NBA YoungBoy Talks About Fame, His Music, Changing His Ways & More | Billboard Cover 

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NBA YoungBoy opens up and reflects on fame, his music, changing some of his ways, and more.
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NBA YoungBoy Talks About Fame, His Music, Changing His Ways & More | Billboard Cover
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31 Oca 2023




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@KaiGuyGD 8 aylar önce
The way he said “they got me” really shows the intentions of the industry. They wanna feed negativity into our ears and he now understands the consequences of helping them
@WhatDoesAZebraDo 7 aylar önce
@khez_ 7 aylar önce
@allidoismoney 6 aylar önce
He sadly got carried away and helped them some more. Youngboy genuinely needs a good friend.
@VisceralCarbon 4 aylar önce
Stop it, he did it to himself. This is the issue with today's society cent take responsibility. Just blame someone else
@allisonsmith4716 9 aylar önce
When he said he's terrified of people because we can be so cruel and it's like we can't control ourselves... Damn.. that boy has experienced too much pain and it's made him so introverted and humble.. you can tell he's been doing a lot of self reflection in his time at home. Love him ❤️
@phillylive1822 9 aylar önce
Stil can’t control THEY SELVES HE’s coming for them GOD!!!!
@YungPhonikz 9 aylar önce
Exactly I'm the same way I'm terrified of people too that's why I can relate to NBA YoungBoy so much when he said he's introvert
@johnbanks9868 9 aylar önce
Ion think he was speaking just for himself one thing about the truth and reality and can’t deny it. Now just think about what he said again and yourself and us as humans as a whole we’ve gotten so out of touch from reality and humanity it’s crazy
@YungPhonikz 9 aylar önce
@@johnbanks9868 I Agree man
@oliverbiss2747 9 aylar önce
He made them be even more terrifying with his music cause the dangerous ones become more dangerous when they seem it made him popular
@5minuteswithmike 9 aylar önce
As a father and a son. I am shook a bit by this interview. I heart the pain in his voice and mild sadness. I also see the low-key spiritual warfare his is battling. Many young black men like him just need an identity of hope. Black men, black youth, black boys, black people are a good people. We just need the right tools to show the world who we really are. Good for NBA.
@0BSpNrSY 9 aylar önce
@sisd888 9 aylar önce
What are you talking about? that dude is a multi millionair and is battling a spitiritual warfare. what about low income people, they have warfares too plus the problem that come with not having enough money. YB has millions of people who love him, such a weak person imo if he has really those battles compared to the regular person.
@PrettyFinessa 9 aylar önce
Amen you said a word Brother Mike
@dylangrenier218 8 aylar önce
@@sisd888 you clearly don’t understand in order to get to the highs you gotta go through the lows. Everyones going through they’re own shit and just because they became successful doesnt make it any easier for them.
@sisd888 8 aylar önce
@@dylangrenier218 money makes it easier
@KaiGuyGD 8 aylar önce
Seems like he took some psychedelics recently and took a step back from his insane reality
@joaquinrodriguez2381 4 aylar önce
@youngbreadwinner2780 3 aylar önce
@youngbreadwinner2780 3 aylar önce
underrated comment 😂
@michaelross9672 3 aylar önce
That ego death is real
@myopinion1705 2 aylar önce
@bobbygreen1756 9 aylar önce
I have a whole new respect for him. He understands the impact his music has on the people who listen to it and wants to be a more positive influence
@cQ86Py1a 9 aylar önce
:Who tf listening YB in 2023? All school ganstas on Gomunkul 6 now
@johnnylego807 8 aylar önce
He’s dead. This is his clone. Ain’t even the same dude no more
@Airforce0107 8 aylar önce
@@johnnylego807 🤓🤓
@gagandgooped5439 8 aylar önce
This man needs a documentary asap a powerful voice & a contagious soul man💯
@4evergoneajon 8 aylar önce
Realist shit I’ve heard today💯
@brockedwardsmusic 3 aylar önce
Trap Lore Ross is working on one right now but I can most definitely assure you it wont be positive like this video. *Hes a TRvidr that specializes in covering street politics and it well be largely about his connection to King Von and the events that lead up to his death.
@weluvhate00 10 aylar önce
YB taking accountability of the message he’s put out over the years and recognizing it wasn’t a healthy message for the youth and taking steps to shift that energy in a positive direction is heartwarming, love or hate him you can’t deny he’s grown so much as a person and artist, can’t wait too see how he progresses in the near future
@ionainashi 10 aylar önce
@@uhder8464 y'all think he joking but X did the same thing
Zay moore cs dude tryna articulate he talking fruity 😂 ysl funny
@justdaletterX 10 aylar önce
Zay moore yall wan see anyone fruity bruh 😂
@Iexapro 9 aylar önce
Losing my grandma is one of the hardest things my family has had to cope with. I believe YoungBoy can find the peace he’s looking for. It just takes time but I hope the people around him can keep him uplifted when it gets hard. ❤
@geraltofrivia3083 9 aylar önce
That made me think of what Captain America said to Bucky "I hope you find what you're looking for, Bucky..."
@elizabethmshaie2243 9 aylar önce
She’s looking out for him. Responsible for this change too. People have far more power in heaven than they do on earth. Godspeed
@tmoneybabyy 6 aylar önce
Sorry for your lost 🙏🏾
@joerosin8952 9 aylar önce
Man you can hear the pain,shame in his voice he is starting to reflect on his life so far and the things he has done and spoke on, forever bless YB man he is changing he is turning a new leaf
@nomehablespendeja 9 aylar önce
@MM-lo8dn 9 aylar önce
We'll see if he actually makes the change or goes back to the degenerate music once the money stops coming in 😂
@reedsreptiles4268 9 aylar önce
@@MM-lo8dn it'll never stop. hes a smart guy. he understands on a much deeper level like others with a brain 🧠 This guy is growth
@MM-lo8dn 9 aylar önce
@@reedsreptiles4268 the style of music will never stop that is correct. And he is obviously self aware and in tune but money is the root of all evil so that is a battle he's going to have to fight.
@WhoisGr8ful 13 gün önce
Let's be clear being on a journey and realizing you need to make some changes does not mean you wont continue to make mistakes on your path to getting it right don't judge and pray for him!
@jmillzzz3732 9 aylar önce
Damn, don’t judge a book by its cover, you never know what someone’s truly like inside, I wish you the absolute best in this life Youngboy🙌🏻
@johnnylego807 8 aylar önce
NBA is gone. This is his new clone
@aidanedwards9500 6 aylar önce
I never knew he was this intelligent and personable. He the realest rapper out here and speaks on the vulnerabilities and basic nature of the human condition. Truly inspired me with this captivating interview and opened my eyes to how deep someone can be even if they appear to be shallow from the outside. Life is all about perspective and i'm glad nba yb is seeing the big picture, people have much to learn from this young man.
@platinumjamez6731 2 aylar önce
Nigga dropped a violent album after this interview 😂 like what?
@scatterwave Aylar önce
​@@platinumjamez6731true tho, 😂
@jiggyv6139 10 aylar önce
Mad respect to Youngboy for acknowledging that his type of music is killing the youth mentally .
@jiggyv6139 10 aylar önce
Not hating on YB at all . Been a fan since I graduated HS in 2015 . Just sad what our youth has come to and im 25 now in college.(last semester)
@heyj0rdy 10 aylar önce
Just dropped a Burna Boy Last Last remix 🔥
@BatManTalking 10 aylar önce
@@heyj0rdy thought it was gon b trash but u nice fr bruh !! Keep it up
@awaizani3889 10 aylar önce
Take it how u wanna take it that’s not the case tho
@v4mpire.. 8 aylar önce
He’s just growing up, maturing he realized what influence he had on young kids and adults. He really is trying to fix what he can
@bigdollabill7426 4 aylar önce
I hope he stays out of trouble
@Kingkid37 25 gün önce
He’s not growing up that’s a clone
@unclepalo 11 gün önce
I think when this kid finally embraces that change fully he can evolve not just as a person but as an artist I wish him well he’s a great songwriter overall and I know he’s a good kid deep down
@MrBlueFlame1 9 aylar önce
Who would have known, mad respect for this man. The real behind what he saying almost makes me want to cry because they almost got him and be realized it before it was too late 💯🔥❤️☝🏾🙏🏾
@pTKklotQ 9 aylar önce
@pwilliams2531 3 aylar önce
From the moment I heard his music even when it was violent I sensed his heart…..I love NBA young boy. What he said about ppl in this interview is one of the most beautiful and real sketches of the true power and destructive forces of humanity I have ever seen. Thank you NBA young boy for speaking your soul.
@krystalmarie5637 22 gün önce
He's evil
@checkcheck2125 9 aylar önce
What impresses me most is that he is taking responsibility for the messages he put out. I have a whole new respect for this young man.
@bronco4life21 9 aylar önce
He’s my favorite rapper not just because his music is fire but no matter what emotion whether it be sad, happy, or angry he pours all his heart into his songs and I love what he’s doing and fully support him and he’s right there will never be another yb
@rodriquezthomas2479 10 aylar önce
As a father I can feel the hurt,pain, sadness and emotions in his voice . He’s a kid that needs love unconditional love. An that’s where all these kids come from. Blessed my guy
@reneachilds8111 9 aylar önce
Take off that SKULL COAT...
@raquelferguson7419 9 aylar önce
@raquelferguson7419 9 aylar önce
@@reneachilds8111 no
@armaniboynes3344 9 aylar önce
@Chosen.24 9 aylar önce
@Z0ne__93 9 aylar önce
Hoping for nothing but the best for this man. He did what most won’t, look inside themselves,see their wrongs, whether directly or indirectly and wants to make a change🙌🏽
@SookyTTV 7 gün önce
He’s so quiet and you can feel his pain 😢
@jaydakillamane4117 4 aylar önce
I used to never understand him for some reason, but the artistic and intrinsic view that they put into this interview made me see him in a totally different view and it’s nothing but love and respect I see in this interview fr. Amazing job from billboard honestly
@beckywhite4971 9 aylar önce
I am so proud of Youngboy because he is working hard to change his ways. It just shows us how much he cares about us and himself and it’s just amazing I am very proud of him. Bless you Youngboy you will forever be a goat 🥹
@mld112880 9 aylar önce
Bro you can tell by his breathing. He’s hyperventilating. He truly is devastated and sorry for the lyrics and negativity he put in his music. This guy is really humble. I can see why he has so many fans. It’s gonna take artists like him to change the way hip hop is viewed. Keep pushing YB.
@arthuur7w 9 aylar önce
Eu te amo nba youngboy.. Suas músicas me faz sentir vivo novamente, você é inspiração pra várias pessoas. ♥️🇧🇷
@General_XD_5 4 gün önce
I've never been much of a fan of this guy's music, but watching this he actually seems like a cool guy.
@jazminamendez8191 9 aylar önce
Just see him from who he used to be to now just shows anything is possible and that staying true to yourself is key 🎉❤
@i.am.ah.pruhblem5139 9 aylar önce
I relate to this kid so much I am a 1000% introvert who plays extrovert I am forced to deal with over 20 people everyday because of my profession. I am very wary and terrified of people and I hate talking to them and very much just rather be left alone, it sucks that I have to put on a act like I am the life of the party and so charismatic when inside I know that I am the total opposite. Respect to this man’s honestly
@amyfisher8896 10 aylar önce
I always knew he was shy but you can tell he has a big heart 🥺 I don’t blame him for being terrified of people because he’s absolutely right you never know ❤
@wandabeasley3419 9 aylar önce
So true and forgive yourself I have been on following you so long .My 👍🙏have been answered You going to grow out this God bless 🙌 you ❤️. You you 🙏
@se2664 9 aylar önce
He wasn’t too shy about creating broken homes for his Noah’s ark of children which is what I don’t understand. Hopefully he will realize having multiple BMs is not cool
@kayonnahill1478 9 aylar önce
He scared for his life now. 💯😂😂
@caramelkisses8396 9 aylar önce
He's shy yes but y'all missing what he's saying. "He's terrified of people" because of what he's seen in that industry! Him saying he's hurt people with his music is just that, the lyrics, chants, and subliminals they are made to put in these songs. We gotta pray for him and that they don't expire him.
@feliciathomason6431 8 aylar önce
I think he already gone that ain't him
@stephanysworld4614 7 aylar önce
@wop2784 5 aylar önce
@@Jnolayt u feel me
@dreamki420 9 aylar önce
I’ve ❤ nba since I could remember . I hear this n that but I can’t change on em’ I know he says n do what he do.. I just respect his ability to always speak how he feels to anyone. He also just gives me chills for looking back n realizing things . Keep goin. NBA! U are going to change lives! ❤
@eyechiteenmahand Aylar önce
I never heard your music, but im here to give you this. These next years in your life are gonna be the best. Keep your head up so you can see the greatness you bring to this world.
@britgaddis 9 aylar önce
I love you youngboy. This brought tears to my eyes. MAY GOD BLESS YOU
@gangstadydi5824 9 aylar önce
I love this man ❤ regardless of what changes comes upon him he have touched my heart in places I never thought I would feel so much understood from a person a grown man that doesn’t even know I exist I love you 😘😘😘
@MrGrayMan2U 6 aylar önce
Keep it going YB. Believe it or not, you influence a lot of people and touch alot of people.
@ANG135_ 9 aylar önce
This interview is rare. Will live on for years. I felt that energy
@cynthiagarrett6060 4 aylar önce
This Young Man just pulls at my heart strings. I am so rooting for him and I want to see him evolve to an AMAZING MAN...I think he is on his way❤
@jasonparker2545 7 aylar önce
Respect to him!! I love this for him and his family
@skeerap 9 aylar önce
Bro. I’m very proud of this young man. Us as rappers eventually realize the genocide we’ve spoken into the air. That’s y I myself have been leaning towards making more positive music. We all were fatherless so we looked up to the goons. When we realized they led us astray and we have done the same we need to make a change and try to gather the youth instead of destroy them the same way we were destroyed. Hip Hop is a bastard culture. This is a perfect transition into a positive change for our children. I salute you YoungBoy. In my eyes your officially a young man. 🫡
@BenDover-de7tf 8 aylar önce
​@@m54QsGCS who?
@Woktoharlem 10 aylar önce
Can we give this young man his props already?? No radio play, no playlist but yet has one of the most loyal fane base and puts up insane numbers……not to mention how consistent he is.
@bowskee 10 aylar önce
He's already the goat bro what more do u want
@fuckhowufeel504 10 aylar önce
*No we can’t !! He can’t sell without STREAMS if this was the era that WAYNE was in PURE SALES and he could still do these numbers THEN we can give him props*
@IC0NICXZ 10 aylar önce
@jbailey8612 10 aylar önce
@@fuckhowufeel504 for us who grew up in that era we understand the beginning and the impact of of that era unfortunately media had changed and it's all about how much your viewed good or bad and YB just happens to be at the top of being viewed. It doesn't matter if his music isn't good, he's marketable to these kids out here who view things the most. It's just his turn now🤷🏾‍♀️
@jbailey8612 10 aylar önce
@@bowskee he's just giving him what these rappers don't get these days and that's their flowers while he is alive
Respect for being vulnerable. For not being afraid to express himself. Many dudes from the hood don’t perceive that as strength but it’s stronger than being a gangsta. That’s easy. It doesn’t take much but be vulnerable when everyone looks at you as this tough guy. That’s Tough. Respect Youngboy. You are a Young Man.
@cubicplane5567 6 aylar önce
MUCH RESPECT for the message and honesty ✊
@aliyahmoss 9 aylar önce
God protect this young man at all costs and show him the man he is meant to be and that he will be, give him time to live the life he aims to live and give him time to heal any battle wounds he still has. We can say you can tell how this man been hurt a lot but he is also sadly speaking the truth about humans, it ain’t always pretty out here and the world needs more love. We love you YoungBoy and I thank my brother for introducing you to me.
@wop2784 6 aylar önce
I love the way he can humble himself! I was never able to have kids so I will never be a grandmother. I would love to have someone love me like he loves his grandmother. That's Real Love. The way he touched her picture was with real love. I hope he stays Blessed! STAY GROOVIE BABY!
@jayesavv8502 25 gün önce
“You never know what someone a do ya.” Sheeesh. That gave me the chills.😭😭😬😬
I’m super proud of YB. Stay in your healing space, and do not go back to these mean streets. I felt every morsel of his saying, “I am afraid of people.” He knows exactly what evils people are capable of because he knows the unbelievable evils he has done. Pray that YB continues to evolve in a positive way. Ain’t nothing but death in these streets.
@HypnoticHollywood 10 aylar önce
@@mayorwest6488 In this video Young Boy say he regrets making violent music and is trying to change, are you ok in the head?
@neverhungryagain2187 10 aylar önce
@@mayorwest6488 too late
@Fatherandsonfirearms 10 aylar önce
@@mayorwest6488 he said he wants to change what are you saying who are u not to forgive
@yamizakelo5481 10 aylar önce
@@HypnoticHollywood Smurrrrrkkkk
@ethvnsv 9 aylar önce
Refreshing for someone to put themselves in a vulnerable position and be completely genuine, hope he gets to where he feels is right
@knowwhattimeitis 9 aylar önce
“You can’t be on top forever” Wise words for young man his age
@fudgefolly8594 6 aylar önce
Man i feel sad for him. Deep down he fighting his demons all alone
@gentleauroraasmr8562 9 aylar önce
It broke my heart when he said "he's terrified of people", and that "people are cruel". That's honestly very sad! Talking about when he goes on the stage he just do it & go. I hope he gets therapy and find ways to maintain his mental health. I wish him many more blessings.
@EjRidenhour 10 aylar önce
It’s amazing to see yb back on major platforms they had no choice but to accept him he’s the biggest in the game
@feorgegloyd2 10 aylar önce
@@jaleelcmb one of the biggest
@johnsdead 10 aylar önce
@@jaleelcmb streams dont lie Playa
@kthafinnese 10 aylar önce
@@jaleelcmb who bigger then him
@BLRKey 10 aylar önce
@@johnsdead they don’t lmao
@DEE2300_ 10 aylar önce
@@feorgegloyd2 only person bigger den him is drake
@4everykingacrownent 9 aylar önce
Just really started diggin his music last 2yrs..more importantly understanding him..but this move right here..the growth!! Fan 4 life..blessing and power to you young King. Lead the way..
@daltondesporte6909 9 aylar önce
He been on top his game for so long now and all the shit he going through rn it takes a toll on a person we all human at the end of the day I wish YoungBoy nothing but respect cause he deserves it
@thethruth5616 7 aylar önce
I also wanted power like gangsters, and am a teenager and I knew music caused me to obtain those thoughts, I'm not NBA boys fan but this changed my mind, pride and power is delicious but innocence is the most beautiful thing in the world, I've witnessed that feeling, I hope others will too
@robwernet9609 6 aylar önce
I have so much respect for this kid after seeing this. Good for you yb. Keep growing homie.
@rirose4736 20 gün önce
🫶🏾💚 i absolutely love this young man you’ve done amazing and you are amazing 🫶🏾
@DWide-dg8qj 10 aylar önce
I like the direction he's headed in and I like that the fact he feels accountable for the young people and is being responsible for the music he put out to other young men and women and I like the fact that he's attempting to clean it up and make things right somehow or at least try his best to. He's gotten older and wiser and you gotta respect that. He's revealing his intelligence
@keionfloyd 9 aylar önce
Crazy the same time this man having a frequency change want fix all the negative vibes i been feeling that in my heart since new years start I been feeling weird like thing ain’t right i feel like our generation can save us from what government brought in ours lives if we can get other countries to see that we are fighting to fix the system we have in America before it get bad hopefully the young generation stand up to the government!
@wop2784 9 aylar önce
Webb Harris trying? He is speaking differently completely
@wop2784 9 aylar önce
@@keionfloyd we got a lot in store for us
@kc9861 9 aylar önce
Mann yb know what he doin😂. He tryna “change his image” so he can get off house arrest asap. Genius‼️‼️
@thustlin8723 9 aylar önce
This is a Great Soul we are watching him grow before our eyes💯 This is my true man speaking from his Heart! When he needs his therapy he’ll bless us with his music❤️ 🤟🏼
@leomduffy794 9 aylar önce
This is so spot on this speaks to so much in today's world him as a man we are in fear of showing our vulnerable side. He has a lot on his shoulders he's been blessed but all that money and fame can't buy real love and happiness. I want to see everyone prosper.
@peedot39 9 aylar önce
He probably looked at his young baby and said to himself”I can’t even play my songs to you cause it’s all negative” He is growing up and good for him.A lot of these rappers don’t get to grow up or even live long enough to realize the error of their ways.
@sharonlodge1527 9 aylar önce
So glad that you’ve now Chuck accountability for the damage that the music has cause you are a man, proud man and a strong man to see what the music industry done. Well done.
@breonkas 10 aylar önce
His soul is still there. You can tell in his voice. Sounds traumatized but he’s himself and he don’t try to be like/copy* nobody. Very smart and well spoken. ❤
@chop2600 10 aylar önce
faccts 💯 cuz himself dhats wht like bout em’ dah most 💚
@datguy3338 10 aylar önce
It’s a clone
@kluring 10 aylar önce
His soul is gone that’s a clone
@saynba9482 10 aylar önce
@@kluring how
@saynba9482 10 aylar önce
@@datguy3338 how
@SCHOOL-hl2jd 9 aylar önce
Always beautiful to see a young man maturing into a grown man... Big Ups to this dude.
@cicoleman40 9 aylar önce
Ever since I'd gotten introduced to this young man's music by my son( his twin) and my daughter, I knew he had a good heart. I felt he had been through so much and had so much pain in and on him that the only way to let it out was through his music. I have listened to mostly all of it, and I actually came to like it. May God keep his hands on him and the devil off his neck. Wish I could have a sit down with him with no cameras, no phones, or people, just he and I having a normal conversation....be blessed and safe young man💕🙏🏾!
@J9h3MikP 9 aylar önce
:Who tf listening YB in 2023? All school ganstas on Gomunkul 6 now
@zechariahkidd 8 aylar önce
Love this guy We need to spread more love inside this world if your reading this I LOVE YOU💚
@noomigilljam4641 9 aylar önce
I love youngboy so so much I can feel his pain. I’ve never heard him speak like this before, and I love to see that he is growing. Its so beautiful. Sending all love and support to him❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾
@durangoguy1 9 aylar önce
Omg, i cried. My young cousin was a rapper who rapped very aggressively at times. I remember listening to one of his songs and I instantly felt the bad energy. When I saw him, I told him to change up his lyrics because I felt they would attract the wrong attention. I told him several times. Later some other young guys killed him. Love you and thank you NBA Youngboy for recognizing the negative influence of aggressive rap. I pray that everything works out for you and your happy. I'm not one of those cruel people, but if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here, thanks again.
@krisifadwa Aylar önce
I wish this man the best. I'm proud of him for maturing. Good for him!
@krystalmarie5637 22 gün önce
He hasn't. He's evil. Had the mother of his child beaten with a gun while she was holding their son in her hands. This is after this interview as well as his whole "stop the violence campaign".
@Tatum2232 10 aylar önce
He’s going too inspire so many young people to change because so many young kids follow his music.
@chris2hardgamingdc585 10 aylar önce
Oh hell naw he be messing these kids minds up
@frankcaceres1354 10 aylar önce
Exactly kids. Parents better play their role raising these little badass kids 😅
@Abcdefghijllmnop 10 aylar önce
Who else is doing?
@Ant424 10 aylar önce
Nah, they gon be like “we miss the old young boy” when most of his fan base don’t gangbang or do any crime bc they like filling they airheads wit senseless violence and think Tht’s how they living when they in a gated community
@Madd508 9 aylar önce
Give this man his flowers now! He been feeding the game since he came in and he never slowed down 💯💯🔐 There will never Be another NBA YOUNGBOY ✅✅
@alinanuswe1704 9 aylar önce
Keep ya head up NBA,that pain in your voice we all feel it. Keep keeping it 💯 we Love you!! Take care of yourself
@daphnecollier1960 9 aylar önce
As a mom of a 14 yr old, who he is his favorite rapper and, despite my fussing, he looks up to him as a role model, this makes my heart smile. I appreciate that he knows that these young boys are immulating the man he portrays in his music and videoes and that he can be a more positive role model. He is a huge influence on my son and I pray that this message also reaches my son.
@daoriginaldipp5623 2 aylar önce
Respect Young G ✊🏾💪💚keep growing ✨👑
I felt when Youngboy said he’s terrified of people. That feeling of stepping out into the world & knowing how cruel this world is petrifying! I struggle everyday to leave my house because I fear people & the outside.
@b.hopkins3327 10 aylar önce
Terrified enough to turn into a mineral deposit.
@georgewashington5746 10 aylar önce
Embrace fear it’s human nature “your fears are your limits”
@fredo5250 10 aylar önce
same here bro, u gotta embrace it!
@tristianmontes 10 aylar önce
The world is an ugly and cruel place, we’re all animals, some of us eat and some of us get ate but God gave all of us some way to protect ourselves like he gave cats claws and gave other animals ways to camouflage themselves. Young boy ain’t wrong about people, people can lie and hurt you and do all kinds of nasty thing. But you gotta survive because there is beauty in the world and life is worth living. Pray and God will guide you in the right path. Ask God for emotional intelligence, self esteem and self actualization and you’ll be alright.
@champtko 9 aylar önce
It takes a REAL MAN to admit the wrong has has done and apologized for it. You can feel the sincerity and genuineness in his tone. Way to walk it back Young Brother you do have a VOICE and a platform and peoples listen to what you say!!! All Praise Is Due To The Most High now rebuild what was torn down. Only if you can mend fences and the bridges that were burnt Restore!!! A verse from 2Pac All Eyez On You!!! PEACE & LOVE YOUNG BROTHER!!!🫵🏾✌🏾❤️💯✊🏾
He is a legend for real never be another youngboy
@ohmygoshitsellie 4 aylar önce
God I love this man even more after watching his interviews
@LexFromTheD 4 aylar önce
Praying for his healing ❤️‍🩹 I love him as a artist &&’ person 🤞🏼💪🏼
@dyanaharmoni2264 7 aylar önce
Not go lie yo. This video made me cry, I look in NBA eyes and I see and feel a deep hurt but love at the same time. NBA has alot of love to give and its only a matter of time, as he learn with The Creators Daily support embracing as the Real Plan for his life😍👑💯🙏🏾💫
@47Kashmoney 10 aylar önce
I've been with this man since 2016. To see him change and evolve like this almost makes me cry 🙏🏼😢
@PocahontasAddison8632 10 aylar önce
@brandonbrickhouse6706 10 aylar önce
Facts yo
@Pyt_Melodyy 10 aylar önce
Swear. Like he sold his soul 😔
@smokeyj4604 10 aylar önce
I been listening to him since 2015
@Pyt_Melodyy 10 aylar önce
@@smokeyj4604 do u see how he acting? That’s off.
@martianfamily4 9 aylar önce
We need more of this he has a big influence on the younger generation hopefully he changes the mind frame of the young people that listen to him #Growth👽👽🙏
@alblake7494 9 aylar önce
@mkgang5913 4 aylar önce
He is changing I cried in this video I love YB and hell yea people are cruel that is why I don’t fuck with people like that. Love Slime stay strong don’t let nobody break you 💚💚💚
@dawnmarie6977 9 aylar önce
I believe in him . I feel his heart internally. He means well n his interview I truly felt ❤
@lemornhiers8972 9 aylar önce
This young man has been through a lot you can see the pain his eyes so sad for real, hope he heals.
@exclusive.eijirooo 10 aylar önce
His voice, I can tell he’s hurting. “Im never going back to who I used to be” that hit hard I’m proud of yb 💗
@dawapfactor5882 10 aylar önce
He is hurting from being a wealthy influential successful rapper
@R3ddout 10 aylar önce
@Exclusive.Eijirooo' also said "I will not be provoked"
@sheluvmayo 10 aylar önce
@@dawapfactor5882 u act like he always had the money, bro was a regular dude from the trenches up until he was 16, ain no love in the streets, yb prolly done seen it all, especially in Louisiana, them boys bout it out there
@daporter8790 10 aylar önce
@Da wap factor money doesn't change the psychology formed in childhood.
@dawapfactor5882 10 aylar önce
@@daporter8790 money doesn’t changed it. But it’s better than having a mind that was psychologically damaged in childhood and still living in the hood poor struggling and surrounded by other psychologically damage individuals
@lokiinnacut4674 3 aylar önce
I got chills when he said “i a only get mo groovy from here” I felt ts wholeheartedly
@sdodee5612 9 aylar önce
It’s crazy I been listening to him since 2016 and he made some real growth👏🏾💯
I always cared for him a a person and not just a rapper And here in this video,case closed Lil bro has a great loving heart No flexing No cap No ego tripping Just appreciative Loving A caring person A great dad 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐
@ajnakid2370 9 aylar önce
He woke up , but it hit him hard.. bless him and may his angels protect them
@blususpect 5 aylar önce
Honestly respect for him thinking about the effects music has on people, he was in the streets but in his songs you can real depth if you listen carefully, May Allah Guide him
@xpreame3406 10 aylar önce
Don’t Nobody Wanna See Him Be This Way. He Really Came So Far Its Amazing To See It Im Proud.
@Joker-gj5tw 10 aylar önce
пудель smh
@chrisaugustin9181 10 aylar önce
Why Do You Go Through The Effort Of Typing In All Caps
пудель lmao numbers dont lie he is still number 1 on all platforms and still has fangirl hate clubs such as yourself still hating in 2023
@freshsteppa 10 aylar önce
пудель but u came to watch the video😂😂😂😂😂
@ISMOYoutube 10 aylar önce
Is my music fire ?
@jackwoods9604 3 aylar önce
This is The Era of Rap We Live in Folks
@redcardfootballTV 9 aylar önce
If you're new to YB please listen to 'All In' or 'Nevada'. Both soooo touching. Dude is the hardest worker in the industry while on home D with no inspirational from his external environment. 4-5 albums a year. My GOAT
@cdmoore9654 9 aylar önce
I feel his pain and definitely understand wht he going thru. Grab ur faith and Neva let go.
@bastienwiydorven4638 9 aylar önce
I’m happy having to withness the young boy of now , trying to make amends ,trying to fix this world,trying to right his wrongs , trying to fix the tissues together and stitch them realizing man is a beast to man , the best part of it is , he’s matured ,and definitely through him a lot of messed up youths going to be redirected! BIGUPS king ❤
@delbertwatt6523 4 aylar önce
Mad respect for this young man I see something in him I hope that he turns to Jesus and makes music for him
@keelynjones941 10 aylar önce
You can tell he’s been maturing over the last few years forsure . You can tell his anxiety is high though especially at the beginning of this but I never thought I’d hear or see such a soft spoken man that he’s become . Thankyou yb
@johnathanDwhite 10 aylar önce
Yeah he was shaking but that’s bcuz he felt something when he said that
@kaylanjones2515 10 aylar önce
Yooo we got the same name(almost)😂
@Diabolical05 10 aylar önce
You don't think its because he going through major drug withdrawal?
@daedae0777 6 aylar önce
I respect how he feel I hope he won’t stop making music cuz I play sports and it help a lot
@im_gay8068 6 aylar önce
He's back look at his new song😝
@jackjack8369 7 aylar önce
Takes a lot to make yourself volunerable like this young man is doing. . God I Love evolution
@its_mehemma4946 8 aylar önce
The fact that he genuinely feels bad about what he did, even though he didn’t know what he was doing like I didn’t even realize that was a thing now that he’s like apologizing and it’s like it’s just so hard and I have a way more respect for him and I just feel really bad for him and I wanna hug him
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