NBA Players Are Scoring More Points Than Ever and The Reason Why is Right in Front of Our Eyes 

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25 Şub 2024




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@FreeDawkins 3 yıl önce
You just too good making these videos bro
@Coregame3 3 yıl önce
Will Dawkins ever be free
@Choppy247 2 yıl önce
Smack how dat taste 👅
@RikerLovesWorf 2 yıl önce
People aren't gonna recognize this but Kevin Love, believe it or not, deserves a lot of credit for starting the end of the "big man in the key" trope. He was probably one of the first 3-pt shooting centers.
@giovannygarica275 2 yıl önce
Well he mostly played power forward for the timber wolves, but I think that PF’s like him and Ibaka(OKC days and series vs Spurs) began to change the role of big men as Ibaka especially proved how lethal it was to have a big man that could shoot in the playoffs. They were just so versatile and opened the paint for scorers like KD and Westbrook
@earth2death 2 yıl önce
So we acting like dirk nowitzki dont exist ???
@earth2death 2 yıl önce
@earth2death 2 yıl önce
I'm shocked how yall just ignored dirk who's 100000x better than love smh shame shame shame
@blackreign3138 2 yıl önce
Bill Laimbeer shot 36% from three in 1989.
@IT-ih4vg 2 yıl önce
I feel like we just need to look at Chris Paul's career to see how much the game has changed
@alsimmons9975 2 yıl önce
Please let it go what if don't mean shit no more
@Kappa_Man 2 yıl önce
@@alsimmons9975 ?
@@alsimmons9975 ay yo what did you just say
@xukiomi 2 yıl önce
@@alsimmons9975 ?
@huh968 2 yıl önce
yup, and now he's the first player ever to reach both 20k points and 10k assists
@blainegwen4858 2 yıl önce
obviously the most important detail is the 2018/19 season change of the shot clock reset from 24 to 14 on offensive rebounds, creating a huge difference in the amount of possessions (and of course shots) per game --- not sure why this stays under the radar and was not mentioned ---- yes there was a curve before then with the curry analytics era, but the 14 sec shot clock is what caused the real explosion
@cjr1881 Yıl önce
No. That should make them take bad shots and be unsuccessful.
@criispyq9881 Yıl önce
@@cjr1881 Even if that was true it’s kinda like they’re going 10/15 instead of 7/10, sure a little less efficient but they have WAY more opportunities to score
@DavidAlmodovar-eo8dg 8 aylar önce
After posting a similar comment to your comment I had to like and reply to you. Yes the main reason why we see higher scoring games is because of the shot clock resets to 14 seconds as opposed to 24 seconds after an offensive rebound. Resulting in the offensive rebounding team to put up a shot faster than back then.
@DavidAlmodovar-eo8dg 8 aylar önce
I couldn't have said it better. Idk why he didn't mention that in the video. This is the biggest reason in my opinion.
@cmk9089 2 yıl önce
Man I audibly laughed at that chart of 130+ point games at the end.
Reminder the NBA in the early 1980's had scorelines similar to today. You had one game where both teams had over 180 points and this was before the 3 point line.
@memcrew1 2 yıl önce
I remember
@enthusiastofcute 2 yıl önce
It’s often forgotten by old heads who like to call the moder era “soft” that during the 60s, 70s and 80s the pace of the game and scoring could get absurd. It was only during the 90s and 2000s when the game was grounded down to a halt
@DemonKing-oi4jd 2 yıl önce
@@enthusiastofcute I'm an old head, and I call it soft because the touch fouls and all the technicals/flagrants that are called too easily which led to flopping. The high scoring thing isn't that much of an issue if they let defenders play physical defense again.
@trippinatormachine 2 yıl önce
@@DemonKing-oi4jd thats all I ask for: let the players be more physical on defense. This would highly limit players ability to score (obviously) but I would love to see hand-checking return. Of course players nowadays are more skilled than ever before but its easy for all the stars in today’s game to score at high levels bc the defense isn’t really that physical or tenacious. Not their fault of course but I just wish more things could be done in that regard
@cavader1381 2 yıl önce
@Trippinator Machine as a current player I would hand checks because I average 3-4 fouls a game until quite recently
@cabs9310 3 yıl önce
You still miss the sax
@michellecapers3251 3 yıl önce
@cabs9310 3 yıl önce
for all yall who dont know. The sample(sax) in the beat has been copyrighted so even the producer doesnt hold the rights of the beat. This is the actual song trvid.com/video/video-X9qgI95n6rM.html
@Octacynical 3 yıl önce
Ya bet i do
@georget6549 3 yıl önce
I just want it in one more video for old times sake.
@mrslick58 3 yıl önce
I literally just had a dream about the sax lol
@javiiibot5887 2 yıl önce
I appreciate the way you bring in interviews and clips to stress your point. Awesome video!
@lcarvalho75 2 yıl önce
One of the reasons I really like Kwahi Leonard aka The Claw. He's a Jordan era throwback that has an all-around game and defense prowess. A true GOAT set of skills. He sadly fell into the team-hopping trap so prevalent today which diminishes his ability to be the building block of a dynasty team.
@djmj1000 2 yıl önce
He was a much better fit with a PG of that style like lowry which has pass first in mind also.
@hunterlacey5422 2 yıl önce
Yeah he only went to Toronto to get a championship, but the only reason he went to the clippers is to stay at home so I doubt anytime soon he’s gonna leave just to go to the nets or smthn
@johnhall87 2 yıl önce
@@hunterlacey5422 he got traded to Toronto
@chefcarry2902 2 yıl önce
Jacking up midrange jumpshots won't win a you a series against scoring teams in today's era. That's why if MJ would play in today's era, he would need to work on his 3s coz he can't just attempt 30 midrange a game and expect to outscore his opponents without shooting 3s.
@markbeebe125 2 yıl önce
You are just about my favorite of all of the basketball TRvidrs, and with that said, I love some of these kind of detailed breakdowns and this one in particular interest me because I don't like today's style of basketball but I recognize how unique and different and revolutionary it is. With all that said I was hanging on every word as you were breaking this thing down and especially right after the Steve Nash interview, you made an interesting point that it's sort of true but completely false, let me explain what I mean. You talked about how most of us could name a lot of the high scores in the league but couldn't name the high rebounders in the league. I've always been a deep stats guy myself because I created my own unique fantasy basketball system that is unlike your traditional fantasy basketball where you play week to week. Week to week scoring eliminates head to head which is why fantasy football is so wildly popular and successful. Basketball baseball hockey etc with their week-to-week style takes all of the interest in it away. In week two week scoring it's not about who the best player is or at least the best player sometimes situationally but let's be honest, you don't bench Aaron rodgers. Even if it's a situation thing it's very rare that you bench your studs in football. But in basketball, if LeBron only has two games, you might start one of The Ball Brothers over him if they happen to have one of those five-game weeks. So years ago when me and my friends had started playing fantasy football and we saw how the format was so successful, we sat down and said to ourselves okay how can we translate that to basketball. and we came up with a format where you only play on Friday night because if you happen to go through the NBA schedule you will see that Friday nights are consistently the night of the week that has the most games. A busy week has 13 games a slow week has eight. So then we create a schedule that shows every team's schedule for every Friday night throughout the season and you draft based off of that. And you end up with a 20-week regular season and a 3 week playoff season. Because there's 23 Friday nights throughout the season every year minus All-Star weekend. So if kemba Walker plays 19 out of the 20 Friday nights during the regular season, it has two out of the three playoff games.... and Trey young only plays 10, it only has one during the playoffs.... Well you adjust accordingly and more than likely you're going to take kemba slightly ahead of Trey young even though Trey young might be the better pick as far as stats go. And then we came up with real world scoring because oddly enough fantasy basketball out there has strange formulas to do their scoring where if you get one three-pointer per night you get a bonus and if you hit a certain percentage of three pointers you get a bonus and that's not real world. Yes efficiency is rewarded in the real world but it's rewarded by you having better numbers and your team doing better as a result. So it still comes down to ultimately what a person's numbers are. Scoring rebounds assists blocks and steals. The big five. So we built in some bonuses for things like triple doubles and high percentage games and double doubles, and you would pick a team defense and it was simple because if you held your opponent under a certain point total and if you held them under certain percentages, you get the idea. the reason I'm bringing all of this up is because as a result of this you can't use traditional fantasy scoring outlets torun your league. You can use Yahoo fantasy for your draft and to manage your roster and to do 90% of your scoring but there's no way to build into your scoring setups, the bonuses that we had for team defenses and for individuals getting triple doubles and things like that. So as a result for 20 years, I did manual scoring in a spreadsheet and had to email it out to everybody the next morning on saturdays. And as a result, myself especially because I did the scoring but alsothe other guys in the league because they were always paying attention to what was happening with their own players as well as their opponents. But as a result we became much more focused on real stats and something that I noticed over the years and I used to complain about constantly to my friends, was this: the thing that you talk about, how people are paying attention to scoring but not rebounding, has always always been the case! ALLLLLWAYS. IT WOULD DRIVE ME NUTS THAT THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERED IN YOUR BOX SCORE TI ESPN AND TO YAHOO SPORTS AND PLACES LIKE THAT, WAS YOUR POINT TOTAL! Reggie Miller towards the end of his career still made the box scores every single night and by box scores what I'm talking about is the ticker on ESPN or whatever Sports network, and for example let's use ESPN again. When ESPN would flash scores let's say and not do a full breakdown of a game. Or if they were doing a brief breakdown that was later in sports center let's say and not the leading story that they gave a couple minutes to, they would always show the score up on the screen or to the side while they were showing some highlights let's say and then underneath the score they would have maybe the top player or two from each team. And their little stat line next to them. The newspapers would do the same kind of thing. they might do a little paragraph about a game and then at the bottom they would do the stat lines from the top couple guys in the game. In those circumstances the tickers the little stories in the newspaper whatever, the stat line they focused on the most and the only one they ever cared about! Only only! Was scoring. Reggie Miller at the end of his career was on the ESPN ticker and on the box score little highlight things like that almost every damn night, because he'd get 21 points or 23 points. But if you actually looked at his box score. You would see that he had 21 points one steal what assist no rebounds no blocks and he did nothing but try to get open and shoot the three that was it. He did not do a ton to help his team win other than scoring. And that's great but I'm just trying to point out that there is always been an inordinate amount of focus in scoring in basketball. Maybe it wasn't reflected as much in contracts but I don't believe that to be true either. it seemed to be that because you scored a lot you had a higher profile and the higher your profile the bigger your contracts were. it used to drive me insane as somebody that really paid attention to the actual detailed box scores and everybody's individual stats because I had to use them and know them for my league. You would see Kerry Kittles shown up next to the nets score on ESPN that night having scored 22 points, meanwhile Jason Kidd drove that offense, was not a horrible defender, and had 14 points 12 assists and 10 rebounds to go with two steals. And his 22 points for rebounds and two assists was the guy who got the Love on ESPN and as a result the higher profile which led to bigger contracts in the long run or more marketing money from endorsers. so like I said I was hanging on your every word and I'm not saying I disagree with your premise. I'm on board with everything you said except for that one thing about how scoring is way way more important now that it was back then. Maybe somehow it was rewarded differently, but it certainly was not appreciated any differently. It is always always been the primary focus when it comes to fans and the media. Just look at jordan. The guy was the greatest score of the league and it seemed just about, at least since the '60s, and from 84 until they finally broke through in 91, it was him scoring too much and the focus on his scoring that was holding them back. He needed wingman, he needed a coach to reel him in a little bit, he needed to share the ball and rely on other people to help them win. But the oohs and aahs we're all for Jordan, which translated to marketing dollars. Both for his team and himself.
@manuelsoares9698 2 yıl önce
Tony Kukoc was the Doncic of his time. If he was given the green light and was able to continue his Euro play instead of being forced to bulk up, he would've gone on a tear in today's game.
@craciunator99 2 yıl önce
Damn man the way you broke it down after 6:35 ish really makes me miss the old NBA, you nailed what new NBA is seemingly missing. You get it in the playoffs in deep series, but the regular season has become a 3 point contest with stars resting whenever, lame.
@frankkinator 3 yıl önce
Fast forward 50 years, people will be saying "well you played in the 20's. Everyone was putting up those numbers."
@lik7953 3 yıl önce
Orrrrr in 50 years, players be averaging 50 PPG
@OscarKesh 3 yıl önce
Points now are the Rebounds of the 60s
@Big_3000 3 yıl önce
I can’t stand the fact that one day, we’ll be the old heads talking about how great our era was. Smh
@Terror832 3 yıl önce
And kids will treat Kyrie Irving like he’s Bob Cousy. They will talk about his handles are basic and primitive by 2050s standards.
@iman5147 3 yıl önce
@@Big_3000 It's gonna hurt knowing that
@FollowMarcos 2 yıl önce
In soccer, for example, more than 50 years ago, there were teams that played with 5 forwards instead of the 1 or 2 now. It's quite exciting to see sports evolve.
@_aaditshah_ 2 yıl önce
the switch from the past eras to today's modern game was that in the past, the focus of the game were on the factors that contributed to scoring(passing and rebounding), where as today, it is focused on scoring itself, and passing and rebounding are a side effect of it
@walkdmc1213 2 yıl önce
Awesome video my guy. You really get in depth w/ everything! Respect ✊🏻🤙🏻
@thinbeard 2 yıl önce
I appreciate the research you do man 👏🏻
@kamenlane8858 Yıl önce
Yo Jimmy! This video is fire bro! Great content!
@PeanutSpring3 3 yıl önce
Curry walked so the GOAT Joe Ingles could sprint
@dloadrussell 3 yıl önce
Lmao I'm dead 😂
@Plaqueboy_sky9826 3 yıl önce
Yessir 🔥🔥
Lmao 😂
@Oliver-cg5ud 3 yıl önce
Joe Ingles 🐐
*Joe Ingles walked so Caruso could run.
@trailerhero 2 yıl önce
great job on this man I can tell you put a lot of time and research into this!
@user-db7bn4jl1v 7 gün önce
Excellent! Research was well done. Great script and well edited!
@Original-Yellow 2 yıl önce
"Offensively skilled" Noones allowed to get touched. Of course everyone's just gonna jab step now.
@darrengordon-hill 2 yıl önce
THANK YOU!! It can only be one - LACK OF DEFENCE!! "KD's too good to be stopped" ia a defeatist attitude At any time in a game there are NINE people NOT touching the ball.... but apparently "basketball" is "what happens why I have the ball" (crossover dribble, shoot, dunk etc)!!! '20ppg" but NO mention of "field goal percentage"...
@Johenz 2 yıl önce
Basketball isn’t a physical sport idk why you think that
@nicxshaw Yıl önce
Dude, your analysis is fantastic. Keep it up.
@EdHunter47 2 yıl önce
Jimmy you are the best ...i know the game played at a high level was a dominant player....i can' sit and watch your videos listen to your analysis all night... You Steph Curried this one... Congrats all love
Guys like Steve Nash, Mark Price and Bird would have been the players who benefited the most from today's game. Especially BIRD
@uasakura 3 yıl önce
@Anthony Davis 2K
@kylekorver910 3 yıl önce
@@uasakura 2ks trash and inaccurate
@jameshayse1903 3 yıl önce
bird was too slow, he would suck.
@iii5091 3 yıl önce
Tony Kukoc, Vlade Divac, Jason Williams etc.
@micahracine7640 3 yıl önce
Reggie Miller?
@ChiefTapion 2 yıl önce
This a large part of the reason why I find it difficult to enjoy today’s NBA. My team growing up was the going to work era pistons, and I loved the way they played. Everyone had a role and executed it to perfection. They rarely if ever let someone even top 100 against them. And they were so much fun to watch. I miss that style of ball. I get the appeal of the modern game, hell my college team is Michigan, I’ve watched and enjoyed plenty of 3 point bombing over the years, but I do think it would be nice to have at least some degree of stylistic contrast in the game today
@479FilmsX 7 aylar önce
Fantastic video! I was looking at the scoring leaders from last year and the top 3 or 4 average 30+ and the rest of the top 10 averaged 27-29. I thought I was reading playoff stats or mid season stats cuz it didn’t seem right. I remember back when Iverson and McGrady lead the league with 30+ and it was like WOW. Made me wonder what the reason is and this is how I found your video. Great stuff! 🔥
@jayh4904 2 yıl önce
Kick Genius n House Reacts Gang! Dope content dude
@Marconeiliv 2 yıl önce
That's why I think MJ is amazing doing what he did back in the day, and that he wouldn't sink into the normality, but that he would've been a monster.
@fcarter3863 Yıl önce
Jordan averaged 1.7 3 point attempts per game and still averaged 30 points
@lebryanthoward9416 3 yıl önce
Arenas averaged 29 pts 15 years ago, he is definitely averaging 30+ right now.
@Terror832 3 yıl önce
He’s putting up comparable scoring numbers to Bradley Beal who’s averaging over 30 PPG the last two seasons.
@lanice4428 3 yıl önce
Lebron averaged 31.4 in 2005 at 20 years old
@negerkoeken2679 3 yıl önce
Pace was like 90 back then now its around 100 so that would make sense the same goes for every player because the higher the pace the more you can shoot the more points you can score
@santiagooviedo5219 3 yıl önce
@@lanice4428 and 3rd in scoring that year
@andrewnaranjo6514 3 yıl önce
He would be James harden basically
@Deathstroke24120 2 yıl önce
Those videos are just sooo interesting I love it ! 🔥
@quantumbender5840 2 yıl önce
and now Giannis’s jumper is looking more solid than ever before
@comradesero 2 yıl önce
This channel is fire. Intelligent takes, interesting topics.
@kevinhoang9074 2 yıl önce
Ur soundtrack and editing always on point
This is so dope - good lookin out bro!
@troy10troytroy 3 yıl önce
basically, the league started playing like how i play 2k
@radon3292 3 yıl önce
Good analogy
Playshots smh HAHAHAHA
@richarddorvil6674 3 yıl önce
With the sliders up ? 😃
@andrewmitra2899 3 yıl önce
2k just a giant simulation, so in theory the meta for 2k should be the theoretical future of the nba. Ie. The 5 out is the meta in proam and that is where we are heading in today’s nba
@troy10troytroy 3 yıl önce
@@richarddorvil6674 man, i dont even know how to execute on-floor strategies like motion or iso. since I'm new, i just pick the hardest setting i could manage, random up the teams, use the visiting team, then pass around to get the best available player to drop the rock. the best i could do is alley-oop. cut me some slack man.
@ibrahimhussain2838 2 yıl önce
This is why Jordan averaging 30s in the 90s was different he would average 40 with ease with this defence.
@seinfan9 2 yıl önce
Wilt averaged 50 in a season where the defense was even tougher than what Jordan faced.
@dewisc2564 2 yıl önce
@@seinfan9 he was a good play Greta in that fact, but he could dunk without even tip toeing. The guy was massive and was towering over everyone else.
@devinotero1798 2 yıl önce
@@seinfan9 wilt played against janitors
@Johenz 2 yıl önce
He wouldn’t average 40 stop the cap
@devinotero1798 2 yıl önce
@@Johenz you right 50
Rama Bell’s point seemed to be more about rules preventing you form playing defense. Not just the skill of players.
@markpagtama7954 2 yıl önce
Watch that whole interview, he really meant skill of the players. And hes right, this era of the nba has been the most skilled of all time, jokic is basically a 7 foot larry bird, giannis is almost 7 foot, can guard anybody, has the handles of a point guard, and dominates in the paint like shaq, dame can torch you from the logo, lebron is karl malone and john stockton combined, curry needs to be double teamed the moment he enters half court, KAT is doing stepback threes as a 7 footer and is hitting 40% of them and is not even considered as a top 10 player today, kyrie is ai with a 3pt shot, i dont even know what kevin durant is. The amount of 3 level scorers today is just ridiculous, players without weaknesses in their offense is everywhere. Offensive schemes are more advanced, and todays nba has better athletes.
@@markpagtama7954 I’m referring to the specific point made about the change in defensive rules he mentioned though. I’m not discounting the skill of players today, but it is also fact that the NBA has changed rules since the ‘00s to encourage more offense. Defense hasn’t kept up because Offense had been allowed to advance while defense hasn’t. Main point being, the offensive skill of players is only half the story.
@markpagtama7954 2 yıl önce
@@SmittyWerbenJagermannJensen oh for sure, theres tons of factors. I dont think the rules is the biggest factor tho, not as much as shot selection and green light, the nba scoring boom happened in 2016, and the average ppg back in 2013 was lower than the average ppg back in 1995. I dont think theres much rule change that happened between 2013 and 2016. Curry and james harden happened.
@markpagtama7954 2 yıl önce
@WorldFlex 80s was worse defensively. The highest fg% in nba history.
@coldsnap5742 2 yıl önce
@@markpagtama7954 Because players had to raise their game to another level to overcome what the defense was allowed to do. That's why Michael Jordan is The Greatest. Steel sharpens steel.
@atulkar3794 2 yıl önce
Hands down among one of the best nba content creators
@stephenhagen8976 2 yıl önce
This video just reinforces WHAT I've been saying. Without Steve Kerr, you don't get Steph Curry with the freedom to do what he does. Steve Kerr changed the game, because any other coach would have put Steph (and the rest of the team) in a role. Also, don't forget, the area the defense has to guard tight is now twice as big.
@swift9576 2 yıl önce
Bro needs his own show, your videos have been goin crazy lately
@rakanemorrison9047 3 yıl önce
Players aren’t allowed to play defense, literally everything is a foul.
@thatguyluis 3 yıl önce
That plus players nowadays are more skilled and more athletic compared to the players of the past.
@rakanemorrison9047 3 yıl önce
@@thatguyluis True, but that has nothing to do with how bad the referees are.
@trippinatormachine 3 yıl önce
@@thatguyluis I agree but rakane got a point. Officiating is so inconsistent and it just seems to get worse by the year. I feel thats a big reason why defense isn’t nearly as prominent anymore
@worldingrid3800 3 yıl önce
I agree.. imagine the FIBA rules gets implemented in the NBA today.. crazy
@rakanemorrison9047 3 yıl önce
@Dayshon Jennings There’s no way you actually watch the games with that kind of logic
@Stepbackbrick 2 yıl önce
The tony parker segment was great. amazing work man.
@milespatton964 2 yıl önce
Always a good day when Jimmy uploads
@kingibrown310 2 yıl önce
John Stockton, Steve Nash, Steve Smith, a few that come to mind would of thrived in today's game. John and. Avg. Over 50 percent shooting and 40 from the 3, almost 90 percent from the stripe. Some say John wasn't athletic enough for todays game. I say " go watch. his game 5 4th quarter 20, game 6 15 point efforts and then listen to the greats speak of his talent, Gary Payton said he was harder to gaurde than Jordan. He took alot of flack for this statement i belive he meant it was demoralizing to see him shoot 10 shoots and finish with 14-16 points 13 Assists and 3 steals. Nash was amazing in his prme and would blow this leafue up today. Great video you have amazing passion and it shows. Thanks for the hard work so we all can enjoy it with you.
@Shmeckle 2 yıl önce
I honestly feel like social media also plays a part everyone’s seeing everybody do so good so everybody getting on there grind and there’s just so much you can learn online
@FrumpleTJBoyd 2 yıl önce
It’s also important to note that the faster paced evolution of today’s nba is PROVEN to cause more injuries among young players that need adjusting to the new system and hurts basketball because it’s better to see your favorite player shine sometimes then not be able to see them at all for the rest of the season because both teams were moving fast a reckless
@gameislife3081 2 yıl önce
yes yes yes
@cjr1881 Yıl önce
@agirotto1 3 yıl önce
Defenses never catch up with ofenses because whenever they do, the NBA nerf it by changing the rules. See changes made right after Pistons championships in 90 and 04.
@hiitsme3039 3 yıl önce
@yvngp00t96 3 yıl önce
Well to be fair the bad boys Pistons were practically assaulting the opponents during their games
@9r0t0typ3 3 yıl önce
3s opened up because defense got more relaxed. When they were able to start getting back to the hoop easier the big guys blew up and than the 3s opened up
@9r0t0typ3 3 yıl önce
You gotta remember that big guys only blew back up after the end of the hack a shaq era. Once that ended it opened the gates
@joshuapatton2387 3 yıl önce
Ahh man, the 04 pistons. The definition of the word TEAM.
@johnlindsay7301 2 yıl önce
I think there is another thing going on that’s not mentioned here. Back in the early 2000s the starting line up would have its stars and it would have mostly defensive specialists. Shooters would be on the bench. Now the rolls have reversed. Shooters start on the floor and the defensive guys are on the bench to start the game. If you can’t shoot, you just don’t have as much of a roll on a team, even if you’re pretty good on defence.
@tacotone Yıl önce
I've gone from being intersted in the NBA regular and postseason, to now only watching the postseason, and even the postseason is starting to feel like every team plays the same, but if your team isn't hitting 3s, they're gonna lose. Live and die by the three is what the NBA has become.
@Gihaz12 2 yıl önce
You got me with that Joe Ingles bit. I was like WTF?!??!
@ynkybomber 2 yıl önce
Curry so good he makes old players want to play again.
MJ would've developed a killer 3-point shot if the league valued 3's as highly as they do now back in the 90's. You can't tell me that someone with as maniacal a work ethic as MJ wouldn't have worked himself to death improving his long-range shot
@anggua 3 yıl önce
If you can't take your man iso and give him a hesi pullup, you're sent to the g-league🤣🤣🤣
@VASTSports 3 yıl önce
@igotnext930 3 yıl önce
Even the big men in today’s nba are 3 point specialist. Jokic, embiid, Ad, even Julius Randal only all star big guys that don’t shoot 3s are Zion and Giannis. And even they shoot 30% from deep. It’s nuts how much the nba has changed
@Alpha-bn6cj 3 yıl önce
@@igotnext930 Rudy Gobert would like a word with you
@truthmatters758 3 yıl önce
@@igotnext930 all because of Curry that man revolutionized basketball
@ashishronak2324 3 yıl önce
@aggarius2944 2 yıl önce
As a suns fan I always thought it was a mistake for nash to shoot so little. I remember being confused asking my dad about it back in the day
@Kevdogg300 Yıl önce
Jimmy, love your channel. In the last 3 years, scoring in the NBA is at its all time highest in the regular season. Can you say the same about playoffs in the last 3 seasons?
great video! thx JXMY!
@kristjanrom9429 2 yıl önce
Great vid, makes you really think about how great guys like Jordan were
@kingsleylaurent562 2 yıl önce
You're good bruh....very good!!!!
@mohamedmuse9724 2 yıl önce
How about 4:19
@midz111 3 yıl önce
Defense is no longer a viable option considering how referees call fouls at the smallest things.
@jamesonball 3 yıl önce
Yep... Ref has made many games frustrating to watch...
@ABruhMan 3 yıl önce
Fax! I hate it so much
@teddybe4r5 3 yıl önce
So what are the knicks doing that allows them to keep opponents avg a league low 104 ppg
@uselessman4066 3 yıl önce
It’s the players too bro, if u watch closely a lot of them cry cuz they don’t get the fouls. Jesus how the way offense is lookin in today’s game bring the hand checking rule back 💯💯
@duck8624 3 yıl önce
@@uselessman4066 direct shot at Luka
@elastiq1704 2 yıl önce
one thing i think you missed on the Tony Parker comparision is that he may have shot 52% because he wasnt taking those outside shots often. id say his PPG would be closer to 24-24.5 but hey point still stands. Ray Allen took 5.7 3PA so i could just imagine the numbers he wouldve posted.
@yusufsaahir3317 2 yıl önce
U have the best basketball videos period
@billyjoel8510 2 yıl önce
Idk where u got this music but YT MrBallen uses it too. Good videos by the way
@michaelrobinson540 2 yıl önce
The game was played so fast when Wilt was averaging 50 points and 25 rebounds. It slowed down from the 70s-until 2016. Another factor is softer rims making it easier for the ball to go through the hoop
@Fries The last 5 years
@prod.picch3147 2 yıl önce
Italian Basket is still strategic and I like it
@coleworld5010 3 yıl önce
Facts. Kobe and T-Mac were dropping 40 when the final score was 80-90 something. Crazy.
@Terror832 2 yıl önce
At the same time they had to score that many points because their teams were very offensively deficient. Like those squads that Kobe was on in 2005-06 or T-Mac was on in 2003 were atrocious. So naturally they had to take 25+ shots a game to keep their teams afloat. Their scoring went down once they had a legit 2nd option to play with.
@Dotsetc 2 yıl önce
@@Terror832 No those teams seemed far worse because it was actually harder to get your shots off with limited spacing. Just go play ball outside and say people can only shoot the ball within the perimeter. You'll instantly notice how hard it gets, so now imagine that often 3 or 4 players in said teams not just rarely shot 3's but couldnt and people were actually allowed to handcheck guiding people away from their spots also.
@duantae 2 yıl önce
@M J If he took 30+ shots a game people would call him a ball hog like they did with James harden
@FlexSZN23 2 yıl önce
While playing intense defense and while playing against other playing tougher defense before the NBA rule changes. This is why I hate when people just compare stats across eras - it’s almost apples & oranges, you have to have watched both then you can take the stats in their proper context.
@eman610 2 yıl önce
Do a "follow up" video regarding this same subject but from a coaching POV. Coach's have had to adapt to this new playstyle. I wonder which ones embraced it and which ones fought against it.
@09lowkey 2 yıl önce
Reintroduce Hand-Checking, expand the 3pt line to the boundary line to eliminate the corner 3, and call illegal screens. That would greatly balance the offense/defense discrepancy.
@m.anthonyc.8761 Yıl önce
The ankle brake at 5:44 was so saucy I had to rewind and watch it several time at 0.25x playback speed........ It's funny watching the brain out perform it's physical commands to the rest of the body resulting in the Pacman dying sound effect.
@zacharyhooks6331 2 yıl önce
Just imagine like the numbers all time greats in the early 2000s and 90s players would had Absolute insane Could be a great video
@Terror832 2 yıl önce
The production may stay the same but I think their efficiency would go up. Take Allen Iverson for example. He averaged 31.4 PPG on a terribly inefficient 39.8%. Basically 27.8 shots per game. More than anyone today. To be fair to Iverson, his early 2000s Sixers team were pretty garbage offensively so he had to night in and night out chuck like crazy just to keeps his teams somewhat competitive. So if he played today (assuming a good team with good scorers) he probably wouldn’t have to chuck so much. As Jxmyhighroller pointed out. The average player today is far better offensively than 10-20 years ago.
In his best season, Peja was an MVP candidate. Arenas in Washington had 2-3 seasons that were not inferior to what Kobe was doing those years - with the only difference that Arenas was actually scoring the game winning 3 every other day. If people do not think that Arenas and Peja would score 30 today, they are the ones that are insane.
@noahhupp8548 3 yıl önce
This is what the adjusted points and stats per generation was made. Scoring is saturated now with pace and the 3
@ontop2324 3 yıl önce
the pace and the highest scoring games were in the 80s
Yup. It’s important to adjust for era and pace. For example, Wilt’s 50 PPG seasons, adjusts to about 28-29 pts/75.
@@ontop2324 *60s
@Jonathan Sainvil Nah, just worst defense.
@Nuthinnull 3 yıl önce
@@ontop2324 80s is one of the fastest paced eras
@spacelemur7955 2 yıl önce
Very interesting video. Thanks! I learned quite a bit here.
@danielweaver8684 2 yıl önce
@JXMY do a video on NBA defense vs international defense. IE Olympics etc etc. Interesting to see how the the same players score in the NBA vs international players.
@sehajgrewal563 2 yıl önce
Tmac would have been top five in the league rn if he played in this era
@MagCynic 2 yıl önce
4:50 This is 100% truth. Defenses in any sport are ALWAYS reactionary and ALWAYS bound by physics. The offense knows where it's going. The defense is stuck guessing.
@Sam-tf7jk 2 yıl önce
When u was talkin bout the revolutionary player I kept saying curry curry curry and then u said Joe ingles😂 that actually got me
@isaacspeake9905 3 yıl önce
Watching games nowadays, makes me think of my bloated good-for-nothing coach in middle school who would bench me for shooting a 3, bc "point guards aren't supposed to shoot".
@guersonlorient 3 yıl önce
Did you make those 3s?
@KingTae24 3 yıl önce
@@guersonlorient facts 🤣
@TRJ2241987 3 yıl önce
My high school coach (2001-05) did not allow our team to take 3's from the corner because "that's the worst shot in basketball".......we were pretty much all benched for taking 3 point shots whether they went in or not.
@eljefe9140 3 yıl önce
But did u make em is the real question?
@stefanlarsen4162 3 yıl önce
I got the Same but for big men. Even if I was hitting them.
@TheNewKG 2 yıl önce
I don’t think I’m smart enough to create the concept of a graph so I appreciate that dude, the one that made graphs
@kevinseven748 2 yıl önce
Jimmy’s graphs never fail to blow my mind
@HH-je3sh 2 yıl önce
my favourite video on this channel. it all makes sense now.
@kranxonpotato5609 2 yıl önce
I aslo noticed this during the playoffs and was surprised when i seen hardens avg
@mickarago 2 yıl önce
As à French basketball fan I particularly appreciate the what-if scenario with Tony Parker 👌🏻
@Caleb-ly4fc 3 yıl önce
The NBA has become "positionless" basketball. Boys we were playing positionless basketball at recess in school. The NBA has turned into a recess pickup game.
@blueguppy9321 3 yıl önce
for real, all it is just shooting, rebounding, and maybe a couple assist now and then. No defense doe.
The mindset of the nba being a pickup no defense game is just stupid i bet even the 90s greatest defender scottie pippen would look like an amateur guarding jayson tatum. I watched the 90s I watched the todays too and so far todays the greatest talent ive ever seen
@amazingrileyrules 3 yıl önce
Because players nowadays have had the training to play multiple positions.... why are you complaining about players being pro af
@Gd-jq6mz 3 yıl önce
Neo's arrival changed it all
@GameChanger-xi4iy 3 yıl önce
@@midorimashintaro2613 If Scottie grew up in this era he would be better than Tatum he would be like a LeBron 2.0 without the high ppg and far better defense.
@kevinchills 2 yıl önce
Great clips!
Best way to revert the nba to the most entertaining era is to extend the 3pt line 3 pointer will look cooler midrange is not a bad shot and the game will have art once more plus handcheck rule
@davidreeves9679 2 yıl önce
Excellent analysis! Even though offensive skill is at an all time high across the league I find the game boring. I hope defense catches up.
@jamesalexander5025 2 yıl önce
Me when I saw the final three years on the chart: JESUS! Great video!
@jacoblavoie8326 2 yıl önce
With this scoring, you nailed it on the money. This also shows just how dominant Wilt Chamberlain was, seeing how despite the pace and scoring, players still can't catch his records. Insert; Bird, Miller, Mark Price, Joe Dumars, Chris Jackson, Robert Horry, Ray Allen, etc. and you have 30+ and a few 40+ scorers easily. Would love for you to do an average on the above mentioned Jimmy 🙂.
@goosebt1245 3 yıl önce
Jxmy's TRvid is the definition of quality over quantity..
@Dougiefresh06 3 yıl önce
This video makes what Jordan did even more amazing! He scored 37ppg in the hardest era to score ever. Imagine what he would have done in this inflated era
@killerninja6093 3 yıl önce
Wanna look at some real quality check this guy Jonny Arnett out that’s real quality over quantity lol much better than jmxy
@@killerninja6093 ik ur trying to start a conflict but it’s not gonna work lol
@killerninja6093 3 yıl önce
@@professionalcurrysexual9289 end of the day it’s just my opinion just check the dude out and you’ll see what I mean
@@killerninja6093 I’m literally subbed to him lol
@keokihiga8462 2 yıl önce
Would like him to explore the part about the hand check rule more. If you can’t put your hand on the offensive player then you have to back off so they don’t dribble past you. That gives you room to raise up and shoot. The game started to evolve once that rule changed. I agree that players are better shooters nowadays but that’s a byproduct of what I said above not because they’re more skilled. If you watch Hakeem’s post move you can’t say he’s not as skilled, but instead had to match his skill with physicality. All these teams chucking up 3s has led to the demise of the low post game, which in turn makes games boring because there’s hardly a difference in style between teams.
@Tarquin2718 Yıl önce
I never understand rebounds, or rather rebounds are a given but offensive rebounds can be game winning. But the focus is on both, which makes the stats askew as players can get 8 rebounds while doing nothing, while 4 offensive rebounds is a treasure. If possible I expect offensive rebounds to increase and occasionally become a championship reason ^__^
@jamirsmith4899 2 yıl önce
THIS IS MY REACTION AT 7:26 IN THE VIDEO.It's not just curry fault. I blame 2k. I got out and play basketball all the time. And people really only do the moves they do in to 2k. One time a dude just stopped moving, swore he did a hessie. I just slapped the ball out his hand.
@B4ndit_1 2 yıl önce
Imagine Bird taking that many 3s
@zayturner2024 2 yıl önce
my man jxmy loves those "and then theres this" graphs lol
@judecollyer6582 3 yıl önce
Makes it even more crazy that mj was averaging 30ppg in the 90s......🐐
@markibash2689 3 yıl önce
Wasn’t it in a faster paced year tho?
@judecollyer6582 3 yıl önce
@@markibash2689 The NBA pace was quite fast in the 80s but was really low in the 90s and 2000s and nowadays is way higher than ever so not really
@nikosofidemporas 3 yıl önce
Whats more crazy are Kobe's numbers.His whole career until the achilles 96-2013 the leage PPG team average were on all time lows.Teams barely averaged more than 100. But exactly before that period 80s and early 90s and exactly after his retirement until now teams averaged 105 to 110 PPG.
@realniggashit3 3 yıl önce
Prime MJ, Kobe, Iverson, Bird, and even McGrady would average over 40 PPG in this era
@brianconnery2801 3 yıl önce
@@realniggashit3 that's an absolute fact
@Steve_R418 2 yıl önce
Arenas was made for todays game. People really sleep on what a dynamic scorer he was. Career cut short by knee injuries but he was one of the first guys shooting deep 3s even back in his day.
@randomcat5262 Yıl önce
the four sections of this video: Intro, The Tactical Revolution, The Anomaly, and taking up over half of the entire runtime, Tony Parker. This just about blows my mind.
@narutokid40 2 yıl önce
Good to know Jxmy watches the best sports analytics YT show chart party lol
Maybe im old (37) but i liked the "old nba" .... it was a thinking man's sport with ball movement, bruising defense, let the big man go to work, let the SG run wild, let the PF enforce, let the PG set it up etc
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