MY CRUSH GOES THROUGH MY PHONE! (bad idea) | MyLifeAsEva & Brent Rivera

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LIKE this video if you want me to go thru Eva's phone!!
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13 Jul 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Brent Rivera
Brent Rivera 6 aylar önce
so Eva goes thru my phone and I kinda regret it... but hit that like button if u think I should go thru EVA'S PHONE!!😏😂
Skorpionas Valdo
Skorpionas Valdo 2 aylar önce
U should go hers phone
Gorete Malherbe
Gorete Malherbe 2 aylar önce
Gorete Malherbe
Gorete Malherbe 2 aylar önce
Xolisa Matanda
Xolisa Matanda 3 aylar önce
MrBrent98 Love 6. Eve
TWEENS 101 45 dakika önce
Ava - Brent ur but is fine 🤣🤣🤣
Thelma Schroeder
Thelma Schroeder 12 saatler önce
Eva looks like an adorable little egg
Brailee Hobbs
Brailee Hobbs 14 saatler önce
go thru Eva phone
Mattie Allen
Mattie Allen 15 saatler önce
If u get to 10005k u have to kiss ava in font of us cute for 24 hours
Alicia Shurtleff
Alicia Shurtleff 16 saatler önce
Brent:Should I go thru eva's phone like if u want me to Eva:😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 Me:HECK YEAH I'M HITTING THE LIKE BUTTON My sis:😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
Leah Lion
Leah Lion 20 saatler önce
6:05 eva was about to choke brent
Ann Wallace
Ann Wallace 21 saatler önce
Yes Brent
mirjana kitanovska
mirjana kitanovska 22 saatler önce
0.00 lol look at eva
mirjana kitanovska
mirjana kitanovska 22 saatler önce
rockyn Gamfi Kofi
rockyn Gamfi Kofi 23 saatler önce
Yes bret Ko💏💏💏💏 Yes!!!!!!
Maria Evangelista
I hate Eva Brent should marry Lexi hensler
Yanisa Slydell
Yanisa Slydell Gün önce
I want to meet you guys soooo bad!!!! You guys are awesome!
Zoey Hall
Zoey Hall Gün önce
infuzions da goat
Taylor Barthel
Taylor Barthel Gün önce
Please look through her phone
JaNyah Young
JaNyah Young Gün önce
Don't do it because girls have a lot of stuff in there phone and I have a lot of stuff so you should not go through it
Joan Mirembe
Joan Mirembe Gün önce
U should get revenge on EVA
Yoana Gutierrez
Yoana Gutierrez Gün önce
Vermilyn Caluag
Vermilyn Caluag 2 gün önce
Yes brent go to eva phone
Mehnoor Chahal
Mehnoor Chahal 2 gün önce
Maryah Maldonado
Maryah Maldonado 2 gün önce
he was kissing other girl😔😓☹😲
Deen Lukowitz
Deen Lukowitz 2 gün önce
I love how he said “look at my face it is baby face lol 😂
Robert Brisot
Robert Brisot 2 gün önce
Everyone replay the intro
Callula Morrow
Callula Morrow 2 gün önce
Okay hehe
Dean Chisholm
Dean Chisholm 3 gün önce
nuggzy 2
nuggzy 2 3 gün önce
Who is that fucking melted twix bar next to you?
Nichole Meighan
Nichole Meighan 3 gün önce
Go through Ava’s phone
Nichole Meighan
Nichole Meighan 3 gün önce
You can do a great day with me if you’re going home or you can do something to do you and I will see if I have time or do I need you and then come over
Ano Stern
Ano Stern 3 gün önce
Go through her phone
Project_EZ 3 gün önce
Damien Dupre
Damien Dupre 4 gün önce
Is this when he looks at your face 0:00
Isela Gayton
Isela Gayton 4 gün önce
I dare you to goThrough Ben’s phone
Madison Savee
Madison Savee 4 gün önce
Do it with ben
Trace Holt
Trace Holt 4 gün önce
Alicia Blando
Alicia Blando 4 gün önce
Ava loves Brent
El Hourya Mokhtari
El Hourya Mokhtari 4 gün önce
Ava is mad
Isabelle and ivy Roblox
Ava or Eva because you don’t spell Ava like this eva
Sean Carroll
Sean Carroll 4 gün önce
Clive Thompson
Clive Thompson 4 gün önce
No leave her phone she's the one who's suppose to go thru your phone😡😡😡🤬🤬 so do not touch her phone
Bxbby Aliyah
Bxbby Aliyah 4 gün önce
Curtis Dayton
Curtis Dayton 5 gün önce
Go. Thro. Eva
Curtis Dayton
Curtis Dayton 5 gün önce
Cameron Modder
Cameron Modder 5 gün önce
you should go through Eva's phone
Marley K.
Marley K. 5 gün önce
WAIT....... She spent the night andddd He changed the name to... baby girl 😍😍❤️❤️🌈 Omg...there’re dating... Like I think he does Reply u think he’s not
Claire Houlton
Claire Houlton 5 gün önce
AWWW you guys are so cute r u dating
Luna ._.
Luna ._. 6 gün önce
“Don’t delete anything” you didn’t let your mom go through your phone
Colleen Gambill
Colleen Gambill 6 gün önce
Why do people have WhatsApp it can kill you👹☠️😡
Korbin Lowry
Korbin Lowry 6 gün önce
ye u go boiiiiiiiii
Aziah Parker
Aziah Parker 6 gün önce
Hey Brent I have to tell you some thing
SF79 6 gün önce
Go through ava`s phone!Do it!!!!!!!!
N O 6 gün önce
I cant believe how cute u guys are and im in the 1 minute. I havent watched a breva video for so long and u guys are soooooooo cute togethr i already ship u #breva
killenmike 6 gün önce
angela burris
angela burris 6 gün önce
Friend me on Snapchat My Snapchat is Gacha Puppy
Patricia Bradbury
Patricia Bradbury 6 gün önce
Please go through Avas phone because if you guys are a thing she probably is cheating on you
Kayla Clark
Kayla Clark 6 gün önce
Tara Spiegelberg
Tara Spiegelberg 6 gün önce
# Braeva
Michael Tucker
Michael Tucker 6 gün önce
Is Ava your crush or girl friend
Sue Welling
Sue Welling 6 gün önce
Oh no
Shantel Boothe
Shantel Boothe 6 gün önce
Do It