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Four different experiences of how it feels to kill another person.

- OFill Allen, who murdered a man and was jailed for 12 years
- Jacob Dunne, who accidentally killed a man with one punch on a night out
- Bobby Cummines, a former London gangster
- Craig Harrison, a former sniper in the British Army

These interviews are taken from episodes of our Minutes With series.

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20 Ağu 2022




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Gangsters are scary, but an very old, living ex-gangster who sits there in a suit and calmly describes how he puts a gun in another's mouth to teach him a lesson is absolutely terrifying.
@juliamameli3877 14 gün önce
the one punch killer story made me tear up, you can really hear how remorseful he is
@deeplyconfused13 16 saatler önce
This is fascinating, all of them in some way have to live and stand by their actions, and you can understand the motives for each other. None were born out of evil, they made sense at the time to those people. I feel for all of them in their own separate ways.
@hillbillymods2866 4 saatler önce
The one punch guy I can relate with. Years ago, I ended up in a similar situation, but luckily for the both of us the guy didn't die. One punch, he went down, and started seizing. I was arrested and while I was in custody, the police kept saying that I better hope he lived. The emotions, the fear, and thinking my life was over. All over boozing in a bar and the exact words that started it...I can't even remember.
@jjkracha4529 14 gün önce
I can’t imagine the level of confusion the one punch guy had to deal with, trying to understand that you took a life with one hit must have been so difficult to comprehend
@mokleymoke 2 saatler önce
Craig (Sniper) saying how if it wasn't for his dog, Betsy, sitting on the couch as he was about to kill himself, he would have died made me cry. I have attempted suicide before and still suffer from suicidal thoughts. My dog has saved me more than 5 times.
The old man is the definition of "never underestimate an old man in a profession where people usually die young"
@jonathanbarnes215 7 saatler önce
Get the sniper his own episode. Dude needs to tell his stories.
@jeremyr597 2 saatler önce
Every time I see Craig telling his story, my heart breaks.
@murkadelic422 7 saatler önce
It's insane how people have the will to kill for their fellow people, but it will never leave them after they've killed. Shits mind boggling.
@richeybaumann1755 12 saatler önce
Earlier this year, purely on a whim, I watched a new movie called The Outfit. It turned out to be one of the best movies I've ever seen, and Bobby Cummines reminds me very, very much of the old man in that movie. A former gangster and ruthless killer who left that world behind and has turned his life around. At the same time, I have a feeling that he would still be a very, very dangerous man to cross, even now.
@sofijatp 9 saatler önce
"i'm not a gangster, i'm a businessman and my business is crime"
The guilt behind the one punch guys eyes is immeasurable. He really didn’t wanna kill anyone. Just wanted a bar rumble
@93anagirl 14 gün önce
To the sniper- my family and I are refugees from the Bosnian war. I can’t imagine how painful it is what you had to do for your job but you helped save innocent lives. Without people like you, my family and I may not be here today and the war could have gone on for much longer. I hope you find peace and know that you are not a bad person, the people that you were commanded to kill needed to be stopped.
@andrewlabat9963 21 gün önce
That old gangster is straight up raw, and how he speaks, how he really feels, no sugar-coating, no telling you what you wanna hear. I'm sure he was a very scary dude when he was young, because he's a scary old man..
@ec8745 12 saatler önce
Would love to see more on the guy in the suit on his younger days
Hearing Craig tell his story really hits home for me. My childhood best friend served, and when he'd talk about his tours of duty he had the exact thousand yard stare. He wouldn't really talk about it a lot, but when he did you could always just feel the pain shaking behind his voice. It'd been about a year after he was relieved of duty when he took his own life. Not a day goes by that I wish I could've done something more to help relieve his mind from the darkness that followed him home.. Its been a year since he left, and I'm not sure life will ever feel quite the same. Hopefully peace finds Craig, welcome home brother.
Shoving a gun in someone's mouth because they called you a gangster is the most gangster thing oml 🤣
@brettwoodcock7997 14 gün önce
“One guy called me a gangster so I stuck a gun in his mouth to teach him that I wasn’t a gangster” is the most gangster thing I’ve ever heard
Goodbye Grant & Micah
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Goodbye Grant & Micah
görünümler 1 142 780