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This video features players like: Dillon Brooks, Donovan Mitchell, Devin Booker and Draymond Green

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2 Şub 2023




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Golden Hoops
Golden Hoops Aylar önce
Who's the dirtiest player in the league rn?
Aaron Hunter
Aaron Hunter 14 gün önce
Grayson Allen, but he isn't relevant enough to feature as a villain.
ㅋㅣㅋㅣ Aylar önce
Manveer Singh
Manveer Singh Aylar önce
Anthony Casarez
Anthony Casarez Aylar önce
Pat bev
Render unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s
Charles Oakley. Lol and yes I understood the question Dillion Brooks is the leagues bad guy right now but I don’t think they really even make “dirty” players anymore. You can’t be because everyone is so soft now. Can you imagine a 90’s foul now. Everyone is gonna lose it. I can hear Kevin Harlan now Omg Brutal foul he just takes him out he just takes him out that’s criminal that’s a pure mugging the likes never seen before!!! If you really fouled a guy hard in this day and age they’re gonna throw you out of the league man.
Clément Aylar önce
Brooks Is the guy that can be the most hated in the league right now
SOLO-_-VIBEZ 7 gün önce
Because he is 😂😂
Juego de Tronos
Juego de Tronos 12 gün önce
​@Rooodz How soft is the league? That? you want it to be street basketball? or do you think you are very rude?
Manveer Singh
Manveer Singh Aylar önce
And rightly so
Gavin Laastad
Gavin Laastad Aylar önce
I’m a grizzlies fan but brooks needs to chill tf out or go
Ketchupz Studio
Ketchupz Studio Aylar önce
He is
Ronnie Kuman
Ronnie Kuman Aylar önce
I feel like Trae young is a villian not everyone hates, cause unlike Dillion Brooks Trae can walk the walk
Joshua 3 gün önce
Dillon can walk the walk too. This comment isn't aging well.
Jupiter Videos
Jupiter Videos 18 gün önce
​@#TeamStudNation1280 He is also a villain in Cleveland
RhinoGore38 19 gün önce
Also Trae just talks, Brooks actually tries to hurt people
Jacob Langham
Jacob Langham Aylar önce
@#TeamStudNation1280 And Philly. Literally ended "the process".
Ronnie Kuman
Ronnie Kuman Aylar önce
@Matthieu Knicks fan I'm guessing
Sdogg Aylar önce
Brooks is literally in almost all of these villain moments
Treven Christensen
Treven Christensen 12 gün önce
I think that’s the point
LarrysWelt 23 gün önce
@45ginola pfff😂
45ginola Aylar önce
nigga got rag dolled by one of the nicest guys in the league Donovan Mitchell lol That says a lot
T Sierra
T Sierra Aylar önce
I love how the first 3 minutes and 45 seconds of this video is all grizzlies clips lol
Zune Aylar önce
@Sitback cuz he’s the one player who is a villain that nobody likes in any way shape or form 😂😂😂
Sitback Aylar önce
Dillon Brooks specifically
Slipstreamz Aylar önce
Kevin Durant signing for GSW made LeBron's Miami move look like a gift from God...
Where's MtNzx
Where's MtNzx Aylar önce
@Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa because the Warriors actually won something without KD. The Heat only won one Championship in 2006 with Wade and after that they didn’t do anything until 2012. Why would you call them a Dynasty?
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa
@Number2 Also its funny, the Heat won back to back rings, got to the Finals 4 times and yet they aren't really brought up when people discuss dynasty's. I think the Warriors dynasty just overshadowed em that much with all the winning KD and them did in those 3 years.
Number2 Aylar önce
Exactly, when that KD move happened I almost never heard the Heat move talked about in controversy, cuz KDs move made the new definition
UnholyCarp Aylar önce
Can't lie Brooks always makes it entertaining
Lance Hill
Lance Hill Aylar önce
5:05 Lopez look like a disappointed father trying to calm everything😂
Billie-Eilish Aylar önce
Brooks tryna get heated with everyone 🤣
Chanel W.
Chanel W. Aylar önce
Golden Hoops is so damn shady and I love him for it 😂
Blackman Whitesuit
Blackman Whitesuit Aylar önce
Even with how Trae Young draws fouls constantly, that guy was not dealt the best hand and he very much backs down to no one. Props for that.
Blackman Whitesuit
Blackman Whitesuit Aylar önce
@Aaqil I think he just needs to earn more people's respect. His NY thing last year was fire, but he has to get out of Luka's shadow to really shine, meaning he has to push deeper in the playoffs
Aaqil Aylar önce
Fr bro trae deserves better people hate him too much
santiconsiete Aylar önce
brooks just pulling the league on his back making it funny to watch
Orrie Damon
Orrie Damon Aylar önce
How can you NOT be a fan of Goldon hoops 🏀
SuperSaiyan SerendipitousSeer
As fans, we prefer GOLDEN, not GOLDON. 😮😂
ATonthetrack Aylar önce
I like the fact that Dillon Brooks talks more smack now compared to when Marc & mike was on the team.
30dynamo Aylar önce
It’s crazy how much he loves to be the villain lol
itsddashrock Aylar önce
Draymond got more ejections than VHS tapes in the 90s.
Jake N.
Jake N. Aylar önce
Reggie is the last person I would think would fall for the "accidental" groin shot, come on man, so obvious it was intentional
yeahsure youbetcha
yeahsure youbetcha 7 gün önce
It's amazing how the Grizzlies have gone from scrappy underdogs a lot of people cheered for to being hated by fans and other teams
Dakota Kyle
Dakota Kyle Aylar önce
Dillon brooks always be getting in fights
Kevin Titus
Kevin Titus 29 gün önce
Il faut un mec comme ca dans sont équipes
Josiah Hopkins-Smith
I’m surprised there wasn’t a montage of Pat Bev villain moments
fernando ballester
fernando ballester Aylar önce
La diferencia es que Brooks sabe a lo que juega, no es importante en su equipo pero puede hacer que expulsen a una estrella rival o salga mentalmente del partido con provocaciones (sus jugadas sucias no las defiendo) pero sabe como puede aportar, Trae es una pequeña estrellita que se cree el rey de la liga, para despues hacer 11 puntos en play offs con 1/9 en triple, me desagrada mas el pequeño sobrevalorado de atlanta
Nigel Samson
Nigel Samson Aylar önce
I am always a big fan of Golden Hoops 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️
Stephen Aylar önce
Brooks be everywhere
Runner Up
Runner Up Aylar önce
Draymond loves going after the eyes but kawhi had the mask 😅
loki Aylar önce
Dillion the Villain 🤣🤣🤣
Donte Davis
Donte Davis Aylar önce
Dillion Brooks would make a good heel in WWE lol
Todd Aylar önce
Its insane how quick the whole league turned on the grizzlies after the Lakers incident
Korey Hill
Korey Hill Aylar önce
@Blue Wassabi Right. 😂💪🏾 Grit n' grind every day.
Blue Wassabi
Blue Wassabi Aylar önce
Stop clout chasing. Everyone was annoyed with grizza before.
isidore kal
isidore kal Aylar önce
grizzlies always were all talk ,it was about time everyone saw that
danieltse30 Aylar önce
At least Middleton gave him a taste of his own medicine
Ian Meana
Ian Meana Aylar önce
Glad he learned a lot from Grayson Allen
Jake LMJ Evans
Jake LMJ Evans Aylar önce
How many times did we see Dillon brooks and the grizzlies this video 😂
Sam Olog
Sam Olog Aylar önce
It's fire🔥🏀
1trx2 Aylar önce
Dillon is becoming the new draymond/bill laimbeer
Fatalis EXE
Fatalis EXE Aylar önce
Literally one of the ads I got while the Suns reel was playing was Charmin😂.
Andres Trejo
Andres Trejo Aylar önce
Trae Young looks like that guy who always says, "I'm not scared of anyone," but gets his ass handed to him every time.
Neil Thompson
Neil Thompson Aylar önce
Trae Young the funniest “Villain” 😂
HC Wussy
HC Wussy Aylar önce
I've never looked at Trae as a villain.
XxTBNRCHIO_YTxX Aylar önce
Grizzlies in nearly every scene
CESARIO OÑADA 28 gün önce
Brooks Dynasty 😂😂
Runner Up
Runner Up Aylar önce
Oh look Booker was talking to PG when they were losing, but apparently he only does when he's up
KingRussell Aylar önce
I am a fan of Golden Hoops ❤
Korb Aylar önce
I was there for the brooks and mitchell fight last night. You can actually see me in the stands. Was cool to see and the crowd loved it
SUB to me NOW
SUB to me NOW Aylar önce
Let's be real here guys LeBron had every right to move to Miami since the Cavs got the 1st round pick as soon as LeBron left meanwhile Kevin Durant had one of the top 3 teams in the League yet he still left to join Golden State after they beat OKC in the playoffs.
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez Aylar önce
How is that even relevant to this video?
Brendan Maxwell
Brendan Maxwell Aylar önce
@Chucky King how's that impact what I originally stated about how the Thunder and other teams were so vastly better at handling providing help to their stars than the Cavs did? OKC still made playoffs without Durant and the Cavs had to worst record in the league and got the #1 pick without LeBron. I only spoke of how good/bad the front offices were bud. That's why I agree Durant didn't really have an excuse to leave the Thunder besides admitting he wasn't good enough to climb that final hurdle whereas in Lebron's case he had every right to leave because the team wasn't helping him at all.
Chucky King
Chucky King Aylar önce
@Brendan Maxwell Awh ok yeah the made the playoffs n lost n first round you right
Brendan Maxwell
Brendan Maxwell Aylar önce
@Chucky King I'm talking the 1st year without Durant, PG and Melo didn't come until 2017-2018 season. So OKC with JUST Russ was only 8 wins worse than when they had KD
Chucky King
Chucky King Aylar önce
@Rogue Phantom he was a free agent they begged him to join to beat lebron plus it’s old get over it he plays for the nets
MD Aylar önce
Did not expect it to be a fan boy video of Brooks.
max kinne
max kinne 14 gün önce
Trae trying to act tough is always funny
allerino Aylar önce
dillon brooks in almost every one of these
Ognjen Djukic
Ognjen Djukic Aylar önce
Love this energy
Castronatefit Aylar önce
Notice how dillon brooks made not one shot in any of those highlights
Blue Mamba
Blue Mamba Aylar önce
How y'all forgot about schroder push up? 😂
Surfari Jeff
Surfari Jeff Aylar önce
That dude with the beard and glasses on the Grizz really earning his paycheck tackling Brooks all the time.
Mamba Forever
Mamba Forever Aylar önce
Yo someone remind DBook when they shit was 19-63 or something just a few years back 😂. They were like the 15th seed for like 4 years in a row 🤣
Gavin Zigler
Gavin Zigler Aylar önce
Bro all of these Dillon brooks ones are all just fist fights😂. I think even grizzlies fans hate him
Harlem IntheBuildn
Harlem IntheBuildn Aylar önce
GREAT MONTAGE GOLDEN HOOPS 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙂🙂🙂👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🎯🎯🎯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Frosty_Day3 Aylar önce
bro dillon brooks was in all of these clips 🤣😂
Boss Aries Tarroza
Boss Aries Tarroza Aylar önce
Would like to see brooks and Beverly goes at each other 🤣😅
Melvin Guzman
Melvin Guzman Aylar önce
Ahora que la nba comienza de verda 2k23
Outer Space Hermit
Outer Space Hermit Aylar önce
Brooks is an absolute MENACE, Ron Artest Meta World Peace, He makes draymond look innocent
Mir_NaStyyy Aylar önce
Honestly Memphis needs a player like Dillion on the team! Tony Allen use to be that along with Z-Bo that Grit and Grind Era was tough and successful, Jaren Jackson Jr needs to step up and bring that Zach Randolph energy, strength, scoring in the paint and tough nose defense instead of letting the light skin brother Dillion have to show he don’t act light skin even if he is cuz Jackson showing that dark skin brother shit is just a myth 😂😂😂. All jokes aside JJ Jr needs to to step up a little more and help Ja out as the consistent second option who can drop almost 30pts, 10rebs, 5 assists, and 3 blocks a night with a few 3PM. They gone need that from him playoff time can’t just be Ja Morant even if he can do it!
Dogsly Aylar önce
Yo Donavan threw brooks like a doll
iluvdissheet Aylar önce
Thank you for showing all the bs techs Draymond got.
Vaikundh Keshav
Vaikundh Keshav Aylar önce
Guy pissed off siakam lol 😂
Gabriel França Fernandes
Kawhi is so calm... Draymond should get punched for that foul.
Mr. BeatsMachine
Mr. BeatsMachine Aylar önce
Gotta be rough being Brooks' teammate when he's doing this kinda Grayson Allen shit all the time xD
Teviingo Aylar önce
I like Ja and all but he gotta stop taking up for him and just let him get exposed 🤦🏾I get they teammates but 😬
Shamar Burdette
Shamar Burdette Aylar önce
I thought this was a Dillion Brooks comp
Tswany_Prods Aylar önce
Surprised Pat Bev Isn't in more of these
Cem Seyfi Salman
Cem Seyfi Salman Aylar önce
Can you do the Joel Embiid version?
T J Aylar önce
He has a interesting choice of hairstyles
Nelson Lam
Nelson Lam Aylar önce
grizzlies are in basically every clip
FugFug Aylar önce
Funny how robin lopez the one tryna stop dunn n young going at it. How time flies
Jagbir Sangha
Jagbir Sangha Aylar önce
When brooks shoves steph is an instant 🤦‍♀️
1k subs with no videos
Ixam a fan of golden hoops 😊
Itzbreath Aylar önce
Trae didn't seem like the aggressor in alot of those tbh
Gyanko Cartas
Gyanko Cartas Aylar önce
Saludos desde Venezuela 💚
Critical World
Critical World 14 gün önce
Brooks went to the same defense school as Patrick Beverly, teaches you to use your mouth first.
Luis Zapata.
Luis Zapata. Aylar önce
You can’t hate a player The player:
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa
I remember when Brooks did that to Payton in the playoffs alot of people defended him like "well he isn't a dirty player tho, it was an accident, he ain't like that" fast forward to present time, now everyone knows he is a thug of the lowest order.
Embr_wolf 18 gün önce
nah if I was one of these guys' teammates I wouldnt stop him from fighting brooks I would join him bruh
Kyrie._Mentality Aylar önce
the first three minutes of the video is just Brooks getting bitched😭😭
Darrel Jackson
Darrel Jackson Aylar önce
So Dillon Brooks just isn't good at basketball he's just good at startin stuff. Got it.
Kobi Daniel
Kobi Daniel Aylar önce
it was so funny how the first 3.45seconds was dillion brooks
Milfhunter040 Aylar önce
I think nobody is scared of Trae i think literally every nba player takes him out lol
J Aylar önce
Draymond gotta keep his cool he’d be better
Adam Butler
Adam Butler Aylar önce
This Dillon brooks mixtape 🔥🔥🔥
Lonnie Walker IV fan
@Carla i know
Carla Aylar önce
@Lonnie Walker IV fan I don’t think anyones a grizzlies fan
Lonnie Walker IV fan
@Adam Butler alr
Adam Butler
Adam Butler Aylar önce
@Lonnie Walker IV fan no just sarcasm over internet 😒
Lonnie Walker IV fan
U must be a grizzlies fan
Orlando Rodriguez
Orlando Rodriguez 21 gün önce
Apart from the lack of physical ability, talent and hard work I couldn’t be an nba player cause I would be swinging lol
Christopher Paul
Christopher Paul Aylar önce
It's basically a Dillon Brooks video. haha!
Mamba Forever
Mamba Forever Aylar önce
The thing is if Dillon Brooks causes this much trouble for players in the league right now, can you imagine back in the 80s-90s maybe even early 2000s when there was like 10-20 Dillon Brooks-type players in the league?
IsmokeHiphop Live
IsmokeHiphop Live Aylar önce
Dillion is going to be a legend that's remembered more than the super stars. watch and see. I love that kid energy.
KPOP Aesthetics
KPOP Aesthetics Aylar önce
Young vs. Brooks 💯🤣
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson Aylar önce
The difference between dray n brooks is dray helps his team win n he’s more in your face about it than brooks. And believe it or not the players like dray tbh
TheNothing 13 gün önce
I mean there’s reasons why Brooks is in most of these clips 😂
Ronardo Stewart
Ronardo Stewart Gün önce
I love brooks he broke that grit
Lightskin4pF Aylar önce
Thank you puttin book in here, been seein his true colors the last few seasons. One finals appearance nd he thinks he’s top 5 in the league
Byrd 🕊
Byrd 🕊 Aylar önce
Villian Brooks 😈
Justin Sims
Justin Sims Aylar önce
Let me put it this way as a Grizzlies fan. Even most of us aren't the biggest fans of Dillon Brooks's antics. I don't think the GPII flagrant foul 2 in the postseason last year was dirty since he was going for the ball. But punching Spida in the nuts? Sorry DB. You're on your own there. He's one of those guys where his biggest asset as a player is also his biggest flaw. His intensity.
Klay Prodzz
Klay Prodzz Aylar önce
Love how half the video clips are Brooks lmao.
Marcos Salazar
Marcos Salazar Aylar önce
I think brooks plays his role very well. I’m a spurs fan and would love someone with that attitude and skill. But obviously that’s not spurs bball.
Naive Agenda
Naive Agenda Aylar önce
Steven Adams needs to prove he is the father that he is and reel in his son Brooks. He's being hella naughty lately.
Edward Amboga
Edward Amboga Aylar önce
Ayooo Brooks is like in every clip
EzWheezy Aylar önce
what dramod did to kawhi at the end is wild
Krêpes Aylar önce
Couldn’t put in Grayson Allen cus we’d be here for hours. Plus the Morris twins that’s another day or two runtime.
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