NBA Hidden Chats You Surely Missed!

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The most funny, strange and angry chats you've probably missed in NBA. All from Westbrook, Lebron James, Durant, Giannis and many more!

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17 Oca 2022




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TrillMatic Yıl önce
The fact that Booker really looked upset that the only person in the stands was distracting him 🤣🤣
Oktome 5 aylar önce
@Crocker aka hops 90,s jumpman Texas Its the other way around
Getsuga Allen
Getsuga Allen 6 aylar önce
@Mr.Pupskie watch two channels called truthunedited and shattered paradise and the spiritual servant
Crocker aka hops 90,s jumpman Texas
@Isaac84 Booker is not overrated trae young is .
Isaac84 8 aylar önce
I hate devin booker and trae young. Devin’s overrated and Trae is so cocky.
Lit 8 aylar önce
k.i.s.s. Yıl önce
The raptors mascot was doing what he does every game. There was just no crowd behind him this time lol
Getsuga Allen
Getsuga Allen 6 aylar önce
@Cryptidian watch two channels called truthunedited and shattered paradise and the spiritual servant
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed 9 aylar önce
@Tim Flanders bog bro o
Tate Mushroom
Tate Mushroom 10 aylar önce
Certified booker moment
almer almer
almer almer Yıl önce
nickname Yıl önce
Lebron: "With my eyes closed" *proceeds to miss with his eyes wide open* LMAO🤣🤣
Daveyboy_Golf R
Daveyboy_Golf R 7 aylar önce
​​@Conjurment Conjurment according to just about every NBA player, eX NBA player, Sports journalist, coach, broadcaster etc, they would disagree with you. you got Isaiah Thomas on your side tho
Daveyboy_Golf R
Daveyboy_Golf R 7 aylar önce
why try and copy something Mike already did perfectly the first time?
Conjurment Conjurment
Conjurment Conjurment 8 aylar önce
@LimitedRBLX lebrion>mj not a debate
LimitedRBLX 8 aylar önce
@Chad thundercock mj>lebron
El Tachy
El Tachy Yıl önce
2:43 Kobe saying "Got Ya" soon as the ball leaves his hands. That was ice cold. RIP
clawzx 5 aylar önce
@Oh yeah Yeah they prolly say rip because he was so cherished and appreciated. I would only imagine tho…
AKW Walker
AKW Walker 5 aylar önce
@Oh yeah Yeah yes, with absolute positivity. Every time I talk about someone who died I always throw RIP in the sentence. Been doing it since I can remember. I know since at least 1998-2000.
Anees Sarwar
Anees Sarwar 6 aylar önce
Knowing Kobe he probably made a 1000 that day in practice from just that spot 🤣🤣. Miss you Kobe.
Myrben Mascariñas
Myrben Mascariñas 8 aylar önce
I Miss Kobe Bryant From:Phillipnes I Love Kobe Bryant Playing R.I.P
EpicJakeGaming Yıl önce
"hidden chats you surely missed".. meanwhile Draymond Green: AHHHHHHH!
Wild rugged Gaming
Wild rugged Gaming 7 aylar önce
Fr tho
Tatsh Morningstar
Tatsh Morningstar 10 aylar önce
@PettiKash fr fr it's like the "I am groot" from that walking tree in Marvel
Malek K
Malek K 11 aylar önce
no father?
no father? 11 aylar önce
@Suhas Pai hmmm maybe?
Delshawn Scruggs
Delshawn Scruggs Yıl önce
Ty Lue reactions to Luka spitting game to the ref is Classics 😂😂😂
Fouling in love w u 😂😂😂😂
Alare Yıl önce
Funny thing is we all made the same face Ty made the first time we witnessed that
Lightskin Saiyan
Lightskin Saiyan Yıl önce
Lukas Risser
Lukas Risser Yıl önce
The amount of Lebron, Luka, and Embiid clips is Hilarious! 😂
Rio Nabil
Rio Nabil Yıl önce
@ThePsychosis Thank god he got big stats too
Sami597 Yıl önce
@ThePsychosis Still better the LeBrons bloodline
Nineo Tindo
Nineo Tindo Yıl önce
@GSL how, it keeps popping up everywhere
Real-sped-osama Yıl önce
@ThePsychosis he’s funny tho lmao
ThePsychosis Yıl önce
Luka has such a big mouth
Andrei Casapu Recruiter and Consulter
Lebron's "with my eyes closed" is a joke. He can't even hit them freethrows with his eyes open. Coming from a LBJ fan
2Unpredictable 6 aylar önce
It’s stupid that LeBron did that
Deezy 6 aylar önce
All facts!
Vanessa Regino
Vanessa Regino 9 aylar önce
Love you hexfxf
eerie Yıl önce
I love how KD made sure Pat was ok before trash talking him.
Zion Zero
Zion Zero 6 aylar önce
@dxtremecaliber ??? Elaborate
dxtremecaliber Yıl önce
@Kreative Kulture TV nah LeBron thinks he knows shit but in reality its not
World Material
World Material 9 aylar önce
Luka has the funniest trash talk. It's like he just discovered English insults and is having fun w em 😆
MithicaSH Yıl önce
Booker complaining about that one single Raptor fan during his FT shots got me cracking
adadada dadadad
adadada dadadad 5 aylar önce
@NateTheGreatNDT imagine defending booker 😂
Le Monke
Le Monke Yıl önce
@NateTheGreatNDT ok tf
NateTheGreatNDT Yıl önce
@BlackScreen He’s used to hundreds of people in the stands… trying too distract him… so when it’s just one singular person… it might be way more distracting… And what I meant by waving things, that’s what people do to distract players on the FT line.
BlackScreen Yıl önce
@NateTheGreatNDT what
NateTheGreatNDT Yıl önce
He’s probably used to hundreds of people waving things, but when it’s one singular goofy looking mascot it’s probably really distracting.
MELS Yıl önce
Coming from a huge Spurs fan from over a decade I can understand now why Popavich talked and treated his players the way he does ... drilling into his players to be able to handle getting trashed talked to and not letting anything get to you. Stay focused and don't let anyone get into your head. Majority of the spurs players go on to be great players respectively if they don't stay. Took me this many years to realize it ... sadly but glad nonetheless 😌🙂
Seymar Dodoo
Seymar Dodoo Yıl önce
The military guy in the back at 0:46 did not even see the shot go in but celebrated more than the other guys.
Fred M.
Fred M. Yıl önce
First Last
First Last Yıl önce
@Cam S yep i think this one is accurate
just xsu
just xsu Yıl önce
@Seymar Dodoo idk, go ask the soldier. What you think I’mma answer to your question, I wasn’t in the arena
Seymar Dodoo
Seymar Dodoo Yıl önce
@just xsu it wouldn’t be in real-time like that. And what’ll be the point. You’re in the stadium
Zodiac L.P
Zodiac L.P Yıl önce
jeff lol
jeff lol Yıl önce
when luka hits the half court with trae i love how excited the milatary guys get 💀
devilfriend Yıl önce
Luka while being the only person visibly mad: "You mad huh?" lol
AverageRonin Yıl önce
This is how PvP video games usually go down 😆
AKA闷骚怪 Yıl önce
luka mad af🤣
Joe Benson
Joe Benson Yıl önce
Anyone saying "you mad" (English Translation: Are you mad) are fuming inside.
Moneybagg D
Moneybagg D Yıl önce
@Andres he was still big mad😂😂
Andres Yıl önce
This video doesn't show the full clip tho
WhackedoutCookie Yıl önce
0:47 the service members going bananas over that shot are what really made that clip special.
Iveer Yıl önce
"finally you hit a shot" what great moment
Omar Naqvi
Omar Naqvi Yıl önce
@SuperChickenBurgers it was a joke
Lawrence Lanzaderas
for click bait only
Chris Rodriguez
Chris Rodriguez Yıl önce
@Karan Mathew Forgot the /s
Karan Mathew
Karan Mathew Yıl önce
@Chris Rodriguez i cant tell if ur being sarcastic lmao
Retro Bimmer Lover
Retro Bimmer Lover 5 aylar önce
Buddy didn’t even make the shot. Just wanted to mess with Luka. I love it. 😂
PGT3 Yıl önce
Embiid telling KD to go home on their own home court was the funniest
Iza1ah _
Iza1ah _ 9 aylar önce
0:46 i love how happy luka looks here with trae
Jay T. Harris
Jay T. Harris 9 aylar önce
Yo, that Donovan Mitchell one at 5:43 had me weak 😭
TheKKCody0824 Yıl önce
2:40 Kobe clip brought me back to my kid days damn. Even more golden he called it and ace’d it and it was over Raja Bell (a Mamba opp). Miss you Bean!
Arvin Pascual Genido
That Kobe's "Got ya" sounded so majestic
Kevin Durants Burner
Embid: we’re in your head also embid down 0-3💀
Boyan Petrov 🇧🇬
Boyan Petrov 🇧🇬 5 aylar önce
@Joe Benson who got robbed of mvp tho? Definitely no one from the Celtics. Sucks that Tatum shit his pants so badly in the finals.
Kevin Durants Burner
@Joe Benson 💀💀
Joe Benson
Joe Benson Yıl önce
And lost 4-1 those clowns got wiped by the Celtics.
CardboardRN Yıl önce
Fukcin love Trae Young. Kid’s got heart bigger than most 7 footer out there on the court.
Papi Zyrox
Papi Zyrox Yıl önce
@Rico Quinn 😐fk ur right
Rico Quinn
Rico Quinn Yıl önce
How you explaining yourself but still tryna figure out what’s ironic. That’s ironic too 😂
Papi Zyrox
Papi Zyrox Yıl önce
@lesternomo n u didnt clown me bk💀💀💀
lesternomo Yıl önce
@Papi Zyrox wowowowow clowning but whining when clowned back that’s crazy
JahXhiem 5 aylar önce
The donovan mitchell one killed me😂
Keanu Yıl önce
6:20 he really air balled that🤣🤣
Brian Lofgren
Brian Lofgren 7 aylar önce
“ rumbling and stumbling bumbling” that’s the funniest thing I’ve Heard all week 💀
Alohaq Yıl önce
the trae young/luka clip was so golden because of the way they celebrated together. Love to see it.
Mr. Exclamation point
4:42 "at your mommas house" is the best one 🤣
Leader 7 aylar önce
I am at your mom's house
guilherme fernandes
" What foul?" Luka - " Fouling in love with you " 🤣🤣🤣
Malik Jones
Malik Jones 8 aylar önce
Embiid saying I'm in your head while being down 3-0 is hilarious
Citizen of the World
The only clip with AD and he already looked like he was gonna injure himself 🤣🤣🤣 Became Top 75 player wearing street clothes
Alare Yıl önce
Top 75 wearing street clothes 🤣☠️🤣
Japfitment Yıl önce
this man finessed his way into that top 75 smh
Connor Allan
Connor Allan Yıl önce
the bromance with trae and luka is so nice to see, especially since they are gonna be compared for the rest of their careers, so to see them competing this way is great to see.
Krabb Yıl önce
Lebron really had me thinking he was gonna make the free throw with no eyesight😂
Daymon Bugler
Daymon Bugler Yıl önce
Joel embiid trying to bully lemelo makes me not feel bad when he got slapped and cried by losing to the raptors in 2019 lol
Tyr Savy
Tyr Savy Yıl önce
@Holliday Season yes he got slapped
Daymon Bugler
Daymon Bugler Yıl önce
@Holliday Season I don’t know if you just had to tell me twice or actually managed to stutter through text , Nice point tho..
Holliday Season
Holliday Season Yıl önce
@Daymon Bugler Weird.....
Holliday Season
Holliday Season Yıl önce
@Daymon Bugler it's not. It's not getting slapped.
Daymon Bugler
Daymon Bugler Yıl önce
@Holliday Season he lost to a game winner while double teaming with 3 seconds left while knowing he’s going to shoot it in 2 seconds exactly with 3 inches on him and still got scored on and sent home, if that ain’t getting slapped then ion know what to tell you.
Mjnari Simpson
Mjnari Simpson Yıl önce
6:10 that dude gets my respect, always defend your team 👏
Henry Tilghman
Henry Tilghman 10 aylar önce
As a depressed Knicks fan, this clip made me happy.
Mr.Pupskie Yıl önce
“God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:7‬ ‭NLT‬‬
Rell Yıl önce
Enes Freedom.
Raymin Gaming
Raymin Gaming 5 aylar önce
The luka and trae moment warmed my heart. So wholesome
Ryu 田中
Ryu 田中 Yıl önce
0:46 guy was on his phone and acted like he knew what happened lmfao 🤣
XxkillerxX10 Yıl önce
Let it go, man xDDD
BNG Esports
BNG Esports 7 aylar önce
Jimmy Butler’s put me in your tikky tok got me dead🤣
XD Yıl önce
5:17 can we appreciate the shot that man made
EmperorJXL 9 aylar önce
No who cares it’s just a normal shot
XD Yıl önce
@Jeffrey Gruber I just liked it, why so mad
Wendy Turcios
Wendy Turcios Yıl önce
@Jeffrey Gruber your acting like it's extremely easy to make a three
wise guy
wise guy Yıl önce
Kobe bean. Got cha I love it R.i.p KOBE TRULY MISSED
ImJoezi Yıl önce
2 years since the accident today. 🖤 forever loved
Obafemi Ajayi
Obafemi Ajayi Yıl önce
Kobe is alive in spirit
matt n
matt n Yıl önce
@Alvin Yakitori no. Bean is actually his middle name. Kobe Bean Bryant.
Alvin Yakitori
Alvin Yakitori Yıl önce
@Alamo 024 Kobe’s dad played in the NBA and was nicknamed Jelly Bean Bryant so Kobe got that nickname too in tribute to his dad while playing in the NBA
Zxdmyr Yıl önce
@Alamo 024 bean I’m pretty sure is his middle name
Elijah Henness
Elijah Henness Yıl önce
It's kinda funny that KD just smiles when someone trash talks him on the court, but he's got burners to go after small little things he doesn't like on twitter 🤣
_ Xds4325 _
_ Xds4325 _ Yıl önce
Need a pt 2 to this asap.
H Younes
H Younes Yıl önce
D.Schroder looked like he really didn't mean to say anything 😳 😕
Locksness 6 aylar önce
“come on come on, got ya” i miss him so much man
nett krittanunt
nett krittanunt Yıl önce
4:12 why this got me rollin 🤣🤣
- 007 -
- 007 - Yıl önce
2:29 Dwight clearly says "Happy Hanukkah"
Leader 8 aylar önce
Sounded like happy holigers
Sharif Brown
Sharif Brown Yıl önce
@dime turn game sliders up.
dime Yıl önce
Ouff, you're right. Sorry about that. Can't shoot 100 for 100.. 😅
YEETUS YEETUS 5 aylar önce
Luka really out here rizzing up the ref 🤣🤣
gselilkel Yıl önce
I died when lebron missed that free throw with his eyes close 😁😁
Naaenarr Yıl önce
5:43 hahaha. this had me replaying it and then dying😂🤣
IKAY 8 aylar önce
Look at Kobe man. Inspirational
StRYd3n Yıl önce
I can assure you the final word out LeBrons mouth was NOT "baby" at 3:08. My boy was feeling himself and hit em with that "NyyyGGuh" like Pinky from next Friday! 😄 🤣
Steffon Penke
Steffon Penke Yıl önce
Luka and the ref is the love story we need this season.
Ocampo, Jevie Jan A.
Smiling and laughing until i see Kobe. RIP legend
Dreamjinx Yıl önce
Durant has me dead🤣
Edoardo Ferrara
Edoardo Ferrara Yıl önce
Trae Young is one of the most hated, but also one of the most talented players.
Linger 11 aylar önce
the one with kobe brought a tear to my eyes
Jose Cervantes
Jose Cervantes Yıl önce
Tried to do the eye closed free throw like MJ. THE BALL DON'T LIE
Jose Cervantes
Jose Cervantes Yıl önce
@Edwin Younes 😂😂😂😂😂
Edwin Younes
Edwin Younes Yıl önce
The ball says he better than MJ so you right it doesn’t lie
OGFlacKofrmBLVD Yıl önce
🤣🤣 facts
declan hynes
declan hynes Yıl önce
Lmaoooo when Dwight said Happy Hanukkah 😭
What who¡
What who¡ 10 aylar önce
‘Gotcha’ by Kobe was awesome 😂
Y2Plays Yıl önce
Bro this man lamelo said 'imma be a ref when im done to show ya how its done'🤣🤣🔥🔥
Mfh Ikk
Mfh Ikk Yıl önce
TigDinero YTS
TigDinero YTS Yıl önce
Ariza said you ain finna put him on no Highlight Tape Trae 🤣🤣🤣
Camyreon187em Yıl önce
Patrick Beverley is made for pissing everyone off 🤣🤣🤣
Joe Benson
Joe Benson Yıl önce
He's a passive aggressive "enforcer". Back in the 80s and 90s his words would be fists throwing down with the bad boys.
Jadyn Violet
Jadyn Violet 11 aylar önce
lamelo having an attitude is the funniest thing to me
L. G
L. G 8 aylar önce
Donovan mitchell vs jamal murray was such a great matchup hopefully we can see that again in the future
Vera Wang
Vera Wang Yıl önce
LeBron goated with that quick "at your momma's house"
EJ Yıl önce
I don't know what that mascot did to Booker, but I gotta say, he was on fire after that incident and still is till this day.
STL x MRA Yıl önce
Enes Kanter is a real bro I swear. And that Kobe got ya was the kobiest thing ever, loved it
vCarbon Yıl önce
0:40 that is the reason we play basketball for fun
mainly.lebron Yıl önce
This is why I love the NBA. So many new things to learn every single day.
Varlaen Yıl önce
Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson 8 aylar önce
"🗣 - Imma be a ref when I'm done hoopin and show yall how its done" Lamelo 😂
Marco64 10 aylar önce
I love the Dwight Howard one where he says happy holidays
Veronique Iwele
Veronique Iwele 8 aylar önce
Luka gotta teach me some of those good pick up lines 0:04
Infinite Yıl önce
really adds personality to the nba
rejjie_theking Yıl önce
Lamelo- when I'm done hooping I'mma be a ref and show you how to be a ref" 🤣🤣🤣
Albertini Yıl önce
Dwight such a Sweet Man, always happy
Sleepy 10 aylar önce
Damn even the opponent teams coach thought that Luka was smooth
BomHellaDiffernt Yıl önce
Luka was really on demon time vs the magic. Talking his shxt 😂😢
J Wood
J Wood Yıl önce
There’s only one time that I’ve ever really agreed with something Russell Westbrook has ever said…And that was when he said Pat Bev is trash and just be running around fouling people and shit.
No Hassle
No Hassle Yıl önce
The Rodman method
AKW Walker
AKW Walker 5 aylar önce
Ty Lue was like damn, I need to use that one.
R.A.D Editz
R.A.D Editz Yıl önce
EmperorJXL 9 aylar önce
The Sus King
kaptain Yıl önce
Instant sub bro hope to see more from this hidden chat series
Patrick Yıl önce
finally a video with actual chats we might have missed lmao
BrayThit Yıl önce
no cap. Luka smooth for that 😂😂😂
dominic Yıl önce
“terrance man is not a weak individual” got me lmao
Memry 9 aylar önce
I love how at least half of these clips is Lebron😂
quinny Yıl önce
"Rumblin' & Stumblin' & Bumblin'" 😂😂🤣🤣
JconnVFX 8 aylar önce
The main reason I watched this video was to see the “finally you hit a shot” 😂💀
The Austin William Jump Show™
I swear, we're gonna be talking about Luka for a looooong time after he retires 🤣
Troy F.
Troy F. Yıl önce
Lebron: Ima shoot with my eyes closed. -It sure look like you did!😆
Father Figure
Father Figure Yıl önce
That was a cheesy line by Luka still 😂
Cooper Herakovich
This is exactly what I clicked on this video to see. A slow mo of Dennis Schroeder saying “what’s that man”
5:25 butler just wanted attention he could’ve snuffed bro if he really wanted to fight💀
Srorynx Yıl önce
Lamelo: “imma be a ref when I’m done hooping and show u how it’s done” 😂
Amira Yıl önce
The way that ref smiles when luka hits on her😌
JACK Liu Yıl önce
The look on Curry s face “ shit , he got his wants”
The way Westbrook screams and one just hypes me up.
Darkne55drifter Yıl önce
6:03 Kanter really thought he owned Lebron
ShaMike vs LeCurry
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