My Greyhound Tries Fruits And Vegetables

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23 May 2019

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Madalyn Martin
Madalyn Martin 2 saatler önce
9:31 you hear Julian say “look at my girls” low key melted my heart
Jade Vang
Jade Vang 4 saatler önce
Does she chew like that because her teeth are too long? Idk lmfaoo
PinkSkyscraper1 6 saatler önce
Who the hell are the haters that dont wanna see Bunny... Shoo Shoo! I love her and them
WarpFactor999 8 saatler önce
I dearly hope you are feeding your dogs a meat based diet. All three dogs appear too thin and have poor coats. Just like cats, dogs are obligate carnivores. Dogs can tolerate more veg than cats, but still must have meat products to stay healthy.
Bree Harsha
Bree Harsha 8 saatler önce
Am i the only one that heard vegan boyfriends at 1:22?
Bree Harsha
Bree Harsha 8 saatler önce
I just happened to be at that part when I was Rewatching. My bad dude.
Nutsaur 8 saatler önce
No. Use a few seconds before the phrase like 1:22 because at the moment your link starts with "nds..."
Nutsaur 8 saatler önce
How come you shouldn't ever feed your dogs seedless grapes, raisins, onion, or garlic?
Anna K
Anna K 11 saatler önce
Bunny’s first bath??
Arissa Benham
Arissa Benham 12 saatler önce
If you’re ever in Nebraska please come to my house and feed my large dogs ice cubes😂 it’s their favorite treat! (I’ve cubes and bananas 🥰)
FreeJujja 12 saatler önce
why can't dogs eat?
Julia K.
Julia K. 13 saatler önce
If u see this I'm not complain about dog content its been great
Bryna Nicholson
Bryna Nicholson 13 saatler önce
Cermit: my emotions 24/7 Peach: my attitude Bunny: my phobias Marbles: my life style
T Stormer
T Stormer 14 saatler önce
I'm that mouth that hates watermelon
Mairah Kim Taehyung
Mairah Kim Taehyung 15 saatler önce
Am I the only one who literally loves to eat ice cubes? Like at times I take a bowl full of ice cubes and eat all of them 😅❤️
Leah Reardon
Leah Reardon 17 saatler önce
“Look at my girls” -Julian
Tracy's Baby World
Tracy's Baby World 20 saatler önce
The foods she likes she takes to the rug to eat. She is such a sweetie and the other two just sitting in their chair just watching are very well behaved.
cool potato
cool potato 21 saatler önce
Where's marble here
evil art fox
evil art fox 23 saatler önce
0:40 marbles in the background
Emily Pentecost
Emily Pentecost Gün önce
all the dislikes are Kermit’s alt accounts bc he wants more watermelon
Rossy Lyne
Rossy Lyne Gün önce
I love this content! I watch for the dogs
Cuddle Gourd
Cuddle Gourd Gün önce
Marbles is a lil potato
Frank Gün önce
The lighting actually looks so great!! love to Bunny x
Annika Holmstrom
Annika Holmstrom Gün önce
i could never get sick of bunny and dog content!!!!! im allergic to dogs so i need nice dog content like this in my life
Megan Wilson
Megan Wilson Gün önce
I don't understand people who think Greyhounds are ugly like LOOK AT BUNNY. SHE IS SO CUTE MY HEART BEATS ONLY FOR HER.
Melissa Nastaro
Melissa Nastaro Gün önce
The way bunny eats blueberries is so cute😂❤️
Vicky K
Vicky K Gün önce
Bunnies favorite fruit is definitely *bandaid*
Kat Mic
Kat Mic Gün önce
Peach be like "But I'm the baby!"
emma emma tipton
emma emma tipton Gün önce
Is she gonna gain wait later on?
Lolo Schwäricke
Lolo Schwäricke Gün önce
Please make a fruit salad for them in summer 😂😂😂👌🏻
Pass Or Fail What
“Wholesome dog content”!!! Forget what everyone wants. What baby wants, baby gets. And Baby wants human food. Spoil them!
Codered GamingYT
Codered GamingYT Gün önce
What's the background music I lik it
I Want To Watch The World Burn
She's a nasty girl
Mnoprst Uwxyz
Mnoprst Uwxyz 2 gün önce
Bunny is such a beautiful angel, I can't handle it
Natalia Diaz
Natalia Diaz 2 gün önce
I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT love it. Its sweet and wholesome. I've been a fan of you from the beginning, and I've enjoyed watching your videos develop into mature content, as I have also grown and matured. The videos with bunny, I love. Rescuing animals, especially older animals, is definitely always a challenge; I commend you for taking on a challenge like that. You have been making videos for SO LONG. You have made TRvid a part of your life, as TRvid has made you a part of theirs. You have put so much into your channel, and you have not given up on your subscribers, you should not have to apologize for the content you put out. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Thank you.
Bella McNasty Garbett Does Random Stuff
I can’t wait to watch Bunny’s personality come out and for her to be comfortable in her home 💜💜💜🐰🐶 And also, u said that she gave blood, but why is she so skinny? I might have skipped over her backstory from other videos. Was she abused? I just wanna know. 🐰🐶💜💜💜
Ruthanne Marie
Ruthanne Marie 2 gün önce
Sarah M
Sarah M 2 gün önce
Excuse me, I definitely require more Bunny videos.
Sub To Me Or Ill Eat Your Fridge Okurr?
Next video: *my dogs do ASMR*
Crystal Yustus
Crystal Yustus 2 gün önce
Is anyone else so OG that you know Jenna made that same how do you catch a bunny joke in the video of her and Julian doing the photo booth tag.... 😶 #jennamarbles #superfan 😂😂😂 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @jennamarbles
Jellybean Purdy
Jellybean Purdy 2 gün önce
Ik you probably already know this but apple seeds are like grapes(not good for dogs)just be carefully 😁👍
Sister_Satan 2 gün önce
1:46 watch marble, he does a cute lil hop and narrowly avoids death
Kyla Farrell
Kyla Farrell 2 gün önce
my dog love love LOVES fruits and veggies and cant get enough watermelon and we dont buy treats we give him ice cubes
AliCap01 2 gün önce
As always #1 wholesome content provider
Morganr3id 2 gün önce
My god legit used to beg for watermelon rinds and would chew them like bones ❤️
Stephanie Call
Stephanie Call 3 gün önce
Why is Peach so perfect?!
Løsër Brøøkë
Løsër Brøøkë 3 gün önce
This was on my bday!
Fiona A.
Fiona A. 3 gün önce
asmr dog mukbang
Sarah Augustine
Sarah Augustine 3 gün önce
I loved everything about this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Eliot Lusero
Eliot Lusero 3 gün önce
she so cute
Ashley Lindo
Ashley Lindo 3 gün önce
I could never get sick of the dog videos!❤️
fiona shoemaker
fiona shoemaker 3 gün önce
Very cute
Catrick Okie
Catrick Okie 3 gün önce
Now peach is a middle child and she’s salty about it
Allie Fletcher
Allie Fletcher 3 gün önce
2:24 be like squidward eating a Krabby patty 😂
cassidy collazo
cassidy collazo 3 gün önce
Can’t wait for another dog roasting video about bunion
Sandy Sani
Sandy Sani 3 gün önce
Thank you so much for this content! I'm learning more about dogs from your videos than I ever knew before!
hahahahah what
hahahahah what 3 gün önce
I love the dog videos so much
Anne Weller
Anne Weller 3 gün önce
How old is Bunny
Rachal Chace
Rachal Chace 3 gün önce
Bunny 🐰 is sooooo cute
Ruby Schwartz
Ruby Schwartz 3 gün önce
Julien: "look at my girls" I melted
Ashley L
Ashley L 3 gün önce
I like ppl watching so i like this content. U be u
Ashley L
Ashley L 3 gün önce
I was watching a meme review episode of urs and then this one was just next up. I thot abt changing it but i didnt. I have now learned that i love to watch you while i am high on le weeds. But i love u, u make me happy. 💞
jenovapooh 3 gün önce
Honestly, I'm a new viewer and I'm here for the greyhound. Bunny looks strikingly similar to my own grey (not an uncommon occurrence, they are probably distantly related) and watching your process with another with similar issues is really heartwarming. 💖
dcs326 3 gün önce
My 80lb greyhound/lab mix loves ice. He literally thinks it's a special treat and runs to the carpet in glee whenever he gets an ice cube. Love when I have to spend zero dollars on making him happy :)
Kailea S.
Kailea S. 3 gün önce
Did anyone here Julien say look at my girls
Emily Garcia
Emily Garcia 3 gün önce
The dogs eat healthier than me😐
Hannah Noel
Hannah Noel 3 gün önce
My beagle walker mix loves watermelon. My mom dropped one on the floor and he cleaned it up. He also likes blueberries.
Elizabeth Hager
Elizabeth Hager 3 gün önce
My dog actually doesn't like watermelon and I can't explain it
Shino8124 3 gün önce
I’m happy with all the doggie content 🤓🤓
Bess Valencia
Bess Valencia 3 gün önce
Jenna calling them all affectionately as "honey" is so heartwarming
Grace Divine
Grace Divine 3 gün önce
she looks so cute and terrifying when she goes to eat things!!! what beautiful canines!!! oh what a good girl
Grace Divine
Grace Divine 3 gün önce
more bunny content? more bunny content. m o r e because she's our princess, our scaredie cat horse bunny girl and we love her no need to apologise for more GOLDEN content
missvalkyrie 4 gün önce
its so adorable how she takes the food to the carpet to eat hahahaha
Robyn Briggs
Robyn Briggs 4 gün önce
If bunny is an ex-racing dog then she will be very used to a sweeter tooth; racing dogs are fed very high sugar diets to energise them before races. In the UK at least I know lots of rescue greyhounds/ other racing breeds have to have a lot of teeth removed because the constant high sugar food rots their teeth. Saying that, bunny looks like she has good teeth :)
Ink Carp
Ink Carp 3 gün önce
Robyn Briggs I’m pretty sure they said she wasn’t a racing dog, she was a blood donor
Anni xpym
Anni xpym 4 gün önce
У тебя крутые собаки мне нравятся твои видео
Ally 4 gün önce
My greyhound lays her head on my lap when she wants food 😍 she also gets the shits cuz she has a sensitive stomach lol
Lindsey Raye
Lindsey Raye 4 gün önce
your journey with Bunny made me cry and laugh and feel like she was my own baby
lego boy gaming
lego boy gaming 4 gün önce
It looks like marker all over bunnie @ 1:00 but it's actually a 2:55
It’s Meg
It’s Meg 4 gün önce
Obsessed with the bunny videos I’m in love
Casey G
Casey G 4 gün önce
Peach is like mom give me food it helps me grow
Blunzn 4 gün önce
Amazing content
Gee x
Gee x 4 gün önce
This is such a great video omg
What Terri Sees
What Terri Sees 4 gün önce
I love the wholesome dog content💜💜!!
Cinderheart meow
Cinderheart meow 4 gün önce
this made me love bunny even more for some reason 10/10
Cari Davenport
Cari Davenport 4 gün önce
We always appreciate bunny content ❤️
Micaila Cruz
Micaila Cruz 4 gün önce
bunny's nose is so long that its hard for her to pick the food up
Emilia Olson
Emilia Olson 4 gün önce
I’ve always wondered about how vegans feel about care-taking for animals that consume other animals. Is there special care taken to purchase food? Are there ethical conflicts?
Royal Entertainment
Royal Entertainment 4 gün önce
Uh I need more of that beautiful bunny videos 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Royal Entertainment
Royal Entertainment 4 gün önce
I’d love to take a pic of my 2 pound 5 inch tall fully grown lavender teacup chihuahua next to bunny 😂😂🤣 it’d be the best most awkward pic💗
Royal Entertainment
Royal Entertainment 4 gün önce
Damn bunny’s teeth 😵😵 her fangs r huge
Kaitlin Smith
Kaitlin Smith 4 gün önce
You guys are awesome! ❤️💕
K l B OG
K l B OG 4 gün önce
For bunny videos can we get a cam maybe on the shelves to see her eating 🍽
Dani San Diego
Dani San Diego 4 gün önce
You should do a buy everything my Dogs touch but with bunny
Sofia Jimenez
Sofia Jimenez 4 gün önce
I dont care what anyone says, there is something wrong with Kermit, he cries soo much
A-P J 4 gün önce
Furweedd YT
Furweedd YT 4 gün önce
My dogs love carrots THEY GO CRAZY FOR THEM
Pending Author
Pending Author 4 gün önce
Bunny must be a deer in a dog costume.
Basic 4 gün önce
lmao marbles got up real quick when he heard watermelon
LOVISA IMOGEN 4 gün önce
Who the heck is sick of Bunny???? Bunny is beloved
Ni Na
Ni Na 4 gün önce
Love this
NerdyGal Art
NerdyGal Art 5 gün önce
Love the Bunny 🐰 food fest! ❤️😂👏
Nina Nicolosi
Nina Nicolosi 5 gün önce
@ 12:55 😂😂😂
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