Mutton Bustin ~ Benton Franklin Rodeo

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Benton Franklin County Fair and Rodeo Tri-Cities, Washington.



6 Nov 2016




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Annalisa Fastfall
Annalisa Fastfall 17 gün önce
Gary Winthorpe
Gary Winthorpe 2 gün önce
Wait till you see bull fighting🤣🤣🤣
Josean Ponce
Josean Ponce 17 gün önce
That’s nothing
Annalisa Fastfall
Annalisa Fastfall 17 gün önce
And 3:08
muhammedali ikbal
muhammedali ikbal 25 gün önce
No child protection act in their constitution? Where is it? USA? Shame on you.
yahhir alberto Salazar
2:53 cuando la física te vale verga
Dusty Reins
Dusty Reins 2 aylar önce
Do these events violate the new COPPA restrictions?
Good Saw
Good Saw 2 aylar önce
Смелые ребята! Пожелаю им удачи!!! Привет из России!!!
xristos karamalis
xristos karamalis 2 aylar önce
Ranjana Panchal
Ranjana Panchal 2 aylar önce
I like it I am looking in India 👌👌👌
Maria De jesus
Maria De jesus 3 aylar önce
Gracinha. Já cresce corajoso 😍
Knuckles x Sonia
Knuckles x Sonia 3 aylar önce
Poor sheeps and kids.
Hugo Garcia
Hugo Garcia 3 aylar önce
Rufino Gomez
Rufino Gomez 3 aylar önce
Cod Almighty
Cod Almighty 3 aylar önce
Rodeo; teaching children to be cruel to animals.
tictac tictac
tictac tictac 3 aylar önce
Cod Almighty
Cod Almighty 3 aylar önce
@John Matrix Is that also a pastime in America then?
John Matrix
John Matrix 3 aylar önce
Its better then teaching them how to do drive bys, in the Democrat controlled inner cities.
Creeper Green
Creeper Green 3 aylar önce
Son of bitch
tictac tictac
tictac tictac 4 aylar önce
STOP rodeo cruelty!!! Shame on you!
tictac tictac
tictac tictac 10 gün önce
@Tresnota Very intellectual commentary😉.
Tresnota 10 gün önce
You vegans don't know jackshit anything about how strong and durable these animals are. 😂 The only ones leaving rodeos with bruises are the courageous and strong cowboys, cowgirls and cowkids!
tictac tictac
tictac tictac 23 gün önce
@AJ Maine I agree with you. But the problem of animal abuse is real.
AJ Maine
AJ Maine 23 gün önce
@tictac tictac There are far far greater things in this century to be concerned about rather than little children riding sheep. I just wish more people would seek out the more serious issues and respond to them instead.
tictac tictac
tictac tictac 24 gün önce
@AJ Maine The pacifist= snowflake? a simple stupidity. Sorry. 18th century mentality!
Erna Rosnita
Erna Rosnita 4 aylar önce
Is the 2019?WT...son oF.......
Yolanda Nieves
Yolanda Nieves 4 aylar önce
IS THIS 2019?WT..SON OF....
osman Muse iS A945 IAM food Lion me
Afaratan naso maxaah ka dureero father
GreenMan1986x 4 aylar önce
Sick animal and children abusers :/
tictac tictac
tictac tictac 24 gün önce
You are right. STOP rodeo cruelty!
John Matrix
John Matrix 3 aylar önce
No animals were hurt or children. Unlike the Democrat controlled inner cities, were children run wild killing each other. Go preach your bullshit somewhere else.
DemonQueen Mariah
DemonQueen Mariah 4 aylar önce
how is that animal abuse i dont think u know the definition of animal abuse
jerson adrian fernandez gutierrez
osman Muse iS A945 IAM food Lion me
well come Ethiopian shapes IAM manakay gorilla Koko 55 wa cunaa
Esteban Alarcon
Esteban Alarcon 5 aylar önce
Puta los cabros sin brillo
Walter Ferreira di souza
Manda boi
Walter Ferreira di souza
Manda boi
Gurjeet singh singh
Gurjeet singh singh 7 aylar önce
John Doe
John Doe 7 aylar önce
Trump's America...smh
Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva 8 aylar önce
Alguém em2019☺
ajay kumar
ajay kumar 9 aylar önce
Vere good shows
Temmex2 Yıl önce
Modern Family brought me here!
Sim Son
Sim Son Yıl önce
very enjoy to look
José abdy Reina bernate
Buscan,males,al, cuerpo,ja ja ja
farik badrus86
farik badrus86 8 aylar önce
Saya badrus
My Travel Vanz
My Travel Vanz 3 yıl önce
Great shows!...
Eduardo Romo
Eduardo Romo 2 aylar önce
My Travel Vanz chiquitita !!!
osman Muse iS A945 IAM food Lion me
Qorah kule madaxah xada hu hu hunadharat
The Travel Channel
The Travel Channel 3 yıl önce
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.
itsmontez.com 3 yıl önce
itsmontez.com is a supporter .... Hope you will support us back !
DelvisD 3 yıl önce
Amazing video dear friend I just subbed 92, Thank you so much.
Canelo Cafe
Canelo Cafe 5 aylar önce
The Travel Channel
The Travel Channel 3 yıl önce
Thanks for subbing and commenting.
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