NÜRBURGRING EPIC CRASH FAIL & WIN Compilation Nordschleife Touristenfahrten

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NÜRBURGRING EPIC CRASH FAIL & WIN Compilation Nordschleife Touristenfahrten

Best of Nordschleife Crashes & Fails

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6 Haz 2017




Yük bağlantısı.....


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ELi _
ELi _ Saatler önce
0:48. You : How many episodes of Initial-D have you seen ? Him : Y E S
Amar Hamidovic
Amar Hamidovic 3 saatler önce
7:35 he was watching whats going on there thats reason of fail
voisin1910 3 saatler önce
dommage que les images soit trafiquées fumée rajoutée..etc
Christian Sta
Christian Sta 4 saatler önce
1:28 ugly goes faaaaast
Legend of Nibbaheem
Legend of Nibbaheem 4 saatler önce
৬:৪০ হাহাহা ভালো হইসে
Ernesto Gasulla
Ernesto Gasulla 8 saatler önce
4:56 these are the real dangers of tge Ring. I don't care if you total your own car, but punting another because you can't wait for a straight should get you banned for life.
Ernesto Gasulla
Ernesto Gasulla 8 saatler önce
1:25 "get outta my way, you slow sucker" "OK, maybe he wasn't going that slow".
Amy Lee
Amy Lee 23 saatler önce
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Vincent Willems
Vincent Willems Gün önce
Il m'a fait rire l'autre avec sa bm de merde et le bras an l'aire ahahah
lamboman68 Gün önce
From what I’ve learnt seeing these clips 1. Don’t take your bmw to the track
Matail rennes
Matail rennes Gün önce
Ford Puma out
aki Yamato1967
aki Yamato1967 Gün önce
stephane 2 gün önce
trés beau chien et trés intelligent
Andron Andronian
Andron Andronian 2 gün önce
самый тупой вид спорта , разве что ММА может опередить
Said Besic
Said Besic 2 gün önce
nooooo not the s2k
Marcin Ostrowski
Marcin Ostrowski 2 gün önce
Oleg k
Oleg k 3 gün önce
открываем гугл и пишем в поиске "Return TRvid Dislike" и наслаждаемся новым расширением для браузеров, который возвращает дизлайки
ReallyJust Random
ReallyJust Random 3 gün önce
This is just proof that there are alot of idiots out there, though it does make good entertainment.
Derail07 4 gün önce
lol stupid bikers
HuKPuK 4 gün önce
4:30 Master
studio calderini
studio calderini 4 gün önce
When there is a Bmw on the track, there is no surprise
NLfromNL 4 gün önce
Ik blijf het zeggen: niet iedereen heeft de rijkwaliteiten van Max Verstappen.
Szovjet munkástraktor
all vw-s oversteer and crash lol
egenin1i 4 gün önce
YonatanSkateV 4 gün önce
So sad but also satisfying
Chuck Fowler
Chuck Fowler 4 gün önce
I cant beleave all the peaple not even wearing helmets they shouldn't allow anybody on the track with out at least safety harnesses and helmets.
Stream Games
Stream Games 5 gün önce
8:42 Ouch KURWA!!!
Idiot1234569 5 gün önce
The algorithm brought me here, I am pleased
Michael Irabor
Michael Irabor 5 gün önce
This corner should be called THE JUNK YARD, because that's is where it sends cars too
Владимир Николаевич
Kai Scheffel
Kai Scheffel 5 gün önce
Eine Essenz der dümmsten aller Dummen!
Riley Anderson
Riley Anderson 5 gün önce
I was doing fine until I saw the dog. Sudden INTENSE anxiety lol
Алексей Антонов
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 6 gün önce
Ale urwał, ale to było dobre.......
Heinzkurt Grieberer
Heinzkurt Grieberer 6 gün önce
Dumme Männer bei der Arbeit.
GGeZ 6 gün önce
wow to polski kanał? xd
SAGVAN 6 gün önce
ta trať je nějaká divná když tam padaji i motorkáři
Andrea Deiro
Andrea Deiro 6 gün önce
Christian S
Christian S 6 gün önce
Car: "I am being abused by an idiot". Guardrail: "Its better to bend than to break"
MURRYCHOOCK 7 gün önce
That dog was cute
DDM4V7 5.56
DDM4V7 5.56 7 gün önce
Must be some good picking in the auto wreckers down there 🤣🤣
Let’s Go Covfefe!
Let’s Go Covfefe! 7 gün önce
I’d love to hear their phonecalls with their wives.
W Trolleybus
W Trolleybus 7 gün önce
The intelligence of most drivers seems to be limited to the ability to put lots of stickers on their toy cars. Bless them.
다트TV 7 gün önce
6:35 ....... what...
jaegermeister1968 7 gün önce
unbelievable, the smartest in the entire video is the dog.
TwisteddigitTK 7 gün önce
Why is it mostly the BMW's that crash?
mark m.
mark m. 8 gün önce
Too many dollars, (deutschemarks), and not enough cents.
Daddy 89
Daddy 89 8 gün önce
4:40 BMW mit nen 2JZ
Moving Socks
Moving Socks 8 gün önce
Amazing how they crash the same way I do in the sim.
Specialized 29er
Specialized 29er 8 gün önce
Imagine trying to claim them accidents on your insyrance,
Claes-Göran Lundgren
Don t they have any training what so ever to drive at this track?
Marc Stanga
Marc Stanga 9 gün önce
He protecc He attacc But most importantly, This is a hard tracc
Wolf Stock
Wolf Stock 9 gün önce
Rumms, Prell und Knall und schon haben wir einen feinen Schrotthaufen. Auch der Fahrer hat sich, um dem Ganzen die Krone aufzusetzen, noch xix in die Buxe geschi...
Thierry Kervot
Thierry Kervot 9 gün önce
à 6.36 mdr il le cherchait depuis un moment
Frei Herr
Frei Herr 9 gün önce
Natürliche Auslese😂….. schön wie sich die 3er dezimieren
crxdelsolsir 9 gün önce
1:33 A Honda hater? Fwd hater? Or Both? Either way a Delsol has been driven faster than some sports cars with TRvid videos available on this very track. Also a Honda always belongs on Track as they are in F1, have been and will be. Unlike many of these car brands where the manufacturer is not even in any or top tier racing as high as F1.
Marcin Fidosz
Marcin Fidosz 9 gün önce
Ale przyjebał, nakręciłeś to? No :D Co ty dajesz :D
John A
John A 9 gün önce
that Porsche lost 16 quarts of oil on that corner and the bikes weren't having it.
SlayanderAZ4 10 gün önce
Play stupid games, win stupid prices.
MrFairact 10 gün önce
0:45 Der fährt ja wie ich immer auf der Sonnenallee....
aegaenboy1 10 gün önce
6:33 hahahah
やまちん 10 gün önce
6:32 Can't imagine how embarrassed he was
UncleMeow 10 gün önce
3:22 that sheila couldn't take it anymore
RedLP5000S 10 gün önce
Thank God that the dog went behind the fence. 😮🐕
RaKaFunny 10 gün önce
! 💖TOP !
老基百 13 gün önce
Stuart Cotterill
Stuart Cotterill 15 gün önce
Seeing that show off crash in the green BMW was hilarious
Frederick Bellamy
Frederick Bellamy 15 gün önce
Alot of none DRIVERS destroying bad ass cars
Black Prince
Black Prince 15 gün önce
Most drivers drive like they stole the car.
dpajc056 16 gün önce
6:04 Karma is a biatch
Rick 17 gün önce
That random dog at the end just starring at the camera killed me lol
Lavon Watson
Lavon Watson 17 gün önce
It's called drifting..... until it's not 😂 I only got 2/3 of the way through this, my Dr. has asked that I keep my consumption of stupidity down a bit.
Alex Fracyon
Alex Fracyon 18 gün önce
You have to get to know the track. Takes a long time to learn a track this long. There is no way around it. You're not going to come here and be a natural fast guy
rolf göbel
rolf göbel 18 gün önce
die bester fahren bmw,boo alter
Tree 19 gün önce
To the gentleman in the Green BMW…🖕🏼right back atcha!🤣🤣🤣
Artem 20 gün önce
why do they slow down when they are skidding
Bernd.am.GriLL 21 gün önce
I laughed so hard at the bikers crashing at 7:00 😂
Lubomir Ivanov
Lubomir Ivanov 22 gün önce
Taking FWD cars (VW golf for example) to Nurburgring is a whole other level of stupid. 😂😂😂 PS: Bikers - from 6-7 of them, 5 on the ground 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️
Biki11 22 gün önce
I feel so sorry for the ones who crash. I feel the pain.
matthew King
matthew King 23 gün önce
6:35 The TWAT finally ran out of luck!!
Mexzcan Ninja
Mexzcan Ninja 24 gün önce
The fans are so entertaining!
AlbusBou Natin
AlbusBou Natin 24 gün önce
Je suis là après le vultech de Vilbrequin
Richard Staas
Richard Staas 24 gün önce
The 2 guys on bikes😂😂
Blues BX
Blues BX 24 gün önce
0:44 not gonna lie. he got us in the 1st half. Also that accidental drift was nice.
Valentin Löw
Valentin Löw 25 gün önce
echt gut animiert. dachte erst des wär echt
salvador macias Pulido
Motorcycle Guy, hallo and oh hey Asphalt!!!
Ashton Corso
Ashton Corso 25 gün önce
trvid.com/video/video-sDtKTl1CRiU.html Clean
Jacob Hoffman
Jacob Hoffman 26 gün önce
There's got to be a lot of unhappy insurance company's
Xfinity 29 gün önce
Cheers to golf 5 at 2:10, he did make a mistake to lose control but he gave throttle to pull him out that turned out okay in the end
Tim Tam
Tim Tam Aylar önce
3 Series graveyard
mixedWafflezz Aylar önce
9:50 what the dog doin
HOWDNZ Aylar önce
That’s me on GT Sport… yeah she’ll buff out 😆
Laurent Royer
Laurent Royer Aylar önce
6:33 😂
ferguzoficial Aylar önce
Quem ta no trono e vendo esse video também deixa comentário kkkkk
George LU
George LU Aylar önce
4:08 is the perfect demonstration of why crumple zone matters.......
Olli auf Achse
Olli auf Achse Aylar önce
8:33 - Ich find es zwar selten dämlich von den Leute, die Ihre Karren auf dem Ring zu Schrott fahren, aber dazu auch noch Applaudieren finde ich genau so zum 🤮 👎
Olli auf Achse
Olli auf Achse Aylar önce
6:35 - Prolet, weil ne Cam da ist und dann die Karre Schrotten 😂
Big Dawg
Big Dawg Aylar önce
Wie manche bei Schnee und Regen fahren🤦 , selber schuld
Cameron Aylar önce
Apes. Every last one of them lol.
Faust Tsui
Faust Tsui Aylar önce
6:30 seeing that fucker finally crashed is the most satisficing part of the video.
the entire history of MrBeast, i guess
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