Nas - Brunch on Sundays feat. Blxst (Official Video)

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Nas - Brunch on Sundays feat. @BLXST (Official Video)

1. The Pressure
2. Death Row East
3. 40 Side
4. EPMD 2 feat. Eminem & EPMD
5. Rare
6. YKTV feat. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie & YG
7. Store Run
8. Moments
9. Nobody feat. Ms. Lauryn Hill
10. No Phony Love feat. Charlie Wilson
11. Brunch on Sundays feat. Blxst
12. Count Me In
13. Composure feat. Hit-Boy
14. My Bible
15. Nas Is Good

Director: Omar Jones

Executive Producer: Peter Brittenbender (Mass Appeal )
Executive Producer: Annie Chen (Mass Appeal)

Production Company: 1800number
Executive Producer/Producer: David Wept
Producer: Farah Idrees
Director of Photography: Franklin Ricart
1st AD: Julian Baner

2nd AD: Cameron Raser
1st AC: Ryan O’Hara
2nd AC: Arthur Castellano
Gaffer: Jorge Hernandez
Key Grip: Nick Lundstrom
BBE: Arjay Ancheta
BBG: Cory Anderson
Swing: Alex Pringle

Production Designer: Lucca Liberal
Art Assistant: Richard Morales
Sound Op: Cem Dursun
Editor: Chaz Smedley and Omar Jones
Colorist: Josh Bohoskey
VFX: Omar Jones
Film Footage: Franklin Ricart and Juliañ Burgueno
BTS Photo: Juliañ Burgueno and Shaun Llewellyn
PA’s: Peace Kumeh, Jake Gonzalez, and Shaun Llewellyn

Makeup Artist: Kandi Hernandez
MUA Assistant: Aubree Rockwell
Nas Styling: April Roomet and Arell Hughes
Casting: DVCasting
Models: Kenya, Lolo, Eva, Kendal, Raine

Day 2 Crew:
DP: Brett Arendt
1st AC: Eric Gauntt
Gaffer: Skott Khuu
Key Grip: Grant Gilligan
Swing: Amber Jones
Models: Kayla, Cindy, Viandra, Laura

Label: Mass Appeal
Special Thanks: Catch LA, Mike Ilic, Lede PR, Melissa Ellingson and Danny Ye



Bottomless bellinis afternoon sun
Girls twerkin’ on the tables they jus’ havin’ fun
Leave them girls alone
You the owner what you on
Buckets of Dom P how many you want
My n*gga he brought his son got his dad’s face
We order crabcakes table with mad plates
R&B playlist I’m in Blxst space
She told me ‘bout her last date I had to laugh in her face

That’s brunch on Sundays
Bring the hookah to the table she gon’ smoke until her lungs ache
That’s brunch on Sundays
Postin’ pictures on the ‘gram hashtaggin’ Sunday Fun Day

Go in chocolate city
DC girls saditty
Valet park the Wraith
Here’s a hundred fifty
Fitted match the linen
Linen match the tennis
Net worth match the image
Shorty was a AKA
Best friend was a Delta
Bringing up her student loans I told her that I felt her
Flyest women on the yard now they work for Delta
New Chanel slides slip ‘em off like Cinderella

That’s brunch on Sundays
Mad blunts real runts girls tryin’ to act up
Gotta keep it classy this ain’t time to act tough
Eye to eye when we toast we don’t need no bad luck
That’s brunch on Sundays (cheers)
Bring the hookah to the table she gon’ smoke until her lungs ache
That’s brunch on Sundays
Postin’ pictures on the ‘gram hashtaggin’ Sunday Fun Day

It’s my favorite day of the week
It’s my favorite day
It’s my favorite day of the week
To make it Sunday to Sunday that sh*t is deep

Keep it playa at all times
Be patient it’s all vibes
You f*ckin’ with the latest and greatest of our time
They know if I’m winnin’ we winnin’ we all shine
Make sure my people got a plate at the table before mine

That’s brunch on Sundays this one’s different
It’s the good guy mixed with American Pimp sh*t
I got Birkin money but the Telfar carry different
That’s a black business I handle my black business
Stay out of black woman business unless you invested in it
Told her check her Zelle account there’s a blessin’ in it
That’s brunch on Sundays
She belong on a runway
White Celine visor to block the sunrays
Oysters work as a afrodisiac
Soulful Sundays run Anita back (Rapture)
Gave her sweet love she said she needed that
Still a playa baby I know you seen The Mack

That’s brunch on Sundays
Mad blunts real runts girls tryin’ to act up
Gotta keep it classy this ain’t time to act tough
Eye to eye when we toast we don’t need no bad luck (Bless up)
That’s brunch on Sundays (cheers)
Bring the hookah to the table she gon’ smoke until her lungs ache
That brunch on Sundays
Postin’ pictures on the ‘gram hashtaggin’ Sunday Fun Day

It’s my favorite day of the week (let’s break bread)
It’s my favorite day
It’s my favorite day of the week
To make it Sunday to Sunday that sh*t is deep
Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah
That’s brunch on Sundays, oh
Break bread with the people



14 Eyl 2021




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Such good vibes and what a good mood im in, after hearing this.
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Balanced Perspective
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I love this guy forever. “ stay away black women business” Nas
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that Lil Rel Howery toast was short of "One of the O.Gs, Greatest of ALL TIME..."
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King Rush Productions
Love this song and the video is super dope!! I got this on repeat when I be working out at the gym lol
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Yoo was that leborn? Lmao
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Lil Rel toastin! Glad to see Chicago comedy rep
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cinderella fluffy pillows and brunch on Sunday lol
Jampack 5 gün önce
the next rap is going to be about fluffy pillows it's almost like he can just rap about anything and people will still buy it
Jampack 4 gün önce
this is just a fanpage and its just constrictive criticism
D Jay
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@Jampack I don’t understand what brings you here being that you claim you can’t relate to the muzik… Nas has too many records to count describing the struggle…you do know there’s a side of life ppl actually relax & enjoy right
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@D Jay cinderella fluffy pillows and brunch on Sunday lol people are living the life they don't wanna hear that fluffy pillow crap
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That’s what’s hip hop/ rap supposed to be … the ability to rhyme about anything and it’s better than money, drugs & hoez all damn day
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Black excellence . Thank you Nas for giving us a peek into your world, it’s very inspiring brother
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This my favorite song on KD2
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I feel like Nas will make more money if he will just put on sale his anti aging cream..
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Like fine wine.....Long Live the King......."Nas"........being a fan for over 28yrs now n counting.
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Russell westbrook should of came in his dress....wierdo ass industry
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To make it Sunday to Sunday NOW DATS DEEP‼️
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Respect from Kazhakstan bro
Жоламан Самбетов
Old school forever. Nas 👍👍👍👍
Viliami Tupou
Viliami Tupou 8 gün önce
James and Westbrook having fun with the real 👑. Now bring another title to the team
NINO SKILLZ 8 gün önce
Dope ! Yet better songs too shot a video too. Just saying.
Marques 8 gün önce
Extra Likes!
Pachina Fletcher
Pachina Fletcher 9 gün önce
I Love this album! He is the GOAT.This is one of favorite songs on the album.
Ireneo Rosário
Ireneo Rosário 9 gün önce
i guess this theme will be too much used in the first years ... Brilliant idea man... i love it...
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Classiest rap song for 2021
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wish this had more views considering its Nas!!! this shit so fly
dreamRepublicanz Entertainment
coolest video. should win an award
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Cosmopolitanism 3 10 gün önce
nas you are one of my favourite rappers ever
Debra James
Debra James 10 gün önce
I know the woman that this video is dedicated to. She is phenomenal in many ways for she is the ultimate encouraging force. She can turn your gloomy days into happy days. She is a reflection of miracles. Gorgeous in the face, and smart in the head.
Harlem Harris
Harlem Harris 10 gün önce
Now we need “Full circle “ video! Bust da atmosphere open🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Congratulations 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
D Jay
D Jay 4 gün önce
@Jonathan Coleman 😂 right that’s long gone
Jonathan Coleman
Jonathan Coleman 7 gün önce
That was from his previous king disease album don’t think he go make a video for that
Ron Kent2
Ron Kent2 10 gün önce
Nothing is better than a original! N.A.S THATS NAS YOP
N G 10 gün önce
So Swiss and hitboy collabed ?
D Jay
D Jay 4 gün önce
No, Swizz and Nas just cool
benvolio ombese
benvolio ombese 11 gün önce
Mike B
Mike B 11 gün önce
I think it says a lot about Nas that at a chef cooked brunch he still ordered fries.
Charles Mwape
Charles Mwape 11 gün önce
The greatest of all time
IGotGrapes09 11 gün önce
nas soul and energy ain't missed a step... great vibe... should put anyone in a good mood...👍
Kristopher Deundra Smith
trvid.com/video/video-SjS9aMH38Gw.html next hit!
Selemela Lethoba
Selemela Lethoba 12 gün önce
"Toast to Better Days"... Danko Nas!
Obie Brown
Obie Brown 12 gün önce
This song makes every family eat together on Sundays
clandestined arsehole
clandestined arsehole 12 gün önce
Look at all them beautiful MELANATED goddesses. Our women are the baddest when natural and comfortabl;e being authentic. simply no contest with any other race of women. And i got my dad's face haha (nas laugh)
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litttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt :)
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This video´s so cool! LBJ and W0
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I put on my all white sweats for this🤍
David Bonnick Jr / Gambit Ace
The goat is simply enjoying life 🔥👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
And here i am, 49 Years Old, with a Bullshit Job, still living in the Ghetto eating BEANS & FRANKS & sipping on KOOL AID on Sunday dammit !!!!! :(
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Twin Frink
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Pcise198 14 gün önce
This album was so necessary ! Toast to Nas and Hitboy ! This truly is for the people ! Beats and bars... knowledge is power
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i love how Nas is still relevant after all of these years!
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j brice 14 gün önce
She should read this. Yall should too.
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Like I said before, how you gon' play poker with no hand? ------- is a very intricate man. He does things a lot of people couldn't comprehend. Feel like they make you not care with percision. Without that mantra you wouldn't make that decision. Some of yall would but, some of wouldn't. It's crazy the way they treat some of our women. That's some more intricate sh---t. But karma will dictate what happens to them. Who I think is one of best friends seems like a hostage, but we 'bout to make it to the rosters. Wonder if one day she wants to go to college. Just want a ambassader to be more acknowledged (as heavy). They makin' her look like she don't know who The Father is. Like she's someone I shouldn't even bother with. Not my fault but felt like sayin' my bad. Bein' heavy is like gettin' to the bag (of money). It's crazy when you so heavy you can't brag. I think he still guides my hand so I'm right. When you don't guide yours how can you ever keep it tight. (Hearin' the 4.44 beat)
Luka Muren
Luka Muren 14 gün önce
Even ogs gone crap
PrAnG2000 14 gün önce
step 14 gün önce
A class act , the legendary Nas
ONE DAE 14 gün önce
Insane flames.
Debra James
Debra James 14 gün önce
Meet me at governor Island and now eating at a winery 🍷enjoying that beef wellington. Indeed I am confident that I know that Nas is still winning by standing on....
Guard Up Knicks
Guard Up Knicks 14 gün önce
This video is fire. The vibe is on 100. Coming out of Queens tho, we gotta get him to sit down with some Knicks players for the next fly video, lol. We gonna be winning soon ya'll.
andrejalil 14 gün önce
This right here is a vibe. Dope feeling.
Kevin Chriss
Kevin Chriss 15 gün önce
Oww!! My gawd i'm cryin'😭😭😭❤❤can't stop listen dis masterpiece
Anthony Peace
Anthony Peace 15 gün önce
I remember listening to illmatic in my project window with my Sony Walkman and thinking would I make it out? And I did!!! Nas 👑👑👑👑
Emre Aktürk
Emre Aktürk 15 gün önce
m.trvid.com/video/video-x1fzW4igHD8.html Hip-Hop🌹
ALUNGILE MTATI 15 gün önce
Making it Sunday to Sunday is nothing to be taken lightly.
Ray Nelson
Ray Nelson 15 gün önce
Not trying to judge but how are there any dislikes... smh
TimeCoder 15 gün önce
Name all the guests
MintToThrive Jamila
MintToThrive Jamila 15 gün önce
I always hated sundays … maybe it’s because I know somebody didn’t want me to make to the next one….
Bennji Hunnit
Bennji Hunnit 15 gün önce
Now know where my flow came from
Jurassic Tours
Jurassic Tours 15 gün önce
Only a Mill!! SMH
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🇿🇦 One of the greatest 🤞 Dedicate this one my Brother " Rowll Happiness " Brunch on Sunday .
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@nas 🎤 B r u n c h O n S u n d a y s 🎶 F t @blxst P r o d u c e d B y @corbettmusic x @rogetchahayed x @hitboy O f f i c i a l M u s i c V i d e o 🎞 D i r e c t e d B y @freeomarjones 🎬 O u t N o w 🔥 🔥 🔥 #brunchonsundays #nas #blxst - Distributed By 🤜 @natecarterphoto 🤛
Exodus W.
Exodus W. 15 gün önce
& my skillz r betta than yourz. ya dig?!!!!---Exodus...T.B.C...
Nonya 15 gün önce
GOAT music
Exodus W.
Exodus W. 15 gün önce
In Jesus's name, fuck Nas.
Dom Derik
Dom Derik 15 gün önce
O melhor de todos os tempos 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥meu ídolo
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Rhyan Vieira 15 gün önce
LeBron James is the best moment
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The Visual's 🔥🔥🔥👑
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Ivy Collins-Harris 15 gün önce
Look at my baby Destiny!!!! Hey Lil mama
ashley green
ashley green 16 gün önce
Yo what did I just hear?? Absolute FIRE.... BUT does any1 hear/see a KANO - T-shirt weather in da manor vibe?? (UK Artist). I'm an original Nas fan from Illmatic, so I'm not saying he's biting, it's just interesting the same mindsets/artistry at their career stages...bluku
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