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Prepare to scream… and stream! , an Original Special, makes its spook-tacular entrance October 8 on .

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23 Eyl 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


Çalma listem
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Ross Canpolat
Ross Canpolat 23 saatler önce
I remember that haunted mansion from Disney Land Paris when I was a kid! :D
LRv Tv
LRv Tv 2 gün önce
Yesss! Fabulous!
Calvin Lam
Calvin Lam 2 gün önce
I love how this also marked Johnny Fiama & Sal Minella’s return since 2010 when they appeared in the Muppets’ version of Bohemian Rhapsody!
TheGuy 3 gün önce
this has *GOT* to be good! unlike other movies this has to be good!
JACK KERNEL 5 gün önce
who watching this movie
FdL 6 gün önce
I didn't know that Darren Criss looks better with some dirt in his face 😜
Gabriel Pacheco
Gabriel Pacheco 7 gün önce
Will Arnett I thought he does voices for recess commercials only or from now on
Man there's a lot of bad green screen shots in this trailer alone.. I don't think I can watch it
Andrea Sanchez
Andrea Sanchez 8 gün önce
PEPE THE SHRIMP PEPE: I’m not a shrimp. PEPE THE KING PRAWN PEPE: Close enough.
kyeoptawerk93 8 gün önce
how have the muppets been so good and funny for so long?
Jamie Cee49
Jamie Cee49 8 gün önce
Can't wait to see this one. I love the Muppets. ❤ With John Stamos. Yes.☺
Saucy Jack
Saucy Jack 8 gün önce
It’s a sad day in the history of the world when even the Muppets go woke! They force feed us a black woman in a stupid terrible role just to be all inclusive while instead it makes the show totally unwatchable! If you like the Muppets.... you won’t like this!!!
hamborgar 5 gün önce
dawg its the muppets 💀💀it isnt a big thing to complain about
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday 9 gün önce
Anybody seen this or the haunted mansion from 2003? How do they compare? I never saw the one from 2003 with Eddie Murphy because honestly he made it look cheesy.
Omar Marquez Jr.
Omar Marquez Jr. 9 gün önce
Is scerey 😱😱 good night 🌙 i love you and popcorn movie night
Xz gaming
Xz gaming 10 gün önce
What the name song?
Gillis Boyd
Gillis Boyd 11 gün önce
kurumais 12 gün önce
the muppets make me happy
Carolyn Keith
Carolyn Keith 12 gün önce
So, no Uncle Deadly? He'd be perfect in this. 😔
Tyler Wheeler
Tyler Wheeler 12 gün önce
According to Brain Henson, he plans on making holiday specials on Disney+ with the Muppets starting with this
Tyler Wheeler
Tyler Wheeler 4 gün önce
@4:3 Land Haven't seen that one
Tyler Wheeler
Tyler Wheeler 9 gün önce
@Haku4Life I'd like to see Brian Henson make a new Muppet Christmas film. Because I liked The Muppet Christmas Carol that was released in 1992
Haku4Life 9 gün önce
If true, could this be an indicator that the Jim Henson Co. is looking to buy back The Muppets from Disney?
BenHopkins1000 13 gün önce
Didn’t know Darren Criss (American Crime Story) and Taraji Henson (Empire) were in this. I’ll check it out
Lindsay Charlie
Lindsay Charlie 13 gün önce
Guys you have to watch this I already seen it and was so funny 😭👏🏽
Mike Jorsch
Mike Jorsch 13 gün önce
I don't like seeing Kermit as a ghost I still miss Henson
E D.
E D. 13 gün önce
Worst kermit voice ever
Derek Dodson
Derek Dodson 14 gün önce
You could say some Kermit suicde in that house.
Frank TheVet
Frank TheVet 14 gün önce
Let's go Brandon.
OSCONMGLDA 14 gün önce
I miss Steve Whitmere. Matt Vogel just isn't the same.
Adam Sukenick
Adam Sukenick 14 gün önce
There was no one better than Steve except Jim of course.
MrJ Ghostbell
MrJ Ghostbell 15 gün önce
Watched it, solid 9/10 👌 perfect lol 9nly complaint my friend and I had, we wished it was longer as it's only a 50 ish min movie, it should of been 1hr and a half at min.
Toasty Chips-56
Toasty Chips-56 15 gün önce
What's the name of the music that you used at 1:14?
AvaTheArtFreak 15 gün önce
After watching this, I realized that this had more references to the ride than the actual movie
Alan’s plush world
Alan’s plush world 16 gün önce
0:14 they actually showed the number
Samantha Franke
Samantha Franke 16 gün önce
I cried in the theatre during original muppet movie ❤️ Can’t wait to see this!
Dick Dastardly
Dick Dastardly 16 gün önce
I've seen it and it's a fun movie. I'm surprised though that Elvira wasn't one of the guest stars.
Лёнсель 16 gün önce
oooh disney+ is not available in my country, how can I watch it :c (trailer looks so similar to old muppets series, I love iitttt)
Daisy H
Daisy H 16 gün önce
This is a family show!! ORr isS iiTtT
Robert E. Waring
Robert E. Waring 16 gün önce
dragonwings36 16 gün önce
I loved this! I'm likely going to watch it again tonight. :D
wallyg1983 16 gün önce
Absolutely love the muppets and hate to see anyone out of a job, but the new voice of Kermit is so jarringly different from the previous two that it pulls you immediately out of the film. They need to replace him. Fozzy bear and Scooter sound closer to kermit than kermit actually does. It’s so disjointed.
Emilio-Vision 16 gün önce
Muppets paying better tribute to Haunted Mansion that Eddie Murphy did is gold!
Randy Aguiluz
Randy Aguiluz 17 gün önce
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts 17 gün önce
What's with the voices? Not even close to the originals. Could've at least hired some better voice talent and actually tried to match the voices properly. It's like people don't even try any more!
14hereigo 16 gün önce
You understand most of the original casts aren't around anymore, right?
Moo Moo
Moo Moo 17 gün önce
A painful number of cgi sets and backgrounds.
Marktopia 17 gün önce
Glad to see another muppets movie
Jelle de Moes
Jelle de Moes 17 gün önce
I realy liked it, i always liked the Muppets and this is also amazing. only Kermit sounds weird, Did not like his new voice. If you have not seen it go watch it.
Kent Slocum
Kent Slocum 17 gün önce
Having just finished watching this, I can honestly say this one of the best things on Disney+. It's got catchy tunes, classic Muppet humor, plenty of inside jokes, lots of easter eggs for eagle-eyed fans, and all the fun and fear of the Haunted Mansion. A wonderful treat and an honest delight!
Rudy Lopez
Rudy Lopez 17 gün önce
I don't have Disney + :(
bigbadjohn8202 17 gün önce
I love how this was released today on R.L. Stine's birthday.
Paper Mario
Paper Mario 17 gün önce
I just watched it and I LOVED it! Great stuff, especially if you know the ride. The whole cast was great. Especially loved Taraji.
Lauren Hart
Lauren Hart 18 gün önce
Who else here for Darren?😂
Meme Slayer
Meme Slayer 18 gün önce
Am I the only one who hears the pizzatron 3000 song? 😂
Andrew Christopher
Andrew Christopher 18 gün önce
Great films even this is rated G the sound effect makes me scared sometime
Anime Lea
Anime Lea 18 gün önce
I don't see Eddie Murphy.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 18 gün önce
Not a fan of the singing busts. Prefer the original version of them
Bryan Lariviere
Bryan Lariviere 18 gün önce
looks better then the one with eddie murphy. What happened to the mouse? Why is pepe with gonzo and not Rizzo?
Melissa Werth
Melissa Werth 18 gün önce
One more day!
Cofee Spear
Cofee Spear 18 gün önce
More muppets is encouraged
Adam kirk
Adam kirk 18 gün önce
I am going to see this with Brent and my mom
Taco Studios
Taco Studios 19 gün önce
Chris Hudak
Chris Hudak 19 gün önce
This looks like it might, MIGHT, just undo the damage of that first godawful Eddie Murphy movie; looking forward to this!
R.A.C Corp Studios
R.A.C Corp Studios 19 gün önce
Muppets + the best ride every made = a blessing to this planet
Rias Jey
Rias Jey 19 gün önce
I hope we get more muppets on Disney plus😍😍😍
Rias Jey
Rias Jey 19 gün önce
Omgggg yayyyyy
game survivor
game survivor 19 gün önce
Yippee-ki-yay disney
Hollywill06 Holly
Hollywill06 Holly 19 gün önce
I feel like Pepe would become a ghost
Slayy the series
Slayy the series 19 gün önce
Rizzo was my favorite…
Belle Thompson
Belle Thompson 19 gün önce
Does anyone know the name of the song @1:17? It's been bothering me. I know this song and yet the name escapes me.
Aaron Harman Official
Aaron Harman Official 17 gün önce
@Belle Thompson Nice! Thanks man lol
Belle Thompson
Belle Thompson 17 gün önce
@Aaron Harman Official I finally found it from scrolling. It's professor pumplestickle by Thomas Burgersen. I thought I recognized the song because he is one of my favorite composers. I feel so silly 🤣
Aaron Harman Official
Aaron Harman Official 19 gün önce
I’m also trying to find it. Let me know if you figured it out yet or not. Can’t find any other related comments.
Jamie Dupree
Jamie Dupree 19 gün önce
Fozzie with teeth is the most disturbing thing I've seen this month so far....
When I think muppets I think Danny Trejo, he is everywhere
Hollywill06 Holly
Hollywill06 Holly 20 gün önce
I bet beaker gets hurt
Greta Natarajan
Greta Natarajan 20 gün önce
this is gonna be my joker.
Nico 20 gün önce
Can't believe I excited for a haunted mansion movie again
werthy is my name
werthy is my name 20 gün önce
I can’t wait for this
Nancy Nolan
Nancy Nolan 21 gün önce
Yeah, where's Rizzo? I love both Gonzo and him together! Perhaps some may not notice him not being present but for us long-time Muppets fans it stands out like a sore thumb. Looks like a hoot! I can't wait to see this!
Jarod Carter
Jarod Carter 21 gün önce
Rizzo isn't the sidekick ?!?!? Take two points away already
halobatler 21 gün önce
ok i pull up.
Erich Scheidle
Erich Scheidle 21 gün önce
Weird that this isn't a Gnozo and Rizzo adventure. Usually, they always pair them up.
MasonTheAnimator 21 gün önce
Kermit death.
Vincent Alvarado
Vincent Alvarado 21 gün önce
0:01-1:50 Corey Burton
Dwight Fairfield
Dwight Fairfield 22 gün önce
Muppets and the haunted mansion mashed together
Emily Bird
Emily Bird 22 gün önce
This looks good except kermit doesn't sound like kermit.
Basic Egg
Basic Egg 22 gün önce
The funny thing is that this will probably be the only good haunted mansion movie ever made
R.A.C Corp Studios
R.A.C Corp Studios 19 gün önce
To be honest I have higher hopes for this than the reboot
Bounding and Beyond
Bounding and Beyond 22 gün önce
I can’t give this enough thumbs up. I got to see the extended preview at MuppetVision 3D and,… folks…. This is going to be Epic!!!!!!
Harry Shoemaker
Harry Shoemaker 22 gün önce
Well at least Rob Minkoff and Eddie Murphy aren't gonna be involved!
Wano Sleep
Wano Sleep 22 gün önce
Wow haven't watch in along time😂
Konnor Foxworth
Konnor Foxworth 22 gün önce
Why does that 666 scene (in a friggin Muppets movie!) eerily remind me of the flipping crosses in The Conjuring 2?
onyxdeath viper
onyxdeath viper 22 gün önce
This looks amazing to see 2 of my favorite Disney franchises doing a collab, but if this is the new haunted mansion movie that has been going around in rumors, I'm gonna be a little upset.
R.A.C Corp Studios
R.A.C Corp Studios 19 gün önce
This is separate than the other one I think the other one is in the same universe as the jungle cruise film this is it’s own thing
onyxdeath viper
onyxdeath viper 20 gün önce
@Darth Liquid 😂
Darth Liquid
Darth Liquid 20 gün önce
I think it is, movie just never materialized. Last I heard Ryan Gosling was rumored to star in it lol
shiichan32 22 gün önce
man haunted mansion was a attraction that disney couldnt figure out if they wanted scary or funny so they kept going back and forth. got pushed back mant times
R.A.C Corp Studios
R.A.C Corp Studios 19 gün önce
Bests ride at Disneyland
Brandon Barrientos
Brandon Barrientos 22 gün önce
Everyone! In 2019, there was a show called the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. A prequel series based off of a 1982 movie called The Dark Crystal. A dark puppet series set in a world of Thra, where the Gelfling find out the truth of the Crystal and the Skeksis rulers and begin a rebellion. This show was everything, amazing fantasy, great worldbuilding, good score, great characters, etc. Then Netflix cancelled it. I know Covid's made things harder for companies but this show doesn't deserve the fate it got. Jim Henson would've been proud of this series. So tell everyone about this show, show this comment, anything. Let's convince Netflix to bring it back or sell it to a company who will. #ForThra #SaveDarkCrystal
Liam Donohoe
Liam Donohoe 23 gün önce
I’m not a Shrimp! Err… close enough.
Shadavion Grant
Shadavion Grant 23 gün önce
Emmy nominee Yvette Nicole Brown is everywhere!!!!
JadeNuo 23 gün önce
lend me your feeeeears 🤓
Arthur Madsen
Arthur Madsen 23 gün önce
this is a pile of Disney garbage. Another franchise Disney has destroyed again and it wont be the last. You wont see quality show from disney since they have not made anything great in 10 years
korbell 23 gün önce
Eddie Murphy is probably rolling in his...well he is probably rolling in frustration that he is being upstaged by a frog!
Sir Isaac
Sir Isaac 23 gün önce
So this is why my yearly subscription increased in price?
Jennifer Dyer
Jennifer Dyer 22 gün önce
Worth every penny
Max Gilmour
Max Gilmour 23 gün önce
Coming Ittttttt?!?!?!
Lampshade 23 gün önce
they got john stamos in this one ???? 👀👀
Tori Smith
Tori Smith 23 gün önce
Well I need to have Disney +now
Tom Purnell
Tom Purnell 23 gün önce
Josh H
Josh H 23 gün önce
Still better than the Eddie Murphy film or the upcoming Owen Wilson film.
Mike Castleberry
Mike Castleberry 23 gün önce
Words cannot describe how much I am here for this. HM is one of my favorite attractions and I love the Muppets.
Matthew Carroll
Matthew Carroll 24 gün önce
So when can we expect the new seasonal attraction overhaul please?? 🙏🙏🐸🐷🦐👻
Julie Shez
Julie Shez 24 gün önce
Muppets haunted mansion awesome Halloween movie Since haunted mansion movie with Eddie Murphy.
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