Murdaugh attorney says he's ‘mad as hell’ about leaked phone call 

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Leaked Audio

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19 Mar 2023




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Anthony Medina
Anthony Medina 2 aylar önce
That’s rich! I’ll bet the parents of the girl his son, paw paw killed are “mad as hell” that they will never see their daughter grow up!
Radar 3twos
Radar 3twos 2 aylar önce
Do you mean Paul, nicknamed "Paul - Paul", because Buster will have his day in court over his classmate's murder!
TerminalLance0311 2 aylar önce
Then their daughter should have been responsible and not got on a boat with another drunk person who was driving.
Renee Newton
Renee Newton 2 aylar önce
He actually does call him Paw Paw.
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 2 aylar önce
@TerminalLance0311: Everyone on that boat tried to get Paul away from the wheel or to let them off at a nearby dock when he became crazy. Instead he slapped his girlfriend around and went completely bonkers. This horrible tragedy was 100% caused by Paul and no one else.
Alicia Goalder
Alicia Goalder 2 aylar önce
@Ray Ray I 100% agree with this comment
rickrudd 2 aylar önce
I like juicy inside info as much as the next guy, but you really must respect attorney client privilege, or the justice system will be more dysfunctional than it already is.
TimeBucks 2 aylar önce
They know those calls are recorded
Nitika Nitu
Nitika Nitu 2 aylar önce
van minh Nguyen
van minh Nguyen 2 aylar önce
Deepthi Siva
Deepthi Siva 2 aylar önce
Govind singh
Govind singh 2 aylar önce
Surojit Debnath
Surojit Debnath 2 aylar önce
Appagal Crochet
Appagal Crochet 2 aylar önce
I am mad his office allowed family and friends to use his office phone to bypass security measures at the jail. *Bless his heart.*
Peace River
Peace River 2 aylar önce
Bless his little stone heart.
Rhonda C
Rhonda C 2 aylar önce
How did you learn of this?
Appagal Crochet
Appagal Crochet 2 aylar önce
@Rhonda C Read in Greenville News by Michael M Dewitt Jr. Freedom of Information Request leads to release of phone calls. March 2022
bjohnson1149 2 aylar önce
Whoever leaked that call was likely paid big money to do it. As Bruce Lee said in one of his movies, "Money will buy cooperation."
American meteorite fan
Listen...then respond. It wasn't leaked...it was released. Just because AM thought he was above the law and should be afforded special treatment doesn't mean he was, everyone who has ever received a jail call knows it's being recorded. AM is not some simpleton, he was an attorney who supposedly passed the bar exam...and he called his attorney on a recorded phone line, John is not a farmer either, he's supposed to be a lawyer. His attorneys know better because they begged the judge to release AM to talk in Pootys office everyday, because they thought the lawyer pod wasn't private enough....yet he talked on the public phone. Accusations of leaks don't cover up bad representation very well.
Roadnottaken27 2 aylar önce
Will this give his attorney some leverage for getting AM's sentence reduced?
Jonnie Hickson
Jonnie Hickson 2 aylar önce
Gail Cotter
Gail Cotter 2 aylar önce
@Roadnottaken27 no life is the sentence for murder…period! Besides, they really did say anything important!
Axle K
Axle K 2 aylar önce
When evil gets mad, I get happy.
Mama Poch
Mama Poch 2 aylar önce
The media outlet who released this call should be held accountable. It is things like this that could get a murderer released from prison.
Yamaszlof Mcdurkin
Yamaszlof Mcdurkin 2 aylar önce
Regina Young
Regina Young 2 aylar önce
And you're right ! It also undermines the laws of the Land. Our constitution is also effected. If laws continue to be changed and broken it will effect our constitution sooner or later because someday there will be those who will also change that. It's so sad where our Country is going
Patricia Nelson
Patricia Nelson 2 aylar önce
Exactly what Robert S.Kelly is going through same thing
Snickers 2 aylar önce
Man bet it is frustrating to have someone prob bought information they shouldn't have..almost like buying and conning your way into crime scenes and the hospital to try to cover up a crime..
dodgingbullets 2 aylar önce
Alex will NEVER stop trying to get out of jail by a techicality until he is DEEP in the prison system..Get him there please, we are tired of AM games...
Wendy C
Wendy C 2 aylar önce
Games??? Some of you ppl scare the hell out of me. You don't even know you're own damn rights. Sensationalism gets you hook, line and sinker and you pay attention and validate all the wrong things. I'm not taking up for Alex one bit but we have law processes for a reason!
Mo Ali
Mo Ali 2 aylar önce
@Wendy Cyour right end of the day everyone has the right to a fair trial and a appeal process
Marty Evans
Marty Evans 2 aylar önce
Poor Alex .... - what about the family boat he let his son take friends out in knowing his son had a serious drinking problem that ended up in a girl’s death. - what about all his clients who were poor that he left even more destitute & some in medical need & another terminally ill whose money he stole? - what about the 8.5 million he stole from his law firm he will never be able to repay? - what about the money he took from friends he may never fully repay? - what about the murders of his wife & son whose alleged real killer’s investigation he never asks about?? - what about all his murdered wife’s personal belongs that will be put on display sold to the public???? Is he angry about anyone or anything but himself .... ??? This man becomes more despicable just when you think he’s reached rock bottom .... seems he has no bottom !!!!
Morgan Hunter
Morgan Hunter 2 aylar önce
You left out the Housekeeper that I swear they killed and then kept the 5.4 million dollar settlement and what about the poor mother who's son mysteriously died in the hospital just as he was recovering when his HUGE settlement came and AM kept it and was the last one at the hospital to see him before his ventilator shut down and the poor boy suffocated to death ! The more I hear about this sicko ,the more I despise him .
Marty Evans
Marty Evans 2 aylar önce
@Morgan Hunter Yes all that too. There’s just too much wrong doing by AM & his family to capture on any one list..... & who knows how long the list is of what may never be known.
maddyBOOMbaddy 2 aylar önce
His eyes are bottomless pits
thi tran
thi tran Aylar önce
Cdelane3 2 aylar önce
They usually announce at the first of the call the attorney does that it's attorney client privilege call but I never heard that and no information was even in it. However, this is not a good thing at all for that jail to do!
Ann N
Ann N 2 aylar önce
Angry? Do you think we care? Not at all! All we cared about is his conviction of brutal killing his son and wife, and how justice was served that he's locked up for life . For now, the only thing we care about is the financial case and the victims of Alex Murderer and hoping justice will be served for them soon as well.
Markit8 2 aylar önce
The justice system is meant to be fare and be ruled law. The attorney has a right to speak to his client with privilege conversations. If the government can listen to all of this, then we have a corrupt government.
01sapphireGTS 2 aylar önce
I would estimate this clown is safer in a cell than on the streets. I also think that Randolph ("Buster") isn't far away from cuffs either. . .
TerminalLance0311 2 aylar önce
You should seriously stop thinking.
M. W.
M. W. 2 aylar önce
@TerminalLance0311 Buster, that's you? 🤔
Ginger Woo
Ginger Woo 2 aylar önce
@TerminalLance0311 YOU should look at FACTS....BUMSTER IS NEXT!!!....LMAO
The Observer
The Observer 2 aylar önce
Buster didn't do anything so why should he be next?
AllYouGet 2 aylar önce
Hard to feel sorry for this family especially when his son was responsible for another person's death. It's called karma.
A C-V 2 aylar önce
Is this the phone call where AM is telling his son BM that he definitely, in no way had anything to do with Stephen Smith’s death? Or was that a different call?
Danielle Elliott
Danielle Elliott 2 aylar önce
I need to hear the call to decide if it was a "perfect call" or not
Jill Stark
Jill Stark 2 aylar önce
He doesn’t have a reason to be mad as hell about anything, except at himself for being a murderer He’s like he didn’t get the death penalty
mikecantreed 2 aylar önce
The lawyer killed someone too?
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 aylar önce
Is Alex more upset that this audio clip was leaked than the fact that he butchered his son and wife?
Sherri Cason
Sherri Cason 2 aylar önce
Daaaannnggg, sounds like it!
KEITH WATTERS 2 aylar önce
I see alec murdaugh getting out of prison on a technicality or appeal because the good ol boy mentality is so deeply entrenched there and don't forget the money to be made by attorneys.
S T 2 aylar önce
State won't allow it.
Ghoirt Álainn
Ghoirt Álainn 2 aylar önce
he'll definitely get out on appeal. It's obvious he didn't get a fair trial which was most likely the plan
Last Sinner
Last Sinner 2 aylar önce
@S T look @Cosby this is a different category but sad example
S Chris Dellopoulos
S Chris Dellopoulos 2 aylar önce
You don't see well.
TerminalLance0311 2 aylar önce
Mari Johnson
Mari Johnson 2 aylar önce
Maybe Alex’s attorney bribed someone at the jail to release it, to claim a reason for a new trial!
rylvnd hvze
rylvnd hvze 2 aylar önce
It ain't cool to steal money from a dead woman too
I’m Not Obama
I’m Not Obama 2 aylar önce
That doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to violate his rights. There’s a reason we protect the rights of even the people worst people…
rylvnd hvze
rylvnd hvze 2 aylar önce
@I’m Not Obama excuse me while I don't shed a tear.
I’m Not Obama
I’m Not Obama 2 aylar önce
@rylvnd hvze Great counter argument bro 👍
rylvnd hvze
rylvnd hvze 2 aylar önce
@I’m Not Obama argue on the internet? Sounds like a good pastime for you, but I'll pass. 😛
I’m Not Obama
I’m Not Obama 2 aylar önce
@rylvnd hvze but you’re not passing, you’re engaging in the conversation 😂
Wagan Tech
Wagan Tech 2 aylar önce
This whole thing is just crazy... from the way it started until now. Still waiting to see where this goes -
Nutt Bustington
Nutt Bustington 2 aylar önce
Lol “this is an outrage. Tell me who leaked them so they can die under mysterious circumstances too”
BryBry 2 aylar önce
Man for a person that isn't mainstream famous, his connection is fucking crazy
Gene Gazzara
Gene Gazzara 2 aylar önce
I would think that his attorney would be more upset about his client murdering his wife and son.
Robby Delzell
Robby Delzell 2 aylar önce
Why does he care he's still gonna die in the cell anyway. Do you know who else is angry, alex, your Ex mother in law.
Niecee 2 aylar önce
He absolutely did.
Sandra Chisholm
Sandra Chisholm 2 aylar önce
Those would be your rights violated too if it happened to you. Everyone should be concerned that an attorney/client recorded phone call was released to the media.
Robby Delzell
Robby Delzell 2 aylar önce
@Michael Marin dude, he sure as hell did it. If he didn't, why would he have lied about being at the kennels
Robby Delzell
Robby Delzell 2 aylar önce
@Sandra Chisholm I get it, but at the same time, it doesn't matter if 1 person heard it or if the whole world heard it he's still gonna die behind bars I mean the dude has 2 life sentences and the dude is like what 54 years old and basically got 60 years behind bars that'd not including embezzlement.
Alicia Goalder
Alicia Goalder 2 aylar önce
This whole family deserves what they get
madhu madhu
madhu madhu 2 aylar önce
Serendipity 2 aylar önce
Mad as hell... I mean, sure, his hell is his mad right now. Hell is hell for Alex for eternity.
LoopieZ🎈 2 aylar önce
That's a lawsuit!! It's client/attorney confidentiality!! Which he is still his attorney.
Regina Young
Regina Young 2 aylar önce
Agree ! 👍
Mish 2 aylar önce
Agree too, a lawsuit, not a card to “get out of jail for free” though. Not in a case of this seriousness- surely Shirley!
William Hasselbach
William Hasselbach 2 aylar önce
About a zillion people would have a lien on any judgment awarded to Alex.
LoopieZ🎈 2 aylar önce
@William Hasselbach Fact! Lol... They deserve every penny of it.
Joe Dennehy
Joe Dennehy 2 aylar önce
He's as guilty as hell, but that stinks
m p a t m
m p a t m 2 aylar önce
Honestly, Alex should quit wasting everybody's time. He's convinced himself that he can get away with slaughtering his son and wife but not anybody else, including his lawyers. Have to wonder how Maggie would have reacted to him losing his job because he had been stealing from his company for years due to his "addiction". We will never know... but Alex does. Maybe someone in Alex's corner should explain to him how the kennel video is just one of the obstacles that hinder his facade of innocence.
Laineyboy 2 aylar önce
His REAL addiction is Gambling,Big Money 💰 With REAL consequences...
Yamaszlof Mcdurkin
Yamaszlof Mcdurkin 2 aylar önce
He's already been convicted and sentenced to LIFE. It's over
UFCtrumpsBoxing 2 aylar önce
inadvertence is NOT an excuse
eric heine
eric heine 2 aylar önce
I don't think he has any reasonable expectation of privacy. Yeah I wouldn't use the word reasonable concerning him. Replace reasonable with delusional.
Gma Mose
Gma Mose 2 aylar önce
Well this just keeps getting messier and messier.
Freddy Jisp
Freddy Jisp 2 aylar önce
No they don't... it's over - but the media won't let it go
Manda Bme
Manda Bme 2 aylar önce
I don't know who they have contract for inmate calls but they should be able mark them atty when the number is put in the system. You shouldn't be able to listen to them at all not even the first few minutes or seconds whatever they said.
Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson 2 aylar önce
Agree wholeheartedly. Plus they should not even record the call in the first place.
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 2 aylar önce
After watching Alex’s lawyers in the court room I doubt either of them was bright enough to identify himself at the beginning of the call.
UnicornStallion 2 aylar önce
Our government sure is a really great show.
Sunnyside Up
Sunnyside Up 2 aylar önce
Was he mad That he had 5 people killed & Family members Left without They're loved ones?
Anna Claire
Anna Claire 2 aylar önce
Alex doesn't deserve any privacy.
Bert osterberg
Bert osterberg 2 aylar önce
Sue them for violating the law. Arrest those responsible. It’s not that hard. There isn’t a two tier justice system, or shouldn’t be.
Yamaszlof Mcdurkin
Yamaszlof Mcdurkin 2 aylar önce
Haha......there's definitely a two tier Just-Us system. Where TF have you been?
faris shake
faris shake 2 aylar önce
I was mad in jail once.. I would kick the metal door
Yamaszlof Mcdurkin
Yamaszlof Mcdurkin 2 aylar önce
Attorneys already have too many privileges. He's guilty. No phone calls will change that.
AMBROSE BARIGYE(The Mukiga Trucker)
I just finished watching the entire story on Netflix last week..It was indeed a troubling story how these so called rich families have many skeletons in the closet.The Murdaugh family was haunted by the innocent blood of all those that perished around their circles.The innocent boy killed and left in the middle of the road,the maid killed and Murdaugh collected life insurance worh $4.5m that her siblings never saw any penny, the girl beach that perished under the negligence of their drunk son on a boat and many others that may have disappeared using their powers in Hampton County.The wife knew alot too about her husband's evil deeds but sadly he ended up finishing her off and the son...This family has many demons that can never leave them in peace and I pray for all the families that suffered under the Murdaugh power influence
mnpd3 Aylar önce
The call provides an insight to Murdaugh and his lawyer. The first thing Griffin wants to do when he answers is hang up; there's little question that Murdaugh bugs hell out of him around the clock. That's a typical criminal and lawyer relationship --- the con has nothing but time on his hands and a telephone, so he calls anyone who will accept a ten-times regular priced collect call.
Anne Olsen
Anne Olsen 2 aylar önce
Mad as hell? Maybe he should be feeling that toward his murderous self instead of this call. I sure would love to know what was said.
BFG 2 aylar önce
Griffin sounded like, “Stop calling me!” 😂
Ze Moose
Ze Moose 2 aylar önce
Where's the audio
BFG 2 aylar önce
@Ze Moose that’s bizarre. The call has been edited out since I watched it. Griffin probably threatening lawsuits.
Ze Moose
Ze Moose 2 aylar önce
@BFG Did you watch it on TRvid or another site because I can't find it 🤔
BFG 2 aylar önce
@Ze Moose it was in this video before it was edited out. Alex called Griffin and Griffin told him he was trying to go to bed. Then Alex wanted to talk about a witness’s testimony and Griffin cut him off and said they’d talk about it later. Sounded pissed that he called so late.
Mish 2 aylar önce
@BFG thanks - my imagination went wild for a moment. Pretty normal response given he must be exhausted!! Mr Griffin needs to retire from being his lawyer - he is a genuinely a lovely person who deserves better than having that person in his life. Time for both the defence and prosecution lawyers to take a well deserved holiday. 😊🇦🇺
BS004 2 aylar önce
I mean it only says all calls may be recorded everytime he makes a call. And they are public. 😂
Davyo Thompson
Davyo Thompson 2 aylar önce
ACTUAL Phone Call Transcript: ATTORNEY: Hello ? ALEX: Hey bro, it’s your client Alex, what is ya be doing ? ATTORNEY: I’m having dinner with my family. ALEX: Dude, kill them, it’s totally awesome killing family members. ATTORNEY: We’ll let me see how your case end’s first. ALEX: Bro, when ya gunna get me out of this jail, all my fellow inmates wanna do me doggie style and are asking for oral sex. ATTORNEY: I think you might have to get used to all that sex on a daily basis, try to enjoy it. ALEX: Ohhh crap, maybe I shouldn’t have killed my wife and son,,, I’m just glad this call isn’t being recorded.
babyFiona 2 aylar önce
Where is this call I want to hear myself
Laineyboy 2 aylar önce
He won some beef sticks ! LOL!!!
n A
n A 2 aylar önce
Pretty amazing how you never hear anyone elses jail calls but they made sure to disgrace him as a lawyer and make an example out of him
Mish 2 aylar önce
As they should
William Hasselbach
William Hasselbach 2 aylar önce
I think he disgraced himself as an attorney long before this recording was released.
CO 2 aylar önce
What if any key information was discussed on the call?
interminably perplexed
K. In other news, Satan is suing, claiming his pitchfork was damaged during the hurling episode from the Heavens.
Trace_You 2 aylar önce
Jenn Pierce
Jenn Pierce 2 aylar önce
Why the hell are they releasing any calls? I mean wth
Chanecia Life Coach
Chanecia Life Coach 2 aylar önce
God is showing up and showing out! Woe to the men that think they they have control and can alter destiny..... More to come!
Rachael Nikolashin
Rachael Nikolashin 2 aylar önce
Gee, I wonder if this will help his appeal? Seems a little too contrived. I wouldn't put it pass them to stage this... kind of like the bomb threat.
Kyle Loftis
Kyle Loftis 2 aylar önce
Never forget God loves you and is our lord and savior
Brent Forrest
Brent Forrest 2 aylar önce
They did that shit on purpose
Bret Harley
Bret Harley 2 aylar önce
ALL conversations between attorneys and clients are privileged. As long as no third parties are present and the conversation isn’t regarding committing further illegal activity.
Yamaszlof Mcdurkin
Yamaszlof Mcdurkin 2 aylar önce
Yeah that's the point of the video. We know that
Nonya Biz
Nonya Biz 2 aylar önce
You do? Cuz judging by 99% of the posts, you don't be🙄
J 2 aylar önce
Why are people suddenly so interested in others people's lives?
Yamaszlof Mcdurkin
Yamaszlof Mcdurkin 2 aylar önce
LoL.... suddenly? Where have you been the last 15 years?
Mish 2 aylar önce
Suddenly 😂 … watcha doing here J?
I AM THAT I AM 2 aylar önce
He has no rights to ever be mad anymore.
Sub Stantial
Sub Stantial 2 aylar önce
What's up with the desert camo fatigues?
True Crime Queen™
True Crime Queen™ 2 aylar önce
Such a wild case 🤯
Shamir Grant
Shamir Grant 2 aylar önce
Super strange everyone is mad his attorney is upset. He should be. I believe he's guilty, doesn't mean his rights should be violated.
Jose 7475
Jose 7475 2 aylar önce
This is your reminder that all your sinful ways are nothing compare to the the love, freedom, and eternal life you can receive from God and no matter how much you think it’s to late to be forgiven remember that as long as you try your best to fallow Jesus and repent you will be forgiven and God will carry you on the right path
Mish 2 aylar önce
Where’s the video evidence?
Kallie Uil
Kallie Uil 2 aylar önce
Murdock seems to have a phone next to his bed in the medical wing.
The Observer
The Observer 2 aylar önce
Don't say anything Negative about Buster! Condolences for his loss! His Father is going to spend the rest of his life in prison for brutally murdering his Mother & Brother. If Buster isn't on a Nerve Pill he is Better than me. Buster get a nice low haircut, & whatever hair is left on your head Bleach it Blonde. That's Not Negative, It's Real! 💯❤👍
Mish 2 aylar önce
Ron Parks
Ron Parks 2 aylar önce
Sue the jail
Fabiano Rossi
Fabiano Rossi 2 aylar önce
Alex deserved better.
peydaboss 2 aylar önce
I wanted to hear him say that
possums1010 2 aylar önce
OOOHHHH!!! It's not nice to tease us with another bit of murdaugh scumbaggery & not give a link! alick is going to say everyone that he talks to are his lawyers
Grace Johnson
Grace Johnson 2 aylar önce
Why not give the content of the call?
Quita Quita
Quita Quita 2 aylar önce
They leaked that call they need to stop playing and lying.
Gail Cotter
Gail Cotter 2 aylar önce
They know those calls are recorded…..just like interrogation rooms! Public record now, not up to law to go through every call and see what they can’t give out!
Nonya Biz
Nonya Biz 2 aylar önce
It's attorney-client privilege!!! And, yes, something like that could get him out, Genius!🙄
Spirit Moon
Spirit Moon 2 aylar önce
he'll get over it.
Freddy Jisp
Freddy Jisp 2 aylar önce
He has a few lifetimes to do so...
apriltobias13 2 aylar önce
What leaked phone call? Someone post the link
scott y
scott y 2 aylar önce
every call he makes daily is on youtube just search for his surname and calls multiple chanels post calls daily
USA Roxx
USA Roxx 2 aylar önce
@scott y Not true.
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 2 aylar önce
There are a bunch more too. The youtube channel Murdaugh Family Murders has a bunch of his prison calls on here as well.
Renee Dover
Renee Dover 2 aylar önce
So he's not mad that his wife and son were brutality killed and he says he didn't do it. Why hasn't he been mad that they haven't found the killer? Cause he did it and he's not getting away with all his lies anymore! If the attorney didn't announce he was attorney then how do they know then? Trying to find away to get out? Disgusting!
Lawrence Maweu
Lawrence Maweu 2 aylar önce
Can't really call it fall from grace, since they weren't a graceful family anyway
catistrolling 2 aylar önce
Bring it on
Serial Chronicles
Serial Chronicles 2 aylar önce
This whole family is cursed damn.
Lisa Pecchenino
Lisa Pecchenino 2 aylar önce
If it was released where can you listen to it?
Sherri Johnson
Sherri Johnson 2 aylar önce
What was the phone call???
Cheetomosquito 2 aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love it.
Rhonda Hughes
Rhonda Hughes 2 aylar önce
Can this be cause mis trial?
Amelia B.
Amelia B. 2 aylar önce
Now I want to hear it
Sherry Taylor
Sherry Taylor 2 aylar önce
Ok I get the leak is illegal but it was released after the trial. We all want to know what was said. I don't think he'll ever be free again. We should make a batch of popcorn 🍿 and sit back to watch this new show "Evil Man in Orange".
Z3 2 aylar önce
fbi says no attorney client privelege exists anymore
Dumay 2 aylar önce
M. W.
M. W. 2 aylar önce
Hey Griffin, I'd bet anything that Maggie's family is "mad as hell", too. And Mallory's family. And the family of your client's quradraplegic client. The "mad as hell" list is long, so take a ticket.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 2 aylar önce
A ploy to raise reasons for new case…stay tuned for more leaks & technicalities to cast doubt of a fair trial…enough money can manufacture any scenario to cast doubt.
Excellent informative news
Robert Spencer
Robert Spencer 2 aylar önce
Who cares how mad he is….he will have plenty of time to think about it.
Montana Snowman
Montana Snowman 2 aylar önce
They are putting in a fix to get him off. These people protect their own
Awinner4life 2 aylar önce
What was said on the call?
Lisa Fullerton
Lisa Fullerton 2 aylar önce
He lost his right to ANY privacy!!!
Regina Young
Regina Young 2 aylar önce
There's laws that protect attorney client privilege...Somebody broke the law releasing that video.
Sherry 2 aylar önce
No doubt if it helps Alex then it was leaked by his people.
Some Knucklehead
Some Knucklehead 2 aylar önce
What is the audio in question?
Calico 2 aylar önce
He kills his own family but doesn't want to be recorded and wants rights being a big fancy attorney and all. He knows. You don't.
Linda Goes
Linda Goes 2 aylar önce
then go talk to him, he is not privileged!
Jerik Mitchell
Jerik Mitchell 2 aylar önce
uh any and all 1 and 1 verbal contact between lawyer and defenedent is indeed privledged. not a hard concept.
Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson 2 aylar önce
Wrong. Attorney contact is privileged always everywhere.
Judith 2 aylar önce
Insider job.
Rebekah Ritchie
Rebekah Ritchie 2 aylar önce
Amy Hayward
Amy Hayward 2 aylar önce
Why does everyone keep calling him, "Murdock" , when his name is clearly spelled "Murdaugh", This has been driving me crazy ever since I watched the special on 48hrs! Apparently he doesn't even know how to pronounce his OWN name! Money and those who have too much for their own good. Crazy.