Nardo Wick - Wicked Witch (Official Video)

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Music video by Nardo Wick performing Wicked Witch (Official Video). (C) 2021 Flawless Ent., under exclusive license to RCA Records




5 Ara 2021




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TimeBucks 8 aylar önce
The production is amazing
Gregory Williams
Gregory Williams 3 aylar önce
AZ BITCH 5 aylar önce
It’s from the movie Natural Born Killers
ixx_ armani.play’s
ixx_ armani.play’s 5 aylar önce
ixx_ armani.play’s
ixx_ armani.play’s 5 aylar önce
Oftf Nas
Oftf Nas 6 aylar önce
“Don’t be insecure your spot secured I promise you, know she safe with me when evil come she know I shoot” 💯💯
Gerardo Balderas
Gerardo Balderas 15 gün önce
@jayefrmatl I was playin my friend went to nle and he was screen sharing I did the same thing I did
jayefrmatl 15 gün önce
@Gerardo Balderas damn wat nardo do to u
Gerardo Balderas
Gerardo Balderas 20 gün önce
Nigga sthu up NLE better 💯
CEO of Sex
CEO of Sex 26 gün önce
@ChiTownGuerrilla LOL
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 8 aylar önce
Give this man some time. He'll become a household name. Every song in this album is straight heat
tony ruci
tony ruci 9 gün önce
half of the tap is skips tbh but i agree with him being a household name
Jaffa Cakes
Jaffa Cakes 4 aylar önce
Jasmean Bullygirl
Jasmean Bullygirl 2 aylar önce
I’m playing this at my wedding
erika conner
erika conner 4 saatler önce
GRB 9 gün önce
SALI_ FYANJI 26 gün önce
Best comment ever 😎✊🏾🤲✌🏾
Lovely Christabel
Lovely Christabel Aylar önce
im annaaa.
im annaaa. 2 aylar önce
Undefined_231 Copeland
Nardo is so talented.🔥🔥🔥
9jaFanx 8 aylar önce
Nardo is here to stay 💯
Dom Vanderstroom
Dom Vanderstroom 26 gün önce
hopefully not
NoahDont 05
NoahDont 05 3 aylar önce
Tyson Rinker
Tyson Rinker 4 aylar önce
Bang Ten
Bang Ten 5 aylar önce
@Shop Wrecker yes
Sarah Eubanks
Sarah Eubanks 2 aylar önce
Nardo Wick go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them trappers and oppas who just be usin that *AUT* *HEN* *TIC* *VIE* *WS* dawwt cawwwm jawwwn to get they hits up to go HAM... SMH
RoRo Rose
RoRo Rose 8 aylar önce
I hope Nardo Wick reach the stars. I like this young man’s sound and demeanor. 🙏🏾
onei jike
onei jike 8 aylar önce
Give this man some time. He'll become a household name. Every song in this album is straight heat
Weazy 8 aylar önce
I'mma support him all through..this is great music 🔥
Peter Gundry | Composer
Sweet to hear my music in this! Those wondering, the sample is from a song of mine called "The Devil"
This is JBuck
This is JBuck Aylar önce
nice man your songs getting sampled from left to right, hope you get all the credit you deserve man. And i hope you got your shit from pop smokes team.
Isaac Hayes
Isaac Hayes 2 aylar önce
Giung on a killing spree? I'm at a loss
D-Hawk Beats
D-Hawk Beats 2 aylar önce
W MAN, I remember you made the sample from Pop Smoke Dior right?
Anthony Tyler
Anthony Tyler 3 aylar önce
I thought so I’ve heard this exact beat in a song called Zaza by Kway da Vinci
Darius Robinson
Darius Robinson 3 aylar önce
He got his own flow and style and sound
Calvin Kinyanjui
Calvin Kinyanjui 8 aylar önce
Give this man some time. He'll become a household name. Every song in this album is straight heat
Celester Locke
Celester Locke 2 aylar önce
I pray to God this man see his future to the end..... he definitely Goin to be legendary
Kofi Intsiful
Kofi Intsiful 2 aylar önce
I will thank you. 🙏
whomp whomp
whomp whomp 2 gün önce
now i can see the hype surrounding this dude 😭 his songs fye bruh
Idi Linda
Idi Linda 4 aylar önce
First time I heard this song felt like I already knew it 🔥 vibe hit crazy 😈
BigSkyy 6 aylar önce
Honestly respect him for not being a 1 hit wonder, most people don’t follow up with another fire track
Sghember G
Sghember G 8 aylar önce
His voice is unmistakable 🔥 New G.O.A.T. Rapper
Teddy Dunton
Teddy Dunton 7 aylar önce
he's not the goat wtf
SOLT Aylar önce
Beat is so eerie. Love it
AustinChallenges 8 aylar önce
This man has created his own wave and sound! He's blowing up soon
Makai Reaves
Makai Reaves Aylar önce
@Joris Da Moura21 savage mid..
Karson Dixon
Karson Dixon Aylar önce
He already is blowing up, this man is the future🔥🔥🔥
Kofi Intsiful
Kofi Intsiful 2 aylar önce
Thank you
Adrian Manz
Adrian Manz 3 aylar önce
Tf 21 savage
Jacob Bass
Jacob Bass 3 aylar önce
My fam should play this at my damn funeral
Nia Olivia
Nia Olivia Aylar önce
Dopee visuals and I fw the song 🌟
Serious Cyrus
Serious Cyrus 8 aylar önce
My favorite song off the tape has a music video?! This sh*t just made my day. Nardo killing it right now💯
Itzz Super
Itzz Super 2 aylar önce
Nardo never misses🔥💯
Moneygirlgotthots 8 aylar önce
Made a savage song without disrespecting his woman or talking about cheating on her 👏
NxSlxtt Zye
NxSlxtt Zye 29 gün önce
@John Doe I think he just saying don’t be mad the ladies love him
Nostra 2 aylar önce
@John Doe “bitches knockin at my heart, but, I won't let em in” Try listening with your ears next time.
xxStxkks returns
xxStxkks returns 2 aylar önce
Ryan Dent
Ryan Dent 3 aylar önce
But this is preceded by Alley Cat which is the complete opposite 😂
zone4ocp 2 aylar önce
This gotta be one of the best songs ever made like Goddd damn
Braylon Crowe
Braylon Crowe 2 aylar önce
I love nardo wick he good at rapping no cap to hard show him love in support
RDP Mizo Boi
RDP Mizo Boi 7 aylar önce
Nardo finna be on top of the game soon...bro's talented af 🔥🔥🔥
Stephon Valentino
Stephon Valentino 8 aylar önce
Amazing album. No skips. He the next big thing . 🔥
ProdRoku 8 aylar önce
This tape gonna take Nardo straight to the top. Every track on there a banger!
Marcus L
Marcus L 8 aylar önce
It fr is
Recki💓 8 aylar önce
Nardo is something else 🔥🔥lyrics +instrumental 🔥🔥I’m in love
Go Yahir31
Go Yahir31 7 aylar önce
Un estilo suave con el ritmo, muy bien MG !! Ojalá que tik tok no lo haga viral
Kyle Wren
Kyle Wren 7 aylar önce
From one metal head to you, Thank you for this. Bring that dark vibe brother
itty 5 aylar önce
Wtf is wrong with you people
Gloom_mental 5 aylar önce
TheLil'Sharkies 6 aylar önce
He can back with those bangers 🍻🔥
Todd Stork
Todd Stork 8 aylar önce
There's no one that's ever sounded like this. It's deep it's dark and it's total fin gas! Every song that he drops I like more than the last one. Keep doing your thing Nardo. I absolutely love the originality
skyls Aylar önce
kidd keo - trap life
Dr Phot
Dr Phot 5 aylar önce
Y'all need to chill do you know how long hip-hop has been around and how many dope artists never got mainstream? Thousands! So plz just enjoy what he's doing and relax with the never ever talk!
dedashe Aylar önce
🔥🔥found this on accident and I just love when that happens ❤️🙏🏼😜
THE WICK MUSIC GO HARD MAN, HE JUST KNOWS HOW TO GET YOU HYPE AF, SUCH A GOOD ARTIST - i comment on every video btw😎 HERE IS A JOKE FOR YA - What do you call an elephant that doesn’t matter? An irrelephant.😂
Raquel Shrowder
Raquel Shrowder 8 aylar önce
I’m So Proud Of You Man ❤️
tara cozart
tara cozart Aylar önce
his flow is just different 😍
Indigo . WRLD . Studios
Wedeke Nondo
Wedeke Nondo 3 aylar önce
Ong he goin hard rn can’t cap🔥🔥😎
Jaden Peharie
Jaden Peharie 4 aylar önce
Song is fire 🔥💯💯
Ntobeko Mtetwa
Ntobeko Mtetwa 8 aylar önce
Fire song 🔥 Fire visuals to match 🔥
Charles Deal
Charles Deal 9 gün önce
It's July 2022, let's see how many legends and fans are still listening to this master piece. authentic views really did a fantastic job here they made this song really viral
Island I Land
Island I Land 8 aylar önce
The " Balenci'" that was set up for the "Balenciaga'" rhyme off of Prada into the next verse is seriously next level and I don't know who else noticed it... Please tell me someone else did
Derek Addison
Derek Addison 8 aylar önce
Unique rap voice & flow.
Sky Fall
Sky Fall 5 aylar önce
I have a hard time finding rap I like nowadays, then I found this. Lil homie reminds me of us in the early 90s...you KNOW!! ☠️
YEAH AIGHT ㉨🤔 8 aylar önce
Remember playing the snippet on his ig almost everyday until he dropped it on the tape now we get a visual 😂 nardo doing his thing dude had a good 2021 fr
YEAH AIGHT ㉨🤔 7 aylar önce
@Bad Vibes why u keep spamming this false info?
Ms JuiceandTea
Ms JuiceandTea 7 aylar önce
This song chills me… I like it🖤
Mike Lil Guapo
Mike Lil Guapo 4 aylar önce
I love it when she in the car vibin and say “ Glick in her Chanél, she a wicked Bitch. “ , nigga Nardo snapped on this one🚫🧢
Renard Moore
Renard Moore 8 aylar önce
Don’t be insecure your spot secure I promise you!!!!!! Nardo went up with this one
J. Gyama Yaka
J. Gyama Yaka 8 aylar önce
Shout out Nardo Wick for dropping this heat🔥🔥🔥
MRMONKEGAMING 7 aylar önce
This man so chill he don’t scream on nothing he calm
I E W O I 4 aylar önce
Who else keeps coming back cause the video and song too gas🖤🙋🏾‍♂️
arshad ross
arshad ross 4 aylar önce
trustnobodyy 5 aylar önce
Wicked never disappoint
` Ash *+!
` Ash *+! 6 aylar önce
Nardo never misses 🔥
Chaun Shell
Chaun Shell 8 aylar önce
Imagine if him and Von could of made a song shit would break the internet 🔥🔥🔥
spicy1ize 5 aylar önce
Jovan Jordan
Jovan Jordan 6 aylar önce
That shit would have been crazy especially if it was who want smoke man that shit would have been crazy but his records is fire I am just learning who Nardo Wick is this young guy is killing it
i am a hero!
i am a hero! 6 aylar önce
@Let him do his work for you yeah if the record label forces him to.
Let him do his work for you
@i am a hero! I promise u he would wit him.
Darkmoon Dawg
Darkmoon Dawg 6 aylar önce
Fire use of that Peter Gundry sample - I would love to see source material like that used more often
#DetroitMadeHotBoy 7 aylar önce
this a hit, it go hard my boy. 🔥
Glo Entertainment
Glo Entertainment 3 aylar önce
David Ndem
David Ndem 3 aylar önce
The moment you realize this a love song ‼️
Stephön Alfred
Stephön Alfred 8 aylar önce
Nardo hasn’t made a bad song, or shown a bad visual. Argue wit yourself. Every song you’ve heard from him you bump, and every video, you watch. 💯
Kidd Presh
Kidd Presh 2 aylar önce
Nicole sharp
Nicole sharp 3 aylar önce
Omg..i love Nardo big fan here!!!!
Ale riv
Ale riv 29 gün önce
Saima Petrus
Saima Petrus Aylar önce
Nardo wicks voice is so handsome 🥺❤️
Kiing Josh
Kiing Josh 8 aylar önce
Wishing Nardo nothing but the best with this music stuff
Z 18 gün önce
Kamareon Henderson
Kamareon Henderson 8 aylar önce
Mark my words…give dis song bout 2 or 3 more days and its gon hit a milli🤷🏾‍♂️🔥
Teddy Dunton
Teddy Dunton 7 aylar önce
garrett peeples
garrett peeples 4 aylar önce
Nate Lavar
Nate Lavar 6 aylar önce
I'm feeling this 🔥🔥🔥
JB 8 aylar önce
I love this dudes music, he’s gonna be big for sure
Phillip-Felipe Sayer
Phillip-Felipe Sayer 4 aylar önce
🔥🔥🔥🔥 #wickedgang
Sha 3 aylar önce
Rodney Green
Rodney Green 8 aylar önce
Didn’t think he would follow up after who want smoke but he definitely did
Thecubanrider 10 gün önce
Yo I’m fr in love with this song🥶
Sovurn Beats
Sovurn Beats 8 aylar önce
Visuals went crazy!! Keep dropping that consistent heat big dog!!! 💪💯
Wwevideos Aylar önce
I like how his voice gets smoother and smoother though out the video
Young Faceless
Young Faceless 2 aylar önce
God damn this is amazing
Rashaun 8 aylar önce
1 million, salute Nardo. Favorite song with a dope ass video.
🌟 Christopherthebest
This shit hit hard
Money Majiah
Money Majiah 25 gün önce
meem 5244
meem 5244 6 aylar önce
This man should pair with a fast rapper to make the ultimate masterpiece 🙌 👏
Tanyaradzwa Mugandani
Tanyaradzwa Mugandani 2 aylar önce
Amazing 👏
Realsoran 6 aylar önce
This guy is fireee 🔥
🌿Cray Cray Debbie🌿
Chrishun Mabry
Chrishun Mabry 7 aylar önce
This heat🔥🔥 he dropping banger after banger
Steveo 1997
Steveo 1997 3 aylar önce
Nardo n durk should do a remix🔥🔥🔥 shit wud b cold asf
Official Luh DQ RKV
Official Luh DQ RKV 6 aylar önce
Dis song so hard blow dis up for nardo 🖤🐐💪🏾🤘🏾🤞🏾
Ari Baby
Ari Baby 8 aylar önce
Definitely going on the playlist!!!! 🔥‼️
Stanley Buissereth
Stanley Buissereth 8 aylar önce
Love it🔥🔥
laD!3 Gang
laD!3 Gang 7 aylar önce
Big facts 💯💯💯 I love me some nardo keep going baby
SACRED 8 aylar önce
In Nardo we trust ✊
Jack Blasbalg
Jack Blasbalg 5 aylar önce
something about nardo is just captivating
aka Devy Valentino
aka Devy Valentino 2 gün önce
Damn the Demon grabbed my soul for a minute while listening to this 🥵
KTO.Levell 7 aylar önce
“I need you to hold me down be my anchor” hardest bar… ngl he snapped on that😤😤🎯
Ton170 R03d4
Ton170 R03d4 3 aylar önce
I love ur music
Nkateko Mathebula
Nkateko Mathebula 8 aylar önce
This man is rapidly going up he been dropping banger after banger👏🏼🔥🔥
Gabi Sampira
Gabi Sampira 7 aylar önce
Bro this is lit🔥
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