My Greyhound Tries Fruits And Vegetables

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23 May 2019




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doggo lady
doggo lady 3 gün önce
Wally 4 gün önce
Dogs require fresh meat and bones they are not vegetarians, all you are doing is upsetting the dogs digestive system
ll MilkAndCookies ll
It’s only snacks, not the entire diet lol
Emma Litwack
Emma Litwack 3 gün önce
I think you mean cats not dogs
goose 4 gün önce
they only give fruits and veggies as snacks and that's ok but it isn't needed in the dogs diet that's why its only a snack it wouldn't upset the dogs stomach in those small proportions
caroline getty
caroline getty 5 gün önce
honestly bunny content is my favorite content
Claire Hickingbottom
little did she know at 11:03 a year later we would be forced to stay in our houses lolllllll
I AM DISGUSTED 8 gün önce
oml the first thing i thought when i clicked on this was that jenna looked like a lesbian- (NO OFFENSE IM NOT SAYING SHE'S A LESBIAN)
Cal Boi
Cal Boi 9 gün önce
How is a sweet Greyhound more courageous than that 26 year old man at buzzfeed
oliveoil_eh 11 gün önce
bunny is a big ol sweetie
why u no eat 2nd patato
hello welcome to doggo mukbang
Shoshitake Takeyani
Shoshitake Takeyani 13 gün önce
When I was fostering a Pomeranian I wanted to find out what foods she liked too. Bonnie came from a backyard breeder that bred poms for money. Bonnie and around 16 other poms lived in that house with no proper care or training. Bonnie was terribly matted, covered in fleas, no vaccines, bad teeth, the whole shebang. After we cleaned up Bonnie I offered to foster her in hopes I'd get to keep her. Me and my family members gave Bonnie small pieces of beef, turkey, salmon, apples(she LOVES apples), cucumber, banana, and strawberry. She stole my egg sandwich so I trained her not to eat my food and she caught on so fast! Never had to worry after that. I didn't mean to make this comment so long, I just really miss Bonnie.
Amelia Rodgers
Amelia Rodgers 13 gün önce
I don’t like watermelon
Yasta Fari
Yasta Fari 16 gün önce
How does this lady have 2 million subscribers? We're All doomed
ll MilkAndCookies ll
You mean 20? Also I can’t tell if this is a joke
Inna 16 gün önce
this looks like that show where gordon ramsay spoon feeds blindfolded contestants and one of them said a pear tasted like a turnip
Maxine Mars
Maxine Mars 17 gün önce
Who doesn't like videos about Bunny? DAFAQ? She's so cute!
emma pedler
emma pedler 18 gün önce
“i know a lot of you guys don’t like seeing bunny videos...” 5.1 million views
Isa Riva
Isa Riva 19 gün önce
watching bunny eat food has cured all of my mental illness. not just depression, ALL of them
Rose Kennedy
Rose Kennedy 20 gün önce
6:00 just a girl.... *AND HER HORSE*
somerandomk9 21 gün önce
Literally no one should be complaining about bunny videos. And if they are, *I will eat them.*
PerfectCatto 22 gün önce
1:45 THE ATHLETICISM of that young man in the back
Half-Life Scientist
Half-Life Scientist 22 gün önce
"We tried giving her a pill pocket with peanut butter but she just licked off the peanut butter and spit it out" too. fucking. relatable.
Liam Reed
Liam Reed 23 gün önce
What’s my favorite dog? i’ll give you a hint I like my dogs loooooooonnng
Liam Reed
Liam Reed 23 gün önce
And while I am at it watermelon vs cantaloupe (Btw did I miss spell cantaloupe)
Andrea Lynn
Andrea Lynn 23 gün önce
My golden retriever loves to eat ice, it’s the cutest thing when he crunches on it 🥺
Norm Guidry
Norm Guidry 24 gün önce
I don’t like water melon
Norm Guidry
Norm Guidry 24 gün önce
I don’t
MsQjoe 25 gün önce
Whenever I cut up veggies, I always toss the bits I know my golden likes to him and honestly he enjoys it so much
Madison H
Madison H 25 gün önce
Julien: “look at my girls” Me: 🥺🥺
Alannah Morris
Alannah Morris 26 gün önce
Unpopular opinion, but I hate watermelon
Scoop92 27 gün önce
"He just want to be unconscious" Honestly, 2020 Me: same.
Demon’s Death
Demon’s Death 27 gün önce
Does kermit have anything with his eyes, anything with cushings disease that causes watery eyes?
Ren the Slayer
Ren the Slayer 28 gün önce
Paige Siegel
Paige Siegel 29 gün önce
Today I learned that my friend of 10 years doesn't have a mouth. Which is weird because I've seen her eat 🤔
Faith Nope
Faith Nope 27 gün önce
Oops... i may have been on a mouth eating spree. might explain that
What MadeLikes
What MadeLikes Aylar önce
Bunny looks like a supermodel
Sus Bail
Sus Bail Aylar önce
Bunny is a dainty, sweet giraffe dog
James buckingham
James buckingham Aylar önce
Any one saying they don't like bunny content can fight me!!! She's just a sweet little girl!
kaykay12152 Aylar önce
Need this rn. So wholesome.
Mankind’s Bad Habit
Bunny: dislikes anything green Greenies: exists Bunny: :0
American Gamer Gal
American Gamer Gal Aylar önce
"anything with a mouth likes watermelon" Me(someone with a mouth) : Doesnt like watermelon.
Faith Nope
Faith Nope 27 gün önce
DJE beenz
DJE beenz Aylar önce
Aw who doesn’t want more bunny videos??!! :( we all do
kawaii girl
kawaii girl Aylar önce
Caroline Eaton
Caroline Eaton Aylar önce
bunny is such a lady that she takes multiple bites out of a blueberry...🐶💁‍♀️
Łimmie FluffyFerret
“Would you like a bnaenae?”
Orot 13
Orot 13 Aylar önce
👁👃👁 👅
QUEEN BITCH Aylar önce
The Little Russian Baby
Dani T
Dani T Aylar önce
She has the most innocent eyes whenever she gets up close to the camera I cry
Dashiell Leigh
Dashiell Leigh Aylar önce
Of course Bunny likes apples, She's a horse!!
Chloe Massie
Chloe Massie Aylar önce
When bunny looks at the camera it reminds me of the office
Charlotte Shanagher
Literal comment in Greyhound's home.." Oh she farted!"
ladynikkie Aylar önce
13:05 he was whining on purpose so he can get the watermelon lol
Rosalie Dobrovolny
Rosalie Dobrovolny Aylar önce
Who dares dislike this video
xX Leah Lynn Xx
xX Leah Lynn Xx Aylar önce
1:29 My husky hates watermelon, she will ignore you if you try to feed her one 😅
hello world
hello world Aylar önce
Jenna Marbles: watermelon enthusiast
floyd Aylar önce
gotta disagree with jenna. i hate watermelons.
join the fishy bois
Bunny and Kermit are my favorite doggies
Miss B
Miss B Aylar önce
One of my favourite doggo things and greys do it a lot is how they take their snack away to eat in a special spot
Mangodt Aylar önce
“She likes carrots!” What a bunny thing to like... “She likes apples!” What a horse thing to like...
Brittany Martinez
Brittany Martinez Aylar önce
Seeing all of Jenna's dogs enjoy watermelon makes me so sad that I'm allergic to it 😭
Buddestspeed Aylar önce
Bunny said no bonkly
Mochi_King _07
Mochi_King _07 Aylar önce
Are dogs just addicted to watermelon?? I gave my dog a single piece and she loves following me until I let her bite some leftover watermelon off the rind.
Sierra Davis
Sierra Davis Aylar önce
3:45 she made the same joke to him years ago! trvid.com/video/video-eQq4-3crqGA.html
Karica Animates
Karica Animates Aylar önce
Karica Animates
Karica Animates Aylar önce
👁 👁
QuackCalledQuest Aylar önce
when the camera zoomed dramatically on peach i lost it
Lizzie Bartolo
Lizzie Bartolo Aylar önce
Demian spiller
Demian spiller Aylar önce
My dogs dont like cucumber ether there whippets wich are basically mini greyhounds
Ella Lafosse
Ella Lafosse Aylar önce
“Do you want an apple bunny?” *eats the entire thing* *she is truley a horse.*
angela liu
angela liu Aylar önce
I feel like Bunny is the sort of girl who wouldn't complain about food at a friend's house. She would just nibble at it and politely excuse herself because she doesn't want to be rude.
Kuro myou
Kuro myou Aylar önce
I gave my sister's cat spinach and he ate it. 😅
Doctour Two skull
Doctour Two skull Aylar önce
Blueberries are actually pretty healthy for them
Peter Samson
Peter Samson Aylar önce
bunny is weird. but peaceful
ladynikkie 26 gün önce
She's a Pisces
Anna A
Anna A Aylar önce
I love Bunny’s camera nose boops
jessica franklin
jessica franklin Aylar önce
*points to self*-this person: has mouth, loves watermelon
paul sutton
paul sutton Aylar önce
Are you growing another head, on top of your regular head?
phag Aylar önce
Jennas fake blaccent lmao... stop
Julia Fernandez
Julia Fernandez Aylar önce
garlic is FINE for dogs by the way
Fluffy_Gamer_ Girl
Fluffy_Gamer_ Girl Aylar önce
I feel like Bunny might just be eating the stuff to make jenna happy. Because in her last home if she's a rescue she was probably abused
Fluffy_Gamer_ Girl
Fluffy_Gamer_ Girl 27 gün önce
@Gale Prinster ohh ok. Its just when I think of rescue I think about how most rescues are abused. But thanks for explaining
Gale Prinster
Gale Prinster 29 gün önce
She actually was a blood donor for racing dogs. So, not abused by a past owner, but she’s brand new to the world as a pet.
Fluffy_Gamer_ Girl
Fluffy_Gamer_ Girl Aylar önce
Who else is low key kinda scared when Bunny showed her teeth
Shandy Mojica
Shandy Mojica Aylar önce
I love bunnyyy! 😍
Daniel XXX
Daniel XXX Aylar önce
I don't know why some people don't like bunny videos, these are super wholesome and heartwarming, makes me go :))))))))))))))))))))))
Thalia Khan
Thalia Khan Aylar önce
Can't stop thinking of the NastyFiles "Mom is that a BoNkLy?"
jonesthe_ coolkid
jonesthe_ coolkid Aylar önce
Shibu Inu's are just compressed bunny.
Karolina Tchórzewska
I'm living for the wholesome dog content 🖤
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