My Cummins Powered F350 Gets Big POWER MODS

Westen Champlin
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We install some power mods from powerdriven diesel to give our fummins a little more get up and go.
Check em out! powerdrivendiesel.com/
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21 Ağu 2019




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Cody Atkins
Cody Atkins 2 yıl önce
My gawd that man can destroy a hamburger it was half gone in one bite he could probably wrestle a grizzle bear for fun
Boukaal 8 aylar önce
@Jacob Smith literally you don't go into account about the size of the hamburger, he was talking about a big mac with three layers of hamburger
sokodad Yıl önce
Jackson Roye ever see strongest man competitions. Those boys look fat but strong as shit. I’m a big boy too. Not as big as Westin but I haul freight and pull 2-3000 pound pallets around daily. So don’t underestimate a boy with a little weight on him. Also, I’ve made great strides to get smaller and fitter but metabolism isn’t very good so it’s been hard work.
Joseph Darger Jr
Joseph Darger Jr Yıl önce
Haha yall just chill out and find the humor in it!
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker Yıl önce
daniel bean Exactly! That youngster Weston is tougher and stronger than anyone in this thread! Except when it comes to hamburgers...😏
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker Yıl önce
shalubadubub A little creepy
jim aldridge
jim aldridge Aylar önce
"Not yet"....
Jesus Is King of Kings
Dude you’re so positive I love your videos God bless you thanks for the laughs
Dishon Mwabash Fano
Dishon Mwabash Fano 2 aylar önce
Man you are good. A comedian & great mechanic
Logan Florida
Logan Florida 3 aylar önce
At least 300 more donkeys under there😆
Hanalei Kama
Hanalei Kama 3 aylar önce
Do you sell the trucks I’m looking for truck with lots Torque , power
stupidity studios
stupidity studios 3 aylar önce
use sequential turbo
stop the cap he is alive
Yo Westin i like the part if we make the truck go faster i wouldn't de fat
Matthew Darrohn
Matthew Darrohn 5 aylar önce
Or for turbos?
Nathan Andersen
Nathan Andersen 5 aylar önce
Anyone else notice the flat tire on the front of the Ford? I have two theories: the tire reliability matches the pre-mod power, OR Westen flattened the front tires to get inside the engine bay better lol
aco forty five
aco forty five 5 aylar önce
You need to put a Cummins in a supra
Robert Starke
Robert Starke 7 aylar önce
I know this is an old video but you should take the fummins to a Ford dealer to have “electrical issues” looked at and see what they say😂
FBI 7 aylar önce
True American measurement, a hamburger and half a *crispy* sprite
WHISKEY BROS 7 aylar önce
You should stack the Formans
Backseatbitch Back
Backseatbitch Back 7 aylar önce
The people who dislike this video drive a prius
Dylan Palmer
Dylan Palmer 7 aylar önce
*EPA entered the chat*
Jonathan Vickers
Jonathan Vickers 7 aylar önce
How can people dislike the video smh
bubles hambure
bubles hambure 7 aylar önce
bubles hambure
bubles hambure 7 aylar önce
Why does everyone do it the boring way DO IT THE WESTERN WAY with hamburgers and sprites
T Nicholson
T Nicholson 8 aylar önce
Boards do suck
Teemo 8 aylar önce
14:55 who needs tire tread anyways?
David Hoover
David Hoover 8 aylar önce
I hit the like button cuz you are funny but come on you take it to far. Time and a place for everything and you took it to far so you made it not so funny. To much trying to be funny
Oakley Meyer
Oakley Meyer 9 aylar önce
Mans look like Luke combs
Levi Marsh
Levi Marsh 9 aylar önce
Is it me or did he have a flat tire look at 7:26 in the video
Levi Marsh
Levi Marsh 9 aylar önce
Is it me or did he had a flat tire
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit 9 aylar önce
If you think that cummins is slow, you should see how slow my 93 7.3 idi is. She’s got no turbo, she’s a dog up hills, but she gets 16-20mpg! & 15-18 on waste oil if I had to guess.
Team XLA
Team XLA 9 aylar önce
Why put a Cummins in a powerstroke
Philip Collins
Philip Collins 9 aylar önce
That was funnny and fun to watch
Hank Elrod
Hank Elrod 10 aylar önce
I have a 93 5 speed Cummins 4x4 that is a rust bucket, 100K original farm miles, looking for advice, should I find donor truck, sell it as is, or fix it up? Farm needs a replacement work truck. I had original battery until 2 years ago & never plugged it in to start. It still runs line it did when it was new
Camden Neilan
Camden Neilan 10 aylar önce
I would love to help with a project
Ameen alshwaiyat
Ameen alshwaiyat 10 aylar önce
I guess the conversion from light year to your measurement will be a leg of lamb a bake potato with works and abig diet root beer
Loren Meyer
Loren Meyer 11 aylar önce
Hunter Nelson
Hunter Nelson 11 aylar önce
It would be cool to have a dial in the cab with a smoke setting, hauling setting, and a rowdy setting.
James Marze
James Marze 11 aylar önce
Dude keep up the sense of humor it's gold!!! Lol
Theocrasy Streams
Theocrasy Streams 11 aylar önce
ill come out to your sona lol
Isaac Herzberg
Isaac Herzberg Yıl önce
I love the fummins
Steve R.
Steve R. Yıl önce
Entertaining. Lol
Vernon Vouga
Vernon Vouga Yıl önce
I'm super glad that you are one of those guys that understands that smoke is a bad thing if you want to make Power
One In The Chamber
I’m over here with 0-60 with 4 bits of a hamburger and three sips of sprite 😈
PJ Yıl önce
SpamPacker Racing
Damn. That burger at midnight looked damn good
SF Doinks
SF Doinks Yıl önce
Still trying to find out where I can buy copper whooshers
Erik Sanchez
Erik Sanchez Yıl önce
I'm stationed out in California...would love to borrow the truck and pissed off 99.99% of the people out here.
gEpWxAqd FsiDseSG
I heard that a Cummins will fit in an Econoline. What do you think?
Michael Channing
Michael Channing Yıl önce
Man it's a great value luke combs!
Justin Henry
Justin Henry Yıl önce
How hard is it to make a limo lincoln a diesel ?
Alejandro Hinojosa
You guys are crazy awesome
Max S
Max S Yıl önce
Westen you a cute good boy, bless ya!
RS Andrews
RS Andrews Yıl önce
DAMN!! I love the black smoke! I just love pissing off the environmentalists. Also, the loud noise of the engine is great. I miss my '99 F-350.
husky loads
husky loads Yıl önce
Your the homie how you teach your buddy the tricks of the trade
Script R Us
Script R Us Yıl önce
Man that is fast. For me a hamburger and a sprite is 5 seconds. How I do it is that I unhinge my jaw like a snake and just gulp it down.
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith Yıl önce
best channel I watch 😂
T. R. Ball
T. R. Ball Yıl önce
I have a 2003 F-350 Crew Cab 6.0 That i want to swap, but i dont have near enough knowledge to do it myself. I would drag my truck across the country to let you do it. Huge fan and enjoy your videos.
Ron Rico
Ron Rico Yıl önce
Say what you want about snap on but I keep 1 snappy phillips that I only use for the hard ones.
Matt Cullison
Matt Cullison Yıl önce
It would be a blast to help you work on a truck for a day!
Patrick Champion
Patrick Champion Yıl önce
Westen, how can I get one of your hats that you are wearing? Have you got an extra one for a fan of yours? I really enjoy you guys. God Bless you guys and keep the videos coming!!
Chris Sanjuan
Chris Sanjuan Yıl önce
2 big turbos👀👀👀
reed Saltzgaber
reed Saltzgaber Yıl önce
Westen: talks about performance Also westen:scratches balls
Dave Bar
Dave Bar Yıl önce
Hello I'm Weston and welcome to my vehical emissions tampering. Channel Ya know its a10 yr fed sentence plus like 15,000 $ fine per tamper right ...just turning a idle mixture screw a quarter turn rich then back is tampering Even on a chain saw
renee parker
renee parker Yıl önce
renee parker
renee parker Yıl önce
farm boy
farm boy Yıl önce
Nice truck. I converted my Excursion. The governor springs will help the 5r110 shift as well. Not picking you apart but from the looks on the camera, the upper radiator hose looked close to the stud on the intercooler boot. Don't want that radiator hose getting a hole rubbed in it.
Will Kelly
Will Kelly Yıl önce
Mmmm.... pollution
Hunter Sickels
Hunter Sickels Yıl önce
William Maclay
William Maclay Yıl önce
Great show can’t believe you’re 21 years old doing this work love watching your channel how do you know where the nuts and bolts goes what size goes where. Do you expert Catalog them. 😩😩😂😂😂
joe mares
joe mares Yıl önce
This dude is as cool as the other side of the pillow!
liam cobb
liam cobb Yıl önce
190hp power plate
Adolf Richtar
Adolf Richtar Yıl önce
McDonald will kill you and still killing America.
Brett Weston
Brett Weston Yıl önce
Hey Weston I’m needing some help wiring the fuel shutoff, any advice would really help thanks!
Justin Hart
Justin Hart Yıl önce
I seriously subscribed just because you measured a 0-60 I’m hamburgers. It was beautiful!
Chris PLACE Yıl önce
You are a funny man
Garth's Foree
Garth's Foree Yıl önce
What's the song your playing
Jedidiah Yıl önce
That truck was factory rated at 350hp 😄
Lee Brooks
Lee Brooks Yıl önce
Just realized they deflated the tires while working on the truck hahaha
Rachel Flack
Rachel Flack Yıl önce
That's awesome putting a cummins engine in a Ford 👍
Rachel Flack
Rachel Flack Yıl önce
Fummins 😆
Gabriel Klassen
Gabriel Klassen Yıl önce
I have a 2000 dodge dakota I drop a diesel in it what do u recommend
Kur Norock
Kur Norock Yıl önce
I am so tired of "good ol' boys" thinking that blowing smoke means more power. It doesn't. It just means you are blowing unburnt fuel through your exhaust and raising your exhaust gas temps through the roof and reducing the life of your engine by a hundred thousand miles. I'm glad Westen isn't one of those guys. If you ever put a tuner or any other "performance" mod on your engine and you start blowing a bunch of smoke, rip that piece of shit back off and send it back for a refund, because the company that made it doesn't know shit about diesel performance.
Ever Rascon
Ever Rascon Yıl önce
I have a question my 6.0 powwr stroke is knowking and there a cloud of white smoke .. Can eany body help me
Azim az
Azim az Yıl önce
Love it.
Mark Witkop
Mark Witkop Yıl önce
I know that you are done with Fummins. After you took the fuel plate off, did you notice a huge increase in fuel consumption?
WI Rancher
WI Rancher Yıl önce
0.25 lmao
Seth Rivers
Seth Rivers Yıl önce
I have me a 2014 gmc duramax LML and I’m looking to get more smoke out of mine! I have the EFI live with 5 on the fly, fass fuel, and a cold air intake. What can I do about getting MORE smoke? Thank you!
Lufttygger Yıl önce
You, fat? There's maybe an ounce of fat on you, hiding all those big muscles - now, back to measuring in hamburgers :D or cheeseburgers, i prefer cheeseburgers over hamburgers ;)
FireBuff Andrew
FireBuff Andrew Yıl önce
Cheeseburger and Half of Sprite later
Psychic Medium
Psychic Medium Yıl önce
Just started watching your channel loving your content now that you’ve completed your come and swap how about a 3208 cat swap project
Alan McConnell
Alan McConnell Yıl önce
Heart of America
Thomas Carrillo
Thomas Carrillo Yıl önce
What’s a copper crush wirsher?
Cody Dana
Cody Dana Yıl önce
Awesome channel for starters, question about your power steering and ac issues. How did you end up going for a fix on those? Thanks Cody
Anthony and Heather Zammetti
Any one know if it is possible to slam a Cummins in a 2015 250 6.2 gas?
Anna Newman
Anna Newman Yıl önce
Android phone 📲
AngeliqueKaga Yıl önce
Naps are always good!
Michael Cuff
Michael Cuff Yıl önce
Glad you feel that way! Rollin coal is why we are stuck with all the new emissions shit and smoke laws now. You can make real good power without smoke. Plus its just your money goin out the stack!
Brandon Allen
Brandon Allen Yıl önce
The mechanics main problem " are these right screws"
Detroit Diesel707
Let it roll coal!!!!
Detroit Diesel707
This is one of the videos that you like before the loading circle has time to get to 60 mph
Matt Forsyth
Matt Forsyth Yıl önce
Ya'll are a low budget Diesel Brothers, but more educational and entertaining. I enjoy your work.
Morty C
Morty C Yıl önce
More Powuh baby!!!
Icaman0719 Sogge
Icaman0719 Sogge Yıl önce
What a beast the truck is and the two who r working on it 😆. Keep em coming. Put a snowplow on this fummins and get some lovins in the snow yah.
Reel Fun
Reel Fun Yıl önce
joshe gusssman
joshe gusssman Yıl önce
Nices fumminsford
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