Mustafa Suleyman & Yuval Noah Harari -FULL DEBATE- What does the AI revolution mean for our future? 

Yuval Noah Harari
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How will AI impact our immediate and near future? Can the technology be controlled, and does it have agency? Watch DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman and Yuval Noah Harari debate these questions, with The Economist Editor-in-Chief Zanny Minton-Beddoes.

Filmed on 11 September 2023 in London, in collaboration with The Economist.
To read the transcript, head to: econ.st/3EGURGR
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Yuval Noah Harari is a historian, philosopher, and the bestselling author of 'Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind' (2014), 'Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow' (2016), '21 Lessons for the 21st Century' (2018), the graphic novel series ‘Sapiens: A Graphic History’ (launched in 2020, co-authored with David Vandermeulen and Daniel Casanave), and the children’s series ‘Unstoppable Us’, (launched 2022).
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@FinalB055 5 aylar önce
This is a debate. No vile language, no hate, a lot of respect, and a wealth of knowledge.
@maxfun6797 5 aylar önce
Not a debate, it is a discussion.
@nft_responsibly 5 aylar önce
​@@maxfun6797not a discussion, it is a conversation.
@AndogaSpock 5 aylar önce
I am not sure about the "wealth of knowledge". They just kept taking about the same thing over and over.
@karlbrettig9748 5 aylar önce
A bit like the Daily Wire Exodus conversation on You Tube at present...and that's between 10 thinkers from diverse traditions. There is hope!
@ChristophKustler 4 aylar önce
​@@nft_responsiblynot a conversation, a competiton of predictions.
@jordantaylor. 5 aylar önce
I've spent the past 2 decades in the IT and fintech sectors, I frequently use LLMs and Transformers at a Fortune 100 company. My concern with this discussion is that Yuval appears to be the only one grounded with the consequences of economic disruptions and fallout from AI advancements. Those who are financially secure often lack genuine concern and can't or won't empathize, even when engaged in such dialogues. We should focus on taking action to safeguard humanity's well-being rather than waiting for a crisis to validate Yuval's warnings.
@oafee1053 5 aylar önce
Agreed. Interesting debate but the Moustoufa seems to work from a position of logical government actors working together. That is not the world we live in.
@ronyrod 4 aylar önce
Exactly.... dos contra 1 fellling secure because of Their status ( moustafa and gooldy lucks) ... we have to think and Focus on the worlds.- human comunity and erase out own human ego of.beeing superpowerfull
@astraltraveler257 4 aylar önce
is it too late? now that the financial sector sees the possibilities...
@arturocdb 4 aylar önce
absolutely agree with you... Yuval Noah Harari was the winner... humans = 1 , AI = 0
@bkarguel 4 aylar önce
Couldn't agree more.
@chriswondyrland73 5 aylar önce
THANK you Economist for making this public available! Finally some really smart conversation and commentry on AI.
@debbiehughes48 5 aylar önce
There’s actually A LOT of intelligent conversation around this topic he’s not the only one crying out.
@meetomar861 5 aylar önce
Economist didn't make this public... thanks to Yuval🙏
@AL_THOMAS_777 5 aylar önce
@@debbiehughes48 Maybe Debbie, but he is the most influential one !
@muslimahmood 5 aylar önce
And thank you Mr. @YualNoahHarari for sharing.
@chivchyan1 4 aylar önce
@DanTeo. 5 aylar önce
🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation: 00:00 🧐 Introduction to the AI Debate 02:04 🤖 The Future of AI in 2028 06:01 🌍 The Profound Shift in Human History 07:48 🌟 The Positive Potential of AI 12:24 💼 Job Disruption and Global Impact 17:47 🗳️ AI's Threat to Political Systems 22:14 🤖 Concerns about technology's impact on conversation and trust 23:35 🛡️ Short-term impact of AI on elections and politics 24:17 💼 Challenges facing nation-states in AI regulation 25:11 🚧 Self-organizing initiatives and precautionary principles 26:24 📊 Balancing benefits and risks in AI development 27:04 🔐 Mustafa Suleyman's 10-point plan for AI safety 29:13 🌐 Creating new institutions for AI oversight 30:50 🏁 Challenges of containing AI proliferation 33:09 🌍 Geopolitical tensions and AI containment 37:22 🌟 The unpredictability of AI development Made with HARPA AI
@alpineprime9373 5 aylar önce
@blessedone_77 5 aylar önce
33:40 You forgot the Alien invasion. 👽 This A.I. is not very smart I think. 😅
@DanTeo. 5 aylar önce
Bro I didn't even know it commented this lmao@@blessedone_77
@musashi4856 5 aylar önce
Or maybe it is…
@blessedone_77 5 aylar önce
@@musashi4856 😅👍
@Seanontube1 5 aylar önce
Fantastic conversation. Save this video and watch it again in 5 years. Let's see if we think it's as insightful and informative as we do now.
@user-yv6xw7ns3o 5 aylar önce
That's how I think about a lot of playlists I make of things I'm researching around this and other subjects. They're like time capsules to look back on in the future.
@dR3n5ky 5 aylar önce
you wont be able to find this video in 5 yars (deleted by AI :p)
@user-yv6xw7ns3o 5 aylar önce
@@dR3n5ky well, yeah
@User-xw5mk 5 aylar önce
​@@user-yv6xw7ns3oI do the same thing xD been doing it since 2012.😊
@the_good_citizen 5 aylar önce
i have just started watching this and let me commend the interviewer. She's quick, she's clear, to the point and doesnt talk or gesture unnecessarily. I'm sure this is going to be exciting to hear.
@ChristineAnnePearce 5 aylar önce
🥳😅😅 de
@TMK1450 5 aylar önce
And she’s an economist… 😎
@juanmanuelestevez62 5 aylar önce
If there is only one thing I did not like much was her tendency to interrupt Yuval Noah Harari when he wanted to comment on what Mustafa Suleyman had just said. She did not do that when Mustafa Suleyman spoke. Her interruptions at times and body language gave me the impression she was leaning towards Mr. Suleyman's opinion. Having said that, I understand moderating a debate is complex and there was a script she wanted to follow. And what I am expressing is just my opinion, not a matter of fact. Still, a great discussion, with three perspectives: that of a historian, that of a tech insider, and that of an economist. Very complete indeed.
@The22on 5 aylar önce
She seems like a shill for the rich and an airhead... in my verrrry humble opinion. lol She laughed at the 2008 financial crisis. She laughed when Yuval said AI was like an alien invasion. So she lacks imagination and historical perspective. And, yes, she constantly interrupted Yuval. And her questions were long, repetitive, and boring.
@vzuzukin 5 aylar önce
One word about this balanced interview: FANTASTIC! 🏆
@akin4255 3 aylar önce
What do guys think Y.Harari’s main argument was here?
@abelbelete8003 5 aylar önce
A special discussion between two different discipline intellectual with amazing respect and exemplary debate, Thank you all.
@LoisSharbel 5 aylar önce
Superb interviewer and two brilliant individuals to interview! Thank you for this interesting, thought provoking podcast. Invaluable!
@lovetruth5518 5 aylar önce
Three the the lady ask good questions.
@bigname7249 3 aylar önce
@silberlinie 5 aylar önce
Yuval Noah's last comment is noteworthy. The historical gospel of the industrialized world is profit maximization at all costs. Yuval Noah remarked that we as a society must invest the same amount that we invest in the development of the new entities, the AI, in the development of our own consciousness and mind. The fact that this is not happening clearly shows us the self-destructive power contained in the explosion in the number of human individuals.
@karlbrettig9748 5 aylar önce
Agree this lies at the heart of the issue. Are we to be motivated by profit or are we to allow our consciousness and minds to care about the implications of AGI models on the welfare of humanity?
@Adam-nw1vy 5 aylar önce
Thanks a million for uploading this 🙏 I was about to get a paid subscription for The Economist just to see this.
@MrJohnnypower 5 aylar önce
This is such a great discussion and the interviewer did such a perfect job. Well done!
@sajjadahmad5676 5 aylar önce
thanks harari
@OzdenKrilen 5 aylar önce
It's always amazing to listen to great minds. Thank you.
@jimrcastro 5 aylar önce
A well organized and important debate. Thank you The Economist for offering these views.
@maxfun6797 5 aylar önce
Discussion; it is not a debate.
@AL_THOMAS_777 2 aylar önce
. . . dont be a sophist man . . . @@maxfun6797
@kyneticist 5 aylar önce
AI based disasters are clearly going to be a question of when, not if.
@spianny 5 aylar önce
This is beautiful and refreshing. Two highly intelligent and insightful people with a common goal of truly bettering humanity and the environment
@craighodges2447 5 aylar önce
Great point made by Yuval at 40:25 when he uses the example of an educated financial elite who developed CDOs that created wealth for a few but put millions at risk. AI could indeed present a similar threat because few if anyone would understand how AI financial models work.
@Lyra1.618 Aylar önce
Yuval Harari has openly spoken about his contempt for “the millions.” He serves the WEF, the most elite and contemptuous (of ordinary people) organization in the world. They serve themselves and Harari works for them. I would not trust anything he says about helping the “millions.”
This interview is so amazingly interesting ! What a great conversation and debate ! Worth to watch it even more than once.
@cecilia3695 5 aylar önce
"we invest so much in developing AI" "Our own minds also have a huge scope for development. Also as humanity we haven't seen our full potentiality yet, and if we invest, for every dollar and minute that we invest in AI, we invest another dollar and minute developing our own consciousness and mind I think we would be okey, but I don't see this happening. I don't see this kind of investment in human beings that we are seeing in machines" - Yuval Noah Harari / I agree with Yuval, Thank you for very interesting debate.
@AL_THOMAS_777 5 aylar önce
Yes Cecilia ! We as humans have to constantly UPGRADE ourselves ! I tried to do that and it hasn´t been easy all of the time. But very VERY rewarding "in the end" !
@fruitionapt 5 aylar önce
Indeed. I would go further and say that not only are we simply not investing in the quality and development of our minds, we are outright poisoning ourselves.
@evdm7482 5 aylar önce
Misunderstanding the potential of technology has always left people behind. There are already tools built with AI that extend, tender too, and help solve human problems whereas previously these human oriented services are only available for the privileged, moneyed upperclass. Providing a technological scalable solution can help people everywhere, when done right. If you can’t imagine it, I can and have worked across similar industries, and the access to data has only helped people, You’re missing the big picture, this could resolve famine, help define new physics, tackle deep genome, energy issues, climate/pollution and complex biodiversity at all scales, as well as space and other related issues. I hope people get educated on this, the future needs well educated people to vote and help voice opinions. AI is only as smart as the info we feed it, and if you haven’t noticed, humans are loosing any control they once thought they had.
@JD-jl4yy 5 aylar önce
Nope, human intelligence is extremely limited compared to what's possible for machines. We developed our intelligence due to random mutations over millions of years, an extremely inefficient process. AI can change it's wiring instantly, it's just swapping numbers.
@AI-Hallucination 4 aylar önce
i see the west pulling away from the rest of the world and a tec battle between us and asia
@leimaniax 5 aylar önce
Yuval’s insights are spot on. 🙏🏼 Let’s check back in 5 years if we’re still here.
Real people probably won't ever coma back here.. this place is doomed.
@joannag.3279 5 aylar önce
Thank you Dr Harari❤
@farhadshayani4997 5 aylar önce
Excellent intervew: BIG THANKS to The Economist. please make more! Hugs from Brasil
@atifhussain1900 5 aylar önce
Thank you Yuval.
@marianasalles242 5 aylar önce
@matitersenyum 5 aylar önce
anda mengkagumi syaitan
@EarlyRains 5 aylar önce
What a wonderful host, as well as nice discussion
Swept off my feet by not just the two brilliant experts but also the The Economist's Editor-in-Chief!! Breathtakingly smart moderation by the lady!
@FootEditz7777 4 aylar önce
🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation: 00:00 🎵 Introduction and Background - Introduction of Yuval Noah Harari and Mustafa Suleiman. - Purpose of the discussion and their differing backgrounds. 02:04 💡 AI Advancements and Predictions - Mustafa's perspective on AI advancements over the last decade. - Predictions for the next five years, including AI's planning abilities. 05:04 🧐 Concerns and Positive Potential - Yuval's concerns about the end of human history. - Acknowledgment of AI's positive potential. 07:48 💼 Upsides of AI: Enhancing Humans - Discussion on the positive potential of AI, including enhancing human capabilities. - Idea of personal intelligence assistants. 12:52 🌐 Risk to Jobs and Transition - Impact of AI on jobs and the job market. - Concerns about the transition period. 17:47 🏛️ AI's Challenge to Democracy - Discussion on how AI may challenge liberal democracy. - Concerns about trust and impersonation online. 21:05 🔒 Ensuring Trust and Preventing Impersonation - Debate on preserving trust in online conversations. - The need to regulate and prevent bot impersonation. 22:40 🌐 Political Trust and Technology - Decline in political trust leading to communication breakdown. - Challenges in effective communication. 24:04 🌏 Challenges for Nation-States - Pressure on nation-states due to lack of trust and polarization. - Private companies advancing AI capabilities. 25:26 🏛️ Self-Regulation and Precaution - Companies self-organizing for AI oversight. - Balancing benefits and harms with caution. 27:04 📝 Mustafa's 10-Point Plan - Mustafa's 10-point plan to capture AI gains while minimizing risks. 29:13 💡 Unpredictable AI Development - AI development leading to unanticipated consequences. - Need for adaptable institutions to handle AI's evolution. 35:03 🔒 Containment Challenges - Challenges in containing AI due to its complexity. - Importance of new adaptable institutions. 39:41 💰 AI in Financial Systems - AI's role in financial systems and the need for governance. 43:37 🤝 Coalition of the Willing - Creating agreements and regulations to protect societies from AI risks. Made with HARPA AI
@mih2965 5 aylar önce
She is asking very good questions👍
@renukafernando861 5 aylar önce
This is an important debate. Thank you Economist
@torontobro 5 aylar önce
The most important conversation to have today, discussed by the intelligent people here. Very illuminating.
@NarendraKumar-we9yj 5 aylar önce
at 41:00 Yuval talks about an economic scenario and she just brushed it away. Something that has had such deep repercussions across the globe 😢.
@alvarochang 5 aylar önce
I'm quite pesimistic about we handling this revolution responsibly. We are incredibly short-sighted regarding the consequences of our technological breakthroughs. As Harari concluded, I think we would get closer to wellbeing and vitality if we would invest the same time and energy invested on AI on our own self-exploration. This is a very different mindset from our dominance-over-nature approach. I don't see this surpasing the interest in AI and its promises. Very interesting discussion! 🎉
@haroldpierre1726 5 aylar önce
Large language models are a mathematical representation of human speech. I see this similar to calculus being a mathematical representation of motion. We didn't change physics because we can make a mathematical representation of it. We just found ways to use physics for good and bad. I see no difference in our abilities to model human speech. Some people will use AI for good and some will use it for evil. But don't blame the AI for what humans do with it.
@DavidRussellM 5 aylar önce
Self exploration is for nerds!
@TMK1450 5 aylar önce
It’s also about human incentives that drive the development of the AI‘s… and so different motivations=> good/bad…
@lovetruth5518 5 aylar önce
A dangerous mind set as they are dealing with UFO creatures👽 that’s why the government hides these UFOs. They are working with demons as I see it and it’s demon intelligence not human. So suppression here we come. It plain and simple, SUBJUGATION!
@JoeARedHawk275 5 aylar önce
⁠​⁠​⁠@@haroldpierre1726The problem is that, as Yuval says, they are developing GPT 5 which can actually do stuff, use APIs, plan, do tasks, etc. You’re looking at the current generation of AI which will be surpassed in a couple of years. The problem is of agency. There’s a potential for agency in AI. I’m not sure if you even watched the video before commenting your thoughts.
@joelface 5 aylar önce
I'm right around the 24 minute mark into the video, and Harari discusses an interesting phenomenon, which is that our democracy seems to be in danger of collapsing because of the breakdown of the conversation between the people of the Country. He mentions that we can't even all agree who won the last election. My perception is that this phenomenon is occurring because of the incredible splintering of News. People get their news from more and more diverse sources, from TRvid, to Instagram, etc. etc. This allows for more and more isolating echo chambers, where ideas churn between like-minded folks across the globe. Everyone has their own specific menu of news, and thus, a completely different idea of what's actually happening. I also think that media literacy is an increasingly important subject -- because knowing what actually makes a news source reputable seems like less than an afterthought for many folks... and that doesn't help. With respect to AI, I can see ways that it can help and ways that it could hinder that process.
@ChristineAnnePearce 5 aylar önce
@MrErick1160 5 aylar önce
If i was president, I’d ban any click bait strategy, id have an incredibly strict policy on information, it would need to be as close as reality as possible, I’d ban opinions passed as news, misinformation would be enemy n°1, wether it comes from news, government, or social media, click bait / misdirection / misinformation would have heavy consequences. I’d put heavy sanctions such as jail time. Information is the biggest weapon on earth right now, information is the most powerful tool right now, to improve humanity, the first thing to do is giving people the right direction, giving people the right information.
@joelface 5 aylar önce
@@MrErick1160 I honestly think you'd have better luck by incorporating high quality media literacy training into the population. But certainly it should be a crime to produce deep-fake fake-news with the intent to misinform others. As comedy or satire OR clearly labelled, it should be allowed, I think, but if it can reasonably fool an ordinary citizen it should be a criminal offense. The specifics there would definitely need to be discussed and debated, of course. But you are so right that info is a huge weapon right now, and it's so easy to just SAY anything these days and have someone believe it. Throwing in deep-faking of reasonable news sources and it's scary to think of how many people can be fooled and manipulated.
@elementaesthetique 5 aylar önce
Okay but can we at least agree that it's unacceptable for an election to take 7 days to count mail-in ballots that aren't even supposed to be a thing on that scale? Not every election will be marred by COVID related problems. Funny thing is, the US itself has a list of "problematic" occurrences to look out for when assessing whether African elections are "free & fair" - EVERY SINGLE 'INDICATOR' listed as a cause for concern that an African election was run un-democratically occured in the US in 2020 , and not just one or two states, but almost every single swing state! You have to count the same night no matter how close the race is. Even more so when the race is that close, I would say. Its unheard of to me as a Canadian for vote counters to be sent home to sleep and start counting again in the morning - but then somehow after the news announces they've gone home - it turns out they came back and just counted without anyone knowing. ABC News announced they went home, not FOX or Infowars. Why was such an appearance of impropriety even allowed when we know how polarizing and close the election is going to be?? It's asking for trouble. It was honestly run as if the only intention was to LOOK as borderline illegitimate to the people who lost as p9ssible without being outright uncertifiable. All you do when you run an election like that is incite distrust, possibly incite violence if the losing side is angry enough to do something like riot about it. I'm not saying one person won or the other. Or that Biden is illegitimate or anything like that. I'm not even American. But that was a once in a lifetime problem (to have widespread mail-in ballots because of a pandemic). It should NEVER happen again. PERSONALLY if it was MY country: I wouldn't have protested to demand Trump be the winner, I would have protested to demand the WHOLE election be nullified due to APPEARANCE of impropriety, and re-run every single state. Regardless of cost. And the day of the re-run should have been declared a holiday so people don't have to make work arrangements and it's as convenient as possible, but NO mail in ballots on a scale like that ever again. Mail ballots are only acceptable if the number of people voting from a distance is LESS than the margin between the contestants that could flip the election's result. Usually the margin is high and the number of peoppe voting by mail is low. 2020 was the exact opposite. Vote by mail is meant for people living abroad, people in military, etc. Usually less than 1% of total votes are thia type. We have to be sure that EVEN IF every single mail-in ballot IS fake (in a theoretical scenario), there wouldn't be enough ppl voting by that method such that it could flip a seat. That wasn't the case in 2020. It's unacceptable and anti-democratic..
@sulaak 4 aylar önce
The diverse sources of information is a good thing.
@mathedguy 4 aylar önce
Such a great discussion ! Thanks SO much !
@johnbarbuto5387 2 aylar önce
A respectful, energized, complex discussion/debate. How wonderful!!! There are smart people on the planet to operate in problem-solving mode - not vitriol, accusation, condemnation, or gross narcissistic self-interest. Hooray! We need to celebrate them. They are the future we want to build. These three are part of that group! Kudos!
@geaca3222 5 aylar önce
I think their views actually complement each other very well. The discussion as a whole gives useful insights and suggestions how to proceed with the AI revolution.
@XanaxMilf 5 aylar önce
@giovanniscalia3420 3 aylar önce
Youval Great points ! Love your open view
@monsterkonijn 5 aylar önce
Indeed such a respectful conversation. Many years of meditation made me understand that intelligence and wisdom are not the same. Let's hope that it is wisdom that makes this transition happen. So we can evolve towards a loving species that helps and supports each other.
@doellt4753 4 aylar önce
Picking up on your fundamental point, which is very appropriate, I personally felt that this was a somewhat panicky general chat. Too little to zero attention given to the possibility that non human actors might play an active role in human culture and to the questions that arise e.g. what how would this activity actually come about - what does it mean for inanimate agents to act independently of humans? Disappointing, too, that wider perspectives were not engaged. It was almost embarrassing the extent to which the debate reflected the anxieties of the comfortable and the well off and lacked concern on a general political level. Overall, it didn't shed much light.
@marianhunt8899 4 aylar önce
Impossible when poverty is on the rise in the West and elsewhere. Hungry people don't act responsibility. A fairer economic system would help enormously. Meditation won't work for hungry, homeless, bankrupt people.
@monsterkonijn 4 aylar önce
I understand your response Marian. It is a pity you cannot see how ANY change comes from within (our Self). For instance, Gandhi changed India through introspection meditation guided by the Bhagavat Gita.
@marianhunt8899 4 aylar önce
​@@monsterkonijnI can't see how that change will come in the West. The only virtue truly deeply worshipped in the West is ongoing, relentless greed. The 'I have a right to take all the resources, money, land, assets etc because I'm a billionaire and f everyone else'. It's the primal virtue of the West. Of course we pretend otherwise.
@doellt4753 4 aylar önce
@@marianhunt8899 I think I am probably coming from a similar perspective, I don't recall the talk in detail but it did seem "self-serving" and unconnected with the potential of these developments to actually help millions.
@waheedahmed2823 4 aylar önce
Two brilliant minds !! Truly enlightening.
@erusev 4 aylar önce
World-class, all three of them. This is what a conversation should look like.
@dennisryder915 4 aylar önce
Excellent discussion which raised some flags and has certainly given substantial pause for thought. My first alarm was on the 'benefits of having information distilled for you so that learning is quicker. This is horrifying for me! To have my learning curated is scary! I get that many search engines are already doing this to varying degrees, but to have this enhanced is scary. The economic threats are also severe, with high volume, automated trades having the potential to influence markets for short term price swings, and many other risks. Much thought required.
@richardtuttle8814 5 aylar önce
What a Sunday morning surprise!
@keep-ukraine-free528 5 aylar önce
Mustafa's presentation disappointed. I appreciate his suggestions of limits & roles for companies, governments/regulators, & researchers to try to contain risks. However he punted short, and at the end ignored serious risks he acknowledged will arise, in his estimate in 30+ yrs. Both agreed AI cannot be contained, so eventually it will become recursively self-improving & autonomous (becoming ASI), posing existential risks to humanity. Mustafa is unconcerned of or doesn't understand the severity of risks. Yuval rightly sees looming catastrophe. Thank you to The Economist, Dr. Harari, and Dr. Suleyman for this important, enlightening discussion.
@sherridownie9628 5 aylar önce
When I wake up and realize that all the wealth of the world is in 1% of the people I also realize that this Is a goal that has been achieved on purpose. It is not an accident. We have a climate crisis that is devastating populations around the globe, health care is unaffordable in this country, most people are one paycheck away from poverty, college debt is crushing our younger generations in ways most of us don’t understand and when the economy falters the way of correction is on the poorest populations. So why would I think that the development of AI would help the 99%? Everything is calculated to have us support the rich getting richer. Humans place greed and power above the well-being of most people. Do you think this will not follow suit in the through the next 50 years???
@user-li4zy8gd9y 20 gün önce
My granpa, a peasant lived well... ok , no trips to europe often but no angst either about the future. People would value life and trust. I travel a lot, but worrying about the future and angst are always there. Civilization was supposed to make me feel the way my granpa felt...to relieve was its purpose. Snif.
@ttrihe10 5 aylar önce
Mustafa is like the guy out of Thank You For Smoking - never bats an eye, never gets defensive, on the front foot with an answer for everything - Smoking is great :) and his ten point plan on what not to do is exactly what they are going to do
@admh1706 4 aylar önce
I'm agree with Yuval, we must work more on our conscience to avoid big risks
@nilambermarwah6733 5 aylar önce
What an insightful and thought provoking conversation. Let’s hope and pray that AI may be useful and for the betterment of the Society. What is needed the self discipline from the inventors and proper regulations from the Govts around the world so that it brings increased productivity and happiness. Thankyou Dr. Harari for such a wonderful exposition. 👏👍
@AL_THOMAS_777 5 aylar önce
Don´t bother too much, since AI will replace the most shitty and dangerous jobs. And if you are a real specialist, it lasts very long til you yourself can be replaced by an AI one day.
@lovetruth5518 5 aylar önce
Yah right, when it comes to money and new mistakes it could cost us our freedom as history repeats itself. Has humans changed in there hearts NO! So unless we pray we will hurt each other again. The war in Ukraine and Russia proves that.
@lovetruth5518 5 aylar önce
@@AL_THOMAS_777 So that movie of all us getting fat and lazy will come true. It a cartoon movie. This doesn’t look good to me control/ subjugation we will all be under draconian law/ Reptilian rulers. Those UFO creatures are behind all of this. The Elites, governments and militaries that’s why they denied any UFO sightings. It all going on under our noses. 🎯🙏
@ranijohnsos7930 4 aylar önce
A very interesting debate. Yuval Harari raises legitimate and very valid concerns!
@kukareku54 5 aylar önce
Brilliant people … thanks a lot!
@kaushaltimilsina7727 4 aylar önce
Great talk, also great hosting.
@jaikishansmspl39 2 aylar önce
Excellent debate and discussion. Appreciate. Thank you.
@mustafa2010ism 5 aylar önce
Stunning discussion. Elegant, elevated, awesome.
@bakwechokoe4054 5 aylar önce
I don't think these fine gentlemen disagree with each other when it comes down to it, really, but it wouldn't be much of a debate if they both went "damn you're right" everytime the other made a valid point. they're just coming from different angles. The upsides are real, the dangers are equally real (and its important we avoid or minimise those)
@Patrick-cc5ch 5 aylar önce
Great interview. So insightful .
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I need to watch more conversations like this but for various industries.
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Smart and informative discussion.
@shahlaahy4372 5 aylar önce
Given to the fact that humanity has not as yet understood himself well enough to abandoned his mischievous, egocentric behaviour, he will use the new technologies to advance the same traits.
@AL_THOMAS_777 5 aylar önce
NOT if the MOB is abolished - and the wise prevail - which will soon be done . . .
@Free12609 5 aylar önce
I like last point that we should invest more on peoples minds,ethics and compassion
@graghubabu2007 4 aylar önce
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@EmmanuelMokoro 4 aylar önce
Great arguments. We need such debates in African media outlets. Emmanuel Mokoro, Kenya
@williamjmccartan8879 5 aylar önce
Mustafa 41 minutes, he used the term "the west", one I think should be highlighted. Thank you everyone, great conversation, and thank you for sharing, I wonder what a conversation between Yuval and Gregg Henriques would be like, I'm thinking pretty good.
@TMK1450 5 aylar önce
Thanks a lot for introducing Gregg… now I have to dig into his writing… Free Will 😂
@user-oh9ru5zw7e 5 aylar önce
I appreciate the interviewers willingness to let Harari finish his final statement, I just wish he was given more time to speak freely
@user-oh9ru5zw7e 5 aylar önce
Personal bias, I've just finished Sapiens, therefore Yuval's insight is a hot topic for me,. However, Hot Topic is on my list
@ScottRandall Aylar önce
I think that more care could have been taken to conceal the predetermination of this interview. Yuval handled being the third wheel with a great deal of tact.
@FanaticalFuturist 5 aylar önce
It’s a nice interview but this has all been said thousands of times before. It shows how we humans like to push the boundaries of tech, talk about all the issues, but make very little progress on solving those issues.
@elenikasimati4532 5 aylar önce
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This is the way
@radhanarendra7307 5 aylar önce
I am a deep ADDICT of Harari's talks,and all his books,since 8yrs
@Lemon-lp1qb 5 aylar önce
Always stimulate thinking, question everything. Thats my take
@dystopiaeatsmoney 5 aylar önce
I think it's time to retire the "I'm a simple man..." comment. It was not amusing the first few hundred times, and it's even less so now.
@TMK1450 5 aylar önce
@@radhanarendra7307 Dopamine? Too much or the nice delirious amounts?
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@robertstout7756 5 aylar önce
It was stated that a pound of grain can be produced today with 50 times less labor, then a century ago. I wonder how nutritious the grain is today compared to a century ago. It would be interesting to know the comparison using the amount /quality of nutrition from grain today as opposed to the pounds.
@onwardatlast 5 aylar önce
One word: hubris. I’m with Yuval. Privately owned AI is frightening because entrepreneurs have proven many times over they are willing to hurt their customers for profit. The development of AI should be a public good fully regulated and administered by strict democratic processes.
@moderncontemplative 5 aylar önce
I concur. And I'd add that the public needs to be better educated regarding the nature of AI: its benefits and drawbacks. Less informed people make bad decisions that can stymie the progress of artificial intelligence or any beneficial technology.
@annalf7857 5 aylar önce
Beautifully put! HUBRIS. Love it when someone else says that word!
@JonnM 5 aylar önce
You trust governments and bureaucrats not to use this immense technology in a deleterious manner? I totally agree this technology must be highly regulated, however I’m no more trusting of public sector bureaucrats than I am of private companies. Maybe a adversarial combination of both might be a potential best option.
@davidmiles-hanschell 5 aylar önce
@MRahman75 5 aylar önce
Well said. I think privately owned AI is more dangerous for human being and it needs to be controlled.
@mnauet 5 aylar önce
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The guy literally wants to depopulate the planet.
@AL_THOMAS_777 5 aylar önce
@@HappyDays66666 Maybe but the death of homo NON sapiens will come soon anyway . . .-> "Who does not cherish life has not deserved life !" (intelligent person)
@petrakamilica5141 5 aylar önce
@@HappyDays66666 yes,it's scary to read all positive comments here
@Clubnoisemusic 5 aylar önce
@@petrakamilica5141all the glowing comments about how “amazing” and “incredible” have an air of inauthenticity- they seem fake
@lolayu 3 aylar önce
@ soulfulmusic1386 Go get a new set of eyeglasses.
@dlou1337 29 gün önce
Yuval is such a brilliant man. His books are absolutely epic.
@96moliveira Aylar önce
Thanks professor, great talk.
@shamsunderparekh5289 5 aylar önce
Thought provoking. Prescient and suggesting a line of action and caution for controlling without stopping
@naveedmuhamad2957 5 aylar önce
No one took a sip from coffee , such a marvellous discussion
@Saurabh.Nikhade 5 aylar önce
beautiful, worth my time
@luisdimarco5102 4 aylar önce
From my point of view Mustafa seems to adopt the position where the market by themself work out the equilibrium. I don't see that in this world.
@KingMalekDelane 3 aylar önce
Very good points.. Especially Highest Tech ability but losing ability to conversate with each other...
@jedermann05 5 aylar önce
Robert Harris' novel "The Fear Index" imagined an A.I. that acquired agency in the financial markets, similar to Harari's scenario. It is an interesting read.
@danzwku 5 aylar önce
It seems the gap between the haves and the have nots will be dramatically wider than it ever has been, potentially. The people who own and have AI could for example tell if to day trade every second the markets are open, and improve its performance/returns/profits from all mistakes it ever makes. These people will never have to work a day in their lives. What about everyone else? Another thing I wonder about is if AI could responsibly, and effective redistribute resources from any excess in the system and directly to those who are in the most in need, and proportionately to everyone who is also in need, without any human flaws, corruption, or bias.
@TMK1450 5 aylar önce
Sure, but you only mention the winner, but the same applies AI squandering it all… because markets day-to-day are unpredictable. The Drunkards Walk
@AL_THOMAS_777 5 aylar önce
Especially the haves and have-nots of BRAIN, MIND, LOVE, SOUL ! Crude money is just for cretins. The true wealth is the spiritual one !
@narayankhanal9662 4 aylar önce
Great insight❤❤
@BassalMalick 5 aylar önce
Even thoughI am tech enthusiast and do business around tech, i Agree with Yuval
@SocPro 5 aylar önce
Another interview where they just don't get Yuval. I remember reading his Homo Deus and thinking he is thinking too much into it. But today, they are all 100% true. I am in the AI field and Yuval is actually more right than even he realise
@TMK1450 5 aylar önce
I don’t think it is so. Maybe it’s the other way around? Optimism vs pessimism.. and we have no way of knowing right now…
@the_good_citizen 5 aylar önce
I saw this and for a good week I lost the will to live.
@akadikoy 4 aylar önce
What a great debate. The takeaway for me was AI is not the threat but the commercial interests behind AI. Would Mr Suleyman be such an advocate if he did not have financial interests in the sector? There is an obvious bias, as Mr Suleyman states his case and one cannot help but wonder if he would be such an advocate if his career didn't depend on it.
@dilffred5464 5 aylar önce
A treat to listen....I felt that the Economist host was a little biased, giving the spotlight to Mustafa Suleyman. She may not have taken your last comment seriously about having an equivalent investment of time and money into human consciousness and the investment into technology. That would be incredible and possible if the creators of technology had a mandate or took that seriously. I look forward to reading Mustafa's book and hearing more from Yuval.
@stanleykania7184 3 aylar önce
I love youtube.. watching it all night at work. 12 hour shifts feel shorter..
@zandyrosochacki2573 4 aylar önce
I like the idea of Primum Non Noverre, ie First Do No Harm. I would have thought that the medical context from which it arises , that the comparisons of Medical and Pharmaceutical standards might be a good example of what AI containment could aim towards.