NBA Hidden Chats You must See! 

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NBA Hidden Chats You Must See includes LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons, Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard and many more NBA Superstars!
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30 Eki 2022




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@KingSwish. Yıl önce
Nets or Lakers 🤔
@aidenlee8706 Yıl önce
@ksho10 Yıl önce
@DraKoGaming- Yıl önce
Their both trash this season
@JC-np3xo Yıl önce
@JGP0716 Yıl önce
@@ksho10 goofy🤡
@BernardGarcon Yıl önce
3:10 the irony of Ben saying that with hindsight in full effect now
@Mr.Soul99 Yıl önce
Nurk was also a walking double double at the time and arguably much more efficient than ben. So Ben saying that was just hilarious.
@dklockedin Yıl önce
Kyrie's screaming and pleading for Simmons to shoot is what the 76ers organization and fans have endured for many years...the PTSD after the Hawks series was indeed real. Especially when he passed the ball to Thybulle on a clear open dunk opportunity..sheesh.
"Shoot it Ben". The pain kyrie feels is the same nba fans and media has felt for years.
@mikegizaw9990 Yıl önce
Over exaggerating 🤡
@@mikegizaw9990 SHOOT IT BEN???
@@pauloparcasio2001 SHOOT IT BEN???
Wen Womens
Then Thimmons
@Cowboys30 Yıl önce
@4:00 I love how Dwight’s trying so hard not to look at Kobe 😂
@markakuban7271 Yıl önce
5:27 Daaammeee Tiimeee , am rolling 😅😅..pav Bev a menace
@Jackrabbit8905 Yıl önce
What Ben said to nurk is so ironic
@hoopsspill Yıl önce
Remember last year when bridges told Russ he was to small and Russ cried for a technical.
@raizen4271 Yıl önce
0:46 Lillards trash talk straight from the soul 😂
Dame had no chill
My favorite was when Curry turned around asked crowd did it go in LOL
@veerchasm1 Yıl önce
“I got 4 rings” don’t be THAT GUY Klay
😂who does that remind you of?
I was at the game for the 0-5 chant and it was SO LOUD
@Sonnyy21 Yıl önce
why were they mocking their own player tho lmao
@whoa-g Yıl önce
W vids when klay said I got 4 rings he's right tho😭💀💯
@emel1623 Yıl önce
F outta here😂
@freshc9240 Yıl önce
Replace Klay with Booker and they also win four rings, at least..
@@freshc9240 yeah no, klay a way better shooter and booker wouldnt have fit in the scheme with curry. He would cry for like he always does
@geezer.d.luffy. Yıl önce
@@baileymitchellk.o.m.1775 bookers better in every aspect besides shooting 3s. klays 41% bookers 36% idk how you figure booker couldn't fit their scheme of get around the screen and shoot an uncontested shot lol going by their career numbers 20-4-2 booker 27-5-6 bookers more efficient on offense than klays ever been
@Ash-uf4fv Yıl önce
@@freshc9240 That aint even possible you dimwit.
Russ talking to kawhi like he has rings 💀
@johngotti3487 Yıl önce
You just chattin 🤦🏾‍♂️ he says that cause the Clippers isolated him on defense all the 4th qt, watch the games ma boa
i swear you internet nerds dont play in real life if you have a good defensive play ofc your gonna talk your ish has nothing to do with rings
@discipleteo3763 Yıl önce
@@kalistogaheta8802 💯 💯
@wheresmtnzx1115 Yıl önce
Russ trash talking is the best because his stats do the talking 💀
@jbos221 Yıl önce
Pat Bev is such a joke but hes mad funny
I like what Dame said, that was Lowkey dope
@zivuhz Yıl önce
7:30 man i wish you would’ve included dame’s “you’re like a 60% free throw shooter,” makes russ’s “82!” and the brick that much better 💀
@wulfred3681 Yıl önce
"shoot it ben" ben: dont ask stupid things mate
@aaronsmith4806 Yıl önce
I love how every time Russ is talking trash his team is down and typically being blown out. Can’t guard him, impossible… brick.. still can’t guard me!
@lecrum_ Yıl önce
The dame one tho 😭
@AHWW288 Yıl önce
It's funny if you think about Jordan Bell's dunk.... Im all for sportsmanship but if you don't do that in a blowout, when is the right time? Jason Richardson tried to do that years ago vs the Cavs and got a 360 dunk blocked by LeBron in a tight game during a key possession
@aaronsmith4806 Yıl önce
I was thinking that as well. It would be bad to do In close game. Maybe a 20 point lead in first half?
@phantomarp6909 Yıl önce
Na that first clip of Ben it’s good that he passed it he had 3 people on him one of them being gannis kd was open good pass
@derekfoe5950 Yıl önce
That 0-5 chant was different 😂😂
@conzeoquence Yıl önce
Simmons talking about being ass is gold
@Shiro087 Yıl önce
"Beverly took a dive" 🤣
@wavemaker2077 Yıl önce
The fans should bring a placard in every Nets games and write "Shoot the ball Ben!".
@randall44lee 26 gün önce
Hard to believe Ben Simmons won rookie of the fear, and was considered one of the top young players five years ago. Sad story, for what seems like a good dude.
@ProbablyGaming- Yıl önce
3:12 Aged like fine milk
I know Ayton was hurt about them free throws
Your are always a W man
@CloutGod_504 5 aylar önce
You can never call Ben Simmons a ball hog
@supitsdosh Yıl önce
Grown ass man making millions a year and still acting "gangster" will always be funny to me
@Azula777 Yıl önce
I dont think a single one of these were hidden chats, they were all said very loud
@lunarleaf Yıl önce
I mean the subs are nice
If I was as good as these players, I’d be afraid to talk trash. 😅 God might take the powers away if he hears me.
@bigpoppa1689 Yıl önce
7:28 how you gonna talk shit and then miss a free throw lmfao 🤣
Down 20 talking "you can't guard me"
@theasuraluis Yıl önce
Funny as hell.
@Hello-yi1wz Yıl önce
Klay,westbrook,ben have similarity
@SwishGod6 Yıl önce
0:42 Lillard funny asf😮‍💨😆
When russ wants to he can lockdown man
@srslyxan Yıl önce
Everytime I see one of these videos I think of “GET OFF ME!! & TELL YA DAMN BROTHER GET OFF ME TOO!!!” Iykyk
King I am going to the Celtics game on Friday if you see me put me in the next video
@lakeshow6653 Yıl önce
W video
We don't do that in a blowout only gets pt during a blowout
@will.s3145 Yıl önce
w vid
Some of Lukas techs I don’t under what he’s thinking
@frosl6564 Yıl önce
Why Lin didn't make that foul
@kostas8933 Yıl önce
Don’t mess with the balkans 😤
@MrBestvirginia Yıl önce
"EmBiiD DiDn'T mEaN tO" No sir, big crybaby never does 🤣🤣
2:30 …..pause
@adgee5401 Yıl önce
Bron definitely didn’t say man
@greatymayar6816 Yıl önce
Ben pls wake up
@tjlahav Yıl önce
@raullruizz3882 Yıl önce
Ive got 4 rings and only two matter
@djgro1356 Yıl önce
5:55 KD said: "Trop petite" is french which means "too small" - don't make shit up. thank you.
so? everyone with tongue can talk.
@bigpoppa1689 Yıl önce
4:36 bro get tf out my face like that
@aidenlee8706 Yıl önce
@chazzmantis2279 Yıl önce
Durant is so fake-tough
@karmakazi__247 Yıl önce
Not even conversations in most of these. Good lie. 💩
Can someone explain why is the dunk from 4:41 inappropriate?
@meek8455 Yıl önce
It’s an “unwritten” rule to which you have to be respectful of the other team. It’s only to prevent highlighting since you’re up by 30 already. It’d be disrespectful.
I'd say my usual "maybe don't lose if you don't want that to happen." But it's the 2017-18 warriors thats toxic
@kingswish the ayton and dame interaction was different, search it up
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