My Amigos Do My Makeup En Español!

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hi draguns! my amigos the DadWiggies came to help me with my spanish in an extra special get ready with me. my mexican mama is gonna be proud of me for this one.

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Nikita Dragun
Nikita Dragun Aylar önce
Erica Rich
Erica Rich Gün önce
The one was so funny
lamsy1 3 gün önce
nikita is such a dude
• buggy
• buggy 5 gün önce
as they should.
Carlos Posey
Carlos Posey 10 gün önce
@Zaraa A. I want you as friend
Carlos Posey
Carlos Posey 10 gün önce
@Jacky thesaiayan iwant to see you
nothing nothing
nothing nothing 21 saatler önce
WISH version of Harley Quinn
nothing nothing
nothing nothing 21 saatler önce
IT is that you😭✋🏼
nothing nothing
nothing nothing 21 saatler önce
She is flirting with the last dude
Luz Solorzano
Luz Solorzano 23 saatler önce
y el español? ;(
María Rachel Romero Recinos
bonito español yo hablo español que tal como estas
Summer Fatima
Summer Fatima Gün önce
Summer Fatima
Summer Fatima Gün önce
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez Gün önce
“No tiene dinero bro, yo pagué su chipotle” I was dying!🤣🤣
mermelada 2 gün önce
El pito en la frente 💀
Jyliani Torres
Jyliani Torres 2 gün önce
okay, but jayco is kind of fine
alexa Sandoval
alexa Sandoval 3 gün önce
alexa Sandoval
alexa Sandoval 3 gün önce
Omg I’m embarrassed for her 😭🤚🏼
Makeup Jessabel
Makeup Jessabel 3 gün önce
Last dude is fine ahl. I came here because of him
Tricia Abreu
Tricia Abreu 3 gün önce
oml she looks so crusty without makeup
Jessica 007
Jessica 007 4 gün önce
The amount of females in this comment section shows how insecure y'all are when it comes to transwomen around men, they are all friends just having fun and fooling around but y'all want to make it more than It is 😅🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Zara Campbell
Zara Campbell 4 gün önce
Nikita ugly without makeup 😭
Zara Campbell
Zara Campbell 4 gün önce
They put her in her space yessse
Zara Campbell
Zara Campbell 4 gün önce
She was trying to flirt with them n they all rejected lmao 🤣🤣
Beauty With Lyhia
Beauty With Lyhia 3 gün önce
Tam 4 gün önce
No les pasa que... La Dragona xd
megamind mally
megamind mally 4 gün önce
why does the guy with the purple hair look like bambam from got7, no?🤨
teresa morales
teresa morales 5 gün önce
Gail Luther
Gail Luther 5 gün önce
Omg Jayco is so fine 🥰
Camila Moon
Camila Moon 5 gün önce
she is such a pick me 💀
julie 6 gün önce
Why her face is red
Ilyana Rubio Aguilar
Por qué la odian tanto?🧍‍♀️
Ilyana Rubio Aguilar
@Camila Moon sí pero qué hizo o qué tiene esque este es el primer video suyo que veo y no se nada de ella, solo me pareció re tierna intentando hablar español AKAJXJSJ
Camila Moon
Camila Moon 5 gün önce
porque es literalmente super problemática 🧍‍♀️
D Bergs1400
D Bergs1400 7 gün önce
This video really made me realize how much of a sad ass person she is 😂😂😂
Lady Moriarty
Lady Moriarty 7 gün önce
Everybody making fun of her saying she got roasted and they don’t even like her. Guys, they’re closer than y’all think, it’s fine.
Jimin baby Mochi bts
It was so funny when she say chupacabra i was Lmao 😂😂😂 ❤️ you
K Stanton
K Stanton 8 gün önce
Nikita is so nice tho
elli1690 elli1690
elli1690 elli1690 8 gün önce
Nikita is a queen I would honestly worship her on an island
SHEorHER 8 gün önce
nikita tryna flirt boys making fun of her HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA
G Contreras
G Contreras 9 gün önce
18:43 guy: we have little memories Nikita “that we can remember 😉😏” Creeeeepy...she even cut off sante about to say he dont drink around her. She probably tries to force her creepy ass on them
G Contreras
G Contreras 9 gün önce
She’s giving creeper vibes. Like james charles tryna force himself on straight boys
kc Lisa
kc Lisa 10 gün önce
21:28-21:44 This is a second hand embarrassed
Cookie Lu
Cookie Lu 11 gün önce
21:57 is a moment that makes me laugh ridiculously
Santiago So Vella
Santiago So Vella 12 gün önce
Bruh Nikita trynna act all pick me vibes is just so embarrassing for the boys and herself 💀💀💀💀
Edelawit Gebresillassie
-0 that what i rate 1 to 10 they rlly did you dirty
dick ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ
babes ur mexican and u cant speak spanish 👩‍🦯👩‍🦯
Makayla Sang
Makayla Sang 13 gün önce
She’s actually annoying and tries to hard
Dyziah Proctor
Dyziah Proctor 13 gün önce
This might honestly be her best collab.😌
Alexandra Grassi
Alexandra Grassi 13 gün önce
No amigo, le hubieras dicho chorrillo en vez de chorro 🙄🙄
Alan Eumana
Alan Eumana 13 gün önce
lol all these comments tho.. y’all mad she’s hanging out w them and y’all will NEVER EVER will 🤣😭 y’all sad af !! obviously they were just playing around w her and she was too.. don’t y’all play around like this w your friends?? 🤨 like cmon 🙄 but it’s okay y’all still watched and made her her money so it’s all good 🤗💋💅🏼✨
Nahomi Fizzy
Nahomi Fizzy 14 gün önce
jose giving her the wrong names 😂😂😂
jenny 14 gün önce
AJAJAJA "no no no...."
Leeann Morales
Leeann Morales 14 gün önce
“tas fea” 😭😭
Aridayan Castellanos
Aridayan Castellanos 15 gün önce
Myke Sawyer
Myke Sawyer 15 gün önce
If it was holloween i would rate it a good 6. Lmao its the harley quinn for me
Myke Sawyer
Myke Sawyer 15 gün önce
What got me was her plan if she was stranded on a island. That shit got me dying laughing
Joanna Ch.
Joanna Ch. 15 gün önce
“& then she started showing us her cars, like we gave a fuck” 😭😂 LMAOO I LOVE THEM
April Rose
April Rose 16 gün önce
Thanks for the laughs. ❤
Míriam Paola Vázquez Barrón.
Jajaja amooooooooo
Serenity Philip
Serenity Philip 16 gün önce
Chu papi moneyenyo☺
Jazmin Cervantes
Jazmin Cervantes 17 gün önce
Jose at the end😭💀
Vanessa Garcia
Vanessa Garcia 18 gün önce
Despite the comments - I actually loved this! ☺️
Roxy Gutierrez
Roxy Gutierrez 18 gün önce
You really make the transgender community look desperate I still think there’s like a insecure gay boy inside you that craves straight male attention please stop
Enes Yigit
Enes Yigit 20 gün önce
This moment 15:56 HHAHAH it’s so funnyyy
shanice braxton vlogs
shanice braxton vlogs 20 gün önce
I don’t know how she kept her cool tbh. Lol
Pewdiepie Studio
Pewdiepie Studio 20 gün önce
Why her face look like that?
Mikala Jones-Fielder
Mikala Jones-Fielder 20 gün önce
his voice.....
Kg Life
Kg Life 21 gün önce
They trolling Nikita hardddd😂😂☠️
J 22 gün önce
This video is too long. That’s only appropriate for ur asmr.
J 22 gün önce
Nikita always got her male friends doing her make up on camera.
ヨウ天使 22 gün önce
Vanessa Vázquez Cruz
Vanessa Vázquez Cruz 22 gün önce
Que increible hablas español me encanto el video :)
ilovepotatoes like alot
NO I WONT ACCEPT THIS AS A LATINA, yall with a predator
Lyss 23 gün önce
Second hand embarrassment watching this 😭
Eddie Thomas
Eddie Thomas 23 gün önce
They did not have to shade Nikita like that Guy: "She was showing us her cars." Guy in the back: "Her rentals."
Alexis -a6-
Alexis -a6- 23 gün önce
Why remake a James Charles video? And now a Trisha Paytas video? So you're basically a TRvid tribute channel now?
Ivan Esparza
Ivan Esparza 23 gün önce
She gave me James Charles vibes hella creepy... THEY'RE STRAIGHT !!!!
Leandro Motta
Leandro Motta 23 gün önce
Juliet Xiong
Juliet Xiong 23 gün önce
José at the end tho,his lips colored🤣🤣
Drea & Tri
Drea & Tri 24 gün önce
I didn’t know jayco was a cancer ♋️ me too 💖
You need Help? you keep starring
Fuck cancers😂😂 Taurus, Leos and libras is on top
Drea & Tri
Drea & Tri 24 gün önce
Jose don’t give af 😂
Han Seojun
Han Seojun 24 gün önce
Everyone saying she thinks they are flirting with her but all i can see friends having fun and making jokes with each other
Ervin Rodriguez
Ervin Rodriguez 24 gün önce
Nikki dragon been dragged in her own channel lol 😆
v _
v _ 24 gün önce
she’s trying so hard i’m crying
Naomi Barbour
Naomi Barbour 24 gün önce
Color Correctár😂😂😂 like give up the act!!!
Loran Haj mousa
Loran Haj mousa 25 gün önce
Juan Jose Sanchez Cano
Ojalá siga haciendo videos en español :
HIKARI13 25 gün önce
Pterodactyl 25 gün önce
kawaii_.bubbles 25 gün önce
Nakita I know your niece Riley she is my cousins BFF
Claireandpaul Lynch
Claireandpaul Lynch 25 gün önce
Gurl I don't regret subbing to u
Edgardo Maldonado
Edgardo Maldonado 25 gün önce
This is so embarrassing
AM Channel
AM Channel 25 gün önce
Pia Chu
Pia Chu 25 gün önce
Why does she look like that 0:04
BorissRaco 26 gün önce
Jajaja maso menos!! You tried and that is cool
King Tummy
King Tummy 26 gün önce
I’m straight but 12 days without yanking my chungus got this man looking absolutely delicious
Nyan cat
Nyan cat 26 gün önce
Emma Acuña Cruz
Emma Acuña Cruz 27 gün önce
She wasn't flirting with them, she was trying to be nice and the "rejected" her for no reason lol
Brianna Bain
Brianna Bain 27 gün önce
i rate you a 0
Isabella Muñoz
Isabella Muñoz 27 gün önce
Seve Ongpin
Seve Ongpin 27 gün önce
what has the world come to
Bobbie Candelario
Bobbie Candelario 27 gün önce
Santea is so fine
Sam Pak
Sam Pak 27 gün önce
Can’t talk about *miami* Can’t talk about *my birthday*
Jude Giganti
Jude Giganti 27 gün önce
Wear a mask?
Cassandra Clarke
Cassandra Clarke 27 gün önce
Nikita they were just making fun of you🙄 they lowkey wasnt interested in doing it gd
nataliexyz123 28 gün önce
ONLY watching this because of DadWiggies
Julieta Nieto
Julieta Nieto 28 gün önce
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