New discoveries on first set of skeletal remains found at Lake Mead

FOX5 Las Vegas
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Las Vegas police have contacted a woman to collect DNA samples because they believe her brother matches the description of the body that was found inside a barrel at Lake Mead.



8 Ağu 2022




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The reporter has a way with words. The barrel didn't "wash up" it has been sitting in the same place for 40 years, the water level dropped enough to expose the barrel. Then she says the sister want's "concrete answers" which is a nice pun to being involved with the MOB as these barrels were likely sunk with concrete. That being said, there is no question a body in a barrel is a murder. Nobody can seal themselves in a barrel then toss themselves in the water to commit suicide drown by accident.
I grew up in Las Vegas and there has always been speculation that there are several decades of bodies in Lake Mead. With the lake receding, the person was the first and there are going to be many more. That being said, my heart goes out to this lady and I hope she find out for sure what happened to her brother.
Felicia Johns
RIP to all lost and my condolences to all their families
Glock Man
She’s a prime example of how reporters are nowadays…clueless.
He was involved with the mob and the mob “may have had something to do with his disappearance.” I think we can all say yes, the mob had something to do with his disappearance.
Ronal Burgos
This is so sad, my sister went missing about 14 years ago at age 16, she should be 30 today in 2022. I am 33 right now that happened back in El Salvador when I was 19 years old. I hope you find her before I die 😭😢😢 I hope this lady finds closure once and for all after 45 years.
Sapphire Lane
My heart hurts for this woman! I can only imagine the mind-trip she feels when she constantly feels like people look like they could be her brother.🥺 My cousin went missing for 3 months before we found her body, and every single night was a nightmare! I feel nauseated to even imagine not knowing for 45+ years. I have anxiety for them…
Imagine being the sister that got that call. She must have had so many emotions. I have a brother. I can't imagine what it would do to me if he went missing and then not have any answers for 45 years. I hope she gets the answers she has been seeking for so long. I hope they can finally lay him to rest the right way. If this was a Mafia killing, how many more bodies in that lake are linked to them?? It's sad to think all these people that keep being discovered would have probably never been found if not for the drought and lakes shrinking. That is the only upside to this drought, some families are getting answers and can lay their loved ones to rest the right way
Hugh Jazz
God bless her im so sorry she went thru this for so many years! Losing a sibling is so painful and how to this day she never gave up the search 🥺 May you both reunite in the next life.
Boo Spanyer Cassiopeia
Praying for this lady and all concerned. So glad the remains were recovered, hopefully there will be answers and closure for some💔 Would that all missing could be found, all hearts healed
Bryce Harper
Families that have to deal with this for years. My heart goes out.
Lee Derrick
I can't believe that people are so surprised by all the bodies being found.
Considering the mob presence in Las Vegas back then... pretty surprising there are so few barrels. So far, anyway. Then again, maybe there are a lot more bodies buried in the desert.
Rossy García Mercedes
My uncle went missing about 41 years ago, my same age. Unfortunately this case happened when he were swimming on sea in Dominican Republic, he never came back from there. They looked for him and never found him and anything or clue about him. Unfortunately my grandparents and my mommy passed away without any response or any closure to this sad story. I'm praying for our missing loved one can be back home and before we die💔😓🙏🏾
I can imagine her approaching someone that reminded her of him, only to be disappointed Again. How Poignant to eventually accept it and then finally to Know. WWI caused so many soldiers to never return and without much information, I can only imagine how many years it takes to "move on".
Jackie Blue
The not knowing has to be the worst feeling to carry with you all these years later. I pray she gets answers and peace in her soul.
T man
the barrel did not wash up on shore, the lake receded and exposed the barrel.
Victor Marines
“Waiting on some 'concrete' answers..."
Loel Henry
The stories behind these remains being found are so interesting.
Lonnie Owsley
This is a difficult thing for anyone, peace and love to the family .
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