My Bad Makeover Nightmare

Ryland Adams
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22 May 2019

Ryland AdamsShane DawsonMakeoverBirthdayMalibuHaulMakeupDIYMukbangFunny Fails




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fries before guys
fries before guys 9 saatler önce
I had truffles so many times amd I can say that they are chocolate!
Margot Lesueur
Margot Lesueur Gün önce
Hope I don't sound bitchy saying this but champagne is meant to be drunk cold, you're supposed to keep it in the fridge. Source : am French. :) Loved the video!
Jackie Lynch
Jackie Lynch Gün önce
Shape is good, a little thick and long, but it wasnt a bust.
Rachel Peters
Rachel Peters Gün önce
Ryland! you should do an outdoor gardening segment! I would 100% watch it :)
xX_SamBam_Xx 2 gün önce
i just thought of something randomly A couple isn't a couple without a couple fights, but if a couple fights turn into a trouple fights then the couple probably wont be a couple anymore after those truple fights
Smooth jazz frog
Smooth jazz frog 2 gün önce
Super Sam
Super Sam 2 gün önce
Right when ryland said “I’m gonna google it and prove you wrong.” I got a notification from twitter that said “Oh boy”
SuperSexy MD
SuperSexy MD 2 gün önce
Morgan AND Andrew bought him a gift. OMG. Is there something I don’t know? Guuuuyyys, tell meeeee.
Sarah :p
Sarah :p 3 gün önce
Who misses the old Shane :/
Jenny VanderPas
Jenny VanderPas 3 gün önce
I wish I had that much makeup, or even 1/8 of it! Also, Ryland: I want more diamonds!
Darth Paiger
Darth Paiger 3 gün önce
8:58 ME
lipton tea
lipton tea 3 gün önce
Omg I just realized what shane meant when he said "halo" after Austin asked about the hair loss vitamins 😂😂😂
Heather A
Heather A 3 gün önce
All the money Shane has and he still dresses like a hobo. Eww 😝
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley 3 gün önce
Shane: slowly back away from the sprinkles
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley 3 gün önce
Diamonds are a girls bestfriend
Maria Tennant
Maria Tennant 3 gün önce
Rutland ur so wrong about truffles it hurts
Luna Grim Reaper
Luna Grim Reaper 4 gün önce
Hey Ryland why doesn't Shane not do videos anymore a lot of people are wondering in a lot of us want to know what happened we only see him in your videos he doesn't update no more what happened
Tatum Dicostanzo
Tatum Dicostanzo 4 gün önce
I mean I see where Shane is going with the brows I think he will get good at makeup
yes but not
yes but not 4 gün önce
at first i read husband instead of bad lol
Jerry N.
Jerry N. 5 gün önce
Oh my God the comments aren't loading I need to see everyone roasting ryland for the truffle comment
Meat Prison
Meat Prison 5 gün önce
Okay, but why does Shane have a pillow with the carpet pattern from The Shining?
Jacklyn Queen
Jacklyn Queen 5 gün önce
the rain boots😂lol i love ryland
Leilani Utupo
Leilani Utupo 5 gün önce
Am I the only one that thinks Shane should have his own like Netflix series?
Alyssa Tookie
Alyssa Tookie 5 gün önce
Does anybody know the name of the hotel they stayed at
sadder daze
sadder daze 6 gün önce
Ryland: wait are we just gonna drink alone at 4:30? Andrew: that’s everything, I’ll do it my kind of man lol 😩
Jonah Bear
Jonah Bear 6 gün önce
Did Shane just diss Tati?? Lol where’s the TEA doe
Annie Prado
Annie Prado 6 gün önce
Shane: i’ve had a glow up since you guys have seen me He says while wearing a riped T-shirt jk love yallz 😂❤️ 2:18
Blaine Glossop
Blaine Glossop 6 gün önce
any else watch these kinds of videos because they are missing Shane
J6677889 6 gün önce
Do Americans not have those plastic things you put under birthday cake candles which stabs into the cake so the wax doesn’t get on the candle?
Kiley Keeling
Kiley Keeling 6 gün önce
“I don’t want that many sprinkles on the cake IT’S MY BIRTHDAY” aha omg 😂😂like Shane almost forgot for a second there
Kiley Keeling
Kiley Keeling 6 gün önce
Shane: well, yeah, you’re not supposed to look that close at makeup Ryland: Ooh *backs up from mirror* Im dying omg haha they’re so cute 😂😂👨‍❤️‍👨
Janis Miesen
Janis Miesen 6 gün önce
did anyone else notice that he lowkey told us when the series would be dropping? "coming this summer!" 2:10... and a few days go he posted something on his instagram story with a question sticker response asking when the series would drop and he put up a picture of a fan made (fake) movie poster with a release date on it for the "movie": July 19th. which just so happens to be in the summer i don't know if you've noticed (also his birthday). lol just a thought😄
Kaitlyn Chavarria
Kaitlyn Chavarria 6 gün önce
nichole g
nichole g 6 gün önce
Its a truffle conspiracy lol and did ryland google it tho
Samantha SoPretty
Samantha SoPretty 6 gün önce
What camera do you use to vlog?
Ms. Arizona
Ms. Arizona 6 gün önce
I don’t even remember a time without Andrew anymore 😂
Miss Riker
Miss Riker 7 gün önce
its ok, I love make up! All of it, especially eye-shadow,but never wear it !
ixmdxisy 7 gün önce
Why does shane have a hole in his shirt
carolina martinez
carolina martinez 7 gün önce
“The views so nice” looks @ Shane’s butt
lilyrose mitchell
lilyrose mitchell 7 gün önce
The truffle thing 😂😂😂
lilyrose mitchell
lilyrose mitchell 7 gün önce
I just love them 😘😍❤️
lilyrose mitchell
lilyrose mitchell 7 gün önce
I think Shane is making leaps and bounds in beauty 💖🌈👏🏽
Caroline Gray
Caroline Gray 7 gün önce
Waiting for Ryland to come back to us about truffles because Shane is 100% correct 😘
Cristina 7 gün önce
The card said Mr. and Mrs. Yaw 😂
Liana Holt
Liana Holt 7 gün önce
We are all just gonna pretend he didn't adjust lol
Frances Moore
Frances Moore 7 gün önce
Your edits😂😂🙌🏼
Renée Jamason
Renée Jamason 7 gün önce
I can’t at 13:25... REALLY no you do not taste mushrooms in your chocolate truffle!!?😆😆😆😆
Maja V
Maja V 7 gün önce
AND IN TODAYS VIIIDEO GURL YOU WONT BELIEVE THE DRAMA!!!!!!!! i love rich and i love you,and i love you guys quoting rich! So cool
lelxa xcv
lelxa xcv 8 gün önce
_Andrew asking for those chips is _*_me_*
carly elizabethh
carly elizabethh 8 gün önce
am i the only one who thinks shane is genuinely super attractive ? like he says "ew" and stuff, and im like, "nope, hot."
Can We Get 1000 Subscribers For No Reason
i guess the chocolate ones are called truffles cuz they resemble the shape of a whole mushroom truffle
Johanne 8 gün önce
Kxoya 8 gün önce
Shane should make his own makeup
Cheyenne Hamm
Cheyenne Hamm 8 gün önce
HAHA ANDREW "Happy Birthday, Ryland. *camera pans to Andrew eating chips and dip instead of cake* "
Alyssa Slatten
Alyssa Slatten 8 gün önce
Shane:as you can see ive had a glow up Me:looks at the hole in his shirt Also me:LMAO😁
Aisling Teahan
Aisling Teahan 8 gün önce
If i was shane i would have hit him about that truffle thing hahaha rain boots....... christ
Kween The Kid
Kween The Kid 8 gün önce
I’m sorry what happened to Garrett
Cat Minich
Cat Minich 9 gün önce
The house 😃
psycho bi_ch
psycho bi_ch 9 gün önce
You know what I can see Shane getting really good at makeup it just takes time❤💛💚💙💜💖
Julia Daye
Julia Daye 9 gün önce
Shane was right about the Truffle thing!
ambar bates
ambar bates 9 gün önce
😂this should be a reality show
MJM 9 gün önce
1:20 can we not support toxic people like this? thank you
AJ Ewing
AJ Ewing 10 gün önce
Shane is wearing Gucci slides and a shirt with a hole in it. If that isn't me, wearing nice jeans to save my shirt for three year olds and mismatched socks I don't know what is.
Haley Meghan
Haley Meghan 10 gün önce
Ryland so cute 💛👶🏻
Samantha Grimsley
Samantha Grimsley 10 gün önce
I’m literally Shane during the truffle argument 😂😂
lilyplayz roblox
lilyplayz roblox 10 gün önce
happy late bday
Tyler Pistachio
Tyler Pistachio 10 gün önce
lol shane only now realized ryland is a bimbo.
kaitlynxotd 10 gün önce
I love rylands eyes they are gorgeous like 😍
angel pitzer
angel pitzer 10 gün önce
I've been spoiling myself with new makeup for my one year sobriety date and I live in an r.v. so I had to organize everything and I work at a dolkartree so I don't have the stuff or room you guys have but I just keep adding more lol
Berthzy 10 gün önce
Melisa Scoggins
Melisa Scoggins 10 gün önce
WTF have y’all done to Andrew?!? During the adding sprinkles to Birthday 🎂 Cake scene I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from him! He has definitely been influenced by you guys and it’s hilarious!!! 😂🤣😂
Adelie Grace
Adelie Grace 10 gün önce
Shane is doing great!! Just don’t let him pull a James with the block brows :)
Jimmy Plazola
Jimmy Plazola 10 gün önce
Andrew is literally talking like them now😂❤️
Kelly Carpenter
Kelly Carpenter 11 gün önce
That eyebrow was a disaster
sam antha
sam antha 11 gün önce
@13:40 omg that went together perfectly lol
Abigail Newsom
Abigail Newsom 11 gün önce
I wish he would have edited a zoom in of Shane's a** while he said "the view is so nice"😂 13:38
decayeddoll 11 gün önce
Andrew...why are you eating bean dip with Tostitos? There were Fritos right next to them. Come on. This probably only bugs me 😅
No filter Mamma
No filter Mamma 11 gün önce
The trick to saying the name of the crystal is to NOT look at the name spelling! Swore off ski. I've been collecting for years and I know when it's pronounced wrong and then when I try to say it I screw it up too! Lmao. Just forget the name spelling or it will goof you up every time.😊
Lesly Zepeda
Lesly Zepeda 11 gün önce
Rich luxxxxx , love her the houseee!
maggie smith
maggie smith 11 gün önce
Ryland truffles are really really rare and really really expensive and there are mushroom truffles and chocolate is a candy and it's completely different I don't know how I know this cuz I'm a poor ass girl from North Minneapolis but
Elyse Stufflebean
Elyse Stufflebean 11 gün önce
No hate but why does Shane always have a hole in his shirt 😂😂
sheenaL2485 11 gün önce
Awe, so awesome they love @RichLux... clock it the house!!! ❤️❤️❤️ LOVE HER SOOO MUCH!!
Natalie Holch
Natalie Holch 11 gün önce
Omygod no truffles and truffles chocolate are diffrent
Angi D
Angi D 11 gün önce
Hey Ryland, no big deal! The way to pronounce Swarovski is 'swore off ski'. Almost nobody really knows unless they're jewelers of some kind. I'd tell my customers to imagine they had a bad time skiing and they swore off ski.....🤣😉
Destiny Rogers
Destiny Rogers 11 gün önce
Heyyy guys! I’m doing a $15 iTunes gift card giveaway :)
Kandice Rodriquez
Kandice Rodriquez 11 gün önce
⏰ it the 🏡 🍯 🍯
Peyton Repar
Peyton Repar 11 gün önce
10:44 shane’s laugh😂😂
Beautifully Brittle
Beautifully Brittle 11 gün önce
When shane said "Halo!" I screamed.
Consumers Goodwill
Consumers Goodwill 11 gün önce
Hi am navi
Breanna R. Paez
Breanna R. Paez 11 gün önce
I wish someone would give Ryland an actual fishy make over. Like actually shape his eyebrows and shave his beard before applying his makeup. Lol
Isabella Abreu
Isabella Abreu 11 gün önce
Ryland really blew on his trophie instead of the cake on accident
makaela boersma
makaela boersma 11 gün önce
The wii music in the background though 😂
Kaylin Abreu
Kaylin Abreu 11 gün önce
17:47 - 17:50 a modern day tragedy😭 poor Andrew
Angel Lynn
Angel Lynn 11 gün önce
Ryland said bitch I am your trophy lmao😂😂
Imi B
Imi B 11 gün önce
Ps: Marry me Andrewwww
Imi B
Imi B 11 gün önce
There's no bible We're leaving 😂
Kyle Harris
Kyle Harris 12 gün önce
Ava In the real world
Ava In the real world 12 gün önce
Yes! You come back please!
Kimo Souu
Kimo Souu 12 gün önce
Can Shane surprise me for my birthday since he likes to surprise people lol kidding.. maybe..
Editor Kitty
Editor Kitty 12 gün önce
shans right you know.. there are two diffrent kinds of truffles
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