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Imitate emoji - parody by @BroHacker Emoji Challenge




25 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Melanie jane Resyes
Melanie jane Resyes 8 gün önce
My respect for Thanos grows every day
Snuffy 5 gün önce
*My respect for thanos is growing every second*
Alea 8080
Alea 8080 13 gün önce
Ilija 25 gün önce
My respect for Thanos grows every day.
Volta Nobel
Volta Nobel 16 gün önce
The last emoji is my expression 😏
Apokryphon 16 gün önce
The last emoji is me on TRvid Shorts & TikTok.
Jeremiah Loahr
Jeremiah Loahr 20 gün önce
My respect for thanos went 📈📈📈
Marli Souza Souza
Marli Souza Souza 17 gün önce
Tour e é e valo desse HD externo
Lexie Carpenter
Lexie Carpenter 3 gün önce
I have been in a weelchair for 12 years but this video cave me the strength to stand up and jump off a cliff
Maribel Morales
Maribel Morales 6 saatler önce
doctor twisty
doctor twisty 2 aylar önce
I lost about 50 brain celles after watching this 🤣🤣
tvdbabiez 16 gün önce
I have had a breathing addiction for my whole life 🙂 this has given me the courage to quite thanks🥰
tvdbabiez 10 gün önce
@Bruh yes ikr sooo cool just wow amazing
Bruh yes
Bruh yes 11 gün önce
you had the courage to “quite”? omg so cool
Joel AP
Joel AP 11 gün önce
Ishita Singh
Ishita Singh 25 gün önce
This video changed my life i was paralysed my whole life this video made me stand up and throw my phone off a roof❤️ got a new phone now and never looking at TRvid shorts again
abhirath Sharma
abhirath Sharma 15 gün önce
After watching this my respect for Thanos is sky rocketing.
Silarbi Sara
Silarbi Sara 3 gün önce
Mỹ Nhân Mai
Mỹ Nhân Mai 10 gün önce
Siti Asmala
Siti Asmala 11 gün önce
Omar Martinez
Omar Martinez 27 gün önce
How people see cold back in the days. - freezing cold. But now we see it like drip good clothes
Jellycat E😨
Jellycat E😨 2 aylar önce
The final emoji is me during the whole video💀✋🏽
Marilou Undug
Marilou Undug Aylar önce
Me too
Waljib Pinyun
Waljib Pinyun 2 aylar önce
@Jelly! Im HeRe 5 fr s a 5
Sofia Audrey Mercado
Sofia Audrey Mercado 2 aylar önce
Same ¤_¤ £
Edell Mendoza
Edell Mendoza 2 aylar önce
Edell Mendoza
Edell Mendoza 2 aylar önce
@Nae Widener of
Average bean enjoyer
Average bean enjoyer 11 gün önce
My respect for thanos grows every day
Meenambika Venkatesh
My respect for thanos grows every day
Alejandro Alegre
Alejandro Alegre Aylar önce
La cara me parece graciosa muy bueno haciendo esos emojis
Bean シ
Bean シ 5 gün önce
To those 2.1 million people that liked this video, I am disappointed in you.
ThatDinoPerson 3 gün önce
JellyOne 26 gün önce
Time to take my anti-cringe pill
Big Brain Boy
Big Brain Boy 2 aylar önce
Karen: restricting my kid from socializing won’t affect him The child:
Николай Казанцев
@Ailyn Ecaldre А то к ООО УК мм до с
Karen: fatherlessness will not affect my chi
Agus Supartana
Agus Supartana 2 aylar önce
Noe Chilaca
Noe Chilaca 2 aylar önce
@Ailyn Ecaldre 🥸😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
*_-yasmina-_* 2 aylar önce
@dorime idk they weird
ROCK YT 8 saatler önce
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan 17 gün önce
Now I know why aliens haven't come to earth
So your telling me I could get 2 million likes for expressing my emotions like this?
RussianMemer Aylar önce
Man speaking facts
Shirley Santos
Shirley Santos Aylar önce
paper 2 aylar önce
Me: how anti-cringe do you want this to be? Him: no
Chowdhury wild den India Batanagar
tamta beshkenadze
tamta beshkenadze 18 gün önce
My respect for thanos grows every second
دالي عسيري
دالي عسيري 18 gün önce
P. M . TUTORIALS 18 gün önce
chalsafi 20 gün önce
Debasmita Pradhan
Debasmita Pradhan Aylar önce
0marhamie 2 aylar önce
My respect for thanos become higher these days
Abhijit Guha
Abhijit Guha Aylar önce
Việt Truong quang
Việt Truong quang 28 gün önce
Bp_Gaming 26 gün önce
My respect for thanos is skyrocketing.
Yumeko .
Yumeko . 15 gün önce
Yo thanos, I have the gauntlet here for you... snap
Ari and Lee
Ari and Lee 2 aylar önce
My respect for thanos has increased
Ilene Cavalcante
Ilene Cavalcante 28 gün önce
@Jelly cookie l
Cesar Tzab
Cesar Tzab Aylar önce
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez Aylar önce
😘😘😘fwj fsh🥵🥵😭😭fwjyd tsjw
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez Aylar önce
Fahgsqgwhw ganda enya wings engagement DNA
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez Aylar önce
Fai vsuwt fwut😍😍😍🎈few ash tab dash gaba gdhg ahh abi gen tebo venom gsw
Muhammad Ramdani
Muhammad Ramdani 18 gün önce
Gogo Link
Gogo Link Aylar önce
Siti Ariyanti
Siti Ariyanti 26 gün önce
You Me & Us
You Me & Us 25 gün önce
su 2 aylar önce
This is why my respect for thanos grow everyday
Amir Ibrahim
Amir Ibrahim 29 gün önce
oceanwxveas 26 gün önce
3.5 billion years of evolution and we evolve into this 😐
Coach Johana Díaz
Coach Johana Díaz 16 gün önce
🥇FayelTheOne🥇 28 gün önce
Hes still holding the glasses😂
Алина Хабирова
Nhung Nguyễn
Nhung Nguyễn Aylar önce
I realy like your video i sub to you now 😍
ツMika Offツ
ツMika Offツ 6 gün önce
How cringe you Want this to be? Him: YES
Julia's BLOG
Julia's BLOG 14 gün önce
Khurlee Odgerel
Khurlee Odgerel Aylar önce
y2kbarnix 2 aylar önce
“how cringe do u want this to be?” “yes.”
انوار العارفين
Phương Trần
Phương Trần 23 gün önce
[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡ಠ_ಠ)̲̅$̲̅]ʕಠ_ಠʔಠ∀ಠಠ‿ಠʕಠ_ಠʔ
Inese Valante
Inese Valante 29 gün önce
Inese Valante
Inese Valante 29 gün önce
Pou 29 gün önce
مروة ناصر
مروة ناصر 4 gün önce
Jelly-tao✨ Aylar önce
Free anti-cringe pills 💊
Pick the one
Pick the one Aylar önce
Work at a pizza place be like:
Pedro Arthur
Pedro Arthur 29 gün önce
"What the dog doing?" The dog:
Isabella Giallo Flores
Sigh..remember when we didn't know this existed a few seconds ago? Ah the good times..
The Godzilla Enthusiast
I miss the times when I didnt know you commented it was soo good.
Cube Bros
Cube Bros 26 gün önce
My respect of thanos grows every day
Jannat Hamid
Jannat Hamid 18 gün önce
The last emoji was my reaction to this video
Reinamar Alanis Aguila r
Me gustan los dos 😍 2
lama alsabahشم
lama alsabahشم 16 gün önce
JuravkoShow 2 aylar önce
Here soldier, take these 💊 "What are those?" Oh, they're just the anti-cringe pills.
Irene White
Irene White 2 aylar önce
Ayo😳 Harold
Ayo😳 Harold 2 aylar önce
I already swallowed one so I'll just take 1 and give it to another person who needs that pill
Queen Axolotol
Queen Axolotol Aylar önce
faza aisyah
faza aisyah 10 gün önce
Lajosné Bòzsò
Lajosné Bòzsò 20 gün önce
JELLY~Klee~ 27 gün önce
How cringe do you want this to be? *YES*
angelamary91 2 aylar önce
Remember when this cringe did not exist.... The good times 😩
Grey_ YT
Grey_ YT 2 aylar önce
You balance now: 6 anti-cringe pills
jelly Kashi
jelly Kashi 2 aylar önce
Now I only watch it sometimes
jelly Kashi
jelly Kashi 2 aylar önce
YES It was soooooo good that I used to watch Shorts now day cringe exists and I hate Shorts now
DrazzY🤍 2 aylar önce
Yesss my guy
Sudirman Sudirman
Sudirman Sudirman 25 gün önce
sinson 7
sinson 7 Aylar önce
Here is an anti cringe pill 💊 Take ten and drink this one so you'll forget the cringe you have seen Also take this anti cringe stuff 🗡🏹🛡you'll be defended against cringe save this for other occasions
Aestheticvee 16 gün önce
Now I know why our parents beat us up
مطبخ فاطومة
@Izabel Cristina ممنززتيششمكىنىرلؤؤي
Izabel Cristina
Izabel Cristina 12 gün önce
Izabel Cristina
Izabel Cristina 12 gün önce
KayNotHere 28 gün önce
Hey dude let's make something cringe for babies! That's a good idea bro!!!
BD Fahad 71
BD Fahad 71 Aylar önce
Anil Patel
Anil Patel 19 gün önce
Wow 👏
Enkhzaya Munkhtaivan
Enkhzaya Munkhtaivan 16 gün önce
How would babys react to this-
ᴄʀғ   ꧁࿈
Perfecty done >3
reversed pop cat
reversed pop cat 2 aylar önce
Me: how cringe you want this to be? Brohacker: yes
astrid geerman
astrid geerman Aylar önce
Free anti-cringe pill💊 for you
sakhi sakha
sakhi sakha Aylar önce
Wow it😗
Merlyn abesamis
Merlyn abesamis Aylar önce
Nicol Quishpe
Nicol Quishpe Aylar önce
Suratin Suratin
Suratin Suratin Aylar önce
Sur Kuirouro🐈🤰🤱🧸👨‍👨‍👦🏖️🍴🥢🎇🎃
Νικολέτα 15 gün önce
Thanos! Please come back!!
Amanda Kamiliya Putri Jumiati
It’s alay😍😍
Fantastic Boy
Fantastic Boy 25 gün önce
Plot twist:He actually threw up (just a joke lol)
Sevindik Balci
Sevindik Balci 20 gün önce
Happy aaaa🤣🤣🤣
Chiến Hồng
Chiến Hồng 12 gün önce
Short Videos
Short Videos 28 gün önce
Ольга Фёдорова
Neide Soares
Neide Soares 3 gün önce
😀🥶😜 carinha de face né kk
Amy Martinez
Amy Martinez 2 aylar önce
The last Emoji is how I felt the whole video
why are U looking at my name
The last one was me today 🤮👍
ATTACK ON TITAN 13 gün önce
now i know Thanos was right after watching this pure cringe
Уля лапуля😋
Andre rodrigo Martins
Andre rodrigo Martins 19 gün önce
Editor: how fake do you want it to be? Him: yes
Wigby Aylar önce
@🌿Sunsetclouds☁️ ok
@Wigby i really dont need this right now. and my comment is a joke i just tought it was funny.😃👉...Sorry i guess
Wigby Aylar önce
First of all shut up and stop saying this comment second it was meant for people to know it’s fake so shut up
Jonathan Caballero
Jonathan Caballero 2 aylar önce
Andre rodrigo Martins
Andre rodrigo Martins 19 gün önce
padma Thota
padma Thota Aylar önce
Nobody Kids under age 5: OMG that’s SOOO COOL!
Nandita Kenzie Cahyadi
Haha it's laugh
Hiep nguyen ngoc
Hiep nguyen ngoc 3 gün önce
Rivals Txfu
Rivals Txfu 2 aylar önce
Omg this is so funny im dying on the floor right now CRYING😐
Gio ibale Ice Cweam chillen
@Oksana Kroitoru facts about this vid
Oksana Kroitoru
Oksana Kroitoru Aylar önce
The last emoji is how the girls feel about you
Unknown 26 gün önce
Wow this is so cool
Adrian kyle Bernardino
Nice Vid! 😎
theblack jawedanimal
me when I poop on the lawn
Bediar Fatna
Bediar Fatna Aylar önce
ماشاء الله
Maibobbie 17 gün önce
This is why bullying should be brought back
Sibel Turan
Sibel Turan 16 gün önce
Bcm Bcm Bcm Bcm
Sibel Turan
Sibel Turan 16 gün önce
Bmv Bmv
Sibel Turan
Sibel Turan 16 gün önce
Bmv Bmv
Sibel Turan
Sibel Turan 16 gün önce
Bmv Bmv
Sibel Turan
Sibel Turan 16 gün önce
Elliana Aylar önce
My love for thanks grows everyday
صؤ صؤ ٣ؤ صؤ ص
Guadalupe Cendejas
Guadalupe Cendejas Aylar önce
excellent video
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