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On today's menu let's bring VIC-II the future with my new product to solve an old question: Is PAL better than NTSC? No, BOTH is better! With huge help from our friendly sponsor PCBWay.com - PCB assembly only $30 free shipping!
And Perifractic's Retro Recipes is all about keeping our childhood memories alive: In new episodes most Saturdays you can bathe in the warm glow of nostalgia as Ladyfractic and I cook up retro computing projects, 8 bit computer restorations, classic games, how tos & more. I do a lot of Commodore 64 stuff but also grew up with the Amiga, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad, Apple II, & more. It's born from a love of all these beautiful vintage machines, but always with a side of fun! Subscribe now: trvid.com/u-perifractic
 Order the VIC-II² C64 kit: ebay.to/2P8G8w2 (read description)
 Register for a C64C version: forms.gle/gr6mMRscaJdMAj1TA
 Schematic: drive.google.com/file/d/1Fh_uJzqP0o6uRxPtyTKYznu5FHSPekpC
 Buy compatible VIC-II chips: ebay.to/2Mvsr8I *
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 www.explainthatstuff.com/howrelayswork.html
 Tim Petersen
 Steve McGowen
 Gaz Marshall
 Stephane Bagneris
 Garrett Withrow
 J Velezr
 And everyone else who assisted
 Sean Harrington aka 1STAGE
 David Smith
 Gaz Marshall again
 e5frog
 Chris Pritchard
 Ladyfractic & Puppyfractic
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19 Oct 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Stefan Krause
Stefan Krause 4 gün önce
It'd be nice to also have this for a C128. But I guess it won't payoff developing such a thing, as I've heared, the AMIGA-Version is about to be released soon... ;)
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 4 gün önce
We're waiting to see if this version might be made to work...
Filamax 8 gün önce
I just saw this video from Adrian Black, could you guys do a hack on his mod although this is for a C16 trvid.com/video/video-RwLsFSg0FdU.html
Dbeaumont Resident
Dbeaumont Resident 12 gün önce
Could you do something like this for the Atari 2600? I'd like to have as modern an atari as possible so that My kids and grandkids can go on using it long after I'm gone. Graphics, connections, sounds, any kind of updated add-on board you could make to help. Would be fantastic to see, and thank you in advance! Love your channel ♥
Mr Bill
Mr Bill 13 gün önce
Got the kit and assembled for a 425 board, no video can to unsolder ;) Having major issues. Before starting the project svideo out was pure, no lines at all on a FP monitor. Added in the Lumafix (its included so why not?), plugged in the power cord and the relays are chattering like crazy and don't stop until power is turned on, they sound like a bunch of tiny buzz saws, is this normal ? Also have to take lumafix out because it is producing such heavy jailbars that I can barely read the screen to check the contents of 678. Also parts missing and no 'procurement' list anywhere in the assembly instructions - they refer to check the procurement list at least once. I know this is a not for profit project but a parts list, ie 'whats in the box' would be nice so that we know what parts we should be getting.
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 13 gün önce
Hi Mr Bill, I can't offer support via YT comments as I don't always get notifications of replies. Can you drop me an email via perifractic.com or at the support forum that is listed on the kit that you received (bit.ly/vicii2) that way we can help you properly. There is no parts list because the parts are in the box and in the instructions (and video). Anyway, we'll get you sorted. Look forward to hearing from you. 👍🕹
dwaynezilla 14 gün önce
Damn, those PCBs are sexy. Definite props to PCBway. Always good when a sponsor has a product you can actually get behind!
MindFlareRetro 15 gün önce
Late to comment, as usual. A fascinating project -- very cool video and execution by all involved. I would love to build and install a kit into one on C64s one day; it's on my Christmas list. Well done, Perifractic and the dev/tester crew.
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 15 gün önce
Thanks mate! I hope you've been a good boy this year! 🧦
Meits 15 gün önce
50Hz vs 60Hz represents the difference of the amount of interrupts per second. 60Hz has more interrupts per second which makes stuff go faster, but 50Hz gives the programmer more time per interrupt and therefore the posibility to let the computer do more per second. Music going faster at 60Hz is a result of this. There are communiet of different retro computers that fix this by checking the interrupt frequency and calling the music player according to that, making the music sound the same speed on both 50Hz and 60Hz. Some PAL stuff that does not work on NTSC systems might be coded to the max of what's possible within the longer 50 interrupts per second. An NTSC interrupt is in that case too short to handle all commands.
Roxor128 17 gün önce
I do have to wonder why the designers chose to make the video system and the CPU use the same clock. Why not give the video its own separate clock and make the difference between models simply one of which video card is installed? Keep the variable boards small and cheap to manufacture.
THE HIPPI GEEK 17 gün önce
I know you got a dog and a girlfriend but you do know your gay right?
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 17 gün önce
*you're (gay)
Waimate TV
Waimate TV 19 gün önce
19:34 Needs soldering sound effect from Ladyfractic
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 19 gün önce
Hmm how would that sound
Merlin Skinner
Merlin Skinner 19 gün önce
NTSC: Never Twice the Same Colour. PAL: Picture Always Lovely!
yosi1989 19 gün önce
japanese C64 is does not work with "normal" C64 software...
Skyfox 20 gün önce
As I write this there are 555 comments. Good timing, huh? Anyway, any time I hear PAL Commodore music it always sounds bizarrely slow to me since I grew up with the NTSC Commodore. Hearing the PAL version sounds like a Walkman with the batteries running low. Great project! I never knew there was so much more software for PAL systems, so this is something to consider.
Skyfox 20 gün önce
I guess since that would have made my comment 556, that means my comment had twice the capacity of the previous comment with only 6 more pins. :P
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 20 gün önce
Better than 666
Lavalambtron 20 gün önce
Now I’ll have to watch that demo and listen to commando.
Thunderbird 77
Thunderbird 77 20 gün önce
Will it work with the SX64?
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 20 gün önce
This is unknown but we have someone who is going to try it soon
Druman19 21 gün önce
As a drummer, I appreciated the well-timed clicks of the switch at the end. Well done good sir.
Druman19 20 gün önce
@Retro Recipes Finally, someone pronounced my name as it was intended, haha.
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 21 gün önce
Thanks Drumman. I mean Druman! 🥁
Tim Vlk
Tim Vlk 21 gün önce
If you can not modify the board to get it into the 64C, how about modifying the case, by adding a plastic spacer between the top and bottom halves? It could be one or more pieces as needed. The color could match or be totally different, or it could be clear and lite up with LEDs.
Sean Harrington
Sean Harrington 21 gün önce
THAT is an inspired idea!
Roberto Ventilii
Roberto Ventilii 21 gün önce
Think of all the machines left without their VIC because it was used on this project. Think of the many VICs that die if you play too much with them. Think of VIC prices that reach the sky on ebay. Then, for me, it is not worth the effort for what You get.
Sean Harrington
Sean Harrington 20 gün önce
And I would LOVE to see a modern replacement for the VIC-II chips. They're odd chips to replicate, being mostly digital with a bit of analog thrown it, but surely someone can tackle this.
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 21 gün önce
@Roberto Ventilii is all good 😉
Roberto Ventilii
Roberto Ventilii 21 gün önce
@Retro Recipes well to be honest I was quite dramatic. Too much focus on preservation
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 21 gün önce
18 million VIC-II chips were produced. We've sold 39 of these boards. What's your point?
Pauline Hunter
Pauline Hunter 22 gün önce
Gosh, people are so sensitive about their video formats. It's like you are trying to take their giant SUVs away :-) What true enthusiasts you and your group are to be able to do this conversion. It is quite brilliant and I am sure others will want them too. Ladyfractic is amazing as usual and so is Puppyfractic too. That horse impression....spot on. Cheers.
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 22 gün önce
Cheers Pauline 👍🕹️
sid3windr 22 gün önce
Trumpet... oh myyyyy... LIKE VIDEO.
Ken Mason
Ken Mason 22 gün önce
So I wound up buying one from you instead of sending you one! You did it, I didn't! Congrats on this fine project. Why did you finally opt for using relays? I'm tempted to MODIFY! - use my switching IC's rather than them relays...
Ken Mason
Ken Mason 22 gün önce
As I said before: congratulations! You’re a real rockstar. I’m SO thankful to have discovered you and your channel. Keep it up!
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 22 gün önce
@Ken Mason ah, that's the 3rd batch 😊🙏
Ken Mason
Ken Mason 22 gün önce
Going by eBay saying “3 sold”...that was disheartening. “WELL IT’S 4 SOLD NOW!” I proclaimed as I hastily mashed “but now” button.
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 22 gün önce
@Ken Mason how do you know what the buyer interest has been? 🤔😉
Ken Mason
Ken Mason 22 gün önce
It’s WONDERFUL - what you’ve done! I’m SO glad you did. But I really would expect a little more buyer interest. I’m sure, that over time - you will find much more interest - as the new C64 makes waves and the odd nerd dives into our retro rabbit hole.
Gary Lester
Gary Lester 22 gün önce
People still use commodore 64’s? I thought they were history. 😊
Markchill2 22 gün önce
you was a little horse of course you was
PhischTV 23 gün önce
can somebody enlighten me: the endsong reminds me of some 90's track? Which?
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 23 gün önce
Thanks. I mean, I wrote it but listened to a lot of Rob Hubbard back then. And PSBs... BTW you can find a link to it in the description 👍🕹️
10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast
Really nice project! Thanks for bringing this into the world.
jaydee 23 gün önce
The effort required to complete this project reminds me of the old story of the American and Russian astronauts comparing how they solved the problem of writing in space: the American proudly boasted that a team of engineers spending millions of dollars created a pen that can write on any angle in zero Gs. When asked what solution the Russians used they calmly replied that they used a pencil. I’ll stick to owning a PAL and NTSC C64.
Sagan Android
Sagan Android 23 gün önce
2:51 but your never explain why the Brit knob doesn't filter out Brit accents.
buck pyles
buck pyles 23 gün önce
add a small fuse to it i think
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 23 gün önce
@buck pyles It's all good
buck pyles
buck pyles 23 gün önce
@Retro Recipes i responded to it to early in the video sorry about that reply
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 23 gün önce
But why
Sagan Android
Sagan Android 23 gün önce
HOW. THE. FARK. Did you get ze dog to do that when you made the Stable pun?
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 23 gün önce
Just a happy little accident 🎨🕹️
SharkoonBln 23 gün önce
This year´s Oscar goes to Ladyfractic for providing awesome EE-OO-EE-OO sound effects again ;)
Darren McCoy
Darren McCoy 23 gün önce
Your voice is like BUTTER!
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 23 gün önce
Thank you for your kind words! Means a lot 👍🕹️
SharkoonBln 23 gün önce
Waitress? Some fried VIC chips for the 8-Bit Guy please :)
FreerunMediaService 23 gün önce
A nice thing could also be to use the LED to show what state it's in. So a bi colour LED in place of the red one, select green or red for pal or ntsc. One thing is that the LED would be allways on. Or use a tri colour LED.
Sean Harrington
Sean Harrington 21 gün önce
And there are two test pads on the board that could be used for a custom LED. You'd need to wire it and add resistance yourself, but they are there... +5v through the NTSC pad when it's active, +5v through the PAL pad when it's active, and a convenient GND pad right next to them...
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 23 gün önce
We used to have that. It adds cost, and the switch tells you. If you add a label 😉
Nakashii 23 gün önce
Weird question and a weird place to ask it, but say I wanted to buy all of the custom chips to build one of those remake Amiga 500 boards with mostly new parts and a new case. Where would I find the custom chips? Are there kits with all of the other parts?
Nakashii 23 gün önce
... and do any of them ship to Canada?
iccaros 23 gün önce
I always use a 40 pin socket to hold headers like that so it lines up and is held strait, then tape to hold tight for the first solder
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 23 gün önce
Nice tip
1960ARC 23 gün önce
Nice project! Like your photo of the earth from the moon, it's as realistic as NASA's!
Sultaneous 23 gün önce
Genius. Well done. Thanks for Open Sourcing it; are you going to release the Kicad files / gerbers? Or is it going to be kit only?
Brian V
Brian V 23 gün önce
PCBWay has a shared project section, that would be a good place to eventually put it up.. I believe it also pays the owner of the 'shared project' a percentage every time someone gets boards printed.
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 23 gün önce
Kit for now, open source soon...
Nicolas F
Nicolas F 23 gün önce
I like when Ladyfractic makes an appearance. But Also, when is Ashleyfractic comming back? She's fun too!
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 23 gün önce
Soon! Some scheduling delays but it's a priority!...
Thomas smith
Thomas smith 23 gün önce
Very cool, something 99% of C64 users who are in the PAL regions will never need but great for Americans that want to reminisce over their faulty NTSC C64s :p
Darren Shoesmith
Darren Shoesmith 23 gün önce
If you make a mistake, just solder on!
Pica Delphon
Pica Delphon 24 gün önce
good ending snipit
joonatanu 24 gün önce
This is not western union splice...
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 24 gün önce
I mean, it's close...
Ramsis Alec N.
Ramsis Alec N. 24 gün önce
Hey Sir Peri H. Fractic, love your channel, and the project.
Sean Harrington
Sean Harrington 24 gün önce
Some folks prefer minimal modification... we already had you desolder 5 or 6 pins... we wanted to keep it as original as possible.
Ramsis Alec N.
Ramsis Alec N. 24 gün önce
@Retro Recipes Sounds legit. But also, very confusing (remove simplicity, OMG). I'll put that on -eBay- Twitter. ^^
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 24 gün önce
Thanks! I hear you. Basically each step is made to be as simple as possible, but you can always go more advanced. That way the "kit" is suitable for the widest audience. In other words, you can remove simplicity from the kit, but it's hard to add simplicity if it's not there in the first place. So we went with the majority.
THE HERB 24 gün önce
And as we all know, NTSC stands for “ Numb Tongues Sing Cautiously”
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 24 gün önce
Shane Heroux
Shane Heroux 24 gün önce
I can't really describe how much I love this project. I've been playing with a lot of c64 gear over the last year, and this bit of kit is super classy! Ordered yesterday along with two PAL VICs so I can hybridize a couple of breadboxes. A c64 with dual SIDs and dual VICs is kind of a dream!
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 24 gün önce
Thanks, that means a ton to us! 👍🕹
Jeremy Holloway
Jeremy Holloway 24 gün önce
Kudos for all of the hard work, making it open-source, and doing it not-for-profit. There's a simpler yet simpler board for Atari 8-bits called "the Antix" that is also a PAL/NTSC switcher. Luckily, it doesn't require 2 crystals. More info is here: antix.rewindgames.com/
Jean Morin
Jean Morin 24 gün önce
NTSC = Not Twice Same Color
craig gilchrist
craig gilchrist 24 gün önce
Nice David Frost impression lol
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 24 gün önce
CubicleNate 24 gün önce
I loved everything about this video. The trumpet playing to the flicking of the switch in time with the tune, so much fun. Thank you!
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 24 gün önce
So glad! :)
Mario Serrano
Mario Serrano 24 gün önce
Hi, I would like to buy one. Send me the link. Thank you
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 24 gün önce
Updated link :) ebay.to/31u0DFO
Sean Harrington
Sean Harrington 24 gün önce
It’s the eBay link in the video Description.
John D.
John D. 24 gün önce
These are 2 modern things I would like to see for the Commodore 64: 128KB RAM cartridge GEOS cartridge with 128KB or more of RAM Maybe future games could make use of this.
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov
So where we got the short end of the stick with many European console games where they ran to slowly the Americans got the microcomputer games that ran too fast. Does show a little bit that in Europe Micros were king through the 80's.
Mr T. Guru
Mr T. Guru 24 gün önce
The effort is commendable, but you forgot that owning something that old requires skills in repairing PCBs to be able to keep it working. There are only so many working VIC-II chips around and they are dying off at an alarming rate. That is what most people don't realise, especially in the arcade scene where someone used to play Galaga at the local arcade and now wants one in their game room. For people who don't have a clue about repairing hardware, a better idea is buy the new Ultimate 64 motherboard which is a brand new PCB using all new modern parts. No more having to find a working VIC-II chip upwards of $70 when it fails since the Ultimate 64 uses modern and cool-running FPGA hardware to do the same thing. It is designed as a drop in replacement in an original case and can be switched to PAL or NTSC in the software menu. It is 100% plug and play and has close to 100% compatibility. Any issues found can be updated in the firmware so it is essentially future-proof.
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 24 gün önce
I also think we were pretty clear about the disclaimer and skills needed. If you have an easier way to do this we'd be all ears.
Sean Harrington
Sean Harrington 24 gün önce
I think we got to as close to “drop-in” as was practical, but you’re right that this is not for everyone.
Samuel Scott
Samuel Scott 24 gün önce
The lineman's splice is also the way I was taught to splice wires in the Navy! (2M Mini and Micro courses) (taught = do it this way or your in trouble)
Benjamin Vestergaard
Benjamin Vestergaard 24 gün önce
Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it, but Strange Parts has made a more detailed factory tour of PCBWay.
Benjamin Vestergaard
Benjamin Vestergaard 24 gün önce
@Retro Recipes That could be an interesting crossover too.
Retro Recipes
Retro Recipes 24 gün önce
I read that as "Stranger Things" and I was wondering why PCBWayyyy would've been in that show...
Георги Пацев
trvid.com/video/video-XONgqVT8pd0.html Christian, you can just pull the pins from the plastic holder and recycle them in another project. Greetings from Bulgaria!
Sean Harrington
Sean Harrington 24 gün önce
True. We’re using machine headers now, so that’s not as easy on those.
Ираклий Арчвадзе
In Russia there is no more TV signal SECAM. Now I use the PAL system ...
Shawn Brezny
Shawn Brezny 25 gün önce
Awesome work!
Richard T
Richard T 25 gün önce
Dawn of the shed ... 😂
Sean Harrington
Sean Harrington 24 gün önce
I get that more than you’d expect.
xtraOhrdiNAIR 25 gün önce
Next Video : Same for the C128(D) 😂
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