Ash Lore “Ashes to Ash” Explained : Apex Legends Season 11

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*NEW* Ash Lore Explained : Today I explained Ash’s lore Timeline for apex legends and her split personality - Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - Ashes to Ash

Twitter comic - twitter.com/PlayApex/status/1...
Twitter to cancel me : twitter.com/kevtheking99​​
Outro art - @humansas_

Apex Legends is a battle royal game in which up to 20 three-man squads land on an island before searching for weapons and supplies to then attempt to defeat all other players in combat. The final team alive wins the round. The game is set in the same sci-fi universe as Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall franchise.

Unlike other prominent battle-royal games, Apex Legends is also similar to "hero shooters", in that it allows the player to choose from a selection of player characters before each round, each with a unique set of skills. The characters are known as "legends" within the game.[2]

The game focuses heavily on teamwork and includes a much praised system of nonverbal communication, known as "Pinging", which allows players to use their game controller in order to communicate to their team things like directions, weapon locations, enemies and suggested strategies.[3]

Using the "Ping" command will create an icon (a so-called Ping) to appear at the location where the player is looking which is accompanied by an appropriate voice line from the player's in-game character. The Ping will be visible to the player as well as their teammates for a short duration. The Ping icon defaults to a "Go" command, which suggests to the squad an area to explore. However, if the player is looking at something specific (such as a weapon or a piece of equipment) then the Ping icon will change contextually to highlight the presence and location of that object.[4]

The Ping command system also has more advanced functionalities, such as tapping the Ping command twice in quick succession to highlight enemies, holding down the Ping command to bring up more detailed options, Pinging when you need ammunition or equipment, context-based Pings which are unique to characters within the game, and being able to respond to or cancel prior Pings.[4]




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Question, would I be able to take apart the pc like later in the future and put in new components like a rtx3090 or a new cooler is it hot swappable or will it be a little difficult like the Alienware aurora……
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@Ghosted that’s pretty sustainable of you
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The Deadly Bug
The Deadly Bug 11 gün önce
Ash to ashes to Ash to ashes to Ash to ashes to Ash to Ashes to Ash.
KevinGame3 23 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-huSHfacuRoY.html 1:50 according to ronkane gaming pilot can become simluracums as well but they only get them from nanites
Vanspoor's VeePlays
Vanspoor's VeePlays 24 gün önce
There's a detail that alot of folks miss. Leigh says "I do what it takes," and Ash retorts "You think that was YOU?" I think Ash's personality is Dr. Reid, in her entireity, in the simulacrum. No AI. Instead, I think Dr. Reid has an actual split personality--Ash and Leigh. Leigh is the "weak," compassionate, human side, and Ash is the cold, calculating killer. I think, even in human form, they struggled for control, and the lines of where Ash ended and Leigh began often blurred. The trauma of being hastily thrown into the Simulacrum may have made Ash the more prevalent personality until Horizon unlocked the entire brain that the simulacrum programming locked off--that part, of course, containing the personality of Leigh. Now they struggle for control again, and the lines once again blur.
E Weeb
E Weeb 28 gün önce
Its interesting. Help the woman that ruined your life and redeem her, killing the new person who hasn't done anything to you. Its a question consciousness. Ash and leigh being two different people
Vincent Perez
Vincent Perez Aylar önce
So Ash is brought back by both Pathfinder in the comics and then again by Horizon from the S11 trailer? And Ash having a good, human side is hard to believe when it was her human self that threw Horizon into the black hole 🤔
abdalsamiah saed
abdalsamiah saed Aylar önce
Best outro ever
dakidsnique Aylar önce
Hands down she has the most awesome eyes!
Tetinha Man
Tetinha Man Aylar önce
Ash lore explained People who played Titanfall 2: I'm 3000 parallel universes ahead of you
VileBlood Hunter
VileBlood Hunter Aylar önce
Woah those last 2 sentences are very loaded. I hadn’t thought of ash being her own person, just a copy of her human self.
kirokyo Aylar önce
I'm confused by the (contradicting?) TF and Apex lore. I thought Ash was a combat pilot that got crushed and then turned into simulacrom, not a scientist that got killed then turned into a simulacrom, which then turned into a pilot. I guess we never saw the face of Ash when she was a "human" pilot, so she mind as well have been a simulacrom already by then.
Dank0-0 Noodles166
Dank0-0 Noodles166 Aylar önce
Anyone who has watched one piece can understand how simulacrums work
SpartanHockey13 Aylar önce
1:20 I never knew the Apex Predators had non-pilot footsoldiers.
Vanspoor's VeePlays
Vanspoor's VeePlays 24 gün önce
Private military companies backed by powerful megacorporations can afford alot of things.
Weird And Creepy
Weird And Creepy Aylar önce
I have to questions is ash still gonna be the arena announcer annnd my personal question is where is horizons son? Is it that lil robot she carries and shes Tryin to return to his body? (I dont know everything bout lore soo my bad)
Imagen Luigi PH
Imagen Luigi PH Aylar önce
OMG who cares? Ash is sexy-thicc killing machine and that is all i need (?
Alex Puepuemai
Alex Puepuemai Aylar önce
Overpriced cosmetic sound pretty right
Disarray Aylar önce
She is responsible for her own actions she was human taking order form some one and this is were it got her.
Lorkie Borkie
Lorkie Borkie Aylar önce
I still don't like that they can't remember their past now. Afterall there are simulacrum pilots in the militia too, the phase shift pilot model has a goddamn name on his arm, scarf and neclace made of animal teeth, fur hanging form the back of his head, a goddamn smiley face on his rig. He has a few notches on his shoulder to keep a count of something, that would mean he is aware of his robotic body too... The thought of some of these pilots going trough the horrors of war, slaughtering hundreds, losing their body but still deep inside keeping their humanity was much more pleasing.
Lemon Aylar önce
So KEV who’s in Horizon team vs Ash team
Kinglightskin 0
Kinglightskin 0 Aylar önce
Dang bro you make me love this game more,they need to hire you:)
Michael Goodman
Michael Goodman Aylar önce
First of all, long time listener, first time caller. I enjoy your videos. Thanks for helping keep the plot straight for us filthy casuals. There are a couple of things that aren't quite meshing with your explanation and the lore presented in the trailer. But I think they might be rectified with one additional speculation before the timeline you presented. What if before Dr. Ried's untimely near-death she had already made plans to become a simulacrum? Perhaps she had undergone some sort of preparatory surgery to make the transition at death easier? Complications with the surgery might explain why she betrayed Horizon, as the surgery may have altered/broken her personality. It would also explain why the doctors, or scientists, were so hesitant to go ahead with the change-over in the trailer. Maybe they had too much invested to let her die without turning her into a simulacrum? If we go a step further in this direction it might be able to explain how she "survived" the explosion if part of the process was to equip, or likely implant a knockdown shield type of device that would protect her brain in the event of her being killed? What do you think? Either way, I hope you're doing well and keep up the good work.
Sevonn Clayton
Sevonn Clayton Aylar önce
Would it be wrong of me to expect or consider of the regenration process might have happened like this?
JP RONAN Aylar önce
I reckon one reason for Ash joining the games is to prove her superiority over humans or she is potentially looking to recruit some legend's that she sees as being worthy of the title legend.
babloo baby
babloo baby Aylar önce
kevin i ahve one question why did ash need the branthium
Eonds- Aylar önce
Wonder how ash and rev are going to go
Diego Martins
Diego Martins Aylar önce
I have 2 theories about Ash, both are crazy, but they might make sense. 1 - In the season 5 launch trailer, Loba discovers that there are several Revenants and that a head "controls" all the bodies. With Ash, we don't see other Ashes, it seems to be the same Ash. In 'Ashes to Ash' (in this video on 1:47) we see that the robotic body was built around the human brain. As you said simulacra are copies of human minds. But if Ash was built using Dr. Reid's real brain, maybe that explains why the conflict between machine and human, and why we don't have copies of Ash, but only a single Ash. 2 - Ashleigh Reid and Kaleb Cross are "killed" before they become simulacra, correct? It took 200 years to Kaleb become aware of not being a human and Ashleight took 87 years to conflict Ash. Chronologically all of Ashleight and Kaleb's known people are dead, or should be. I think that what awakened Ashleight in Ash's mind was the Horizon returns, because it's a memory before the simulacrum transformation. In the Season 4 launch trailer, we see that Revenant wakes up as a simulacrum after removing the shard of glass from his neck, which was probably the blow Bob Woods did and caused the death of Kaleb Cross. Thus bringing an important reminder of life before the transformation into simulacrum. When Ash saves Horizon (4:45) and tells her information about Lili and Horizon's son, maybe it's just a glitch (which Ash calls a weakness) and not exactly Dr. Reid speaking (here we can go back to Teory 1 and say that it's the conflict between machine and human brain and not just a clean copy). If Ashleigh was working undercover to steal information on Olympus she heard the code Horizon tells her and when she hears it again she fully wakes up and has a brief control of Ash. Okay, but why just now? If she built Pathfinder before turning into a simulacrum she would recognize him and his name, right? No, because on 'The Truth' she calls it 'The MRVN' all the time and on 'Fight Night' when Dr. Amélie speaks Pathfinder's name for the first time, she is without a hand, so this recording was after "the death" of Dr. Reid and Pathfinder's escapes. So for Ash, Pathfinder doesn't mean anything and he's just any MRVN. Sorry for the huge text and my mistakes in English, but I hope I had explained my theories well.
Filthy Fricken Pig
Filthy Fricken Pig Aylar önce
you and ragtag are the only apex TRvidrs I watch now since I quit, nice videos still kev
Autistic Shorts
Autistic Shorts Aylar önce
Basically the simulacrum is evil AI that’s takin over the original Consciences
Dvp169 Aylar önce
DUDE HOW DO YOU KNOW ALL THIS I LOVE IT so much better then being leaked ab everything.. thanks kev
EpicGaming Aylar önce
Is the outro music from Fire Force?
Gabby Hart
Gabby Hart Aylar önce
To me I don’t really think they’re separate it may be her guilty conscience manifested into an evil version of her to keep her protected but spilt personalities doesn’t make sense to me. She willingly killed her friends for some crystals and left one out to die in space to never see her family again. She most likely didn’t regret it. So I just think it the true her protecting her weaker self/thoughts
loomer sooner doomer
Imagine if Ash was just wraith in a robot costume
Ezekiel Shaw
Ezekiel Shaw Aylar önce
I wonder if Ash has a source code like rev, cause I thought thdey preserved their head to keep real inputs going to each sim, that would also explain why rev could still move and somewhat feel even after he was headshot by ash in the trailer.
Sexy Unykorn
Sexy Unykorn Aylar önce
Ashley Reid is an ancestor of wraith, calling it now
Sexy Unykorn
Sexy Unykorn 29 gün önce
@Sir so you’re saying they took what ash was making and injected into wraith? Sounds like an ancestor to me.
Sir 29 gün önce
I doubt it cause that portal tec is only in her sword. Only wraith can create dimensional rifts by herself. Stuff like the portals on Olympus and ashes sword are just artificial.
Destroyer Titan
Destroyer Titan Aylar önce
In other words a William Afton
Valskyrie Aylar önce
ashe hella fine bro 😢
Koala Karity
Koala Karity Aylar önce
Great video as always, thanks a lot for the timelines and the work in general
zOmbi Kid
zOmbi Kid Aylar önce
I think the split personality thing is pretty cool
[comment deleted]
[comment deleted] Aylar önce
I think the simulacrum are just coding, the person is dead, and the simulacrum doesn’t have a consciousness. But that’s not important because if they’re built to fight then they will fight.
PajaliXD Aylar önce
They are not just a coding.
Chaorie Aylar önce
I personally think that she has a split personality. Ash: The cold personality who left Horizon for dead and Ashleigh Reid: The personality who saved Newton.
Def proot
Def proot Aylar önce
Delete revenant
zerowashere Aylar önce
plot twist ash is controlled by the rat
ada lopez
ada lopez Aylar önce
It's not a split personality because the voice actress said it herself in one of Johnny Young's ,crypto's voice actor, videos. I don't want to sound bad while saying this I'm just saying what I heard.
Domenico Pisano
Domenico Pisano Aylar önce
My hope is that at a certain point, maybe when she reveals to Horizon stuff about her son, she deletes Reid's personality like GLaDOS did with Caroline in Portal 2. That'll be awesome, plus you keep Ash super ruthless like she was back in Titanfall 2.
PERON Aylar önce
Def buying this pc
Eric Botond Batternay
Those soldiers were not Apex Predators just IMC grunts the Apex Predators are a small but elite group of pilots
Eric Botond Batternay
Ash is her own person who developed off of Ashleigh and Ash is better IMO (titanfall veteran)
Jonathan Tio
Jonathan Tio Aylar önce
Once again, ego protection program. Its coded to protect the pilot from breaking down. Its literally there to protect the integrity of the person.
Derick Wilson
Derick Wilson Aylar önce
Last 3 season was bad . But thanks to you for all TE great work and info💪🏿
Saryn Prime
Saryn Prime Aylar önce
Ash's story will be interesting because its gonna be the battle of 2 personalities (i think): the MACHINE vs the HUMAN personality if the MACHINE personality wins Horizon will never find out what happened to her son, BUT if the HUMAN personality wins well........................................ let's just say the drama *INTENSIFIES* XD
Saryn Prime
Saryn Prime Aylar önce
@Antony M *takes notes* then we need Jack Copper then to make things more *INTERESTING* XD
Antony M
Antony M Aylar önce
Whether Ash regains her humanity or not, we do know that Horizon does find out what happened to Newton, as she eventually makes it back to him as a child, way before it occurs.
YouSee Aylar önce
Why almost everyone worked for Hammond ? are they not the bad guys? just asking :)
Dvp169 Aylar önce
Blade Eriksson
Blade Eriksson Aylar önce
titanfall is based in the 2210s and apex is based in 2730s right? anyway, ash is a simulacrum in titanfall but that was way before ash met horizon, and she was a human in the trailer when she betrayed horizon and horizon was trapped in the void for 87years which was way after ash was a robot. could you please explain it to me because i am a bit lost haha
Blade Eriksson
Blade Eriksson Aylar önce
@AnoAssassin ohh, thank you
AnoAssassin Aylar önce
Titanfall is simply not based in the 2210s, that's straight up a misconception the community came up with that was never true You'll find it's a very common thing with Titanfall lore, as in the beginning there was so little lore that everything was theories and people assumed the theories were official
Husnain Naeem
Husnain Naeem Aylar önce
Daaaammm that is some intense story
BillTheBanuk Aylar önce
But why does she participate in the games? What does she have to gain from it? We need the answer to that for this character to make sense! Also the Simulacrum consciousness thing kinda feels like it got retconned every time it's brought up... When Caustic tried to be turned Simulacrum, did he know it was going to entail the manipulation of his mind and free will? You'd expect someone like Nox to know that
AnoAssassin Aylar önce
You can't just generalize what is true for Simulacra based on any given one, Revenant has endless bodies and a remote brain which isn't true for other Simulacra, Ash has a split personality which *might* not be true for other Simulacra as no generalized statement has been made, just individuals have been displayed. The wartime Simulacra may have way more mind control than if one was made today, as a possibility
KEVTHEKING99-YT Aylar önce
Il make a theory on why simulacrum ash join the games - and yes the writers flip flop a lot of the simulacrum lore.
Mrunknown16 Aylar önce
Even tho i think ash is super dope i think think isn’t sad they didn’t gave us a all new legend like all the others just because they want the tf fans to shut up about a new tf game 🤣
Mrunknown16 Aylar önce
@PajaliXD as we should
PajaliXD Aylar önce
We never give up.
Sir Crocodile !
Sir Crocodile ! Aylar önce
Lets go Brandon!
Cian Aylar önce
I love how Kuban blisk throw her head perfectly scattered around another dimension.
Correct Instincts
Correct Instincts Aylar önce
Hey Kev the king I was wondering if we could ever get a revenant vs ash video? Or maybe a series of videos that is legends vs other legends on a one on one fight I think that be cool
glockslayer99 Aylar önce
I think that reid will be set im another body made by i dunno i think 3 poeple in the storyline would know to build a simulacrum body and i honestly think crypto is one of them but i am not shure
Shujihar Aylar önce
Love the lore, might sound odd but watching these is kinda calming
Big Purps
Big Purps Aylar önce
1:39 😂👍🏻
Death to tiktok
Death to tiktok Aylar önce
Revenant is still more darker than her but he getting wishy-washy in his personality and lore. I hope they make him have the same personality as shadow rev
Vanspoor's VeePlays
Vanspoor's VeePlays 24 gün önce
@facelessQ As much as Revenant hates Kaleb Cross, he IS Kaleb. And reliving three hundred years of traumatic deaths would make anyone want to die for good. You'd start hating the part of you that keeps you alive too.
Doggo Aylar önce
I'm pretty sure loba doesn't even have the code because she shot it and it got teleported away. So she probably doesn't have it. So there's something they could extend on. Added forge would add rev lore because Hammond
facelessQ Aylar önce
It’s kinda sad what could have been a conflict for rev is a conflict for ash. Guy hasn’t gotten any lore for seasons and basically little to no character development. It’s so fucking sad to see that
lukyboi _44
lukyboi _44 Aylar önce
the "i regret nothing" pc huh
M. Farrel Nugroho
M. Farrel Nugroho Aylar önce
If you pay attention, many of the Legends have some kind of mental disorder: Ash: Dissociative Identity Disorder Mirage: Depression Caustic: Sociopathy Revenant: Sociopathy and/or Depression Crypto: Paranoid Personality Disorder Horizon: I read in her wiki that she has ADHD Wattson: I read in her wiki that she is autistic, asperger syndrome if im not mistaken (not necessarily mental disorder but close enough) Edit: i'm assuming people like Octane has somekind of mental condition too knowing that his father barely care about him and he is addicted to drugs. Maybe Loba and Wraith too.
Cat Toons 64
Cat Toons 64 Aylar önce
I’m not gonna to lie I think ash story was not very well done
Valskyrie Aylar önce
yeah poorly executed and kind of confusing
Crypto Racoon bot
Crypto Racoon bot Aylar önce
Ash kinda looking cute
Liam Carr
Liam Carr Aylar önce
Simulacrum. Not simalakram or whatever
CARLOS t Aylar önce
They should've just let her be evil
Spoc Wild
Spoc Wild Aylar önce
damn ash jus roasted rev in the launch trailer
statementsaremade Aylar önce
Thank you, I needed this. Thank goodness i was subscribed! Hey, congrats on the sponsor
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper Aylar önce
Ried really did say "Ayo newt, dont come to school tommorow"
Dark Past
Dark Past 29 gün önce
Underrated and true comment
Dr. tree
Dr. tree Aylar önce
Lmao, she have been quite for a time
Horrnett Aylar önce
I think the reason why Ash has a split personality is because something went wrong during her surgery to become a simulacrum. Like you said, her procedure was "rushed". As wee saw in previous comics, you need to send in a request to become a simulacrum. Once the request is accepted, then you go through the process of duplicating your consciousness, designing the chassis or whatever else happens during the simulacrum process. Other than Revenant, Ash is the only known exception to this rule. She did not go through a process. Her transformation, was probably done the night she stormed the facility with the Apex Predators to take the Branthium. Also, something worth mentioning that prolonged severe physical trauma can cause someone to have dissociative identity disorder (DID). Given that Ash was so harsh and negative before her transformation, there is probably some bottled up childhood trauma somewhere in her mind, which is another major cause of DID.
KevinGame3 6 gün önce
Yeah but unlike others to simluracums They get their consciousness stored Via nanites trvid.com/video/video-huSHfacuRoY.html
time_ keeper
time_ keeper Aylar önce
Idk i just want that voice line from TTF2 "It may seem like an overkill. It is."
Malfunctional Aylar önce
I think Dr. Reid suffered from a spilt personality before she was killed. The good and Bad.
ultraviolet entertainment
I feel like you think of the sims in two ways. 1. human brains in robot bodies. since the source code is their og minds all the Machine is doing is being the RC car to their remote of a brain, if that makes sense 2. or their brains is being used as the frame work and cpu for the advanced ai. using the experience and knowledge of the dead person to act and grow like a real person. ash basically confirmed that both of these are true. Until they get their code to be awakened, the actual person in them is basically in slumber mode while the ai uses them as a super powered cpu. then when they're awakened (like in revs case) the ai takes a back seat for the real person. but in Ashley's case, her being a rush sim, may have made it to were the ai is always in the drivers seat
ultraviolet entertainment
@Miska Mooska the way they wrote sims in general is confusing. like I said, before ash we didn't really have a concrete way of thinking about sims because it was vague and can be though of in many different ways. Rev gave use some sold hints tho
Miska Mooska
Miska Mooska 28 gün önce
@ultraviolet entertainment oh I see so you're saying that one can technically interpret it both ways meaning Ash (robot side) --> can be interpreted as Ashlyn's cold, and dark side and vice versa to her human side, but I swear the way they wrote her backstory is kinda confusing
ultraviolet entertainment
@Miska Mooska how its described by ash herself is, the revealing of her past memories has brought back her humanity/sympathetic side, but the robotic, Mercenary side of herself is holding her back, because she thinks she is weak. human side is Ashley, robotic side is ash. you interpret the meaning of this either, my way (the way explained above) or a glitch in her software that split her personality in two
Miska Mooska
Miska Mooska 28 gün önce
But didn't Ashlyn's personality get spilt into two?
Αλέξανδρος Συμεωνάκης
Cody Brown
Cody Brown Aylar önce
I think ash may be the parts of Ashleiy Reid that are cold, and heartless, culminating into a conscience of its own, while the Reid part is her humanity,
Squeak Aylar önce
Yeah I think so too since when she was awakening she must fight for humanity or simulacra
Huh? Aylar önce
I'm so glad Kev almost has 100K subs
RipHunter77 Aylar önce
Yes, your view on sims is right- however revenant is not this way and is why he is suffering so badly, his head is still alive. His same 300 years ago self controls the body, or at least does now that it isn't just used by Hammond for his skills.
RipHunter77 Aylar önce
@Nihil ❤️ Well if its held in a mobile cryochamber such as it is...same way your would be preserved for thousands of years in solid ice, long as it doesn't melt, and could theoretically wake up - or be controlling something exterior to yourself, with an active mind
Nihil ❤️
Nihil ❤️ Aylar önce
Digging too deep here but ima say it anyway; how ia his brain not….Yknow…. Dust
RipHunter77 Aylar önce
@DEAD SOLDIER The Neural processor, was damaged, and thus detached revenant from his AI controling his LIVING. BRAIN., mostly (Which is located in his neck, where we also learn pathfinders pressure gauges are in HIS neck, not a neural processor, LoL
TOPH Aylar önce
@DEAD SOLDIER glass shard only broke his programing because his programing was getting weaker each time his body was destroyed and it finally collapsed with glass shard
And being the first it was a prototype. So normally simulacrums gain their memories with the codes like in Ash. But in the prototype, the first simulacrum, Revenant they hide the different. I don't know how a glass shard can disable the memory lock mechanism but it can be possible in the prototype. Maybe... Idk.
José Lucas
José Lucas Aylar önce
Good work Kev Keep it up!
yo mama
yo mama Aylar önce
I didn't know that was newton🤯🤯🤯🤯
Kawaii1250 Aylar önce
I want mooooore i love your content so much thank youu
Dr4g0n B0i
Dr4g0n B0i Aylar önce
Onlyshadow Aylar önce
im thinkin she naturally had two personalities and what the syndicate never knew was when you add that to a simulacrum it doesnt mix and becomes two separate entities
Heavenly Gamer
Heavenly Gamer Aylar önce
Wait isn’t Pathfinder supposedly dating her
Rex Colt
Rex Colt Aylar önce
Was. She dumped him
Prism Master
Prism Master Aylar önce
All I could think about was the main plot for SOMA.
Xeno StarMonster
Xeno StarMonster Aylar önce
Thank you! Me too!
__dora __
__dora __ Aylar önce
I think ash had 2 personality before she became a simulacrum and this is how the second personality manifests herself
imperial stormtrooper
We are talking about phase shift technology it could have teleported ash somewhere and pathfinder survived to i know he was probably salvaged but it could work but this is speculation
Nic UnHipNic
Nic UnHipNic Aylar önce
Kev, I am glad that you can now afford ten dollar holosprays.
kenteno llama
kenteno llama Aylar önce
how ash a baddie as a robot and human
Pilot Jack Cooper
Pilot Jack Cooper Aylar önce
Love this stuff as always, excited for more to develop
Otakuoppaiking Aylar önce
So they retconned simulacrum lore just so they could sell ash as a legend and get people to buy cosmetics nice respawn nice
AnoAssassin Aylar önce
What was retconned exactly, pray tell? You need existing official lore to exist for a retcon in the first place
king red the 4th
king red the 4th Aylar önce
I love how two of the conflicts are started by simulacrum
Revenant Aylar önce
@ClassikBat and me as a stim pilot main AND revenant main simulacra are the best
ClassikBat Aylar önce
@Ethan joel trevor bong For me, I throw down the electric vape and just phase.
Ethan joel trevor bong
@ClassikBat same also a phase pilot the anime tactic of "nothing personal kid" Always works
ClassikBat Aylar önce
As a Phase Pilot main, I'm happy Simulacrums are so important.
FantomGamer Aylar önce
That’s crazy
Blue Blade Studios
Blue Blade Studios Aylar önce
Please go over the launch trailer
Revenant Joestar
Revenant Joestar Aylar önce
*_Ash is best girl_*
Viber Boi
Viber Boi Aylar önce
Yes 7th!
It’s Jamesley Tv
It’s Jamesley Tv Aylar önce
Look like I’m first And yes I do want my cookie
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