halcomb 2 yıl önce
Thanks for taking us on this trip what an awesome catch all day man have a blessed day
Big Southern
Tye you have got to be the most chipper guide I've seen. No faking with you. You genuinely love what you do and life in general. That's why I enjoy your channel. Keep it up my friend. Loyal fan here Brother
Indomitus King
Indomitus King 3 yıl önce
Huge!! Happy for you and anglers onboard!
Justin Rogers
Justin Rogers 2 yıl önce
What an awesome day! Well done fellas!
RespectTheFish 3 yıl önce
Awesome job! And that’s awesome you released him! I can’t fathom why more ppl don’t release trophies like that back.
Ernest Walden
Ernest Walden Yıl önce
Glad to see em released for our children's children's to be able to enjoy fun fishing. Catch and release is so important for future anglers.
Jeff Lay
She looks bigger than the one I caught at LD's Pay Lake in Bowling Green Ky 12 years ago, weighing at 42 lbs was my first one and my second big one that day was 81 lbs. Using pork tenderloin slices with garlic, vanilla extract and pancake syrup😁
Josh Jones
Josh Jones Yıl önce
This dude doesn’t even smile. I’d be so happy. He obviously doesn’t know what it takes to catch a fish like that.
That was one hell of a fish good catch👍
Earl-Lee Tinsley
This is a great fish and very few get this chance and congrats 👍 love it and respect your show. 100 percent.ive got several 50 to 60 none this large and I've lost some that could run a race for it and respect it and then some my biggest I thought was 18 to twenty inch wide and swallowed a drum that was four pounds and couldn't get it in my net and by my self and 14 foot boat and love it and will continue to rest of my life.
Dan Heider
Dan Heider 2 yıl önce
New Subscriber. Great video and nice catch. Ty what are the reels you have on your BnM rods?
Clarence Cremeans
Clarence Cremeans 3 yıl önce
Nice fish! Good to see a concealed carry on board!
Eric Veach
Eric Veach 3 yıl önce
I've never caught a Flathead, before, but sturgeon are pretty high up the power scale I'd imagine. I go after them in my kayak, and I get taken for some rides. They're so strong I call it Sturgeon Surfing. An 8 foot sturgeon tail walking is an impressive and potentially terrifying sight, my kayak is just under 10'.
Jim Jones
Jim Jones 3 yıl önce
So awesome . Catch and release you guys rock !! Fatty Flatty love it
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez Yıl önce
Great job by the guide, sometimes its not easy holding your tongue when you got a bunch of googans in the boat. Lol
Ramrod Rymensnyder
Awesome fish man! That is a toad of a flatty!
Shellcracker Lover
Shellcracker Lover 3 yıl önce
When that fish surfaces, it looks like a Goliath Grouper!! I'm seriously thinking about booking a trip with you.
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