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The highest mountains on Earth are home to snow leopards, golden eagles, mountain goats, barnacle goslings and gelada monkeys. But only the toughest can endure the extreme weather, scarce food and limited oxygen on these peaks. Using new technology to showcase never-before-filmed animal behavior, Hostile Planet provides unique access to one of the most extreme environments on the planet.

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Mountains (Full Episode) | Hostile Planet

National Geographic




14 Ara 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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National Geographic
National Geographic 11 aylar önce
What is one thing you learned about mountains from this episode of Hostile Planet?
mohamed ana
mohamed ana 6 saatler önce
Brian Ashman
Brian Ashman Gün önce
To not Encourage your child to jump off them
Sultan Arshad
Sultan Arshad Gün önce
I love ❤ this video of has nice views of mountains ah........isn't it nice.......
Philip Alfano
Philip Alfano 2 gün önce
That I bcmelow on the food chain
Ruben Gonzalez Ramirez
Muy bonitos documentales
Kit Patrol
Kit Patrol 56 dakika önce
why can't the geese bring food to the nest?
Swagger x
Swagger x 2 saatler önce
For Us Who Love Rally
For Us Who Love Rally 4 saatler önce
bruh, that chick straight up got smashed by rocks, casually just walks away like nothing had happened
Amparo Alvarez
Amparo Alvarez 5 saatler önce
More than the planet it is some humans that are really hostile...The dark ones you can call them...The planet is beautiful, alive and full of life..Her name is GAIA...A sentient being of Love and Light...We are the ones hurting her...
Amparo Alvarez
Amparo Alvarez 4 saatler önce
The climate is warming up and it is not a bad thing, on the contrary, we are on our way to an eternal spring temperature which earth has always been until darkness came to this planet brought by other beings from outside our planet...Many corporations are getting richer saying things that are not true...They have a very dark agenda of disinforming humanity about almost everything...People need to know the truth...
LEKSXTER DJ 6 saatler önce
Боже я искренне надеюсь что кто-то возьмёт и переведёт это видео, потому что я вообще не понимаю что говорят.
Gerald Blackburn
Gerald Blackburn 6 saatler önce
stop this BULL💩 about global warming, pure bull💩💩
Gerald Blackburn
Gerald Blackburn 7 saatler önce
If we have all this 'climate change' why is China building ONE HUNDRED NEW COAL PLANTS ? ? ? Over the next 7 years ? ? ?
Gerald Blackburn
Gerald Blackburn 7 saatler önce
It can rise every decade, called climate change, climate change every day.
Gerald Blackburn
Gerald Blackburn 7 saatler önce
Stop with the CO2 BULL💩This is not about CO2, this is about CCP control.
Waiska Vulk
Waiska Vulk 8 saatler önce
Amo esses documentários da NG 😍 qualidade imensurável!!
Maria Elena
Maria Elena 9 saatler önce
Miriffic ,,
Uncle Dana
Uncle Dana 10 saatler önce
Perfection of hunting .
Aidil 03
Aidil 03 13 saatler önce
Whyyyyyyy The cat diedʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ
Eric Kaeuffling
Eric Kaeuffling 16 saatler önce
the music and the voice-over are too much.. The magnifies pictures are enough.
Chris Zhu
Chris Zhu 18 saatler önce
when the chick was falling down the cliff, I can't breath, I was shocked...
Altay Bozkurt
Altay Bozkurt 21 saatler önce
legend jump! historical legend fall !!!
Abdulmalik Daud
Abdulmalik Daud 21 saatler önce
That first chick 😭😭 and the last chick scared tf out of me
1Jetset100 23 saatler önce
Mustafa Mohamed
Mustafa Mohamed Gün önce
Fantastic wildlife Thanks National Geographic Been fan since 10
YN Seo
YN Seo Gün önce
Bear Grylls is the most comportable creatue in the film.
Tony Viejito
Tony Viejito Gün önce
To much propaganda clime change is no to bad is wold rotation donot make it worse is not
Lulu Del
Lulu Del Gün önce
8 minutes in..can't watch any more...wayyyy too sad!!!!
Anina Said
Anina Said Gün önce
ماشاءالله وتبارك الله
Günay Werner
Günay Werner Gün önce
🇹🇷very interesting
Ayaz Khan
Ayaz Khan Gün önce
16:42 these youngsters need to stop trying WWE move on each other.🤣🤣🤣
Faisal Ahmed
Faisal Ahmed Gün önce
The chicks , just broke heart to see them like that :
Sultan Arshad
Sultan Arshad Gün önce
I ❤ this video7
Razz C
Razz C Gün önce
They could have picked a better narrator.
ola infree
ola infree 2 gün önce
Incredible footage and an argument for the survival of the fittest. Adaptability is a key to survival in a climate change. Gah, I wish that I could fly like that golden eagle and that I had the stealth moves and grace of the snow leopard
James last
James last 2 gün önce
The temperature isnt rising! We are heading for a new ice age! CO2 is the gas of life, just as important as oxygene and without it we die. Historically the CO2 levels are very low.
James last
James last 2 gün önce
There is no unusual climate change!!!
Nhlanhla Dube
Nhlanhla Dube 2 gün önce
Beautiful beast👌🏽
1 3 Strange
1 3 Strange 2 gün önce
Them awful Snow Leopards need to be made extinct on the hurry-up ! (that poor Mountain Goat did n't stand a chance)
Carlos Henrique
Carlos Henrique 2 gün önce
Maravilha de reportagem
Mazza Ma
Mazza Ma 2 gün önce
Dislike for not using the metric system
Razak Nadav
Razak Nadav 2 gün önce
I do not much care for the design and cruelty of the Food Chain, although the Beauty of much of Nature, is very much attractive and Graceful.......If only for those moments away from the harsh and cruel reality of 'God's Design'.
Enlightened Psycho
Enlightened Psycho 3 gün önce
This is a life inspiring video..sometimes you have take a leap of faith.
Evan Penny
Evan Penny 3 gün önce
"Now with the rise in Global temperatures life is even tougher", you mean zero point 7 degrees rise makes it tougher? I think your script writers need to get over themselves.
Jeet Sinha
Jeet Sinha 3 gün önce
You rarely get to see this animal in your lifetime, snow leopard are like ghosts even many locals get to see it once in their lifetime, thanks to the maker for this beautiful presentation.
Mahir Celik
Mahir Celik 3 gün önce
very stubborn kitty respect👍
Vladimir MAL Minaunghlaing
Every time I feel low, l rest and watch wildlife documentaries on TRvid (mostly lions) just to realize the struggle of nature. They always show what matters is never to bow down.
hedkace again
hedkace again 4 gün önce
What an absolutely amazing place we are very lucky to be a part of. This was so spectacular and emotional to watch. To all the brave people who had a part in this, THANK YOU!
S Meyer
S Meyer 4 gün önce
Nothing but a climate change story/video from the climate change masters
Dr Sivaram Hariharan
Give it to the female eagle and the martial arts kick she gave to the male to win the battle. That was sublime .. No wonder, Kungfu has the Eagle style as one of its varieties..
David Ko
David Ko 4 gün önce
It would be great without that fake narrator.
Hannah 4 gün önce
I feel really bad for the animals who coudint make it .. But they tried :) These animals are brave , They understand when they have problems :) >3
Justa Name
Justa Name 5 gün önce
Animal: falls down what can literally be described as a whole mountain-face - survives Human: stubs toe - almost dies
Mehmet Erdogan
Mehmet Erdogan 5 gün önce
I love nature .🌹🌹🌹👍
Rishabh Kothari
Rishabh Kothari 5 gün önce
this is so beautifully edited, the sound design, the shots, what a pleasure to watch. thank you for this experience
Never Give Up
Never Give Up 6 gün önce
So sad for the chicks....
Ordre du Christ Roi
Иван ноо
Иван ноо 7 gün önce
есть русские?
bin hassan
bin hassan 8 gün önce
Living with nature is justifying nature
BangladeshiVideo 8 gün önce
We are so lucky. Order meat online.
Landon Turner
Landon Turner 8 gün önce
Those chick parents are the WORST. Literally no effort to help their chicks 😡
Pratik Ojha
Pratik Ojha 8 gün önce
Amazingly beautiful earth.
Nebiyat Leykun
Nebiyat Leykun 8 gün önce
Inkdependent 8 gün önce
250 commercials on this beautiful video…this is stupid…
Arnaldo Haas
Arnaldo Haas 9 gün önce
Wonderful to watch, terrible to live there. I prefer the mountains of Brazil, their exuberant nature where the lives of multitudes of living beings are planted and reaped...
Frank Westphal
Frank Westphal 9 gün önce
I like the pace and music of this documentary. Some recent Nat Geo stuff has gotten way off track with super intense music, and a faster pace. Don't be the history channel and lose a viewer. I avoid them now as much as possible. Documentaries are supposed to give the viewer time and space to contemplate. That's why we watch them. Even though some of the moments are dramatic, they are not dramas. I think some producers forget this. This one was great. Very well done, in every way. But the king off all documentaries is still NOVA. No one has ever done it better. Docs like these are a close second, imo.
Euro Connect
Euro Connect 9 gün önce
If leopard is such a looser, how did he survive so long? Surely he'll make it
Hair Transplant Double Booster
10:00 I felt so sorry for this cute bird that felt from so high and though he might lost his life but happy to see that he survived and see how the mother is trying so hard to protect the cute kid....amazing. God Bless Everyone.
Slovak wildlife video
Great video, beautiful animals...Well done
Hardi 1974
Hardi 1974 9 gün önce
Natur of life
Nana Wplays
Nana Wplays 10 gün önce
It's the mother flying past her falling babies for me 😭🤣
Where'd I park the van
Nice show, too bad they are paying Bear to push to Global Warming, Climate change or whatever they're calling the hoax these days!! All so a few elites and politicians can become even more wealthy!!!.......... If it wasn't a hoax, the world would be in a huge battle with China, but nothing.........
A Nickerson
A Nickerson 11 gün önce
Why do I feel like humans will digress to a similar but even more brutal life soon?
CarbonGlassMan 11 gün önce
If global temperatures rise that should mean there is more food. Not less. Right? If everything freezes, most things die.
Duder 11 gün önce
43:00 its spectacular hunt!
georgiana darcy
georgiana darcy 11 gün önce
The planet is not hostile at all! You are!
Nia Jannah
Nia Jannah 11 gün önce
The chicks😭😭
Fausto D'Aloisio
Fausto D'Aloisio 13 gün önce
All the documentary film is trying to persuade us that global warming is occurring. All the animals would be at ease at a temperature a celsius degree colder but are now getting roasted at a temperature a celsius degree hotter. Every year is different from the previous year. Snow can arrive even half a month sooner or later ,the same for thaw. And animals have no problem to withstand that. The story of the little goat having troubles in wading the river ,made bigger because of the massive meltdown due to climate change, is ridiculous. There is no size for rivers ,fixed by law,to be safely crossed by little goats.Even without climate change rivers can be bigger or smaller and the same river can change its size during the year .
sadananda saha
sadananda saha 13 gün önce
Beyond description
sadananda saha
sadananda saha 13 gün önce
I love very much wild life
김필곤 13 gün önce
회담한번 할려고 입만열면 종전선언 그로인해 국민들을 위험에 빠뜨리는 사람들이 정치를 한다고 국민혈세로 월급을 주나? 북한 간첩도 아닌사람들이 도대체 유비무환도 모르는 사람들이 각부 요직에 않아 있으니 나라가 이꼴이지요? 한다는 짓이 국론분열에 편가르기 조국 수호 화천대유 광우뻥 대통령 탄핵 도대체 정상적인 것이 없는 이나라가 어디로 갑니까?
Ron B
Ron B 14 gün önce
Great spot for a nest, mom! Who can watch this?!!!!!
Berra Araz
Berra Araz 14 gün önce
Wonderful animals
Junan Jordan
Junan Jordan 14 gün önce
Himalayas "NEPAL"
TherichestShooter 14 gün önce
44:0 200 foot falls never letting go 😂k
Bella Sinibaldi
Bella Sinibaldi 14 gün önce
THEY fell off a CLIFF
Ian Kim
Ian Kim 14 gün önce
슬프다 😢
Muhammad Shabbir Hassan
Kindly remove music from video not allowed in Islam Read Quran and talk to your creator the one who created everything Follow Islam because no salvation without Islam
Ahmed Jawad
Ahmed Jawad 15 gün önce
Jin crow ISA
Ahmed Jawad
Ahmed Jawad 15 gün önce
Jin duck ISA
Ahmed Jawad
Ahmed Jawad 15 gün önce
Green Orchards ISA
Ahmed Jawad
Ahmed Jawad 15 gün önce
Ahmed Jawad
Ahmed Jawad 15 gün önce
Ant like creature ISA
Ahmed Jawad
Ahmed Jawad 15 gün önce
Ahmed Jawad
Ahmed Jawad 15 gün önce
Jin reindeer ISA
Ahmed Jawad
Ahmed Jawad 15 gün önce
Jin stag ISA
Ahmed Jawad
Ahmed Jawad 15 gün önce
Jin leopard ISA
Ahmed Jawad
Ahmed Jawad 15 gün önce
Vulture is God ISA
Ahmed Jawad
Ahmed Jawad 15 gün önce
Food from sky ISA
Sleepy Baby
Sleepy Baby 15 gün önce
This was so stressful. Poor babies!
Ameer Uddin
Ameer Uddin 15 gün önce
Henry Trinh
Henry Trinh 15 gün önce
Why the barnacle gooses didn't bring the chicks down by their beaks, instead of letting them uncontrollably fall like that :'(
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