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MUSE - Pressure [Official Music Video]

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Starring Terry Crews, Chance Michael and Julia Robinson
Directed by Lance Drake
Listen to the new album Simulation Theory now! Available on digital, vinyl, CD, cassette and Super Deluxe Boxset: mu-se.co/simulationtheory
Producer: Jason Baum
Production company: whitelist.tv/
Executive Producers: Jerad Anderson & Seb Webber

Director of Photography: Nicholas Wiesnet
Production Designer: Ethan Feldbau
Editor: Jeremiah Mayhew
Special Effects: Morbx FX Lab
Wardrobe Stylist: Tatiana Valentin
Make Up/Hair: Alex Perrone
Casting Director: Michael Beaudry
Choreographer: Erin Murray

Post-Production and Visual Effects: Frame 48
Executive Director: Tom Teller
Executive Producer: Julian Conner
Creative Producer: Seth Josephson

Colorist: Bryan Smaller at Company 3
Sound Design: Adam Primack at Lime

I’m trapped and my back's up against the wall
I see no solution or exit out
I'm grinding it out, no one can see
The pressure's growing exponentially
I'm trying to keep up to speed with you
Your lane changing is oscillating me
I'm hitting the ground and I'm sprinting
I'm falling behind now I'm tuning out
Pressure building
Pressure building
Don't push me
Don't push me
Let me get off the ground
To you I'm no longer bound
Don't stop me
Don't choke me
I need you out of my head
You've got me close to the edge
I'm feeling the pressure, I can't break out
No one can hear me scream and shout
Get out of my face, out of my mind
I see your corruption, I'm not blind
I'll carry the burden and take the strain
And when I am done I will make you pay
Pressure building
Don't push me
Don't push me
Let me get off the ground
To you I'm no longer bound
Don't curb me
Don't thwart me
I need you out of my head
You've got me close to the edge
Don't push me
Don't push me
Let me get off the ground
To you I'm no longer bound
Don't stop me
Don't block me
I need you out of my head
You've got me close to the edge





27 Sep 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Shane Glass GutterSlush666
**"Make Believe In Yourself! "** \,,/
Josh Miller
Josh Miller Gün önce
4:44 CoD zombies round start
Louis Pellegrino
Louis Pellegrino 3 gün önce
寒蝉王 4 gün önce
Some 80s' slasher movie vibe is going on in the video, love it
HOWBIZ official
HOWBIZ official 4 gün önce
This cover trvid.com/video/video-I-aRBdtmJrs.html
Rodriks Contreras
Rodriks Contreras 4 gün önce
3:41 ..... Bloqueo :v
Carlos Ibaceta
Carlos Ibaceta 4 gün önce
This video is like a movie CRITTERS
andrew james casale
andrew james casale 4 gün önce
Maksym Hronskyi
Maksym Hronskyi 5 gün önce
It is an amazing song!!!
*Back To The Future One Love ♥*
Fine Music
Fine Music 5 gün önce
Adam F. Goldberg would love this
Stoss 42
Stoss 42 5 gün önce
The BEST rock band in the world today and have been for over a decade
ElixirNinE 6 gün önce
I love this band so much. These videos made me love them even more... I made my own EPIC video featuring Knights of Cydonia for my admittedly amiture CGI animation. KNIGHTS OF TRON. I've been doing CGI modeling and animation for 4 months now and my first Music video was for MUSE. I freaking love the lightning gun... The.... Just everything... The song is so epic.....
Kim Gallagher
Kim Gallagher 6 gün önce
Blu Blox
Blu Blox 7 gün önce
lol the fake guitar playing makes me laugh like crazy. MAKE AN EFFORT MATT
Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez 7 gün önce
Dont stop me UUUWUUUU
Egor Janda
Egor Janda 8 gün önce
Негритянская девочка во всём виновата.
Matthew Hollingsworth
anyone else want to see the next part of this... would love to see the next part of this story. survival horror to MUSE music... yes please
Renzo Scr
Renzo Scr 9 gün önce
someone did see mr bean at the beginning ?
Marina Williams
Marina Williams 9 gün önce
What happened to Muse? ):
Motown Stickman
Motown Stickman 9 gün önce
Sorry to nerd out, 80s style, but the little monsters are an homáge to "critters" not "gremlins". IMDB it. 😈👹🤓
Jim K loves the WAY
Jim K loves the WAY 10 gün önce
Ernani Teixeira
Ernani Teixeira 10 gün önce
The Cris´s daddy
Miloslav Schmied
Miloslav Schmied 11 gün önce
Francesca Tracey
Francesca Tracey 11 gün önce
Nick Beggs
Nick Beggs 11 gün önce
Catchy as fuck ! 🤘🤙
Les trésors d'Esthelle
Les trésors d'Esthelle
Je suis une sandale qui mange de la salade fraîche de Lidl en réduction et sans conservatoire et sans matières graces⛺️
Darkdraco002 12 gün önce
The Critters movies gave me nightmares as a kid I had forgotten about them until now thanks. Other than that good song
theearlystrike41 12 gün önce
I finally found a new band to love ❤️
VEGA4554 11 gün önce
Welcome to the family fellow Muser 🤘🏽 prepare to have your life changed like never before🔥🔥 This band does that to you.
Ana OR
Ana OR 13 gün önce
lov u
Sammie TT
Sammie TT 13 gün önce
Brian Carter
Brian Carter 14 gün önce
I already liked the song when I first heard it, but then the video made it all the more cool.
Alicakes2011 14 gün önce
Why isn't muse on the radio more often! 😤 So much love for their music!
MrRobo123 14 gün önce
everybody gangsta until the furbies come to life
Jose Camacho
Jose Camacho 14 gün önce
Jose Camacho
Jose Camacho 14 gün önce
implodingpizza 15 gün önce
terry cruise is s w o l l
Richard Stevens
Richard Stevens 15 gün önce
That song has such a nasty hook in it. Can't get enough of it. Great job guys!
Dennis Morgovan
Dennis Morgovan 15 gün önce
You dare oppose the might of the Imperial Legion???!!
well back to the future reference xD
Nicolás Rock
Nicolás Rock 15 gün önce
indo with bad english
indo with bad english 16 gün önce
Eventually, "every" good band turns into disco or electronics,
Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen 16 gün önce
Critters anyone?
OUJA 17 gün önce
Qayyum Chariff
Qayyum Chariff 17 gün önce
Hey, this is good
Sofia Alvarado Ureña
Sofia Alvarado Ureña 17 gün önce
Y al final un comentario en español xd
cli260 17 gün önce
I wonder if Matthew loves yogurth
Andrew Orchard
Andrew Orchard 17 gün önce
This video is magnificent. Terry Crews is a god.
黒谷の自室 17 gün önce
Bendy Wingnut
Bendy Wingnut 18 gün önce
What annoys me about this is that here in the UK, Radio 1 refuse to play Muse because they don't meet the target demographic. When I was in the target demographic, R1 played everything so that youngsters could experience a diverse range of music. Muse now is not the Muse of old and I love them for that and feel that radio is failing youngsters by not letting them hear all sorts out music. Muse deserve to be listened to across generations.
fuguokan 19 gün önce
Great song, listening it over and over.
Ces Fre
Ces Fre 19 gün önce
COVER MUSE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME trvid.com/video/video-Prw-YRe7dhE.html
Jim McMonagle
Jim McMonagle 19 gün önce
Anyone want to see Muse in Philly this Sunday?
Dennis Stevens
Dennis Stevens 20 gün önce
Am I the only one that thought it sounds a lot like the killers
xienze geota
xienze geota 20 gün önce
bu çok iyii
SpookyTrooper 21 gün önce
That kid doing mad tricks on the bike would DEFINITELY get laid before he left. By every girl at that party. For real. Guy killed it.
László Medek
László Medek 21 gün önce
Terry Crews is a best actor (Y)
neoexploited 22 gün önce
That tuba player looks like he is cool as fuck. I wanna smoke some weed with that guy
bettersniper907 22 gün önce
i subscribed to muse before i heard any of his songs
Athos Magalhaes
Athos Magalhaes 22 gün önce
Quem for BR curte 🇧🇷
TG Ekik
TG Ekik 22 gün önce
So that's definitely supposed to be sonic, right? I mean they're blue and rolling around
Future hero
Future hero 22 gün önce
I'm getting critters vibes
NumbEnd23 22 gün önce
we need to make a game about this video
Alliance Rion
Alliance Rion 23 gün önce
Black power !!!
Marco Salgado
Marco Salgado 23 gün önce
Remember kids, if a Muse video looks like a regular music video...just give it time
Eve Ocho8 Ochoa
Eve Ocho8 Ochoa 24 gün önce
1:07 When your dad comes in class and tries to sing v.s. Muse.
paintbrawl 24 gün önce
People actually listen to this god damn bullshit?! They play it over and over on our radio station, and need to stop. Omfg
paintbrawl 9 gün önce
+VEGA4554 I beg to differ! I don't do "radio" anymore. It's nothing, but cooperate garbage. Just another money scheme. I'm a purist pantera, deftones, corrosion of conformity fan. This shit music is filler. Lazy attempt to get record sales.
VEGA4554 11 gün önce
paintbrawl yet Still better than all the mainstream garbage people hear in the radio.
Damian Lopez
Damian Lopez 25 gün önce
Don’t push me
ウィスカーANN 25 gün önce
4:57 Does anyone know who this hecking actor/boy is???? Please????
Daniel Kubín
Daniel Kubín 25 gün önce
haha, Terry Crews should be cast for new Ghostbuster movie xD
Lima Tango
Lima Tango 25 gün önce
Gremlins. Why gremlins?
blopaz garabatho
blopaz garabatho 26 gün önce
Quien los espera en unos meses en Mexico!!!!
jess salaz
jess salaz 27 gün önce
Terry Crews se ve tan malditamente sexy en este video!! :'v
GD T 27 gün önce
This might very much be the greatest music video I've ever seen..tough for a video to come off bad ass.. and then Terry crews comes into the picture with laser guns.. enough said.
Jenn Marshall
Jenn Marshall 27 gün önce
Never sticks with mainstream, Muse baby you still got my music heart💞
irving woodland
irving woodland 28 gün önce
omg terry crews, back to the future reference and muse together in one music video 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ivan mauricio velasquez cardona
es lo mejor dela musica
MinatoOnimaru 29 gün önce
What kind of Crossover is this??? It's AMAZING!!!
mandyinseattle 29 gün önce
The super deluxe versions are heavenly ❤
Paul Alexis Villanueva Wiess
Lo maximo muse
Agustin Ellena
Agustin Ellena Aylar önce
Aguante duki
The Gaming Lime
The Gaming Lime Aylar önce
this video reminds me of back to the future and ghostbusters.
Paola Vople
Paola Vople Aylar önce
Olga Choc
Olga Choc Aylar önce
I like MUSE
Niels Lukkesen
Niels Lukkesen Aylar önce
Starring Devon Taylor on sousa!!!!
d bb
d bb Aylar önce
1:02 is that Mr. Bean on the left?
Tomitch Alucard
Tomitch Alucard Aylar önce
it’s a fucking time clip
lin kim
lin kim Aylar önce
thank you muse
ithinkimcool Aylar önce
this is such a bop
Panther Commander
Panther Commander Aylar önce
How come we see the drummer get bitten but shows up later?
Panther Commander
Panther Commander 24 gün önce
GeniusLad32 lol
GeniusLad32 27 gün önce
Are you really analysing inconsistencies in a Muse video? Oh boy you don't want to fall down that rabbit hole mate.
ItsJosieDaHoe Aylar önce
Is it just me or do Dom and Chris look so fucking done with life right near 4:35
Slay Maniac
Slay Maniac Aylar önce
Listen to leprous!
Betty M.
Betty M. Aylar önce
WHAT THE FUCK?! Did you parody Franz Ferdinand - Stand on Horizont? Seriously? Is there no new idea, you old farts? Besides, you do it with so serious faces that it even becomes scary. Come some back and do the brand new thing and be yourself, be NATURAL, REAL, TRUE Muse! You are genius, but you are losing all your genius, assenting to the crowd, becoming useless and meanless. Where are all these operas? Where is the composition of Italian operas in albums? Where is the global, hidden mean of true human? Where is all of your ORIGINALITY? You have copied by a lot of groups, you become people, which can set an example for others, to experiment and to rely on the classics and make intelligent music - is cool. I know, that you keep doing this, but you do it without characteristic of true Muse. I will cry if will do the same further. I will suicide, probably, if everything I really love will continue to turn in the garbage.
Betty M.
Betty M. Aylar önce
Stop coping others
Dream Kinetics
Dream Kinetics Aylar önce
See you Sunday! Can't wait!
rich drey
rich drey Aylar önce
Пошловатый клип и песня не оч
Kris Kosach Wellen
Kris Kosach Wellen Aylar önce
I see these movies from 1984: Gremlins (the monsters) Fright Night (the vampires) The Exterminator 2 (Terry Crews' welders mask & laser beam) Streets of Fire (the band) Footloose (dance moves) Night of the Comet (again the monsters) Rad the Movie (bike moves on the dance floor) Tron (green grid)
Kelly Carcie
Kelly Carcie Aylar önce
Isn't that Terry from b99
Yulia Orlova
Yulia Orlova Aylar önce
Это квинтессенция конца 80-х начала 90-х. Любимый клип !!!!!!
Black-Edition100 Aylar önce
Black-Edition100 Aylar önce
+ THOUGHT CONTAGION (de muse) 4:28
Black-Edition100 Aylar önce
Neon Blue
Neon Blue Aylar önce
When the host said "We have a very special treat for you tonight" I want to continue with "I'd like to introduce Mr Hahn" (Linkin Park fans will understand)
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