my first pregnancy vlog! (moving out of our house) 

Lauren Giraldo
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Hey hey! My first pregnant vlog LOLOL that’s still so weird to type. I start my day w my morning routine, spill tea on what it’s been like so far and how I’ve been feeling. I show you my faaaav smoothie recipe that will slay your life. Then I take you to my workout class with me. Also PLOT TWIST we are moving to Miami. It’s getting soooo real I can’t believe it. Moving trucks came today and everything. I can’t wait to show you the Miami apartment and do a full tour but till then we gotta bust a move and get everything all ready. Tonight is DATE NIIIIIGHT, come hang. So excited I’ll be talking to you in the comments as usual xo
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28 Mar 2023




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Natalies Outlet
Not the Dixie comment 😂😂😂 lol also lauren you had me shaking the way you were holding that knife 🔪 ahhhh! Happy henny helped lol
Bri Obaseki
How precious is it that your baby gets to be a part of you and henny’s big day before they’re even earthside 🥹🤍
Fatima Sanchez
✨”child in my fetus”✨ 😂 gotta love Lauren
kayla scruggs
lauren don’t ever call yourself ugly again! these vlogs always give what’s needed to be gave and never disappoint
Chance Blackburn
says SHE and HE in the same video… keeping us on our toes!
Nina Negedu
This pregnancy series is about to be my latest obsession ❤
Lisa Zadrozny
I have never clicked so fast
no name
Henny and Lauren’s relationship is so beautiful. You can see they are truly best friends
Ashley Lopez
I am 4 months pregnant too ❤❤❤ I’m so happy for you!!!! Your pregnancy is giving me so much comfort!!!!
Bri Obaseki
Lauren!!! I’m so excited for you to become a momma. I just gave birth 6 weeks ago and was also a pregnant bride and honestly it’s a slay 😂 birth and pregnancy (for me) was NOT as bad as the scary internet made it seem and I hope everything continues to go so smoothly for you! You’re going to be an amazing mom!
It is so funny how everything works out. You got your body ready thinking it would be for your wedding but now it is supporting something even greater. I know it can be upsetting to watch the abs you worked so hard for slowly fade away lol but your body is about to literally make a human from scratch and it’s going to make you so happy to see those changes. You are going to be a great mama!!
Set to Shine Jewelry
Omg you and henny together in the morning was so wholesome, I can feel the love radiating from you both, so so happy for you !! 💗 thank you for sharing such special moments with us
Donna a
Seeing you guys so happy and giddy and all that good good just made me so smiley throughout the entire time watching this and after it and forever 🥺❤️😂 man i love you guys so much and appreciate you forever... thank you for making me smile and laugh out my heart and feeling good ❤️ how lucky lucky that kid is going to be to have you guys as their parents 🫶🏼❤️
Milena F
so excited for you girl!! def boy mom vibes!💙 can't wait for everything that's coming! ❤
Mickayla Fraser
I’m so happy for you Lauren. I’ve been watching you since the Vine days. I’m also 25 and I feel like we grew up together ❤
Alysa Wasem
the energy and extra smiles in this video awwww you guys
Andrea Hernandez
I’m so excited for this chapter for you and Henny 🥹🤍
Hannah McDaniel
If you ever freeze your banana with the peel again, just run the banana under warm/hot water! It’ll peel right off! ❤
Lisa Zadrozny
Did you say you should name HER...???? Hehehe
Brooklynn Nélle
I’m so happy to be here with you for such huge milestones! You and Henny are going to be the hottest parents. 💕