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MUSE - Pressure [Official Music Video]

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Starring Terry Crews, Chance Michael and Julia Robinson
Directed by Lance Drake
Listen to the new album Simulation Theory now! Available on digital, vinyl, CD, cassette and Super Deluxe Boxset: mu-se.co/simulationtheory
Producer: Jason Baum
Production company: whitelist.tv/
Executive Producers: Jerad Anderson & Seb Webber

Director of Photography: Nicholas Wiesnet
Production Designer: Ethan Feldbau
Editor: Jeremiah Mayhew
Special Effects: Morbx FX Lab
Wardrobe Stylist: Tatiana Valentin
Make Up/Hair: Alex Perrone
Casting Director: Michael Beaudry
Choreographer: Erin Murray

Post-Production and Visual Effects: Frame 48
Executive Director: Tom Teller
Executive Producer: Julian Conner
Creative Producer: Seth Josephson

Colorist: Bryan Smaller at Company 3
Sound Design: Adam Primack at Lime

I’m trapped and my back's up against the wall
I see no solution or exit out
I'm grinding it out, no one can see
The pressure's growing exponentially
I'm trying to keep up to speed with you
Your lane changing is oscillating me
I'm hitting the ground and I'm sprinting
I'm falling behind now I'm tuning out
Pressure building
Pressure building
Don't push me
Don't push me
Let me get off the ground
To you I'm no longer bound
Don't stop me
Don't choke me
I need you out of my head
You've got me close to the edge
I'm feeling the pressure, I can't break out
No one can hear me scream and shout
Get out of my face, out of my mind
I see your corruption, I'm not blind
I'll carry the burden and take the strain
And when I am done I will make you pay
Pressure building
Don't push me
Don't push me
Let me get off the ground
To you I'm no longer bound
Don't curb me
Don't thwart me
I need you out of my head
You've got me close to the edge
Don't push me
Don't push me
Let me get off the ground
To you I'm no longer bound
Don't stop me
Don't block me
I need you out of my head
You've got me close to the edge





27 Sep 2018

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Slime Master girl
Slime Master girl 2 saatler önce
Yassss my song
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Swiggity Stooty 3 saatler önce
Who u gonna call ? Mutated hamster busters!
Aroa Sanchez Llamero
Aroa Sanchez Llamero 4 saatler önce
I was at your concert in Bilbao
Aroa Sanchez Llamero
Aroa Sanchez Llamero 4 saatler önce
dont push me weaaaa
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A banda que sabe o que está fazendo e qual impacto irá causar na sociedade. Seguem seus instintos.
Nimrot Hutagalung
Nimrot Hutagalung 5 saatler önce
it's hard to resist not to like Muse!
Matitus COYR
Matitus COYR 6 saatler önce
At 1:02 the guy looks like a young Mr. Bean
Ash Place
Ash Place 8 saatler önce
God, their music videos are so trash
Toast Y
Toast Y 9 saatler önce
i wish the song continued with them fighting the vampires to an epic guitar solo
yuam moreno
yuam moreno 12 saatler önce
is it always terry crews?
Junior Arreola
Junior Arreola 17 saatler önce
Smile Like You Mean It
duke gdl
duke gdl 18 saatler önce
It reminds me that day of 1997 when U2 released their album "Pop" particularly the song "Discoteque".At that moment I knew that his time of creativity had ended. Muse is not going anymore.
Pratiwi Surya
Pratiwi Surya 18 saatler önce
i'm here cause @prillylatuconsina cover this song 😀😀
M NANA 19 saatler önce
*FYI Rocket Baby Doll was the band name before they changed into Muse*
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re piola
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Dub Raptor 19 saatler önce
Más de une mes que salió y apenas lleva 5,937,364 reproducciones! mmmmmta!
Asdi Hartono
Asdi Hartono 20 saatler önce
im here , cus one of indonesian actress cover this song! @prillylatuconsina you did it better than the new one !! super crazy 😭😭😭
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Silent jojo 20 saatler önce
j'adore cette chanson je trouve que leur dernier album a un côté rétro assez bien fait et va bien avec leurs style
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Anyone notice the soda pop can says Propaganda? No, just me.
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Those who dislike u are haters
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ANY TRUE MUSE FANS OUT THERE?????I just did a FULL ALBUM REACTION AND REVIEW... Wasn't easy to upload so show some love guys
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88 mph ! !!! YEAAAAH!!!
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Muse is the proof that rock music can never die. Rock is at his best? Have Muse People prefer pop? Have Muse Now they like electro? Have Muse Reguetón is now famous? Muse offers actual music ;)
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Im from Indonesia.. Well,, Prilly's cover has brought me here...
Giacomo Della Vecchia
There are so much of 80s and 90s... Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, even Gremlins...and of course I've seen a little bit of Thriller of MJ near the end...i mean, this video (just like the song) rock. Good job, Muse
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Geovani Pereira
Geovani Pereira Gün önce
Cristiano Ronaldo? 0:56
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look like him
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I AM always saying that music should go back to the eighties...
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just a little bit of Gremlins .....
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Nyasar kesini gara gara prily , keren pril
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Не тот уже Мьюз (((
Arcanine Gün önce
This whole álbum feels like the mix of Absolution and The 2nd Law I never knew I needed in my life.
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Crews & Muse puts people in the pews
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Nicole Wenham
Nicole Wenham Gün önce
Blatant rip off of 'Day Man' from its always Sunny?
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wan fikri Gün önce
Winner winner chicken dinner
MatrixGaming Gün önce
Greatest old spice ad of all time
Julio Funked
Julio Funked Gün önce
im looking for "roket baby dolls"
Febrian Wahyudi
Febrian Wahyudi Gün önce
maybe if you guys don't changes the "Rocket Baby Doll'' we don't know what is muse-sic. 😁
Louiepikmin3 Gün önce
I wanna see what it would sound like if muse made a rap album.
Berry Swandi
Berry Swandi Gün önce
Continue success, Fellow!
Марк Чичикало
mikayla morrell
mikayla morrell Gün önce
i’d be nothing without Muse.
Pêra Em Chamas
Pêra Em Chamas Gün önce
I love how Chris and Dom have zero facial expression, they just stand there against the zumbi-vampires like there is nothing abnormal happening.
Cabeza Perdida
Cabeza Perdida Gün önce
che loco, esta muy buena esta ehhh? se reinventaron bien en esta, felicidades, volví a disfrutarlos un poquito como antes!
James Goulding
James Goulding Gün önce
I'm hungry for some unrest I wanna push it beyond the peaceful protest I wanna speak in a language that they will understand...
NinjaJoden Gün önce
This is better then all 3 critter movies
Andrea Piccini
Andrea Piccini Gün önce
Such a great Song
AIthea 2 gün önce
Want to like this song so badly, but the chorus is just so bland and repetitive
Shane axten
Shane axten 2 gün önce
open.spotify.com/track/21AURq2Ru25RceM7ule22w?si=YgmaPlYbSvCHT2T7UYBiAg Check out my Muse inspired band!
Kicks Rebellion
Kicks Rebellion 2 gün önce
rocket baby dolls!!!
Manillha 2 gün önce
Muse always brings me the inspiration and motivation I need in my life. They have always been the best and always will be!
Deadnuke56 2 gün önce
What a about muse and gorillaz colab?
Danial M
Danial M 2 gün önce
Back To The FUTURE!!
柯舒語 2 gün önce
MUSE!!!Taiwan needs your live concert!! We haven’t seen you since 2007!!!
Anis Dwi Oktaviana
Anis Dwi Oktaviana 2 gün önce
Siapa yang k sni gra2 prilly? ....wkwk
Chris Bretherton
Chris Bretherton 2 gün önce
Best song on the album
Yustika Via
Yustika Via 2 gün önce
Mampir kesini karna prily wkwkwkh 😍😍
Raza Zara
Raza Zara 2 gün önce
prilly cover lagu ini tohh..enakk
dyene'manroe 2 gün önce
Selesai Lihat chanel prilly latuconsina langsung kesini, penasaran sma penyanyi aslinya. Trnyata enakan coveran prilly dikuping gw 😅🤣🤣
Pratiwi Surya
Pratiwi Surya 18 saatler önce
sama, prilly cover lebih easy listening sama ngegemesin 😁😁
Raza Zara
Raza Zara 2 gün önce
iyaa..enakan liat prilly yng nyanyi..perhatikan deh..bibir dia lucu saat mangap2 nyanyi..gemesin
Adhisty Nugraha
Adhisty Nugraha 2 gün önce
Pedro Rosado
Pedro Rosado 2 gün önce
This song and The Dark Side are the only really good songs on his new crappy album
Amy Constantine
Amy Constantine 2 gün önce
Anybody else hearing VERY close similarities to Hadouken! - Liquid Lives?!
Dio Balague
Dio Balague 2 gün önce
panic but unfortunately not at the disco
Terry introducing them is seriously precious
Ybermannen 2 gün önce
That's a kick-ass song 👊
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I am 114074th
Renkku 2 gün önce
mercedes arcas
mercedes arcas 3 gün önce
oftenvid 3 gün önce
Is there something that has changed in the sound since 9th november ?
Bironsecret 3 gün önce
When old spice is out of finances
Katherine mishell
Katherine mishell 3 gün önce
Me gusto ver la referencia a la invasión de los Critters.
Anis Eka P.R
Anis Eka P.R 3 gün önce
I’m here because prilly’s covet
ElGunner mc
ElGunner mc 3 gün önce
Fantástico parabéns MUSE grande Matt 😀😀😀😀😀
소원을 이뤄주는지니
Why aren't they getting old?
Nur Cendrawasih
Nur Cendrawasih 3 gün önce
TERRY!!!!! ❤️ Are they paying him with yogurts? 🤔
TeZoKi 3 gün önce
4:41 Looks like the trailer for a Call Of Duty Zombies map.
TeZoKi 3 gün önce
0:48 The moment I knew I was getting into something good.
reza zaputra
reza zaputra 3 gün önce
is that critters reference?
Yhollanda Fransisca
Yhollanda Fransisca 3 gün önce
Like it! 😍
Chakra Zoo
Chakra Zoo 3 gün önce
so good :P
John Doe
John Doe 3 gün önce
Who is the girl on the bike? Feel like i seen her somewhere
Puji Official
Puji Official 3 gün önce
Kesini gara2 prilly 😆😆
eab567 3 gün önce
Yo I saw the live performance and y'all just had trombone if you need a Sousa player just hit me up my dudes
bAc0n eLiTe
bAc0n eLiTe 3 gün önce
If you like this shit you got the big gay
Adam Bumpus
Adam Bumpus 3 gün önce
CRITTERS!!! Nicely done!
Agustina Kartini
Agustina Kartini 3 gün önce
Prilly membawa aku kesini ❤️❤️❤️
Tia Rawulan
Tia Rawulan 3 gün önce
I hope you looked 'Prilly Latuconsina' on TRvid. She's create cover this music. And damn, it's so burn and amazing🔥🔥🔥 , c'mon, let's check this out!
Rory Folan
Rory Folan 3 gün önce
Terry should’ve said “HEY YOU CRAZY KIDS!!”
Ali Gallaton
Ali Gallaton 3 gün önce
There is something insanely likeable about the first chord in this song, or is it just me?
Patrick Linnane
Patrick Linnane 3 gün önce
Terry Crews is unemployed now. So he be cheap. But i fuckin love him. Muse are english version of Rush.
Ali Gallaton
Ali Gallaton 3 gün önce
JT James
JT James 3 gün önce
Ya dudes... Loving the new track... Sub me Muse fans!! I got you
ana jennytha Channel
Gara gara prilly gw mampir ke sini
abdul basyir
abdul basyir Gün önce
Saya malah ke Prilly gara² ini :v
Marvick Lentz
Marvick Lentz 3 gün önce
Bruce Holt
Bruce Holt 3 gün önce
Riff sounds like Jack White.
Giuseppe Brafa Musicoro
Adoro questo
Giuseppe Brafa Musicoro
Anche ioo
Antonio Drugo
Antonio Drugo 4 gün önce
Eighties Is Something You Cannot Survive
Nino Nogaj
Nino Nogaj 4 gün önce
Max Piredda
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Great song
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