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NBA "Fake Tough Guy 丑" MOMENTS includes Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Ja Morant, Dillon Brooks, Trae Young, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Devin Booker and many more!
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20 Mar 2023




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KingSwish 2 aylar 繹nce
Ja Morant or James Harden
Evans Sports Cards
Evans Sports Cards 2 aylar 繹nce
Ja Morant
I'mAShadowLOL 2 aylar 繹nce
AJDMedia 2 aylar 繹nce
@Evans Sports Cards Buggin.
Cdub 2 aylar 繹nce
Kristopher Elento
Kristopher Elento 2 aylar 繹nce
Ja Morant
Jen N. Spruce
Jen N. Spruce 2 aylar 繹nce
01:02 I can't get enough of the look on Kerr's face
Jayden 2 aylar 繹nce
Lebron getting hit in the head is pure frickin comedy in slo mo不
Mr.E 2 aylar 繹nce
Turned around real quick tho lol
craig dsouza
craig dsouza Aylar 繹nce
@Mr.E he was about to end his whole career
The Pain
The Pain Aylar 繹nce
@Mr.Enah, that's the best attitude to show that time. Instead of freaking out, Lebron showed patience after knowing it's not intentional. And they're leading, Lebron know it's not worth an ejection.
Malone 2 aylar 繹nce
KingSwish Shoulda Put Nobody Here Except Dillion Brooks For 10 Minutes
Victor Murawski
Victor Murawski 2 aylar 繹nce
Dillon Brooks is pretty much one of the only reasons the NBA is entertaining
JasonAnthony 2 aylar 繹nce
@Victor Murawski nah he makes it pretty annoying to watch grizzlies games. If he was any good then it be entertaining to talk trash
Revenger 2 aylar 繹nce
And Devin booker
02Sideshow 2 aylar 繹nce
@Revenger still a baller
pradeep malar
pradeep malar 2 aylar 繹nce
Steven Adams is the best teammate you could have if you're in a trouble.
Kukuh Andika
Kukuh Andika 2 aylar 繹nce
imagine having a Chad guy that always be there to cover u
Le Quack
Le Quack Aylar 繹nce
Thus Ja became Ja
Lando Smith
Lando Smith Aylar 繹nce
Steven Adams - Im a big bastard mate
N_A 2 aylar 繹nce
Steven Adams carried dude like his own son
David Mazur
David Mazur 2 aylar 繹nce
Easy to be a fake tough guy with all your teammates and coaches and security all "holding you back."
Tyler Novak
Tyler Novak 2 aylar 繹nce
Jae Crowder is the all-time goat of "hold me back"
Luke Andrew Gulmatico
Love that fact that marcus morris and embiid are going at each other, while kawhi is scratching his head in the background.
901_Inspired 2 aylar 繹nce
Trae walked into a brick wall literally
Micah {SGL} Collier
Micah {SGL} Collier 2 aylar 繹nce
"They're discussing the podcast!"
Marc Geis
Marc Geis 2 aylar 繹nce
Harlan the
iKingBandz Aylar 繹nce
Kevin really is a goat instigator oh here we go Theyre discussing the podcast
Jemerem Mazza
Jemerem Mazza 2 aylar 繹nce
LOL 1:49 Austin Rivers might be the smartest NBA player of all time! "NONONO LeBron it was an accident I swear".
ProjectYBB 2 aylar 繹nce
i dont get why so many made fun of him for it. lebron is taller and built like a fuckin tank. smart move to avoid that kinda conflict
Tyler Novak
Tyler Novak 2 aylar 繹nce
@ProjectYBB haha cuz he def did it on purpose but then immediately back-tracked
ProjectYBB 2 aylar 繹nce
@Tyler Novak it really isnt that obvious it was on purpose. he was passing it to the free throw line and the ref walking up. also i dont get how in ur brain that makes sense to you. he fouls, then flicks the ball of his hand with barely any force. then stops the conflict even before lebron turns... if i was pissed that i fouled a dude i def wouldnt lightly throw the ball at a dudes head. clearly it was him upset he got the foul called on him and flicked the ball away. did harden intentionally throw the ball down and smack himself in the face? course not. its a matter of anger and the possibility of it not even trying to hit him
Tyler Novak
Tyler Novak 2 aylar 繹nce
@ProjectYBB who really cares lol why would you write all that?
ProjectYBB 2 aylar 繹nce
@Tyler Novak cuz i felt like it?
the truth be told
the truth be told Aylar 繹nce
Westbrook went bananas in this highlight.
Crip52Crazy 2 aylar 繹nce
Morant Tried To Push Bradley With All His Strength And Didn't Even Budge Him Lmaoo
Crip52Crazy 2 aylar 繹nce
1:48 Lmaoo Austin Rivers Caught That Quicc AF Lmaoo
Jake Spitler
Jake Spitler 2 aylar 繹nce
3:08 the funniest thing here is that the announcer keeps calling him Franz lmao
T-Mo Fisher [兡
T-Mo Fisher [兡 2 aylar 繹nce
Franz getting disrespected bc of his bros nonsense i woulda been sick
Scott Blackmore
Scott Blackmore Aylar 繹nce
Green and Brooks reminds me of Step Brothers 不
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor 2 aylar 繹nce
Draymond is seriously the strangest dude. Lol
Hank Miller
Hank Miller Aylar 繹nce
Oh theyre talkin, theyre talking about the podcast
LAmadeSurvivor 2 aylar 繹nce
Jordan clarkson be squaring up on imaginary friends
bruce lau
bruce lau 2 aylar 繹nce
KingSwish with yet another amazing NBA Banger video yessir
stxtic Aylar 繹nce
Ja morant on the thumbnail is wild
Shrek Wes
Shrek Wes 2 aylar 繹nce
Still cant believe how Lebron got mad at saric for just playing the game, saric didnt say anything at all neither did Embiid. Lebron even hit the ref in anger and got no consequences for it.
j jj
j jj 2 aylar 繹nce
this whole video shouldve been of ja morant
Young Heartthrob
Young Heartthrob 2 aylar 繹nce
All I was expecting was Booker and Ja Morant
D' MaN
D' MaN Aylar 繹nce
I always want to be the friend of Steve Adams, no doubts. Also, angry Westbrook is another player...
NBAGoats 2 aylar 繹nce
A lot of people dont realize Dillon brooks wants to be like Draymond green he said it in college
 休h劾 h  休h
休h劾 h 休h 2 aylar 繹nce
This was pretty interesting but I will never forget the episode where they're actually making fun of their content because now that brings back memories
T Sierra
T Sierra 2 aylar 繹nce
0:41 I remember when he did that, the memes that came out were great.
Liam Aylar 繹nce
Tbh it looks like Austin Rivers was just flicking the ball away and genuinely didn't mean to hit Lebron with it. He turned around thinking it was on purpose, don't think it makes him a fake tough guy for letting him know it wasn't.
Torkild Vollan
Torkild Vollan 2 aylar 繹nce
No way trae tryna be tuff on zion'
Patrick Ravert
Patrick Ravert 2 aylar 繹nce
Bruh if u actually watched it trae didnt see Zion roght there when he turned around and bumped into him or else Trae wouldve never done that after
RealestGamerAlive 2 aylar 繹nce
Brooks is the fakes tough guy ever. Would love to see him actually go against 'enter name here' lol like come on now. Draymond would have him tapping out in 30 seconds max
Bamboozled 2 aylar 繹nce
Nah I dunno man, brooks is actually pretty tough, could sure take out draymond. like I know yall hate him, but man is built pretty well
I'mAShadowLOL 2 aylar 繹nce
Even tho i love Trae Young sometimes someone needs to put him in his place
Gardner Davis
Gardner Davis 2 aylar 繹nce
What they didn't show from that first one is he and Zion laughing about it later
Aiden Campbell
Aiden Campbell 2 aylar 繹nce
I can't stand that dude.. hes had this ego from day 1 and hes really not that deserving of it..
Aarav Shorts
Aarav Shorts 2 aylar 繹nce
Dont diss my man jimmy like that man
BuzzerBeaterGT 2 aylar 繹nce
Hhaahahaa, yeah! I wanted to see the reason KingSwish put him on the thumbnail, but I didn't even watch him on the video.
Aiden Campbell
Aiden Campbell 2 aylar 繹nce
They're double teaming Harden, Oh my.. Harden's wet foul dream
Cz.8 Aylar 繹nce
Put kevin "chihuahua" garnett the whole 10 mins hahaha
Van Jones
Van Jones Aylar 繹nce
I don't think these dudes are fake but just don't want to get fined lor mess up their money. If the rules was like in the 80s I think dudes would still knuckles up. Plus the malice in the palace ruined fights in the league as well.
Jaden 2 aylar 繹nce
No one in the NBA is real tough these are all multi millionaires who just sometimes get caught up in the competitiveness of the game
Aaron Neville
Aaron Neville Aylar 繹nce
Id give my life savings to watch someone knock Grayson Allen tf out
Jemerem Mazza
Jemerem Mazza 2 aylar 繹nce
You know, I don't think LeBron is a "Fake tough guy" Look at those muscles! LeBuff
ItDoBeLikeThat 2 aylar 繹nce
Doesnt stop him from being fake tough all them muscles on him just to flop on slight breeze
Milo60 2 aylar 繹nce
@ItDoBeLikeThat u go push him then
lightway 2 aylar 繹nce
@Milo60 ItDoBeLikeThat is probably a 5'8 coach potato and im sorry but it do be like that
Milo60 2 aylar 繹nce
@lightway for sure he play Minecraft and fortnight in all his spare time
A P 2 aylar 繹nce
I'm surprised someone ain't broke Grayson Allen jaw
Tyler Novak
Tyler Novak 2 aylar 繹nce
that don't want that smoke
Romnys Gonzalez
Romnys Gonzalez 2 aylar 繹nce
LMAO Trae trying to be tough while looking like a 2 time divorced parents who is going through a hair treatment to prevent baldness Dillon Brooks got 4 eyebrows
Brayden West
Brayden West 2 aylar 繹nce
Bangers every time keep up the good work and 3rd
knickstape 2 aylar 繹nce
the hawks could be like 90% of these clips lmao
Romnys Gonzalez
Romnys Gonzalez 2 aylar 繹nce
Westbrook vs KD rivalry was so damn good
ZAYDA GOAT 2 aylar 繹nce
What rivalry
NeverNotHoopin 2 aylar 繹nce
NBA is slowly becoming a kindergarden
gumpotronic 2 aylar 繹nce
AAU princesses are not tough, no matter what 12 year old thinks they are. The NBA has about five players with any actual toughness in 2023.
Valcoire IGR
Valcoire IGR Aylar 繹nce
Thompson's taunt and Luka destroy the suns in game 7 playoffs probably the most iconic moment in recent time of NBA
DFW 1Fast1
DFW 1Fast1 Aylar 繹nce
Grayson looking like a baby and a grandpa at the same time. So confusing.
Jake Brandon
Jake Brandon 2 aylar 繹nce
I'm convinced 80% of the league would've been eaten alive by the 70s to the 90s. Just the Bad Boy Pistons would've made half these spoiled players quit the league.
Lavar Teal
Lavar Teal Aylar 繹nce
Jordan Clarkson aint want no smoke
Slothdays 2 aylar 繹nce
Video idea who are you now ( biggest offseason changes)
mistic Aylar 繹nce
Not enough Devin Booker.
bruce lau
bruce lau 2 aylar 繹nce
definitely you can put 90% of the Hawks on this video 100%
Bixeqe 2 aylar 繹nce
Nah its more grizzlies
Ryan Parker
Ryan Parker 2 aylar 繹nce
Okay I'm light skin and wear glasses. I'm glad Zion knocked his glasses off.
Mo Minister
Mo Minister Aylar 繹nce
That Greyson allen block was a block it just look nasty the way he times it
ZAYDA GOAT 2 aylar 繹nce
Nahh clarkson really like that stop playing wit my boy
You Are A Soul
You Are A Soul 2 aylar 繹nce
Hes squared up 4 times and never done nothing. Show pony
Luca Geri
Luca Geri 2 aylar 繹nce
he really faked that guy. LOL
Luca Geri
Luca Geri 2 aylar 繹nce
2nd clip he got him good. LMFAO ;)
William Sewell
William Sewell 2 aylar 繹nce
why jimmy on the thumbnail he prolly the only real hood guy in the league rn
AK 2 aylar 繹nce
Okay I did not expect seth to get into an altercation攻
Virgil Lesaca
Virgil Lesaca 2 aylar 繹nce
I despise the Morris twins bully tactics. They start sh*t then get mad if you react. Like how DARE you not let me bully you
Easypickens 2 aylar 繹nce
First of all, Lebron is 250, Tyler Herro is 175
YTModerator 2 aylar 繹nce
Saw Ja on the thumbnail and knew this video was an L
John Dawson
John Dawson 2 aylar 繹nce
LAmadeSurvivor 2 aylar 繹nce
TL - HFiT 2 aylar 繹nce
Steven Adams Hobby is carrying guys
BoricuaFlavored 2 aylar 繹nce
Its funny to watch these soft ass "tough" guys always looking out for someone to break it up.
RoboNinja Aylar 繹nce
Anyone notice how this era is loaded with fake tough guys?
creator of
creator of 2 aylar 繹nce
Jimmy butler on the thumbnail is craZ
Julius Peralta
Julius Peralta 2 aylar 繹nce
Fake though guy thats the whole league
Eric 2 aylar 繹nce
2:20 pull that shit against any old school players and they will not hesitate to fuck you up and say it's a "foul"
P. 2 aylar 繹nce
The Grayson Allen show!
Terry Brown
Terry Brown Aylar 繹nce
UD Is a ok dude but that Miami Enforcer tough guy role he try to play is a joke. Jimmy butler would have kick his as* .
Frosty Warrior
Frosty Warrior Aylar 繹nce
Nah you can take Jordan Clarkson off this list because he never backed down from anybody and you never seen him flop ever
Zealous Jay
Zealous Jay 2 aylar 繹nce
1:11 lol back in the 70's 80's 90's and 00's they would be fighting already..... dremond walked this dude
roosupial 2 aylar 繹nce
The podcast comment will always get me
idoublem Aylar 繹nce
Idk who irks me more, Grayson Allen or Brooks lol
Million Dolla Mass
Million Dolla Mass Aylar 繹nce
1:02 Steve like,"*sighhhhh*
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson 2 aylar 繹nce
Buddy thought Mo Wagner was Franz
Wh0datb3 2 aylar 繹nce
Ja saw derozan and said I apologize master
Mike Pfeiffer
Mike Pfeiffer Aylar 繹nce
NBA, where mediocre happens and guys act hard for it.
jumpymatt701 2 aylar 繹nce
Ja Morant
poinked 2 aylar 繹nce
2:05 so dramatic lol
Drew Whitley
Drew Whitley 2 aylar 繹nce
Nice video
This is the FBI.
This is the FBI. 2 aylar 繹nce
Where is the Jimmy Butler clip? The fake tough guy that wants beef with Jokic brothers but didn't show up.
Seb獺nio Victor
Seb獺nio Victor 2 aylar 繹nce
Grayson Allen is so DIRTY!!!
yusuf ibrahim
yusuf ibrahim Aylar 繹nce
I love him!!
milesmik 2 aylar 繹nce
1:54 why is kuz laughin
R1D3R 2 aylar 繹nce
LeBron got bopped in the head by Rivers with the basketball
milesmik 2 aylar 繹nce
@R1D3R ye but no one else is laughing
R1D3R 2 aylar 繹nce
@milesmik Exactly, why was Kuz laughing at that situation when no one else was laughing at that. Probably that tingled Kuz's funny bone(If that makes sense)
苤苠觓苠 苺苭苤衧
返毋綾 郋訇郋迣郋 訄郇郕 !
Zach Zibelli
Zach Zibelli 2 aylar 繹nce
Trae young the biggest fake tough guy Ive ever seen
Chris Mequet
Chris Mequet 2 aylar 繹nce
Austin rivers didn't do anything fake tough. He made a mistake and apologized.
R9 2 aylar 繹nce
Whole Grizzlies team besides Steven Adams could be this whole video, and btw KD need to sit his ass down when I comes to fighting and stuff, he tried it here with Nurkic, did it before with cousins, just stop bro, theyre eating you whole with no problem bro
SEP TV Aylar 繹nce
Hate Kanter acting tough on giannis like hes proving something
zeke moores
zeke moores 2 aylar 繹nce
real tough guy is KingSwish, just kidding clown
World HOT women
World HOT women 2 aylar 繹nce
Thank you for the video
Andy Velasquez
Andy Velasquez Aylar 繹nce
Tyler hero is the fakest of them all
Saiki Kusuo
Saiki Kusuo 2 aylar 繹nce
Nah bro Tyler Herro rly that guy
GOD FIRST 2 aylar 繹nce
He aint tough at all
Omar Cumar
Omar Cumar 2 aylar 繹nce
this idea was inspired by ja
K Money
K Money 2 aylar 繹nce
Harden from Compton relax
Bruh 2 aylar 繹nce
Ja morant be acting like a little girl
AsunDelgun Aylar 繹nce
The Patbev video
Sebastian Jin
Sebastian Jin 2 aylar 繹nce
why is jimmy in the thumbnail lol
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