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The most unfortunate & most unlucky moments you've probably seen in NBA. All from Westbrook, Lebron James, Durant, Giannis and many more!
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3 May 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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dime Yıl önce
100 000 🎉
Xycotic Yıl önce
I knew you'd hit it. Your thumbnails are insane. 1 mil up next
Isaak Ksm
Isaak Ksm Yıl önce
LoooooL HAHAHHA I love your vids man
Sup_67 Yıl önce
CONGRATS! I've been watching you since you uploaded your first video!
2kMobile Community™
CONGRATS!!!! 🎉🎉 🥳🥳🎊🎊
Your Mother
Your Mother Yıl önce
In the end bro said “you know who’s unlucky… - you” and then I dropped my phone on my face
Jaime Ramirez
Jaime Ramirez Yıl önce
damn no way😂
😔😔😔😔 justice for that face
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My name though read it
othebeast Yıl önce
SpidxrYT Yıl önce
Andrew Devlin
Andrew Devlin Yıl önce
I was at that game for the embiid shot. It was a lot closer to going in in person then it looks on video. That was truly one of the most unlucky things of all time to have it rim out like that.
23basix 9 aylar önce
anthony Yıl önce
congrats for 100k 💯 more to come soon can’t believe how far this channel came in a year
Pineapple Squid
Pineapple Squid Yıl önce
A year? He joined 3 months ago.
Jesus is LORD
Jesus is LORD Yıl önce
Repent to Jesus Christ ““You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.”” ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭4:11‬ ‭NIV‬‬ K
Jake 3 aylar önce
takes a lot of effort to edit clips you don't own into a montage amirite
Eastin Yıl önce
congrats on 100k subs keep doing what ur doing when rebound didnt uplaod for a month i went to u and now im hooked
2kSlicky Yıl önce
Keep entertaining us. This is funny😂
Jesus is LORD
Jesus is LORD Yıl önce
Repent to Jesus Christ ““You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.”” ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭4:11‬ ‭NIV‬‬ K
Ritman Arora
Ritman Arora 5 gün önce
That own basket for overtime was probably the unluckiest
Nic Escobedo
Nic Escobedo Yıl önce
That out of bounds shot from Stephen Curry just proves how good Stephen curry is.
Jesus loves you
Jesus loves you Yıl önce
Jesus Christ died for your ssssiinnnssssss
TonexTiger Yıl önce
no it just proves you can make a 3 from out of bounds 😂
Xzyl Jin Dianing
Xzyl Jin Dianing 8 aylar önce
c0cKrOaCheZ cAn fLy
Congrats on 100k bro thats so good but so much more to come also 2:13 wasnt unlucky it was LUCKY
Redqz Yıl önce
the referee had it not count
Keint Mark Sugarol
Jae Crowder's full court shot was the unluckiest thing that ever happened in the NBA.
Bilal 7 aylar önce
Sam Mai
Sam Mai Yıl önce
Some of these moments are lucky depending on what team you go for at the time 😂😂
-mannyboyss- 11 aylar önce
when embiid couldn’t make the half court. I laughed so hard!
Fridge_Cr 6 aylar önce
Francisco Silva
Francisco Silva 11 aylar önce
This channel deserves 1M+ subs! Love your content and it's quality!
Vitamortis Yıl önce
"my man had Spalding written on his forehead" lol underrated line
Rayyan Anwer
Rayyan Anwer Yıl önce
AFL productions
AFL productions 9 aylar önce
@Rayyan Anwer how
Benjamin Marks
Benjamin Marks Yıl önce
Love the vids time editing skills are on point you deserve 1 mil
dime Yıl önce
Thank you!
Vince 3 aylar önce
That shot on 3:55 is just insane
Fritz Gerald Ramiso
Congrats to the almost 200k subscribers for me the funniest clip is mike breen attempting to yell bang on a missed shot haha
Jordan Brag
Jordan Brag 7 aylar önce
Pat Bev really hit Lebron w the mutombo finger after he messed up his own dunk lmao
Ja2free 9 aylar önce
I feel so bad for embiid he works hard man
Cool epic gamer 12.0
Cool epic gamer 12.0 11 aylar önce
I love how he called it the mid section
Bird Mann
Bird Mann 10 aylar önce
This is the second video of unlucky NBA moments that didn't have Rip Hamilton's dunk that went in, bounced off his head, then popped back out not featured. Similar to the LBJ play. I'd love to see it make it, Rip was great
♡Addison♡ 3 aylar önce
This should be called “the most painful plays of all time”
Michael Shcherbina
2:40 that’s some premium goal tending
Anonymous Yıl önce
I'm wondering if the point counted or not cuz it did go out the basket after all
RaddieB YT
RaddieB YT 4 aylar önce
1:24, 1:33 The fact that both times, Draymond hit Klay in the head with the ball trying pass to Steph
Teemomain123 Yıl önce
2:40 that’s goaltending right there
Jarrad Ishiguchi
Jarrad Ishiguchi Yıl önce
its good seeing kobe smile, wish he still could
1A TACUYOG, Mark Jayron C.
he still does
Ean Lall
Ean Lall 5 aylar önce
@1A TACUYOG, Mark Jayron C. he ded
Ivan aycock
Ivan aycock Yıl önce
0:22 he bounced it all right
cartermz15 2 aylar önce
The worst thing to happen in basketball is when Embidd did this seven meter shot behind the half court line and the Celtics won because of some Refs. Refs vs. Philadelphia who's in
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 3 aylar önce
I never got lucky at basketball IN MY LIFE all of these unlucky plays happened to me and i cant even hit the easiest shots
O Yıl önce
so i guess unlucky just means super close without going in
Ocariz Axl
Ocariz Axl 11 aylar önce
Saludos desde México... Ecxelentes videos bro
blarg blargington
2:30 imagine he got goal tending💀
Julivani Garcia
Julivani Garcia 11 aylar önce
Mano. nesse momento aqui 4:28 foi cesta por que entrou e depois a bola subiu, parecendo que ele tinha errado mais não errou.
RylanFs Yıl önce
That gatorade shower 😂
Ian Owens
Ian Owens Yıl önce
The bron dunk hitting that dudes head would have counted since iirc it’s technically a goaltending penalty, which the consequence is counting the shot if it would have made it or not. AND the ball went past the rim which is all that matters
J R B Yıl önce
I was just thinking that it’s definitely goaltending. Ball was in the hoop.
Mateo Jones
Mateo Jones Yıl önce
2:49 I have now seen a more unlucky free-throw. shoutout Draymond
Thuta Hein
Thuta Hein 9 aylar önce
1:52 bro did a critical hit
Kevin Wood
Kevin Wood Yıl önce
I swear people with the last name Green are meant to throw the ball at your face. On my basketball team we had Christian Greene and at one point I went to set a screen for him and he threw it at my nose and broke it.
Nun Ya
Nun Ya Yıl önce
That call on Billups was a crime. Not EVEN a travel. In recent years he coulda made it to half court before shooting, AFTER picking it up and maaaaybe been called for it!
Austin101123 Yıl önce
so did lebrons and hardens in and outs count? They went properly in but came out bc of head bounce for lebron and went around and back on top in hardens case. I would think they both count.
Better Leper
Better Leper 11 aylar önce
In lebron’s case, it could count as a goaltending due to the fact it was deflected as it was going down into the basket, whereas harden’s shot straight up went in to the basket so it should count nonetheless.
JOY OZURUMBA 27 gün önce
God bless that grandma she should of not got hurt.😢
2:45 it went through the rim so it should count
JayDubs_Btw 10 aylar önce
Mans kg hit a whole full court hook lol
Finn Alexis Abrigo
Finn Alexis Abrigo 11 aylar önce
Harden actually dunked it it just circled back up
PeakApex Yıl önce
i like how it's a fullcourt shot with 23 seconds on the shotclock in the thumbnail
Cycl0ps Yıl önce
When u try to miss but it goes in
Graham Siggins
Graham Siggins 10 aylar önce
That lebron james dunk into the head bounce has to be considered goaltending, right??
JD 10 aylar önce
The first one was wide open😂😂
Steven Owens
Steven Owens Yıl önce
those shots that go in and the ref doesn't see are the worst
Duke R
Duke R Yıl önce
You are the best dime, the video amazing, basketball fo life
blueberrycake !
blueberrycake ! Yıl önce
4:53 always happens to me
Daniel Daw
Daniel Daw Yıl önce
Nba 0% Luck might as well be the title of Brandon Knight's biography.
Vysxli Prodz
Vysxli Prodz Yıl önce
1:05 D Booker was like so confused cause he thought that it would go in
Noah Meyer-Reynolds
DiAngallo Russell was just playing some really good on ball defense
Jesus loves you
Jesus loves you Yıl önce
Jesus Christ died for your ssssiinnnssssss
Carter Kase
Carter Kase Aylar önce
D Mitch is my favorite player and I felt that when I saw it
Mallarior Yıl önce
5:22 Stephs aimbot settings were tuned up too high.
AirdradeLui Yıl önce
bro theres something about draymond and hitting klay in he head with the ball i love this video making me laugh on a bad day
T-man 8 aylar önce
6:53 never seen an nba team be in so much pain when scoring clutch points before then there
The Watcher
The Watcher 7 aylar önce
best basketball channel, keep it up bro. this channel ganna make you some monnneeyyy
Ryan Nomyski
Ryan Nomyski 4 aylar önce
Whoever blocked the ball into the reff would've been ejected with today's reffs
JackTrippr_SSBU 5 aylar önce
2:50 I heard that laugh live 😂
I am Fighterman
I am Fighterman 5 aylar önce
That was intentional
shrek wes
shrek wes 8 aylar önce
bro these are so good, but why did you not include when tiger woods hit a 4 pointer from the 4th yard
~ØTC BLACKS~ Yıl önce
Happy 100k dime let's go 🍾🍾💪
ReedoDorito 11 aylar önce
Yoo amazing vid bro last time I checked like a week ago u was at 111k but now u at 150k! Man keep it up
Sack of Highlights
I think that’s why klay thompson wears a headband to protect his head by green
Aayush Yıl önce
The mans growing faster than tyler herros career
Justin Watson
Justin Watson Yıl önce
It's the sound Effects that make this video So much More Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
King doge
King doge 9 aylar önce
Yea I felt that when those guys who got hit in the balls
Mr.invisible 3 aylar önce
The basketballs that went in and out counted because it only has to go threw the rim the net is there just to make sure it actually went in
Pete andre
Pete andre Yıl önce
This guy is more better than REBOUND
Stexify Yıl önce
The ball really hit man’s in his no no square
NIKEeditz811 Yıl önce
I Was there when DRAYMOND threw the ball at KLAYS head. LMAO 😂
Berca Ferca
Berca Ferca Yıl önce
Indefax Yıl önce
Oh you WERE how INTERESTING was it a GOOD game
bro the type of guy
Jaire Productions 🇺🇸
on the celtis one if you pause it at the right time he missed
Jao 10 aylar önce
Brandon Knight is really an unlucky player.
Jacob Morgan
Jacob Morgan Yıl önce
Congrats on 100K!
chigo okafor
chigo okafor 5 aylar önce
It really sucks when the ball goes in and out
XANDER 2 aylar önce
2:36 i feel bad for lebron because it still should have counted because said in the rule book "It does not NEED to go below the net for the net is just for seeing or saying a shot did went trough BUT to score a point as long as it goes past the rim it is still a point."
Sampilog Yıl önce
5:17 Man Curry just can't miss Edit: Yo I paused the vid in this time stamp and the next thing he said is "My man just can't miss"
Dan Raul
Dan Raul 6 aylar önce
Devin Harris has 0 regard for the fans??? He's literally just playing basketball 😂
Deybi yostin Medrano matos
Uf unos Duros 🔥
Vibez Handle
Vibez Handle 7 gün önce
Lebron ended up playing with deangleo later on 😂
VONIX 4 aylar önce
The lebron dunk was actually a dunk it doesn’t have to go thru the whole net just the rim the new is there to show you the shot was made
jior6 Yıl önce
Is it unlucky to barely miss a shot that requires immense luck to make?
Nullix Yıl önce
I’d like to see you get it close buddy
Jonaq237 7 aylar önce
Now I am convinced that there are magnets in the nba😄😄
GameWars Yıl önce
6:05 put it in slow motion and it walk two steps so it was NOT a travel.
Matt Suhr
Matt Suhr Yıl önce
Thank you for posting this it’s awesome
yeah 10 aylar önce
Poor Donovan Mitchell
Lady HimekoiHD
Lady HimekoiHD 7 aylar önce
5:22 , 6:54 and 6:06 are like being stuck between luck and hardwork HAHAH
matthew keene
matthew keene 4 aylar önce
Gs vs Bos if you watch the ball was out of his hands when the clock went off it is a good shot
Brian Mackay
Brian Mackay 4 aylar önce
Bruh that got a hurt if somebody got dunked in the head with the ball I will feel sad about them that’s so sad
Aaron Newman
Aaron Newman Yıl önce
bro this channel will be like 100M in like 1 day keep it up man
Eduardo Sigua
Eduardo Sigua Yıl önce
Those first two clips are called ball to ball😂
SG Yıl önce
these vids are banger, never stop!
Jesus loves you
Jesus loves you Yıl önce
Jesus Christ died for your ssssiinnnssssss
Colin Jensen
Colin Jensen Yıl önce
We don’t need commentary homie. Clips speak for themselves
Iñigo Yuan Pintor
Iñigo Yuan Pintor 7 aylar önce
"cleaning the floor oh men its harden"
Sketch World
Sketch World Yıl önce
You forgot the most 0% luck 100% skill moment. *Dime getting 100K subscribers*
🎴ACE🎴 Yıl önce
Is drymond fault he did that shit also to opj😂
Lady HimekoiHD
Lady HimekoiHD 7 aylar önce
3:29 ~ 3:37 Looks like the homecourt advantage isn't just an advantage but also gives lucks HAHA like bro the feeling of relief is unreal