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Welcome to my 8 MUST DO THINGS in Istanbul Turkey! One of my favorite cities, Istanbul is a mashup of cultures, language, religion, history, and food. It's a rich tapestry of a place and it's unlike anywhere in the world. If you are able to do all the things on this list, you will leave Istanbul happy... I promise!
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Monkey Istanbul
Mikla Rooftop Bar
360 Istanbul
(There's tons all over the city, go explore and find you own!)
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29 Aug 2019




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Justin Poore
Justin Poore 4 aylar önce
Definitely one of my favorite cities and I will 100% be back. Comment and let me know if you have suggestions for more places to see either in Istanbul or in Turkey!
Sedef TIĞ
Sedef TIĞ 11 gün önce
İf you will be İstanbul again, you need to go in istanbul Yarebatan sarnacı (really interesting and near at agia shopia ) Galata tower(you need to be top of tower) Girl tower Topkapı palace Süleymaniye mosque (really big and amazing View) İstiklal street İf you will be diffrent city, i think Cappadocia (very interesting place you can stroll by balloon) Pamukkale Ölüdeniz( you can do parachute, summer parachute is very popular ) Saklıkent vadisi ,fethiye at Muğla Alanya,Kaş,Manavgat at Antalya Sümela Manastırı And uzungöl atTrabzon Balıklıgöl(religion place important histroy ) at Şanlıurfa Göbeklitepe Zeugma Mozaik Museum at Gaziantep Mardin turkey is very large and very history of a country, where the three was different empires and archeology is a powerful country. this is just part of what I said, there are lots of places to visit. If you come to Istanbul, I can guide you.
Mike Bailey
Mike Bailey 20 gün önce
I love Turkey, I love other cities in Turkey as well, perhaps you can take us there again one day, and other cities there; I'm not getting a lot of opportunities to travel... Thank you for sharing! And Have A Happy New Year!
Tugce Yelbasi
Tugce Yelbasi Aylar önce
Pamukkale Kapadokya Eskişehir İzmir Muğla Antalya
Ezzy Vlogs
Ezzy Vlogs Aylar önce
hi guys, this was a cool video and a enjoyed it, I have some Albanian and travel videos on my channel that I think you guys would love. please check it out and tell me what you think. Ezzy vlogs
elizabeth bahar
elizabeth bahar 19 saatler önce
Sorry but that is a real Starbucks
S Dener
S Dener 2 gün önce
Good video but just FYI Turkey is not a middle eastern country. Please provide accurate information if you are posting videos about a country.
Burak Saygı
Burak Saygı 3 gün önce
This video was one of the best istanbul vlogs I've ever seen, i liked it.
Emre Aydın
Emre Aydın 3 gün önce
Dude, here you see a turkey may occur at any moment in spite of the very worst thing a very good man .. but the general tourist likes to spend with domestic tourists and foreign tourists, especially if Istanbul is not pity 😄😄
Mehmet CAN
Mehmet CAN 5 gün önce
He wanted you charge you 80 Liras? You should have asked him for a new pair of shoes then ;) And a little advice have some coins and learn to say "üzerimde bu kadar var" something like "thats all i have" :)
Mehmet CAN
Mehmet CAN 4 gün önce
@Justin Poore smart move :) I wish you shouldnt have faced these idiots but its İstanbul's destiny to have good and bad people in it at the same time. I hope bad ones dont offend people that much. Waiting for your new video with the title "Amazing areas in Turkey" like Fethiye , Kapadokya , İzmir , Mardin , Urfa , Hatay , Antalya... I can keep counting :)
Justin Poore
Justin Poore 4 gün önce
Don't worry we didn't pay him that :)
afnaan al huseiny
afnaan al huseiny 6 gün önce
if anyone knows where the last place is located please let me know the rooftop ..
Petra Perković
Petra Perković 3 gün önce
Kubbe rooftop i think
basil tabakhna
basil tabakhna 6 gün önce
You have to see taksim !!!
Nthn xeeds xesS
Nthn xeeds xesS 6 gün önce
what the rooftop place you are at in this video ?
Samira Abdu
Samira Abdu 6 gün önce
Great video. How long does it take from Europe side to Go to Asia side via ferri
Justin Poore
Justin Poore 4 gün önce
It was only around 15 minutes
fortnite secrets
fortnite secrets 6 gün önce
greetings to turkey from a syrian (no hate pls lol)
Ömer Ortaeri
Ömer Ortaeri 14 saatler önce
Why should we hate dude, greetings to syria
dlyrk 6 gün önce
09:15 where is the place?
Caner Aksoy
Caner Aksoy 6 gün önce
If you want to come to Turkey and you have questions i’m ready to answer all these questions and i will help you in every step . ( im university student who lives in Istanbul and I’m Turkish ❤️🇹🇷 ) Mail : caneraksoy3@gmail.com
pradeep krishnan
pradeep krishnan 8 gün önce
Can I know the name of the last bit? The terrace?
If you visit Üsküdar, come to my house!
ozgur A
ozgur A 9 gün önce
Europe side for tourists bur Asia is for Turks :) next time visit bagdat caddesi and sea side also go to adalar - iselands, Beykoz, Camlica etc...
kkkfts 9 gün önce
80 lira almış ayakkabasını sildi diye yuh
Eda Basar
Eda Basar 10 gün önce
Özlem Gökçe
Özlem Gökçe 10 gün önce
I would recommend a Turkish friend to you then you will know all the tricks and your visiting gonna be more comfortable
H Y 11 gün önce
You forgot some most important places. Here’s the some places you can visit in Istanbul. Where to visit in Istanbul 1) Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya) 2)Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camisi) 3)Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarnıcı) 4)Topkapı Palace (Topkapı Sarayı) 5) Egypt Spice Mall (Mısır Çarşısı) 6) Grand Bazaar (Kapalı Çarşı) 7) Galata Tower (Galata Kulesi) 8) Galata Museum (Galata Müzesi) 9) Galata Bridge (Galata Köprüsü) (You must eat fish here :)) ) 10) Maiden's Tower (Kız Kulesi) 11) Istiklal Avenue (İstiklal Caddesi) 12) Taksim Square 13) 90 minutes Bosphorus Cruise
Joao Aman
Joao Aman 11 gün önce
Turkey🇹🇷 is my second home after Kazakhstan 🇰🇿
meee5555 11 gün önce
To get a boat across to 'Asia' then take 5 steps in, stop at the first place you see and write it off. Wow. The Asian side of Istanbul is a world of discoveries waiting to happen!
Tibor Mucsinyi
Tibor Mucsinyi 12 gün önce
Useful informations.Thanks a lot!
OMF 349
OMF 349 13 gün önce
Here’s another one! Just walk around and explore the city! The hotel I was in was very neatly situated infront of the big post office which is in walking distance to the grand and Egyptian bazaar,Hagia Sophia, and sultan Ahmed which makes it even better, overall amazing experience there, also have to point out they’re unique culture!
Elif g
Elif g 13 gün önce
I usually don’t comment on these types of videos. As someone who lives in Istanbul I think some of your comments were really rude. Especially your girlfriends comments. I think you had no respect for the people living there. For example saying, there’s no point to pass to the Asian side is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. You’ve only been there for what a few hours? And you’re telling people what they should and shouldn’t do. The Asian side is really big, it isnt just that one neighborhood youve visited. As tourists I think you should always be open minded. I hope both of your behaviors towards peoples countrys and cultures change.
Elif g
Elif g 12 gün önce
Justin Poore hello, when you put it this way I agree with you. That is just not how I feel this message and your thoughts were expressed in the video. Of course I’m aware that it is difficult to express all thoughts and emotions through a short video. Even though we dont necesarily see eye to eye, I really appreciate the reply and especially you being calm and professional in your reply. When I read my comment again I realized it was a bit too informal and maybe even rude itself. So for that I apologize and really respect that you wrote back and expressed yourself.
Justin Poore
Justin Poore 12 gün önce
I don't think anything said was insensitive or insulting. I stand-by my recommendation. If you're a first time visitor to Istanbul and have limited time, then I don't recommend spending a lot of time on the Asia side. While there is a lot to do there, it's not as easily accessible as a lot of other amazing sites and areas within the European side of the city.
Tenac 300
Tenac 300 13 gün önce
Russia is not in Asia. Russia is in Europe
Alex Angel
Alex Angel 13 gün önce
I've never been to Istanbul 😢😢😢
Joao Aman
Joao Aman 10 gün önce
@Alex Angel I am telling you, maybe you will visit Istanbul in future
Alex Angel
Alex Angel 10 gün önce
@Joao Aman I don't know what you said.
Joao Aman
Joao Aman 11 gün önce
I wish you will
Joao Aman
Joao Aman 11 gün önce
It's ok
Latef Kadri
Latef Kadri 14 gün önce
Hello Justin, A question, what is the name of the terrace where you're in the video? Thanks in advance! :)
Eylül Akar
Eylül Akar 11 gün önce
@Maram MakhloufThank you but I know that, I've watched the video.:) And I checked all those places in the internet but could not figure out which one it is. So yeah, I'm still looking for it:)
Maram Makhlouf
Maram Makhlouf 11 gün önce
He said that he will write it in the information box and he did, here it is; Rooftops: Terrace41 Monkey Istanbul Mikla Rooftop Bar 360 Istanbul
Eylül Akar
Eylül Akar 12 gün önce
Same here, came to read comments to find the place but no one mentioned:)
D Dragon
D Dragon 14 gün önce
you should have reported that refilled bottle dealer at the police station, its illegal for sure and he would have been detained or prosecuted. or just walk back and tell him you will and youll get your money back in a blink :D
Mehmet kılıç
Mehmet kılıç 16 gün önce
Türkiye İstanbul welcome thank you very much 👍 yes 👍☺️🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Dewald Botha
Dewald Botha 17 gün önce
Hi Justin, Your video was informative and helped us prepare for our trip - the shoe cleaner dropping a brush thing? Less than 5 mins after getting off the bus in Taksim!!! We just had to laugh... less than 5 mins! Some things we experienced differently, like the Asian side, and so on, but we're all different. As some people pointed out some minor bits not being quite accurate, but hey... it's a video for tips, not a legal document... :-) Thanks! Happy travels. D.
Justin Poore
Justin Poore 16 gün önce
I'm so glad you didn't fall for the brush trick! hahaha and glad you guys had fun :)
Melanie Baczynski
Melanie Baczynski 17 gün önce
definitely one of the better vlogs I've seen. Thanks for being informative, telling a story and putting effort into your editing/production. I'm getting tired of seeing videos of 20 y/o influencers taking selfie footage in front of historical monuments with nothing important to say.
婷婷的世界 Ting Ting's World
Nice! Planning my 2020 Turkey trip, thanks for the tips :-)
Pixel Dot
Pixel Dot 17 gün önce
Its not under construction its already been build, its under restoration
shahid rana
shahid rana 17 gün önce
Nice. When you come again in Istanbul please also visit our restaurant. Zaika restaurant. We have Pakistani and Indian food . You will really enjoy . You can find us on google map . Near Taksim at findikzade stop
Melih Şahin
Melih Şahin 18 gün önce
80 liras for a shoe shine... It costs 5 liras normally. In fact you got finna scammed.
Justin Poore
Justin Poore 18 gün önce
Dont worry we didn't pay him that :)
Oz 19 gün önce
4:40 Nice to see they have some quality cocaine even in Turkey
Mina Krupinski
Mina Krupinski 21 gün önce
Minute 7:20 "80 lira" what 80 lira oh my GOD I'm from Istanbul and let me just say ohaaaaaaaaa Allahtan kork be!!!!!!!!!! That's not cool!!!!!
Justin Poore
Justin Poore 21 gün önce
Dont worry :) We didn't pay him that.
Hazel B
Hazel B 23 gün önce
Nice video but There is so much more to Istanbul :D
Illi Zizon
Illi Zizon 24 gün önce
you should avoid everything with no fixed prices like bazaars, small shops or street sellers. you will get scammed. its just the type of way these shops work. the price is made by negotiating. if you are a good in it you win, if dont you will get scammed. no matter you are turkish or a foreigner.
Serap Can
Serap Can 25 gün önce
I will visit Istanbul in January 2020 again. I'm so excited 😍 love Turkey 🇹🇷
Sevilay 27 gün önce
I want to thank you two for this great video showing the bests of Istanbul the city I was born. Thank you!!!
Zepüter 28 gün önce
Welcome Turkey 🇹🇷🥳
Usman Chohan
Usman Chohan 29 gün önce
I'd already done everything before I saw this except Balat, thx for the recommendation
Justin Poore
Justin Poore 29 gün önce
Ya you gotta go check out Balat! Great for a Sunday stroll and mid-day coffee.
nasworldwide Aylar önce
What's the name of the roof top did you go at the end of the video?
Justin Poore
Justin Poore 29 gün önce
Hey thanks for watching :) I honestly have no idea. We followed the sea gulls at sunset and found it.
Emirhan Çiloğlu
Emirhan Çiloğlu Aylar önce
8:11 bacımızın dekoltesine gözü kayan mömin abimiz.
Berat Yüksel
Berat Yüksel Aylar önce
Hi from Istanbul! Follow me for Istanbul travel videos!
Il Capitano Alexandr
*For quite a long period I don't see such a refreshing quality content like this.. don't understand why u got few subscribers. Eventually more people will appreciate your quality work lad. Take care, Greetings*
Justin Poore
Justin Poore Aylar önce
Thank you! :) Appreciate the kind words and glad you like the video!
Kaan Cantenor
Kaan Cantenor Aylar önce
You’re welcome my dear friend Justin
CAN SAFKAN Aylar önce
Our shopping malls are awesome too ( im from turkey )
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith Aylar önce
Going there next week
Welcome to Turkey it was great Vlog but there was lots of great place in Asia side maybe next time you can make another vlog in Asia side. And sorry for some unlucky sitution :(
Justin Poore
Justin Poore Aylar önce
Yes next time I need to spend more time on the Asia side! Do you have any recommendations on the Asia side?
Emre Kalender
Emre Kalender Aylar önce
Hi justin , im sorry for the problems you encountered when you trip in Turkey . We are like this. We cant change to this situation. I hope You will be lucky and meet with good person at next time. Good luck :)
sinan tazegül
sinan tazegül Aylar önce
Hi Justin they act same us.we are not like that Turkish people are hospitable and very kind
Mr. Selahaddin
Mr. Selahaddin Aylar önce
@JustinPoore Hi 👋 I watched the video about Istanbul Turkey 🇹🇷 and I’m proud of it. But you've had some unpleasant events. Like a shoeshine, like a cab driver taking you too much. But we're not that. Next time you come to Istanbul, let me host you. I leave my contact details here. You must write to me. E-mail : mrselo74@gmail.com
Fare Aylar önce
I have been in Istanbul and it is amazing!!
Bilal Harmanşa
Bilal Harmanşa Aylar önce
Hello. first of all, this type of treatment, but still thank you for trying to make our country like Istanbul. because these people do not only treat tourists but the Turkish people. people who travel between cities in the so-called recreation facility charges charges at the prices they give a bad service. but I sincerely guarantee that our people are welcoming and kind. I would love to contact you if you visit again.
ilke_yigiter Aylar önce
You could have explored a lot more, more than the usual "tourist spots". Also, I feel sorry about the shoe painter thing and stuff like that. We are not usually like that in Turkey, I apologize on behalf of those people for not showing you hospitability. You should be really carefull to the scammers out there, especially taxis and restaurants but overall normal folk of İstanbul would be pleased to help you in anyway possible. I remember giving my "public transport travel card" to some Russian tourist for free and showing them how to use it. Or giving directions to some german tourist and leading the way to their destination. Overall my point is that, not all turkish people are that and I would, personally, love to give you guys an "Asian side of İstanbul" tour. :)
Sezgin Berber
Sezgin Berber Aylar önce
It's unfortunate that you know Turks like this. sorry 🙏
Justin Poore
Justin Poore Aylar önce
It happens all over the world, but I have nothing but good things to say about Istanbul and my experience in Turkey. I met so many nice and amazing people.
Duygu Akin
Duygu Akin Aylar önce
Hi Justin. You will always be welcome in Turkey. Sorry for the story with shoe cleaning and taxi driver. There are profiteers all over the world. Even as a Turkish, I can say that it also tries to rip us off. In any case there are also very good people in Turkey. Hope you will see them.
Justin Poore
Justin Poore Aylar önce
Do not worry! I met so many amazing Turkish people when I was there. Everyone was so friendly and had great stories to tell. I will be back and can't wait to explore more of your country :)
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