New Boater Vs Boat Ramp (Chit Show)

Alfred Montaner
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Boynton boat ramp in Florida has plenty of boat traffic coming in and out. Today while filming we catch a first time boater backing up a brand new boat. This video is very informative and is extremely funny. Its always good to go out with a friend who may have experience before going boating. My name is Alfred Montaner Host of the Chit Show in Miami.

Boat crashes and boat fails are all to common in the Miami boat ramps but I didnt expect Boynton to be this bad. The only thing that compares to this Chit Show is when googans go out of Haulover Inlet when its a wavy boats day.

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20 Eyl 2021




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GGL Yıl önce
Can’t believe this chit show lasted 28 minutes 🤩
B T Aylar önce
He almost burned up his transmission.
Wayne Dasher
Wayne Dasher 5 aylar önce
@GGL well he did and its staged . Hes a boat salesman and was bringing the boat for alfred to do a walkthrough. You can watch the video.
T 5 aylar önce
That was excruciating
James Bond Jr
James Bond Jr 5 aylar önce
fuck you YouTube
fuck you YouTube Yıl önce
This guy is an example as to why we should practice in a large parking lot before we even attempt to start backing up any trailer!
Northern Gannet Project
That just he did...
Jody Hoo
Jody Hoo 9 aylar önce
Takes me back 35 years, the first time I had to back the boat in myself, 8-lane dock with a 2-hour line. I was terrified, but the ranger directing traffic saw the terror in my eyes gave me a couple of tips, calmed my nerves, and I dropped it right in. I was so proud of myself. God bless that kind ranger. I’m a widow now. Boating days long since passed. Thank you for the sweet memories, and a serious laugh.
TheCreepyArchives 5 aylar önce
You look like a ham beast
Robby D Durham
Robby D Durham 6 aylar önce
Bless you Jody. I'm sure after you learned, you were a blessing to your spouse.
Jody Hoo
Jody Hoo 6 aylar önce
@flaming titan Probably already has by now! 😂
flaming titan
flaming titan 6 aylar önce
This is a guy who will loose his car in the water...lmaooooo
Jim Cronin
Jim Cronin 7 aylar önce
All of those years backing the manure spreader into the feed lot with a farmall M have come in handy when backing my boat on a ramp.
Safari Jonas
Safari Jonas 10 aylar önce
I can't stop laughing! He kicked his tires like it was the cars fault! 😂🤣😂🤣
Luciano V
Luciano V 3 aylar önce
You know he's jokint yeah? I guess he fooled nearly 2m people he's my friend he's been boating for 7 years now..
Brenne 5 aylar önce
That’s what made it really look not real folks!!
SusieQ 7 aylar önce
Right, like something was wrong with the trailer Lololol.
Eric Carmichael
Eric Carmichael 7 aylar önce
I was crying laughing at that part
Alonso86 7 aylar önce
I get the vibe that he's on drugs.
coach 502
coach 502 6 aylar önce
Backing up correctly is a blend of experience and confidence. This guy has confidence but not experience. I've been there with a trailer when I first got my camper. Best thing this guy (and anyone new to backing up a trailer) is find an empty school parking lot on a weekend, set up some cones or whatever and practice/practice/practice until you get the experience. Also know your limits and when to ask/accept help!
Per Westermark
Per Westermark 5 aylar önce
A bit of brain would also help. If the boat is turning the wrong way, he need to realise he can't continue angling his car in the same direction unless he want the boat at 90 degrees. It takes training to do this smoothly. But even without training, a brain would help informing when he need to angle the car in the other direction. Especially since he had a huge space there and didn't need to do it perfectly.
Brian Stephenson
Brian Stephenson 27 gün önce
I can imagine him talking to his buddies later on about this day. "Yeah bro I backed my boat in one shot, everyone was amazed. You just gotta know what you're doing."
Chino 3 gün önce
Murray Madness
Murray Madness 7 aylar önce
I have to believe the camera guy paid this guy to do that, because nobody can be that bad.
Josh Domoslai
Josh Domoslai Yıl önce
You know you’ve made it in life when you get an entire episode of the chit show dedicated to you! 😂
Eddie Butler
Eddie Butler 16 gün önce
I have been pulling a boat for 30 plus years best thing for new boat owners that never backed a trailer is find a empty parking lot and practice backing into slots if the ramp would have been busy I’m sure a fight would have broken out
Casimir III
Casimir III 7 aylar önce
How much u wanna bet this was his buddy and they set the whole thing up?
Matt Hodge
Matt Hodge 7 aylar önce
This guy is very easily entertained. 4 fenders doesn't really seem that funny. If that fiberglass contacts the concrete it will not be good
RYAN FLEMING 8 aylar önce
@BiggHogg I don't have a boat that nice. Makes me feel really stupid 🤣😂😂🤣
Derek Roeschel
Derek Roeschel 8 aylar önce
matman163 10 aylar önce
I can only imagine he was on the phone with the boat dealer and blaming the trailer wont go straight. 🤣
David Catton
David Catton 8 aylar önce
LOL thats what I was thinking, ... Dude, there is something wrong with these tires, they don't run straight.
jeffv103 9 aylar önce
That's the all time record of launch attempts I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Unbelievable.
Molan Labe
Molan Labe 7 aylar önce
Those of us who grew up on the river/lake/ocean forget how this can be difficult for new boat owners. Ive helped many who looked like they were about to blow a gasket trying to back one. Best advice is slow down and think about which way you need to turn then move a little.
News Now BC
News Now BC 5 aylar önce
There's no excuse for this. Whoever gave that man a drivers license should be arrested.
Kyle Williams
Kyle Williams 5 aylar önce
Never turn the wheel all the way to lock when backing up a trailer. This guy must have done it 50 times.
Gears D
Gears D 7 aylar önce
Not really, I didn't do the best job my 1st time, but nothing like this. They key, was watching a lot of video on how to.
Drew Dobransky
Drew Dobransky 10 aylar önce
The classic “lightly touch things and inspect stuff so people think I know what I’m doing at least a little bit” is cracking me up 🤣
Giovonni Pistiola
Giovonni Pistiola 7 aylar önce
Exactly Total buffoonery Pride can sometimes be hilarious
Drew Zuromski
Drew Zuromski 8 aylar önce
And he was talking to no one on that cell phone
Dale Bennett
Dale Bennett 28 gün önce
This was painful, actually physically painful to watch! My brain hurts, and my gut hurts from laughing so hard.
Mark Stranig
Mark Stranig 10 aylar önce
Legend says he's still at the ramp to this day
W_Foster🥶 4 aylar önce
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂legend has it his ghost still blocks the ramp to this day
Bob Faestel
Bob Faestel 5 aylar önce
someone tell me where this is please, I want to go buy his boat in a couple of years, it will never have been in the water!!!!
Jason Miletic
Jason Miletic 8 aylar önce
Only he left 🤔
Joseph Gonzalez
Joseph Gonzalez 9 aylar önce
Luc Yıl önce
I stumbled upon this channel and I watched this in awe. Being Dutch I have no idea about how driving licenses are given to people in the US of A, but here in the Netherlands you have to have a license for your car but also a license to tow a trailer of that size. You have to take lessons at a driving school to be able to do this.
Chris M
Chris M 7 aylar önce
As a US person I can confirm, you can pull some pretty huge shit without any kind of training at all. That would be ok if people didn't have such huge ego's, and many people do just fine, but its a few a-holes like this that make everyone look crazy. That combined with the huge scale of people in the US means that small percentage is still a very large number of people
tvolz40 7 aylar önce
We def need that in the usa, even just for driving
jeffv103 9 aylar önce
Being Dutch I approve of this comment!
Bert Veldhuizen
Bert Veldhuizen 9 aylar önce
Most trailers you can tow with a "regular" drivers license, if you get above 11.8 Metric Tons of combined weight you'll need a different license.
shawn mclaughlin
shawn mclaughlin 10 aylar önce
It's easy to get a license in the USA you gotta jump the border go in and ask for a license if you're born in America you gotta go through a grueling ass 4 years of driver's ed and all sorts of bs.
Richard Tipton
Richard Tipton 7 aylar önce
I was backing my dads truck and boat down the ramp when I was about 11 years old or so....people would be amazed when I'd walk to the boat while dad was waiting on me. Good times and I'm glad I learned some stuff from him. God bless
Radsk8r Bigollies
Radsk8r Bigollies 7 aylar önce
My first lesson was "Do the opposite of your instinct" and that simple lesson alone has made towing in reverse manageable for me.
Always Tempted
Always Tempted 11 aylar önce
Bro literally had it a few times and thought "nope. I'll turn the wheel some more. No way it's that easy"🤣🤣🤣 He wants to learn by himself lmao. Dude is insane, making the same mistake over and over and over
thatotherguy186 8 aylar önce
First time boater AND Trailer…er… 😂 I love the walk around trying to find a reason that the trailer is the problem, checking the tire pressure 🤣
John Ford
John Ford Yıl önce
Drove straight back to the dealer like, "you sold me a bent trailer!"
Wayne Dasher
Wayne Dasher 5 aylar önce
He is the salesman . This was staged for views . Alfred and him know each other
Gigi DiGiardinis
Gigi DiGiardinis 7 aylar önce
@da g0at that boat is a lot more than 50K
Wade Williamson
Wade Williamson 7 aylar önce
Stephen Sarkany
Stephen Sarkany 7 aylar önce
I kept waiting for him to wreck his bumper.
David Simmons
David Simmons 9 aylar önce
Bad info guy. U should always check your mirrors
Rick Moore
Rick Moore 11 aylar önce
Even if he was able to get it in the water, he still had the straps on the back attached 😂
Kevin Ellsworth
Kevin Ellsworth 6 aylar önce
He took his straps of well before it was safe, with all that back and forth he was relying on his winch and safety chain! Idiot # q!
daren leeper
daren leeper 6 aylar önce
Trim tabs. I have the same boat
Shane Hutson
Shane Hutson 7 aylar önce
I couldn’t tell if those were straps or trim tabs cylinders
Erik Ray
Erik Ray Yıl önce
As a seasoned 3rd gen trucker, I find it entertaining to watch the average Joe attempt to back a trailer. It takes quite a bit of skill, finesse, and spacial awareness to really get good at it. Just like any other skill it takes practice and patience to perfect. Grab some orange cones from a department store, find an empty parking lot in your area, watch a tutorial or two, and practice. Best to get the hang of it in a controlled, safe environment before you go risking damage to your equipment, whatever it may be.
Chaz 7 aylar önce
Ok when the guy started kicking the trailer tires, it confirmed this was a set up video. Well done 👏
Lance Mitchell
Lance Mitchell 11 aylar önce
Allen Fowler
Allen Fowler 19 gün önce
The absolute best Chit Show of all time!!!
Goldeneye Wii Online Player
That car now has more miles in reverse than forward.
cameron currier
cameron currier 10 gün önce
I never reply to comments, but this is amazing😂 had me laughing for a good min
Aaron Hanson
Aaron Hanson 26 gün önce
@Lightning strikes twice you made a very valid point with the fact he always managed to stop just in time before damage was done.
Aaron Hanson
Aaron Hanson 26 gün önce
Literally 😂😂😂
The VłOG Family
The VłOG Family Aylar önce
Mitchell Nash
Mitchell Nash 4 aylar önce
I can confirm that I haven’t laughed more in agreement to such facts 😂😂😂
R1ripper85 11 aylar önce
This is the ramp in Boynton Beach Florida, I use it multiple times a week. I’m here to tell anyone that doesn’t know this already to PUT YOUR HAND ON THE BOTTOM OF THE STEERING WHEEL at the 6oclock position when backing up a trailer. Literally just swing your hand to whatever way you want the trailer to go. I used to sell boats and have taught many people using this method. Don’t overcorrect, let the trailer move before adjusting the wheel. If you have the truck/trailer straight and lined up to the water, you should never really need to swing the wheel past the 3oclock or 9oclock position while backing up, so try to position the truck/trailer as straight as you can so it’s mostly just a straight shot backwards to the water. Not always possible but still keep your hand planted at that 6oclock position. Good luck and happy boating!
Sylvia 13 gün önce
This can’t be real. I think you got punked. The tire kicking and stuff was fake, no way is this real! Nobody is that stupid.
Engineer 5 aylar önce
This was taught in boater safety school. Clearly a lot of people didn't pay attention lol. Should make the test harder so less morons are on the water.
timmy little
timmy little 5 aylar önce
I feel terrible for him,been there before!
yesher12 5 aylar önce
As a woman that hauls horses, I was taught very young, when my dad was teaching me to back that you should never feel pressured by others but he would have NEVER let me go in public and make a fool of myself like this guy! We had to practice backing in the pasture. I started to haul in a motorhome to rodeos and it's no easy thing to back a 45' motorhome and 3H w/tack room. Practice, practice, practice and don't let anyone rush you. Great commentary on these vids!
Brenne 5 aylar önce
R K Yıl önce
😆 I remember my first time at the boat ramp. I think it took me about 7 min. to get it in the water and I was so embarrassed. This dude is just ridiculous. 😅🤣😂
Dan G
Dan G 8 aylar önce
As a truck driver who backs into 7-10 different loading docks a day, some very small and tough angles, watching this guy try to back into a dock makes me feel like a genius!
JVRottweil Yıl önce
That guy is one of the greatest boat ramp trolls of all time lol. Well played.Alfred I think you might be right. Someone was effing with you
Mongo's Metals
Mongo's Metals 8 aylar önce
It's unreal to me how many people haven't attained this basic skill. For some reason I've always been able to back a trailer, even as a little kid.
Bob Richardson
Bob Richardson Yıl önce
When I bought my first boat eons ago, I went to a factory parking lot on a weekend and backed that rig up over and over until I knew I wouldn't embarrass myself at the ramp
C.C. 7 aylar önce
Yup same thing here. Then would go to a not so crowded boat ramp a few times before going to a busy one!
Strangefruit 7 aylar önce
@2Greenlid that’s no one’s problem but his own. It’s literally no different from driving in general. If you can’t do it right then you don’t need to be out doing it at all.
Murray Chadwick
Murray Chadwick 7 aylar önce
@Thomas Flores 😂🤣
2Greenlid 7 aylar önce
How did no one help him? Obvious he has never backed up any trailer before!
1966cambo Yıl önce
My dad was the exact same! And got really mad if you offered help and it was only a 14’ boat! I was too embarrassed to be in the boat, coming in he would get the forward and reverse backwards too and hit other people’s boats so I sat on the deck at the pub and had a beer and enjoyed the show lol.
Bob Faestel
Bob Faestel 5 aylar önce
A shorter trailer/boat is much harder to back up than a long one. I would much rather back up a 45' camper than back up an 8' x 8' snowmobile trailer.
Adventures with Grandpa
As a 35 year professional driver I see this stuff all the time with rookie drivers in big rigs. Took a couple years for me to figure it out when I started.
Keith Scudder
Keith Scudder 9 aylar önce
I learned from a Trucker also and he taught me the hand rule at six o'clock and from there you make Baby steps, nothing large a full turn of the steering wheel. :)
Dave Burgess
Dave Burgess 7 aylar önce
Alfred, you have to admire his determination.
RM4 10 aylar önce
I thought he was going to spin that circle at the end and slide it in perfectly then pop out for the camera 😂😂
Natalie Shannon
Natalie Shannon 23 gün önce
This brings back memories. My mom and dad launching a boat and trailer. I learned many cuss words during this time.
Brian Audet
Brian Audet Yıl önce
I'm gonna go with the dude totally knew you where there and played an epic chit show prank on you Alfred 🤣 the acting with the phone gave it away
Paul Yelverton
Paul Yelverton 18 gün önce
The stern is still strapped to the trailer. Good luck buddy. 18:41
Jim Phelan
Jim Phelan 3 aylar önce
He was practicing on a quite weekday. The tie downs were still in place.
maxpax27 7 aylar önce
He also refused help from other boater!
Russ Bell
Russ Bell 7 aylar önce
I dunno… the difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has limits.
Let me Explain
Let me Explain 8 aylar önce
Absolutely all staged !! Alfred leading us all up the garden path, he doesn't get a "like👍" from me...lol
Cody Rider
Cody Rider 10 aylar önce
Can only imagine how much damage he did unknowingly on his way to an from the lake 😂
Jack Joans
Jack Joans Yıl önce
The emotion I felt from this uncut look at life is so rewarding, yet terrifying! Lol and I thought he was drunk as soon as I saw him get on the “phone call”
Excavationisvacation 8 aylar önce
Lol, reminds me of when my dad wanted me to move an excavator for the first time. him and his employees laughed at me for a good 2 hours before anybody offered any help. It was a paid work day everybody got to sit around and have a good laugh, some of those guys still reference that day to me as the boss 13 years later
Chirstina Bienemann
Holy cow, I’m scared to see him drive the boat now 😧
Bull Ainsworth
Bull Ainsworth 8 aylar önce
That was unbelievable! That guy has no business taking a boat out by himself!
Pete Galletta
Pete Galletta Yıl önce
This is one of the best Chit shows ever, so entertaining to watch! But I also love that this new guy picked a quiet day at the ramp to go and try to figure it out.
Wayne Dasher
Wayne Dasher 10 aylar önce
@Sean Mootrey his name is daniel hes a salesman at tuppens marine
Sean Mootrey
Sean Mootrey 10 aylar önce
@Wayne Dasher in what video does he do a walkthrough?
Wayne Dasher
Wayne Dasher 10 aylar önce
@jerry southside 100% staged he knows the guy and does a walkthrough of the boat .
Ron Brown
Ron Brown Yıl önce
@joey fingers So why are you wasting your big time life watching his channel?? Btw "shit " is spelled "shit" and "CHIT" is spelled CHIT!
Dan Lyons
Dan Lyons Yıl önce
As a truck driver of over 15 years. I always get a kick out of these backing up rookies. My dad just bought a boat. After not having one for over 40 years. Luckily for both of us. We are taking classes together. I turn 40 this year. So he basically sold his jet boat. A few years before I was born. I'm so happy for him getting another boat. Plus my parents made an owner of the boat.
My Bug Guy Pest Solutions Hoelscher
I live in Arizona, and I’m a boat owner. I cannot tell you how many times at Saguaro Lake outside of Mesa, AZ that I’ve seen this. Your inspiring me to make some videos out here in the SW.
Phoenix Mister Two
Phoenix Mister Two 7 aylar önce
I thought I was novice at backing up a trailer, but that's only cause I'm slow and may need to reset a few times, but this guy, he's really something else entirely.
spearageddon 9 aylar önce
I died when he did the full 360 degree reverse circle. 😂🤣😂 Forget the damn boat, this guy needs to go to an empty parking lot and learn how to drive his trailer before anything else .... and THEN take on the boat ramp WITH A FRIEND. Holy hell. God help him and anyone near him if he pulls into a gas station to fuel up with that rig. 🙄🙏
Trevor 5 aylar önce
My face hurts from laughing for so long. So many times I thought, "He's got it, just gotta straighten out." Then he cuts it hard....
JT's Bearfoot Outdoor Adventures
As a new boater, this was both entertaining and educational ... so glad you posted this !!!
Al Nets
Al Nets Yıl önce
Lol, I doubt you found good tips from that guy, everything he was doing was wrong:). Or perhaps he is a good example how not to do it??? Lol
Ryan S
Ryan S 10 aylar önce
Got me laughing on the four fenders lol and you can clearly see the guys never backed up a trailer before lol.
jacob long
jacob long Yıl önce
this has to be the best one yet. When he backed up full circle i lost it lmao
Anthony Lesher
Anthony Lesher 7 aylar önce
Legend has it that he is still there to this day
D_Mace 10 aylar önce
How that guy even linked up that trailer and got there is mind boggling
BuildYourCNC 4 aylar önce
How did he get out of his driveway? The more I watch this, the more I think Alfred hired him. 😜
E D Yıl önce
He talked to someone who told him how to back up, but he forgot to unhook the rear straps. That’s a classic.
Ron Danahy
Ron Danahy Yıl önce
I watched this video when you first posted it and it's still just as funny now as it was then. I'm still in the camp saying he was putting on a show for you rather than trying to put the boat in the water. He never un strapped the back of the boat and left without pulling in his bumpers
18 Summers
18 Summers Yıl önce
This is some of the best content on TRvid! This is pure gold!!!! I love that he was kicking his tires, like that is the issue.
KG 7 aylar önce
Man, I'm seriously questioning this guy's ability to drive in the first place. He's not even driving forward in a manner that would suggest he's planning ahead. I don't own a boat, never driven with a trailer, but I've seen enough to know that you don't take the damn thing straight to the lake. You pull it into an empty parking lot of sufficient size, set up cones or something, and practice until you have an understanding of what the hell you're doing. I'm losing my mind watching this guy.
picklerick 3 aylar önce
I think he's on the whacky baccy.
ALWAYS LIVE 6 aylar önce
SusieQ 7 aylar önce
We've been a family of folks boating and have seen everything. Forgot the plug, like this can't back the trailer, all sorts of fails at the boat ramp always.
MitchMoe 8 aylar önce
I really thought after doing a circle in reverse that he was going to drop it straight in, get out and laugh and say "you've been punked!" He even got out and kicked the tires like they had something to do with his inability to back up. 😁
Dave Aver
Dave Aver 4 aylar önce
A year later that still blows my mind. Glad you captured-wow!
Kamil Karwat
Kamil Karwat Yıl önce
Plot twist: dude is just wanting to be on the chit show and messing with Alfred😂
picklerick 3 aylar önce
Dude! Alfred got trolled!
Texas_Ted 10 aylar önce
Staged or not, that was funny!
American_Citizen 10 aylar önce
@Steven Henderson 🤣 perfect getup
John Collins
John Collins Yıl önce
I wanted to stop watching but couldn't.
Loren Maly
Loren Maly Yıl önce
Staged. He did a perfect circle in reverse. You could see his steering was perfect for a minute.
Dan The Tech
Dan The Tech Yıl önce
I've watched this a million times never gets old
Tim Huggins
Tim Huggins Yıl önce
It was fricking hilarious when he walked around the back of the boat and kicked it, as if it's the boats fault that it won't go straight.
Titanium 450r
Titanium 450r 8 aylar önce
This one broke me, my grandfather taught me to back a trailer before I could get my license.
Pullstart Stables
Pullstart Stables 7 aylar önce
Perfect first boat to learn to launch with!
Maine Coon
Maine Coon 7 aylar önce
The launch chit show was one of the main reason we sold our 17 ft Searay after a year. That, along with the varying depths of our inland lakes here in Southeast Michigan. We ruined a prop the first time out because of a sandbar. My husband got so stressed out that once we got on to the lake, the boating was not enjoyable.
Martin P.
Martin P. Yıl önce
My rule of thumb when I boated was when your cockeyed at the ramp , to pull ahead twice as far as you think you need to straighten out. It always worked like a charm. Another trick is to hold the steering wheel at the bottom while backing and turn the wheel to the direction you need the trailer to turn.
Rock's Kitchen
Rock's Kitchen 10 aylar önce
I can now laugh because this was me when I first got a boat. I had no clue how to launch. Its difficult but once you get the hang of it you're all good.
Adriano James
Adriano James 7 aylar önce
One of my favorite spectator sports to watch ! The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat , all at the same place!!
Aarongetsyoked 6 aylar önce
This made me feel like the best trailer driver in the history of trailer driving
Guns Donovan
Guns Donovan Yıl önce
That is SO frustrating. Holy cow. Really, the fact there's nobody waiting is actually worse because he feels like he has all day. I've been a new guy with my boat but I actually took it to an empty parking lot and practiced before going to the ramp. Now, when I see a new person having trouble I go and offer help. Lots of guys will just complain about them. Usually I'll ask if he wants help first but if there's a line I'll just go and let him know I'll back it in if he wants or I'll guide him. First words to him are - Relax, slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Put your hand at 6 o'clock and in small increments move your hand the direction you want the boat to go. Never fails to get them in the water.
Southern Lineman
Southern Lineman 6 aylar önce
It's impossible that he can't back a boat. He's wearing all the right boating clothes.
Philip Graves
Philip Graves Yıl önce
I was laughing so hard, that guy had to have been trolling you!!! Thank you for the laughs
Richard Galli
Richard Galli Yıl önce
it was staged for the camera guy, no way anyone that appears that incompetent at the boat ramp could have driven miles through city traffic without incident, this was a clown act for the camera
Scott Davidson
Scott Davidson Yıl önce
@Brian Hoops Yeah, the dude "somehow" backed a perfect circle. Pretty obvious!
Nat D
Nat D Yıl önce
I think he was trolling Alfred too! I was sold until the guy got out and started kicking the tires and over accenting the phone call!! LOL
Brian Hoops
Brian Hoops Yıl önce
@Jolkrae Remeark yes, sad of Alfred to “stage” this one. Plenty of Real content out there.
Jolkrae Remeark
Jolkrae Remeark Yıl önce
It was clearly intentional
AK Honeybee 907
AK Honeybee 907 11 aylar önce
I thought I wasn’t always great at backing trailers since sometimes I gotta stop and make a couple adjustments, but this guy makes me look like a pro sheesh dude!!
iShortDan 5 aylar önce
@Wayne Dasher is it really?
Wayne Dasher
Wayne Dasher 10 aylar önce
Because its set up its not real . He did a review with this guy on the boat . faked to get more views
Daniel Roton
Daniel Roton Yıl önce
one of the best chit show's ever! that was money right there🤣🤣
Kong Lo
Kong Lo 7 aylar önce
That chit was funny. One of your most entertaining videos ever! I want a boat, don't have one yet, and now I'm scared to be that guy at my local water hole.
Patrick Butler
Patrick Butler 11 aylar önce
He did a full 360 in reverse. That’s incredible lol
Daniel Quiroz
Daniel Quiroz 11 gün önce
Never been on a boat but I bet if this guy struggled to put his boat in the water he’s gonna have a lot of fun taking it out
Jason Meyers
Jason Meyers Yıl önce
Thank you for capturing this moment! My son and I are crying, the 20 minutes of laughing hurts at this point.
Alex Montgomery
Alex Montgomery 10 aylar önce
The way that I was taught to back a trailer is you grab the tow vehicles wheel at the bottom. If you want the trailer to go to the right, turn the wheel to the right. To the left it’s the opposite. Works every time.
Sami Hukka
Sami Hukka 7 aylar önce
These are always so funny!!
Mark W.
Mark W. 6 aylar önce
Not as easy as it looks. My dad taught me to back down a ramp when I was 16. The trick is to turn and get as straight as you can BEFORE you back up. You can get into very small lanes between boats if you do that. I drive OTR now, still use that advice, thanks dad!
cougardout 6 aylar önce
Drove trucks for awhile also, easiest way for me to figure it out was when backing steer towards the trouble and that will push it back behind you again.
John Gotti
John Gotti 7 aylar önce
Lmfaoo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 We watch your show on a huge screen. Me and my buddies were on the floor with tears coming out of our eyes. Hysterical
ttrmotocross 6 aylar önce
My old man used to make me run drills backing up our 8' landscape trailer between cones and stuff. About to buy a 20' boat and these videos always make me feel so much better, I know I can do better than this by far!
Michelle 5 aylar önce
Your short trailer is so much harder..boat is easier for sure
pilotspeed1 Yıl önce
If this guy has this much trouble backing a trailer can you imagine the Chit show with him operating the boat in the water! Talk about Captain Chaos!!! 😂😂
Bob Faestel
Bob Faestel 5 aylar önce
If he woulda got that boat in the water imagine the trouble he woulda been in trying to get it out!!!
MP5K Fisher
MP5K Fisher Yıl önce
Steve King his boat & trailer will be haulover the place?
Steve King
Steve King Yıl önce
tell that guy to go to Haulover when tides are changing!
Boats Yıl önce
Ya think, he'll have Children?
Joe Bidens Hearing Aid
The chit show has me yelling at my screen .😂😂😂
Rob Noell
Rob Noell 7 aylar önce
Thank you so much for sharing. That is hilarious. I grew up in Ozona FL next to a boat ramp. I spent weekends and low tides watching this craziness! I laughed my ass off. Overcorrecting and front wheel drive. LOL I Still live in Pinellas County FL. Maybe i need to watch more boat tank sunsets, 🤔
Rob Noell
Rob Noell 7 aylar önce
Where is this ramp, btw?
Ninja Man
Ninja Man 7 aylar önce
The shorter the rig the harder it is but it looks like this guy really has never done this before
Final_Mile_Music 9 aylar önce
Of all the boat ramps, in all of the world, he had to choose this one. Welcome to the Chit Show.
Murray Chadwick
Murray Chadwick 7 aylar önce
My first time I had trouble also. After the boating trip I went home and put a tennis ball on a fishing pole, tied it to the motor so I could see it at all times while looking back and practiced that way 😂
Jason Bierz
Jason Bierz Yıl önce
Man, Alfred, you sure do get me through the day in the office! Always such hilarity, you make me laugh so good bro. Poor first time boater dude..... LOL!
Kim Mincks
Kim Mincks Yıl önce
If he did eventually get it launched, I could only imagine the difficulty he would have getting it back out of the water! You could have had 2 chit show videos! Lol
maple holler
maple holler 10 aylar önce
Geez Louise! For the love of all that's holy.....it took long enough for them to realize, that they just weren't cut out for boating. Imagine them at a challenging boat launch. And, have to wonder how well they'd drive the boat, if they ever did manage to get it on the water....let alone loading it back onto the trailer. Wow!
Temecula Legends 2013
Temecula Legends 2013 8 aylar önce
Wow. Just wow. It was suspenseful the whole time. Love the commentary. That dude was over correcting like crazy…. Grab the bottom of the wheel and turn in the direction you want the trailer to go!
A G 11 aylar önce
I don't like boats or the water but, man, stumbled on your channel and this is so funny, so I subscribed!
David Jones
David Jones 4 aylar önce
Never have I seen such professional driving skills!!! Everybody take notice!!😜😂🤕
Mr. Burns
Mr. Burns Yıl önce
Wife - How was the boating this morning? Husband- It rides great on the trailer!
TheJtaylor000 Yıl önce
Advice from a boater of many years. #1-If you’re pretty close to signing for that boat and you have no experience backing one you should first find a BIG parking lot and practice. Because the day you get it you’re going to want to put it in the water that day. If you have a buddy with a boat he’ll probably meet you somewhere and let you practice if you ask. It doesn’t have to be a boat and trailer. Any trailer will work. #2- learn to back using only your mirrors. Half of the time you are backing that boat trailer there is a good chance you will turn to look out the back window and there won’t be anything there for you to see. There will always be something to look at in your mirrors. If there isn’t just hold the wheel dead straight. Because the trailer is backing straight.
Fishing Fool
Fishing Fool Yıl önce
When I launched my first boat, I let my friend take over with more experience on my first launch. After that I spent an hour practicing in an open parking lot. You have to practice because when your near the water the risk increases.
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