My Garage Got Broken In and Robbed

Westen Champlin
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well...our garage broken in and robbed.
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26 Mar 2021




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RJ Villa
RJ Villa 4 gün önce
The sheriff was hilarious 😂
John Rigola
John Rigola 5 gün önce
Good welders are very expensive...like a Miller 280 thats costs around $5k (or more).
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 5 gün önce
Thouh shall not steal, one of the ten commandments.
mikhiel chebornek
mikhiel chebornek 8 gün önce
Ya know how it usually goes, it's someone you possibly know or is slightly familiar with you. On that track it's someone in the immediate area that notices your things and lust after them, becoming bolder by the minute cause their familiar with area. Then it becomes a matter of fact they just do it. If it's more experienced types they would have really cleaned the shop of all the most valuable. If it's not the later then you'll find them quickly and hopefully before equipments gone, but may be easy to track. All the best to ya.
Detect Northumberland
Westen you need to brick all the windows up and put better lighting in the shop it will be much safer👍👍👍
Spark 11 gün önce
Kinda stupid idea but if ya group is up for it. Setup a bait with welders and catch them right-handed. Maybe they return cause they know welders were there and it is relatively easy to get in.
Michael Gamba
Michael Gamba 17 gün önce
Dont do drugs drugs are bad. Most likely it's for drug money. Their not stealing tools because they wanna do work with them if that was the case they would most likely have a job and wouldn't need to steal . Sorry someone snatched your shit I've had it happen to me and sadly I've done it to others that's why you dont do drugs anymore.
Yas Gotti
Yas Gotti 18 gün önce
That’s so corny people always stealing from people who’s tryna do something better with there time then them selves shit corny hate people shit happened to me y’all know the feeling
Futten 29 gün önce
thick polycarbonat windows or bars over a shop like that
Micky Steez 10
Micky Steez 10 Aylar önce
hell no!! my house was broken into 3x by this kid nate lablank, i know i feel and i am so sorry to hear about this best wishes man!!!!! you dont deserve what happened hope they spend a crap ton of time in prison or at the very least get them the propper help at drug treatment center
Sweetassugar Aylar önce
I don’t care about a recorded line I’d beat the breaks of them scum suckers
r c
r c Aylar önce
A man that steals another man's tools has never done a hard days work in his life to know what its like to work your ass off to save up for the tools you want and need scum bag needs a big beating
Todd King
Todd King 2 aylar önce
There are few things worse than some piece of dirt that is too damn lazy to earn his own but will gladly take from from someone who has.
Hog Man The Intruder
Hog Man The Intruder 2 aylar önce
Thats awful. My house got broken into before, its a horrible feeling. The rage, the pain, and the feeling of a loss of security... its awful man.
VagaVan 2 aylar önce
Lmao tie him to a back of a heffer, and let the bull deal with him.
Goated Child
Goated Child 2 aylar önce
This guy can make a joke trough tough times lol
Jayvon 3 aylar önce
lowkey tho if he made the shop look good he probably wouldnt get robbed the shitt look abandoned the windows not covered
Lindsay Green
Lindsay Green 3 aylar önce
It was me. No sorry meth heads stole from you.
Packrat’s What If.
Packrat’s What If. 4 aylar önce
I think it should be Legal to electrify the windows with 50,000 volts. But where were your security cameras ?
Katarzyna Poleszczuk
Katarzyna Poleszczuk 4 aylar önce
2 of thm
Alex Tatkin
Alex Tatkin 4 aylar önce
This guys attitude is always just awesome
Com. 4 aylar önce
2:06 Robber: there was so much stuff i did know what to steal
802 Garage
802 Garage 4 aylar önce
That dispatcher was the best. "Ewww!" Hahaha. Really sorry this happened man. One of my worst fears even though all of what I own combined isn't worth much to most. Constantly trying to beef up my security. Looking forward to watching the video where you catch them next! Exactly like you said too, it's the principle!
Mike Gillett
Mike Gillett 4 aylar önce
I really appreciated you taking the time to post this, the cop did mention your "town" and now I know where you are, Somebody else will be lookin through them windows now. Seriously I have had two nice utility trailers stolen from under my bedroom window while I was sleeping. I didn't know it till I went to work the next day and said, "Where's my trailer." After a few months of being all pissed I bought another one from "Horsch Trailers" (great people) it was nice because when this trailer was stolen I could call them and get all the details for the cops. I had no clue what it was... I think the thieves come back in about a month figure you have replaced your stuff so they can steal new stuff.
ole88bluegmc 4 aylar önce
Glad you guys found the douche waffle. The background song was bugging me cause I couldn't figure it out at first. It is "I am defiant" by The Seige right?
Redneck in town
Redneck in town 4 aylar önce
Well once u get the welder back. Get some rebar and flat stock and weld up some window bars, gridded.
Isaac Fulton
Isaac Fulton 4 aylar önce
Htp is a great company
redneckofgaming 20
redneckofgaming 20 4 aylar önce
You must be somewhere around Oklahoma are Kansas
Jon Merson
Jon Merson 4 aylar önce
Silverado 4 aylar önce
I've been there! It hurts! It makes you angry and even the police can't help you. You feel so violated and literally raped when someone robs you of your lively hood!
a1000face88 4 aylar önce
That’s the thing that sucks of having a social media account. Anyone can see all your stuff in the background in your pics when they find you in real life I’m sure they will follow you and know what to do from there. Still sucks what happened to you man.
a 6
a 6 4 aylar önce
You got some weldin bandits runnin round town
a 6
a 6 4 aylar önce
Just found this channel. BDE
a 6
a 6 4 aylar önce
Lmao the operator trying to help your legal defense if you do find them 💪
a 6
a 6 4 aylar önce
Damn dawg, i can see how bummed you are. Install bear traps for em
Chip Goostree
Chip Goostree 4 aylar önce
Westin, even though it's not funny, you are funny, I hope you get to the bottom of this robbery. It's happened to me before and I know who did it, I just can't prove it. I fired him the next day.
Cutter Sidwell
Cutter Sidwell 4 aylar önce
People are disgusting. I can't believe it.
D. C.
D. C. 4 aylar önce
I hate tweakers
Matty Matt
Matty Matt 4 aylar önce
Love the person he was on the phone with! "You're on a recorded line..." AKA don't incriminate yourself!
Only M151
Only M151 4 aylar önce
this time but some camras around
Sandra Guntorius
Sandra Guntorius 4 aylar önce
Love ❤️
Will Yates
Will Yates 4 aylar önce
Bro I know all about the ratchet wrenches... When I bought mine I was sick for like 2 weeks but damn I use the hell out of them.
Billy D
Billy D 4 aylar önce
Do it like Kiefer and Woody did it in The Cowboy Way; tie him to a fence, departs him and let a bottle-fed bum calf at him...
65KFoster 4 aylar önce
Watching this makes me want to live in a small town. Those officers seem like just great people.
9856CB 4 aylar önce
I feel for you Westen, it’s happened to me twice. Once was my truck,but they only stole an 8track and left the tools. It’s time to install an alarm system with cameras. And make sure you store the video offsite. Take care, I wish you the best.
Chris Z
Chris Z 4 aylar önce
Should of cut some bars and welded them together. Security bars for your shop windows. 🥽💥
Lynx100 :D
Lynx100 :D 4 aylar önce
"Plasma Cutter stolen" Someone might be doing the Cayo Perico setup bad luck dude...
lumin media
lumin media 4 aylar önce
You called to file a report not to have anything investigated, unfortunately there's not much they can do and they certainly aren't going to run prints for a petty theft. You're best bet is to just file a report and look for any cameras to potentially capture a plate.
Logan B
Logan B 4 aylar önce
I hope the person who did this gets caught
MrGuvEuroman 4 aylar önce
How are your windows not barred?
Michael 4 aylar önce
How are there no cameras in there. My studio apartment has a $25 camera. It’s not expensive
Geronimo Six
Geronimo Six 5 aylar önce
T post ,sit the thief on top and let the buzzards do they work
jcub19 5 aylar önce
Gota get some cameras
jcub19 5 aylar önce
The cops in this town are hilarious and up standing ppl,how all cops should be to all ppl
THE TIME WIZARD 5 aylar önce
Jokes on them I fill up my house with carbon monoxide when I go outside
John Smith
John Smith 5 aylar önce
Thieves favorite shoes are sneakers.
Tony Faconi
Tony Faconi 5 aylar önce
If we started chopping off fingers like 3rd world countries do to thieves, we would know who they were. If you’re missing more than 1 finger, you’re not my friend!
Glenn Mckay
Glenn Mckay 5 aylar önce
Time to but bars on the windows. When you get a welder.
D con
D con 5 aylar önce
In the smokestang video he peeps through a window, right next to the window they broke into. crazy
Wil Kirk
Wil Kirk 5 aylar önce
Hey Wes, New to your channel, I hope these wankers get caught & you get your shit back love your channel, I'm from down under in NZ...
FETTIXVII 5 aylar önce
6:50 lmao wtf
Quarantine Dad
Quarantine Dad 5 aylar önce
If they could find any they probably took all your 10MM sockets.
Yaseen Yusoof
Yaseen Yusoof 5 aylar önce
Westen buddy I was watching your mustang rebuilt while I was in Pakistan for family reunion. I have to say your mustang is a beast bro can’t wait to see on the runway zooming down. I would suggest you to get cameras installed, I thinks it’s best idea now. I hope you find the thief’s and prosecute them as well.
BigB 916
BigB 916 5 aylar önce
Hate skum bags karmas a bitch tho
GooseWaffe 5 aylar önce
How you can stay so positive during a time like this, i dont know, sorry this happened to yer mate.
Erick Hart
Erick Hart 5 aylar önce
You know people are watching your videos now.... people knew where to rob you. Lol
Luke Amato
Luke Amato 5 aylar önce
Probably time to weld up window bars
Boyd The Goofball
Boyd The Goofball 5 aylar önce
Two guys wandered onto the farm property I rent storage at at 9:05pm one night last May. I was sitting back on the side of a barn checking emails and Facebook. I thought it was one of the owners sons so I walked out and one of the idiots said “oh we thought that this road went through”. I got really mad and said “no it doesn’t, this is private property”!!!!! Then I heard two male voices apologizing to me and they left. Wish I had my flashlight on me to get their license plate number.
James Little
James Little 5 aylar önce
Surprised with all that equipment and tools and the vehicles in there that you didn’t have an alarm on the place with motion detectors.
DDavy 5 aylar önce
Awesome. I get to use my rope and hogtie em and give em whuppings for hours! Free for the crowd to give em a few whips, that is. They'll never be able to sit for a week!
Sup Dookayyy
Sup Dookayyy 5 aylar önce
It’s obvious that the thief was watching you & knew when to strike
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 5 aylar önce
How did you not notice thr window was busted?
christian white
christian white 5 aylar önce
git blink camera off Amazon
dcrahn 5 aylar önce
You need bars on the windows, because they'll be back after seeing all that you have in there.
Mo Ali
Mo Ali 5 aylar önce
You need cctv cameras all around the garage/property and a nice big well trained dog that lives there ... obv you’d get a pup now and have him trained for being the watchdog from 10 weeks upward .. little tough to start but well worth it
Thomas Gillot
Thomas Gillot 5 aylar önce
SimplySafe needs to sponsor a Westen. Despise thieves. 😡
Cody Barton
Cody Barton 5 aylar önce
i hate people so damn much haha
E S 5 aylar önce
Put a 10k reward
Carson cox
Carson cox 5 aylar önce
At least you didn’t get shot up on the block
AMB Vlogs
AMB Vlogs 5 aylar önce
They should be murdered
On the farm with Hayden
You need to drill and concrete in rebar in the windows so nobody can break in
Thomas Ghering
Thomas Ghering 5 aylar önce
Idk why didn’t have better security with so many people knowing what you got
shawnbob showalter
shawnbob showalter 5 aylar önce
Had some meth head steal my thirty year collection of Snap-on tools,welders etc. POS Mineral Wells,Texas police didn even come. First thing the asshat detective said was ÿou most likely never see your tools again"What a fuck stick.They never looked for shit.Bunch of pricks.
Master Cylinder
Master Cylinder 5 aylar önce
Some real scum in the world. They need to get tough on these crooks. They’ed get no real time, that’s the problem!
Eremon1 5 aylar önce
This is why other TRvidrs with so many viewers hide their locations. Sucks that there are asshats in the world, but there are legions of them.
larry renolds
larry renolds 5 aylar önce
Dust for prints.
Brent Nelson
Brent Nelson 5 aylar önce
Sad. But I don’t really understand why a guy with 1.25 million subscribers and millions of views per video is slumming it in that kind of garage. I mean come on man you are clearing $10,000 a month easily now. Time to upgrade.
Sunborn Arizonan
Sunborn Arizonan 5 aylar önce
I love how the 911 operator is like "Ewww". And the cop is like "You serious?". Like they know what the fucking problem is right away. Love you country folk.
Patrick McCord
Patrick McCord 5 aylar önce
Damn sorry that happened to you man. Love watching your builds. Had someone steal my entire toolbox back in '17. There's a special place in my heart for thieves. Keep your head up.
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor 5 aylar önce
Thieves suck!! Hope you catch them!!
Mikie Bludworth
Mikie Bludworth 5 aylar önce
raymond menendez
raymond menendez 5 aylar önce
Someone got your stuff and probably paid $40 to a crackhead
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 5 aylar önce
That's a fucking shame
Nathan Kelley-Wilton
Nathan Kelley-Wilton 5 aylar önce
That sucks mr I have gone through the same thing the individual or individuals stole two socket sets from the back of my truck so I got a plate frame that reads please don’t steal my tools I pay for your benefits.
MaskedMageYT 5 aylar önce
when you have so much shit that you dont even know whats stolen. You will be fine bud, sucks but get past it and improve your security on the building.
One Source
One Source 5 aylar önce
Tweekers need their fix. You gotta move the operation Westin or else invest in a total refurb of that garage shack. They could easily smash through that cinderblock and load up a 4X4 and be in the next county in twenty minutes. I say relocate to a more secure shop, maybe a larger building shared with another tenant so you can double the eyes on the property.
CLAVIN ZKL 5 aylar önce
when u bought something nand it has a special place in u and people just steal that shit. but tbh that workshop needs some fencing work but theres too much windows.
Johnson's Gee-rage Extra's
Get some bars install on the windows cams and alarm system with motion detection
CarWerks 5 aylar önce
cameras cameras cameras
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez 5 aylar önce
The abashed muscle firstly jail because crocodile additionally wish but a infamous verse. sick, royal title
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