My Bad Makeover Nightmare

Ryland Adams
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22 May 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Elle Ideson
Elle Ideson Gün önce
13 minutes 40... Shane pulling up his pants. We looooove a pants moment
Noobelton 3 gün önce
at 13:39 when ryland says, "thats a nice view" casually while shanes ass is in frame XD no hate just love love the vids
Riyan Koto
Riyan Koto 4 gün önce
Oh god Ryland is so dumb I love it
Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Butter 4 gün önce
So much was happening after ryland opened the champagne bottle lmao
Kyrie Wolfi Diantonio
Just randomly remembered we never got an update on Andrew and that one girl and what happened
Heath Martin
Heath Martin 5 gün önce
You and shane are beautiful thy way yall are hugs from OHIO
TokkisarangYT 6 gün önce
you and shane make the best couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i swear shane is more happy now then he was when i used to watch him in 2008 XD so glad you make him happy!
Tessa Gomez
Tessa Gomez 6 gün önce
Okay, sorry Ryland but this video was definitely not your best as far as looking a little dumb lol sorry (looking dumb is different than being dumb I know you're not but it just came off that way). So since you went out of your way to go back in and speak on the Swarovski situation why wouldn't you specifically make sure you said it correctly the second time? I don't think I would've really noticed the mispronunciation if you hadn't gone back in and butchered it even worse the second time lol. Sorry but I had to call you out. 😄😄 Not even gonna mention the truffles 🤣🤣🤣
J Tackett
J Tackett 6 gün önce
McFoyle Realness
Lisa Meers
Lisa Meers 6 gün önce
I have a secret crush on Ryland.
Linda Gallagher
Linda Gallagher 6 gün önce
The face that Shane made when Ryland said he's been spoiling him today was just so cute & adorable!!! I Love you guys!!☺️🤪🥰😗🤩🤗😽🤟🏼
The Good Americans
The Good Americans 7 gün önce
I would get those pipes flushed. Dump drano down then wait an hour then run hose water thru the pipes. If you rain drains aren’t working big problem. Septic tank?
intown girl
intown girl 8 gün önce
Shane you need to stick to slime!
Brianna Gordy
Brianna Gordy 8 gün önce
The fact ryland thinks mushroom truffles and chocolate truffles are the same thing... dear god. 😂😂😂😂
PAOLA M 8 gün önce
Binge watching all of Rylands vids is my fav thing to do when I’m bored
Katrina McMillan
Katrina McMillan 9 gün önce
I wish my man looked at me the way Andrew looked at that cake
Isidro E
Isidro E 9 gün önce
Jak Brownies
Jak Brownies 10 gün önce
I’ve been watching back Shane & ryland videos for days 😶🍿
Groovy teen19
Groovy teen19 9 gün önce
I know right!
fangs ko
fangs ko 12 gün önce
no bible? WE’RE LEAVING!
Grace Thompson
Grace Thompson 12 gün önce
Rishi Beauty
Rishi Beauty 12 gün önce
Ryland cuts into day he can’t pronounce Swar ov ski, but never cut in to say Shane is right about truffles. 🤣🤣🤣
Polished Rainbow
Polished Rainbow 12 gün önce
Please Ryland be careful of that salt lamp with Cheeto. If he likes it, it could kill him. PLease, please, please be careful.
8sims8rocks8 12 gün önce
1:22 shane trying to fix the fan and it falling apart is a perfect representation of my grades this term ... college isn't easy
Melissa Dawley
Melissa Dawley 12 gün önce
ryland is alarmingly dumb
Janine Marshall
Janine Marshall 12 gün önce
Lol after watching this for the 17th million time, I only just noticed the when Ryland said "Oooh the views so nice.. the waves crashing..." then you see Shane behind in the background with his arse crack out, pulling up his pants. Love you both so much.
Kristina Ryan
Kristina Ryan 12 gün önce
Stg andrews me all the time
Alexia O'Dell
Alexia O'Dell 12 gün önce
Why do you kinda look like Freddie Highmore
Suzy Payne-clark
Suzy Payne-clark 12 gün önce
OMG you can do mine any day !!
cutestkitty 807
cutestkitty 807 14 gün önce
Petition for Andrew to start a TRvid channel
Mfa Aa
Mfa Aa 14 gün önce
11:38 TAVLA MI?? hahahahshse
bactheusllo 15 gün önce
I like shane's priority was to check whether there was lube in the romance package. #gaycoupleproblem
Erin and Chloe Cadwell
When he said OH MY GOD. I literally spit out my drink and almost peed my pants.
Jasmine Lucero
Jasmine Lucero 15 gün önce
Shane posing n right away says can we eat it lik hes just my everyday mood
Lauren n Eli Bla bla bla
WHOS SECOND NAME?!( when ya’ll get married)
Heather J
Heather J 16 gün önce
the fact that Ryland continuously kept saying the truffles were the same thing lmao stop
Geeketeer 16 gün önce
you know that bougie is ... candle :)
Brynn Leighty
Brynn Leighty 17 gün önce
what happened to garret's and drew's friendship eight you guys?
cortezyvonne 18 gün önce
Our birthdays are both in the 20s of MAY yaaaay ☺️
cortezyvonne 18 gün önce
U do not eat the bean dip w d tortilla chips u eat it w d FRITOS! Everybody knows that! That really bothered me Andrew ure a monster lmao
Ashlee Weaver
Ashlee Weaver 18 gün önce
Love all the videos. They are amazing and can I say Andrew's laugh is everything.
Void Antoinette
Void Antoinette 19 gün önce
13:39 "oh the view is so nice" *Shane butt in the background*
Rodney 20 gün önce
Ryland seems like the guy that "never" remembers his license plate number... "I can't remember, it's a G Wagon"
Kaitlyn Mager
Kaitlyn Mager 20 gün önce
Them arguing about truffles has me DYING.
Dajung Chung
Dajung Chung 20 gün önce
The what am I marrying into KILLED ME
Sam 101
Sam 101 20 gün önce
Shane was probably dying inside when Ryland thought the Chocolate Truffles were mushrooms 😂😂
miss jones
miss jones 22 gün önce
why do I feel like there is drama between Shane and Jeffree? just me?
Dezzy lol
Dezzy lol 22 gün önce
“Where’s the lube?” “I didn’t bring any” I screamed 😂😭
kappueki neko
kappueki neko 22 gün önce
I ship Morgan and garrot. And I want Andrew to be happy. I'm 13. But I legit would date Morgan
Rock N'Roll
Rock N'Roll 24 gün önce
12:18 "Are you kidding me, right?" I love that sentence a lot.
Jane Ebert
Jane Ebert 24 gün önce
Happy Birthday Ryland!!! I love your new ring!! Shane loves you!!
Jimi Leriak
Jimi Leriak 25 gün önce
13:39 ryland: ooh the view is so nice Me : see's shane pulling his pant,yeah ryland the view is soo very nice 😂😂😂😂
Dominic Quintana
Dominic Quintana 25 gün önce
Thea way Shane dresses around the house is lit-era-ly me
C You Next Tuesday
C You Next Tuesday 26 gün önce
M G 26 gün önce
omg when Ryland was saying that truffles and truffle mushrooms (which are the most expensive mushroom on the market) were the same thing I literally got a headache. How do you think that chocolate truffles and the THING THAT MADE THE 1,000 DOLLAR PIZZA $1,000 are the SAME THING? ugh...........love him to death but sometimes he makes me wanna scream.
Elija And gabi
Elija And gabi 27 gün önce
I don’t wear make up I’m nine
Beatrice Mendoza
Beatrice Mendoza 27 gün önce
I completely understand how ryland feels about birthdays 😭
MrsJSchroeder 28 gün önce
Now that I have Shane I have my best friend all of the time 😭😭😭
shelby johnston
shelby johnston 29 gün önce
shane honey, i love you, but that eyebrow was NOT IT😳😬
Sophie Lash
Sophie Lash Aylar önce
Lol in the back you could see Shane pulling his pants up XD
// LxvMsp //
// LxvMsp // Aylar önce
Ryland "I'm 28 and I feel very, very old" Shane looks shOoK
By the way, Can You Survive AREA 51?
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