Mullet Vs Chicken, Fishing For Catfish

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27 Eyl 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Jerry Cordova
Jerry Cordova Aylar önce
About how many feet can you cast that 12 ft rod?
Johnathan Haywood
Johnathan Haywood Aylar önce
Man you need to start harvesting those"Gaftops" they really are good too eat! In Texas in Galveston the Gaftop run was great!! Those fish that were 5lbs and smaller eat GREAT!! And remember"No Limit" !! Just fillets!!!!😉
Donald Thomas
Donald Thomas 2 aylar önce
Cool video brother keep them coming
Scott Kaercher
Scott Kaercher 2 aylar önce
Gotta tie your swivel your leader and your hook.
armond martin III
armond martin III 2 aylar önce
Are you south of belle Chase in this vid .... Just curious ... Keep the good vids coming ...
Rigged PFA
Rigged PFA 2 aylar önce
That looks like a pretty nice spot 👍👍
Noah Trabeaux
Noah Trabeaux 2 aylar önce
I live in Baton Rouge. Does anyone have any good spots within reasonable distance to fish the river. I’ve found a few but there really only fishable when the river is up. As of right now I can still access the river from them but the current is just way to strong when I have to fish the main river.
Apollo and Creed Bulldogges
Yeah you right!!!!
Michael Streeter
Michael Streeter 2 aylar önce
Can't wait for you to get back onto the blue cats.
Robert Janko
Robert Janko 2 aylar önce
M.Hood and Fish your way are the best US fishing channels. Good guys you would like to go fishing with. Greets from germany
steve adams
steve adams 2 aylar önce
You might put a drop of oil on that reel.
dirtyoldfarmhand3 2 aylar önce
Brett 1
Brett 1 2 aylar önce
That’s the place where the kids call the jump
Steve Cousins
Steve Cousins 2 aylar önce
I just realized he sounds just like Bruce Dern!
Joshua Durost
Joshua Durost 2 aylar önce
I never get tired of this channle but I get tired of gaftops
Sumit Malla
Sumit Malla 2 aylar önce
For me personally I prefer mullet over any other baits unless using live bait, and puddy mullet is one of the best live bait, all the way from Australia
txTIGER 2 aylar önce
nice looking spot, giddy'up fedex
Kelly Schuster
Kelly Schuster 2 aylar önce
Yeah you're right
Jaxon Hinton
Jaxon Hinton 2 aylar önce
Glad to see a vid keep it up and ur way to underrated
James Gardiner
James Gardiner 2 aylar önce
finally !!!!back!!!! hoodly
Not bad for a Raglesville boy Smith
Pretty place, nice day for fishing.
• Salt Rock
• Salt Rock 2 aylar önce
Mornin y’all! It’s great seeing you again M.Hood! 🙂
Paren 2 aylar önce
Is that the Penn Pursuit 5000 or 6000?
Trevor Halford
Trevor Halford 2 aylar önce
I never thought I see you using chicken as bait. About a year ago I mentioned chicken and Koolaid and I think it was deleted from the comments but I was trying to say it really works. Hahaha it's almost awesome ! LoL
Trevor Halford
Trevor Halford 2 aylar önce
@Derek Stine yeah it does.
Derek Stine
Derek Stine 2 aylar önce
Yeah same no sugar just the packets but the skittles sounds like a good idea 🤔
Trevor Halford
Trevor Halford 2 aylar önce
I never used sugar in mine. I've always use the packets of just the Koolaid. I find that garlic powder works GREAT as well.
Richie S
Richie S 2 aylar önce
If using sugar brine baits no joke Use the "skittles water flavor packets" from safe way, you'll thank me later.
Richie S
Richie S 2 aylar önce
If going dyed sugar brings your Best bet is get the tube of "skittles water flavor packs" blow kool-aid off the map. ✊
bobby staley
bobby staley 2 aylar önce
moblack 2 aylar önce
He’s back!
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