Never Pressure Wash A House Like This 😳

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30 Kas 2021




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Forever Self Employed
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Honest APEX
Honest APEX Aylar önce
@Mr. 55 Cory Mac in the house what’s a real job then licking your bosses boots? Or do you spit shin them?
Mr. 55 Cory Mac in the house
Get a real job i
Dorian Kercuku
Dorian Kercuku Aylar önce
ℹ loveeeeee you jobs Bro you ar Good for this ℹ from Albania 🇦🇱✌🏼🇺🇸🇦🇱🇺🇸🇦🇱🇺🇸🇦🇱im dorian im living in Swiss Bern
Renu Krew Softwash
Renu Krew Softwash Aylar önce
Oxidation Removal stinks. We offer it but it’s costing them when we got to break out the brushes
TookHerToTheO 8 gün önce
@Gigi Hendrix who you talking to ? 😂😂🤣🤣
TheBigCheese 23 gün önce
@D F It's far cheaper to remove the oxidation than to paint over or to replace. It's only worthwhile to replace if the siding is severely damaged from sunlight exposure. If you decide you'd rather have a different colour it's significantly cheaper to just buy new vinyl siding than to paint.
tom brady’s righthand man
@Arames Graham Practice makes perfect.
Hunter R
Hunter R Aylar önce
I power wash professionally, oxidation is very difficult to remove effectively. I dont offer oxidation removal because of that.
Lemmy Kilmister
Lemmy Kilmister Aylar önce
@D F That's because siding is way more expensive and painting siding is dumb
TimeBucks Aylar önce
Wow what a great video
Mint. 28 gün önce
@R734 helo your computet have birus
bossssssist Aylar önce
Every kid on TikTok gonna be a pressure washer washer
R734 Aylar önce
@Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin Indian people
Sheik S
Sheik S Aylar önce
Super video
Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin
@So CAL PyroTechnics theyre bots but who designed to bots? they have do many hyphens and tags
Subham Sahoo
Subham Sahoo Aylar önce
I don’t even have a pressure washer or need one since I live in an apartment but I love these videos cause it shows how much grind, hustle, and love u need for success. More often than not, I see people feel entitled to what they want. These videos to me show that the only path to success is hard work
Nope Landfill
Nope Landfill 26 gün önce
@Julian D please elaborate
Julian D
Julian D 27 gün önce
@Nope Landfill some of them don’t work they keep busy big difference.
POLISHED mobile detailing
This isn’t a pressure washer it’s a garden hose
Nope Landfill
Nope Landfill Aylar önce
If hard work was the path to success, every construction worker would've been rich by now don't you think?
Florin beby
Florin beby Aylar önce
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Jman Aylar önce
One time I did a remote quote on a double wide. Walked to the back side and it looked like someone ran a red tip all over the back. The customer told me it was from someone who washed it a few years back and that person told them it must have been defective siding. Customer was okay with it and paid him, that SOB got lucky. Laughed my ass off, explained to them what it was and offered a pretty fair deal to fix since it would still be a quick job. They didn’t want to spend any more money so I soft washed it as is and collected my check. Definitely didn’t use that side for a before and after. 🤦🏻‍♂️
CanAmRydr 12 gün önce
I’m bout
Floppy Beef Curtains
@G G dude, he said he soft washed it. He offered to fix it, which means painting it or new siding. Which they declined the fix and paid him for the soft wash.
G G Aylar önce
@Mac Milleur he just said he didn’t actually clean it. The customer didn’t want to spend any more money.
Mac Milleur
Mac Milleur Aylar önce
What product did you clean it with? Gutter butter?
Pat Haskell
Pat Haskell Aylar önce
People actually pay to have their stuff pressure washed???? I bought my own after getting a quote that was more than the unit cost, been doing my own ever since.
dontlookatmeplz 6 dakika önce
@Santos Carrillo you ain’t working no 32 hours strait stop lying on the internet lmao you ain’t cool
Santos Carrillo
Santos Carrillo 6 saatler önce
@Jeremy Paquette yep nothing to say that matters so attack my grammatical impractical setups in a comment section come on you gotta let it go just not worth it
Jeremy Paquette
Jeremy Paquette 6 saatler önce
@Santos Carrillo Just glad you managed to persevere despite the crippling fear of punctuation. Stay strong. ✊
Santos Carrillo
Santos Carrillo 6 saatler önce
@Jeremy Paquette not really sure what your getting at if your trying to make some point you haven't I make great money and worked hard to get where I am I'm doing a job that 85 percent of Americans cannot or will choose not to do because input a reason I have 6 months off every year and I worked at wendys and worked temp jobs even got fired a couple times because shit bosses and shit pay but I don't complain I changed my situation remember you messaged me because you thought you mattered you don't none of this really does
Jeremy Paquette
Jeremy Paquette 7 saatler önce
@Santos Carrillo You convinced yourself that it's simultaneously possible that most people to work 365 days a year, and also that nobody wants to work. Doesn't matter how old you are, you're a boomer. Congrats.
Shawn Doran
Shawn Doran Aylar önce
This is actually called chalking. It is used as a filler in siding and comes out of the panel over time.
Matt G
Matt G Aylar önce
Idk what you do but as a painter I sometimes still do just pressure washing for vinyl siding. I do the same routine as I would any other job. Pump sprayer with 5%ish Jomax and 1% bleach the rest of the pump sprayer water. Thurough bottom to top even fan spray let sit for 10 minutes then very consistent pressure wash with yellow tip . It'll be streaky because you didn't keep the same distance spraying the entire house. No hard stops.
Jack Paul
Jack Paul Aylar önce
Exactly like painting; at least 60% preparation and technique.
Nancey Jones
Nancey Jones Aylar önce
Um, never pressure wash vented soffits or gable vents.... Water isn't supposed to be in that part of your house.
mike odonnell
mike odonnell Aylar önce
Lol you would think he would know that
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson Aylar önce
Very informative, but either way siding will fade over time with exposure to the sun. Be sure to discuss this aspect as well with your clients.
Angelic420x Aylar önce
You need a partner to spray water on all of the plants for the over spray so it doesn't kill there plants we used to do roofs I think with 6%
Blake Turner
Blake Turner 11 gün önce
Your smart
Larry Medina
Larry Medina Aylar önce
If my neighbors saw me doing this they would say I was outside watering my house to make it grow!!!!
Mr Willyum
Mr Willyum Aylar önce
Thanks for letting me know my house has oxidized siding. Appreciate it.
Jack Humble
Jack Humble Aylar önce
Lemme tell ya, that powder turns into a film when it gets on windows, it makes it an awful time to clean. It makes your rags almost unusable afterwards too.
Carrie Price
Carrie Price Aylar önce
I only use krud cutter cleaner and I've been powerwashing for 10years + Never had any issues getting a house looking brand new next to before and after pictures.
vsauce michaelhere
vsauce michaelhere Aylar önce
Lmao I specifically only pressure wash houses before painting when the paint is coming off. I've done this tons of times never causes streaking or whatever you were talking about.
HeyItsTeej 29 gün önce
“Don’t do this” *process to not show how to do it *
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher 20 gün önce
@Ace Mustang yeah but there's nicer ways to say that
Ace Mustang
Ace Mustang 20 gün önce
@TRvid Watcher who's mad? I just said stop being a lazy bitch
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher 21 gün önce
But he did show how in the video
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher 21 gün önce
@Ace Mustang damn, why you getting mad
Jacob14 25 gün önce
I thought it was just an additive he feeds through the hose.
John Paul Cappa
John Paul Cappa Aylar önce
How do u remove the oxidation on siding? What chemicals?
Jason Iverson
Jason Iverson Aylar önce
I own a carpet cleaning company and it’s a pretty good business too
Tom's Audio Show
Tom's Audio Show Aylar önce
Wow what a great video, this inspired me to keep working hard and believe in what I create. Who's ever reading this I hope your goals also work out. - Tom's Audio Show
christuffer roeder
christuffer roeder 27 gün önce
Pro tip Spray down with one part bleach 3 Parts water and was every inch evenly starting at the top and work you're way down you will remove all oxidation and brighten the color back up but pay close attention because any skippers will be very visible
Dewayne Bryant
Dewayne Bryant Aylar önce
Mean green from any local store works great for any do it yourselves but keep in mind vinyl siding isn't fully attached! Nailing pattern leaves room for movement due to weather..
Mike Huckold
Mike Huckold Aylar önce
"Your house is oxidized, we can speak different water on it for an additional $999"
joebaby1975 Aylar önce
I wash my house with zep trailer wash and a brush. But it has wheels so it’s not that tall. Small sections, and rinse rinse rinse.
Benny Boy
Benny Boy Aylar önce
Oxidized siding, caused by the sun hitting that side a lot? I think that's UV damage bud.
Jetoffical Aylar önce
No ones gonna talk about how Eddie did the same house to pressure wash? (It’s a game lol)
Vadim D
Vadim D 27 gün önce
Very useful info, thanks man! Good looks…
Milicija Rebel
Milicija Rebel Aylar önce
my house has a part of mostly brick and some of it's white metal around my door, when it touches anything its like a white powder thats kind of wet. I've tried getting it off many times but nothings worked. Thank you for informing me that I can't without chemicals!!!
Ben John
Ben John Aylar önce
Pump up sprayer of bleach water. Put on mist setting so to evenly coat it n it won't leave streaks lol let sit 5-7mins then rinse
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 23 gün önce
Anytime you apply chemical to a house just start from the bottom up so you don't leave streaks tiger stripes ECT. pretty simple....🤷
pyro323 14 gün önce
You're not reversing the oxidation bud you're just removing the chalky paint with bleach. The paint breaks down over time due to the ultraviolet sun rays.
Joshua Gonzalez
Joshua Gonzalez Aylar önce
Chalky walls. Just make sure you pressure wash and use a good chalk binding primer and then topcoat it and your good.
Florin beby
Florin beby Aylar önce
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Are you spraying into the soffit venting?
Marco Gamez
Marco Gamez Aylar önce
How can you lower the pressure on your pressure washer to soft wash? i have a 3300 psi ryobi with a floor scrubber but i know for new fresh cement its to powerful to clean how do i lower the psi?
Kerry Pitt
Kerry Pitt Aylar önce
Great information! Thank you!
Kip Paseo
Kip Paseo Aylar önce
Wow I didn't know a kid with a hose could be so smart
TheSarahskaninchen 24 gün önce
What are These houses built with/what material is the outside? I mainly know of houses with plaster so These Videos are interesting but also confusing 😅
Med z
Med z Aylar önce
Interesting what different countries have for different terms. We call siding cladding
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Aylar önce
"Your house is oxidized, we can speak different water on it for an additional $999"
Rari Aylar önce
Just get pool shock, balance how much you pour in with how much water you’re using and boom, problem solved.
Derbsicles Gaming
Derbsicles Gaming Aylar önce
What soft wash setup are you using?
noggus doghus
noggus doghus Aylar önce
Why are you spraying in the up direction... good way to get water behind the vinyl and cause mold.
Santos Carrillo
Santos Carrillo Aylar önce
@Coty Rinehart he or she or the transformer is right just telling the facts if you pay someone they should do the job you paid them for. Correctly if not you maim them in a way that they look at as a reminder to not be trash works everytime. Otherwise people will continue until you take them off the course they are on.
Ay Ten
Ay Ten Aylar önce
@Coty Rinehart dude, doesn't that mean you are also in "every comment section" , if you see him in them. Dude, get a new hobby
Florin beby
Florin beby Aylar önce
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noggus doghus
noggus doghus Aylar önce
@Sabi1234567890Asdf you're absolutely right bro
Coty Rinehart
Coty Rinehart Aylar önce
@Sabi1234567890Asdf dude, you are in every comment section. Find a new hobby
Shane Mathews
Shane Mathews Aylar önce
Listen my dude, do not spray water up into vented soffit, it will put water in your attic and create huge problems for you, trust me on that one.
Alexandria Jackson
Alexandria Jackson Aylar önce
I wish I knew this before power washing my aunts house for her....
David Gonzales
David Gonzales Aylar önce
Appreciate you, my boy.
Zach 420
Zach 420 Aylar önce
@NickHonor I got a sack for ya 😉
NickHonor Aylar önce
after I buy a sack
Made You Look
Made You Look 24 gün önce
Ahh the guy during an oil change that finds 5 things wrong with my car
Hash Slinging Slabber
What do you use for oxidation removal and how do you price it
M W Aylar önce
I would just buy my own pressure washer and do it myself before paying this guy's prices.
Fuzzy Banana
Fuzzy Banana 3 saatler önce
@noggus doghus. Correct. But in many states house wrap is minimum requirement by law as well. Thats is a moisture barrier. Vinyl siding floats, and is far from weather/water tight, so moisture behind it is no big deal. To show you that, just go look at the bottom edge of vinyl siding on a business or motel and you’ll see holes for water to drain. Why have those holes if water is a no-no?
noggus doghus
noggus doghus 3 saatler önce
@Fuzzy Banana .... I shouldn't have to explain this but theres backer board behind the vinyl, right ? So when a bit of water gets trapped behind the vinyl right up against the backer board it in a dark damp area, mold forms. But hey, don't take my word for it. I've NEVER seen it firsthand, and i definitely haven't been doing siding for years...🤣
Fuzzy Banana
Fuzzy Banana Gün önce
@noggus doghus you are an idiot. Insulation behind siding? Its called sheeting and has a housewrap over that, and water doesnt hurt if at all. Siding on any home is nothing more than lipstick on a pig. It covers your sheeting and tyvek housewrap, and thats all it does.
All Things 11
All Things 11 22 gün önce
@J not everyone has room to store the equipment, the equipment also costs quite a bit, to only be used once every 10yrs. What “excuses” , it’s just reality. There’s no way you’re working 40hrs, spending that 40hr check on equipment to clean your house, and doing the work in your “off” time! I highly doubt you own a home or have a 40hr a week good paying job, because you are not pragmatic with your thinking at all.
J 23 gün önce
@All Things 11 it’s part of owning a house dude. Everything you said is an excuse.
Joseph Haase
Joseph Haase Aylar önce
Unless you’re a decent painter and pressure washing the house is a free extra when repainting
Will C
Will C Aylar önce
Where can I get that water nozzle you're using.. and what's it call... so I can look it up online..
Nick Barrionuevo
Nick Barrionuevo Aylar önce
You're really cool bro
Dwok The Rayne Jonsohn
Getting paid to spray water and make things clean seems like a steal. It's fun and easy(?)!
Sprint Kasey
Sprint Kasey 28 gün önce
Bro don’t spray water into the attic like that you’re gonna create tons of mold if they don’t have proper ventilation
Kiwilily Aylar önce
What is siding and what is it made of?
Manny Kingz
Manny Kingz Aylar önce
I love watching stuff like this
LÆVIS Aylar önce
Sun damage is not reversible. It's treatable.
Samson Gilbert
Samson Gilbert Aylar önce
You don't need to go and buy expensive cleaner for you're house if it has oxidation just get vinegar and mix it with water in a bucket and get a long brush that you can extend!
sean brennan
sean brennan Aylar önce
I only pressure wash oxidized siding. That's the point of cleaning it. Lmao
chunter3882 Hunter
chunter3882 Hunter Aylar önce
Thanks for the tip!!
House Burner
House Burner Aylar önce
Sc-200, and a brush. Keep it wet or it will streak.
mark arney
mark arney Aylar önce
How do you remove oxidation
num9908 Aylar önce
Its a great 'upsell'. Thanks for reminding me I don't need that.
Ryan York
Ryan York Aylar önce
Don't use vinyl siding for that reason
Nagendra Mishra
Nagendra Mishra Aylar önce
Can you clean dirty toilets with pressure wash 🤷 I mean if you could it could save a lot of money on buying toilet cleaners
Leo Makosiej
Leo Makosiej Aylar önce
This is why I don’t do houses. There’s so many problems that can happen so I jsut stick to driveways stairs and porches
No wonder my old porch always left me a white residue!
Landon SRT
Landon SRT Aylar önce
Paint on vinyl siding?? Do you know how to pressure wash?
the cheesy alligator
A great upsell? Like the under coating at a dealership?
Marshie Aylar önce
I think that is mostly with reviews or being thanked and recommended by the owner. I'd recommend someone if they'd tell me issues they find instead of going "not my job"
Barry Wolf
Barry Wolf Aylar önce
so how do you wash it?
Bobby CheeZ
Bobby CheeZ Aylar önce
The taco bell guy stepped up!
ithpitwhenitalk Aylar önce
We need more tundra vids
Mark Settles
Mark Settles Aylar önce
Also don't wash it in the sunlight. Only wash those parts of the house in the shade
Paul Garza
Paul Garza Aylar önce
How do you remove oxidation c
jimZkie Aylar önce
So, how do you solve oxidation?
Florin beby
Florin beby Aylar önce
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Doitrightcmrs Aylar önce
U don't. U can remove it. But since u have no clear coat there is no reversal. Just clean it. 👌
Faggoat Aylar önce
Don't do it like this "shows clip" how did u end up fixing it then
Mike Dub
Mike Dub Aylar önce
How could I get grease and oil stains off cement?
J 23 gün önce
Brake cleaner and kitty litter.
Marshie Aylar önce
A pressure washer will get it all up with relative ease
Mike Dub
Mike Dub Aylar önce
Do I put anything on it? I only have a electric one 😏
ScrewedUpMystic Aylar önce
Pressure washer will lift it all up
crash landon
crash landon Aylar önce
Pressure washer
Ya Tu Sabes
Ya Tu Sabes 28 gün önce
Can u post a video showing what you mean by streak up and if u can show us a streaked up siding video? Thanks in advance.
BoneGaming Aylar önce
But you’re the one pressure washing the house the way you’re telling us not to do it. What?!?! 🤨
NewBluesBros Aylar önce
Forgive me for asking such a dumb question but don't you need a pressure washer to pressure wash? I only have 48 years in the business...
Lee Jackson
Lee Jackson Aylar önce
Soft wash system
Denny Miser
Denny Miser Aylar önce
That happened to me. The wife wasn’t happy.
Jesus Herrera
Jesus Herrera Aylar önce
Its called “the paint is chalking”
Antonio Ocasio
Antonio Ocasio Aylar önce
Great upsell lmao that’s honest
foxwood67 Aylar önce
Paint. Lol. Dont think vinyl siding is painted. Oxidation yes paint no
Lui in the 303
Lui in the 303 Aylar önce
How do u remove the oxidize?
NewBluesBros Aylar önce
This guy is a Snake Oil salesman. Get a pump sprayer and mix one third simple green bleach and water. Use your pressure wash to wet the surface and spray your chemicals on it. Start from the top and use the green or yellow tip of the pressure washer to was it oxidization off. You need to be closer than 3 feet from the area you're washing. Never pressure wash a wood deck though. you will rip it up and you will have a lot of sanding to do...once it dries up enough.
Rainbow Panda says
Rainbow Panda says Aylar önce
Okay , just got my pressure washer - this is my problem. Any tips ? I’m obviously f Doing this myself
Aziz A
Aziz A Aylar önce
How did a TikTok video end up trending on TRvid?
Richard Foister
Richard Foister Aylar önce
Y'all know who else thinks upsales is great??? Your local mechanic 🙄
Maine Backcountry Riding and Golf
Removing oxidation sucks balls, might be an up sell but definitely not a good one
Kyle Farmer
Kyle Farmer Aylar önce
Don't pressure wash this....as he proceeds to pressure wash it.
taffylugg Aylar önce
Yeah get a proper house made of bricks !!
Kayden Wilkins
Kayden Wilkins Aylar önce
I have a house that need pressure washed but it blue and the hole front has white dust from stones how do I clean it
Slight Return
Slight Return Aylar önce
Vinyl siding is an eyesore.
Sameplayer 22 gün önce
Would you clean in germany?
Sarah McLaren
Sarah McLaren Aylar önce
Oh great thanks for letting me know it’s an upsale and I can probably do it my self
VanHellsing Aylar önce
I'm surprised his shirt phone numbers don't start with 215 (close tho!). It looks hella like south east Pennsylvania.
Tashtan Tashi
Tashtan Tashi Aylar önce
Oxidation is the feature no? It’s pops off when something like water or wind disturbs it.
Drew Lord
Drew Lord Aylar önce
Turn your solution down and pre wet before cleaning...problem solved.
Will Vandermeer
Will Vandermeer 28 gün önce
All you need to do is scrub before you spray..
Terri Troutner
Terri Troutner Aylar önce
They didn't prime first. And use good paint
Amor Nihil Timor!
Amor Nihil Timor! Aylar önce
And that's the problem. It's an upsell.
Soft Washing Vs. Pressure Washing
Never Pressure Wash A House Again
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