NBA Greatest Crowd Reactions of All Time!!! 

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Some of the greatest crowd reactions of all time. From game winners to monster dunks.
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25 Tem 2017




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Sweetness Jonesy
Sweetness Jonesy 3 yıl önce
Man those Kobe Bryant highlights... it doesn't feel real that he's gone.
thief rat
thief rat 3 yıl önce
thats true my man.
J'Paks Gwapito
J'Paks Gwapito 3 yıl önce
Yeah men. I feel you.. Kobe pls come back 😭
lil peep boyz
lil peep boyz 3 yıl önce
R.I.P Kobe the true GOAT
ItsAnEndlessWorld 3 yıl önce
Kenrick Eason
Kenrick Eason 3 yıl önce
It feel so eerie man...
5thward houstontx
5thward houstontx 3 yıl önce
Watching the last Kobe highlight brought tears to my eyes
davice I
davice I 3 yıl önce
5thward houstontx sane too 😭😭
Dost Bakış
Dost Bakış 3 yıl önce
Bo Collins
Bo Collins 3 yıl önce
Tipzyyy 3 yıl önce
i was all good til i saw his family...then it really hit man rip
Ethan Lien
Ethan Lien Yıl önce
man I got the same feeling too. I can't believe that he's gone.
Jack Hirtle
Jack Hirtle 3 yıl önce
At 10:50 when Kobe is shooting his free thro for 60 points, Gordon Hayward steps into the paint, so just in case if Kobe missed it he would still have another shot at 60. Now that’s true sportsmanship right there
Jacob Fine
Jacob Fine 11 aylar önce
nope, he said he didn’t mean to. loser mentality if so
Camoox 7 aylar önce
@Jacob Fine He wouldnt admit that shit if he did
PilotMitchell 3 yıl önce
The Damian Lilliard one against Houston gave me goosebumps...that one was absolutely crazy.
Michael 3 yıl önce
Dame and D. Rose, their reactions to game winning shots is just business as usual! Shots they expect to go in and have seen go in countless times throughout their lives. Love it!
ZebraNeighbor 2 aylar önce
Dame yes, Rose no 😂 That man thought he was hot shit cos he had no competition
Matthias Devers
Matthias Devers Aylar önce
@ZebraNeighbor What? Rose had no competition? He battled against the Celtics with Rondo, Pierce, Allen and Garnett. Then had to fight against the Heat with LeBron, Wade and Bosh. And what about the Caveliers with LeBron, Irving and Love? Just listen to other stars when they talk about Rose. Everybody feared him and his abilities. Nobody wanted to guard him and he pretty much dominated every other Point Guard in the league. Just listen how Dame talks about Rose, nothing but respect there.
Kj Hernandez
Kj Hernandez Yıl önce
At 1:38 it was nice to see Kobe acknowledge that Parker’s defense gave him the chance to tie the game
Jermaine Dupri O'Neal
Jermaine Dupri O'Neal 11 gün önce
This sadly didnt matter bc the Phoenix Suns would eliminate the Lakers the next 3 games
Bxnksy 3 yıl önce
The Kobe one at the end hit different 🥺
Bxnksy 3 yıl önce
Skull kid I’m 22? “Skull kid”
Bxnksy 3 yıl önce
Skull kid never shed a tear but if you say so kid 🤷‍♂️
eja219 3 yıl önce
At the start of 9:21 I got emotional. Then when he hit that last shot seeing GiGi jumping up and down really messed me up. Still feels unreal. RIP Kobe and GiGi
Earning Zekrom
Earning Zekrom 2 aylar önce
Luz María
Luz María 2 aylar önce
R.I.P. Kobe, Gigi, and everyone we lost on that helicopter 🙏🏽
randall simpson
randall simpson 2 aylar önce
​@Luz María that's why you don't fly around in helicopters when you could have easily driven
Luz María
Luz María 2 aylar önce
@randall simpson let's not talk bad about the dead. It is what it is. It's not their fault the helicopter crashed.
Cities talk
Cities talk 12 gün önce
Idol worship
Chaitanya Bhat
Chaitanya Bhat 3 yıl önce
Don't think anyone in the modern era hyped the crowd more than Kobe, even the opposition crowd. Rest easy Mamba.
Nick Alderete
Nick Alderete 3 yıl önce
Dude got MVP chants in TD Garden. That's special
daniel julbe
daniel julbe Yıl önce
Lebron and curry not saying they get the crowd going more but I feel like it’s them 3
BrenTw0 8 aylar önce
Randy Lahey
Randy Lahey 2 aylar önce
Vince Carter, Allen Iverson, D-rose, Lebron, Giannis. I would say Shaq hyped the crowd more than Kobe on the same team.
Grover Chang
Grover Chang 27 gün önce
As an NBA fan I remember some of these endings. As a Laker fan I remember every single ones of Kobe. RIP😢
giovannipancia 3 yıl önce
6:27 - I will never forget this one - the first Jordan game-winner I watched live! November 11, 1992 - I was 12 years old. Just a regular season game - but a moment I will always remember!
CoolBoss999 3 aylar önce
As a Knicks fan, I feel really grateful for the 2 winning clips we got in this video 🙏🏾
Mark Santana
Mark Santana 3 gün önce
Hits different now that Melo retired too🐐😔
Mark Santana
Mark Santana 3 gün önce
I remembered being baffled beyond imagination watching this in my mom’s living room
Ced Bing
Ced Bing 5 yıl önce
Kobe last game is probably one of the most iconic moments
darius house
darius house 4 yıl önce
Ced Cuddi right taking 50 shots is definitely memorable
Drew 4 yıl önce
darius house A ball hog legend lol
Rhys Newlands
Rhys Newlands 4 yıl önce
haters gonna keep on hating, probs hating on us now that we have the best player on the planet
darius house
darius house 4 yıl önce
Rhys Newlands I’m happy as shit . LBJ is the GOAT lol
Drew 4 yıl önce
Rhys Newlands As much.as I want GSW to get destroyed, Lebron won't be able to do shit in the West unless maybe you get to trade for another big name or sign a free agent next summer. My hopes are higher for HOU and OKC.
Gm Rivera
Gm Rivera 3 yıl önce
They said "Kobe dont pass.." Scores 60 and last play of his career is a heave pass down court and gets an assist on a 2 hand slam to solidify the win. Legend!!
Grind Hard
Grind Hard 4 aylar önce
They said it about MJ too!! Also MJ: Pass to Steve Kerr for the win!! 💪🏾💪🏾
Sucio Beats
Sucio Beats 3 aylar önce
The "ballhog" ends his career with an assist. I would have dunked it if I were Clarkson too...Think about Kobe's last pass in the NBA was to you, you better dunk it.
Noel López
Noel López 3 yıl önce
His last field goal was almost a carbon copy of the buzzer beater against the Suns. It's been a couple months that he left us and I still tear up.
Cutco Henry
Cutco Henry 2 aylar önce
Kobe's final game brings tears to my eyes every time
Lotniq Yıl önce
Every single time when I'm watching Kobe's highlights I have tears in my eyes... I miss him so much :(
Cities talk
Cities talk 12 gün önce
Bro get a hold of yourself you cant miss someone you never even met before yall celebrity worshippers do not live in reality
Mars 10 gün önce
​@Cities talk 💀
Thisplacesucks 4 aylar önce
The fact that we literally live in a world where Kobe doesn’t anymore is still insane to me.
Adrian Michael Miguel
1:51 that cheer. "Bryant for the Win!" Im gonna miss that... RIP sir
FBI 3 yıl önce
Jai Rey bot lol
Slzy 3 yıl önce
Lmao y’all act like he died in the middle of his career and he just stopped playing basketball because of it😂🤦‍♂️
Celtics20 3 yıl önce
He was retired when he died tho
Mamba 3 yıl önce
Jai Rey wtf is wrong with you? What do you mean with “ its just kobe”. Bro, IS KOBE. One of my idols since I was a child
NinJason 3 yıl önce
Jai Rey that isnt what @SizyR6 was saying...but anyway let us know how you feel when one of your childhood idols pass away and someone says "oh yeah it's just so-and-so...big deal he/she dont know you"
Shmoney G
Shmoney G 3 yıl önce
Those Kobe highlights 🔥🔥🔥...still can't believe he's gone RIP a legend 💜💛💜💛
Pulling The strings
Pulling The strings 4 aylar önce
That Ray Allen shot is probably the craziest one I've seen since i started watching NBA. The muscle memory to know where that line is is insane.
Topsy Yıl önce
the Kobe one at the end is the epitome of human perseverance and excellence. gave me chills
An Idiot Plays Live Stream
I never thought I'd miss Kobe when he was gone, as a Celtics fan. But then, I was always thinking about that in basketball terms... it's been a couple years now, and it's still so damn weird to think that he wasn't at his own Hall induction alongside Tim and KG.
Cities talk
Cities talk 12 gün önce
You cant miss someone you never met before
An Idiot Plays Live Stream
@Cities talk maybe *you* don't have that capacity. I do.
Jean Lubin
Jean Lubin Yıl önce
8:56 that half court shot with three seconds remained was insane. All shots made in this entire clip are by best of the best. And that performance by Kobe at the end "defines basketball".
AoS Kaytrap
AoS Kaytrap 5 yıl önce
Meanwhile the crowd in 2k golf claps when you hit a buzzer beater to win the championship in MyLeague...smh
silent 5 yıl önce
AoS Kaytrap fr💀
Chief 5 yıl önce
lol 2k need to get the crowd reactions more hyped
jack pack
jack pack 5 yıl önce
AoS Kaytrap The crowd from the NCAA basketball games use to be lit!!
Oscar Kaplanski
Oscar Kaplanski 5 yıl önce
2k needa take a look at fifa. When u score a game winner in the last minutes the crowd and team go crazy
Olu Akinyode
Olu Akinyode 5 yıl önce
AoS Kaytrap 2k18 better fix that
Dennis Loniak
Dennis Loniak 2 aylar önce
Missing Larry Johnson’s 4 point play, Knicks vs Pacers, Jun 5, 1999. MSG EXPLODED. I was there, still get chills every time I think about it.
GodIsOnCod Yıl önce
All these Kobe highlights just shows how much LA & the basketball community loved him even if it was an opposing fan 🙌🏽
Alvin Bonilla
Alvin Bonilla 2 aylar önce
3:17 even the score keeper was shocked
Raptorsified Yıl önce
Seeing VC make that shot live felt like the completion of his redemption arc. Can't believe he got another chance all those years later and he delivered.
kittykenma 2 yıl önce
The clip with Kobe’s last game and his family there. My heart hurts so badly. Rest In Peace Kobe and Gianna
jbohnoff 4 yıl önce
Kawhi Leonard's 2019 G7 playoff buzzer beater against 76ers will be amongst the NBA best crowd reactions for a long, long, looong time.
Ycart AC
Ycart AC 4 yıl önce
jbohnoff. YEAHHH
Nouf 4 yıl önce
Bozidar Ristovic
Bozidar Ristovic 3 yıl önce
BigDave 3 yıl önce
Dame buzzer beater was better in absolutely every way
Sam Davis
Sam Davis 3 yıl önce
BigDave dame could not make that shot, Joel Embiid was guarding him
Sports Fan 2000
Sports Fan 2000 Aylar önce
The way that scoreboard changed to 99 gives me the chills🥶
Juan Flores
Juan Flores 3 yıl önce
Ending it with Kobe. Perfectly done man, I got really emotional.
Jun Nico
Jun Nico Yıl önce
It brought tears to my eyes, seeing Kobe and his family, especially the young Gigi in the last Clip highlights.
Corey Yıl önce
The Kobe double game tying/game winner against Phoenix was the first thing that came to mind, and I'm a Mavs fan! But watching that game live, even I got hyped up! The first one that sent it to OT made me say "WOW" out loud, then the game winner made me jump to my feet! My dad was pissed though🤣
Carlos Jr
Carlos Jr 9 aylar önce
you did a sick job with this. I love that you had multiple generations of NBA basketball. And the way you ended it was perfect!
Fish21 5 yıl önce
whenever i rewatch Kobe i always feel like getting up and just release the hype
Marcus Mej
Marcus Mej 5 yıl önce
[DW] Fish same kobe my fav
Matt Suttie
Matt Suttie 5 yıl önce
[DW] Fish Same here
jamal sharif
jamal sharif 5 yıl önce
Matt Suttie
jamal sharif
jamal sharif 5 yıl önce
Matt Suttie
Saul Villalobos
Saul Villalobos 3 yıl önce
Kobe’s against the Suns will be forever cemented in my head. One of the happiest memories in the history of my life. Live on brother! #mambaforever #8/24 #81points #thegoat🐐🐍🔥🏀💪🏼🥺
NEGUS IBE Yıl önce
Just too get backdoor swept he was up 3-1 that series rip but he is not goat or top 10
PRIS Aylar önce
I always watch these videos and find that Kobe has more of these moments than any other player in History.
John Aylar önce
01:37 this says so much about how amazing of a leader Kobe is.
Mike K
Mike K 4 aylar önce
This is missing the 2004 Eastern Semis when Chauncey Billups hit a half court shot to force OT. Easily the best crowd reaction I’ve ever seen.
GW RANARIO 5 gün önce
Its 2023 and youtube brought me here. Not really a fan of Kobe Bryant but tears suddenly came out to my eyes watching this. He's such an inspiration to everyone.
TJD 5 yıl önce
I had the chance to be there live for Kobe last game. Being a lifetime Lakers fan and living outside of LA, I never got to see them play in Staples. So my first Lakers game was Kobe's last game. The energy in that building was incredible. Everyone was crying. Once in a lifetime feeling. Never seen anything like it.
Nick Duncan
Nick Duncan 5 yıl önce
TJD The atmosphere was like a Game 7. It was deafening.
TJD 5 yıl önce
Slick Nick bro, I swear I didn't realize how much he scored until he hit the 43 point mark. Like I remember every basket, but it almost didn't feel real. I couldn't even hear myself screaming.
Nick Duncan
Nick Duncan 5 yıl önce
TJD I was kinda anticipating Kobe getting at least 30 since the crowd gave him no choice but to shoot and his teammates no choice but to pass him the ball. It wasn't until he got 40 around the third quarter where I started wondering how far could Kobe go. It was 18,000 strong willing Kobe to another basket. And another. And another. Cheering with PIERCING volume everytime Kobe scored. I just couldn't believe it.
TJD 5 yıl önce
Slick Nick I told myself before the game, "at least 25" Hahaha. But 60? Man, unreal.
Nick Duncan
Nick Duncan 5 yıl önce
TJD I was not expecting 60...
HHLA Yıl önce
Kobe highlights hit deep now. What a Legend. RIP.
Jamiah Wilson
Jamiah Wilson 2 aylar önce
Man ,Kobe drooped 60 in his last game I get goose bumps every time I saw those highlights.. !
eman X
eman X 3 yıl önce
Crying at the end while watching Kobe's last game. Legends never die.
Cities talk
Cities talk 12 gün önce
Imagine crying over someone you never met before
Cities talk
Cities talk 12 gün önce
Idol worship
Noble Vagabond
Noble Vagabond Yıl önce
Love seeing all these throwback teams man I love the history of bball so much. And speaking of history this made me realize that Kobe’s last play was actually an assist not a bucket… just thought that was kinda funny considering the stereotype of his propensity to shoot and not pass
Money Mizz
Money Mizz Yıl önce
Nobody will ever leave the game tge way Kobe did... Nothing short of amazing... Hated him for many years for torching us but Rip to my Philadelphia Native 😢
Drew24 5 yıl önce
Kobe making the crowd go crazy on the road wow......true baller
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 5 yıl önce
dhruvil23 6:25 Lin is a true baller too apparently
fullfradi95 6 aylar önce
It was cause He had injuries already and he hasnt dunked for a while like months and BAAM he went in and Dunk on 3
Pirate King
Pirate King 6 aylar önce
Tears in my eyes watching them Kobe highlights
Viewerof Youtube
Viewerof Youtube 3 yıl önce
6:55 Kobe Bryant is probably the only person to dunk on the home team at their arena and make their crowd explode and cheer for him as if he was on that team.....that's insane......R.I.P Kobe Bryant
Fitzmaurice Phidd
RIP kobe those highlight moments will always be legendary
itaysevenfoldhamri 3 yıl önce
I wasn't ready to watch those Kobe ones...just incredible. Rest in Peace Mamba and Gigi!
RedHerring411 2 yıl önce
We need the crowds for the playoffs man. Just not the same without them.
Swagtcn 5 yıl önce
6:50 Kobe dunks against the Brooklyn Nets at their house and the crowd goes crazy. Lol what a Legend!
ovathere93 5 yıl önce
Stranger Danger I was there. It was a laker crowd. Brooklyn nets fans were never into it like other fans. Maybe all the hipsters from all over the country. I dunno. Gave up my season tix after the second year.
Tery Bois
Tery Bois 5 yıl önce
People in Brooklyn aren't really Nets fans. Actually people here in New York in general are either Knicks fans or busy jumping on a bandwagon lol. Remember the Nets were a New Jersey team for a while so people just go to the games just for fun.
joey 5 yıl önce
big black man pipes entire franchise
Ben Cossie
Ben Cossie 5 yıl önce
Stranger Danger iii
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 5 yıl önce
bandwagoning kobe? my dudes hes the name people say before they shoot anything into anything... lmao
Yabas 4 aylar önce
It's really a shame people hate on Russ so much. He absolutely deserved that MVP 1000%
į 10 aylar önce
I remember when I was little and didnt really understand basketball I was a kobe hater and called him a ball hog, but before he retired I came to appreciate his game as I learned more about basketball, and I remember watching his last game, KNOWING he was going to score all of those shots everytime he took one. Rip mamba
Suld Otgonbaatar
Suld Otgonbaatar 7 gün önce
Man I cried while watching this. Thanks for making this compilation It was nostalgic
Big Dawg
Big Dawg 4 aylar önce
Bruh why did that Paul Pierce crowd reaction just send chills down my spine. Damn THAT was a reaction.
Cmo 417
Cmo 417 3 yıl önce
Everytime I watch Kobe’s final shots man I get chills!!
RetroCNY 5 yıl önce
Kobe's last game will remain one of my favorite basketball memories for the rest of my life, and I'm no laker fan. Just an incredibly epic performance, there's no other word that adequately describes it for me. Just epic. Goosebump inducing.
BabyApe 23
BabyApe 23 3 aylar önce
At 10:13 his clutch game winner his family just looking at him with pure joy seeing what his does best was just loved by every yo favorite player today looked up to him even jordan even tho we didn’t know Kobe personal it was a big loss to this world that he’s no longer here💜🖤💛
Sammy Samuelo
Sammy Samuelo Yıl önce
It’s crazy how no one’s talking about that Lillard and D Rose game winner. One of my favourites of all time 🔥🔥
Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro 2 yıl önce
KOBE ... 😔 L.E.G.E.N.D. Love and Respect from France 🇨🇵
Hayashi Zeveign
Hayashi Zeveign 11 aylar önce
Come Hear the Truth!
Come Hear the Truth! 4 aylar önce
When Kobe tied the game vs the suns, that side step to avoid that charge was next level. You have to be a different kind of athlete to do that.
Juan Magana
Juan Magana 4 yıl önce
I don’t play basketball but i see why people say “Kobe” when they shoot something at a bin
product producer
product producer 3 yıl önce
XXX you made my day
Pimp Mikey
Pimp Mikey 3 yıl önce
Just Abide 😂😂
Tech 3 yıl önce
Or use a grenade in fortnite lol
tolga algin
tolga algin 3 yıl önce
WTF i do same thing but say lonzo
Souljah4ThaMostHigh 3 yıl önce
Lmao that's supreme facts there's not a time I *don't* pay homage lol every time "Kobe!" And it goes in too
japango1 3 yıl önce
Every Kobe highlight made me smile even harder...
Boo Sosa
Boo Sosa 2 yıl önce
The thunder vs golden state game where westbrook hit the corner 3 I was there it was ridiculous one of the greatest experiences of my life 💯
Timothy Stephenson
Timothy Stephenson 3 aylar önce
8:15, I love it how all of these people react the same way with their hands, they raise them in the air, then clap, and then raise them up again after Kobe Bryant swishes in the buzzer beater. Man, rest in peace Kobe Bryant, I still miss you and you will be remembered for centuries to come. 02/07/2023, 9:19am
mananghilaw walihgnanam
got a teary eyed with the last clip of this video, KOBE the GOAT 🥺🥺🥺 👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏
Pulling The strings
Pulling The strings 4 aylar önce
I still can't let it sink in that Kobe is gone 😭
Happy Tatty
Happy Tatty 4 aylar önce
Same, i still cannot believe it
Nasir Muhammad
Nasir Muhammad 5 yıl önce
I still can't get over that 60 point game in Kobe's last game
Paraglider Collapse
Paraglider Collapse 5 yıl önce
Kobe was still performing at an All-Star level. He was forced out of the NBA because he kept eclipsing LeBron and the NBA couldn't allow that.
-- 5 yıl önce
Lel all-star level? Take an L kid
Jack Dough
Jack Dough 5 yıl önce
They let him since it was his last game plus he shits 50 plus shots that i think is a record for a player plus the defense is not trying they letting kobe i mean they have to foul at the dying seconds but theire not even trying it was a farewell game so they kinda let kobe enjoy it
CrispY 5 yıl önce
I don't think so, the Jazz HAD to beat the Lakers if they wanted to be in the playoffs. Since they lost, Houston took the spot.
UKLove524 5 yıl önce
Idk.. It felt forced to me. Like everyone on the court at the time wanted to send Kobe out with a bang. And hey, he is a legend so I get it. But yeah it felt like everyone, including the Jazz wanted him to score as many as possible...
DetroitLions 9 gün önce
Man the way embraced Smush Parker after he made that steal. That is likely one of the proudest moments of his life 🙌🏼
Korey Sylver
Korey Sylver 3 yıl önce
You could probably hear some of those crowd reactions from a block away. Being in the stadium must have been incredible
JLow Yıl önce
When it comes to crowd reaction, no one can ever beat Kobe. The opposing crowd appreciates what he does leaving everything on the court. Amen, Kobe. Amen.
trcs Yıl önce
Filo bandwagons
Josh Odell
Josh Odell 3 aylar önce
I still absolutely love D-Wade on that dunk. Boy was like "scuuuuusee me while I run you over with this Mack truck" 😂
Jaycob Terry
Jaycob Terry 27 gün önce
Say what you want, Ray Allens three to keep Heat in the series, Dames 3 point to win the series against the thunder and rockets. Those have got to be some of the craziest moments in basketball history. Gives me chills
Macabree 14 gün önce
Of course you're right. No need to start your comment with "say what you want". Cringe. No one said otherwise. It's not like someone said "no that's untrue". No one is criticizing those great moments
Jaycob Terry
Jaycob Terry 14 gün önce
@Macabree That’s not why people say “Say what you want” people say that, like myself, because you’re entitled to “say what you want” and I’m entitled to “say what I want”. I’m astonished that you think universally people would agree that 2 three point shots by guys who generally aren’t on anybodies top 10 are the craziest moments in basketball.
Macabree 14 gün önce
@Jaycob Terry i read "many" comments on many different social platforms for "years' and so many people have said how Ray allen's and Dames 3 point win against HOU are one craziest moments in basketball. Thousands. So many videos over the years and they've said the same with you including myself. So need to start your comment with that cringy "say what you want". Many have said. I've even watched Episodes on ESPN, First take, Undisputed and tons of podcasts and those moments are always brought up. So "universally" majority of people think the same as you and gotten chills
Jaycob Terry
Jaycob Terry 14 gün önce
@Macabree Maybe it’s brought up but it’s definitely not accepted as the two greatest moments period.
Macabree 14 gün önce
@Jaycob Terry Well, i didn't say it was "two greatest moments". You wrote "Those have got to be some of the craziest moments in basketball history". That's what you wrote. You didnt say "2 greatest moments in basketball history". That's 2 diffeenet statements.
Zhang Kevin
Zhang Kevin 5 yıl önce
I am still flabbergasted about Kobe's phenomenal last game.When he walked off from the court I cried out
Joshua Sundberg
Joshua Sundberg 5 yıl önce
22/50 fgs sums up his entire career.
Joshua Sundberg
Joshua Sundberg 5 yıl önce
J Ferdez I hate lebum James, so dont throw that excuse at me. Ima die hard laker fan and know all about Kobe Bryant and what he did for us. but I also know that he didn't want any other stars to be on the team so when he left he fucked us.the dude is almost 40 and still throwing up shots like that. those last shots he made jumped him from 18/46 to 22/50. that game was close because he missed so many shots that they got fast break points up the ass on our sluggish defense.
AvocadoBondage 5 yıl önce
Joshua Sundberg you're not a die-hard Laker fan if you hate on Kobe. He took us to 2 championships when all we had was Pau and washed up, injured and new players. The man is a legend and wanted to finish off his last game with a lot of points. Why the fuck would you judge the mamba because he wanted to shoot on his last game of his career. That kind of logic would be like shitting on Jordan because he barely had 15 points in his last game.
pp 5 yıl önce
Joshua Sundberg 22/50 is just below 50% if u knew basketball you'd know that that's pretty damn efficient especially out of 50 shots
A O 5 yıl önce
44% shooting on 50 shots is God awful apparently smh Some people act like he shot 32% or something lol
Charles Qi
Charles Qi 3 yıl önce
hats off to gordon hayward, he stepped in the paint just in case kobe couldnt make his final free throw. the man understands the true game, respect
Speak The Truth
Speak The Truth 9 aylar önce
The greatest crowd reaction I ever saw was 2002 wcf game 4 when Robert Horry hit the 3 on a ball tap out for the win. I was at home but I screamed for 5 minutes straight.
Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh Yıl önce
Oh, man. This highlights era feels so different and nostalgic including with all of those people witnessing the greatest. It doesn't feel the same with Covid now being around 😢
E 3 yıl önce
These highlights should indicate theres no comparing james to Kobe. RIP KOBE #1 forever missed, never forgotten.
Johny B
Johny B Yıl önce
im honestly teary eyed watching kobe's highlights i've watched most of them live too that shitt hits different
Nasir Jones
Nasir Jones 4 yıl önce
Kobe Bryant's last game still gives me chills, damn I miss him.
KathrynCeleste79 Yıl önce
Awesome videos…. Fans are the energy to the Arenas and their reactions to the BuzzerBeaters are EPIC….
Ben Carlson
Ben Carlson Yıl önce
MJ is the best all-time, LeBron is currently the best, and many other greats have come and gone and will come and go during my lifetime. But if we needed a last second buzzer beater to save the Earth, I would want Kobe to take it.
Bruce Lin
Bruce Lin Yıl önce
Who asked
Ben Carlson
Ben Carlson Yıl önce
@Bruce Lin I suppose I did, but point taken
E3818 Yıl önce
I will never forget where I was When Kobe played his last game, Rest In Peace to a Los Angeles Legend, you and Gigi will always be in our heats. 24/8 FOREVER 🖤
Jose Santana
Jose Santana 3 yıl önce
It Still hurts knowing he and his Gigi aren't here. He left a remarkable legacy.
Riles 5 aylar önce
Damn.. RIP Kobe. What a hero.
mikoyyuy13 5 yıl önce
You know you're a legendary GOAT when you're playing on the road in hostile arena, and yet when you do amazing things, the crowd STILL reacts and cheers and makes noises for you. #Kobe24
bucks rule
bucks rule 5 yıl önce
mikoyyuy13 i thought you was talking about the jeremy lin clip for a second
mikoyyuy13 5 yıl önce
mikoyyuy13 5 yıl önce
LOL I watched it again and saw what you were talking about lol. haha i didn't even notice it before thanks for bringing it up to my attention. and Lin wasn't the only one i saw. Westbrook also against the nuggets i think
Daniel Beesley
Daniel Beesley 5 yıl önce
I thought you were talking about Russ burying the dagger in Denver's soul.
Leahcim Noiro
Leahcim Noiro Aylar önce
Man, how amazing was Kobe
Micha L
Micha L 4 aylar önce
3 years later still in tears to see the united Bryant family
Blake Prince
Blake Prince 2 aylar önce
Damn we miss you Kobe
Simon Bischoff
Simon Bischoff Yıl önce
Larry Johnson's 4 point play in the Garden was the most amazing crowd reaction i ever saw.
Voca Yıl önce
What makes my feelings intense are seeing games being in playoffs with a great shot clutch for the win.
The Journey
The Journey 5 yıl önce
Man kobe was just...just incredible 🐐
Alegria Do Povo
Alegria Do Povo Yıl önce
RIP Kobe !!! Great from the begining till the end. Thanks for this emotional moments. #legend
Small Ben7
Small Ben7 3 aylar önce
Man, that Kobe clip at the end... we all miss him
goony_fresh Yıl önce
I don't think there is anyone who upsets more players than Damian Lillard. The man defines clutch.
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