NBA Records That’ll NEVER Be Broken.. 

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These Are NBA Records That’ll NEVER Be Broken..
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29 Mar 2023




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Austin Verette
Austin Verette Aylar önce
I remember the game Mark Cuban suited up for the Mavs…. He truly showed us all how extraordinary he really was with his 133 points and lock down defense. My favorite part was when he stood over Devin Booker, grabbing his nuts staring him down! Legend.
UnstableOne Aylar önce
It was also nice seeing Barkley and Dirk suit up as refs and throw down at the end of the game
be careful {yt}
be careful {yt} Aylar önce
how do you always come up with these 🤣
Super Sport Shortz
Super Sport Shortz Aylar önce
Yessir spurs go crazy
TheRealMOJO Aylar önce
Beatsalicious Aylar önce
Ah yes, I remember when the Dallas Maverick’s were up by 204 points. Truly one of the best games and will never be recreated 🙏
Westboro Aylar önce
Crazy game, watched it live
Hair Aylar önce
Yea I was in the actual game it was so crazy
NoobRoblox Aylar önce
Yeah Luka had 89 Points and Dinwiddie had 57, all players had 15+ points this game was crazy man
NoobRoblox Aylar önce
And Devin Booker, CP3 combined for 1 like it was so crazy
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson Aylar önce
Yeah, like it was wild
Handsome Squidward
Handsome Squidward Aylar önce
I remember when the Mavs beat the Suns by 204 points. Truly one of the most iconic moments in recent history
Flashcjw Aylar önce
Bailey_editz Aylar önce
It was so crazy Luka got 150pts 139rebounds and 30 assists
MasterGaming Nic
MasterGaming Nic Aylar önce
Booker and Suns choked so bad, Luka dropped 150 on them
Bailey_editz Aylar önce
dustixo Aylar önce
Ah yes, I remember that Mavs-Suns game like it was one hour ago. Devin Booger tried trash talking Luka Doncic after he made a three, and Luka ended up dropping 210 points, 67 assists, and 103 rebounds while also breaking Wilt Chamberlain’s points in a single game record.
LvLup tysm
LvLup tysm Aylar önce
Devin booger 💀💀💀💀💀
dustixo Aylar önce
@LvLup tysm lmao that was intentional tbh 💀
LvLup tysm
LvLup tysm Aylar önce
@dustixo LOL Ik 💀💀
MrGoodFridays Aylar önce
Yup, Luca Donavic doubled Wilt’s record that night
RealPitstop Aylar önce
I cried that day. The day when my team, the suns, lost to the mavs. No, it wasnt a normal game. I sold both my kidneys, I even sold my children, to get courtside seats. But even after the 1st quarter, I knew the game was over. 223-19. My dreams, crushed.
UnstableOne Aylar önce
So sad you had to sell your kidneys 🙏🏼
VR7 Aylar önce
and your kids 🙏🏼
MelonPHXSNS Aylar önce
As a former Suns diehard fan I was truly heartbroken when Luka and the Mavs eliminated us in game 7 with 223 points truly a sad night especially on homecourt you think we would do better with only 19 points and I began to cry when Luka began to rip all of the Suns roster jerseys to show his dominance truly a terrible heartbreaking gut wrenching night. 😔
among us
among us Aylar önce
Ahh the mavs vs suns game… truly a spectacle of recent sport. I’m not a suns or mav supporter but I’ll never forget… coming back home from my 3rd baby mama to see my 6th kid drowning in the kitchen zinc. I was standing in the living room looking at it in awe… 204 points, 165 points dropped by luka with his other 57 assists and 45 rebounds. I was screaming at the fact that I’ve witnessed such history.. I also took my 6th kid Demarcus Cousins the second to the hospital where he survived with minor brain damage. Brain damaged or not kid was stupid enough to drown in the zinc so it don’t really matter, child support should cover the hospital bills.
Pewdiepizza Aylar önce
41 technical fouls is so crazy for Rasheed Wallace. We complain about 16 for Draymond Green.
cornxx3 Aylar önce
Man I love seeing a record like that from Calvin Murphy. As much game and drip as the dudes still got, I can 100% believe it from him. As a Rockets fan I've seen him a bunch on Sportsnet, dude is always flashy. You never see him looking bad, and with 14 kids to pay for, man must be doing alright Haha.
TROLLO_ED Aylar önce
After seeing Bobcats record on wins and lost, that kind of reminds me of the 2022-23 WHL Season where the Edmonton Oil Kings finish off with 10 Wins 54 Lost 4 Overtime Lost 0 Shootout Lost total of 24 points in 1 Season (68 Games) becoming the Worst Team of the Season, and the Oil Kings were the 2021-22 WHL Champions of the Year
agentzero Aylar önce
One more NBA record that will never be broken (100% guaranteed) is Wilt Chamberlain's 48,5 minute playtime average during the 1961/1962 season.
Morris Parrish
Morris Parrish Aylar önce
Walking gimps note
King ishak
King ishak Aylar önce
Ah yes I remember when the mavericks were up by 204 points. Against the suns. Everyone was joining in on the game MARK CUBAN, THE REFS,AND EVEN ADAM SILVER. MARK CUBAN played such good defense and offense he was locking 🔒 up his teammates and even scoring on them TRULY PHENOMENAL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Life at the Moment
Life at the Moment Aylar önce
your triping no
Aiden Vo
Aiden Vo Aylar önce
Always a banger when REBOUND uploads! So inspirational
SomePerson Ontheinternet
Rebound with another certified banger. Already watch this 88 times even though it’s been out for 7 minutes
SomePerson Ontheinternet
Ty for the ♥️
Aji_esa Aylar önce
Thats unbreakeble,
SomePerson Ontheinternet
Ikr had to put it on 88x speed
Lincoln Miller
Lincoln Miller Aylar önce
Always a better day or night when rebound uploads
Galaxy Aylar önce
Rebound with another incredible upload, never disappoints…
Alan Parry
Alan Parry Aylar önce
I'm always sad to see these kinds of vids and see John Stockton not get his due. Lebron's all time scoring leader status is absolutely amazing, but Stockton leads in all time steals and all time assists by such large margins, they're the two most unbreakable NBA records IMHO. And not even a mention?
Whitney Salter
Whitney Salter Aylar önce
I love your videos I hope you keep making bangers just like this
David Martinez
David Martinez Aylar önce
That clip of Barkley at 5:07 sent me rolling 😂
Jonathan Davila
Jonathan Davila Aylar önce
Yooo Earnie got a solid shot lmao if I was him I would never let Chuck live that down 😂
Dezz Maan
Dezz Maan Aylar önce
Can we take a moment to appreciate the quality of editing here… it’s the little things like the missed 3-point counter on the back board.
99pauliepeters Aylar önce
Just a small point on James LeBron's record breaking shot. Notice how the other players, benches, officials et al keep away from LeBron so he has the stage to himself after he breaks the record. Nobody tries to photobomb themselves in to the picture - the whole thing was classy by all concerned.
Jay Got Juice
Jay Got Juice Aylar önce
I will never forget where I was, or what I was doing when Mavs won by 204. Truly remarkable
Hair Aylar önce
Keep up with the good content🔥🔥🏀🏀🏀
0Flakes Aylar önce
Life lesson: never miss a rebound vid
Mike Burns
Mike Burns Aylar önce
How could you not mention Klay Thompson's 37 point quarter?
ImShaun Aylar önce
I'm glad you showed three point contacts between ernie and chuck because that would have been the worst three point contest that I NEVER seen🤣👌
Charles McCullough
Charles McCullough Aylar önce
Rasheed Wallace was a perfect fit for the Pistons.
zauliuz Aylar önce
LbJ also have most 10+ pts consecutive games record. which is also pretty impressive.
illumi nadi
illumi nadi Aylar önce
Even lbj passed kaj in all time leading scorer, man kaj becoming leading scorer for a freaking damn looong time is amazing as heck. Not to mention he did it with maybe a very few threes...damn
Ari Finkelman
Ari Finkelman Aylar önce
An absolute monster record. However, Karl Malone was on track to beat it. Had he played one more (healthy) season, averaging 19 points a game , he would have passed Kareem. However, his move to LA was to chase a ring and not the best choice for beating that record. He was just chasing a ring. That didnt work out either.
SemajDaFunkyyKat 29 gün önce
The clip of Luca at the end taking 10 steps 💀
Kingcaid 4 gün önce
I’ll never forget mark Cuban putting up an extraordinary 133 points and 29 assists and 40 rebounds and got the game winning shot for a 204 point come from behind win
Juan Cedillo
Juan Cedillo Aylar önce
Ernie needs to be on the 3pt contest 😂
Dennis Scipio
Dennis Scipio Aylar önce
I'm surprised you didn't mention Bill Russell's 11 championship rings. I don't think that can be topped in this modern era.
RhamondreProdz Aylar önce
not even the 11 rings being the crazy part, just them being a literal 11-peat makes it unbreakable
ItzTony Aylar önce
I don't know how y'all edit your videos like this but it's always so frickn fire like that first unbreakable record with the fire on the ball during the buzzer shot, fire fr. Keep up the awesome work!
Joe Momma
Joe Momma Aylar önce
Wilt chamberlain’s records he set could have several videos on this topic!
Morris Parrish
Morris Parrish Aylar önce
But due to fucking downplaying wont
bigreddRR311 Aylar önce
When the Mavs beat the Suns by 204 points. That was truly one of the moments of all time.
Fullmetal Gamer
Fullmetal Gamer Aylar önce
Wilt's rebounding record in a single game will never be broken. Only him and Bill Russell has managed to grab 50+ rebounds in a game and only a few players since the century started have grabbed 30+ rebounds.
Jesse Phillips
Jesse Phillips Aylar önce
And his single game point record
RhamondreProdz Aylar önce
as impressive as it is, it will be one day that someone will break the scoring record, maybe not this decade but eventually
Gtrfan137 Kereere
Gtrfan137 Kereere Aylar önce
The Steve Nash record is probably the most wholesome💯
ThatCleKid Gaming
ThatCleKid Gaming Aylar önce
“LeBron stands alone!” Coldest line in NBA history
TheGoodDevil Aylar önce
Chris Paul hits huge 3 to cut lead to 204!
Michael O
Michael O Aylar önce
Earnie is a SHOOTTTA😈 bro even calling out what’s gonna go in or miss
The Pooz
The Pooz Aylar önce
Unreal missing that many 3’s in a row, especially a team good enough to be in that position in the post season.
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William Uscategui
William Uscategui Aylar önce
Wilt Chamberlain 100 points in one game will never be broken!
EwuraEsi Quayson
EwuraEsi Quayson 18 gün önce
Harden's missed three points in one game are sending me😭😭😭
Christopher Rodolf Catague
I think John Stockton's Assist and Steals of all time is unbeatable too
just a random guy
just a random guy Aylar önce
lebron might take assists and cp3 could take steals
Date Mike
Date Mike Aylar önce
​@just a random guy lebron is 5k assists behind how??
fizik Aylar önce
@just a random guy lebron career assists per game is currently 7.3 assists per game, he's behind stockton by 5,500 assists, he would need 753 games, or 9.1 seasons, so he'd have to still be playing when he's 48 or 49 years old at his current rate to break stocktons record.
Knowledge Seeker
Knowledge Seeker Aylar önce
@just a random guy u upvoted your own comment
Steve Obrien
Steve Obrien Aylar önce
@fizik that's insane No one will ever break that record
DaAngelGurley Aylar önce
I remember being at work laughing my butt off when the Rockets missed 27 straight 3s
rvalens2 Aylar önce
I didn't see John Stockton's assist record listed in the video. At 15,806 assists, that's one record that will never be broken in today's "me-first" NBA.
Santiago Diaz
Santiago Diaz Aylar önce
I love your video’s keep up the good work
Gilad Shmaya
Gilad Shmaya Aylar önce
Got me smiling for most of the clip 🫶
The Final Trinity
The Final Trinity Aylar önce
Steve Nashs record is probably the funniest in Nba history 😂
Mister Guy
Mister Guy Aylar önce
I love how they stopped the game for Lebron due to his points record. MJ would be like’ “ man my team is down let’s get going”.
Jose Vito Villacorta
Jose Vito Villacorta 16 gün önce
too bad we wont witness him become #1
Rot - Gaming
Rot - Gaming Aylar önce
His most unbreaklebal record is his 10 point game streak
Tonya Khouri
Tonya Khouri Aylar önce
Do top 50 plays of David Robinson’s career in one video
Cedric Asdfghjkl
Cedric Asdfghjkl Aylar önce
6:58 Damn, Ernie was cooking. But Joel Anthony, was just looking. The transition bruh, rebound is always so good and funny with it.😅
Gic424_YT Aylar önce
Bro the OKC Thunder still did better than me in the 73 point lost when I play 2K 💀
footmantheman Aylar önce
How can you not mention the 100 points scored by Wilt Chamberlain?
TheGoodDevil Aylar önce
Chris Paul hits a huge 3 to cut lead down to 204!
Yao Liao
Yao Liao Aylar önce
Total assists --- John Stockton. Never be broken
Kristian Thornton
Kristian Thornton Aylar önce
Bro losing by a 204 points Luka was probably on Fire 🔥
Tonya Khouri
Tonya Khouri Aylar önce
You should do top 33 plays of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in one video
codox Aylar önce
lol when charles barkley smacked that mascot i almost died🤣
Scott Pitner
Scott Pitner Aylar önce
Jordan was so good!! Dang, 9 game winners!? Amazing 🤩
Anthony Hutton
Anthony Hutton Aylar önce
"He was passed around more times than Kendall Jenner." I have no words.
David Wesley
David Wesley Aylar önce
Would have been Funnier if it was Caitlyn Jenner. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Wayne smithos
Wayne smithos Aylar önce
@David Wesley but it really wouldn’t
Ty Goins
Ty Goins Aylar önce
Russell's 11 championships will never be broken.
Christopher Howard
Christopher Howard Aylar önce
Most unbreakable record of them all is the assist king tbh
MihawkIzanagi Aylar önce
The Kevin Samuels music when he started talking about Calvin Murphy😂😂
Tonya Khouri
Tonya Khouri Aylar önce
Do top 55 plays in Dikembe Newtumbo’s career
Demarcus the IIX
Demarcus the IIX Aylar önce
“Getting past around more than Kendall Jenner” damn bro
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Aylar önce
Wilt Chamberlains 100 points in a game record should be here as well
YezzeyTooEasy_ Aylar önce
Trey da man 69
Trey da man 69 Aylar önce
It wasn’t recorded that’s why
Ari Finkelman
Ari Finkelman Aylar önce
This is one of those records that could be (somewhat easily) broken. However, the circumstances arent likely to happen. There are MANY players that have scored 25+ points per quarter. The highest of which is Klay Thompson's 37. Kobe's 81 and Robinson's 71 point games were blowouts. At a certain point they stopped trying to score and just did as the opposing teams just gave up. There is no reason it couldnt be broken, but you need a strong offensive player, a team who wants to feed him, a demoralized opposing team who gives up, and a coach who wont take that player out.
Morris Parrish
Morris Parrish Aylar önce
Should is the KFW here
Tonya Khouri
Tonya Khouri Aylar önce
Do top 23 plays of Michael Jordan‘s career in one video
NotYourLocalClipZ Aylar önce
I thought pav was gonna have the record for the most traded player! I see him in every nba highlight games nowadays 😂
Sandrexx Aylar önce
Oh god i truly remember when d book told luka that if he won by 204 points that he'd blow him and luka turned up
Ultra Goku
Ultra Goku Aylar önce
What if Kareem just shot a three and took back his record 😂
Nordra Aylar önce
Pray That Rebound Is Forgiven❤❤❤
ShadowAce Aylar önce
Mavericks beat the Suns 223 - 19, Luka destroyed Devin Booker, and Chris Paul. Remember watching that like it was yesterday. Best game in sports history. Seriously the Mavs were on steroids!
Absolutely Kumot
Absolutely Kumot 14 gün önce
Then there’s Jae Crowder with the longest shot from out of bounds
Alexander Mejia
Alexander Mejia Aylar önce
i love how they gave wallace a cuss button
Spencer Higinbotham
6:43 If Charles Barkley has to hit five threes in a row to tie, that is not leaving the door open.
Poverty Bay
Poverty Bay Aylar önce
Rasheed Wallace was the only guy I've ever seen have a foul called on him for looking at the referee
Random._frog Aylar önce
9:03 Score: 79 to 152 Me: how the heck do you lose by 73 points!?
Shaun Belford
Shaun Belford Aylar önce
I still can’t believe when Michael Jordan jumped and extended his arm that was the craziest dunk ever also the longest
Ari Finkelman
Ari Finkelman Aylar önce
Are you talking about the dunk contest when he jumped from the free throw line? He wasnt the first to do that, nor the last.
Shaun Belford
Shaun Belford Aylar önce
@Ari Finkelman no space jam
Ari Finkelman
Ari Finkelman Aylar önce
@Shaun Belford ohhhhh
Aqua Aylar önce
The longest shot was from the imbound line when a player was tryna pass on the buzzer but instead got it in but it didn't count because he was the impounded and was out of bounds
Tonya Khouri
Tonya Khouri Aylar önce
Do top 33 plays of Larry Bird’s career in one video
Lowlights Aylar önce
Rebound The GOAT 🐐
Avalanchee Aylar önce
These are NBA records that will never be broken
sean scott
sean scott Aylar önce
should have mentioned john stcktons assist record with 15,806. jason kidd is the next closest with12,091. almost 4,000 less than stckton. i dont see it ever being broken. at least probably in our lifetimes that is
Real_cheese Aylar önce
I remember when Jordan with the Suns were up 912 points with 1 second on the clock and the Mavs with made a comeback all thanks to Lebron.
kingsavagebruh Aylar önce
Yeah that wasn't LeBron he doesn't carry he gets carried
Kiel Andrei Goc-ong
​@kingsavagebruhtf are u talkin kid
UnTarr Aylar önce
The Grizzlies vs Okc score looks like a 2k game on rookie 💀
Plague Monster
Plague Monster Gün önce
I remember when devin booker scored a 7701 point shot was crazy
Lil6enz Aylar önce
As a thunder fan that 73 point game loss really hurt my sou l😪
NBTCJOEY Aylar önce
290,000 high fives is crazy 💀💀💀
J.P. Simen☆
J.P. Simen☆ Aylar önce
UGF PANDAS Aylar önce
If most assists are not on this imma be disappointed
josoverthehill Aylar önce
Are you sure about Barkley's holding the record for lowest 3-point avg? O'Neal was 1-for-22 which would give him 4%. Did you need a minimum number of attempts to hold the record? (Seriously asking because I don't know how the NBA determines records for their league.)
Ari Finkelman
Ari Finkelman Aylar önce
Yes, there is a minimum number of attempts needed per season to be considered. Otherwise, there would be countless players with 0%.
Tonya Khouri
Tonya Khouri Aylar önce
Do top 34 plays of Charles Barkley‘s career In one video
T-man Aylar önce
Joel had one stat though. A turnover 😂
Jordan wilder
Jordan wilder 18 gün önce
Records just never broken
BXNYouTube Aylar önce
You know it’s a good day when rebound posts at 11:25 if ur in east
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