My Birth Story: The happiest, yet most terrifying night of my life

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Baby Leah Mae Travis was born on June 20, 2020. It was the most smooth and quick delivery, but there was a problem with my placenta. The placenta was attached to the uterine wall, which ultimately lead to me losing over 3 Liters of blood. Thankfully the Doctors and nurses acted quick and I didn't suffer any permanent damage.

Leah's delivery vlog



3 Tem 2020




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Benji Travis
Benji Travis Yıl önce
You are the most badass and beautiful mama out there. Proud of you babe!
Sandra Tanamachi
Sandra Tanamachi Yıl önce
방탄소년단's calicoKAT ‘
Ms Tanya
Ms Tanya Yıl önce
Faith Love Hope
Faith Love Hope Yıl önce
Ahhhh you guys are awesome. I cried watching this video. So happy for you guys
Anne Harley
Anne Harley Yıl önce
Benji she is a wonderful mum. Your a great dad too. I think Leah and you have special bond now because you had to nurse her... A lovly family.. Xx
Ciara Mae Chua
Ciara Mae Chua Yıl önce
Benji Travis Benjiiiii why you keep doing this… us single ladies are setting our standards so high because of you…! 😜 you are such a sweet and supportive partner 🥰
May A
May A Yıl önce
Dear God, the second you said "I felt so secure, I felt like God was with me." I burst in to tears Judy. I'm a Muslim and it makes no difference hearing that from a Christian to me. I truly believe God was with you then and there. At the end of the day, there is one God. And He is looking out for every single one of us regardless of colour, class and creed. I heard your belief through the emotion with which you spoke, belief in God is beautiful and a blessing in this day and age. It feels people either twist faith or reject/laugh at it. Thank you for sharing that you FELT God in that moment. Thank you for embracing God and not feeling afraid to voice it. I pray God has mercy on all our souls, indeed He is the most merciful! Through those dark hours and dark days, God's light will always shine through :)
Be Savvy Sassy Tees & Trinkets
❤ I love the unity under this comment. If only we were the people running our respective countries.
MoonMagicMayhem (Jen)
@Salwalishious AAJA I'm so sorry to hear! My heart aches for you. Sending love and light your way and wishing you all the best 💜🌙
Salwalishious AAJA
@MoonMagicMayhem (Jen)with heavy heart , I have had third miscarriage, I have had D&C on 7/31/2020. Am alright, I have to be for sake of my four children..I am grateful!
Po Ventures
Po Ventures Yıl önce
@Salwalishious AAJA God bless you dear, I pray you have a successful delivery and recovery. I pray you have peace during your pregnancy.
luis .A. nuñez beltran
Amen sister. Beautiful words I couldn't if said it better myself. God bless each and everyone of you.
Mommyof3xo Yıl önce
I’m due in 14 days with our sixth baby & your story scared me so badly! Ahh the anxiety!! 😰😭 I’m soo happy you and baby are well!!♥️♥️
Creative Minds
Creative Minds Yıl önce
How was it, are you alll good?
Iva Mat
Iva Mat Yıl önce
God Bless and may all go well ♥️
Iva Mat
Iva Mat Yıl önce
@Hong Heo I pray that all goes well with you God Bless ♥️
Hong Heo
Hong Heo Yıl önce
Oh lord me Too This is going to be my first hopefully everything went well for you 🙏🏻
Nidaa Nida
Nidaa Nida Yıl önce
That is how my aunt died in 2003. They couldn't stop the bleeding. That was one of the worst days of my life. So glad you are okay
Gina Wilson
Gina Wilson 3 aylar önce
Wow, I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine if poor Benji had been left with the girls and a newborn baby. Praise God Judy’s ok! 🙌🏼🙏🏻
etrnlygr8tful Yıl önce
Sorry to hear that...they should have done an emergency hysterectomy on her. I knew of a similar story, the mom died on the delivery/OR room with I suspect bec of an emboli. The husband was so traumatized that he doesn't even want the baby, so his wife's grandparents are the ones that looks after him up. I don't even know if he is supporting him financially, if not I hope the grandparents sues him, that or he has recovered from that trauma & is now taking care of his son. Yeah delivering a baby is never routine, no matter how many times you've done it.
Carissa Collier
Carissa Collier Yıl önce
I’m crying because it only takes one second for things to take a turn and I am so glad you’re okay, Judy.
The Life of Kiara
Sooo happy you’re okay Judy. You’re such a strong woman . ❤️🙌🏽
Sandy Gutierrez
Sandy Gutierrez Yıl önce
Just FYI when you lose that much blood, it makes placing a 2nd IV extremely difficult since your veins are pretty much non-existent at that point. I’m thinking they may have wanted to transfuse your (give you blood) if it didn’t stop soon, which is they started a new IV. And yeah hemabate is usually a last resort because of that side effect. But don’t worry, we’ve seen it all lol. Thankfully they placed the bakri balloon in time to help control your bleeding. If you ever decide to have more children make sure you let them know ahead of time that you had a retained Placenta and also had a postpartum hemorrhage. We always like to know ahead of time so we can be prepared. So thankful you’re ok Judy! ❤️
Joellee E
Joellee E Yıl önce
Thank God you’re okay. I had the same experience! I lost so much blood that I flatlined twice. The doctors couldn’t figure out where I was bleeding from and they wanted to give me a hysterectomy as well. They ended up calling in another dr who decided to give me a uterine embolism once they found the two spots I was bleeding from. I also did a blood transfusion. They actually told my husband I bleed out all of my blood they’ve never seen anything like it and he should call my family to say goodbye. It’s a miracle I’m here. So happy you’re okay Judy!! Sending you love and positive energy always! ❤️🙏🏾 my girls love your family so much.❤️
Gina Wilson
Gina Wilson 3 aylar önce
Wow, a true miracle for you Joellee. So glad you’re ok! 🙏🏻💜🙏🏻💜
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Yıl önce
Oh my gosh, so relieved you're okay!
Natalie Bennett
Natalie Bennett Yıl önce
*Oh, Judy. What an intense experience. So scary but I'm so so glad that you ended up ok! Praying for you, dear!* 💕
seeuniee Yıl önce
I didn’t expect this to make me cry when judy started talking about her prayer. God really is always with us🤍
Gina Wilson
Gina Wilson 3 aylar önce
Same 😭 So so true. We need only to cry out to Him in times of need and He is so faithful to respond 🙏🏻💜🙌🏼
Anh Truong
Anh Truong Yıl önce
That’s why Leah is such as calm and easy baby, she knows her mama went through so much 💕
Keana Yıl önce
Audrey Yıl önce
Anh Truong I don’t feel like the baby knows things like that cause she’s a baby
Der Her
Der Her Yıl önce
I went through PPH also and omg your comment made me feel so much better. My baby is such a calm baby compare to my first two.
Maricar Dela Llarte-Miguel
same thoughts
Shannon Navarrete
xoEvelinaxo Yıl önce
Oh gurl - as an L&D nurse I FEEELLLL that panic hustle the staff were going through, but this totally put MORE into perspective how important it is to inform the patient best we can as to what is going on. I get that they were scrambling and totally trying to save your life - but I can imagine how the not knowing what the heck is going on can give you MORE anxiety and fear! I’m so sorry you had to go through that but THANK GOD it turned out perfectly! Oh and that medication is called HEMABATE - and we always try to ask for an order of antidiarrheal along with it ;) but no harm done girl! It’s part of the gig ;) as long as you’re doing well!! Congratulations!!
Daisy E
Daisy E Yıl önce
How this video has any “thumbs down” is beyond me. Judy, thank you for sharing this story with us 🙏🏼♥️
Raising The Martins
Right what’s the point of a thumbs down on this.
Courtney Purtell
Courtney Purtell Yıl önce
Your birth story is exactly mine my daughter is just a month older than yours and I’m having a hard time coping with it, I cry whenever I think about it - it’s so good to hear someone with the same story as me though so thank you for sharing!! 💖💖💖
Nurse Nicole Rod
Nurse Nicole Rod Yıl önce
I’m so proud of you Judy & you are so so brave! As an OB nurse, your experience allowed me to understand from a patients perspective as to how scary it can be. Sometimes we’re so caught up on the medical aspect and not focused on the mental part that you’re going through during all of this. And I’m sorry about the hemabate side effects 🤣 I’m glad you and baby Leah are doing great now 💕💕
sunshine2919 Yıl önce
The average adult has about 4.5 to 5.5 liters of blood circulating inside their body. Losing 3 liters of blood is practically like losing more than half of the average amount of blood. Judy is literally a walking MIRACLE! Thank God she is safe and sound!
gamy2chknfc Yıl önce
@mytubeeeee This happened to me as well...lost my vision everything went white then my hearing also peed myself..then awoke to nurses helping me..so weird.
Garfield Cat
Garfield Cat Yıl önce
In olden times, this is considered difficult birth and is very dangerous for the mother.
Heather Smith
Heather Smith Yıl önce
Pregnant women have an increased blood volume, but she still lost an insane amount of blood. Anything over 1000ccs is considered a hemorrhage.
Natalie Deyton
Natalie Deyton Yıl önce
My hemoglobin is never over a 6. Doctor said it should be over 12. If I get a 4 or under I get blood transfusions
Robyn Louise
Robyn Louise Yıl önce
Thank you Jesus.
Abigail Baes
Abigail Baes Yıl önce
I’m a nurse. And I wish that the staff were talking to you throughout this whole ordeal. I wish they explained to you what was going on so you would feel more secure at that moment. Not knowing is the worst part. I’m glad everything turned out well though. I’m happy for you, Leah, Benji and the girls. Congratulations, Judy! 🎉🎉🎉
Gina Wilson
Gina Wilson 3 aylar önce
@Sandra Lee It’s the nurses job to inform her! They weren’t the ones performing the surgery, one of them should have at least let her know sooner that she was bleeding a lot and they were figuring out why.
Gina Wilson
Gina Wilson 3 aylar önce
I was thinking the same thing!
Jenni Tran
Jenni Tran Yıl önce
even if it's life or death the patient still needs to be informed, it's patient centered care and they have the right to know
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee Yıl önce
The nurses were dealing with a life and death situation sorry they didn't think to inform her.
moni m.r.
moni m.r. Yıl önce
TheHappyLittleElmsTree’sWife don’t hesitate to let them know and voice your concern. A good nurse/doctor will not get upset that you want to be kept in the loop about your health and process. Ive worked with amazing nurses in clinicals and I always hear patients telling them things like be honest with me whats going on, and if ever a nurse cant answer the doctor will. The most important thing is for you to feel safe and trust the healthcare team❤️ Best wishes!
Mari G
Mari G Yıl önce
I feel like no really talks about how dangerous labor can be. So many things can happen to moms and baby even with a healthy pregnancy. I was considered a high risk pregnancy because my first pregnancy was premature at 34 weeks. On my second pregnancy my water broke at 26 weeks. I stayed in the hospital in bedrest hoping to get me to 34 weeks again. I remember one day one of my doctors saying the day I feel anything different is the day baby will come. I came there on a Sunday night and by Friday morning I began feeling pain in my back. They put the monitor on me but could not pick up the contractions I was feeling and they could tell the baby was in distress. I was rushed to the OR. Just like you it felt like a movie everyone running around getting things ready. I was put to sleep while I had an emergency C section. I wake up to a doctor telling me my baby boy is so beautiful. Then they take me away to recover and once alone I being to cry. Neither my husband nor I got to see him born because he was rushed to the NICU. I also found out that my umbilical cord had wrap around him. It was such a dramatic experience that when I saw your labor video I felt all those feelings again. Thankfully after 52 days in the NICU my son is now an almost 2 year old little daredevil lol. And just like Leah he was such a calm baby. But I am definitely scared to get pregnant again.
MaiTi DIY Yıl önce
Did you see Leah lifted her arm up by judy’s face when she started crying. 8:40. She knows her momma❤️❤️
J A Yıl önce
MaiTi DIY yes! It’s like she was comforting her mamma 😭😭
Elizabeth Garcia
Elizabeth Garcia Yıl önce
Love you Judy ♥️ you’re such a strong mama!
Natalies Outlet
Natalies Outlet Yıl önce
Beautiful Judy!! ✨ Jesus saved your life🙏🏽 thank you for sharing! So happy you are better!💘✨
sanjana 72
sanjana 72 Yıl önce
natalies outlet and its judy's time were only youtube channels i used to watch from the very begining i always loved the vibe the two of you had of realness some how it feels like you two can be best friends i hope one day i will get a notification of a vlog of both of you collaborating💕❤
Zaida Ramos
Zaida Ramos Yıl önce
Oh Judy 🥺❤️ So so so glad you’re ok!!
J Sings
J Sings Yıl önce
Glad you’re okay, Judy. You are so strong! ❤️
Jackie Yıl önce
We love you Judy you’re so strong ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lala Lor
Lala Lor Yıl önce
Glad you’re feeling better!❤️
Julie Ann
Julie Ann Yıl önce
I wonder how Benji feels hearing this...I’m sure he realized even more how strong you are and how much of a blessing it is to have you safely back home. It is truly a miracle.
Cathy Elston
Cathy Elston Yıl önce
Congratulations 💖! I am so glad she's here and you are both safe!
•!°Ar1a°!• Yıl önce
Oh Judy! I’m glad you are well!❤️ and beautiful baby!
chantel gregoire
chantel gregoire Yıl önce
So glad you’re ok Judy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jordan Lai
Jordan Lai Yıl önce
omg 8:44 the beginning of Judy's tears and Leah raises her arm like, "mommy I got you" 🥺❤️ happy that you and the baby are healthy and safe!
Victoria Itskov
Victoria Itskov Yıl önce
Caught that too. Brought tears to my eyes
sarah d
sarah d Yıl önce
I felt like she was comforting momma too 😭❤️
Jily6667 Yıl önce
That made me so emotional .. mother and child bond
Sara El K
Sara El K Yıl önce
I noticed that too, it was so sweet 😭❤️
chrislan stelly
chrislan stelly Yıl önce
Yes i was like awe she trying to give her comforting hand
Rellie Kanee
Rellie Kanee Yıl önce
I’m so proud of your strength ♥️
Billie Jo Maynard
That happened to me with my daughter it was so scary!! I’m glad you both are doing good!! She’s beautiful
Tia Polley
Tia Polley Yıl önce
It's so nice hearing someone tell a similar story to mine. It took my body a year after giving birth to feel normal again after loosing so much blood. Hope it doesn't take you that long!
l0vekatheexoxo Yıl önce
I’m so glad you are okay and safe Judy 🙏🏼 bless you and baby Leah ♥️♥️♥️
Luiza Barros
Luiza Barros Yıl önce
I’m glad you are fine now! You are so brave, Judy ❤️❤️❤️
Charley Yıl önce
So happy for you guys that you're both healthy 💗
Tina L
Tina L Yıl önce
Thank god you and Leah are safe and healthy! ❤️❤️❤️
farhahxoxo Yıl önce
so glad you're well judy! hope you're getting enough rest! xx
xsimplysophia Yıl önce
Placental problems are definitely a huge cause of hemorrhage and honestly all of us are so thankful that your doctors and nurses were able to resolve the problem. IV's can be tricky, especially with someone with edema, so thank you for being patient with the nurses who tried their best. I did my labor and delivery rotation at that hospital and seeing the teamwork between the hospital staff trying to help distressed patients is what inspired me to become a future labor and delivery nurse. Hopefully one day I'll be able to give great care to all the awesome mom's and dad's out there!
Mary Jane
Mary Jane Yıl önce
Good luck on your journey becoming a future labor and delivery nurse. You'll be helping a lot of people. 💕
Thi Nguyen
Thi Nguyen Yıl önce
Judy, you are such a brave soul! I can’t imagine what you went through. Praying is a powerful thing, I literally cried with you watching this video. ❤️
Courtney Holliday
So glad you made it through!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Patsy Johnson
Patsy Johnson Yıl önce
Blessings to you, Baby Leah and family❤
Gricelduh Yıl önce
Oh Judy 💕 sending you and the family love
HappilyNappy000 Yıl önce
I was so scared when I saw Benji’s insta post. Just know that many people were praying for you. We are all so happy that you are ok
Boldgirlful Yıl önce
Same here. I was so worried for her 😢 and prayed for her and the baby. Thank God they're both healthy and happy 🙏 ❤️ God bless you Judy 😇
Joy Georgette Samandre - Eroles
Same. I was like checking constantly if there's any update about Judy. Thank God she's safe. 🙏🏻
Brenda Chung
Brenda Chung Yıl önce
Judy, thank you for sharing your birth story. Congratulations to you and Benji! Leah is beautiful! Much love to all the girl!
ChelleTime Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing this!! I’m happy to hear you and baby are doing great!:)
itsmesarahmarie Yıl önce
ahh i’m a labor and delivery nurse and i’m so happy everything turned out okay. I know how scary it is to be in that situation. you are so strong!
Helen B
Helen B Yıl önce
I was tearing up with you, sis! Thank you for sharing this story, you are a marvel!!!
Queenbooker Yıl önce
So happy everything turned out alright for you.
Lorena Andrade
Lorena Andrade Yıl önce
I'm so happy you are okay and safe Judy ❤
SarahJoy Yıl önce
Bawling watching this. So glad you're ok!! God took care of you!
mandy jir
mandy jir Yıl önce
I’m so sorry you went through so much. Leah is absolutely beautiful!!!!
Jay Bird
Jay Bird Yıl önce
Judy got me crying so hard, praise God that everything ended up fine. Judy Thank you for sharing your story, because I went through the same thing except for I had to be put in a coma, because I lost most of blood in my body, and they were scared I was going to start losing oxygen in the brain. I remember saying the Lord’s Prayer and evening saying God if this is your will, please just make sure my baby is ok. That baby is 32 years old now and a father of two little girls, and I am now called Nana and love those girls so much...
Nikki Yıl önce
Thank God
Caitlin Villanueva
Bless you !!!
MonkeymagicsMum Yıl önce
Amazing. God bless you all xxx
Rish19 D
Rish19 D Yıl önce
This is so lovely! I bet you're an awesome mom and grandmother.
nicolexlove16 Yıl önce
Jessin Reyes
Jessin Reyes Yıl önce
I'm sobbing, I'm so glad you and Leah are ok.
Maybeth Betancourt
Thank god you’re doing good and baby Leah is so perfect and healthy!! I lost a lot of blood as well when I had my baby on 06/26 and they gave me the same drug I had crazy diarrhea too 😅 but I’m glad we’re fine and we’re with our babies ❤️
pavielovesyou Yıl önce
So thankful your healthy and ok Judy! ♥️
GlammedUpByMel Yıl önce
so glad you two are healthy and doing so good. you're amazing and baby leah is so beautiful. XoXo ❤
Imradlikemad Yıl önce
Omgoodness how scary Judy. I just can’t imagine being in the OR and hearing words like “losing a lot of blood”, and “to save your life”... that must have been so traumatic. So glad it all ended well and you’re ok. You really are superwoman, I would have never guessed this incident was as serious as it was from seeing the vlogs after. Amazing composure, truly.
Chelsea Acevedo
Chelsea Acevedo Yıl önce
What a miracle Judy. I’m so glad you both are safe and healthy. Just reminds me of how strong women really are ❤️
marz lus10
marz lus10 Yıl önce
i’m 18 years old, no where near giving birth at all, but judy never fails to make me sob whenever she talks ab her pregnancy
keri torres
keri torres Yıl önce
i felt this. and cried the whole time. gave me flash backs of my post pregnancy/delivery. im so glad your okay!!
Shehan Angelo Fernando
Judy, you're an amazing mother.
Sealegs9 Yıl önce
Ahh I'm tearing up. I'm a nursing student, and it makes me so happy that your nurses took such good care of you during that scary time. I can't wait to take care of moms and babies when I'm a nurse. And thank you for letting the trainee attempt an IV...they only way we get better is to have sweet people that let us practice!! Love to you and your beautiful family
Tiffany D. Golden
CONGRATULATIONS to you and your family! Leah was born on the same day as my son. It was Father's Day of 1999 😊
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez Yıl önce
This hits close to home, I was informed that a coworker passed away on Saturday due to labor complications. I'm glad you're safe and able to be there for your daughters.
That was intense Judy! Im so glad you’re okay
Brianne Burdick
Brianne Burdick Yıl önce
I cried right along with you! You are one amazingly strong woman Judy! Thank you for sharing your story. So very happy your here to tell it 💗💗💗💗
Laura Westenra
Laura Westenra Yıl önce
Judy, don't be surprised if you don't feel quite right for a while. You've had a traumatic experience and it may revisit you until you heal. You may have some mild PTSD, a lot of women experience this.
Margarita Alvarez
Blessings for you and your family, keep your faith strong always 💕
S V Yıl önce
You are such a strong momma! ♥️ Thank God you and baby Leah are well ♥️
Lily Yıl önce
I’m so sorry for the trauma you went through. You’re very strong, and Leah is perfect. Heal well x
Cherry Pie Roque Terry
You did sooo good,Judy! Thank God you are safe!! ❤️❤️❤️ I was tearing up watching this. Such a scary experience. I love you so much!
Ms Robin 2u
Ms Robin 2u Yıl önce
So glad it all worked out well and what a beautiful blessing Leah is to such a beautiful family 😍❤️😍
Zaira Vazquez
Zaira Vazquez Yıl önce
I can’t even believe people have disliked this video.... Judy, you are so brave. ❤️
Lasagne Gurl
Lasagne Gurl Yıl önce
Zaira Vazquez Just the guru gossipers.
Congrats on your new born girl shes beautiful like her mommy 💜💜💜
Kahs Yıl önce
Judy, so glad you and baby Leah are ok 💕
Michelle Belle
Michelle Belle Yıl önce
Brought me to tears. So glad you’re both safe. God is good ♥️🙏🏻
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth Yıl önce
Oh Judy I can't even imagine how scary this was for you. You are so so strong. I am so glad you are okay. 🥺😓
Jessika Mizzi
Jessika Mizzi Yıl önce
When you started to cry I did as well! Your a strong momma!
I’m sorry for your traumatizing experience Judy 🥺 ❤️ I’m happy you came home safe and sound to the girls!
Faith TML 🦋
Faith TML 🦋 Yıl önce
This made me cry so much 🥺 & I’m so happy that Judy & Leah both are safe & healthy ❤️ you are such a strong mama Judy 😘.
Shalom Mama
Shalom Mama Yıl önce
Aww...this is so similar to my after birth story, it's uncanny. I literally was shaking and crying with you. What happened with my placenta was that it fell apart (basically shattered like glass or something). I lost about the same amount of blood as you and had all the same reactions you had. Nobody was telling me anything either. I am so glad you are okay!! And little Leah is sooo beautiful!!! Congratulations 🎉🎈👏. You are amazing and thank you for sharing your story. It was helpful for me to hear someone had a similar experience to mine. It makes me feel not so alone. I hope telling you a little of mine had a similar affect for you. Prayers, blessings and shalom to you!! 🤗♥️
K G Yıl önce
What causes it to happen?
hellomynameisjen Yıl önce
Omg you brave woman! Thank you for sharing your story and I’m so happy you and baby Leah are okay. So grateful that God answered your prayers ❤️
Yoseline De La Riva
So glad everything urned out well ! You’re so inspirational and strong women ! 💗
Iris Garza
Iris Garza Yıl önce
I literally visualized as you told what happened. Im so glad you guys are okay. That must have been traumatic. God bless your recovery and your family. ❤
LisaLately Yıl önce
I’m so glad you are ok 🙏🏽
Renee Gallegos
Renee Gallegos Yıl önce
You lost over half of the blood in your body. It’s a miracle you’re here. The power of prayer is real. Thank you for sharing your story with us. ❤️
Patsy Sparklingeyes
Congrats lil mama! It’s been a minute since I’ve seen your vlog! So glad baby Nd you are safe😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Jela G
Jela G Yıl önce
You're such a strong Momma! God really was and will always be with you, Judy! You're an inspiration to many. Thank you for sharing!!!
AviannaNikole Yıl önce
Similar thing happened to me 🥺 I ended up getting emergency CSection, my anxiety was so high it was stopping all pain medication during my surgery they finally had to put me out , so I missed her first cry. When I returned back to the recovery room with my babygirl, I ended up hemorrhaging and had to go back to the OR for 6 hours. No one really relayed what was going on to my husband so he was thinking the worst. The following day I ended up needing 3 blood transfusions. So thankful for my OB and amazing nurses 💕
I’m so happy that everything worked out for you Judy. I can not even imagine what you went through. May God always continue to watch over you and your family.
Rose Young
Rose Young Yıl önce
I am a Mother-Baby Nurse and just retired before 2019 ended. I have a feeling you had a post-partum bleed. But I felt teary while listening to your story. Thank God you and Baby Leah are fine. Love your vlogs. I am also from the Philippines but have lived in the US since 1979. I love your family Judy!
Bevie Garcia
Bevie Garcia Yıl önce
I was so scared listening to this. I have been waiting to hear what happened. I’m so happy everything worked out. Thank God! I’m currently waiting to have my baby and I’m so scared of the pain or anything going wrong. My biggest fear is having to get a hysterectomy because I want more babies. I’m glad you didn’t have to get one 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Gen Yıl önce
Ok and now I’m crying with you at 10am 😭😭😭😭 hugs Judy! So glad you and baby Leah are healthy and happy
ApPle Gallardo
ApPle Gallardo Yıl önce
I had hysterectomy and lost 2L of blood last march right after giving birth to my one and only child. Didn't know what happened because I had a c-section but when my husband told me the story and how critical I was and worried he was, I was crying hard. Giving birth is seriously dangerous as they say that your one foot is standing on death.
Hey Schmidty
Hey Schmidty Yıl önce
I’m glad you are recovering well, Judy. Such a blessing❤️
Susan Cheung
Susan Cheung Yıl önce
The medicine you received was likely Hemabate. That was so brave of you for sharing your story. It sounds so scary, and during my OB/GYN residency, I often didn’t have the opportunity to hear about how my patients feel. In the moment, we think about what is the next step and trying to communicate with all the staff members and every minute is so important during a postpartum hemorrhage. I’m glad to hear you recovered well afterwards! I’ve been watching channel for many years and I love watching your family! Thank you!
Trenice Johnson
Trenice Johnson Yıl önce
Cynthia Juarez While shadowing, my mentor said about 10% of the time. So 1 in 10.
@Fizzy Bizzy Agreed, but Judy said there were nurses around her head and none of them seemed to be focusing on Judy as a person with emotions and thoughts, that's what I meant to point out. :)
Thoughts du jour
Thoughts du jour Yıl önce
Thanks for sharing Judy! I was trying to hold back my tears! I work as a nurse as well, & always wonder how our patients are doing and hope & pray that they are doing well. It seems that you have been through so much yet what an amazing miracle that God helped you through it! God bless you & your family.
allenn mangosing
allenn mangosing Yıl önce
Judy, God is good and I am so happy that you were able to recover. Blessings to you and your growing family
238Tina1 Yıl önce
I can’t even imagine how scared you must have been. I’m so happy everything worked out in the end. Beautiful baby 😍
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