My Stalker From School Came Back 8 Years Later!

Steven D
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Story By: CreepyIcedCoffee
Source: www.reddit.com/r/LetsNotMeet/comments/c2wajo/was_the_mac_and_cheese_worth_it_no
Thank you CreepyIcedCoffee for giving permission to tell your story!
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Music by: Kevin MacLeod- Come Play With Me (incompetech.com)
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14 Aug 2019




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Ben Song
Ben Song 2 gün önce
2:46 Petfliks
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez 3 gün önce
That was so crazy video
Lezz Laffs
Lezz Laffs 5 gün önce
I'd let him stalk me🙈😂
Hommie Squad 101
Hommie Squad 101 7 gün önce
Troy Damiel Capili
Troy Damiel Capili 7 gün önce
I have a camera like that
Was dave hot tho?💀😳
TransistorSnack 9 gün önce
All the creeps are always hot.
apenas um nome de canal
guy: likes girl and innocently look at she girl: stop watching me you're creepy guy: try to aproach but don't know how and do things a little too fast girl: get off weirdo guy: hearth broken and mind destroyed, now I'm a real stalker If she wasn't so cold in the begginin...
Misty Playz
Misty Playz 10 gün önce
Why is it always Dave.... WHY
Kathi Allen
Kathi Allen 11 gün önce
If you have a car why walk
Kookie Bts
Kookie Bts 16 gün önce
Why does the stalker looks handsome tho?😂😅
Lauren Lewis
Lauren Lewis 17 gün önce
I subscribed!!!
Elliott Hill
Elliott Hill 17 gün önce
Some people suck a stalking just don't be creepy to gain their trust. everything the bad people do in these stories seems akward or creepy
Mochi 18 gün önce
Dave: "You broke my heart like that glass rose 😭😤" I would have died laughing idk whyyy 😖😭
Acne 18 gün önce
Steven D, you are one of the few storytime animators that I really respect and appreciate. Your art is amazing and the depth that you can add to these animations is really captivating. I'm sorry that I haven't been active on your channel, but I really appreciate you still being here! I'm glad to know that you're successful now ^^
Ego 22 gün önce
*That damn mac and cheese*
MusA 66
MusA 66 22 gün önce
If I saw him at my doorstep I would take hairspray and a lighter and then open the door and burn him
VioletViolence 24 gün önce
I would’ve done the same thing that Emma did. Stalkers freak me out. 😟
Kacha Tuber
Kacha Tuber 24 gün önce
Hi I’m Dave
Ednickeldick Ye
Ednickeldick Ye 24 gün önce
Get some cameras
It's me yashveer
It's me yashveer 25 gün önce
Now that's one harry potter lover stalker
•{ఌ}Łøüsęÿ Pęårłs{ఌ}•
Lol he said was the Mac and cheese worth it?
Janella Sanchez
Janella Sanchez Aylar önce
That's why your voice is familiar because you're that kpop fanboy😂 you're literally that steven deng guy😂
lelouchzero7 Aylar önce
a similar story happened to me back when i was in high school. this boy in my class followed me fro him to know where i live and he even told me that himself. it's so creepy and he began sending me letters and gifts such as pillow, figurines and ring. he would always touch me and try to hug me
Intane Aylar önce
I once dreamed about a Alakazam looking at me
Shainita Gomez
Shainita Gomez Aylar önce
Honey seems to good to be true
JJ AND KK,S Channel
I thought Emma goes on the bus how could she walk home odd
Kαοгυ Hιταснιιη 「常陸院光と馨~常陸院の双子~」
This was really eerie and I feel bad for Emma. But... I have to admit, Dave reminds me somewhat of Raeger with his looks despite that it's still a bit different. It's creepy. It makes me think of Raeger being like Dave even though I know he's not crazy like that... They're both attractive looking people, though. But seriously, Dave would be extremely creepy to have around you irl, so I'm glad he stopped bothering her. I hope the police caught him after the next incident with the widow.
I stole jimin's jams
If I was that girl I would immediately text that handsome stalker "u wanna play dirty games? I'm in"
Ms. Stunning
Ms. Stunning Aylar önce
"Always" -Snape
Angel Rine
Angel Rine Aylar önce
That is definitely not my mom 3:10 she would have been ballistic Police, SVU, principals, lawyers, and a lot more. She take it seriously to all her children even family...Thats my mom -w-
Andrew Fialko
Andrew Fialko Aylar önce
Litterly nobedy...... About the sponcer
Gloria Gonzalez
Gloria Gonzalez Aylar önce
I’m probably the only one that hates Mac and cheese🤢🤮
Candice Perry
Candice Perry Aylar önce
This stalker can be stalk anybody
C Sowmya
C Sowmya Aylar önce
Roses are red And ketchup is too I just got a like But why is it blue?
Smartie Aylar önce
Bruh her stalker can like... get it...
rutabah khan
rutabah khan Aylar önce
*_Petfliks_* 😂😂
The truth Don't deny
The point of dating is to get to know somebody
Akdeniz_The_Cat 102
Nobody: Nobody in the universe: Dave :"Always" Me: Damn he is a big Harry Potter fan 😆
HIKDbig YT Aylar önce
*I feel bad for Dave : (*
Goth Girl546
Goth Girl546 Aylar önce
This happened to me too
Kaiser Jarme
Kaiser Jarme Aylar önce
Here”s my gist... marry at least a good person. All Dave wanted was to experience some love when he meet his Love at first site. Girls on the other hand, don’t understand the hardship of Men proving themselves to a girl they like and say, “ Will you please be my girlfriend”... it’s a sign of saying I want to be with you until we die. This doesn’t always happen.
Kaiser Jarme
Kaiser Jarme Aylar önce
1:04 you’re welcome
Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake Aylar önce
So she took the bus to school but walks home? Ok
Neha Chawdipande
Neha Chawdipande Aylar önce
It seems like Dave saw harry potter nd took it the wrong way
Prince Kim
Prince Kim Aylar önce
I think the boy is handsome haha
Masfah Nain
Masfah Nain Aylar önce
Me on getting the notes and reading "Always" Oh my God it's a perfect match....the guy is a potterhead 💜
TheRainbow_ Cat
TheRainbow_ Cat Aylar önce
Damn mac'n cheeze
Michelle Elliott
Michelle Elliott Aylar önce
her mom is a dumbass
Astrid Ella
Astrid Ella Aylar önce
the cute psycho....
Wow, that's too much
Koko Jameel
Koko Jameel Aylar önce
So that’s where my always pads go-
VIBHU MOHAN Science and Facts
Dave is handsome But STUPID !
Mizzy lol5678
Mizzy lol5678 Aylar önce
aww I wish Emma accepted Dave because he was cute and perfect match with her. I wish he would return and win Emma's love versus he wanted Emma to love him
Traci The Rebel
Traci The Rebel Aylar önce
This sounds like Yandere, guys!
wendy philandez
wendy philandez Aylar önce
*Am I the only one who thought he was cute and would of said yes to being his girlfriend......;-;*
I am not Interested
I want to have a cute stalker like him
Selin Akgöl
Selin Akgöl Aylar önce
02:26 that reminded me Severus Snape now I'm crying
Verania Castillo
Verania Castillo Aylar önce
If I had a stalker ama be honest if he were cute ,tall ,overprotective and Korean THATS MY TYPE ;3
My gf did it for 2m $$$$
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