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so so excited to make this lil morning routine video for you all teehee. definitely got inspired by tiktok's "that girl" aesthetic and have been trying to prioritize healthy habits a lot more in my life (which some days means waking up at 5am like this and starting my day early, and others means sleeping in until 11 because my body needs to catch up on sleep). i've found a good balance of both is key. what time do you guys like to wake up in the morning?

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inquiries only: siennasanter@select.co

✰ how old are you? 22!
✰ what camera do you use? canon g7x mark ii
✰ what do you use to edit? final cut pro x
✰ what do you use to edit your IG pics? tone studio app

F T C: this video is sponsored by Function of Beauty :)

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5 May 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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noura F
noura F 11 saatler önce
00:25 billie eilish 😀
urgal 12 saatler önce
Hi. Can I ask what brand is your necklace?
Anam Fatima
Anam Fatima 2 gün önce
Hey hi @sieena Luv uh Ur dressing is my desire
Hey Stob It
Hey Stob It 2 gün önce
IMAO this is kinda weird, but for some reason your voice is really calming.
Princesshope 4 gün önce
You’re so cute!!
Andrea Alvarado
Andrea Alvarado 4 gün önce
try not brushing your waves out girl
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Armielyn Atienza
Armielyn Atienza 4 gün önce
i wish i can be that productive like her 🙂
London Guy Travels
London Guy Travels 5 gün önce
Awesome video, what’s the water bottle called?
Meg Simmons
Meg Simmons 5 gün önce
Her body, her face, her clothes, all perfect like how can a person be so beautiful!!!
stephanie eva pena
stephanie eva pena 5 gün önce
where did you get your sweater from ??
E B 6 gün önce
What leggings are these!!! I need them 🥺🌟
Vivian Duncan
Vivian Duncan 6 gün önce
bro wait this is Regents ?? No way I clicked on a vid that takes place at my school, it's too small 😅
Yaana Exams
Yaana Exams 6 gün önce
Did anyone realize she is breathing too hard because of her mask press the blue numbers👇 7:30
Hazel Varghese
Hazel Varghese 6 gün önce
my morning routine is legit wake up at 6 am and play games or do hw ._.
Amy Golds
Amy Golds 6 gün önce
at 6:55 her computer says 10am but she says its 9?
Bodybuilding Motivation Music
"Life is like a piano. Black keys are pain and white keys are happiness. But you need them both to play the music"
margie niles
margie niles 7 gün önce
Girl why you still need the mask? And outside? 🤦🏾
Bathræ Gemini
Bathræ Gemini 7 gün önce
3:59 whats the laptop?
Şeyma Avcı
Şeyma Avcı 7 gün önce
seerpou 7 gün önce
"tell me you're rich and privileged without telling me you're rich and privileged"
Fatima hasan siddiqi
reminder jealousy is a disease
Victoria Beracha
Victoria Beracha 8 gün önce
Where is your planner from?
RIYA 8 gün önce
How just anyone can so sweet 🥺❤️✋
Christina M.
Christina M. 8 gün önce
That shampoo is great. I rarely buy it because of the price
ObstreperousWit 8 gün önce
I wake up at 6 and I need to have SO MUCH coffee to get through the day. I am most energetic after 4 pm lol but my classes are early morning so I have to sleep early which takes me more than an hour of imagination. Hence I am always sleepy.
Ramen_hottub 🍜
Ramen_hottub 🍜 9 gün önce
I love how she’s a realist
Hardik Jain
Hardik Jain 9 gün önce
You are too cute❤️
Juhi Bajpai
Juhi Bajpai 9 gün önce
her aesthetic is so pleasing
Iron man
Iron man 9 gün önce
i will just give my child a cmaera and a youtuv=be vlogging account about healthy lifestyle and good grades no need to teach him anything
Iron man
Iron man 9 gün önce
what is this life and waht is this peoplegoing about partying till 5
Angelina Montealvo Craig
I love this video so much
Isco Vázquez
Isco Vázquez 11 gün önce
Wow that bread breakfast looked delicious, I'll make myself some like that. 😋
Nehad Abdalhamid
Nehad Abdalhamid 11 gün önce
You look like hana El zehed💙💙
Gloria Poppas
Gloria Poppas 11 gün önce
Only show your good perfect side.don't ever show how we all know you to really be.i hid all those videos so u can project your false lie upon the world.
Laura Priske
Laura Priske 11 gün önce
I’m so happy that she said she doesnt do this every morning. Makes me not try to chase this waking up every morning at 5am idea week. Just motivates me to do this maybe once a week. Loooove it. Little things matter
Gizem ,
Gizem , 12 gün önce
just wow
anastasia harlamova
anastasia harlamova 12 gün önce
Pluviophile 12 gün önce
I'm almost done with college, but I'm still envious with this kind of college life, so I wish my next life will be a good one.
Maycalah T
Maycalah T 13 gün önce
where are your outfits from??
polborom 14 gün önce
Idk if it’s just me but sometimes I forget how rich people can be, like there’s not a single college in my country that looks like this
Erjola Army
Erjola Army 10 gün önce
Right? Looks better than rich houses in my country lol
Shalyn Queen Arot
Shalyn Queen Arot 14 gün önce
Where did you bought your books?🤗omgg I'm loving your videos 🥰❤
Shalyn Queen Arot
Shalyn Queen Arot 14 gün önce
I love your journal❤️❤️
Brookie_ Pooh
Brookie_ Pooh 14 gün önce
I just realized... SHE LIVES IN EUROPE?! lol I had no idea 😂
bty̰nạ bhzạd
bty̰nạ bhzạd 14 gün önce
Omg , you have a very beautiful life and I hope you always enjoy your life in peace 🥺🥑🧿
كـلـيـم ༒.•
Hi I am a new truly I love your channel I hope there is an Arab translation
Maddy King
Maddy King 14 gün önce
Your necklace is stunning! Where did you get it from? 🥰
129k niko
129k niko 15 gün önce
I go to sleep at like 2am an wake up a like 10 in the morning
이유나 16 gün önce
다섯시에 일어나시면 몇시에 주무시나요? 멋지게 사시네요!! 무기력해지면 한번씩 영상보러와요^^ 멋져요!!! ^^
Canal da ana
Canal da ana 16 gün önce
Can you put english CC i don't speak english so it's hard to see american videos without some words i can write in english i can speak english but i can't hear english very great i'm so sorry if i am making a wrong or ofensive coment but i don't wanna make you sad or mad with me i'm just wanna English cc in some videos not the all it's hard to make videos i know if you don't wanna put english cc it's Okay i watch the videos without ccs but i not gonna understand some words :)
marah 16 gün önce
Pheobes Wrld
Pheobes Wrld 17 gün önce
Prince Isreal
Prince Isreal 17 gün önce
Gaia Pigato
Gaia Pigato 17 gün önce
si ma amo non lo pressare cosi tanto il caffè, deve rimanere bello morbido nella moka
Chloe Brown
Chloe Brown 18 gün önce
L. B
L. B 18 gün önce
You should try the curly girl method on your hair ! :)
Ana Berkowitz
Ana Berkowitz 18 gün önce
I loved 😍
chamomile 18 gün önce
Oh, it's so cozy and aesthetically pleasing... Hello from Russia))
Anjali 18 gün önce
dont brush ur wet hair , thats one of the reason u have hair all ur bathroom
Coco and Misty
Coco and Misty 18 gün önce
She gives me THAT girl vibes😘
Gigi Costa
Gigi Costa 20 gün önce
Damn girl your life is literally the "that girl" life!
SlingShot World
SlingShot World 20 gün önce
did you have been late for your routine in the morning ?
• frostedjosieos
• frostedjosieos 21 gün önce
Every individual college at Oxford has its own library?! Luxury.
sierra cooke
sierra cooke 21 gün önce
Wait. So you just worked out. Yet had zero protein in your breakfast?
Amy McGuire
Amy McGuire 22 gün önce
How good is a quiet gym 😍🙌
mia nemun
mia nemun 23 gün önce
No hate, just opinion. This is the most unrealistic morning routine I've ever seen, not saying it cannot be done but doing this everyday with the stress of college seems extremely unlikely.
Rinchen 20 gün önce
She clearly said that she doesn't wake up at 5am everyday. 🤷‍♀️So this might not be her everyday morning routine?
Blu 23 gün önce
1:13 Omg, you're so lazy. Haha, jk.
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 23 gün önce
Biz de türkiye de sabah 5 de kalkip yks calisioz
heyitspetra 23 gün önce
to th ppl who comment "i dont undertand how ppl can wake up this early and function" i didnt know it either until i started working at a hospital and studying. now on the weekends even if i go to bed at 3am i automatically wake up at 8-9 am. 9 am is now what 12pm was once for me
Fatema Parvin
Fatema Parvin 23 gün önce
I call you beautiful, but you are more than amazing.
LaniEditss 23 gün önce
How do you live such an aesthetic life!? 😩🤚🏽
юнги юнгианский
Your voice looks like Kyle Jenner 😍
Nilisha Lobo
Nilisha Lobo 24 gün önce
Heyy!!♡ New subscriber... Loving ur videos..♥️🥰
유리 Yu-ri vlog
유리 Yu-ri vlog 24 gün önce
오늘 다이어트를 시작합니다 😊 저를 격려 해주세요 🥰 I'm starting a diet today 😊 I hope you encourage me 🥰
Brandon Washington
Brandon Washington 24 gün önce
5 AM college days are a good plus if done right.
Rana Rana
Rana Rana 25 gün önce
حياتي هي عباره عن اني اشوف يوميات الناس
Mohamed Rractif
Mohamed Rractif 26 gün önce
Mohamed Rractif
Mohamed Rractif 26 gün önce
How are you
S. 26 gün önce
This was the best morning routine I’ve watched in a while
Taylor Macdonald
Taylor Macdonald 27 gün önce
Love your contnet, where is your croped fuzzy sweater from?
Phoebe Worden
Phoebe Worden 27 gün önce
Hey, my dream is to go to Oxford and you don't have to do this but i'd love to know the grades you got to get in and how you did it plus tips and so on.I totally understand if not tho. thx
web_lua 27 gün önce
I love this
cherry lyngdoh
cherry lyngdoh 27 gün önce
I 💗 her, Thank you for the video.😘😘
ام قاسم صوالحة صوالحة
Please add an Arabic translation ❤️
Grace Rodgers
Grace Rodgers 28 gün önce
It’s my dream to go to Oxford I’m working as hard as possible to get in
Enya Verbinnen
Enya Verbinnen 28 gün önce
Omg where's your sage/matcha green workout set from? May/can i please get the link to it/name of it?🥰❤
Ruby Vlogs
Ruby Vlogs 28 gün önce
I can hear the British twanggg
Thuany Amaro
Thuany Amaro 28 gün önce
Ameiii esse vídeo, eu sou do Brasil. I from Brazil. Like like😍😍😍❤️quero fazer vídeos assim também.
Josean p
Josean p 28 gün önce
I love these videos!!!
Ugbad 1737
Ugbad 1737 28 gün önce
I love ur jacket soo much😻😻. Where did u get it from?😊
Dautu Naga
Dautu Naga 28 gün önce
your content is amazing, keep it up.
ইলিশের বাড়ি
Hello. I from Bangladesh. Haw r u
Deepanwita Talukdar
Deepanwita Talukdar 28 gün önce
Hey from India 🇮🇳❤️
jovanah alcoser
jovanah alcoser 28 gün önce
Does anyone know where this gym set is from?
oo 29 gün önce
i am watching this lying on my bed at 11:00am.....cleaning every stuff afer your workout is awesome and so kind..!!
hibari sama
hibari sama 29 gün önce
What's the gym app
Posie 7
Posie 7 29 gün önce
Is this the gym of your college ?
Army’s Entertainment
Sienna hi ! How are you darling ? ❤️. Can you answer this question ? How hard is Harvard exam ?
Trace Mac
Trace Mac Aylar önce
Why 5am so early lol ah obsessed with her body...
shrishti sinha
shrishti sinha Aylar önce
Which planner is that? It’s so cute. Anyone know?
Alyssa Aylar önce
when i was in college i would miss my 10:20 am class bc it was too early for me
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