New $5M Bugatti Mistral Roadster! 

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This is Bugatti's new $5 million roadster, the Bugatti Mistral. The Mistral will feature Bugatti's last W16 engine ever, before moving towards an electric future. Alex takes a look around all of the coolest features and talks to Bugatti's Deputy Design Director Frank Heyl about the car's beautiful design along with plans for Bugatti in the future. This car is a thing of beauty and we absolutely love it, let us know what you think in the comments!
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28 Ağu 2022




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obewon2 Yıl önce
I have always loved the look of every Bugatti, but this one is BY FAR my favorite! Seriously. It's stunningly beautiful!
Dr. Ishan Mahajan
Theres one better LA VOITURE NOIRE 🤩🤩 that baby is easily the best looking car in the world 💗
Rob Mills
Rob Mills Yıl önce
I love them all too! To me they are the most beautiful, wonderful cars in the world!
obewon2 Yıl önce
@Dr. Ishan Mahajan Can’t really argue that one!
Firelayer1 Yıl önce
@Dr. Ishan Mahajan I like the Chiron the best overall because it looks so different and unique to all other car brands, but the La Voiture Noire, Divo and this one have extremely beautiful features too, especially in the back. Bugatti is just a legendary brand overall!
largec 10 aylar önce
I've always been a Corvette fan, but I have to admit, this Bugatti is real stunning!!!
OffsetPFP Yıl önce
It’s sad how such a masterpiece of an engine is going away. I personally think the W16 is really what brought Bugatti to life. Its f**king amazing, the engineering is just insane, I wish Bugatti would make just maybe one or two more cars with it then leave it. I’m not easy for it to be gone.
Manuel David
Manuel David Yıl önce
They (meaning combustion engines) are becoming the slow ones. Electric engines are lighter, more compact, give much more torque immediately and are far more powerful. Highend batteries, such as produced by Tesla deliver much more RANGE (6-9 times more range) than ANY combustion Bugatti can offer. Bugattis lose races to any modern 5 seater Teslas on any track these days. Not to mention costing a 50eth of this Bugatti. IT IS TIME for Bugatti to have a plan to SURVIVE and generally stop embarrassing itself.
Hooligan CRANK
Hooligan CRANK Yıl önce
@Manuel David Tesla is not going to win any race against Bugatti except a quarter mile drag and currently no electric car can reach the top ends of Bugatti or Koenigsegg if you're buying a Bugatti you're not buying it based on mileage lol car is not cheapskate it's more like an art it's for collectors nobody spends millions on Bugatti to drive their daughter to school but yeah electric engine is the new path but don't mock w16
RS Yıl önce
What did u got as gift 🎁 sir...?
Ramsès Lorenzo
Ramsès Lorenzo Yıl önce
@Manuel David dude who cares if a boring Tesla beats a bugatti in a 1/4 Mile race? This cars are made to be luxurious and fast through autobahn, the Tesla could have more acceleration but what car do you think will be more stable, safe and chillest to drive at 300 or 250 kmh? Like who cares for a Tesla being 0.3 seconds faster 0-100?
William Roger Cummings
Alex is the best. Very entertaining introduction to a very unique vehicle that many will never see. Just the right amount of detail and enthusiasm.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson Yıl önce
I love how slim and sleek the top of the windshield is. Most convertibles have big bulky unattractive windshield tops where the roof latches on.
Kagiso Wealth Moseki
Kagiso Wealth Moseki 2 aylar önce
The door is spectacular 😩🔥 imagine with the window down just admiring the shape. The design intricacies all over the car. Damn, it just makes you take a deep breath
Fede Goma
Fede Goma Yıl önce
Awesome design! 😍 Bugatti really nailed it with this one!
ลา ตรี
ลา ตรี 10 aylar önce
Paul Stabin
Paul Stabin Yıl önce
Stunning car. Not every supercar/ hypercar design works- this one does. With one of the all time great engines. ICE is going out with a bang.
kristian speke
kristian speke Yıl önce
Stunning car. What a shame they ending the W16. Should stick with it, an amazing engine
Tom Lachenmayr Autos
Tom Lachenmayr Autos 2 aylar önce
it´s crazy what a car can cost! absolutely amazing how this car looks like! thanks for sharing this nice video!!!
Em Dzei
Em Dzei Yıl önce
First of all: thanks for making 16:9 videos again. A couple of things to note about the Bugatti Mistral: the edges of the windshield are apt to poke in the eye/face like swords. Caps and long hair easily fit into the air intake behind the headrest. Well, I would hardly think about these things if I had already put 5,000,000 into this car. ;-)=
Liam Yıl önce
Whenever supercard blondie uploads I say yeah that’s my dream car 😂
Shan Michael Escasio
it's almost everyone's dream car i think? but literally only a dream because most of us won't even be able to afford one tire of this. lmao. even if we work our entire life.
Marc B
Marc B Yıl önce
Blondie never disappoints!!!
Big Jumbo
Big Jumbo Yıl önce
Vaibhav Trikha
Vaibhav Trikha Yıl önce
✊Bugatti never fails to amaze the world. Mistral looks Breathtaking.🤯❤️‍🔥
Abhijit Kurup
Abhijit Kurup Yıl önce
Whatu on about mate.... Its just a la voiture noir roadster... W16 nothing new.... Platform same as Chiron.. design language continuation and dna"""""' it's not a Koenigsegg"""""" 420 damn and about regera. Maybe not fast but atleast different than agera and others.... Its not breathtakin.... An insta car designer can do better than that... And what's unique in it.... The things it have is present today... Its not revolution not unique... Yeah low on no. Doesn't mean it's awesome.... And sitting in it is impractical.... Alex head was just a hair away from poping like a baloon why the hell was that sharp for man ...... Its nothing new... Alex will no this but can't admit coz she needs content and can't be a critic to the once at some company like Bugatti... But still it's not breathtakin
Abhijit Kurup
Abhijit Kurup Yıl önce
PRIYANSHU PANJA whats ur life being a buggati simp, what can u say they have done as innovation.... Chiron is a custom mansory Veyron with a ecu tune.... Nothing that's the whole point ..... Only buggati that has my respect is Veyron an evolution to eb110 and bolide.... Nothing other buggati after that are just body kits brother sorry
Svitjod Yıl önce
Superugly, look like a Toyoa sportscar 😂
RS Yıl önce
What gift 🎁 u got bro..... ?
Jean Carbonneau
Jean Carbonneau 6 aylar önce
I don't enjoy the color yellow on cars but in this case, it works wonders for me. The only car I would ever get yellow would be a Chevrolet Camaro with black racing stripes.
Naveen Dhak
Naveen Dhak 9 aylar önce
She really does fantastic reviews. Very Modern and Attuned to Her viewer demographic segment.
MR LJ Yıl önce
OMG Look at the headlights of this car !! Who else love those headlights !!
Megatron Knows cringe
The Roasts
The Roasts Yıl önce
Frank is killing it🔥
Antonio Carlos
Antonio Carlos 8 aylar önce
Muito bonito esse carro mistral é verdade
hankk Yıl önce
Ok, I won't dwell on this any longer. Alex, you've done it. Audio superb now. I rest my case. The car is sweet too.
Karoly Krausz
Karoly Krausz Yıl önce
I love how you, Supercar Blondie, are able just to be excited about the positive stuff and don't have the need to mention anything about the negative specs. I know for example that you should change the wheels!!! on a Bugatti Veyron every 10.000 miles for a cost of 50.000 USD. And those are just the wheels, we haven't yet talked about other maintenance costs. If you drive actively your Bugatti Veyron you're facing 100.000 USD maintenance costs for the first 10.000 Miles. This is just nuts. And for that you get a super bad panorama out of the car plus you really have to warm your tires up every single time.
Michel Berube
Michel Berube 7 aylar önce
Love the refined look.
Aj Music
Aj Music 3 aylar önce
W16 also available in Chiron as well which can generate 1500hp i believe..
Impulse Arcade
Impulse Arcade Yıl önce
This is just filled with charm, superb and beautiful super car ✌
Ludvik Westphal
Ludvik Westphal Yıl önce
Traga conteúdo sobre a lamborguini sexto elemento 🔥✨não existe muito conteúdo sobre esse carro e seria surreal poder ver algo com a qualidades dos teus vídeos 🤞🏻🙏
Santos Perez
Santos Perez Yıl önce
Looks Amazing 🔥❤
Jonathan Joseph Bautista
It would be great if spare parts are included when you buy one of these ie for transmission, engine, brake system etc. At least 2 pieces per item
K P 6 aylar önce
neon purple and light blue would be stunning. i'd buy.
Rico 3 aylar önce
Absolutely breathtaking
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 6 aylar önce
love the matching of the shoes with the interior
Mas Rahman
Mas Rahman Yıl önce
Simply a stunner😍
Metal Tech
Metal Tech Yıl önce
Looking forward to the electric Bugattis. The Atlantic you reviewed in 2020 was a real beauty.⚡🖤
Abass Gareth
Abass Gareth Yıl önce
Massive Bugatti with amazing bodies I loved it ❤❤❤
The Eggcellent
The Eggcellent Yıl önce
Finally bugati hired a designer👍🏼
Konrad Yıl önce
Greg McKinney
Greg McKinney Yıl önce
They’ve really upped the game with this.
Firelayer1 Yıl önce
The other Bugattis look at least as good too in my opinion, they've always had incredible designers!
Aayan's Creative Lab
Aayan's Creative Lab 5 aylar önce
They goin’ insane,
Super Car Beast
Super Car Beast Yıl önce
The first open top car with such speed limit😱😱 This car look insane
Abhijit Kurup
Abhijit Kurup Yıl önce
Bro regera has it 404... With a 5l twin turb V8.. compared to 420 with 16.4l quad turb way........ A 3time more displaced engine to attain 16kmph
I don’t know
I don’t know 11 aylar önce
When u realize the 4 striped LEDs for 4 turbos on the mistral are the same deal as the 4 squared lights for 4 turbos on the Chiron
Trillionaire Dreams
The Ultimate Roadster!🔥🔥🔥💙💙💙
B. Yung
B. Yung Yıl önce
Amazing car! It's so exotic!
Thor Neverlight
Thor Neverlight Yıl önce
Without question, that is one of the greatest-looking Bugatti ever made! 🔥🔥
Telegram me 👉🏽supercar_blondiee
Congratulations you have been among The first winners don’t miss out👆👆
Rogerio Martins
Rogerio Martins Yıl önce
I like open cars, but I want and I like to have a roof when it rains. You are impecable in the description of the characteristics, as always. I follow you from Portugal.
Yubi Makame
Yubi Makame Yıl önce
Your work is very good and should be commended 👏👏👏
Ralph Carpenter
Ralph Carpenter Yıl önce
WoW, looks like a great car. Good job supercar Blondie.
Mister Lobo
Mister Lobo Yıl önce
That is an amazing car 👌
Mas Rahman
Mas Rahman Yıl önce
Breathtaking design👏👏👏
Todd Van Winkle
Todd Van Winkle Yıl önce
My goodness…the Mistral is beautiful ✅
dennis fraschetta
I had too identify the Mistral raw cold breeze across the R- Valley makes such a feeling I think it's the perfect punch name for this attitude priceless build Frank truelove in Sport/ Spirit
dennis fraschetta
I'll call you in about 30 hours , 816pm gotta get a little lightning in before I get lazy . Goodnight
Mewregaurd Hissyfit
Mewregaurd Hissyfit 9 aylar önce
The new shapes of B's are fabulous. Much more artistic and "out there" than Ferarri's. I love Bugatti and Lambo's, but there's no way I'd ever fit in one. These things are made for people 5 feet and under.
largec Yıl önce
Damn, supercar blondie does reviews on some of the sexiest whips, I'm at a lost for words for this Bugatti, it's way too sick. You can only imagine, how many honeys you can pull riding around in this beauty.
Poonam Sharma
Poonam Sharma Yıl önce
Really super feature for future🥵 Very beautiful and stunning 🔥🔥
RS Yıl önce
Abhimanyu bhai aapko koi gift mila kya in logon se..?
Awino Collins
Awino Collins Yıl önce
Wow that is a masterpiece I like it ❤❤👍👍👍
pabi Yıl önce
it'd be crazy to try to go as fast as this car can go with no roof.
David Conway
David Conway 5 aylar önce
Holy Moly! This is a Masterpiece! Incredible. Also, I love your Unicorn hair, it makes me happy. 🦄❤
AlphaPower40 11 aylar önce
It’s a masterpiece and I know it’s sensible that it’s expensive however, I don’t think I would spend $5 million on a car that would fulfill joy.
Sherri Rich Life Johnson
👍 nice car like the color interior 💕
Raymond Pao
Raymond Pao Yıl önce
You are amazing filming the world coolest and expensive cars! It's so beautiful! Can't get my eyes out 😍
Mustafa Barış
Mustafa Barış 4 aylar önce
It is a very good idea to examine the car with the gold bracelet on the right wrist and the iron watch on the left wrist. Will you use a screwdriver in the next model?
Ali Osman
Ali Osman 7 aylar önce
I wish everyone gets what they want!
Shamar Guishard
Shamar Guishard 16 gün önce
It not being a convertible is my only major problem, i dont wanna get rained down
Captain Nemo
Captain Nemo Yıl önce
I am not even a car enthusiast, and of course, I am in favor of taking care of the environment so that future generations can enjoy it as well. But this electric car explosion is too soon and it really is slightly depressing. These engines are masterpieces of engineering, the true soul of a car. Electric cars are just "a piece of tech", it maybe looks the same from the outside, but its just a laptop with a few coils more. The only good thing to come from this e-car boom, is that once real car manufacturers have flooded the market with a huge selection of great EV's the Tesla bubble will finally burst into oblivion where it belongs.
08 Channel
08 Channel 5 aylar önce
Wow.. Like it 👍👍👍👍
Dorian Spain
Dorian Spain Yıl önce
I love the color choices black and yellow 🖤💛
JimmyBhoy71 Yıl önce
That rear is fantastic.
Donald Edmond
Donald Edmond Yıl önce
Beautiful, Exquisite, Breathtaking, and the car is nice too.
Trivia Time
Trivia Time Yıl önce
So beautiful, and I am talking about Supercar Blondie 😁
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez Yıl önce
Simply a beautiful automobile
SexyScrambles  Clanton
I do want the hubcaps changed to six or spokes..... I love sparkly spokes..... Spokes would match that Beauty Better.
Jacob Rev
Jacob Rev Yıl önce
This is coolest Bugatti I ever see and I guess this is last Bugatti gas power engine using from Bugatti chiron engine before It turns into electric Bugatti from Rimac 😢😎👍
TONEakaSHOW Yıl önce
I'm sorry but there isn't 1 single thing I would change. I hate to call anything perfect but dang this is perfect!!!
sneaky eye
sneaky eye Yıl önce
Not just the wind we gona enjoy the rain too😁I guess the interior is water proof as it's is open top 🤗
Leigh Clift
Leigh Clift 8 aylar önce
Wow ..i love it
Visionário 11 aylar önce
Sou do Brasil e eu me interessei nesse novo Bugatti tenho um Bugatti veyron 2019 to afim de pegar um mais novo e esse me agradou bastante ja esta no mercado como faço pra adquirir esse veículo?
Sharon Kateeba
Sharon Kateeba Yıl önce
Whenever she asks“ what do you guys think ?” Me: probably would never afford that ! 🤣
Laugh it up, fuzzball
Bet it’s not the last, like pagani did with the Zonda, special edition, then extra special edition 😂😂😂
David Lees
David Lees Yıl önce
Love love that yellow and black interior
Joey Zasa
Joey Zasa Yıl önce
Trying to figure out what my monthly payment would be on this thing....almost worth it.😂
ItzJustJamesss Yıl önce
The car are super cool I hope I can buy that's car one day... Btw nice video keep it up
Arildo Aparecido Costa
Supercar ótimo vídeo bazuka Foz do Iguaçu pr Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Alex G
Alex G Yıl önce
Front and rear 👿 👽 👹 🤖 👺 Love it. Best of the best.
MadGamez Yıl önce
This looks crazy!
MuPa Music
MuPa Music Yıl önce
trvid.com/video/video-imaFXTu1gwI.html Finally it's here /
MadGamez Yıl önce
@MuPa Music so what? Horrible song
Salty Admiral
Salty Admiral 6 aylar önce
That outfit is dope af, Alex!
RE Rueda Motor
RE Rueda Motor Yıl önce
What a car!!! Nice video!!!
Edgey Gaming
Edgey Gaming Yıl önce
Imagine how much the price for this car is gonna be in 10 years
Charles Randolph
Charles Randolph 7 aylar önce
Hope he never gets caught out in a heavy rain! I'd be pissed if rain got into my $5 million dollar ride!
Feng Shui The Crip
Every time I see her I know I’ll love it
Breezy Yıl önce
The W16-99 models go at 420Kmph 👀
MuPa Music
MuPa Music Yıl önce
trvid.com/video/video-imaFXTu1gwI.html Finally it's here /
Bluesrains Yıl önce
No NO NOOOOO This Cant Be Real!!! Im Drooling Like A Dog, This Is So GOOD!!!!! Go Easy Blondie!!!
James Aaron Manarang
Driving at 400 km/hr with no roof is totally unimaginable
luiz guilherme moreira sales
Luke Holman
Luke Holman Yıl önce
What an awesome car man
Ian Ricardo DP
Ian Ricardo DP Yıl önce
Extremely awesome... 😘😍
Sulika​ k98
Sulika​ k98 Yıl önce
Wow! So​ Beautiful​😯😯💕
Sisters-Blog Yıl önce
Wow.... I wish I could have that too, but its just a dream.
Robb Robb
Robb Robb Yıl önce
The car is beautiful amazing and to-die-for however the ‘symphony ‘ of the engine noise & air take is a fleeting desire. My ex had a Ferrari spider which became the source of many disputes. These cars are not built for cruising or long drives. Imagine sitting in front of a jet engine for 2 hours with your ears ringing. Cool but just not. With that said the car is insanely beautiful.
Ajay Singh
Ajay Singh Yıl önce
Wow 😲 Amazing ❤️
92kosta Yıl önce
The car is nice, too.
RS Yıl önce
Kya gift 🎁 mila bhai saahab aapko..?
Anthony Carlo
Anthony Carlo Yıl önce
I hope Alex will have opportunity to meet the family member of Bugatti.
Yash Khanchandani
Gosh! This one is like next level
RS Yıl önce
Yash bhai koi gift mila kya aapko in logon se...?
Hpzel313 Yıl önce
4:12 now that’s motivation a car worth 5million already sold out like it’s nothing , theres some really rich ppl out there 🙏🏽 one day I’ll be there
Stephen Berry
Stephen Berry Yıl önce
Best supercar ever - stylish and individual. I believe the universal rush to all electric may lead to unbalanced outcomes in the materials supply chain for manufacturers. All the eggs in one basket narrow sighted approach. Maybe a roaring hydrogen W16 please, to restore the supercar symphony?
Cristiano Esteban
Holly shit, what a car!!!🌪👌🏻
Terrell Ratliff
Terrell Ratliff Yıl önce
That car Go Hard 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Terrell Ratliff
Terrell Ratliff Yıl önce
That ,Car Go Hard 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
bugatti w16 mistral 2023
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