Never Say NO To Master Chief Scene 4K ULTRA HD - Halo Cinematic

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Never Say NO To Master Chief Scene 4K ULTRA HD - Halo Cinematic

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15 Tem 2021




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Saber Plate
Saber Plate 6 aylar önce
I love how Lasky is like "Here you go man, the Pelican you wanted to pilot since Halo CE, you deserve it"
M M Aylar önce
@Zeoinx couldn’t agree more, also what an opportunity they had to redeem themselves with a flyable Pelican on Zeta Halo in Infinite, still none
Luis Olmedo
Luis Olmedo Aylar önce
@Garry Wells i came here to mention about that but you beat me to it. Yes laskey never forgot when chief save him and 2 others from his cadet school
Naren The Beesechurger Man
@sprained ankle spartan lasers are one of the most expensive weapons in the unsc's arsenal iirc
capthavic Aylar önce
Lasky is the only new character that I liked.
Garry Wells
Garry Wells Aylar önce
Laskey remembers John saving him and surviving members of his class when he was in the academy.
Sprits Fal
Sprits Fal 6 aylar önce
Amazing how many times the Chief can save humanity and the higher ups still second-guess him.
Doomsday ツ
Doomsday ツ 24 gün önce
Officers in reality and any type of fantasy are complete morons
James Taylor
James Taylor 28 gün önce
Its a made up narrative.
zyriuz2 28 gün önce
It's the same at work, no matter how much you save you will still be questioned by higher ups, because fuck those who are gonna be clever for once 😄
Jaylon Smith
Jaylon Smith 29 gün önce
They don’t 2nd guess him. Most don’t like his kind.
A Real Lobster With An Internet Connection
@John Doe Petty Chief? That's not a real rank. Master Chief is exactly that: A Master Chief Petty Officer. Edit: Also means he's technically outranked by any officer, including Ensigns.
Erectar Denara
Erectar Denara 6 aylar önce
"ARREST THAT MAN !!!" "With all due respect, sir : do it yourself"
Ali Abdallah
Ali Abdallah 15 gün önce
That's like asking him to arrest a warthog.
Chris G
Chris G Aylar önce
@Caden Grenier and due to oni set rules. They have no pull on him
god T
god T Aylar önce
Nathan Harrison
Nathan Harrison Aylar önce
@Silverwind if you read the books youd know all the background shit that happens after a mission, and what happens if people get in the way of the mission.
Silverwind Aylar önce
@Nathan Harrison yall be talking like it a court hearing
Leyrua 4 aylar önce
He raised his voice. A person with _real_ authority doesn't have to raise their voice to make things happen. The moment he started screaming, he had no authority at all.
Jabronga 14 gün önce
Ah here we go another braindead commenter thinking they've said something intelligent. Just because del rio shouts at master chief doesn't mean he's all of a sudden void of authority, he loses it once he becomes irrational and shows insecurity and a lack of CONFIDENCE in himself. He tries to have master chief arrested abruptly rather than try to work it out further with him and come up with a solution. Also what are you talking about "real authority" how do you even define that? Anyone who is confident enough can gain authority whether they raise their voice or not, so please do not pretend you understand the psychology of the real world or this cutscene.
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones 23 gün önce
Lol. You clearly never been shouted into oblivion by drill for being a dumb fvck.
Daddy Teeth
Daddy Teeth 23 gün önce
@Twentyseven I dunno man, I just wanted to argue with someone tbh
Twentyseven 23 gün önce
@Daddy Teeth So what is your point? If it’s what big dogs and little dogs do, then what was your purpose in saying that it’s what little dogs did?
Daddy Teeth
Daddy Teeth 23 gün önce
@Twentyseven it's also what little men do to try and sound scary
Ooriley2 6 aylar önce
Let’s be honest no one on that ship could arrest master chief
Lightgardian123 4 gün önce
Well, there is one person who may be able to, but he ain't on that ship or even UNSC. Atriox....
Lucas Ball
Lucas Ball 29 gün önce
@Magic Sofa only true for the Spartan 4's, Master Chief was not part of that at the time, and therefore those rules don't apply to him in that moment. Furthermore, if you were right, how come Captain Del Rio was court marshaled and stripped of his command instead of Chief? The records show that Chief did not get punished for his actions, but Del Rio was fo trying to subvert Chief.
Magic Sofa
Magic Sofa 29 gün önce
@Lucas Ball I have explained this to about 8 different people now, ONI no longer has jurisdiction over Spartans, at the advent of the Spartan 4 program, the UNSC laid claim to them and have placed all active duty Spartans under a new operating branch of the Special Forces division of the Navy
Lucas Ball
Lucas Ball 29 gün önce
@Magic Sofa were it any of his crew, yes. However; Master Chief is ONI special forces, and therefore the only one who can actually order his arrest is Lord Hood. ONI is above the law in a way, so everybody knew that to mess with Chief was to cross ONI, and you DONT cross ONI as a rule.
Jose Fernandez
Jose Fernandez Aylar önce
Ollanius_papyrus 6 aylar önce
“But I’ll never actually know if it looks real… if it feels real…” Master chief: [inspecting rifle] “uh-huh. Yeah babe. Cool.”
Ronin75 12 saatler önce
Haha Chief are you using an Artificial Intelligence modeled after your mother figure's personality for dependency
X Aylar önce
@Nick Lloyd sounds like someone isn't a lot of fun at partiesm
RaptorTamer DX
RaptorTamer DX Aylar önce
He's like "I missed the part where that's my problem"
tresmith81 Aylar önce
@avery dohner what book ? Serious question
ry thrilla
ry thrilla Aylar önce
Bahamut Sorrow
Bahamut Sorrow 6 aylar önce
"Arrest that man!!" "Sir you're unde-" "No.." "Understandable, have a good day sir."
X Aylar önce
Holy fuck people still use the 'understandable' dead meme?
Darth Zasheic
Darth Zasheic 3 aylar önce
@Matthew lore on master chief says she falls in 2-3 seconds.
Platinum Heart
Platinum Heart 3 aylar önce
@Matthew yeah but to master chief she's just an ODST on steroids. Or maybe equal to a Brute on steroids.
Matthew 3 aylar önce
@Platinum Heart I mean, when compared to a Gen 2 spartan, yes, but, no, she's still a super human.
Platinum Heart
Platinum Heart 3 aylar önce
Palmer is just a glorified ODST. She would hit the floor as soon as she takes a step.
Ralph Mccoy
Ralph Mccoy 6 aylar önce
master chief ejected himself into space to amazon deliver a covenant bomb to a war ship, this guy thinks he can order him.
Gabriel Blanchette
Gabriel Blanchette Aylar önce
And he left a halo about to explode while making a crazy parkour with a warthog to finally jump into a ship
Nathan P
Nathan P Aylar önce
Even Bezos would be proud. Customer service to the max.
Peace_B Aylar önce
@NIKOvbn do you have a link?
Random supra
Random supra Aylar önce
Gigantor65 2 aylar önce
That's still my favorite Halo 2 cutscene.
Renaissance Man
Renaissance Man 6 aylar önce
No one is arresting a 7 foot tall 1,000 pound genetically enhanced for strength and speed combat vet...
X Aylar önce
@Angels2apples thats like saying glass is strong. It may be harder than iron and some types may be harder than steel. Now throw a hammer or projectile at a piece of iron/steel/glass and see which one can take more abuse before a catastrophic failure. Similar to how hardness isn't relevant in other areas, high tensile strength doesn't equate to 'better at resisting impacts'. The suit and spartan can move and react normally while basically being a walking tank. You would want the most defense you can have, without sacrificing too much range of motion/agility/speed. Which seems to be working fine with the current weight. It seems more realistic as we've had exoskeletons in various forms for years that can compensate for weight of tools/weight or potentially armour. Although this suit has 'liquid crystal' and other sci-fi elements. It reacts somehow to thought/neural interface before your body starts to move as well. I think in the book a regular marine put on the suit, tried to move his hand and couldn't withstand the increible speed and power of the movement. All that pain and reflex caused another movement and another, as the suit destroyed his body.
American Fry
American Fry Aylar önce
@Angels2apples well a lot is probably the suit since he almost never parts from it, and another large part is being 7ft tall and having more muscle then a gorilla, shaq is 7’1 and 320-330lbs so imagine shaq with 7% body fat and 300lbs of muscle
Zavithebarber Aylar önce
Bro said demigod
ACR Legends
ACR Legends Aylar önce
May they saints dare to help you if you even tried…
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior Aylar önce
Master chief is a spider man level threat. Even greater than captain America
Michael Ebbighausen
Michael Ebbighausen 6 aylar önce
Imagine they somehow got cuffs on him… man can flip an elephant one handed you really think he can’t just flex out of the handcuffs?
Liam Melon
Liam Melon Aylar önce
As a voice in a tablet Yes
Red Hoodie
Red Hoodie Aylar önce
it'd be like the interrogation scene from Man of Steel. Supes just gets up from the table and very casually separates his hands. not effort is put into breaking those cuffs
Alligator81 Aylar önce
In any event, I certainly wouldn’t want to try using handcuffs or an armor locking device on the Master Chief. Although I imagine after that fight between Locke and the Chief, Buck was probably sarcastic as hell and said, “How did you see that playing out, again?”
Master Chief Petty Officer 117
That depends on the cuffs.
Commissar Chaotic
Commissar Chaotic 4 aylar önce
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong 6 aylar önce
Master Chief could wipe out that entire vessel if he wanted to. Who tf would want to arrest him without his consent. If he isn’t willing, I really can’t see him getting cuffed.
Captain Bb
Captain Bb 19 gün önce
@Sum Ting Wong Holy shit you fucking killed him
PC. Corey Thomas Palmer
you r3txrds actually think Chief who nearly died at the hand of one Brute can go up against a ship full of S4s, ODSTs and marines lmao
moonglade20 Aylar önce
Can't argue with that@Sum Ting Wong
seez y
seez y Aylar önce
Without his consent 😂🍍
Chris Ruskai
Chris Ruskai Aylar önce
Locke wanted to
Michael Lorah
Michael Lorah 5 aylar önce
"An aging spartan..." Well, this "aging spartan" has fists the size of your head.
Pez Equilibrado • hace 5 años
@Christopher Ballard he ages a bit in cryosleep, he’s 46 now
AerialMacaroon Aylar önce
He says that like a four could genuinely hold their own with a legend like John or even b3-12
Master Chief Petty Officer 117
Maybe a little bit smaller.
Not so Hotshy
Not so Hotshy 3 aylar önce
I was the 343rd like
Aaron J
Aaron J 4 aylar önce
And can cleanly and efficiently remove that head from your shoulders faster than you can even blink.
Georgi Ganchev
Georgi Ganchev 6 aylar önce
-"Arrest that man!" -"No thanks. I value my own life,I'd like to keep it."
kevin turner
kevin turner Aylar önce
@Rylan Storm you can compare his rank to a warrant officer in the army.. most people can't do anything to them and the people that do out rank them don't care unless they really really screw up then they whould probably just get yelled at or there pay docked
Rylan Storm
Rylan Storm Aylar önce
If you think that the UNSC fear Master Chief then you haven't played the games or listened to the soldiers dialogue. It's nothing but respect. Their is also the issue that as a Master Chief Petty Officer, he exists outside the standard chain of command. The Captain of the ship has no authority over him.
Kari Fletcher
Kari Fletcher Aylar önce
Well I don’t think master chief would have killed them, but I guarantee they didn’t want to spend the rest of the war in the trauma center
Zyphurite Aylar önce
@Little Mai dude, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy is not that special of a rank. Especially since its an already existing rank irl. The UNSC didnt fucking make up a new rank for him. Yes he is the only Spartan alive to actually hold that rank but other than that its still an E9 Navy rank. He just generally has special jurisdiction that he's authorized to exorcize if it means upholding his mission of protecting humanity because of ONI as someone has already said earlier in the thread.
Little Mai
Little Mai Aylar önce
@Zyphurite But John isn't "Master Chief petty Officer" John is "Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy" There were multiple Master Chiefs, but there is only ONE "Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy" and that is John. And I believe the only reason John was promoted to this rank, was just because they thought he was dead, and as far as I know John is the first and only one who has ever gotten this specific rank.
Atom 5 aylar önce
Del: "Lt! Arrest that man!" Palmer *looking around* : "Yall hear sum?" Del: "ARREST HIM" Palmer: "Must've been the wind"
Sterling Sanford
Sterling Sanford Aylar önce
Lmao 😂. To true
Moses CP
Moses CP Aylar önce
LaserLights Aylar önce
@Piotr Napora yeah this AC is all hot air
god T
god T Aylar önce
The ONE thing people gotta learn, yoU Can't Arrest a LEGEND
Patrick Harrell
Patrick Harrell Aylar önce
She was like ummmmmm I don’t want to die sir
Troy Sarnowski
Troy Sarnowski 6 aylar önce
Spartans have one overriding order. Protect humanity no matter the cost. The other order is no member of the USNC may interfere with a Spartan executing their mission. See order 1
SemperFiMac77 13 gün önce
@cgi2002 fair point with Sailor not applying to any of the space personnel. I don't know what a proper term would be. I just figured seals were the closest analog we had to them.
cgi2002 13 gün önce
@SemperFiMac77 real world militaries don't have the intelligence services as actual military branches, they tend to be seperate entities entirely. Even "military intelligence" is often actually a civilian organisation (a good example is MI5, British military intelligence is a civilian organisation with no combat forces of its own), halo has taken a different approach. Also technically the cheif as you said is naval personnel, he's actually both ONI and navy, under the special operations command which merges them a bit. I would however not call him a sailor, as the terminology is wrong. Space navies don't have sailors, they don't seem to have an actual term for their personnel, but sailor would be wrong as it implies wet navy. On an interesting side note, you mentioned the seals and I had to laugh when I realised the cheif would fail seal training unless he took his armour off, he can't swim while wearing it. He does however do an excellent impression of a submarine. What kind of sailor can't swim....
SemperFiMac77 13 gün önce
@cgi2002 The only issue I have is Naval special forces are still Sailors in the real world. SEALs are still sailors. Master Chief is still a Sailor, even if he falls under ONI command. ONI is Office of Naval Intelligence anyway, so he would be a sailor regardless.
Chris G
Chris G Aylar önce
@RC 591 I don't think they will ever allow him to retire
Living Glowstick
Living Glowstick Aylar önce
@Herod The Great yo a spartan thats classed as a suggestion
Dylan Ortiz
Dylan Ortiz 4 aylar önce
Lasky is an absolute chad. Hope he comes back in infinite
blue 2
blue 2 27 gün önce
@Rengoku kyojuro status (donut) that doesn't really count tbh
Rengoku kyojuro status (donut)
@blue 2 audio logs
blue 2
blue 2 28 gün önce
@Rengoku kyojuro status (donut) no he aint
Rengoku kyojuro status (donut)
I'm here from the future he is
FarmYard Gaming
FarmYard Gaming Aylar önce
He's in Audio Logs. Not sure if he's in the current campaign, though - but it leaves room for him to be in the next campaign Infinite gets if so.
not original
not original 6 aylar önce
Now while Master Chief is known for massacre of several different species. He has probably killed humans. Mostly due to the fact the Spartan 2 program was originally designed to combat rebels. I'm gonna assume that Captain wasn't aware of their original purpose. Which makes Chief even more scary. I'm gonna address some other things I didn't in the original here but I'll leave the original for others to read. Yes I do know Chiefster has killed 2 ODST grunts and has crippled about 12 total ODSTs I know of. He is more then capable of killing any human but doesn't because it's not cool. I am excluding insurgency cells because I have no idea about his rebel kill count.
Alexander Sopov
Alexander Sopov Aylar önce
Hehe yeah didn't he kill like two odst in a boxing sparring fight when he was 15 no armor post enhancement? Chief's a stud.
Kyler Kavalle
Kyler Kavalle Aylar önce
@not original in this computer animated short his first mission I think was to take out a insurgency on a mining ship that was helping insurgents. He wore his Orion armor (I still think in my head it’s MKV cause I’m a halo vet but whatever) and killed a bunch of them
Kyler Kavalle
Kyler Kavalle Aylar önce
@not original it was just after the augmentations had settled in and he was done lifting
Jeremiah Douglas
Jeremiah Douglas 2 aylar önce
i know i killed alot of them marines in the first halo campaign for throwing grenades when they shouldn't have=)
Nico Black
Nico Black 2 aylar önce
He has definitely killed humans. 4 to be precise.
CaptainCheezee121 ‘
CaptainCheezee121 ‘ 6 aylar önce
imagine doomguys just like: "finally hes not just doing as hes told"
alfa-psi Aylar önce
he's and again, he's
DragonRage Aylar önce
Doomguy only has trash people around him who are hypocrites who do evil so he does his own because he got no one he can really rely on but chief cares about those who are good and sacrifice there lives to save the world hes thinks about them and wants to save them and help them and be a light to them he cares about right and wrong hes a soldier he follows orders that are true to whats right and needs to be done but the moment the people are wrong he could care less and goes over anyone to do whats right thats why i love chief no pride no abuse of his strength just cause he has it his righteous humblesness is so powerful in so many ways hes a true soldier.
zippo71111 Aylar önce
Doomguy punched his officer, if i remember correctly that guy died.
Justin Kelly
Justin Kelly 2 aylar önce
@Nato Min Wouldn't be standing around to talk. Already be solving the problem with firepower.
ArauJo Jhonatan
ArauJo Jhonatan 2 aylar önce
DoomSlayer: "Aren't you tired of being nice? Don't you want to go ape shit?!"
LaggSoBad 3 aylar önce
"Arrest that man!" Palmer: *Stares at the battle scarred armor thats seen more action and damage in one pauldron than she's seen in her career since becoming a Spartan.* "Honestly, I'd prefer to get court martialed than roll the dice on what would happen if I tried."
Donan The Barbarian
Donan The Barbarian 27 gün önce
@Zachary M it is a dice roll though... D20 on how many parts she and her armour end up in.
Zachary M
Zachary M Aylar önce
It's no dice roll. He'd body her in 2 seconds. Court martial or soldiers funeral.
Dirk 6 aylar önce
Ah yes let's arrest the genocidal 8ft tall, bio/cyber enhanced warmachine, that was trained since childhood how to effectively kill everything that threatens him, by your orders admiral, very well thought out decision..
Dirk 2 aylar önce
@Nico Black hey buddy... No one gives a shit. Pt.2
Nico Black
Nico Black 2 aylar önce
@Dirk I'm not the one who tried to make a hot take in a fuckin TRvid comment section.
Dirk 2 aylar önce
@Nico Black Don't know in what way but I can't stress this enough... No one gives a shit.
Nico Black
Nico Black 2 aylar önce
He's not genocidal, That Doom Guy. And he's not 8' tall, that Jorge.
miquebts 3 aylar önce
It's like that time they tried to arrest John Rambo... It did not ended up well
Manish Das
Manish Das 6 aylar önce
Doom Guy: Hm.....so my friend is doing well in the halo franchise
DragonRage Aylar önce
Agreed and if speed running is how you love a game than you dont love it enough doom is to also be enjoyed thats what games are for too
Jachin Aylar önce
@Darius Matthews lmao you have no clue what you're talking about. Doom has been relevant since it's original release and the community is massive and very active. Speed runners are but a fraction of that community. Simmer down and get in your lane.
Vaughn Ross
Vaughn Ross 4 aylar önce
@Terry McGinnis oh you think speedrunning is your ally? You merely adopted the speedrun. I was born in it. Molded by it.
Darius Matthews
Darius Matthews 5 aylar önce
@Terry McGinnis NO...fuck death battle haters
Terry McGinnis
Terry McGinnis 5 aylar önce
@Darius Matthews I grew up playing OG Doom mate. I cared about it before most people knew what a speed run was. Maybe don’t assume so much about so many, makes you look silly.
Andrew 6 aylar önce
Just a reminder that Captain Del Rio got his ass HANDED to him on a silver platter for trying to pull rank on Master Chief (and get in his way in general) which FLEETCOM (the entity that oversees the entirety of the UNSC) kinda agrees is a very bad idea. Del Rio then did what stupid, retired officers do and ran for office as a senator, and then fucked that up so badly, he was "awarded a nice vacation."
19972zach 3 aylar önce
@Sarge no it’s real. I can’t remember the book series, but it did happen to del rio. He retired from the military and is taking a break from politics. When chief was called a traitor by an oni smear campaign he called chief a failure of a soldier and said that all spartan IIs where failures to the spartan program. When it was revealed that he wasn’t involved in the assassination of the sangheili he quietly retired from the senate in a he guise of a vacation. Oni also got some heat for trying to smear chief and the individual who was in charge of that smear campaign was thrown to wolves and blamed for the whole thing involving chief
Sarge 3 aylar önce
@Lord Hoth_09 damn
Deathbrewer 4 aylar önce
Did ONI take him out?
Servellion 5 aylar önce
@Cosmos 2 Apparently it was from the Hunt the Truth campaign for halo 5.
Lord Hoth_09
Lord Hoth_09 5 aylar önce
@Cosmos 2 all mine, made it up on the spot.
Apocrypha Emiya
Apocrypha Emiya 6 aylar önce
In some circumstances Del Rio is the right one, he followed every protocol and dealing with Cortana is also isn't incorrect decision because of her rampancy. Unfortunately not in this situation, Didact can jeopardies entire human race, that threat level deserved any countermeasure, Chief and Cortana also had a way how to deal with Didact. If he still think that Infinity is still to important then he can still support Chief by giving him a backup or support asset rather than arrest him or considered intel from the legendary Spartan only as a BS. Del Rio is just to chaotic, tend to make irrational decision in panic, unfit to lead in middle of battle and the worse thing is, he consider infinity far more important than anything even extinct threat level to mankind. Just because is the correct thing to do, it doesn't mean is the right thing to do
God 19 gün önce
Not only that, but Master Chiefs mission also has the ultimate authority, save the human race and there isn't a word in the universe that can override that. If there is, I delete it from existence and scatter the atoms across the universe to never be collected or found.
Kreig Guardsman
Kreig Guardsman Aylar önce
Del Rio was more of a politician even during the mission on the mammoth he sent the unit out without proper intel
Rin Nekojin
Rin Nekojin Aylar önce
He also didn't care about the lives or equipment on the Infinity, only the ship itself, he could have easily left behind a few ships and a couple hundred soldiers
Darth Zasheic
Darth Zasheic 3 aylar önce
@4Glory137 30 years actually
Gergely Takács
Gergely Takács 3 aylar önce
@Hokuto Ulrik It was indeed Lord Hood who removed Del Rio from his position.
Baldovah 6 aylar önce
"I'm not willing to jeopardize my ship because the hallucinations of an aging Spartan and his malfunctioning AI." Hypocrite in seconds. Even in lore Chief was known to literally just roflstomp entire covenant divisions and even made it out in one piece one time with civilians in tow. What makes him think Chief can't wipe all of them out in that dong shaped ship? Chief could cause more havoc than an entire covenant and forerunner fleet combined.
Ken.Green2501 Aylar önce
Baldovah 3 aylar önce
@FreakyShinnizle oh yeah, there are rumors that Spartans age differently than normal humans not counting cryostasis. Dk if it's actually real but rumors also has it that IV's have a prolonged lifespan, so maybe II's and III's too. I guess the reason why no one still knows is that II's and III's get killed in action most haven't lived to see the peak performance of the augmentation except for the few surviving members. I'd say chief is technically around late 30's to early 40's, but physically, who knows
FreakyShinnizle 3 aylar önce
Also very rich from him, calling him "an aging Spartan", when he is 11 years older than Chief and also ages faster than him. Chief will still be kicking ass while you're rotting in your grave, Del Rio.
Mark Billington
Mark Billington 3 aylar önce
@ro perez huh
ro perez
ro perez 3 aylar önce
Apparently, Del Rio has a hidden grudge against the Chief and all the Spartan II's.
P S 4 aylar önce
I love how Forward Unto Dawn (underrated that it is) gives you the background that Lasky has with Chief and how he wasn't ever going to try and stop him...
daniel beck
daniel beck 3 aylar önce
Honestly the ending of Forward Unto Dawn was the best. Just that moment of the AI asking to replay it again and Laskey saying, "No, that won't be necessary." That whole sequence of him suiting up for cryo with the grenade fragment and speakers warning the crew the captain has ordered an immediate Slip Space Jump with an entire fleet jumping with the Infinite really made it feel like that was Lasky coming to return the favor. Instead the game came off of with it being more of an accident and Delrio being the incompetent jackass who thinks he knows better then the man who has been through hell and back for humanity and Lasky who got a real taste of that hell first hand at a young age.
Hokuto Ulrik
Hokuto Ulrik 4 aylar önce
He owed the Chief and Blue Team big time. This was his chance to at least try to make them square.
Cow2face 4 aylar önce
having watched Forward Unto Dawn, it just makes the scene were Chief tells Lasky what to do and ignores Del Rio just that better
Dan Extrinsic01
Dan Extrinsic01 5 aylar önce
Del Rio : "palmer! Arrest that man!" Palmer: "...thats a demigod, so no can do sir...i can arrest Lasky tho"
Master Chief Petty Officer 117
I am just another Spartan.
Ryan Way
Ryan Way 3 aylar önce
Underrated comment
Ray Allen
Ray Allen 4 aylar önce
“Arrest that man!” I’ve played the level Shutdown against the overpowered allied AI enough times to know that you cannot simply arrest Master Chief.
AerialMacaroon Aylar önce
Seriously fuck that level; I was on heroic and died more to Covenant than the promenades particularly the final firefight those bashees were so annoying
SHADOW THOUGHTS 6 aylar önce
The Master Chief was trained to do what was necessary to accomplish the goal of human survival in the face of any threat, internal or external. This means three things: 1. An enemy or admiral can be a threat in need of straight-up eliminating, if not removing or simply ignoring. 2. If he requests or demands something, it is undeniably necessary. 3. Do Not get between him and objectives 1 & 2.
Dante Lespoir
Dante Lespoir 6 aylar önce
Ok but respect for the guy that's helped them
moviemaker2011z 6 aylar önce
@I'm funny laskey was a trainee when the base was attacked by covenant. They hadn't encountered them yet and were only aware of rebels attacks and Spartans being used to combat them. When his base was attacked and some (if not most) of his team was killed it was blue team that saved him and what friends he had left. Master chief personally by entering the base and saving the survivors as best he could. The whole thing is absolutely amazing and I can not say it enough times for you to watch it. It's so God damn good.
I'm funny
I'm funny 6 aylar önce
@PitBikeWreck who is it?
PitBikeWreck 6 aylar önce
Watch forward unto dawn and you’ll know who that guy is
Keyblader 5 aylar önce
I like how Master Chief responded to the captain like he was a non-factor in any equation 😆
Reader Stuff
Reader Stuff 4 aylar önce
I like how Palmer is standing there like: "I would like to, but being publicly spanked and calling Master Chief Daddy would undermine my leadership position, sir."
Chris G
Chris G Aylar önce
Omg that would be funny as hell
muhammad yusuf
muhammad yusuf 6 aylar önce
Dude , the man was a living legend . Even if the real life nobody was eager to mess with an uncrowned hero . Everybody earned that title was never some one you wanted to fuck with in your life .... Ever !!
BOOG300 4 aylar önce
Yeaah team osiris tried to “arrest” him. Locke learned real quickly that it in fact do go down and that Chief is quite literally built different.
BOOG300 22 gün önce
@Ghost 9846 The games are not doing chief justice
Ghost 9846
Ghost 9846 Aylar önce
I still hate the fact Locke was even able to phase Chief. I mean a B tier Spartan 4 vs a Spartan 2 evolved by the librarian.
Nicholas Slade
Nicholas Slade 2 aylar önce
Love this😂
Dwarfboy99 6 aylar önce
Dude, I hope we get more of Lasky in Infinite. I'd love to see his character fleshed out
Dylan Cummings
Dylan Cummings 5 aylar önce
If you haven't seen it watch forward unto dawn you get to see Lasky as a trainee when he first meets Chief and Blue team.
Toe D
Toe D 5 aylar önce
Just cause you used the term "fleshed out" he'll probably have some horrid death in Infinite
Anonymous Duh
Anonymous Duh 3 aylar önce
The Absolute respect everyone has for Master Chief is phenomenal!
Talis Redstar
Talis Redstar 6 aylar önce
Sometimes its better to ask forgiveness, rather than permission.
Gaden Kerensky
Gaden Kerensky 2 aylar önce
Chief ain't asking for either.
ClockworkGearhead 5 aylar önce
Captain: You have to ask my permission. M.C.: No. Captain: That just means you're begging my forgi-- M.C.: *I said no.*
MDJ963 5 aylar önce
Actually, the quote you were looking for is: It's easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.
Kyel Tuckerman
Kyel Tuckerman 6 aylar önce
@sk doubt it but it was halo 5 story was shit compared to the hype it got
sk 6 aylar önce
@Kyel Tuckerman i guess his rude guy's character was supposed to be bold. Talking to Master Chief he could flick him away. Knowing that, but still talking to Chief that way. Is that what the story was going for?
EnsignGeneric 5 aylar önce
"Commander, arrest that man!" "Uh-huh yeah me and my death wish will get right on that."
Mr Jawline
Mr Jawline 6 aylar önce
This is the same guy who killed 2 ODST's when he was a kid because they annoyed him,also the same guy who used same day delivery with a Covenant bomb.
MotoTherapy 4 aylar önce
Rush 2hr delivery* 😂
Robert Bogan
Robert Bogan 4 aylar önce
He was 14 at the time and killed one with a punch into their heart through their ribs.
joel Armbruster
joel Armbruster 4 aylar önce
He killed them because the higher ups needed to see if he was capable of killing. They sent the ODSTs to their DOOM while John was doing what he was trained to do. Nothing personal.
The entirety Of humanity
The odst attacked him
Reece Taylor
Reece Taylor 5 aylar önce
@Lord Hoth_09 he only killed 2 of the 4.
DukeOfTennessee117 6 aylar önce
I love how nobody moves when the captain orders his arrest Edit: There is some serious virginity going on in this threat
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer 9 gün önce
@Pusc Slayer69 yeah you lose this argument bud MC is on a different level than locke is
Superoak wood
Superoak wood 2 aylar önce
@Pusc Slayer69 Locke is a regular human with some augmentation+ a suit to get him on the level of a spartan II without their Armor meanwhile Spartan II are literal killing machines with soo much augmentation they are legally cyborgs with an armor to augment their Strength and Resistance even FURTHER In Skill Spartan II's where trained since they were children in way deemed to brutal FFS Master chief killed an ODST with his bare fists at 14 yr without any augments or armor yet Spartan IV's are just ODST with some augments + a special suit
Pusc Slayer69
Pusc Slayer69 3 aylar önce
@Jakobi Nobles I'm not brushing nothing off tf.1 MC wasn't trained for everything.2 it doesn't matter how much experience he has when he can't apply half of it on a Spartan.3 his augmented body doesn't help him much when faced against a Spartan.4 his gift that he received from the librarian so far was only useful to survive forerunner tech,not Spartans.and I remind you MC whole gimmick of why he's so special is his godly luck.and also Locke ain't a push over,both MC and Locke held back in their fight because they didn't fight to kill thus MC won so we never got an actual fight to the death like we saw for Halo5 teasers.
Jakobi Nobles
Jakobi Nobles 3 aylar önce
@Pusc Slayer69 Sure, but you also forget the vast difference in combat experience. Chief has been *trained* to fight everything from humans to aliens since his unfortunately brutal childhood. Since then, he's practically mowed down half the Covenant, fought the Flood and more. Spartan IVs haven't experienced the same amount of combat/brutal training to the level Chief was subjected to because the Spartan-II program was downright inhumane. Also, funny how simply you brush off "oh yeah he was pumped with enough augmentations to kill four grown men as a child, was given a gift by an advanced alien race, and was lucky enough to survive combat with an entire alien empire and several halo installations blowing up but sure the young kid with a nice suit can whoop him, no biggie" :p
Pusc Slayer69
Pusc Slayer69 3 aylar önce
@Doddy Dwi you do realize MC whole gimmick is his unholy amount of luck even Cortana acknowledged that and has stated it multiple times in reality spartan 4s could compete against MC. And the only actual difference between Locke and MC is That MC has augmented body and had a trait unlocked by the Librarian.but the Armour puts Locke and MC on a somewhat even playing field.
kninzo tagoni
kninzo tagoni Aylar önce
man I can't believe this game still looks this good after all these years. so much detail
kninzo tagoni
kninzo tagoni 29 gün önce
@Chris Caricato yup
Eren Dripaeger
Eren Dripaeger Aylar önce
@Chris Caricato halo 4 lol
Chris Caricato
Chris Caricato Aylar önce
which game is this?
What Brains
What Brains Aylar önce
Captain: "Lieutenant! Arrest that man!!" *Points to Master Chief* Lieutenant: "I'm just gonna pretend I didn't hear that." (Persuade) *SPEECH INCREASED BY 100*
John Bell
John Bell 6 aylar önce
"No sir". Chills. Every. Time.
Zucciniii 4 aylar önce
"ARREST THAT MAN!" You see, one does not simply just arrest the Master Chief.
dick peckerson
dick peckerson 6 aylar önce
Palmer was to scared to arrest chief
UltimateMcNasty 6 aylar önce
@MasterGhostf That... That's what I said.
MasterGhostf 6 aylar önce
@UltimateMcNasty The spartan 4's would know 117 and cortana's history. They are best friends, cortana is one of the few friends chief has. She is NOT going to try and get between that, thats a bad idea.
UltimateMcNasty 6 aylar önce
@Josh Nah, Palmer was an ODST before she became a Spartan-IV. Plus she also has a huge chip on her shoulder that she doesn't deserve. So she's got a double-dose of arrogance. She refused to obey Del Rio's order because she's still smart enough to not come between a blue chick and a guy who willingly marched into the gaping maw of an Eldritch abomination to rescue said blue chick.
Kirito 6 aylar önce
@Josh yep that’s about right
Josh 6 aylar önce
Not scared. She's just on Master Chief's side. She's a soldier. She gets what Master Chief is saying, and knows what he needs to do. She's not about to get in his way.
Daryl's fan
Daryl's fan 6 aylar önce
You could easily tell that Palmer wanted no part of arresting Chief and I think everyone else on that ship would feel the same.
Absolute Silence
Absolute Silence 6 aylar önce
I would have love to see them try to arrest the chief.
Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo 19 gün önce
@Dalton davis we want a lore accurate version*
Niccolò Miglio
Niccolò Miglio 3 aylar önce
@Dalton davis I think he was talking about a Good halo game
Blue Robin
Blue Robin 4 aylar önce
@Dalton davis yeah but we wanna see palmer vs chief not locke
Dalton davis
Dalton davis 6 aylar önce
If you want they made a whole game about it. It’s called halo 5
Symon Onua
Symon Onua 4 aylar önce
"Arrest that man!" "Sir we don't have Spartan sized handcuffs."
Swoogity Aylar önce
I love this game. the story is so good in my opinion. Cortana saying "c'mon chief, take a girl for a ride." just goes to show that Cortana and Chief have some kind of romance in an artificial way, and I almost want to say the only thing Chief needs is companionship. whether it be an AI, Human or even Alien. It's phenomenal.
Matt Lauderdale
Matt Lauderdale Aylar önce
Read the books if you haven't... After the other Spartans died, the companionship of Cortana helped MC move on, as it was like being on a team again... Which is the closest thing he has had to family.
177SCmaro 5 aylar önce
I do have to admit, it takes some balls for Captain Angery McPissed Off to stand up to a 7 foot tall war machine like that.
Paul 6 aylar önce
That man must have been in cryo sleep for 100 years and only just now awaken if he's ordering someone to arrest a guy who obliterates entire armies.
Tony B. Ferrandino
Tony B. Ferrandino 3 aylar önce
It's cool to see that Lasky went from being this scrawny, almost failing out of the academy to a Captain. Even more so than John saved him from the Covenant in the academy and now Lasky is helping save humanity by helping John.
JT Hughes
JT Hughes 6 aylar önce
What a great many gamers may not quite get is that the SPARTANs are loosely based off the history and concept of the Navy SEALS, who are in many way outside the traditional command structure. There were quite a few notable instances where SEAL teams openly refused orders from men who outranked them because those orders were contrary to the SEAL mission or the simple understanding of how wars are won. Their superior responsibility and warfighting knowledge earned them that trust. And if Master Chief is the greatest warrior in human history, it's only fitting he have similar moments. JT
Ivan 4 aylar önce
And that folks is how you have a well mannered conversation 😂
JT Hughes
JT Hughes 5 aylar önce
@Jason Stout You make an excellent point, even without your experiences clearly being being superior to my own, in that I was citing "anecdotal" historical information rather than current real world SOF missions and practices, which you summarized quite well. The world has moved on since that era, and my theory about the game writers does not reflect that. Please believe I am grateful for your input and you have my respect. This has been a good lesson for me and I would be happy to chat more about military history or entertainment if you ever felt so inclined. Best wishes and thankyou. JT Hughes
Jason Stout
Jason Stout 5 aylar önce
About 22 years of tactical experience. The special operations task force still operates in support of the Ground Force Component Commanders intent. So while we are doing raids and servicing other targets, the big picture is still the big picture. Reality is teams are kicked out of country and leadership relieved for anything approaching what you suggested. You can respectfully articulate that this is what you were tasked to do. But reality is the boss is the boss. You put in work and complain later.
Jason Stout
Jason Stout 5 aylar önce
About 22 years of tactical experience. The special operations task force still operates in support of the Ground Force Component Commanders intent. So while we are doing raids and servicing other targets, the big picture is still the big picture. Reality is teams are kicked out of country and leadership relieved for anything approaching what you suggested. You can respectfully articulate that this is what you were tasked to do. But reality is the boss is the boss. You put in work and complain later.
Jason Stout
Jason Stout 5 aylar önce
About 22 years of tactical experience. The special operations task force still operates in support of the Ground Force Component Commanders intent. So while we are doing raids and servicing other targets, the big picture is still the big picture. Reality is teams are kicked out of country and leadership relieved for anything approaching what you suggested. You can respectfully articulate that this is what you were tasked to do. But reality is the boss is the boss. You put in work and complain later.
Konahagure Aylar önce
Master Chief's instincts have proven invaluable to humanity's survival time and again. He brings up humanity and his desire to protect it with or without help even here. I dont think as others do that Palmer was "afraid" of trying to arrest Master Chief. Imo she heard everything coming from "the" Spartan and believed he should be given the benefit of the doubt even if she couldn't or wouldn't outwardly say it. It's his ship and no one else including his second, really wanted to doubt Master Chief. The Captain is arguing against humanity's savior against the Covenant. He's ice skating uphill.
Shea Lupkes
Shea Lupkes 3 aylar önce
"Arrest that man" "The Covenant call him the demon and I'm not going to find out why"
kazmir Aylar önce
i remember this scene like it was the first time. i remember feeling awkward, tense, but confident. such good voice acting.
Rinter 215
Rinter 215 5 aylar önce
This is why I prefer Lasky as a commanding officer. He legit stands by the Master Chief and even with orders to stop him, literally gives him a pelican to use. I wouldn’t be surprised if Del Rio wanted that pelican to be used to hunt Chief. Would make Lasky look even better since he gives it to the Spartan.
General Glitter
General Glitter 5 aylar önce
If you watch the Halo unto Dawn series, Laskey is one of the kids.
Cornhub Elites
Cornhub Elites 2 aylar önce
He would bring down that whole ship and everyone in it with ease before giving up cortana. One of the greatest written characters in video game history, alongside one of the greatest video game story lines of all time.
adam bump
adam bump 4 aylar önce
"Arrest that Man!" "No sir...there's a policy against suicide missions."
J gaming
J gaming 6 aylar önce
I take orders from my rabbit
Big Dumb
Big Dumb Aylar önce
@Slut Slayer until it is done
Slut Slayer
Slut Slayer Aylar önce
@Big Dumb a fellow man of culture
Ryan Jenkins
Ryan Jenkins Aylar önce
Ah yes a doom reference
Ryanorsomethinidk 69
Is it’s name Daisy?🙃
Andrew Temple
Andrew Temple Aylar önce
You've got Mike's special Juice!
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 5 aylar önce
The moment when everyone knows that Master Chief is the one who’s really in charge.
Ethan Styant
Ethan Styant 6 aylar önce
There are very few THINGS in the universe which can arrest the Master Chief
Master Chief Petty Officer 117
People seem to think it is very hard to arrest me. As if I'll kill them for trying, I would never harm a fellow spartan
Hilton B
Hilton B 5 aylar önce
@Kirito That would be a battle of the ages. The winner would honestly come down to situational advantage and such. Considering John is a Spartan II he has more enhanced abilities. Then again, Spartan IIIs were still up there in enhancements. If it were just a straight up cage match I think Chief would win by that slight advantage. Though if Six had the home field advantage I think he could win.
Kirito 5 aylar önce
I can only think of one other Human even remotely capable of pulling such feat. And he died on Reach in an epic last stand.
Zax Scorching Star
Zax Scorching Star 5 aylar önce
That Captain was not one of them
Tiara Smith
Tiara Smith 6 aylar önce
Master Chief takes NO shit from nobody💯🙅
Ryan 2 aylar önce
Del Rio: "Lieutenant! Arrest that man!" Palmer: "You realize if he so much as flicks you, you die, right?"
Elysium 4 aylar önce
1:56 'ARREST THAT MAN!' 'Captain, one does not simply try to arrest the only living Hyper Lethal grade Spartan and expect to survive'
Rhapsody in Glue
Rhapsody in Glue 2 aylar önce
After all of those hours spent playing through the campaigns and time with the chief and cortana, that midway moment kinda hit the feels a little.
Syther chain7
Syther chain7 6 aylar önce
Lieutenant: hell na you know nobody can arrest him right
Otto Karl
Otto Karl Aylar önce
Technically John is still under the command of Keyes, to protect that AI at all costs. And you don't disobey the command of a hero.
Seth Mckin
Seth Mckin 4 aylar önce
Love when people try to intimidate the Chief
Ian The Bus Driver
Ian The Bus Driver 4 aylar önce
This is probably my favorite scene in all of Halo 4.
Giuseppe Monaco
Giuseppe Monaco 3 aylar önce
Palmer is like "You must be talking to some other lieutenant-"
blah blah
blah blah Aylar önce
My favorite moment of this scene is just after Del Rio says "...THINK you saw...", and Cortana just goes "tHiNk!?" Palmer's mouth opens extremely slightly and she turns her head just a bit. These two actions are the Spartan equivalent of 20 early-90's rap crew hype men busting into the room and screaming "OH HEEEELLLLLL NOOO!" And Del Rio doesn't even see it :P
TBNRPrime Studios
TBNRPrime Studios Aylar önce
And this is why Halo is a masterpiece that shouldn’t be messed with
wow anime Joshua
wow anime Joshua 4 aylar önce
I still love how mcc broke the lighting in this scene so it looks like everything is missing it's textures
Zimaku Maozan
Zimaku Maozan Aylar önce
Really? MCC never broke the lighting for me. Halo 4 including all other Halo games, I never had any problems with. Except Halo combat evolution, never bought that one
fingersonfire4gh 5 aylar önce
Loved commander Laskey in this game. He was a real one.
RC 591
RC 591 5 aylar önce
He's come a long way since the movie.
Gareiis 5 aylar önce
Spartans operate within the UNSC chain of command... to an extent. That commander has no authority over Chief and could have been killed by John if he deemed it a threat to his mission. His mission is to protect humanity.. at ANY cost.
War Mind Studios
War Mind Studios 4 aylar önce
Most of the time when things like this are done, men are given the Medal of Honor. Most men given the Medal of Honor died earning it. In the U.S. military anyone given the Medal of Honor must be saluted even by superior officers (when worn).
AyC Channel
AyC Channel 5 aylar önce
Such an amazing scene.
Arrynek01 5 aylar önce
That scene is such a tipping point in Chief's life... Before that it was all "Yes, sir," and "Do I have your permission, sir?" But once it came to Cortana, he sends a captain of the Infinity to hell.
Cameron 4 aylar önce
Halo 4 has some of the best character building. My heart broke when cortana started to go into rampancy
Wicked Spartan
Wicked Spartan 3 aylar önce
if you arrest master chief, there is a 100% chance he let you do that
God 19 gün önce
Did you even WATCH the video?
God 19 gün önce
0%* Have you even played halo? Answer: Not even at all.
Vael S
Vael S 3 aylar önce
They've come a long way with facial expressions using the game engine. Great to see
Muntz 3 aylar önce
“Lieutenant, arrest this man” How do you think that’s possible?
Trueno 6 aylar önce
Master Chief asking for permission to finish his Big Mac
[ *Ruby: Navy* ]
[ *Ruby: Navy* ] 4 aylar önce
Imagine trying to arrest Master Chief and he just snaps you like Bane
Niels Søren Kress
Niels Søren Kress 6 aylar önce
Imagine being ordered to arrest Master Chief. Damn, no-one moved a muscle. Hahaha
BlackHeart Gaming
BlackHeart Gaming 4 aylar önce
Captain: I am a captain I lead hundreds of thousands of soldiers Chief: then why are standing beside me
Jman LpGuy
Jman LpGuy Aylar önce
I almost busted a gut laughing when that man tried to stand up to THEE Master Chief and have him arrested. This man could fold that officer like a pretzel. No one in that room would dare mess with fully armored Spartan. Let alone the most famous Spartan in history who can turn you into a human basket ball and dunk you from the three point line.
Antony Bullock
Antony Bullock 6 aylar önce
I always wondered what would happen if they did actually leave the planet and got to earth. I have a feeling the Master Chief would've trolled the fuck out of him for that one.
Shichiro Stormbringer
Shichiro Stormbringer 6 aylar önce
4:00 You can just tell that John was smirking under his helmet when she said that.
Kiet Nguyen Anh
Kiet Nguyen Anh 29 gün önce
"ARREST THAT MAN!" Oh yeah. Let's just arrest a man that is: - Genetically enhanced for combat - Extremely well-trained for combat - Experienced in combat. In fact, he might be more experienced than the entire crew combined - Wiped out thoudsands of Covenants - Wearing a suit that protects him from plasma cannons and allows him to flip tanks over Conclusion: "Do it yourself, sir"
Stickman550 Aylar önce
2:44 The charging handle/operating rod for the assault rifle is clearly visible from our perspective in this shot. So may I simply ask what exactly chief is doing to his weapon at this point?
3li+e 6 aylar önce
he said "no sir" in my head: DAMN
Zearth 6 aylar önce
And here we see an admiral on former desk duty fucking up his command over his ship.
Ceasze 4 aylar önce
Chief’s so bad ass even the shadows are scared of him
Courtney Fee
Courtney Fee 6 aylar önce
When the Halo theme plays when he sees the ring is just 👌
Nivhk91 6 aylar önce
Just the first 2 minutes, explains what's wrong with the chain of command. Chief is a good man who does something.
dah500 6 aylar önce
I still don’t understand why they don’t fix the lighting during this cinematic, it looked 100 times better on the 360
Daniel Volosin
Daniel Volosin 6 aylar önce
Halo 4 had great cutscenes and emotion
BassMaster Eric
BassMaster Eric Aylar önce
"Lieutenant, arrest that man!" Palmer: "Hah. You first, sir."
Sleepy Bane
Sleepy Bane 5 aylar önce
“ARREST THIS MAN” “I think he’ll put you under cardiac arrest before you can accomplish that”
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