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We have had a lot of problems through out our pregnancy some bigger than others but nothing could prepare us for what unfolds in this video. Being hospitalized wasn't the worst part, that's for sure.

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trent and allie



28 Kas 2021




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darlene .s
darlene .s Aylar önce
Glad everything went well at the hospital....Surprised to hear we are 3 weeks behind...so while we are watching this video you guys are actually new parents! Congrats....
F F Aylar önce
@Kimberly Early I think you're right. They wanted to point out they had the scoop. Def tacky!
Kimberly Early
Kimberly Early Aylar önce
@F F I don't know why they would do it unless it makes them feel part of a special crowd. I would hope that's not the case though. You're right, they do have space to comment on patreon.
ChaiLatte Aylar önce
@Roobah High blood pressure in pregnancy is different. Not from lifestyle choices especially in someone as healthy as Allie. She was very likely already taking a prenatal with everything in it that she needs.
F F Aylar önce
@Kimberly Early why would someone from Patreon post it on YT comments though? Don't they have their own communication channels there ? So odd they would do that knowing the general public does not know
Roobah Aylar önce
Late info: Bur, high blood pressure? Doctor should have ordered you to eat zero sugar and low carbs to get control of that blood pressure. Take magnesium citrate with vitamin D3 daily (an EXCELLENT natural blood pressure control.) Congratulations mom, dad and baby!
B Marie
B Marie Aylar önce
It doesn’t really matter if we are up to date on the baby’s birth. I think it was awesome that they took the time to document this whole situation for us and let us feel a part of the story. We’ll see little Gingersnap soon enough. Keep up the good work and congratulations, Trent and Ellie.
Sharon Harris
Sharon Harris Aylar önce
You guys are trying to please everyone. Just have the baby and everything else will fall into place. Allie I hope you and Gingersnap are doing ok. Trent, be proud of all you have done. It was a huge success. The house looks great. Really. My concern was if the snow would trap you guys in the house and Trent and Brandon would have to deliver the baby. I imagi8it would be the mountain version of Martin, when he delivered a baby😄😄😄 My prayers are with you and your family. I feel like I know you guys.🤗
F F Aylar önce
@Sha C oh wow. We all have thoughts and reactions, especially when we get unexpected news. He wants the very best for his family, that's why he said that. If he didn't care, then he'd be nonchalant about it. Did he have a meltdown at the hospital or unconstructively release or express his anger? Absolutely not. We could All use some therapy to better ourselves, but let's give him some slack.
Elizabeth Aylar önce
It would be fine if they didn’t share this with the world or even key points.
Sha C
Sha C Aylar önce
Trent was quite the negative saying baby coming at the wrong time yet sponsoring therapy. He should of consultant them first
Katie Kelly
Katie Kelly Aylar önce
B A Aylar önce
Best comment ever: "I'm dealing with my own anxiety, but Allie needs me and I'm going inside". That is love and life's priority.
SANDY SMITH Aylar önce
@Done OwN Right
Done OwN
Done OwN Aylar önce
What anxiety , what anxiety , WHAT ANXIETY?!?!?!????
Rachel Ward
Rachel Ward Aylar önce
Allie is SUCH a freaking trooper. She's a brick, man.
Alaskanight Aylar önce
Just now realized Allie edited this with a newborn ... massive respect ... you both make an amazing couple. God bless all three of you as you adapt to being a triplet.
paddlegal Aylar önce
Guys, please call in the reinforcements. You have friends and family that will come to help knock out the final items before inspections. It looks like you have a great medical and hospital care team. You've got this! Stress is just beginning. Wait till he's 16 and driving up the snowy mountain after dark for the first time by himself.
Jeanette L
Jeanette L Aylar önce
That's what i've been thinking for quite a while, get your tribe up there and knock it out. There's a lot to be said for doing it all yourself but at the end of the day, they don't need this kind of pressure and stress right now!
Brittany Winn
Brittany Winn Aylar önce
It's Trent...he wants to do it.
Audiobag Aylar önce
Talk about throwing everything at us in one episode! Allie in the hospital, upper cabinets finally mounted, and Trent showing us his sensitive side as opposed to his usual confident side. We laughed ... we cried ... we learned (that Allie just had her birthday). Happy Birthday!
Anna-Marie Pellett
Anna-Marie Pellett Aylar önce
I know you’ve already gone through those but I’m still sending you guys lots of Hugs, love and support. 💕💕💕
H Mefford
H Mefford Aylar önce
*Nobody wants something like this to happen during a pregnancy.* *I’m just relieved Allie is exactly where she needed to be to get the best care possible.* *P.S. There is no such thing as being “ready” for a newborn. You two make an excellent team and you’ll do just fine.* 🙏🏻
Elizabeth Aylar önce
Very true, we’re never ready even when we think we are! The best approach is go with the flow. Chillsx
みゆき 💕
みゆき 💕 Aylar önce
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Tiff Tiff❤️
Tiff Tiff❤️ Aylar önce
Had high blood pressure with both my children right at the end. A month bed rest and both early as well. They are now 29 and 24 years old healthy and well. You guys got this.
e Wood
e Wood Aylar önce
The baby is here and you're not ready... sounds like every parent who ever had a child. Happy Birthday Allie - what a great gift you are going to receive! Love e
Ona Babona
Ona Babona Aylar önce
@Cynthia Rayl Cliff hanger
Cynthia Rayl
Cynthia Rayl Aylar önce
It means they have not had time to edit the comments.
Joe Drake
Joe Drake Aylar önce
This video is almost 4 weeks old.....
Ona Babona
Ona Babona Aylar önce
@J T about Allie and her baby
J T Aylar önce
@Ona Babona what are you talking about?
I am praying that everything went smoothly for you all and that Allie and the baby are fine. When I was pregnant with my son who is now 40, I had Preeclampsia (back then it was known as Toxemia) and I know how scary it can be.
Kat Kohler Schwartz
Trent and Allie, these might seem like tough times now, but you can get through this. You both plan things out so well. This baby is going to test your flexibility and your emotional fortitude. You’ve got this! We are rooting for you!!
Sarah Kay
Sarah Kay Aylar önce
A friend of mine had high blood pressure with her first child towards the end of her pregnancy, and he was delivered 4 weeks early. My friends boy is around 6 or seven years old, happy and healthy. Trent you are great looking after your wife with your own problems, and brandon has been an absolute blessing to both of you.
Sarah Kay
Sarah Kay Aylar önce
@Anne Caulder that is horrible, hope you are well now, hope your son is doing well also 💕
Anne Caulder
Anne Caulder Aylar önce
Delivery four weeks early is not concerning. My second son was planned to be delivered at 36.5 weeks. My first pregnancy I had toxemia/preeclampsia, and that's not a story I tell to pregnant ladies. But my BP was so high they thought I may have seizures.
April Little
April Little Aylar önce
I had my first baby on Mother’s Day after going into labor naturally and staying in labor for 53 hours. It was pretty awful, but in the end I got the sweetest little baby girl who’s all grown up into a beautiful woman. It’s all so worth it. I can’t wait to meet Ginger Snap! Can’t believe he’s already here and you’ve been a mommy for a few weeks already! Congratulations! Hope you’re both taking it easy and enjoying each other and your new little one. 😍
Gail Wagner
Gail Wagner Aylar önce
I wasn't going to share those type of horror stories but since we know that there are already parents.. ME TOO!! Well mine was only 46 hours but it was 1 to 3 minute contractions for that 46 hours I was having contractions within 5 minutes for 2 days, 2 days before I went to one to three consistently! Then hard labor for another couple days.. it was military so there was no epidural in fact they told me if they gave me Tylenol it would slow my labor down.. ROFLOL!! REALLY? Needless to say I didn't do that again LOL I have my 33-year-old and two step kids I helped raise that I did not have to give birth to... Haha Perfect.
kathleen Boudreaux
kathleen Boudreaux Aylar önce
Brandon is a blessing to you both. He is a very good friend.
Dan Daniels
Dan Daniels Aylar önce
I was thinking the same thing he's a friend everyone needs.
Elly Thompson
Elly Thompson Aylar önce
Absolutely and he will be a wonderful Uncle! Best wishes
Tropical Blooms
Tropical Blooms Aylar önce
Indeed !!
Elizabeth W
Elizabeth W Aylar önce
@Debbie Ellis Agreed!!!
xwiick Aylar önce
@la sooñiami also known as banter...
Jason P. Hensel
Jason P. Hensel Aylar önce
“The baby might be coming I need : camera gear… and cookies!” Like the way you think Trent. Glad everything is going well with pregnancy. And the house looks great. Can’t wait to see the baby in the future videos. Congratulations.
Donna C
Donna C Aylar önce
Happy belated Birthday Allie! Can't wait to see little "gingersnap".
Denis Duguay
Denis Duguay Aylar önce
I thought that was pretty amazing for Trent to show himself in such a vulnerable state. You were pretty strong when you decided to edit that in!
KimberTheKamper Aylar önce
Bless you, Allie! I was induced as well. 12 hours later, my only son was born happy and healthy. He is now 35 years old and has authored 4 books. Yes, I'm a proud momma and you will be too! I'm excited about the baby. Eagerly awaiting pics! Much love to you both!
Ted Barr
Ted Barr Aylar önce
Trent, Trent, Trent, please try to be more positive about your projects for Allie's sake. In the past I have been negative about my building and repairs.... but one day my wife expressed how much it made her sad to hear me cut down my efforts... 54 years later she is so happy when I say "that didn't turn out so bad". Trent your finished work is great and you should be proud of the work you do.
poodlegirl55 Aylar önce
True that. I couldn't live with that negativity. My husband calls me Good enough Gloria. When you finish something you need to rejoice, not cut it down.
Tricia Wood
Tricia Wood Aylar önce
Also it effects Brandon which has to lower his ego. Don't be hard on yourself.
Patricia Hillman
Patricia Hillman Aylar önce
Right as rain! My husband is a Master Carpenter and is never happy with his work. I tell him the same thing. It looks great and what marvelous skills he has been blessed with. He can do all trades.😇
Diane GRANGER Aylar önce
I actually left months back. Because they were both moaning about this then that. So please guys. Put a happy more often.
Ellena Walter
Ellena Walter Aylar önce
Sure would like to know if baby had come and if you all are okay.
T Irwin
T Irwin Aylar önce
Trent, keep in mind that the health of Allie and the baby are, and always will be, your priority. Recognize and give thanks that you have housing options if the baby is born before the house is finished. I also have anxiety issues, and learning to honor your blessings as well as your priorities will help you keep your balance.
Tarah Aylar önce
The doctor and nurse were so nice to let you capture that moment. I’m glad everything was okay. Can’t wait to see baby ginger snap 😍
Tanya R Chambers
Tanya R Chambers Aylar önce
Don't worry Allie. You and your husband saved my life without even knowing it, of course things are going to work out for you and the baby. Everything will be wonderful, you'll see.
ocir Aylar önce
How did they save your life?
pamelarw58 Aylar önce
Thank goodness Allie & Bub are ok I was slightly anxious for Trent as well! Happy Birthday Allie what an incredible present a baby boy! 😀🇦🇺🥂
Francine Sexton
Francine Sexton Aylar önce
Yeah, junior won't care if the house is done or not. He'll just want food, sleep and love. And of course clean diapers. So congrats to you all and best wishes.
J T Aylar önce
Best comment on here.
Jane Garrison
Jane Garrison Aylar önce
I was holding my tears while Allie was trying to be so strong. (you are amazing!!) Trent, I love the way you love Allie !! To me, ya'll are the perfect couple. Your baby is very lucky to have such great parents. Love you and take time to rest and enjoy the baby. We can wait.
Melody Snyder
Melody Snyder Aylar önce
Hey guys, I was an unwed mother 3 months after I turned 16.Talk about scared, but, believe me, YOU GOT THIS!
Marie Aylar önce
Lots of love and thoughts and prayers. I cried a lot. Watching you Allie & Trent is like watching my kids go through this. You are doing marvelous. Trent, honey, so proud of your vocalization of your mental health. We all get it, a lot if us go it. You're doing awesome!! Your resolve of strength shows the most, so be of great cheer, it's going to be great !! I have loved watching from your very beginnings, so until next time we see you, know you are loved!! Take several weeks for just you three, enjoy that most precoius gift, our little Gingersnap!!
Ann Lind
Ann Lind Aylar önce
Happy Birthday Allie!! It is amazing how much can get done when we have a real time crunch. Your home looks lovely. Hugs Ann
Stephanie Tyson
Stephanie Tyson Aylar önce
Just knowing these vlogs are a month behind and little ginger snap is already here is killing me! So happy for you guys 💕
Candis Tetreault
Candis Tetreault Aylar önce
I just said the exact same thing!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cherie Dewald
Cherie Dewald Aylar önce
Congrats on the baby, who must be here by now! This had me on pins and needles - I had a tricky pregnancy and I know how stressful that can be. Can’t wait to see your bambino! Prayers for all of you! ❤️🙏
Courtney Gibson
Courtney Gibson Aylar önce
So incredibly happy for all of you! I've seen lots of comments about not getting videos in real time. The only important thing here is that you all are fully taking in this moment with your family. I highly respect that you have done this even if that means pushing the videos and announcements back for the viewers. This is your moment and no one should be shaming you all for doing that. Thank you both for being so open in how you are feeling about the ups and downs!
Kathy Merlo
Kathy Merlo Aylar önce
Happy Belated Birthday Allie! Thank you for letting us into your family/life. Can't wait to "meet" little Gingersnap! Enjoy!
BillySuzy McGee
BillySuzy McGee Aylar önce
Allie you scared me and my husband to death I can image how you and Trent felt. You are a trooper! Sending our best wishes thoughts and prayers to you and your family. God bless and please take care. Sending hugs also sending beautiful happy thoughts to your little precious baby sweetheart
Boxman 48 Patrick Casey
Like a lot of other folks on here, I'm sure that the baby has arrived. That also means that Allie's mom and dad are on the scene...and their support as well as the support of Trent's family in Utah is putting you in good hands. Lucky child to be surrounded by such a strong family!!! :)
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Boxman 48 Patrick Casey
@J T Nov 4th is my birthday!!! :)
J T Aylar önce
Yup as the baby was born on November 4th.
Owen’s Namma
Owen’s Namma Aylar önce
Agreed Patrick!!!! I just hope they’re having too much fun to video!!!!!!
Cheryl Chatterton
Cheryl Chatterton Aylar önce
Same exact thing happened to me 11 years ago. Love your dr. She was so calm and explained everything great. I was in such a panic. I got sent home too. Same time too 36 weeks. Made it to 40 weeks, not sure now they would allow that. Congrats
Katie Nicole
Katie Nicole Aylar önce
Allie, you were so strong through that appointment and the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding it. So glad to see you are doing okay despite little gingersnaps early arrival. No one is ever ready for a baby!! Wishing you both the best and very happy for you ☺️
דלית וינבלט
Im sitting in my kitchen, continents away from you, it's November 30st. And I'm whipping like if I was your mother... Wow! You guys managed to create a global community of good vibes, as a huge family around the globe!!!
rhonda marshall
rhonda marshall Aylar önce
Excited, terrified and overwhelmed sounds like every expectant mother every. You got this guys, take time to enjoy the process.
Just Joe
Just Joe Aylar önce
So, I'm going to assume the best at this point. As you folks are 3 weeks ahead, that baby has been born and all is well with the world. The house looks amazing, Trent those cabinets look fantastic and you are your own worst critic. That home is a reflection of your love and affection for one another. There's no charm in perfection, A Hair Out of Square is uniquely charming and that baby boy couldn't be luckier. Cheers and the happiest of Holidays to you and yours. :)
Nancy Loomis
Nancy Loomis Aylar önce
Geesh…if you have the bucks….wouldn’t it be a good idea to hire another person or two to help with the finish? If you can even find anybody? Just sayin. Wouldn’t that help with the anxiety? BTW: the kitchen looks great!
@Jacqueline Temple 🤣 💙 perfect!
Jacqueline Temple
Jacqueline Temple Aylar önce
Perfect comment, I don't know why they were surprised...The baby was a hair out of square on his due date lol.
Truth Talker
Truth Talker Aylar önce
Well said!
Anne Walker
Anne Walker Aylar önce
Wow! I had no idea how much of a time lag there is on the videos, I am sooo excited that little gingersnap is actually here now and can't wait to meet him! I hope you guys are doing well but given all the challenges you have met over recent times, I am confident you will deal with whatever comes your way. Take care. x
I Am Kat-Agnt99 -A S H- KBT.
So so proud of both of you the way you got through this. Well done Trent the way you got through that! Allie your so Amaizing, but please rest. ,♡♡♡♡ Yes I'm sure a massive Congratulations are in order by now. ♡♡♡♡♡
SteveNash Aylar önce
This struck a cord with me as a couple months ago I went to the doc over an extreme sinus issue. Within minutes, they called an ambulance because my BP was 220/something. I was given nitroglycerin and spent the rest of the day in the ER. I am now on several meds, but feeling much better. SO glad Allie is ok!
Kim Aylar önce
Happy Birthday Allie 🥰 You held yourself together very well at that appointment. I guess it’s time to congratulate you both - little ginger snap is probably already here. Enjoy him….. Im excited to see the next few videos 😉
Sheila Aylar önce
With everything else going on in your lives, somehow you managed to document this process for us. Can't imagine how difficult that must have been. Hoping all is well and you both feel supported by family, friends, and us, your devoted online community. I remain so grateful for all the work you put into thinking about us:) I sincerely hope you get some SERIOUS time off during the holiday season. 🙏🙏🙏
Tropical Blooms
Tropical Blooms Aylar önce
You must be crazy to expect them video shoot this video for you while they are in pain ? Come on !! She is going through what all man and wife go through ! Is this something new for you ?? Or perhaps you haven't seen this scenario in your family or friends ??? Shishhhh!!!!! So many mental cases out there !!
Brenda Sutterfield
Brenda Sutterfield Aylar önce
Brandon is such a Blessing to have as a Wonderful Friendship with him. Love you guys are so sweet and loving people.
Lynne Carey
Lynne Carey Aylar önce
Very stressful. It’s just good to know you’re all past that given how old the video is. None the less I could feel the anxiety myself 😩 The house is looking beautiful and I’m really looking forward to the next episode. A very Happy belated Birthday to Allie. 🎂 🎈🥳 🎁💐 ❤️ PS I hope you’re enjoying the new baby. 💕
Lori Swain
Lori Swain Aylar önce
Allie! Congratulations to you, ginger snap & Trent. You guys are going to be a great team! It’s all good from here, life is so amazing , take it all in. We can’t wait to meet little babe!💙
Terri Eaves
Terri Eaves Aylar önce
Thinking of you both and welcome little gingersnap! Prayers, hugs and Congratulations!! Cant wait to see that sweet baby ❤
Wenzel Aylar önce
Had high blood pressure with both my children right at the end. A month bed rest and both early as well. They are now 29 and 24 years old healthy and well. You guys got this.
Arden Peters
Arden Peters Aylar önce
yep two months in bed.... twins born after due date... worth every boring moment in bed!
Hilarie Calijo
Hilarie Calijo Aylar önce
Me too, they’re 29 and 23. Both healthy and well. No bed rest for me, but son was 31/2 weeks early and daughter was 8 days.
Pamela remme
Pamela remme Aylar önce
Exactly, only everyone wants to run to the eugenistist right away.
Jill Sinkclear
Jill Sinkclear Aylar önce
me too
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fraction meister
fraction meister Aylar önce
I'm glad, according to this video, that things are ok with you, Allie and Trent. And, according to the date, you are new parents!! Congratulations!! I hope things have gone well, thus far. I think Tent Jr. would be an awesome name! Love and good energy to all.
benonaboy Aylar önce
As my Mother used to say "this too shall pass". Enjoy the moment, life is a long grind and it requires a partnership. And Happy Birthday to Allie.
Kristen Ashbaugh
Kristen Ashbaugh Aylar önce
First of all, huge congrats! These early days as a new parent are so wonderful, nerve wracking, tiring and stressful. I wish you all the best and please try to ignore the petty drama going on. You don’t need that right now and you did nothing wrong. It’s your life. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You don’t owe us anything. Sending love.
Lissy Tomlinson
Lissy Tomlinson Aylar önce
That short description of your specific anxiety resonated so much with me, thanks for giving me words for mine too! Sharing is hard but helps, also meditation is helping me massively.
Patti Johnson
Patti Johnson Aylar önce
No one is ever ready for a baby. Take your time, take care of each other, and one day at a time things will happen.
みゆき 💕
みゆき 💕 Aylar önce
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Deborah Lehman
Deborah Lehman Aylar önce
When listening to Trent talk about the baby in the past I think he thought everything was going to go like in a book, now he found out things can change and doesn’t always go by the book! I would chuckle listening to him, but sorry things had to change its normal process think all the pressure showed up in this manor for Allie and then on to the baby. Someone please tell me why he just didn’t get the siding done by a company in the area to help them out!! Of course no drama that way, I been chewing my nails!!
Kim Oaks
Kim Oaks Aylar önce
E K Aylar önce
@scottibass absolutely both of ours were emergency deliveries, the second had no amniotic fluid and I had an enormous neo-nat standing by. The first was an emergency c-section after seven miscarriages. The rough delivery was topped off as eight hours after we were eventually allowed to bring him home our house was hit by a tornado. Now our son is 16 and daughter is 14 and the loves of our lives. Every moment crazy ... and precious.
Michelle Estep
Michelle Estep Aylar önce
You guys Make a great team!!! You guys will get through anything that together!! 🌿💗🌿
J Mike Williams
J Mike Williams Aylar önce
Whew, like Allie said this was a practice run. At least now you know you can both withstand these surprises. Stay calm and this will make you stronger.
Andy Sukosd
Andy Sukosd Aylar önce
I love watching you guys, you bring back my memories of when my child was born. Wow, what a stressful time. My wife woke me at six months and said her water broke, Yes , a pre mature. #3lbsix ounce. My point is ! I am sixty six and I have a wonderful thirty five year old son. I am positive God will bless you guys like he blessed me. Take care , Love watching.
Noelle Cardio
Noelle Cardio Aylar önce
Oh the roller coaster ride of pregnancy- Trent; you did well brother- Allie; again sis; that smile is contagious- Keeping all of you close in my thoughts and prayers-
Miss Hiker Pants
Miss Hiker Pants Aylar önce
I watched this the other morning.. I am on pins and needles to see the little Ginger Snap! I wish you both well and hope both parents are doing well. **A note to Allie...don't stress on doing videos right now, and take ALL the help you can get. With both my kids I was always so hyper the first week and denied the help wanting to bond with baby. 2nd and 3rd weeks I was so exhausted and wondering where all that help went! Congratulation kids! Oh and happy belated Birthday Allie !
Alaskanight Aylar önce
Glad you two are supporting each other, childbirth is the definition of stress, and then all your adulting hormones kick in. The time warping in this video was hard to absorb. So in real time... please be very careful with the post partum bear, comes out of nowhere, counter intuitive. It's only the happiest time of your life looking back. Be strong, stand together and communicate. Nice pennant lights.
mcatronw Aylar önce
Trent, thank you for sharing your emotional vulnerability with us. Much love to you all!
Chillin' with Dylan
Congratulations on your baby boy!!! 👶 I hope that everything is going great, and that you had a nice Thanksgiving! 🦃 God bless! 🙏
Halee Manning
Halee Manning Aylar önce
Allie, your OBGYN is amazing. She did everything right and I’m glad you were able to go home. I know y’all are anxious but it’s going to be ok. Trent, have you considered anxiety medication prescription for an as needed basis? I am prescribed Lorazepam and take it as needed. If I’m panicking, I place it under my tongue to dissolve quickly. Otherwise, you swallow it whole. It doesn’t make me sleepy and it doesn’t cause any haziness. General rule about hospital stays, I’ve been through this a few times, bring all medications, power cords/charging bricks, and change of clothes. You’re in the right place, you have a great medical care team, a strong baby and you’re both strong. You got this. Also, the cup from the hospital with the blue straw, keep that. I have one from when I was hospitalized and I use it all the time.
Laurie Boltz
Laurie Boltz Aylar önce
Awww I had my Christmas baby two days before thanksgiving she’s a beautiful 19 year old studying forensic psychologist. Congrats guys as I’m sure you had him by now
Ameliya--T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
Had high blood pressure with both my children right at the end. A month bed rest and both early as well. They are now 29 and 24 years old healthy and well. You guys got this.
kathy wilder
kathy wilder Aylar önce
I did as well I was put to be c almosteoporosis immediately so she's very lucky I spent several months OFF MY FEET UNTIL MY DAUGHTER WAS BORN ..I was fine many visit to DR .. but it was all good allies you have done soon much ..HAPPY BABY ...
lucy wellings
lucy wellings Aylar önce
Genuinely amazed by you both! I’m glad everything worked out well at the hospital, took it all in your stride but I can’t imagine how you were feeling in that exact time!… I hope mum and baby are doing well ❤️
vivian williams
vivian williams Aylar önce
Never a dull moment 🥰, Trent and Allie you two are going to be Awesome parents ❤! 😊👍💕💕💕
Rhonda Warren
Rhonda Warren Aylar önce
Anytime that you’re blessed with a baby is the right time. God puts things in our lives for a reason. By now I bet the baby is here and I pray all is well. Love watching you
Legacys Little Luxuries
Bet he is born too
Lorna Blencowe
Lorna Blencowe Aylar önce
I’ve watched your TRvid videos for as long as I can remember and enjoyed every one of them BUT this one beat the lot! Congratulations to you both and well done Ally you were amazing hun! Ginger snap is gorgeous! So now Trentnot that you need it but you can now finish off your house with a joy in your heart ❤️ can’t wait for the next one!🥰🥰🥰
Wendy Sue
Wendy Sue Aylar önce
This reminds me of my last few weeks of pregnancy with my oldest. I remember the breathtaking feeling of the unknown as I drove from my midwife appointment to the hospital. So glad you and baby are okay. Take care!
What a utube trooper - she's filming as she drives herself to the hospital. May the filming have helped stave off the fear, the concern, and have helped you to keep it all together.
Michelle Silva
Michelle Silva Aylar önce
I am so glad she explained what the difference between high blood pressure and preeclampsia. My daughter came early because I had preeclampsia... She was considered a premise... Today she is 14 healthy, strong, and very active. I pray for you both that all goes well.
Gary Griffin
Gary Griffin Aylar önce
Please don’t film and drive.use a hands free device.
Adam Balestrieri
Adam Balestrieri Aylar önce
It’s been such a pleasure watching you guys for the past two years. Thank you so much for that. It’s now Monday evening so I can’t wait for the next update. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!
Amelia O'Dell
Amelia O'Dell Aylar önce
I like that we got to hear more about Allie and what she’s going through. Congratulations on a sweet little baby 🍎
IShallNot BeSilent
IShallNot BeSilent Aylar önce
@judypoohdy It's not "Just" Trent and Alley and I was not just pinpointing them out but "ALL" the channels that use patreon. This happens on most ALL of them.
Kimberly Early
Kimberly Early Aylar önce
@judypoohdy People on patreon ruined it because they absolutely did announce it here. I saw the comments for myself.
Lynn O
Lynn O Aylar önce
@judypoohdy Yes they did. A couple of weeks ago, someone said they were a patreon client and that Allie had her baby. Just saying, I am not as worked up as some people but they did let the baby out of the bag in comments.
judypoohdy Aylar önce
@IShallNot BeSilent no one from Patreon has said anything. People are congratulating Trent and Allie because they know from the video that Allie has given birth to their little gingersnap. 🙂
IShallNot BeSilent
IShallNot BeSilent Aylar önce
This is why I so hate Patreon. They have the news before everyone else and then come here to announce it. We give our time to come and watch and that is a lot. Not everyone can afford anything extra. Just puts separation between folks.
Just Everyday Life
Just Everyday Life Aylar önce
Glad everything turned out good!! Love watching you guys can’t wait to see little ginger snap! 😍
Debra Varner
Debra Varner Aylar önce
Watching this video brought such tears of joy! I can’t tell you how happy I am that Allie and baby gingersnap are doing well since he was born pre mature. Congratulations daddy Trent and momma Allie. He is so adorable! God bless you all. Looking forward to the next video and hope to see you all together in your new home.
Traci Frost Gonzales
I'm so glad everything went well at the hospital. And I'm so excited to see the baby soon. Your house is coming along so beautifully. I feel so honored to see your life progress like your in my own family.
Jensey Anjali Graham
This was such a difficult video to watch; the stress for both of you was heart wrenching to witness. "Mellow, calm and relaxed" Trent says. Easier said than done. Let's be honest, you must have been scared shitless. Prayers to you all! And by the way, watching Lika behind you on the stairs while you talked about BetterHelp was very telling. She is a very intuitive dog.
TW Patten
TW Patten Aylar önce
Happy Birthday Allie! You two hang in there, you've got this!
Lucy Boyer
Lucy Boyer Aylar önce
Sending love from a mom of 37 weekers, who are now 21 and 23 years old! Hoping little gingersnap shares my bday (the 9th) and we will anxiously await the big news.
Christopher Hinkle
Christopher Hinkle Aylar önce
Trent, I’ve found that when I’m having anxiety like you….been there, I totally understand…..just take a moment to ground yourself. Hug your wife or a good friend. And just stop….it makes me feel like I’m not alone and the world around me just stops as I focus on the hug and the support.
S A Aylar önce
I love watching y’all and can’t wait for the next update!
Julia Nursten
Julia Nursten Aylar önce
Hope you’re all better now. Trent, I really feel for you. Having a low stress threshold is debilitating.. I can’t tell you how much I am in awe of your ability to joke and seem calm etc while you’re filming. Your honesty really touched me
Jim C
Jim C Aylar önce
Happy birthday Allie!!! I'm so glad everything is ok. Always praying for you guys! Ginger Snap will be here soon!!
Yaja eN
Yaja eN Aylar önce
Happy belated Birthday, Allie! I'm glad all is well so far and looking forward to meeting your little one soon. Stay safe and well. Love from Downunder ❤️
a n i s s
a n i s s Aylar önce
You're halfway to the hospital? I'm halfway through the video! I know I should wait until the end, but I can't help it. As a working dad, I'm feeling this. I appreciate you breaking the tension via "....camera gear" in your bag. Sending love to you and yours and our community!
Susan Paskaruk
Susan Paskaruk Aylar önce
Happy Birthday Allie! You look so beautiful!!!! I’m so glad everything is great with your blood work 🙏 Everything will be fine… you’re going everything right! Enjoy your time with your baby… mine is 2.0 now and 6’5” 🥺
DSmith868891 Aylar önce
Happy belated birthday Allie! I know that you’re both overwhelmed right now with everything that’s going on in your lives but soon you’ll have your little ginger snap and you’ll forget all about how stressful life’s been lately! Life is what happens while you’re planning so have fun and stay safe!
Maria Russo
Maria Russo Aylar önce
To Allie and Trent ,I watch your videos all the time they are great from what we understand that baby has arrived God bless hope allie and baby is doing okay cant wait to meet him.enjoy this time take a deep breath.trent pls. Ease up on yourself its fine that the house isn't done yet the baby won't care as long as he has a bed a roof food to eat and your guys love.that is what is in important.god bless your family.i totally luv your video Allie your editing is the best.hugs for little gingersnap.Maria
anacelys ruiz
anacelys ruiz Aylar önce
Congratulations on your newborn! He is so cute! Such a pretty family!! Allie, you were amazing!!
Happy Body PT
Happy Body PT Aylar önce
LOVE this episode and so many parts of it. Thank you Trent for being open about your anxiety to normalize it. Allie, you are the cutest pregnant mama and so glad you listened to your body and communicated what you were feeling. But I hope you didn't use Trent's birthing technique or you may need a TON of pelvic floor PT!
Tina C
Tina C Aylar önce
I'm very relieved and so happy for you guys! Things rarely happen exactly as planned...sending much love and warmth to your sweet family in the mountains! 💝
Adventures of Indigo
Happy birthday Allie!!! I'm so happy all is okay with ginger snap
Emma S
Emma S Aylar önce
Oh my goodness!! Congratulations mom & dad!! So excited for this next adventure with your little Gingersnap! xo
Danielle Minerva
Danielle Minerva Aylar önce
Wow! Congrats on becoming parents! Can’t wait to see it play out in real time, so to speak lol. Must have been an extra special Thanksgiving for you! Happy times! 🤗😍❤️🙏🏻
MrMike47274 Aylar önce
Happy belated birthday Allie !!! Going out on a limb here and congratulate you both on the arrival of your lil Gingersnap & Welcome to motherhood. Hope you are all doing fine.
Tina Farber
Tina Farber Aylar önce
You can see how gracious Allie is with her comment, "I've never been to L&D, this is a fun first time." Trying to keep calm. She sounds scared but trying to be strong.
lovelouisxoxo Aylar önce
You guys have me emotional on this one! Sending positive vibes your way 💛
Linda Selover
Linda Selover Aylar önce
While watching this, I kept thinking that it would be great time for Allie to put her feet up and knit or crochet -- because it is calming, you end up with something useful, and you get to feel productive while sitting around. Hope all is going well.
Rosalinde Herridge
Rosalinde Herridge Aylar önce
Big congratulations guys, thank you for share this wonderful event 🙂 it made me cry 😂 so very happy for you both, he looks just like Allie xx
Anna-Marie Pellett
Anna-Marie Pellett Aylar önce
I know you’ve already gone through those but I’m still sending you guys lots of Hugs, love and support. 💕💕💕
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