My Lawyer Made Me Change The Name Of This Episode So I Wouldn't Get Sued.

B is for Build
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In today's episode i'm doing my best to explain why the fastback mustang body swap project is over. Stick with us guys, we're coming back 10 times stronger!
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1 Jun 2020




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SLEAZY 23 saatler önce
Look on Omaze they are doing a 'licensed' give away for a eleanor mustang. Same one?
Commander Ogosh
Commander Ogosh Gün önce
That’s sick in the head that they did this to you
Emma Felix
Emma Felix Gün önce
I know even know anything about cars I'm just here for the Fall Out Boy reference
DJMikeLover Smitty
next time don't name it Eleanor , i still think you can build it with out name calling , name it B is for build
Jason Hovey
Jason Hovey Gün önce
She even sued and took Carroll Shelby’s Eleanor
Geocaching Addict
What is going to happen to the seized car? Will it just get crushed??
Lele Gün önce
Wait WTF? They stole your fuckin car? Just like that?
Captain 4 Lug
Captain 4 Lug Gün önce
Build it, keep it secret .. reveal it. Lol rebel against it all
Gustavo Facundo
Gustavo Facundo 2 gün önce
I would have smashed the car before letting someone else to put their hands on it.
N Moran
N Moran 2 gün önce
When I heard about this I started looking for stuff on it and I found some information about the copyright and trademark that was all placed on the original movie which was a car that looks nothing like the new Eleanor from the Nick Cage movie it’s crazy that that copyright applies to a Totally different car one copyright two cars it’s crazy
Igor Solovyanchik
Igor Solovyanchik 2 gün önce
Gone in 60 seconds is garbage!
Buried InTime
Buried InTime 2 gün önce
i don't understand how they can just take the car?? can't you just say "hey fine we'll change it and make it different and re-edit the uploaded videos" or something???
Cody Donovan
Cody Donovan 2 gün önce
I think everyone needs to go build an Eleanor now... are they going to come after all of us? Haha probably.
Cody Donovan
Cody Donovan 2 gün önce
I can’t believe they did that.. to be honest, they were just jealous because they couldn’t build it...
Attila Jónás
Attila Jónás 2 gün önce
how can they take away your property, just take down the parts from the mustang which makes it eleanor and it´s not an eleanor anymore so they can´t take it, lol...
Nice Donuts
Nice Donuts 2 gün önce
Name the next one ELINETT
eddyveneman 3 gün önce
Just rename it or somting to get the car back
Nukes Away
Nukes Away 3 gün önce
Nobody has to buy a license to build anything. JUST DON"T FILM YOURSELF AND THEN SHOW THE WORLD ! There is no shame in being a law abiding citizen. You did well. Now do a Bandit car !
Shaun Mostert
Shaun Mostert 3 gün önce
I dont understand why they took your car, If I name my mustang Elenor does it make it their property automatically ? SOunds like stealing...
Vaughn Stapleton
Vaughn Stapleton 3 gün önce
That really sucks all that hard work you guys put in I was looking forward to see the finishing of the build
Shaun shaunk
Shaun shaunk 3 gün önce
So did gone in 60 seconds pay you for your car ?
Daniele P
Daniele P 3 gün önce
Always someone out there trying to make money for doing nothing, understood they own rights to name and style which to me is crap that they can but taking possession of car you built is way too much. You should be given opportunity to change styling or destroy the car instead of handing it over. This person now has taken possession of something they have done nothing to rightfully own other than throwing lawyers at it, one very shit person there indeed but sure they wouldn’t care!
Asatora 3 gün önce
So if you look just like a celebrity they can take you into slavery or something like that? Because it's the same logic
Michael Grennek
Michael Grennek 3 gün önce
Everyone should have some fun on the Wikipedia page for Gone in 60 Seconds!
Leo vd Velden
Leo vd Velden 4 gün önce
WTF ****, our world is heading towards a dead end --》BIG money seems to take over!
Donald kicklighter
Donald kicklighter 4 gün önce
I'm about to build me one let's see him come to Effingham get you some
JanicekTrnecka 4 gün önce
Thats why Disney Lawyers are depicted as partypoopers of the galaxy.
BunnyVSKato 4 gün önce
This all bs from them(the badguys)
Mahande 4 gün önce
So does anyone who has a 67' mustang that looks like the car in that movie get their car taken from them? Or is it just TRvidrs who are using it as inspiration? I see how they might be able to issue a cease and desist but to take the car? Not a chance. Maybe its just me, but the minute that bitch wanted to take my car, she would have had a fight on her hands.
Brandon Lalonde
Brandon Lalonde 4 gün önce
Wtf that’s bullshit man that really sucks all your hard work gone
M B 4 gün önce
Er hat nichts falsch gemacht.
Ivor 4 gün önce
Are you kidding me? How can that be possible. Nobody owns a name ffs!
Tim Randazzo
Tim Randazzo 5 gün önce
Couldnt just change the front end? Lol seems fucked your car was taken...
Wooley689 5 gün önce
How were you supposed to be a threat to the franchise. All they had to say was not use the name or reference. Taking the two cars is a theft in my opinion. You really should push back on this.
Xx oson xX
Xx oson xX 5 gün önce
WOW! im soo heartbroken! I was looking forward to this build, seems like BS. Like why did they wait so long? and how is what you're doing wrong the original didn't use a 2015 mustang frame?!
Wolfman1974ify 5 gün önce
That's B.S. but I can understand about getting sued nobody likes that. But hey that was an awesome build sad that it's gone through. Wish you the best on all your awesome builds.
Yebo Screbo
Yebo Screbo 5 gün önce
Somethings fishy about this. I can’t believe you didn’t just hand over your car to people claiming to be from the studio
throttle family
throttle family 5 gün önce
This is complete bs it’s not like you are building it for mass production
Robin Fuller
Robin Fuller 6 gün önce
Think they need to get a grip and allow you to finish it .
Clayton S
Clayton S 6 gün önce
Why didnt you destroy the car? If you did they couldnt claim it.
david c smith
david c smith 6 gün önce
Should have called it Rigby !
Crash Peak
Crash Peak 6 gün önce
I think this is told horse s**t I love what you do and when it comes down to that it is complete bulls**t. You spent your time money and effort to make a car that looks like one from the movie yes. But who’s money and time was it yours not some million dollar company. They could have at least asked you to dismantle the car. But seizing the car that is way too over the top and honestly just a petty a** move.
Seth E
Seth E 6 gün önce
So your building 3 cars to give to the 'Mad Max' franchise? Fuck Mel
TechRoot 2.0
TechRoot 2.0 6 gün önce
Asention 6 gün önce
Just wait until the trashy widow is dead like her husband and see what happens. No wonder H.B. Halicki died so soon, he couldnt stand his Karen of a wife on a daily.
itsmotorack 6 gün önce
I would rather burn it instead of giving it to them, fck that.
stld118 6 gün önce
petition to get the 'stang back? who's in
AnthonyReed 6 gün önce
That’s horse shit. They wouldn’t let you just change the look of the car?
KuilowKey 6 gün önce
Lol what a sad person. Clearly she has little respect for the ELEANOR name and car culture....
bikkiikun 7 gün önce
The American dream... a gold digger going after hard working people.
Robert Laird
Robert Laird 7 gün önce
I wish you would elaborate on what happened a bit more.
Iain Jamie Smart
Iain Jamie Smart 7 gün önce
I hope it’s not your car that has just appeared as a prize on Omaze 😳
James Furlong
James Furlong 7 gün önce
Put a other name on it
james chang
james chang 7 gün önce
thats bull shit if you want to build a cool looking car or tuck then you have the right to do that and the people that wanted to sue you they just want money from you
Andrew Pepin
Andrew Pepin 8 gün önce
This is just crazy to take someone car!!!! I hope you will get it back!!!
wayneco 8 gün önce
I’m sorry but I’m not buying that you were forced to forfeit an entire car, don’t put the word Eleanor on it, problem solved.
David Miller
David Miller 8 gün önce
Go ahead and leave the company that took b is for builds mustang away a email info@gonein60secondsmovie.com
Sergio Lara
Sergio Lara 8 gün önce
What happened to the raptor??
batterymaker 8 gün önce
So....your car was seized? What bullshit...Land of the Seized, and the Home of the Played....
Erie Regalado
Erie Regalado 8 gün önce
QuanticChaos1000 8 gün önce
They took the actual car? They have no right to do that, they do have the right to ask you to change it and rename it, but not take it.
earthlyflower 29
earthlyflower 29 8 gün önce
Technically it is not the eleanor mustang it. The eleanor was a 71 mustang this was a newer gt
Anuskasv0 8 gün önce
Welcome to America folks!!!
Joshua 9 gün önce
I get that it sucks, but if someone owns a copyright or legal rights to something, it's on you to get license to use it, IE the name and likeness. It sucks you lost your car, but not getting a license cause this.
xpaoo1 9 gün önce
I hate to see your project gone but I think you can sue them for the car back. Eleanor is a trademark name but they stole the idea from carol Shelby saying that she is a Shelby GT500. If you see, Shelby GT500 is a trademark name. So, the movie company doesn’t own the name of that car technically, Shelby American does. The original gt500 and the Eleanor car do not look the same so they infringed on the name and changed the look of the car just like you used a new mustang to restomod your old mustang. Lastly, change the name of your project from Eleanor to GT500E. A little food for thought because I hate greedy no good people try to take money and talent away from good people and car nuts.
osp80 9 gün önce
eleanors are played out as fuck anyway...
Nevertrustalawyer 9 gün önce
Seems like the problem is with the name “Elenor”. So name it Shelby, Roush or The Bullet? F-Elenor!
Dakota Neubert
Dakota Neubert 9 gün önce
that is absolute horse shit! you could have at least just swapped the build over!
LB B-Ridge
LB B-Ridge 9 gün önce
I would have sent it to them piece by piece... And wrote a big F-You on each piece!!!
محمد الشهراني
Thats why we bombing American much hate to America government so much hate for the law 🤍
Jonathan Greene
Jonathan Greene 9 gün önce
Couldn't be an Eleanor anyway. It's not true to movie spec. You can just call it's an Ellen. Eleanor's daughter or something like that.
Emil Hanning
Emil Hanning 10 gün önce
The sue happy USA strikes again ffs u guys are f##king crazy the B is for Build build is not even close the to the original '' gone in 60 sec''
DJay157524 10 gün önce
1. Sorry to hear about the situation. 2. I like your use of a Fall Out Boy song title in you're title 😂 "our lawyer made us change the name of this song so we wouldn't get sued". Again my condolences but nice title play
Lucky Lefty
Lucky Lefty 10 gün önce
Thank God I live in Europe ..
Lucky Lefty
Lucky Lefty 10 gün önce
Why couldn't you keep it? Just building it to look different
No Copyright Beats
No Copyright Beats 10 gün önce
I'm glad I watched a pirated version of this fucking movie a long time ago. Signed the petition to get it back. Best regards from Mexico.
Herb Herrera
Herb Herrera 10 gün önce
D-man 10 gün önce
I followed the build from day one..what a shame. A lot of hard work...and kudos to your team for the effort.
bugjuicer 10 gün önce
So what about if you didn't call it that? It's just an old Mustang on a new Mustang.. Do that mean every Mustang that looks like the one they used in that movie, belongs to them? And that's not even the original Elenor either
Obadel 50
Obadel 50 10 gün önce
Carefull it may happen that a bich have a trademark for mad max movies and steal your again...by the way you can do the ford again but call it uncle joe and put different color and put differents things and fckem those Hollywood biches.
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