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Video games have given rise to immeasurable amounts of immersive and interactive fiction. When these blend with the dark side of the internet, however, that's when we find our outliers.

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2 Ara 2021




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MamaMax Aylar önce
this video made me wanna cuddle under a warm blanket with you while we play Schnell 😳
Backrooms Explained
Backrooms Explained 34 dakika önce
@Nexpo got some really great content I wish that you actually posted more videos
Backrooms Explained
Backrooms Explained 14 saatler önce
@Nexpo nice music I wonder where you got it from 18:48
JuKe LuKey2nd
JuKe LuKey2nd Gün önce
Yo thats kinda sus if ya know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Also i ship it
AdoQhina Gün önce
Rawn 16 gün önce
Did TRvid pick a side?
tuv Aylar önce
thanks for making this week even better mr. nexpo 😩🥰
mapler lulo
mapler lulo 4 gün önce
get out of here cringe tiktoker
Greg Kareem
Greg Kareem Aylar önce
Big fan man
gilligan bi
Sydney Brown
Sydney Brown Aylar önce
@StarsRose has
Sepritt Aylar önce
Ayo it's Tuv
Jordan Sweeto
Jordan Sweeto Aylar önce
This stuff is so unsettling.. but I can’t stop watching it lol
The Odour
The Odour 2 gün önce
Just like your Mom
Priscilla S. C's Deaky
Me too, I can't be alone while watching them.
Wackaz (Wackabladee)
Exactly me haha. It's oddly comforting.
Mar 28 gün önce
Wasn’t expecting to run into you on a nexpo video lol
Padaria Do Ninjinha
Sup, Jordan. I really like your music :))
bryan i
bryan i Aylar önce
Imagine making a game in younger school days, full of random inside jokes and/or creative experimentation. then years later, people are freaking out about it.
Atul Navadiya
Atul Navadiya Aylar önce
TheatreHeathen20 Aylar önce
It's comforting to know that if Nexpo ever goes missing, his last message to his audience would always be "I love you all."
Wackaz (Wackabladee)
Haven 17 gün önce
@Rorden Gamsey oh
Rorden Gamsey
Rorden Gamsey 26 gün önce
Ayo if you get him lemme get that left leg I’m hungry
Kiwiball 27 gün önce
Very Aylar önce
That’s sus af, stay away from Nexpo.
Independence Guitar
You are very possibly right about the pig thing, but just throwing this out there, I used to work in the medical field. In training, we had to dissect cadavers a handful of times. The cadavers although preserved, we’re still heavily decayed and torn apart since they would be dissected multiple times. To me, at first glance, it looked like one of those dissected cadavers with decayed skin and flesh all cut up and hanging off, skeleton exposed…. But really, it doesn’t show enough to really tell for sure. If you think it’s a pig carcass, I’m inclined to believe you.
Independence Guitar
@Rainy Jane yeah, it’s definitely possible. Usually I wouldn’t really think twice about it and assume it was from some kind medical teaching class, but that didn’t look like a lab class setting. And yeah, decay isn’t really the right word. I just mean they turn that kind of greenish brown color like a mummy. And since they get cut open and rooted around in a billion times, everything gets kind of macerated, and the skin starts flapping around like roast beef… 🤮. It looked a lot like that.
Rainy Jane
Rainy Jane Aylar önce
Not to be nitpicky, but cadavers used for anatomical dissection do not rot or decay as they are preserved in fixative. However you are right in that they do desiccate, and by the end of the term they are understandably very cut up and in poor shape, especially as not all students are good at cutting. (Writing this from my experience having been through medical school; I am a neurologist - but all first year medical students must take gross anatomy with cadaveric dissection). It is worthwhile noting that at least in the US (and I imagine elsewhere too) in medical education it's not permitted to take pictures or videos of the cadavers or cadaveric parts. That said, as I noted above this does look to me like it could be the dissected and preserved leg of a human cadaver.
Independence Guitar
@TashaSalad No, never got to see that side. I was in the Army. Was a medic and surgical tech. So yeah, I’ve seen plenty, but never the coroner/autopsy/med-ex part. I was either outside the wire, or in the operating room. Glad I wasn’t though. It was crazy enough where I was, I don’t think I could have solely been on the death side of it. That would have seriously messed me up… well even worse than I was anyway lol.
TashaSalad Aylar önce
You ever shadow at a medical examiners too? I’m asking cause u said u use to be in the medical field . That shit was the craziest 3 month I’ve ever experienced .
bluegum Aylar önce
I think it's an abstract kind of musing on a few ideas through juxtaposition: We have reverence for our dead and yet our existence is based on using the corpses of other species. In the right context, you perceive a body being disposed of and feel horror, whether pig or human the superficial appearance is similar enough to be confronting. Is it a crematorium or a garbage incinerator? Is there a difference? Is it horrifying only because you believed you were looking at the remains of a person, or is it innately a horrifying sight that we are inured to by the necessity of livestock? It doesn't seem to be making any moral judgement, just like "y'know, it's kinda funny how-" I don't even know if this was consciously intended or if I'm just reading too much into it, but I do think it's a really thought-provoking piece of media regardless.
Xploshi Aylar önce
The museum of anything goes is my favourite piece of media in history Thank you for bringing it into the limelight 😌
Wackaz (Wackabladee)
Man, internet and media history is just so fun and fascinating to learn about.
AdamitoWithAGlock 17 gün önce
Not even gonna surprised if you Go ahead and make another Sp00py animation about Schnell
mei jg
mei jg 19 gün önce
@bella allard jugá con esta, chau no juego mas
bella allard
bella allard 19 gün önce
how do I play this game ?
G A B E 22 gün önce
it looks like an elaborate shit post from the 90s
Elle Anastasiou
Elle Anastasiou Aylar önce
Regarding the Utano image, the facial structure of the depicted individual looks more photographic than it does pictorial. Firstly, the disfigurement on the upper eye is not typical of medical/corpse paintings (even from the 13/14c), with female faces almost exclusively painted 'untouched'. Additionally, if you reorient the image into portrait, the facial features are irregular for . While a defined supraorbital ridge (brow bone) can be found throughout Quattrocento images through Courbet, the nose shape does not fit the typical depictions of the period. Additionally, there are some confusing aspects to this image. Is the woman wearing a gag or is that hair in her across her face? What is the bandage or is it a head ornament/hachimaki? I would agree that the stylisation does parallel certain familiar pictorial elements, however - from the reclined posture (topos), the absent gaze and the slightly greened colour palette. The corpse-like resemblance furthered by the similarity of this image to amateur post-mortem photography, particularly from the late Victorian era. Though this does look like a digital image due to the tonal variation in whites/blacks, it's also important to note that a green tone can sometimes occur if 35mm images are scanned. Furthermore, the colour grading is comparable to Kuime (Over your dead body), a Japanese horror film released the following year with similar placement of facial injury, and Marebito, a 2004 flick with similar themes to the game. I would like to add that around the time of this game's release (2013), photographer Izima Kaoru produced an entire artist book of women as if post-mortem, styled in the likes of Dior and Yohji Yamamoto. So it's not unreasonable to believe that the production of this photo would have been a project by the game developers or anyone art-adjacent in the indie scene at the time. Finally, this is a stretch but, in the translated message, 'severing the arm' seems entirely random. However, this is a myth about hero Watanabe-no-Tsuna which could be relevant. Notorious demon Ibaraki-doji confronts any individuals who pass through their gate of residence, which results in its arm being severed by the hero. Days later, there is a second confrontation between the characters in which the demon presents as a woman and retrieves its arm. There's an uncanny print by 19c artisan Tsukioka Yoshitoshi depicting the second part of this event.
Krasny Mili
Krasny Mili 14 saatler önce
Sorry m8 could you repeat that? Didnt understand it first time
Chris Byrnes
Chris Byrnes Aylar önce
The creepy picture at the glitch in Haunting 2 looks like a distorted and shifted image from some medieval painting. The eyes looking of to a distant point, the possible headdress and colors of the clothing kind of look like a baroque painting (I'm not an art historian so don't quote me on that). Since the picture looks enlarged, as if it was in the background, shifted 90 degrees and darkened would make it very difficult to find in a Google or even visual search.
Sabibisu 18 gün önce
it looks a lot like the girl and the earing painting
Tyler Carnegie
Tyler Carnegie 29 gün önce
Exactly what I was thinking. I have an interest in that sort of art, and it brought to mind a number of religious paintings, specifically those featuring Mary or those in what can be described as a "religious ecstasy" upon being visited by an angel or Christ himself. I can't be sure what's on her head but the first thing that came to mind was that it looked a bit like a veil or habit like Mary herself would often be depicted in. I can't help but feel like I've seen it before at some point.
liten kerstin
liten kerstin Aylar önce
not an art historian either, but i can see what you mean
Anón Aylar önce
Japanese RPG games, specially horror ones, are like, an entire thing on their own. Not many make it past Japan though. We do have some interesting eerie games on our side, you should take a look at the Dread X Collections.
The funny man
The funny man 20 gün önce
@kira☆kira It's being made into a full game.
yeah he should play the game where you can date the female Cthulhu lmfao
Wumpus 24 gün önce
Ao Oni is a good one.
OmegA's Gaming Channel #SaveTheOA
Dread X is creepy, to be sure (never played it myself, and still waiting for the group I watched play the first two - Jesse Cox's Scary Game Squad - to come back and play 3 and beyond(?), but even just watching conveys the creepy), but I don't think there's many, if any, mysteries worth spotlighting, and Nexpo doesn't do Let's Play videos, pretty sure.
The funny man
The funny man Aylar önce
I love the dread x collections, severely underrated
Alias Aylar önce
RPGMaker horror/mystery/surreal games are fascinating, it's a shame there's so much that's been left untranslated. Yume Nikki is without a doubt a favorite of mine, though it's a lot less horror than other examples. Would love to see more attention brought to them in general.
Aaliya Jeli 「Kanatahiba」
True! About Yume Nikki, I'd say that some of the fangames are the ones more disturbing. If Nexpo researched about this to LCDEM and the creator's (Koronba) disappeareance, as well as songs that are trending these days that's inspire by them... it would be cool
Arthur Morgan’s Bae
Love me some Yume Nikki. I first watched Pewdie Pie play it 😬.
Ahmed Malaki
Ahmed Malaki Aylar önce
Don’t worry nitro rad is a big fan of the game and he started to build some popular
SaxyJ Aylar önce
Theres a channel called pikasprey that talks about the surrealist vibes yumi nikki gives off and why its one of their favorite games. The same channel also uploads some pokemon softlocks that are pretty interesting to say the least. It involves a little leg work setting most of the scenarios up but the payoff is well worth it in the end.
Blaze Salamancer
Blaze Salamancer Aylar önce
I couldn't agree more. Some of my favorite games ever were made in that engine, and it inspired me to start learning it myself
vinesauce Aylar önce
Thanks for the feature. That was definitely a moment.
𝕮𝖆𝖗𝖙𝖎 10 gün önce
What a nice thing to say
Mavvy Chiew
Mavvy Chiew 11 gün önce
VimmDaSlim 11 gün önce
Epic person
6347BEAR 11 gün önce
hi joel
Mr Venom Fan
Mr Venom Fan 11 gün önce
Mah-Dry-Bread - Gameplay & Streams!
I'd love to see more of this! Any time you cover creepy obscure games it ends up being my favourite stuff
ed champagne
ed champagne Aylar önce
@Justin Hamilton the fact that you replied means you should take your own advice
Justin Hamilton
Justin Hamilton Aylar önce
@ed champagne fan: expresses mild feeling you: sTaN Grow up.
Amar Gwari
Amar Gwari Aylar önce
@ed champagne How is this being a stan?
ed champagne
ed champagne Aylar önce
@Amar Gwari dont be a stan no one likes a stan dude
Amar Gwari
Amar Gwari Aylar önce
Everytime you play a game it becomes my favourite game ❤
Apple Pinneaple
Apple Pinneaple Aylar önce
I always feel like I can trust nexpo when watching these creepy videos but when he laughed I was like “ayoo?? 😶”
Caleb Baker
Caleb Baker Aylar önce
Dead body: **is displayed** Nexpo: "let's dissect this"
NOphion 2 - Electric Boogaloo
It amazes me that to this day people genuinely believe in the whole anti piracy stuff. Think about it: Why would a horror game shield itself against piracy by a very specific crash that occurs in the middle of the game out of the normal path that is combined with a creepy image? You came here for creepy images anyway. If that image appeared constantly with crashes after the starting area it might have been more believable but like its now, its obvioulsy intentional.
Austra Aylar önce
hearing him laugh is probably the most eerie thing I’ve ever heard from nexpo
bloomf 14 gün önce
Johnald Brillten
Johnald Brillten Aylar önce
@Anon A disgusting arent they
Austra Aylar önce
@Una Vela 12:31
Paula Flores
Paula Flores Aylar önce
idk i thought it was a refreshing break from all the tension tbh but yeah still kinda startling cuz i’ve never rly heard him laugh
Una Vela
Una Vela Aylar önce
Time stamp?
Tamara Manheim
Tamara Manheim Aylar önce
"Whatever you do...don't click on the grave." This would automatically trigger my natural rebellious side. I can't be alone. 🤣
Erick Cruz
Erick Cruz 4 gün önce
“Don’t tell me what to do” is what popped in my mind 🤦🏾‍♂️
Paulo Moura
Paulo Moura Aylar önce
hey, onto the subject of creepy obscure japanese games, there is a game that is called kamaitachi no yoru developed by spike chunsoft back onto the SNES. it was adapted (poorly) to english back in 2013, and only now it gained an unnoficial translation of the PC remake. this game hides a reeeally creepy fourth-wall breaking easter egg, if you want to dive in. would be nice to see it being more revered on the east, if ya wanna talk about it :)
Milky 19 gün önce
@Paulo Moura oh it was? Well oh damn, still creepy as hell tho
Paulo Moura
Paulo Moura 19 gün önce
@Milky sorry for ruining the fun, but it was 100% intentional.
Milky 19 gün önce
I've seen this one on other creator's channel! (forgot which one, maybe oddheader's) It's really creepy, and I wonder how it got to the final game without anyone else from chunsoft or nintendo realizing it.
Paulo Moura
Paulo Moura 25 gün önce
@Sephlock in one of the many endings, a message shows up interrupting the game. it is allegedly written by a dev, and it cries for help claiming that the company that made the game (chunsoft) is terrible and made him work excessively. i think he also mentions how the game disturbed him to the point that he felt haunted and developed paranoia. after the interruption, the game goes on like nothing ever happened.
Sephlock 25 gün önce
What’s the Easter egg? Spoil me!
effluviah Aylar önce
One of my friends is a butcher, so I texted him to see what he had to say about the creepy museum game image (copied his full analysis here): "I don't know how things were done in the 90s, but personally I've never seen a meat handling area of any kind that had an incinerator that looks quite like that, although brands and designs can vary. The coat the guy is wearing is also slightly different, in the 90s maybe they looked like that, but it's not quite like the coats we use for meat handling sanitation purposes and he's also not wearing any gloves or hair net, or anything else, so that's also very weird to me. The trash can also sticks out; it doesn't appear to have the labelling I'd expect for biodegradable food waste like decayed meat, doesn't have the double-bagging or plastic safety wrapping that we put on any disposal containers, and I have no idea what kind of butcher shop they'd be running with meat that desiccated or decayed laying around in any kind of storage. It would be a hazard to health to let any meat get to that level of decay, and desiccated meat isn't just thrown around and is usually dried and prepared after it's been cut off. Although I guess someone could be drying a whole animal, but that requires essentially a special oven in order to dry it all out thoroughly, and even then the innards would need to be removed and it's hard to tell from the video you linked me as it's been censored, so I can't see any detail on the actual meat. Just from what I know, I'm trying to think of what could have such a long thin limb of some kind [I think he's referring to about 31:02, the limb sticking up], and I'm not sure... It obviously still has muscle on it, and it looks more like human leg muscle? Than anything else to me. I thought at first that it might be a deer with the limb extended, but the way the muscle around the knee joint looking part looks above what I assume is the knee isn't quite right for that. No idea. It could possibly be an animal, but it's very hard to tell from that angle, on top of the censor blurring. Sorry to say I'm not actually sure if that's meat prep, or if that's some kind of animal or possibly human cadaver prep for a medical school or something. It really seems more like a basement of a medical school than a butcher's back room, though, although tiled walls are fairly common for both of these types of workspaces, so I can't say. The fact that the grout is so wide between the tiling is weird, as we try to avoid that in meat handling areas because grout is porous and can be a bacterial hazard. So for what it's worth, it seems to me as though it's up in the air. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but maybe this will help the process of elimination."
Juan Ricardo Gallardo Pérez
I think that's a man disposing of roadkill, that would explain the trashcan, the incinerator and the rotting meat.
Kooza 29
Kooza 29 21 gün önce
New videos are uploaded
youdbettertube 25 gün önce
It looks like a scene from a low-budget horror movie about a human butcher or something like that.
Rainy Jane
Rainy Jane Aylar önce
Having dissected human cadavers in medical school, I do think it looks like it could be the dissected, preserved leg of a human cadaver. In response to the person above, this may be a nitpicky detail, but fyi, it's not medical students who are responsible for disposing of the cadavers and cadaveric parts at the end of the term; it's possible that maybe the anatomist does this. Medical students do not go near an incinerator or anything like that. They just go in the anatomy lab and dissect the cadavers, they are not responsible for disposing of them at the end of the term. Also, as students we did not wear surgical masks or hairnets in the anatomy lab (needless to say this was long before covid for me). The instructors and anatomist didn't either, but we did wear gloves. Surgical masks and hairnets/haircaps are worn during surgery so as to maintain a sterile field in the surgical area, and such a thing does not apply when handling cadavers in anatomical dissection (the cadavers are preserved with fixative, they do not decay or rot). We just wore scrubs. That said, at least in the US (and I imagine elsewhere too) it is not permitted to take videos or pictures of cadavers or parts thereof in the anatomy lab, so the only way I can imagine this being a video of, say, an anatomist disposing of cadavers from dissection is if special permission was given to do this, such as for an educational or research purpose. In reference to this line: "The trash can also sticks out; it doesn't appear to have the labelling I'd expect for biodegradable food waste like decayed meat, doesn't have the double-bagging or plastic safety wrapping that we put on any disposal containers" - the same would be true for biohazard waste containers used for disposal of cadaveric parts.
Wired User
Wired User Aylar önce
Whether a butcher or a med student (I’m inclined to think med student from the incinerator) I’m just disturbed by the unsanitary conditions. I mean, the guy isn’t wearing a surgical mask or hair net, his shirt sleeves fall down when he chucks the meat in the incinerator, the meat is too big for the tray it’s on, etc etc. And yeah, I’m annoyed by the grout too, like your butcher friend! The whole setup is shabbily thrown together and someone is gonna get a terrible disease from it.
NetworkJay Aylar önce
Great video, I just want to mention a couple of things about Haunting 2. I have spent an embarrassing number of years in the RPG Maker community working on games and I believe a few of the mysterious around that title are, quite frankly, easily solved by the limitations of RPG Maker. I think you're spot on when you say the gate glitch is an Easter egg. RPG Maker's capabilities do not easily allow for an anti-cheat function. You can also successfully replicate it 100% of the time. It is very, very easy to crash out an RPG Maker game both intentionally and unintentionally, and it looks to me like the creator took some real RPG Maker error text and combined it with their own creepy text before giving the game a hard lock. In fact, I bet if you open up Haunting 2 in whatever version of RPG Maker it was made in and look at the map where the "glitch" occurs, you're either going to find an invisible tile, or a series of tiles (given a set amount of steps activate the glitch), or a local map routine that scans the game and says "if X action occurs, do Y" that then results in the "error" text and the image. The image is also going to be hard, even impossible to search, because depending on the version of RPG Maker, it can only handle so many colors and bit depth. With older versions of the program, images could only be 256 colors, and could only have an 8-bit depth. Finagling with paint in the old days meant many frustrating save outs to bmp or png to preserve as much color information as you could. Not knowing what you're doing, or using a high information image, often results in importing a much lower quality version into the RPG Maker program, and lower quality means image searches then can't match it to the source. Given these limitations, I believe this means Haunting 2 was most likely created in either RPG Maker 2000 or RPG Maker 2003. Dunno if any of this helps. Thanks again for the video.
rene 13
rene 13 Aylar önce
Yeah, it's definitely the Easter egg. Also as a native Japanese speaker the error "text" is extremely... fake? or I should say it sounds like a script
Vincent Grey
Vincent Grey Aylar önce
Maybe this is a weird thing to mention but thank you so much for putting the time in to make the captions so accurate and easy to follow along. I have an audio processing disorder and need the captions to get all the information in a piece of media, but TRvid auto-captions are, more often than not, garbage. It doesn't go unnoticed when a content creator makes their videos accessible. Great video as always
Groudon 22 gün önce
@Safyire I thought I am the only one doing that lmao.
Jackalope 26 gün önce
degdeg 134
degdeg 134 29 gün önce
i never use captions so i never noticed, but that’s really cool, i’m glad that the creators that i follow care that much about their fans
Gabriel Malta
Gabriel Malta Aylar önce
Helps me too. You see, I'm not a native English speaker, and sometimes different accents and pronunciations make things a bit difficult to understand. So, reading along is very helpful
rike94 Aylar önce
Shut up
re-crafted Aylar önce
I'm genuinely impressed by the fact you held back from saying "but that's just a mystery, a game mystery" becuase you didn't want to break the suspense , but still left the connection for the viewer to make themselves.
Killjoy Clown
Killjoy Clown Aylar önce
I KNEW Vinny was going to be referenced on the part about The Museum of Anything Goes because his stream was the one that introduced me to the game. Overall though, awesome video Nexpo!! I always get excited over your uploads!
icze4r 29 gün önce
started laughing the minute I heard Vinny's voice saw it live and it was like he was guiding a tour group through an actual museum and suddenly THAT
Tyler M.
Tyler M. Aylar önce
Nexpo you are genuinely one of the few people on this world that always undoubtably gives me the creeps. You're amazing at what you do.
uT Voltz
uT Voltz 24 gün önce
I definately like the idea of this becoming a series! Since most of use are or have been gamers the idea of running into eerie things in games is very relatable
Metronic Magician
Metronic Magician Aylar önce
Having some experience with cadavers (through some classes I took) it’s possible that the “pig body” could have been an old cadaver being disposed of. The way the leg muscles connect and cover the bone seem far more human than they do pig. Also the fact that so much of the footage looks like they ripped it from something else and bent and twisted it to fit their needs would make me believe they just took a video of a cadaver being incinerated (which is common) instead of a desecrated pig’s corpses being incinerated which is unique enough they’d probably have to make that footage themselves. Like I’d want to say that it’s a pig body, and they just managed to find a video of that randomly so they made it into a jump scare since that would mean we didn’t just see a guy carry a dead body into an incinerator, but it seems more likely they found a video of a cadaver being incinerated and wanted to use it as a cruel prank.
Jae Mitch
Jae Mitch 15 gün önce
I haven’t finished the video and reading these comments has definitely confirmed to me that I should not do that
Wackaz (Wackabladee)
Man, internet and media history is just so fun and fascinating to learn about.
fleurkoos Aylar önce
the editing and pure production of your content is unlike anything i've ever seen before, its so incredible and well thought out. this is tv or movie worthy editing
snicero Aylar önce
i think the reason for utahonotatari crashing while you walk through the torii (gate) is because in japanese culture, if you are impure in anyway (especially spiritually), you are not supposed to pass through them, but go around. with how the main character has been suffering from hauntings and possessions, it makes sense, she may be impure spiritually, and the games way of conveying this is crashing.
PearTree 22 gün önce
@throw away that's not a glitch, you where suppose to dodge the bullet using the middle stick. scrub.
throw away
throw away 23 gün önce
The way they call it a glitch is infuriating. Its obviously done on purpose. They do the same thing in Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem and Batman Arkham Asylum.
Gavin Aylar önce
That's it 100%
okinawadreaming Aylar önce
@bluegum you nailed it, the religious superstition was pretty obvious, I don't know why he didn't talk about it
bluegum Aylar önce
Also appears to be triggered by making an incomplete pass forward and back through the gates (avoids the top gate on the return trip), which leaves you halfway between the spirit and real world according to superstition.
Sam Marianyi
Sam Marianyi Aylar önce
As someone who lives in Chicago, Museum of Anything Goes was extra eerie. Super curious what that fixation is about, what with the Hancock being featured twice and a mention about Pilsen 🤔
Silver_Tomato Aylar önce
Probably the creepiest thing in this video is that at 18:18 when the ‘corpse’ is being shown, the picture is displayed against what appears to be a black background by nexpo. Well the creepy thing is that if you are to take a picture at this timestamp, increase the exposure and brightness, it is shown that nexpo used her face in the background, but he made it extremely dark, so most viewers wouldn’t even notice.
Crashbird Aylar önce
Never expected to hear Vinny in this video but I’m very happy about that his Sunday streams are so interesting
SkyTech RTS
SkyTech RTS Aylar önce
And we got two barnyards for the price of one!
Kathrine Ici
Kathrine Ici Aylar önce
Nexpo: *soft talk about spooky stuff* The stuff: *NOW IT’S REYN TIME*
pat Aylar önce
cybernetic-heart Aylar önce
Ikr!! Not too often we see Xenoblade references out in the wild
necro819 Aylar önce
The glitch involving the torii gate may be a cultural reference. In Japan, a torii gate acts as a passage way through spiritual barriers, and that you must enter it and exit it by going through it, to go around or loop through it without properly exiting is seen as impolite. Based on the footage, the glitch is caused when you go through a torii gate, but do not exit it properly. I could be wrong, and I am not a programmer who can look through the code to see what triggers the glitch.
beardalaxy Aylar önce
@Skovian Koratus i'm an rpg maker dev and i could immediately recognize what exactly was happening even without looking at the code lol. that was definitely intentional and damn scary at that. i guess the only mystery comes in the form of where the picture is actually taken from.
Katie Beeman
Katie Beeman Aylar önce
The screen flashing 4 times is significant as well. There are two ways of saying 4 in Japanese. "Shi" and "yon". Shi is the same sound as the word for death, so the letter 4 is considered bad luck. It's why their sake/tea sets always come with 3 cups instead of the traditional western 4. Just to tack onto the symbolism of death with the torii gates!
Press X For
Press X For Aylar önce
@Skovian Koratus yes please send me something. I would love to work on this.
Skovian Koratus
Skovian Koratus Aylar önce
@Press X For it was more of an example of what I can do rather than what I will do. Although I appreciate the offer. If you really wanted to get into it, I could send you somethings later, frankly I'm just too busy rn.
Press X For
Press X For Aylar önce
@Skovian Koratus I know Japanese. If you send me the file that contains the script, (or just show me how to access it myself) I can translate it for you. Do you have discord, we can talk through there? I’m going to bed now, so can reply tomorrow
Ryan W.
Ryan W. Aylar önce
I swear I have seen that image of the suspected “dead” women before. But not distorted like it’s shown on the game. And from what I remember of it she wasn’t dead. It’s going to eat me up inside, I just know it because it is just on the tip of my memory bank (for lack of a better term). I hope i can figure out where I saw the image. Mostly because I know it’s going to keep me up tonight trying to figure out where it was.
ashnbi Aylar önce
Ive seen speculations say it's part of a medieval painting that just got heavily edited. Some say it's from an artist book by a japanese photographer.
Mavis Aylar önce
Ryan, do you remember ?
Chronic Gaming
Chronic Gaming Aylar önce
Hope you guys can remember it eventually!
Gabriel Dias
Gabriel Dias Aylar önce
I feel the same way. I'm almost sure it was on some japanese lost media, but I can't put my finger on it no matter how much I try. It's driving me nuts.
Eldrich Nemo
Eldrich Nemo 29 gün önce
There's another painting in TMoAG with a poem/lyrics referring to a "Freefalling Freddy" (in fact the screen pops up briefly at 35:22 during the credits) and I always figured the grave sequence was connected to it. There's a similar association in the grave sequence with the man laying in the road after the train noises, a headstone refers to what is presumably a real incident. I was present for Vinesauce's livestream and to this day the museum occasionally pops up, in particular one of the musical bits (if you're a longtime Vinny watcher you know the one). Chat was glued to the screen as one oddity after the other played out, but when the grave "opened" I don't even think it was the usual torrent of emotes expected on Twitch, it was a lot of genuine horror and concern for what literal thousands of people had just seen. Together. I do agree what we're seeing is a pig carcass. I wonder if pigs are dissected by veterinarians specializing in farm animals? There *are* educational videos on youtube of specialists who show a dissected cow to explain how the animal died and what to look for to confirm a disease state. Speculating here, but maybe the pig was an example of such an animal and incinerating the corpse was the safest option to avoid disease passing to other pigs (industrial-level pig farming in the US at least is terrible condition-wise, but that's a whole other subject). Were there any big pork facilities in/around Chicago circa '95?
Dan LaBrecque
Dan LaBrecque Aylar önce
Nexpo could make waiting in line at a grocery store an amazing and suspenseful experience
MiiMoogle Aylar önce
18:29 When that music kicks in as the investigation starts on this image just fits so..damn well. It's the perfect mix of being soothing, mysterious and eerie, paired with that picture. Anyone know the name of the track?
Fabian Cuyé
Fabian Cuyé Aylar önce
I really love the atmosphere you create on your videos. Those "VHS" effects are something special
Rachel Thee Hermit
Rachel Thee Hermit 2 gün önce
Museum of Anything Goes reminds me of a mid-80s Commodore game called Legacy of the Ancients. The main character is a shepherd who stumbles across a bizarre museum. (This, being an RPG, has riddles to solve.) There is a similar vibe to the hallways and the exhibits.
Scariella Aylar önce
I would definitely like to see this become a series.
Ybxrds Aylar önce
The museum of anything goes was way ahead of it's time. It literally predicted gen Z humour lmaooo
Gallet Aylar önce
NEXPO you should make a video on happy meat farms(this place is not happy), looks interesting
Wackaz (Wackabladee)
Just looked it up; that is so disturbing, oh my god. THAT is why I'm a vegan.
Wackaz (Wackabladee)
DomoKilla Aylar önce
@Mercury A can't find it
Zed C
Zed C Aylar önce
just googled them and what the *fuck*
k k
k k Aylar önce
You should make a video yourself ! Start a channel give it a shot
zeranzeran Aylar önce
23:42 - I love this, and I love you Nexpo. Thanks for making me feel less alone, and thanks for the insanely entertaining content and hard work! This channel is on another level.
Alois Stein
Alois Stein Aylar önce
So, in the "Creepy Digital Space Traveler Conversation" video, the individual "Q" mentions that the numbers he plays means "everything". The sample he plays is from the Lincolnshire Poacher numbers station (or possible the sister station, Cherry Ripe), and searching "39715" also brings up that page. PS: the tumblr shown in the screenshot of the video also has an interesting and curiously dated post.
Alex Arbaiza
Alex Arbaiza Aylar önce
Hey Nexpo, I would really be amazed if you covered the stories of The Mandela Catalogue. It has a similar concept of Local 58, although it’s a dark essence of a twisted reality.
bootaro kujo
bootaro kujo Aylar önce
I agree, totally surprised he hasn't yet !!!
Rae Gün önce
I'd love to see this as a series, it's two of my favorite interests combined into one! Also I'm glad to see that the Nobody outro is back, I love that song and I'll always associate it with Nexpo videos 💕💕
PHD9 Aylar önce
The constant struggle between wanting more nexpo content, but knowing that it takes time to make content this good. I really hope he knows how much we love his videos.
LPNP Aylar önce
Oh man the six month gap between disturbing things videos is haaaaaard
Tobias Fünke
Tobias Fünke Aylar önce
You hope? Ofc he understands it. Hes not disabled.
Chevy Ash
Chevy Ash Aylar önce
i hope he’s happy making them! hard working is tiring i just hope he enjoys what he’s doing
ashley C
ashley C Aylar önce
For me it's "the constant struggle between wanting more Nexpo content, buy knowing I might crap myself at any given moment"
Sophia S.
Sophia S. Aylar önce
The constant struggle between wanting to binge watch Nexpo videos bc they're so well made but knowing I'm a wuss and they're gonna keep me up at night 😫
Rowen A. Boatman
Rowen A. Boatman Aylar önce
I played a game back in the 90s that was just like Anything Goes Museum. But it was made by The Artist Prince (Formally known as) And you took a tour of his house. You had to solve puzzles to progress through the house and when you got to the end you unlocked some songs. Was pretty cool for its time.
EugenicsFan689 Aylar önce
I swear the production value goes up every time. The transitions on this one where great
Seth Martin
Seth Martin Aylar önce
I really hope this becomes a series like disturbing things on the internet. Love ya Nexpo!
ReeceTheGreatvlogs Aylar önce
It's videos like these, videos that give me goosebumps and genuinely terrify me that I love. Nice work Nexpo.
Raechel Grantham
Raechel Grantham Aylar önce
If I'm ever diagnosed with a terminal illness, I want Nexpo to be the one to deliver the news to me. He's the only person who can creep me out with content yet soothe my soul with his voice at the same time. Amazing content as always.
xD Aylar önce
Number 15 Rachel foot fungus
Yakineko Aylar önce
@Sawtooth Waves god, i can practically hear the dramatic pause
FleetFoxes Aylar önce
But he only talks about idiotic ARGs, so I guess you're fine....
Sovereign Snorlax
Sovereign Snorlax Aylar önce
@Noxedwin Tepes Better that then links disease.
Nosfer Katu
Nosfer Katu Aylar önce
@Sawtooth Waves 😹😹😹😹 So perfect!!!!
SetrinSkyheart Aylar önce
I like this series. It also feels like a mixture of Console Conspiracies and Disturbing Things from Around the Internet. I'd love to see more like this
HungryMimic Aylar önce
This is why I love your content; you inform me about something I don't know, while simultaneously entertaining my eyeballs and ears with top notch narration as well as unique and clever scene transitions. Well done.
Gerk Garb
Gerk Garb Aylar önce
I remember watching Vinny's livestream of the Museum of Anything Goes and seeing that moment while chowing down on cup noodles. I did not finish my dinner that night. It definitely left an impression on me even years later.
Brandon Maze
Brandon Maze Aylar önce
You have this cool quality of being able to help me relax while showing me pretty spooky stuff
PepStep Aylar önce
god that japanese rpg makes game would've been an absolute hit if translated. I can imagine people like markiplier losing their minds over it a few years ago. Sad it faded into obscurity
sandorr clegane
sandorr clegane Aylar önce
@azzythehero yo if that game was translated, he'd surely play it
TheCatalog Aylar önce
@Michael Gilmore The one where you're in an art museum, I couldn't remember that title for so long until now
Michael Gilmore
Michael Gilmore Aylar önce
@PepStep what’s ib?
sontalks Aylar önce
@PepStep me too man... Me too. Damn i wish i could make a good rpg maker horror game with good story myself.
azzythehero Aylar önce
Same with Manlybadasshero. This game looks right up his alley.
JayTheWabbit15 4 gün önce
Honestly I don't know what I'd do without nexpo this channel is just that great
asterism vela
asterism vela Aylar önce
i love that the obscurity chart covers roly poly's nanokorobi yaoki. im so glad i watched that video of max's since it lead me down a rabbit hole of fantastic content. thanks for the great uploads as always nexpo! looking forward to a possible part 2 whenever the walten files receieves more updates
Gum BALLS Aylar önce
Your videos are genuinely unsettling and terrifying, (unlike most other content creators of this topic) keep up the good work👍
Jason 8 gün önce
These little breaks you implemented actually do a great job at relieving some anxiety lmao thank you for them
Gamzee Makara
Gamzee Makara Aylar önce
Hey nexpo, probably gonna get lost in the sea of comments, but Q was an active worlds player when I was active as well (early 2012-16) and I've spoken with alot of the players to hear that Q was very much so a Nexalist type of creator, as he was a dev. From golden years that actively worked on worlds very long before I started playing, I've spoken to him as well and can confirm he is very cryptic on purpose to new players to entice them with the "creepy" aspects of dead/dying virtual chats. I'm not sure if the servers are still up, as i do not have access to a computer, but I'm sure the few players would be able to help in the search, or better yet, he might be active there since traveler died in 2018
wowucthat Aylar önce
@Sollux Captor this person literally summoned us lmao
Sollux Captor
Sollux Captor Aylar önce
Omg homestuck
zeranzeran Aylar önce
This is why the internet is like magic sometimes. What are the chances?
Row C
Row C Aylar önce
Part of me wonders if Q and Nexialist are the same person
Vip Aah
Vip Aah Aylar önce
Hey Gamzee, can u share ur DC tag? Really interested in the matter. Thanks
Tux Aylar önce
Amazing work, Ryan! Some of these are absolutely creepy, and ones that I hadn't yet heard of. I'll hunt down some more for you very soon.
Jason Jordan
Jason Jordan Aylar önce
Always a can't miss with your videos. Ever thought about doing a video on analog horror, besides Local 58? I have always been fascinated with this subgenre, and it is by far my favorite. It's gritty, raw and realistic. There are a few series that are well done.
Ramses Rocha
Ramses Rocha Aylar önce
Beautiful video, as always. Haunting, eerie and super entertaining. It's the importance of the details you make sure they're there that makes your stuff so high quality.
Jackalope Aylar önce
I missed you nexpo, your living proof that quality content takes some time
Shroomishly Aylar önce
As a fan of Vinesauce I'm very intrigued by these sorts of games and surprised how many of them Vinny has played
Forick Grimaldus
Forick Grimaldus Aylar önce
@nuclearcosmos23 I guess
nuclearcosmos23 Aylar önce
@Forick Grimaldus Didn't someone in the chat say it was from a movie
nuclearcosmos23 Aylar önce
God I still remember watching him play Anything goes, worlds and space traveller, I think I downloaded the vods from TRvid years ago, wonder If I still have them on my old pc
Avery No
Avery No Aylar önce
@林彬彬 same, he's been my main comfort streamer for like 5 years now
林彬彬 Aylar önce
@Avery No Ikr? Like never have I once had any inkling of suspicion that he was a bigot, and I’ve watched vinny for years.
Ryan Aylar önce
Discovered this channel a couple of weeks ago. COVID changed my life so much I'm still alone on Xmas day but these videos make me feel part of a curious community. Thanks for making them mate! Merry Xmas
StrykerMagnum Aylar önce
I feel called out, this video is just a best of my favorite weird game-related content xD I'm subbed to Saint, he plays some weird as shit games. Old stuff, weird, lewd, PC-88 games, games with bleedingly bad graphics, just, strange things. Check his backlog if you ever wanna lose yourself in something old, weird, and often liminal.
IKARI King Aylar önce
This was absolutely brilliant @Nexpo Love your work, thank you for doing all that you do, and the reseach hours you put into this! quality content man.
MelfinatheBlue Aylar önce
The image from the 2nd game (the Japanese Ghost one), reminds me strongly of a dead person in the Renaissance? bible paintings. I can't put my finger on a particular one, sadly, but the style of the image and what can be seen of the hair covering just really make me think of those. Maybe it's one person dead in a crowd scene, is Google image smart enough to find that sort of thing? Loved the video, and all your videos, keep making awesome ones!
Hidden Gems Reviews
RPG Maker dev here! That second one is incredibly cool, and would be fairly simple to set up, even with minimal knowledge on how to use the program. Definitely an intentional and effective scare! Going under the torii gates probably has a set chance of activating the "glitch". When the conditions are correct, it sets a timer to display the first image with the green text box, followed by a simple Message string showing up for the second (RPG Maker uses specific fonts/custom ones you can set, which explains why not having the keyboard region set to Japan would throw up garbage instead). After that, it's as simple as having the screen flash 4 times and making the image pop up. Making it so you have to close the game to stop it is more than likely because it's set as an "Auto" event, which doesn't end unless you setup a way to end it or use "End Event Processing". An easy way to verify this would be to go into the files for the game and see if you can find an image with the green text box in there! Awesome stuff as always, Nexpo!
Kit Tavares
Kit Tavares Aylar önce
@Aether Well, shrines are religious sites were people go to pray, make wishes, get married, etc. They want to separate the mundane secular world from the spiritual world with these gates. When they speak of spirits, it's not the same as in western countries, Shintoism is an animist religion, many things can be spirits, even forest, rivers and stuff like that. I believe the anime Princess Mononoke could give you a good idea of what it is about if you didn't see it yet.
Aether Aylar önce
@Kit Tavares do you know why exactly did they put those shinto shrines? Did they intentionally want people to cross the “spirit” world for malice? Or what? I don’t understand the appeal
mewtuwa Aylar önce
@Shy As far as game engines go, RPG Maker is probably the easiest to use. Especially since you can get a bunch of scripts that other people wrote to use for your game if you don't know any programming yourself. There's even a script for RPG Maker MV that let's you make a game in 3D! Most of the game making process doesn't require programming knowledge though, as it uses a visual UI instead.
OtakuUnitedStudio Aylar önce
It's actually pretty amazing how versatile the RPGMaker engine is, when the vast majority of games made in it are either simple action games or fairly limited RPGs. My wife and I have been attempting to develop a few different games over about a decade and the amount of plug-and-play scripts that can add extra features and tweak the gameplay to something more modern is frankly overwhelming. It's always surprising to see what looks like a weekend project whip out a feature that does something crazy just for the fun of it.
SkeletalMan Aylar önce
@Arverite Well duuuuuuh.
niftyifty Aylar önce
Holy shit! Thank you! I’ve been trying to remember the game super solvers for probably two decades now. I have searched DOS lists for ages. I’m sitting here falling asleep to the video and I just jumped up after hearing you say it. So random that this is where I find the answer.
SsnakeBite Aylar önce
It's quite a stretch to say the pic in the second game is from a real corpse. For starters, to me, it doesn't even look like the woman in the picture is dead. It also gives me the vibe of being a still from a movie. It's not like Japan is in short supply of horror films involving pale-skinned, dark-haired women. Also, has anyone tried loading the game into RPG Maker? I believe you should be able to do so and from there, access the part of the game where the "glitch" occurs and see if it's intentional or not (which I'm gonna go ahead and assume is the case because I've never heard of a glitch that cause the game to break and show a spooky picture instead of loading).
daftzilla Aylar önce
Nexpo im never ready for your videos to end, everytime a video is over and the credits and stuff roll its like a really great movie ending like what why are the theater lights back on? I was having a wonderful time, no! You always leave me eager for the next video 🥺❤️
Sleepy Adam
Sleepy Adam Aylar önce
Saint has always been one of my favorite channels to lurk. Dude's a total nutter but rather entertaining. I always thought that Schnell was just a weird marketing campaign for his strange RPG maker games, but the fact it actually existed kinda blows my mind.
MooshroomGaming Aylar önce
i'm always thrown for a loop when nexpo is telling me about spooky shit and demons and hauntings and then uses a phrase like "shit begins to hit the fan"
moon Aylar önce
And don't forget ''.. until you realize that she has brought a fucking demon back home with her" Which honestly, sounds either hilarious or concerning completely out of context. Maybe even both
Cherry Sushi
Cherry Sushi Aylar önce
Or "Takes them into an asscrack middle of nowhere" while talking about Local58-
vepply Aylar önce
Move, schnell
Jonathan Griffiths
Jonathan Griffiths Aylar önce
I love this kind of videos. And indie or old obscure videogames can be so damn earie that chills me. Keep the good work nexpo! Love the channel
Kaitlin Taylor
Kaitlin Taylor Aylar önce
Nexpo this was really cool!! I would absolutely love if we could deep dive into creepy online games
The6FootPlusTree Aylar önce
Are you familiar with the dark lore behind Bully (Rockstar Games) ? I know there's a lot of theories out there of the game itself but there was one spot in particular that I always loved. In the games, there is a cemetery where you can hear strange sounds at a very specific time of night. I believe it's a cult.
Brigadier Miller
Brigadier Miller Aylar önce
The creepy gaming content got me super interested. I'm very happy to see you doing this stuff, nexpo!
Werewolf Mark
Werewolf Mark Aylar önce
I love watching nexpo! He always makes his videos so special and fun to watch!
Max Harris
Max Harris Aylar önce
I swear, your videos get more and more aesthetically incredible with each one. This is my new favorite by far.
Celeste Segura
Celeste Segura Aylar önce
I have such a love hate with your video styles because I get scared when you actually take us through but when you do that it makes the video even better because it feels like we’re going through this with you. Nonetheless I’m obsessed and try so hard to let a few days pass after uploads because I binge your stuff so hard!
Ali Aylar önce
I had a bad reaction to some kombucha and after being laughably/scarily sick for hours, this is helping give me life back. Thank you nexpo
jahrfuhlnehm Aylar önce
Someone uploaded all the audio files for The Museum of Anything Goes and there are bits where co-creator Michael Markowski talks about himself. He is/was a school teacher in Chicago apparently and goes on a bitter and cynical talk about how the school system in the city is failing (and as many probably are aware, things haven't gotten better, worse in fact for Chicago's public education sector, and arguably the city itself, crime skyrocketing, poverty, etc.). There's a bit where he talks to various kids in elementary school and in a blunt and terse tone asks them questions about what they want to be when they grow up, how they hope to achieve that and so on. He never outright tells them "your dreams are hopeless, might as well give up and forget about it kid" but he does have a tone to his voice where barely hides his feelings of resignation toward anything good coming from the generation of kids he's teaching who want to be astronauts or whatever. I don't know, I don't remember what he said exactly, you can probably find the sound files on here and listen to the interviews yourself. I imagine this game is some sort of outlet. I don't know about the co- developer but at the very least it would be fitting if the game was called "The Museum of Mike Markowski's Mind." It has the surface of an edutainment title befitting his role as a school teacher and is tonally all over the place. A mix of bad jokes and silly sight gags and sound effects with just weird meaningless, uh, stuff, some actual information about the Chicago area, and sad, more serious fare like a section of real "dead letters" from one of the World Wars (dead letters are letters, usually from a long time ago past when it would be relevant to the recipient or when they would even be alive, that were sent out but never made it to their destination). There is some underlying nihilism to it all, like one of the creepy, looping tracks (the one Vinny said sounded like a Talking Heads parody) about how life is meaningless and all there is in the end is death. I don't remember the lyrics other than "You're here, then you're gone." A number of dire topics seem to be used as punchlines or setups for dark jokes. The thing with the video of the carcass after a funeral is just the most extreme example in the whole thing. A silly walking skeleton in front of that old photograph of a body in a casket is another. Of course there's no information whatsoever to find about the game's creators. I don't know if they're even still alive. But in any case I see it as a product of an embittered public school teacher who has seen where the system had led his students, left him hopeless, and just piled on all those thoughts into an interactive edutainment CD-ROM title from the bygone days. Seeing all the stuff in the game does make one wonder who the audience the game was intended for and it's probably nobody at all except for the people of the future right now who finds intrigue in these bizarre, old relics of the uncanny valley.
epb9000 Aylar önce
If anyone's interested, the Internet Archive has the ISO image for this game in it's collection. Shouldn't be too hard to find this clip I'd imagine.
A Frog
A Frog Aylar önce
@Wissam Alhashemi I`m getting the read more option
Wissam Alhashemi
Wissam Alhashemi Aylar önce
@DecimusYna yeah I think so, this dude's got some unique super power
DecimusYna Aylar önce
@Wissam Alhashemi Even TRvid want us to read it in full lol.
Purple Rabbit
Purple Rabbit Aylar önce
@Zed C Since Markowski was a teacher at one point, maybe it was a vent art aimed at other teachers who felt the same embitterness he felt as to where the school system led their students? That's my guess and purely speculative.
frostycz Aylar önce
Thanks for yet an another high quality content! I always watched/or listened to your video whenever i'm doing a study or painting, it's so relaxing :) i'm looking forward for your next topic/videos! And also, that outro sounds so good! cheers
Cinnabar555 Aylar önce
I actually once wrote a creepypasta about a horrific secret found way outside of a game's skybox.
Toko Furse
Toko Furse Aylar önce
Really been enjoying binging your content lately. Would love to see more content like this in the future!
tiredlandon Aylar önce
Can’t begin to express how much I love this channel. So eerie and interesting!
Weroxar McLobster
Weroxar McLobster 8 gün önce
I really liked this episode a lot and more videos like this would definitely be a blessing to me, if you can find the material and audience interest to make them every now and then. I'll watch anything you make, though. I'm here for your presentation, not what it is you're presenting.
ntkn 19 gün önce
That definitely wasnt a glitch in the game, it was too specific. rogue/obscure Japanese horror games like to do this alot by bending the 4th wall. it wants to make you think that you are not really playing a game and mixes reality with fiction. This is to leave you guessing if you are playing a actual game made by a fan of horror or playing a game made by a actual murderer/psychopath and the game is just a diary to what he did with imagery to boot as he knows he will never be caught. Its similiar to that mario creepy pasta game. it just leaves you wondering. You will never know.
AlilbitofMonika Aylar önce
This would be such a great and interesting mini series. Please make more of these.
Lukas Keune
Lukas Keune Aylar önce
The 'glitch' in that game kind of makes me feel like it would run a specific event if the date and time on your system were correct? idk, but the 'fetching data and time' error makes me feel like the game has an easter egg it will play then
Critz Aylar önce
Only Vinny and Joel are able to be magnetically attracted to the weirdest obscure shit
dead meme
dead meme Aylar önce
The нет incident comes to mind
John S
John S Aylar önce
More creepy old video game mysteries! I really enjoyed this video, plus a lot of this stuff is nostalgic so it hits hard
industry plant
industry plant Aylar önce
i think schnellonline is something that needs a deeper look into considering olvin's internet presence and also other details which aren't able to be covered
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