Nerf Wars in Among Us

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18 Haz 2022




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GAME_22PLAYS Aylar önce
Ssunde If you are reading this I love your TRvid channel so much😊😊😊😊😊😊
Caiden C
Caiden C Aylar önce
Also you get to upgrade your guns on both the winner and loser team and you get special buffs like invisibility or speed
Cloudmusic 3 gün önce
Matt ThePyro
Matt ThePyro Aylar önce
This is my favorite part: Lookumz: “You’re so bad…” Blue team: ‘Gets victory’
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 7 aylar önce
SSundee always makes so cool and nice among us mods. Also he keeps that game alive.
Tyler Jones-Davis
Tyler Jones-Davis 5 aylar önce
This is the reason why they need to make this mod public it would be so much fun to play with your friends
IcyFlame 6 aylar önce
this was a great mod, keep up the good work
Southern snakes
Southern snakes Aylar önce
is biffle actually color blind?
Kinga Krajewski
Kinga Krajewski 5 gün önce
I don’t know
cay dan TT
cay dan TT 26 gün önce
Danial azis
Danial azis Aylar önce
Arisi90 4 aylar önce
Ssundee I literally love you ur the best youtuber i know everytime i watch you i get happy just keep it up man ur the best❤
HastyDolphin 7 aylar önce
SSundee always makes so cool and nice among us mods. Also he keeps that game alive.
crislyn estrada
crislyn estrada 2 aylar önce
@lsutigers4life jc
crislyn estrada
crislyn estrada 2 aylar önce
Lego man
Lego man 7 aylar önce
HastyDolphin 7 aylar önce
@ello Who do you like most from everyone. I like SSundee, Garry and Henwy.
ello 7 aylar önce
@HastyDolphin all of them make my day idc who creates the video they all are great gamers to me
waffeswz Aylar önce
make ur mods public we want to play
Michael Ennocenti
Michael Ennocenti 2 gün önce
Ditto thoughts 💭
egg 7 gün önce
Kingwolfplayz 9 gün önce
Seven now
ZzzD. A. M. I. E. NzzZ
Reynaldo Gemeniano
Reynaldo Gemeniano 14 gün önce
Yeah bro
Senraba Gaming
Senraba Gaming 22 gün önce
@SSundee, you need to put the link to download the mod in the description so PC players can play too! (Love ur vids!)
KCab - Roblox & Minecraft
this is the best mod ever! keep going sundee! your contents is the best!
Resurrect Dead
Resurrect Dead Aylar önce
Pee mod
J M Aylar önce
He is amazing
Dragex 7 aylar önce
I'm shocked by the lack of toxicity. I fully expected at least one time if sticky trapping all three and just leaving them there.
Sam 6 aylar önce
I think an airsoft mod would be really good.
Toni Culp
Toni Culp 6 aylar önce
I wish the among Us game would allow you to play different game roles that would be awesome.
Zhuang W
Zhuang W 6 aylar önce
Love this one, make a part two of this with like an army or something.
Paige McConnell
Paige McConnell 4 aylar önce
This was a really cool video it was super fun to watch keep up the good work
YourLocalWeirdo 4 aylar önce
This reminds me of the time I had a nerf war at my mom’s friend’s house.
john mark calixterio
john mark calixterio 7 aylar önce
Ssundee your video are always fun to watch some are funny and cool!
Mirasol Domero
Mirasol Domero 6 aylar önce
Or maybe like a realistic mod where the imposter can make anything realistic and the crewmates have a ability to turn the realistic into the normal thing in among us
Commander Cody
Commander Cody 7 aylar önce
every time l watch this video, my smile flips into attack mode. l love this video!
Macaroni Gamer
Macaroni Gamer 7 aylar önce
hey ssundee just wanted to say, ive been watching you since early 2014 and i've loved every second of your videos. Thank you for what you do, and another thing. Thank you for your service to our country, i don't think enough people say this.
ThatGamingChannel 3 aylar önce
@Funny gamer101 wha
snuffy. 3 aylar önce
Since this is a wholesome reply section, I will like all the replies.
Funny gamer101
Funny gamer101 4 aylar önce
@Gemonia Mapping jjjiuuu7hdyh/r Byrd cg joy
Funny gamer101
Funny gamer101 4 aylar önce
Hi there is your availability on your phone call at your house
Gemonia Mapping
Gemonia Mapping 7 aylar önce
tbis man must love ssundees channel. m V
Ran Ozeri
Ran Ozeri Aylar önce
MarcelH89 2 aylar önce
1:31 I really love your content bro it makes my day better
Alexander Becerra
Alexander Becerra 6 aylar önce
Does anyone realize SSundee has made almost 300 modded among us videos.
Mercygn 7 aylar önce
This has gotten to the point where there is no resemblance of among us anymore XD
Super Saiyan Fishy
Super Saiyan Fishy 7 aylar önce
Hello Ssundee you always seem to make my day and even tho I’ve only just started whattching you, your videos are some of my favorites and I love the among us mods!! You should do an Assassins Creed mod because those games are really good so yeah I think you should do it. :)
Super Saiyan Fishy
Super Saiyan Fishy 7 aylar önce
Gorgy Gart
Gorgy Gart 7 aylar önce
@Super Saiyan Fishy hi
Super Saiyan Fishy
Super Saiyan Fishy 7 aylar önce
don vaughan
don vaughan 7 aylar önce
hi fishyyyy😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Gorgy Gart
Gorgy Gart 7 aylar önce
Bro SSundee says put your mod ideas in the comments but he never reads the comments
JidderBug 7 aylar önce
you should make a capture the flag mod where there is like 2 or 4 teams and the team with the most flags when the timer runs out wins
Diet Water
Diet Water 7 aylar önce
Fun Fact about this video: At one point in this video, the music for Coop772 (a nerf gun reviewer) played, which is kind of funny since this is a NERF VIDEO!!!
Bradley Kirk
Bradley Kirk Aylar önce
Teen Titan mod great mod
ItDaFoox 6 aylar önce
"Dad, you said this was gonna be a normal Nerf battle!"
100 k subs with out a vid
Let’s take a moment to appreciate how much work and effort this dude puts into his videos!
#sukshu 22 gün önce
@Kyle Walshhe has21.6million
#sukshu 22 gün önce
@Kyle Walsh💢💢💢💢💢💢🤬😡😡😡
Kyle Walsh
Kyle Walsh Aylar önce
@Danny and a liar, he only has 741 subs
Danny Aylar önce
Toxic 7 aylar önce
This isnt among us anymore. You have created your own masterpiece
Zac Michael Salera
Zac Michael Salera 7 aylar önce
Keep up the good work your vids are making me happy 😃😃😃😃
Lilly 4 aylar önce
Random map imposter: so basically the map is random, storage could be named reactor and be in admin but still look like storage, and the Imposter has a ability, mini game where you have to guess which task is under the cup there will be wires medbay and cardswip and there will be 1 cup and you have to guess which is which the imposter picks 2 people to compete the winner gets a speed buff while the loser gets their controls jacked up, and invisibility, and a special ability to change to map, and crewmates can tap a button and for 10 seconds the map is normal (only for the person who tapped the button), and the more tasks that are done the more points you have (100 points each task and it goes up 10 seconds everytime) to upgrade your time to have the map normal (500 points each time to upgrade) and you use your points to be able to buy a heart to revive a crewmate (1000 points)
Jo 7 aylar önce
Do the combine role how to play it is simple one of the crew members will be the combine you can upgrade the combine to a better combine and the people can also upgrade and get guns from upgrades so that is it that is the mod
Romelito Adolfo
Romelito Adolfo 7 aylar önce
We have to give a very very big big respect for ssundee for keep uploading more videos to make us have fun and making our day happy I have a big big respect for u ssundee
ChiseledPete771 7 aylar önce
Do the colourful mod: The map is a redesigned Polus, with different areas representing different colours, red orange yellow green blue purple and pink The crewmates have to find every item in each area to escape on the rainbow. If a crewmate gets drained of all colour by the impostor, the crewmate dies. The impostor is the Colour Drainer, which is man dressed in grey. He can suck the colour out of you with his vacuum, put down a Dull Trap to get rid of all the crewmates colour, and bite other crewmates to turn them into Colourless Minions. The minigame is where crewmates have to climb a rainbow but the impostor is secretly dropping brown and grey items. If the crewmate gets hit by one of these items, the crewmate goes back to the bottom of the rainbow. The last crewmate to climb the rainbow dies. Plz consider this as I have spent so long thinking of this and reply to let me know what you think. And if SSundee ever DOES do this mod, plz give me a shoutout.
Eileen 7 aylar önce
your content is good who remembers when he always said foot all the time
Jamie Lambert
Jamie Lambert 4 aylar önce
SSundee keep the work going!
Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash 4 aylar önce
It’s been 2 months since I’ve been doing human testing why a Nerf Dart couldn’t *One Tap*
Kyrollos0 7 aylar önce
I liked the upgrade system and the ability to reset upgrade points at no cost. The opportunities for combos also make the games fun to watch.
Sara Gul
Sara Gul 7 aylar önce
I love how he just bullies Henwy
Jaime de Poorter
Jaime de Poorter 2 aylar önce
Send lime green yeeting
laggy McLagster
laggy McLagster 7 aylar önce
Mod Idea: Multiverse of madness. One of the characters would be Doctor Strange or Wanda. At the end the imposter/main villain from the movie will battle it out with Wanda and Doctor Strange once the crew mates get their task done.
cory pile
cory pile Aylar önce
Your the best
Josef Ebiya
Josef Ebiya 7 aylar önce
You should make a coffee mod where you have to drink coffe to get abilities but the Impostor can force drink someone and if the crews bar gets too high they have to go pee
Bacon_Friend 7 aylar önce
I have a big big respect for you ssundee thank you for all your hard work and the most coolest content in any games i hope that your channel will grow bigger so other people around the world will enjoy your hard work ❤️❤️❤️
Haizad Mohamed
Haizad Mohamed 2 aylar önce
cony wang
cony wang 6 aylar önce
Tom Roerkohl
Tom Roerkohl 7 aylar önce
Louise May
Louise May 6 aylar önce
Lookumz can make amazing mods
Christine Burch
Christine Burch 7 aylar önce
I will try as hard as I can to find out derp Ssundee's secret identity.
B Will
B Will 7 aylar önce
do a evil sharpie mod. you can change colors in sharpie boxes and each color has diferent abilities like the emoji mod. The imposter can also draw mini sharpies to go kill people and for the mini game you have to click the right color in time between 2 people. the imposter can also revive sharpies by giving them evil ink. Regular sharpies have an ink bar. if they loose all their ink they die.
Rodolfho Chona
Rodolfho Chona Aylar önce
Water slide mod go down the water slide to get points you get 5 points every time you go down try to get 1,000 points it’s. Goood idea
KNowledge MAfia
KNowledge MAfia 7 aylar önce
There will never be enough appreciation for the actions that Ssundee has taken. Such a good guy.
Chung Chan
Chung Chan Aylar önce
Do a Tetris mod
Sean Manraksa
Sean Manraksa 5 aylar önce
Jayden Dougher
Jayden Dougher 6 aylar önce
@Hayden Lopez tell it to ssundee in his discord dude
Seth 6 aylar önce
DONT forget Rusll
ethan563 6 aylar önce
@Don't read my Profile picture hddi Dr SK dog
Enjee Flores
Enjee Flores 6 aylar önce
Juggernaut without a minigun isn't a Juggernaut so that combo makes Juggernaut into a real Juggernaut😎 also good video ssundee😃 Edit:I just said Juggernaut four times ;-;
BRADFIEGL Aylar önce
Love your Vids❤
BRADFIEGL Aylar önce
I really want you to play the game the man from the window
BRADFIEGL Aylar önce
And I did play a game of Among Us with you before my username is PHOEBE
Kai Mila
Kai Mila 7 aylar önce
mod idea: amulet transform into Emily Powers: can fly, can rip people in half, can freeze people, can slash people, can bring meteors, ultra power: brings sun down and kills everyone. has to slash everyone. everyone except imposter has 15 lives.
Countryball Indonesia
Countryball Indonesia 6 aylar önce
I ❤️ this mod!!!
Erica Ontuca
Erica Ontuca 5 aylar önce
Mod idea: soldier mod so the imposter ability to send in air strike and get a sniper and a machine gun
Among game TNT
Among game TNT Aylar önce
police MOD😀
JohnBillyBob III
JohnBillyBob III 6 aylar önce
Please do random roles 10! I love random roles they are just so fun
Jesus Gomez
Jesus Gomez 6 aylar önce
He’s so good I wish I was him!
KNowledge MAfia
KNowledge MAfia 7 aylar önce
Can we all agree that Ssundee never disappoints us with his content
Daniel Ballou
Daniel Ballou 22 gün önce
@Lololololgod566 Is smart its gonna soon
john mark calixterio
john mark calixterio 7 aylar önce
heanzhixuyan 7 aylar önce
Totally Agree
KinCST 7 aylar önce
althea hamm
althea hamm 7 aylar önce
Nice one
Jayleen.Salazar 6 aylar önce
Flame 7 aylar önce
this is not among us, its literally an fps game
Laughton 6 aylar önce
Mod idea: It’s about ANIME the crewmates have to unlock an anime character and once all the crewmates have, 1 random crewmate has the ability to kill the imposter. The imposter has a selection of ability’s related to anime and has to kill all the crewmates 5 times and he wins. (The crewmates are supposed to know who the imp is.)
Laughton 6 aylar önce
Oh and the anime characters that the crewmates unlock spawn every minute.
Battlemaster 6 aylar önce
love your vids keep up the good wwork
MrPyK 7 aylar önce
SSundee!!! Great vid, great content, great personlity, great friends, what more can this man do???
Sean Manraksa
Sean Manraksa 5 aylar önce
Sissi Huang
Sissi Huang 7 aylar önce
mod idea: matilda mod She can whack people with books, levitate them and the minigame is math and literacy related.
Jeyfer Franz Liwanag
i just make a good team name its cold zunffle
harrison mctaggart
harrison mctaggart 7 aylar önce
i love your vids ssundee
NormalPerson 7 aylar önce
This was very good and fun to watch! Keep up the good work Ssundee!
Turtle Aylar önce
A_Bullfrog11 7 aylar önce
Everybody: focused on the video Me: why does desc say we get hunted in modded among us when its nerf?
FF77 4 aylar önce
Ssundee: This is a mod. Me: This is not amongus anymore LOL.
CommandCat269 3 aylar önce
Knowing Ian used to be in the Military and playing this is just amazing and funny. Just him screaming "Take Cover!" is funny ngl.
Henry Boyer
Henry Boyer 7 aylar önce
Can we appreciate that ssundee uploads at 9 in the morning almost everyday so when we wake up we have a nice video to watch.
Loren Sepper
Loren Sepper 6 aylar önce
Me who wakes up at 7:00: I wouldn't know.
Atten 7 aylar önce
@Evander Yorrel I know I live in England
Evander Yorrel
Evander Yorrel 7 aylar önce
@Atten 12 am is midnight
Devilboi 7 aylar önce
He uploads at 5am for me
Atten 7 aylar önce
For me it’s 12:00 am or pm so I wake up or come home from school to one!
Luz Valdez
Luz Valdez 6 aylar önce
Make more videos of these please 🙏
ceska<3 Aylar önce
Ssundee can you do soldier mod in among us?
Alice Stiff
Alice Stiff 4 aylar önce
mod idea: The Grot Mod Imposter: -Needs to collect sticks on the ground to level up. (transform into grot tho) Level 1 Baby Grot (Stick) Level 2 Toddler Grot (Poisoness Stick) Level 3 Teenager Grot (Slowness Stick) Level 4 Adult Grot (Invis) Level 5 Super Grot (Can turn into Gold and "Tree Trap" That comes from the ground witch is a trap) Level 6 Ultimate Grot (Has The Stick Overload) Crewmate: -Finish all Tasks -Find Flower Seeds - Hunt Down Imposter -Do custom Tasks: Tree Maker and Robot Grot Maker Info: Crewmates have to Find Flower Seeds because they need to grow them to grow flowers and trees witch means that the imposter has a small chance of spawning with the tree. The Crewmates also have to Cut down grot the imposter. the imposter has 14 lives. when the imposter get hit/cut down gets to be sliced in half. so then the imposter will DIE. while the imposter finds the sticks.
Bee Bunny
Bee Bunny 6 aylar önce
Mod ideas anime the imposters can turn into a anime girl they have special effects like cuteness or Beauty to stun the crewmates the crewmates have to finish the tasks and vote the anime girl out
Miguel Almaraz
Miguel Almaraz 7 aylar önce
Happy Father’s Day ssundee. You always make my day so thank you
jealous 7 aylar önce
yeah so true
Max Soekarjo
Max Soekarjo 6 aylar önce
Look at Garry crawl cause he hit a tripmine!🤣 and ok I’ma put a trapwire right here made me laugh so hard it’s at 5:59 and 6:02
Milan Mohan
Milan Mohan 7 aylar önce
Capture the flag mode: 2 teams battle to get as many flags as you can
Axel Ayers
Axel Ayers 26 gün önce
This is the best mod SSundee made for mogus ever
Judy Diversi
Judy Diversi 4 aylar önce
Any coders can you plz make this a full on game 🎮 🙏
Willifyed 7 aylar önce
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the hard work that these amazing people put into it just for us.
Willifyed 7 aylar önce
@God plays yes yes
My fault.
My fault. 7 aylar önce
@God plays god plays N ot love you
God plays
God plays 7 aylar önce
But that's why we love them
Firegamer8122 7 aylar önce
I know right
Don't read my profile picture
*yo yo yo my g ples dont do the reading of the name of the me ples thanks cya*
Lindsey Lopez
Lindsey Lopez 7 aylar önce
Your among us videos are so good
Ikkinaidaru 7 aylar önce
does the title of the video remind anyone of ssundee shooting bajan in the eye? no? no ogs? ok...
D 3 aylar önce
I got a really good mod idea, a waterpark mod, crewmates have to build a waterpark and how they get materials is doing tasks and the imposter has to break down the waterpark.
Nugo 7 aylar önce
hereby i am convinced Ian is jack sparrow
dumbot 7 aylar önce
How are you always getting #1 trending on gaming? Just wanted to say, great work
B Stew
B Stew 2 aylar önce
can you believe this man was in the airforce?!
Banana man with a plan
You know, instead of turning among into a shooter, you could just play an actual shooter game. You’ve played shooter games that play very similar to this stupid mod.
Cococooldog 7 aylar önce
Without Ssundee among us would be ded
Dylan Hinz
Dylan Hinz 2 aylar önce
Hey does anyone else think he should do an Amanda The Adventurer mod?
XNeon 7 aylar önce
SSundee has make my days after a few rough years and finding his channel makes me a 100% better
Arto Minnis
Arto Minnis 7 aylar önce
Random gun enthusiast
Random gun enthusiast 7 aylar önce
L 7 aylar önce
Kimberley Seay
Kimberley Seay 3 aylar önce
ssundee make a nerf mod but you start with 50 of each power up
Marc Evans
Marc Evans Aylar önce
Paintball mod:There are 15min to get as many tags you can and you can get paintball guns from tags
Areyanna Olguin
Areyanna Olguin 2 aylar önce
hey ssundee can you make a mod of anime in amongus
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