Nazi Symbols - The Story Behind the Imagery

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None of the images the Nazis used were created by them, rather they utilised a series of much older symbols from all over the world. Here is the story behind those controversial images.

Dr. Mark Felton is a well-known British historian, the author of 22 non-fiction books, including bestsellers 'Zero Night' and 'Castle of the Eagles', both currently being developed into movies in Hollywood. In addition to writing, Mark also appears regularly in television documentaries around the world, including on The History Channel, Netflix, National Geographic, Quest, American Heroes Channel and RMC Decouverte. His books have formed the background to several TV and radio documentaries. More information about Mark can be found at: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Fe...

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9 Mar 2021




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Alexandre Araujo
Alexandre Araujo 10 aylar önce
Now that's a topic I don't see many people talk about. Fortunately, we've got ol' Mark here to entertain us, as he always does.
john jones
john jones 7 gün önce
@Unclemoparman jesse owens like on blazing saddles
Biochemie widerlegt Corona (film) auf odysee•com
@Toto Mango, Eugenics is still alive and well. Look up the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Lukas Prien
Lukas Prien 15 gün önce
Entertain while informing. Very nice
GTR 20 gün önce
swastick is with Hinduism nothing to with it is hooked cross in Christianity Hitler used this from Christianity
Jez Jukes
Jez Jukes 21 gün önce
@dublinbred "them people" in the same, unpuctuated sentence, containing "uneducated ". You ARE, taking the piss!?
Seek the Truth
Seek the Truth 9 aylar önce
When I was in 3rd grade I accidentally drew a swastika for my art project. I had no idea what it was but it looked cool to me until my teacher pulled me to the side and asked me why I had drawn it, I honestly had no idea what it meant until she told me that it was an inappropriate symbol. I found out later what it meant haha I’ll never forget that day
TheSwabian 2 gün önce
Exact same thing happened to me back in 2nd or 3rd grade XD
E E 4 gün önce
I did the same thing in 1st grade. I didn't show anyone at school but my mom saw the picture and she wasn't happy.
Kate Henderson
Kate Henderson 4 gün önce
My brother did the same thing.. don’t worry, it’s having a renaissance now - you can ban symbols but Not ideas
Manny Robles
Manny Robles 4 gün önce
Matthew Anthony
Matthew Anthony 8 gün önce
Lord Demoncrusher
Lord Demoncrusher 9 aylar önce
When I see the German hats with skulls all I think of is... "Hans... Are we the baddies!?" 😂
Chris DiPietro
Chris DiPietro 4 gün önce
OldStoneDaddy 16 gün önce
@RedWaveSaveUSA basically just another propaganda symbol then.
Anonymous163ful 19 gün önce
@SCE2AUX Germanophobic nonsense, All countries are to blame for WW1. World War II was blamed on the West because of its institutional Germanophobia and hatred of Germans. Every German action in the late 30's was perceived as "aggression". This is despite the fact that the annexation of Austria and annexation of Czechoslovakia were perfectly legal and peaceful events. Or maybe you just don't know that even before World War I, Germans were not considered as Europeans and were treated as belonging and hated, and all the Germanophobic, propaganda posters evoking hatred towards Germans from the beginning of World War I?
SCE2AUX 19 gün önce
@Anonymous163ful Yes, well, having started two world wars within thirty years of each other would tend to make other nations a bit cautious about your intentions.
SCE2AUX 19 gün önce
Oh well, at least it's not a rat's anus.
Pyro-Moloch 7 aylar önce
The worst thing about the nazis was that they were damn good marketers. Edit: I can't believe some of y'all didn't recognize this was a joke.
Andreas Rademacher
They still are... Selling poison to millions, that take it "deliberately"...
Tony Ortega
Tony Ortega 16 gün önce
They had the same team as Taylor Swift
LP 18 gün önce
@John Rosewaren based
SuryaDas 18 gün önce
It's because they are simple minded. Your obvious humor is appreciated.
Philippa Downey
Philippa Downey 29 gün önce
Yep without that nothing else would have been possible. Give me the media il give you the country. Sounds familiar sadly.
undeadreader23 9 aylar önce
My Opa was in the Hitler Youth prior to the war, and he ended up carving his own reichsadler eagle wooden statue while on a camp. While fleeing, he ended up hiding it with a family friend in France, before getting it back in the 1960's. The friend had to 'present' it during an inspection of his house, and was allowed to keep it but its nazi insignia was removed.
Biochemie widerlegt Corona (film) auf odysee•com
"allowed to keep it" Are y'all children who have to ask for permission for everything ?
A Lewis
A Lewis 10 aylar önce
I read this recently, don't know who gets credit: "History is not there for you to like or dislike. It is there for you to learn from it. And if it offends you, even better. Because then you are less likely to repeat it. It's not yours to erase. It belongs to all of us."
anonymous 11 gün önce
whose quote is that???? it cannot be a liberal because they are taking all history out of the civil war and the southern Confederate southern states.
Ed Ashdown
Ed Ashdown 11 gün önce
Which is why history should never be re-written
mike grant
mike grant 12 gün önce
@Raphael Klaussen Donald Trump is a great man.
andrew hinson
andrew hinson 13 gün önce
@Robert Cubinelli you screeching it doesnt make it any less false. Not one nazi principle is uniquely rightwing. Everything their government did was to centralize control over ever sector of society under popular control for the popular good. That is fundamentally left wing. Sorry it hurts your feelings, but the left wing is responsible for Nazi, Soviet, Fascist and Socialist atrocities. But hey, at least they were all done to bring down capitalism! Cant usher in that utopia without breaking a few tens of millions of heads right?
Robert Cubinelli
Robert Cubinelli 14 gün önce
@andrew hinson Total propaganda bullshit ! Nazism and Fascism is TOTALLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY EXTREMELY RIGHT WING . Go back to school and study the political spectrum, given you know what is !!
Kiran Umesh
Kiran Umesh 8 aylar önce
at last ....i'm from india and i tried hard to explain to people that this has no racial meaning or in any way related to a particular race
सचिन कुमार
@Merus my friend the Aryan migration theory was broken down many decades ago. Where are you living my brother. Arya means the one who adheres to sanata. Dharma follows humanity. It's not racial word at all update yourself
Avani G
Avani G 18 gün önce
@Indrabahadur Singh yes! Omg yes. This is what I'm trying to say. The whole Hinduism originated with Aryans thing has been debunked sooo many times.
Avani G
Avani G 18 gün önce
@Mr. Fancypants please educate yourself.. Swastika doesn't originate in Buddhism, it originates in Hinduism. Hinduism is several centuries, even millenia older than Buddhism
winos9 23 gün önce
People are weird. Even the nazis didn't use as a "symbol of racism", it still was a symbol of good luck.
Mr. Fancypants
Mr. Fancypants 29 gün önce
@Indrabahadur Singh Buddhism and Hinduism are the oldest religions. I was just trying to tell this knuckle-dragging-sloth like, ignorant, racist, that the swastika, was in Buddhism, in the temples, long before "Aryan Ideas" were in the picture. And that there is no relation to NAZIS.
Kevin McKenzie
Kevin McKenzie 8 aylar önce
Yet another well researched and interesting production provided for our knowledge and enjoyment by Dr. Mark Felton. Thank you Dr. Felton! Please keep doing what you do.
The Non Smoker
The Non Smoker 6 gün önce
Hakenkreuz is not Swastika, Hakenkreuz is Hooked Christian Cross, that NAZI Party used. So do not associate Hindu/Dharmic Swastika with it. Thank You. And please, do check the recent Documentary 'The Silence of Swastika' available for free on TRvid
Apurva Kumar Joshi
Apurva Kumar Joshi 8 aylar önce
You sir are second to none when it comes to giving a near complete narrative
Carl Evans
Carl Evans Aylar önce
Except when Charlton Heston, Richard Burton or Robert mitcham did it.
Richie Rich
Richie Rich 7 aylar önce
Mr9Guns 6 aylar önce
I've seen Totenkopf emblems on knights Templar artifacts in Malta too dating back to the 1500s. they called in the memento mori and it adorns many graves too.
enterBJ40 10 gün önce
Doesn't mean poison. It means death
NurmaBP Aylar önce
When I first saw it I wonder why they used a symbol for poison as their symbol. In any cartoon I've seen when I was a kid, as I remember, a bottle with that symbol usually poison.
Christian Schweis
Christian Schweis 4 aylar önce
The symbol of the skull can also be used as a mockery of death and embody the sheer will to survive of a soldier, according to German tradition it is an allusion to the legendary skull hussars from the Prussian-French war.
Thomas 4
Thomas 4 10 aylar önce
Educators like Mark Felton are so important, since he fills in the significant but overlooked details that are so important but never told in schools. Keep up the great work, Mark!
Viking Simon
Viking Simon 4 aylar önce
@Noldo NSDAP-wannabes do not concern me, facts concern me.
Noldo 4 aylar önce
@Viking Simon It is shame, because this channel lures wehraboos and naziwankers more that catholic church lures pedophiles. Sometimes I find some topic attractive for them, find the worst sort, and block them, or some of their "Bad side has won" videos.
Viking Simon
Viking Simon 10 aylar önce
@Roderick Campbell Thanks for that, on your way. 😂
Roderick Campbell
Roderick Campbell 10 aylar önce
@Viking Simon I can read and read properly. But I won't read the inane drivel you write.
WELLBRAN 10 aylar önce
They don't teach the real history in schools...that is not an accident, that's deliberate.
omgbiskitlawl 6 aylar önce
When I was a little kid I got really into Medal of Honor, a month or two later my teacher made us make some Christmas cards, so naturally I made one for my friend, who happened to be black. Naturally I drew this cool symbol that I kept seeing in books and games, which obviously was a swastika. I wonder what his mom thought when she got the card 😂😂😂😂
Avani G
Avani G 18 gün önce
Pls don't call it a Swastika because it isn't one. It's a Hooked cross and it's disrespectful to Hinduism to call it Swastika. Even Hitler never called it Swastika
SpeakEasy DoorMan
SpeakEasy DoorMan 24 gün önce
Were you wearing a white pointy hat?
josh randall
josh randall Aylar önce
@I N every symbol is paganistic, even the cross
I N 2 aylar önce
These symbols are paganistic no matter who used them.
Age of Reason
Age of Reason 3 aylar önce
I was born in 78 and used to draw the Swazil on airplanes I used to draw in first grade art class. My family survived the wars, both of them.
MotorScotti 9 aylar önce
The research and details that go into your videos are incredibly good. I wish we'd have your videos when I was in school as a teenager.
Alexander Ridder
Alexander Ridder 9 aylar önce
Really well presented and very nicely researched. I love the details in the facts and figures.
guitardoc100 8 aylar önce
you forgot one fact: the "lonely" rune was the symbol of the Hitler Youth. At that time, that was on every paddock of the young flocks and thus formative and significant
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 5 aylar önce
Yes and in order to further distinguish between the SS and Hitler Youth the single rune was typically white and accompanied with a bright red background.
Shrodinger's Cat
Shrodinger's Cat 19 gün önce
Thank you Dr Felton for teaching me history. I have learned so much from you and your incredibly detailed documentation. Much respect from Vancouver, Canada
A B 8 aylar önce
In Serbia, term svastika litterarly means "wife's sister".
Rex Delajava
Rex Delajava 21 saatler önce
@LesangdesdieuX yeah, beogradski staford has many "svastika" obviously
Karl Fichtenberg
Karl Fichtenberg 13 gün önce
I did not know that... hmm.. thanks, Serbian person.
Avani G
Avani G 18 gün önce
@Some Person yup. Hitler actually never called it a Swatika. He always called it the Hooked Cross.
l m
l m 23 gün önce
“Hitler? Barely knew her”
M I N U I T 23 gün önce
"I swear i slipped on a banana peel and landed ontop of your svastika!" -Someone in 🇷🇸 or something
Rayan W
Rayan W 9 aylar önce
Full respect to Dr. Mark Felton. Love hearing history information.. It's a education. Love to share a pint or two with you. As I am half German.. and have many stories of WW2 from my Grandmother.
kingleech16 Aylar önce
@Viking Simon He keeps going into the Tardis.
Viking Simon
Viking Simon 4 aylar önce
How do you know he is a Doctor?
Zygimantas Gruzdys
Zygimantas Gruzdys 9 aylar önce
Hello, Mr. Felton. Thank you for your videos, I am really enjoying them so far. In regards to your comment about the Nazi right hand salute. I had great pleasure of being taught by Mr. Alan Walters who was my History teacher in school. He really had great knowledge about WW2 and If I remember him correctly, the stiff right hand nazi salute was simply, because other leaders saw how Hitler was greeting everyone with his elbow bent and raising his right hand up, it came across as 'fruity' if you know what I mean. He took great offense to such comments, therefore he adopted the Nazi salute. Not sure how accurate this is or who where the people who made fun of him.
DerLachendeMann2029 10 aylar önce
THIS should be mandatory in every single history class around the globe! This should be much more common knowledge today! Great, educational video!
earlyburd78 19 gün önce
William Milton Cooper's Hour of the Time radio show from the 1990s-2001 should be mandatory listening.
Eric Inglis
Eric Inglis 8 aylar önce
@Emilly Yelen maybe I have dyslexia?
Arty Pyrec
Arty Pyrec 8 aylar önce
@Shirley Hannel well as you know in history America did burn books, so did a lot of countries, the only difference is the nazis did burn those bodies. Not defending book burning, just pointing out the irony of protecting history while ignoring it.
Arty Pyrec
Arty Pyrec 8 aylar önce
What here that wasn't grazed in your history textbooks?
whynottalklikeapirat 9 aylar önce
@jhon smith I don't teach public school anymore, these days I teach university which is a little different and work in the arts. My country happens to be one where teachers still have a comparatively fair amount of freedom to select and make methodical and didactical choices, as long as the general criteria of the guidelines and the mandatory elements of the curriculum are met. It's nothing like say the US where it's my impression that you more or less just administer something handed down to you along with some rather reductive testing. That may be over-simplified - by I think Northern Europe arguably have more of a democractic tradition of leaving field decisions in the hands of individual teaching professionals. That said - there is enough mandatory stuff to get through and often lesson planning at least a year ahead in the future, that random suggestions that are not balanced with anything do not have a snowballs chance in hell of making it into lessons. The structural framework is just not very oriented towards improvisation (which is something I disagree with personally, because it means you often can't react to and includ current stuff or base decision on where the students are at, individually and as a social group, at any given moment as flexibly). For the last 3 decades an increasing weight has been placed upon cooperating with and including parents in school related activities and responsibilities. While much good can come of that there is an equal potential for unmitigated layman group pressure on the individual teacher. Everyone has detailed opinions about everything, and everybody wants things changed and adapted to fit what they perceive as their childs special needs, usually based on home life interactions and family dynamics, rather than how the kid actually fares at school. If the parents are from France, they would like a little more French culture in there. If they are politicians they would like to stand on local values more strongly. If they have a handicap they would like everyone to learn about handicaps. If they have a professional specialisation they would like schools to take the core elements of that type of thing on board ... it never ends, and on top of that you have the schools being a political battleground of values and often VERY specific ideas about what future generations should and should certainly not learn. Long ramble here xD Sorry - but to answer your comment - I think most teachers just try to navigate as well as possible and do as their conscience and professional knowlegde and experience dictates, which is usually many little things done right that are overlooked in mainstream discourse, because it does require some level field experience for most people to wrap their mind around. Teaching is a game and if you don't learn how to play it - you are likely to burn out quite surprisingly fast.
KickOutTheJhm 6 aylar önce
The skull and crossbones symbology specifically symbolize being 2/3rds of a human. Having a head, or logic. Having arms, or actions, but missing the heart, or emotions. These three things, thoughts, emotions and actions make up our nature as humans. The skull and crossbones symbolize acting without a heart so to speak.
I've learned more about history from this man than I ever did in school
Fich 9 aylar önce
Being a Dane, I can recall one place where you can find a swastika, which is not linked to National Socialism. It's the 2 Elephant Statues outside the old Carlsberg brewery. The statues have 2 swastikas on them, and the swastika was even used as the logo for Carlsberg, before the germans got wilding.
Dan Hillman
Dan Hillman Aylar önce
Having seen several stories I thought I would relate mine. I had four Uncles in WWII. Three were in the South Pacific and one in Europe. My Uncle that was in Europe was in some very serious action and he used to tell me how good the German soldiers were so I would routinely draw Swastikas in grade school during doodle time. At that time, roughly 1965 to 1970 no one said a word. I didn't do it because of ideology but because I liked the design, not knowing what it originally meant, and I admired my Uncle's opinion very much.
TheDevilsson 10 aylar önce
Theres a common joke in germany, it goes like "i didn't know my grampa was a electrician in the war, but i found his old helmet, it had two lightnings on the side"
winos9 23 gün önce
@Pottenger's Human and mine was a plumber, he fixed showers
@Hans Dampf all the self hating Marxist Germans are going to tell us jokes - can’t wait
Deveron53 Aylar önce
Or: "my Grandfather was very badly treated by the Gestapo. He was passed over for promotion time after time!".
I N 2 aylar önce
@Ballah 666 the Sumerian civilization is older then harrapan civilization or Chinese civilization. Even if Nimrod is not Sargon of Akkad which was given the title of the first King of Sumer because they were the first world empire, Nimrod could have been another king that predated Sargon. There were kings before Sargon and Enmebaragesi is mentioned to be the first King of the dynasty of Kish. Kish could be the name for Cush mentioned in the Bible. Cush was father to Nimrod.
I N 2 aylar önce
@Ballah 666 HE is the GOD of Antiquity, the ANCIENT OF DAYS. The first kingdoms flourished in Mesopotamia, also know as Sumer were the Sumerians where from.. That is where Nimrod was born and lived. But his name was not Nimrod, it was more likely to be Sargon of Akkad, Gilgamesh or Hamarabi. That is where we have the start of all these pagan religions, it came from ancient Babylonian mysticism or ancient Babylonian religion. This is where the first form of writing came to be, cuneiform. The story of all false gods came from Nimrod, his wife Semirames and his son Tammuz.
automatic mattywhack
automatic mattywhack 8 aylar önce
Sometimes I wish Mark's videos were a little longer, however I have never thought they should be shorter.
Clown World Citizen 🤡
Great clips. I remember as a kid watching documentaries about WWII presented by Boguslaw Wołoszański. Some can be found on youtube. Your videos are very interesting and bring some great memories. Thank you.
ReadingforWisdom Aylar önce
Great context Mark. We forget that skulls and bones are an ancient symbol of the human cycle commonly used, through history, and across cultures, and understandably so.
Nickos1b 8 aylar önce
This reminds me the same issue with a tainted symbol here in Greece. Specifically the Phoenix. It is an ancient Greek symbol of rebirth used for millennia. Unfortunately it took seven years as the country's coat on arms during the 1967-1974 dictatorship for it now to be considered evil like the swastika and banished from official use.
Assassin Aria
Assassin Aria Aylar önce
You guys can always adopt the ancient Persian Faravahar :P. It ain't too late to keep the thousand-year spat from dying out
The Protagonist Dies
The Protagonist Dies 10 aylar önce
This guy was born to narrate
I N 2 aylar önce
All these symbols are paganistic no matter who used them.
robert le
robert le 5 aylar önce
true lol better than armchair historian afaic
Jj 6 aylar önce
David Attenborough of the History :)
Richie Rich
Richie Rich 7 aylar önce
codyism666 7 aylar önce
Maybe in the 80s.
O.T. Oss
O.T. Oss 7 aylar önce
The Totenkopf was also adopted by a small group of elite hand-to-hand combat specialist that operated out of a dojo in North Hollywood on Lankershim Boulevard. One particularly high profile attack was carried out by members of said dojo against another hand-to hand combatant a Mr. LaRusso, who at the time of the attack was engaged in an undercover operation while disguised as a shower stall. The Totenkopf was prominently displayed during the night attack of the 31st of October, 1984. Perhaps to avoid prosecution for their crime, while attending the All Valley Karate Championship of 1984 the Totenkopf was abandoned in favour of the more traditional heraldic device of their unit, namely a Cobra Rampant on Or Field. In spite of its abandonment in 1984, it remains as a very important symbol for that particular group.
Comrade Penguinski
Comrade Penguinski 7 aylar önce
Nicely done.
Komment King
Komment King 8 aylar önce
Very informative. This is one of the most professional TRvid channels, not given to slang, or bad language nor hint thereof. Regarding this video I knew that the swastika was an old symbol, but I never understood it.
jp s
jp s 6 aylar önce
So informative great video and you manage to keep all the propaganda out of it full of facts it's super interesting. I appreciate the precise information giving in this video. We need to learn all about history so we won't be doomed to repeat it and not what the victors are trying to force us to learn.
Juho Niemelä
Juho Niemelä 9 aylar önce
Thanks yet again from the great video. This should teach some of the ignorant people about symbols and the whole picture behind them. Swastika is not a bad symbol, but in Europe and US the schism is so great that everybody judges the wearer of the symbol when person itself is ignorant.
In Defence of the Traditional Martial Arts
I don’t think that’s true. It’s fairly easy to spot the difference between the types of symbols
Sasha Van der reeth
Sasha Van der reeth 9 aylar önce
If classes in school were like this, I'd have a PhD.
Noel Pucarua
Noel Pucarua Aylar önce
They don't award PhDs at school.
peter luck
peter luck Aylar önce
Nothing compare to a teacher with heart
Santiago Dunbar
Santiago Dunbar 2 aylar önce
A very solid statement.
I N 2 aylar önce
All these symbols are paganistic no matter who used them.
Chase Ryan
Chase Ryan 3 aylar önce
You probably didn’t pay attention in class
RJ 7 aylar önce
I'm from Essex and I've never noticed the swastikas on Chelmsford town hall! Great content Mark.
booblikon 21 gün önce
I'm from Essex, too... in case you couldn't tell! My given name is... Dickey, I come from... Billericay.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 4 aylar önce
On display for all to see. One of so many great accurate presentations of important history from Mr. Felton. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Bigby Wolf
Bigby Wolf 23 gün önce
This video was absolutely fascinating, you’ve just found yourself a new subscriber ☺️
pcdubya 12 gün önce
That's amazing what turning the swastika to the right, and at an angle with those colors, does to it. Maybe because the image is burned into your psyche. Turned to left and horizontal, it looks harmless, as it was meant. Also, I just watched Ben Hur this Christmas, again, love the movie, and they do the stiff arm salute. Thanks for all the info
Jeb Reed
Jeb Reed 10 aylar önce
Most underated historical genius in world history, Mark Felton. Its high time the world embraces this fine gentleman.
herpes der Götterbote
herpes der Götterbote 10 aylar önce
@Jeb Reed there is something between communism and hunting the poor for sport. It's called social capitalism. It's what sweden and so on has. Personally I like to call it capitalism+.
herpes der Götterbote
herpes der Götterbote 10 aylar önce
@FMWR It just popped up in my recommends and I thought I'd check it out. I only saw this one video and it doesn't look bad.
FMWR 10 aylar önce
@herpes der Götterbote Why are far leftists like you even watching this channel?
Hugh MacDonald
Hugh MacDonald 10 aylar önce
@Jeb Reed Source?
Pico Rim
Pico Rim 10 aylar önce
NefersGuy Gün önce
Thank you Dr. Felton for the indepth history of the significance of symbols during the Nazi era and how they usurped traditional icons.
Der Bannerträger
Der Bannerträger 6 aylar önce
Very good and informative video. I would add that the Hakenkreuz/Swastika was used already sometimes in the romantic nationalism of the 19th century. It was identified on old germanic art which was found in this era and this is why it was a common symbol to be adapted by nationalist clubs,sport clubs or institutions. And the Freikorps the Marine-Brigade Ehrhardt used a version of the swastika painted on the stahlhelm of his troopers 1919-1920. In creating the Nazi iconography Hitler copyed the ways of the communists he viewed as effective. This is why many nationalist, semi-fascist or fascist groups adapted the roman salute too. The thought it would be the best alternative to the communist fist greeting.
Samuel Varga
Samuel Varga 3 aylar önce
7:13 While "death's head" would be the literal translation of "Totenkopf", it is actually just used for a dead skull, as in the sole bone structure detachted from its body. "Totenkopf" can also be used synonymously with "Totenschädel", which literally means "death skull". Great documentary!
darkiee69 5 aylar önce
The Swastika used to be a symbol of the Swedish company ASEA (Now ABB) and on older maps it's a symbol for hydroelectric power plants. It was also the symbol of the Finnish air force, in blue. It was the Swedish count Erik von Rosens lucky symbol, and he gifted the white side in the Finnish civil war their first airplane, a Thulin type D. It was used until 1945. And there was two kinds of Totenkopf, one for SS with a lower jaw, and one for regular panzer troops without the lower jaw.
Kad 10 aylar önce
The fact that all of this high quality entertainment and knowledge is provided to us all for free is a small reason why ‘living in the future’ is not entirely bad. Thank you, Mr. Felton!
Joseph G
Joseph G 10 aylar önce
The fact that you think it's free is mind numbing.
RottingEarth 10 aylar önce
Most people don't use it to learn a single thing though
Ik Ben Er Pik.
Ik Ben Er Pik. 10 aylar önce
hear, hear.
Chris Tallon
Chris Tallon 21 gün önce
Very interesting I've been obsessed with the eagles of history's banners for years for example the similarities between Germany and American eagles and how empires have used it to claim legitimacy
chim 18 gün önce
Dr. Felton, thank you for the insight. It is always a pleasure to learn something from you.
B C 13 gün önce
Well I'm 67 and my father was in WWII and I'm positive he didn't know this information as I didn't either. Great job to Mark as he has informed us well again. I was stationed while in the Air Force in Japan and saw a swastika in of all places the Tokyo zoo! I thought odd at the time obviously, but this video explains why.
Nick Sothep
Nick Sothep Aylar önce
I fully agree with your analysis of the swastika, it was indeed incredibly well marketed. I regularly use it (for personal para-religious/philosophical reasons), and more often than not, it is gloriously misunderstood. What I find the most annoying, is the complete lack of education on the subject, with an history as old as that of human culture, it should be expected from schools to teach about it.
Isaiah S.S lol
Isaiah S.S lol 6 aylar önce
Bro I've been watching your videos on and off for a few years. You never let me down with your research. I am always impressed with you videos. I am adding this one to my Awakening play list cuz it's pretty B A S E D
imperial japan enjoyer
People like you make history fun and entertaining, even teaching us a few things along the way. I for one didn’t even know the Americans once used the Swastika.
Sainik Sangh
Sainik Sangh 10 gün önce
Thank you Dr Felton for your excellent coverage of symbols in this video.
ThePhilosorpheus 6 aylar önce
Great video, but I dispute that the association between the swastika and the nazis was a result of successful nazi propaganda. The vast majority of people today had absolutely no contact with nazi propaganda except through hollywood films and popular books. The symbol became a synonym of nazism insofar as the entertainment industry popularized it. If you want to reclaim the original meaning of the swastika, that's what you need to address...
SiliconValleySky 10 aylar önce
The explanations we need. Too many people ignorant of symbols and where they come from.
SiliconValleySky 11 gün önce
@Jim Red They are eclipsed only by the people who wear Che Guvara's face as a fashion symbol or wave the Hammer and Sickle Flag in the 21st century.
SiliconValleySky 11 gün önce
@Philusaphur I would say "Most PEOPLE know nothing about history"
SiliconValleySky 11 gün önce
@Eric Osagie That is a vile misrepresentation. If you truly are an intelligent and intellectual person you'll reflect on your statement.
Fun Fact
Fun Fact 9 aylar önce
@D Murray Volksturm Amerika 🇺🇸 Kalifornia
Fun Fact
Fun Fact 9 aylar önce
@D Murray you are obviously Clueless 📚🤣📚🖕😂
Oskar Rodi
Oskar Rodi 9 aylar önce
I absolutely love your videos, great unbiased narration every time
Rattus Norvegicus
Rattus Norvegicus 7 aylar önce
I drew the swastika many times as a child, without having a clue of its 20 year association with a Kraut gang. I just liked the shape....just as I really like the Isle of Man three-legger. I have books by Rudyard Kipling, exceedingly good turn of the last century reads, with the swastika inside the front covers. Just about every innocent or worthy emblem, phrase, word, has been bastardised nowadays. ..."We were so happy and gay, we`d skip to the rainbow where Dad would roll us downhill inside truck tyres...they were good years..."
Kabuki Kitsune
Kabuki Kitsune 19 gün önce
I remember reading somewhere that the Panzer Korps death's head symbol, though it differed from the death camps officer's insignia (also called a death's head); was enough to get tank crews simply shot on sight by US and British forces. To the point that tank crews would go to great lengths to remove the insignia from their uniforms wherever possible. The difference being the Panzer Korps had no lower jaw; while the SS Death Camp guards insignia did have a lower jaw.
L. Palacio
L. Palacio 11 gün önce
I don't think this makes much difference, in a sense that it isn't surprising. The Allies have bombed thousand of civilians, shooting surrendering troops on sight is nothing compared
Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper Aylar önce
It was interesting to hear how far back the “death’s head” was used as a German military symbol. I didn’t know that part.
Andrew Zuidema
Andrew Zuidema 10 aylar önce
I learned more from Felton than I ever did in school
Coimbra Law
Coimbra Law 6 aylar önce
Then you weren’t paying attention in school 😂
Natista 8 aylar önce
That just means you don’t listen in school
Phillip Q
Phillip Q 9 aylar önce
That's because schools are an indoctrination center for you to come out left learning.
falconeaterf15 10 aylar önce
@Dalila Berenice Padilla Loera Wow. Did you even watch the video? The only thing unique about Germany’s version of the symbol referred to as a swastika is that it’s been linked to nazism, which most people generally agree was evil. Your twisted, not Mark.
Dalila Berenice Padilla Loera
Just a little bit more details into the anti-German hate propaganda that started back in 1933 and hasn't waived since then. Not Hitler nor the National Socialists ever claimed they invented the swastika. In Hitler's "Mein Kampf", he actually admitted that the swastika represented ancient spiritual values worth incorporating to the German people. Among other things which Mark has twisted. He's good at narrating things. Not so good in really digging deep enough to uncover the true facts.
MrDennisLB Aylar önce
All this symbology goes way back, thousands and thousands of years to the two half brothers Enlil and Enki (The Eagle and the Serpent). The Eagle was World Domination and the Serpent was Knowledge and Learning.
Amseyan Fatmi
Amseyan Fatmi 9 aylar önce
Your videos have made me fall in love with history!
GonkDroid 4Prez
GonkDroid 4Prez 2 aylar önce
one thing about the fascists, they loved to think of themselves as the successors of the Roman Empire. Mussolini obviously thought that because, y'know, Italy, and the first "Reich" was the Holy Roman Empire, so Hitler thought himself a successor to Charlemagne, and therefore also of the Roman Caesars. That explains the eagles in addition to the salute, regardless of whether it was actually used by the Romans or not, it seemed at the time to be.
Richard T
Richard T Aylar önce
While I was stationed in Munster Germany, the garrison had the 17th 21st Lancers in one the camps but the locals asked for the large cap badge on display at the front gate to let people know who occupied the camp to be covered over as it was causing a lot of offence, the same with our own camp (Oxford Bks) a former panzer camp had the camp name over a large eagle and swastika…🇦🇲
King Cobra
King Cobra 10 aylar önce
Wow I'm Navajo I had this in the back of my head that the symbol had the meaning of peace, my dad told me the original meaning it had before the nazi and I was going to comment but Mark Felton covered it, thanks Mark (edit - This morning i got my covid 19 vaccine at the indian hospital and as soon as i walk in the the door theres a swastika in the middle of the native art peice. I don't have a tattoo on my head what i meant I was thinking about it in my mind to I did not know it's be misintepereted. I was surprised to see my input in the video showing he went above and beyond with his research, i was going to exactly comment what he says about it on that segment. My clans are towering house dad and by the water people mom)
Philip Ambler
Philip Ambler Aylar önce
Watch out with the fraudulent 'vaccine.'
F.W. 6 aylar önce
Its because native americans retained a "prehistoric" ie primordial tradition of symbolism from paleolithic eurasia, the parallels can be very striking, not just sun crosses or bison but much more
Jetson Bloathog
Jetson Bloathog 9 aylar önce
Hitler was actually pretty sympathetic to Native Americans (despite directly and explicitly copying the American concept of ‘manifest destiny’ and applying it to Germans). This is likely due to the romanization of tribal peoples as being somehow purer than modern industrial society by fascists.
Lee Kenyon
Lee Kenyon 10 aylar önce
A sun symbol.
Mike Pastor. K
Mike Pastor. K 10 aylar önce
@James Janson never. Just a bunch of b.s. hubris..
Storozhevoy 75 - AU
Storozhevoy 75 - AU 29 gün önce
I always found it interesting that ancient cultures all over the world with absolutely nothing in common use the swastika as a symbol of good fortune.
Eternally Thankful 3771
THAT was priceless history - I learned a LOT from this one - such a shame too many history books and television documentaries have been re-written to suit the victors and have no interest in real truth...thanks for putting this together.
TeraBeatnik 8 aylar önce
The "Totenkopf" is still very much liked and proudly displayed in Germany by fans of the FC Sankt Pauli, the most left-wing/punk rock affiliated footy club, "the pirates of the league".
Jimmy Cricket
Jimmy Cricket 6 aylar önce
Thanks Mark... let's keep true history dominating all the misinformation!
F40PH-2CAT 10 aylar önce
The fact a US infantry division used the swastika as a badge truly blew my mind.
Anonymous163ful 7 aylar önce
The Russian Provisional Republican Government used a swastika on money, a black two-headed eagle against a background of a swastika.
Anonymous163ful 7 aylar önce
The swastika was used in the same way in the red army, for a very short period in 1918-1919 approximately.
timewave02012 7 aylar önce
We used to use the salute for the flag, only changed in 1942, and Catholics still use the gesture as a blessing.
Ruudes 9 aylar önce
@Nick Belanger Yup, prizes like social decay, massive demographic shifts, and rampant degeneracy.
F.W. 10 aylar önce
@Nick Belanger it was from before the war brainlet way to miss the entire point of the video
Stratford-upon-Avon Video
Goodness ! I am a Chelmsford lad - and a former Chelmsford councillor. I never noticed Shire Hall was covered in swastikas. Ironic really. My dad worked just up the road at Hoffman's ball bearing factory and was bombed and strafed on New Street
Jinn Bottle
Jinn Bottle 5 aylar önce
Dr Felton - You’re too popular, so probably won’t see this; but I thank you profoundly for this entire series. I thought I’d heard the last word on Zeppelins; being under the impression from books that the LZ 130’s “sole flight was once around a spots stadium” ca 1937, “thereafter she was broken up for scrap metal for use in the coming war” etc. A far cry from the information contained in this invaluable video! This is a game changer for an important part of a “ WWII” novel (to oversimplify) I’ve been working on as a long term project.
Mo Tahoon
Mo Tahoon 9 aylar önce
very well researched and composed information, well done; helps correct common misconception
FUKFACE 9 aylar önce
Mark, your awesome, so thorough. I really enjoy what you do brother.
Jared Trainor
Jared Trainor 10 aylar önce
As sensitive as these topics are, I feel everyone knowing more information about such images and there origins would bring more benefit than outright banning them.
RAJA KARMAKAR 7 aylar önce
@LURIFAX : U guys r too late, that's why today it is irrelevant and myth...
C 9 aylar önce
@WillSmithy Do you believe most muslims are terrorists?
FuelAirSparkTime 10 aylar önce
@Tex AJP you're a nutjob buddy
tekis0 10 aylar önce
@Martin Michel Oh yeah? Can you please point me to 5 of them that happened in 2020? I'd say that communism is MUCH more dangerous and is a threat right now.
Jared Trainor
Jared Trainor 10 aylar önce
@Martin Michel how many of them do you think actually knew much about history? Or of even there goal of rioting??? Lol
slay Jay
slay Jay 22 saatler önce
Very interesting video, cool to learn things like this! Thanks, Mark!!
oceanwavex 8 aylar önce
Hi Mark, thanks for the videos...watch most with interest.....the swastika.....you have not explained the true meaning of the design that connects both the 3rd rite....and all other known users of the symbol both past and present, for it means the same things to all those that use it.. One again thanks.
Marcin Rosol
Marcin Rosol 4 aylar önce
as I'm a history buff ,truly love your channel ,u always put together top notch material ,,keep up great work sir.
TheHelge57 7 aylar önce
It's well researched and documentated. I realy enjoy your videos. But may I add one fact about the Sig-Runes of the SS. New informations shown, that the runes are originated in the region of todays Israel. I thinks it's quite ironic, that the SS executed their antisemitic ideology of extermination under this symbol. - I'm looking forward for new videos of you! Actually, I'm german and study history but still watch your videos because they are so well done! Keep up the good work!
Noah Count
Noah Count 10 aylar önce
The historical origins of the five images is informative and enlightening, Mark. Thank you.
C 9 aylar önce
@T Bone "Black power" and "white power" mean the same thing!!! Historical context? What's that?
maninthezoo 10 aylar önce
@T Bone haha exactly
T Bone
T Bone 10 aylar önce
Me and my allies use a similar salute but we close our fist as a sign of our anti-fascist racial superiority as a minority.
Paul Haugh
Paul Haugh 9 aylar önce
Mark I truly enjoy your comments and videos they are nearly as good as old World War 2 movies, but in regards to the swastika symbol did you know that there was a laundry in Dublin called the swastika laundry that operate for 75 years and only closed in 1987 and used the logo of the swastika for the right reasons, and in fact one some of its vans in there fleet were red with a white circle and the black swastika in the middle, when people see old photos of these vans now they don't think or now of the laundry they just think of Hitler unfortunately...
Jim Puglisi
Jim Puglisi 7 aylar önce
Mark you are a warehouse of knowledge love all your videos you make history very interesting keep them coming thank you for your effort
Alex Takacs
Alex Takacs Aylar önce
Mr Mark Felton is simply the BEST!! Thanks again for a very clear vision on Nazi History.
DiscoDashco 4 aylar önce
Mr. Felton, your segments are stupendous. As thorough and professional as anything from the BBC or DW. I thought I’ve seen enough WWII documentaries already, that nothing has ever really provided me with genuine learning opportunities, until now. Bravo.
Yildirim Akin
Yildirim Akin 10 aylar önce
Mark Felton teaches more people history than most history teachers do in a lifetime?
Ricky 10 aylar önce
That's because school systems put curfews and select resources or media to educate.
Jim Red
Jim Red 10 aylar önce
@Richard Thomas Richard - have you ever heard of something called a reference volume? It's what lay people who wish to study history on a particular subject read. They either borrow from a library or they purchase from a bookstore or an e-seller. A person interested in a given history or multiple spheres can amass a vast repertoire of such volumes for their personal use. Then again, most people, have never come across such a thing. They just turn up in the comments threads beneath a Mark Felton clip and write absolute horse****.
Joseph G
Joseph G 10 aylar önce
No, he teaches one side of history just liek the rest, just like hollywood.
WWII in Plastic
WWII in Plastic 10 aylar önce
Most history teachers I've met aren't even history majors; often they are coaches given those classes or something like Environmental Science because the admins think it is an easy class they can get away with teaching. I've worked at five different schools now and only met one guy with an actual degree in the subject. And as a science teacher I can say that field is getting wrecked as well.
David Smith
David Smith 10 aylar önce
This is very enlightening and informative. They don't even teach this in public schools. I remember, when I was a kid, seeing a book on airplanes of World War One with illustrations of planes from both sides. It showed that an American and a German fighter squadron had planes displaying the swastika. I think the German plane was part of Von Richtofen Flying Circus and the American was from Eddie Richenbacker Hat in the Ring squadron. I haven't seen that book in years.
Hub Deep
Hub Deep 29 gün önce
The swastika appeared in ancient neolithic art. It appeared in art of most ancient cultures. I believe this is where the Nazis got their inspiration for the swastika, as with the ancient runes, they were trying to create a link to an ancient ancestry and entitlement.
Brett McPherson- Smith
Quite amazing history, thank you.
GoodDaySir 13 gün önce
I remember first seeing the swastika as the Manji symbol in the first Zelda game's manual as the shape of a dungeon map. I used to love drawing maps as a kid and ended up drawing the Manji dungeon one day, until my mother freaked the hell out and told me that symbol is evil and thus I learned about Hitler when I just wanted to become a Hylian cartographer :(
MickO 9 aylar önce
These videos never, ever, fail to educate!
B P 10 aylar önce
If I didn't know any better, I'd say this guy is some kind of historian.
Tony Malony
Tony Malony 9 aylar önce
@Epic checkout Dennis Wise Docs.
c. j. macq
c. j. macq 10 aylar önce
@Epic ... most organized religions are notoriously conservative, reactionary and fascist institutions. hitler and mussolini sought to use religion to their advantage and they did. no fascist leader is truly religious. if they were they wouldn't be fascists because most major religions, in fact, denounce elitism and fascism. would you torture and murder people if you were truly religious? so, hitler manipulated Lutheranism and mussolini manipulated Catholicism to their advantage because they were already corrupted and fascist and easily manipulated to the fascist cause. its as simple as that.
Epic 10 aylar önce
@RottingEarth Ever heard of a little thing called Judaism?
Epic 10 aylar önce
@c. j. macq Hitler wanted to remove Christianity and the influence that it had on the German people, and made his own religion to try to do so, but he made an agreement with the church not to interfere with them, so long as they supported him, because he knew more people were loyal to Christianity than to Nazism at the time. If I ever find the documentary again I'll link it here as its quite interesting, but it was to do with Hitlers rise to power.
Al Ma’arri
Al Ma’arri 10 aylar önce
He's a car mechanic.
Willy Jordan
Willy Jordan 7 aylar önce
one of my ancestors was a hussar and in the Freicorps in the early 19th century, Poland was part of Prussia back then and warring against Austria. German was spoken throughout the baltic and st petersburg, many Eastern Europeans of german decent were influential and successful people, close to the czar
Vincent Lussier
Vincent Lussier Aylar önce
This guys' knowledge of military history is just stunning and never ending! He's a social media history teacher! By the way I have a brief story. This happened in a company I worked at in my 20's. A woman from India I worked with came back from India after Christmas and gave a small Swastika made of Lyme stone to a friend beside her as a gift. A Jewish woman sitting near by took great offense and reported it to our manager who waved it saying since the Indian woman gave it to another friend and it was none of the Jewish woman's business. The Jewish woman, pissed off never spoke to the Indian woman again even though the gift was intended as a symbol of good luck to another woman. No disrespect but I thought the Jewish woman took it too far!
nickrich56 Aylar önce
She missed the chance of a cultural exchange that could have benefited both parties.
The Papist your Mother warned you about
The Adler also reminds me of Roman Legionary eagles, especially how it’s resting on the perch, especially since Hitler was obsessed with Ancient Greece and Rome and even saw them as “ancestors” and forebears of “Nordic Greek art” whatever that is
Tom Wilequet
Tom Wilequet Gün önce
The use of the 'skull and crossbones' is actually much older. They were the symbols on the medieval Templar naval battle flag, strangely enough adopted from roughly the late 14th century to the early 19th century by privateers.
Steve Boose
Steve Boose 10 aylar önce
The fact that the Nazi swastika is angled while the “traditional” use of it is square is one of those subtle things that I think a lot of people missed for a long time. I remember my dad explaining to me that it was a “good luck” symbol for many cultures and not believing him. Of course, I was sixteen at the time and knew everything there was to know... ;-)
Joe Newman
Joe Newman 9 aylar önce
My wife had a refrigerator magnet that said Hire a teenager while they still know everything.
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson 9 aylar önce
The swastika pattern originates in eastern Europe, the one we're used to seeing originates from Romania and Bulgaria.
huGO Drax
huGO Drax 9 aylar önce
The N/\zis picked that symbol for its occuIt meaning, as the N/\zis were created by M/\sonic occuItists. They picked it because M/\sonic occuItist Helena Blavatsky said that was the most important symbol from Tibet where it was said to symbolise Agni, the god of fire. Pantheist occultists believe Man was created by an unjust and vindictive God who imprisoned them in Eden until Lucifer, also known to the occuItists as Prometheus, gave man the gift of fire, which as far as they are concerned was a code word for the intellect, a conscious mind. And that through this gift, Man will become God, and by Man they mean the Elite, not the common masses who they regard as dumb animals. Agni is the god of fire and so the analogue of Prometheus and therefore as far as the occutlists were concerned, another guise of Lucifer. So the N/\zis were under the symbol of Lucifer, and when they made nighttime parades involving fiery torches making the symbol of the S w a s t i k a, the common masses in the parade might not have know what it meant, but the Elite understood and were using the N/\zis to bring about a stage of their "new age".
Матвiй ꑭ
Матвiй ꑭ 10 aylar önce
@crazytony0 Thule Society :)
sepheroth350z1 10 aylar önce
@Shia LeCuck Alternative theories about history are anti semitic.
Anonymous163ful 7 aylar önce
Mark Felton should also have mentioned that the swastika was also used temporarily in the red army and in the provisional government of Russia.
Fire Groypington
Fire Groypington 2 aylar önce
Stylish uniforms, organized ranks, clever symbolism and assimilation of old mannerisms into their behavior, it’s no wonder why they were so feared and respected simultaneously.
sam jones
sam jones 7 aylar önce
Two armies have forever been used as the templates in science fiction and fantasy: The Roman Legions and The Nazi Military.
Michael Kovacic
Michael Kovacic 6 aylar önce
Very true!
Bloqk-16 7 aylar önce
I've always wondered whom it was that decided on the design and "cut" of the Wehrmacht uniforms, especially so for the foot soldiers and non-coms, as they had an upscale look to them; like a marching parade panache about them. Whereas the US GIs definitely had the look of _work clothes_ about them.
Mp 7 aylar önce
I think Hugo boss may have had a role with the suits
Don Carlton
Don Carlton 7 aylar önce
The Nazis chose the unique cut of their uniforms when they saw a picture of the 1927 era Massachusetts State Police uniform and thought it was totally badass. They copied the cut down to the ski jump hats, jack boots, striped riding breeches and Sam Browne belts. The MSP wore that same uniform until 20 years ago. Hence the joke in the movie "The Departed", "You want to become a detective, or do you want to spend the rest of your career looking like you're about to invade Poland?"
wtfbuddy1 10 aylar önce
Great presentation - interesting how symbols from many different parts of the world were used throughout history, here in Ontario Canada, you can visit the small town of Swastika in Northern Ontario - named after a Indian for good luck in the gold mines. Cheers
Ian W
Ian W 9 aylar önce
Look into the Indo-Europeans. It appears likely to have come from them, most likely.
S W 10 aylar önce
@Simon Potter let me guess, it's now 1/2 trans. hockey.
Simon Potter
Simon Potter 10 aylar önce
remember the women's hockey team?
mike ohagan
mike ohagan 10 aylar önce
@Pole Tooke i guess the price of gold will go up. more for whiners to complain about. changing names of towns and streets over not being politically correct is not going to change the past. men and women who were heroes hundreds of years ago are being erased from history. now its dr seuss. arrgh
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 10 aylar önce
@mike ohagan But what about the good luck in the mine
Martins 91267
Martins 91267 7 aylar önce
In Latvia swastika is called "the thundercross" and has deep roots in the culture. WW2 frontline went over the whole territory twice which means many abled men ended up on Allies AND Axis side either by free choice or were dragged in to serve. 1st republic of Latvia was occupied by the Red army as the war broke out, so the populace resented russians and joining the germans as the frontlines went over the territory for many meant getting rid of the occupants. This has lead to the current situation where you can't use the symbol under any circumstances or you will be labeled a nazi.
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