Most Insane Paint Job EVER! Step-by-Step Process on the AMMO Porsche 964

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This is the 4th and final episode of the AMMO Porsche 964 build. This video will show you the step by step process of a concours paint job and how this will allow you to clear bra, wax or seal your car in only 7 days! New custom wheels, headlights, roll bar, headliner, carpets, complete clear bra and so much more. This is by far the largest and most complicated film ever produced by Make Rain Productions. Hope you enjoy this TV worth episode. -Larry
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Grit Guard & Washboard amzn.to/34d66m4
Stanley FatMax amzn.to/2Pr0iRM
Rupes Paint Light amzn.to/2JxzGuD
Clay Bar amzn.to/2NmWkXP
Wash Mitt amzn.to/330wYWc
Invisible Glass amzn.to/2PrCNrN
Megs D300 amzn.to/2BUnXSQ
Foam Applicator Pads amzn.to/2MVU7U6
Foam Gun amzn.to/2PEgNub
Wheel Woolies amzn.to/32YhGBx
Tar Remover amzn.to/2pYK6ga
Tire Gel Applicator amzn.to/2MVcf0o
Festool Vacuum amzn.to/31Vv6wN
Milwaukee Packout amzn.to/32VthkE
Milwaukee 1/2 in Impact amzn.to/32X8gWF
Milwaukee Wireless Spkr amzn.to/34bv2KL
Milwaukee LED Light amzn.to/2MUaCjD
Milwaukee M-Spector 360 Console amzn.to/31TDmxm
Milwaukee Fan amzn.to/2peO9VE
Milwaukee Rapid Charge amzn.to/2Wp2UB7
Festool Vacuum Crevice amzn.to/34benXD
Rupes Polisher 21 amzn.to/2NisKCQ
Rupes Polisher 3-in. amzn.to/2Wnl9Hj
Megs Foam Polishing Disc 6" amzn.to/2PqILJD
Megs Foam Cutting Disc 6" amzn.to/2MXPbOT
Rupes Bag amzn.to/2PulLcw
Positector Paint Depth Gauge amzn.to/2JwqOpf
Mercury Spray Bottle amzn.to/2PrFRnN
Masterblaster amzn.to/2C4Rt8F
CR Spotless Water Filter amzn.to/31Y7DuW
Megs MF finish 3" amzn.to/2N04Ugp
Megs MF finish 5" amzn.to/2Pulq9L
Megs MF finish 6" amzn.to/2q1TO19
Megs MF cutting 3" amzn.to/2BTDSAY
Megs MF cutting 5" amzn.to/2Nju1tk
Megs MF cutting 6" amzn.to/2q1TX4H
Black Wow amzn.to/2PtG4XH
Megs M205 amzn.to/2JwrNpr
Megs M105 amzn.to/2Ps31dS
RoboReel amzn.to/2Pud6qP
Steam Machine VX5000 amzn.to/368WBGm
Elcometer Paint Depth amzn.to/2NkP52A
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Gorilla Gloves amzn.to/36k2ZLg
Long-handled Window Scrubber amzn.to/2JyxZgJ
Loew-Cornell Fine line painting pen amzn.to/2JMhPAz
Fight Tech Dust Mask amzn.to/34bPZVR
Carpet Brushes amzn.to/2qQiWIx
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13 Sep 2017




Yük bağlantısı.....


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South Town
South Town 3 yıl önce
THE SECOND, Larry says"I'm still going to drive it..." I shout "MY MAN!!!" My girlfriend walks in to see what's going on... After I explain, she says "THAT is EXACTLY why we love AMMO!"
Henry Collins
Henry Collins 6 gün önce
@Joshua Ingram what gives you the grounds to speak on this?
Syed Qasim
Syed Qasim Aylar önce
How much did it cost
Jan Theunissen
Jan Theunissen Aylar önce
@Gregory Horvath u
Jan Theunissen
Jan Theunissen Aylar önce
CHAMINDA ROSHAN 3 aylar önce
Stance_life Saatler önce
20 different blacks Me:”they all look the same”
Lucas C.
Lucas C. 4 saatler önce
Perfect road in the end of video.. Feel extremely satisfaction seeing the result of such a hard work in this perfect scenario.. Speechless!
Andrew Gould
Andrew Gould 22 saatler önce
The deranged jaguar expectantly balance because desk molecularly radiate plus a grandiose mustard. changeable, cumbersome bait
littlejonnywonny Gün önce
thefirst bushman
thefirst bushman 3 gün önce
top quality content as always
Kieran Clifton
Kieran Clifton 4 gün önce
I just wanna know how much the full resto cost lol
5 gün önce
2:45 which black do I like. **Starts running quadratic equations**
soon han
soon han 6 gün önce
THE DIY PRO 7 gün önce
Excellent painting tips as always bro keep it up ur my inspiration on making spraypainting videos on my channel...check it out guys
Rayool S
Rayool S 7 gün önce
those lights are hot
power pipe
power pipe 8 gün önce
concord paint job with no sealer ?
power pipe
power pipe 8 gün önce
dont get me wrong , it" looks" great
henk galbak
henk galbak 8 gün önce
i would do the inside before the outside, free tip!
Stephen Tebbutt
Stephen Tebbutt 8 gün önce
HI, stunning car I wouldn't like the final bill the hours in labour make the mind boggle. with that said it worth every dollar congrats. And you will use it not like a lot car owners you just stick them in a garage to look at.
marius dulan
marius dulan 9 gün önce
One word. Stunning!
Scarto 10 gün önce
Watching those old geezers machine sand all of those curves,how i would love to see this car in flesh.
Marco Aurélio
Marco Aurélio 11 gün önce
ur guys are so lucky to almost freely costum your cars! here am i having to deal with a 300€ ticket for having the car "manifestivly low"... law here does not even say nothing about lowering the car to a specific height.....
Marco Aurélio
Marco Aurélio 11 gün önce
wait!!!! is that a portuguese plate at 28:10? ahahahahh CrazY!!!!!!!
Coordinator61 11 gün önce
These cars were never like this coming out of the factory.
ItsiDutchyy 11 gün önce
4:57 that was verry satisfying
Spookydog 12 gün önce
nasa level paint
Keith Clark
Keith Clark 12 gün önce
90% of the steps and procedures are Overkill b******* to accomplish something simple
Damien Morales
Damien Morales 12 gün önce
I wonder how much this costs
Jared Anthony
Jared Anthony 12 gün önce
Larry you are absolutely awesome bro!
Daniel Batista
Daniel Batista 12 gün önce
Awesome job, thanks for sharing!👍😁
Cenk Aytekin
Cenk Aytekin 13 gün önce
Koenigsegg has 32 layers to my knowledge
Ken Harty
Ken Harty 13 gün önce
Nice paint job
Daniel Triantopoulos
Daniel Triantopoulos 14 gün önce
Every automotive shop has a frank that holds all the wisdom, tips and tricks haha.
Kurt Diminieux
Kurt Diminieux 15 gün önce
Sorting out the rust and end up building you a BRAND NEW Car :) ;) ;) ;) ;) you should call it 'Steve Austin' - "We have the technology to build the first bionic car, better, faster and stronger" :) ;) ;) ;) :) ;) ;) :)
Mario Haro
Mario Haro 15 gün önce
Incredible. The workmanship and attention to detail left me in awe. Nice car btw 🤙
glen herron
glen herron 15 gün önce
A perfect paint job requires no polishing. If water base paint is to dry the lacquer will peel off after a while.
Daweisstebescheid 15 gün önce
Paul Klupacs
Paul Klupacs 15 gün önce
Clearbra 13mils thick? Maybe more like 1.3mils thick right?
Donald Duckie
Donald Duckie 15 gün önce
Michelangelo’s of the car world. Absolutely beautiful paint job.
IRON60 BITCH 16 gün önce
I painted for jaguar in the 80s and we never did anything less than 8 to 10 coats
IRON60 BITCH 16 gün önce
Sealing body panel was great
IRON60 BITCH 16 gün önce
Always chose colors in day light
IRON60 BITCH 16 gün önce
Painting is 99% prep
Custom Refinishers Australia
If it was painted properly you shouldnt need to polish it!!! You've just ruined the paints integrity!!!
jonki leshi
jonki leshi 16 gün önce
The bumpy toilet ontogenically store because poland complementarily slip regarding a optimal himalayan. motionless, arrogant teeth
Pci Craftsman
Pci Craftsman 16 gün önce
If you payed me 1k per day to drive the car with those UNBELIEVABLY PAINFULLY UGLY RIMS I COULDN'T DO IT. THEIR JUST UNBELIEVABLY UGLY. Oh and this guy is any shops worse nightmare.
DrE38 17 gün önce
27:29 - damn, that guy is beefy!
80" Reach
80" Reach 17 gün önce
They can paint my car r everyday.. People will pay for quality work
Bill 17 gün önce
So what the estimate on THE outside black PAINT JOB?
xxiv.x 17 gün önce
everybody loves 964, that's why the owners of such vehicle can make lots of videos about one particular car
Jonathan Constancio
Jonathan Constancio 17 gün önce
Bro this is why I follow you. You giving props to all of the other professional trades. Hats off brother! This is why you will be successful! You get it!
mr grumpy
mr grumpy 18 gün önce
no doubt about it .. they did a really wonderful job.
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 18 gün önce
how much kost that at the and?
Greg’s Machines
Greg’s Machines 18 gün önce
13 mm thick wrap! Are you sure ? That’s half an inch. 1.3 mm sounds more realistic.
Craig Monteforte
Craig Monteforte 19 gün önce
Awesome work !
S2XCREW 19 gün önce
Hey do they have any shops here in Florida lol. I Need my Car Painted.
Cindi Salvatore
Cindi Salvatore 19 gün önce
Beautiful. Only comment is on the new headlights...they may make is safer for YOU at night, but they blind other drivers -- which isn't safe at all.
william killiner
william killiner 19 gün önce
now get out there and thrash the bejeezus out of it.. lol..
Baybars Han
Baybars Han 19 gün önce
Bentley Black, never heard of it before but I just love it.
John Gizzi
John Gizzi 20 gün önce
The black one....lol
John Gizzi
John Gizzi 20 gün önce
Prep is 90% of a perfect paint job....
John Gizzi
John Gizzi 20 gün önce
Looks like GLASS.....NICE JOB.
Audi 1
Audi 1 20 gün önce
Love your car i always wanted and loved older porshces
ripperro 20 gün önce
Whats the price on the whole job, 20k?
chezz565 20 gün önce
Final bill total?
Harman P Johnson
Harman P Johnson 21 gün önce
Fannanical! Ape
Brian Westmoreland
Brian Westmoreland 21 gün önce
Make me want to take my minivan in and get it done, I want it to be painted like an Orca.
Joe G
Joe G 21 gün önce
Awesome! Beautiful car!
nitetrane98 21 gün önce
There is absolutely no reason to find any imperfection in a "final" inspection.
booskii. 22 gün önce
firecloud77 22 gün önce
Which part is the "insane" part?
Matt Stephens
Matt Stephens 22 gün önce
Why? The logic escapes me..why one would pay that much for a track car to be painted.... It looks great. But that in Toronto would be done for in a week. I suppose you didn't pay the full price cause it was a win win for them as well, getting noticed on their work...which I'm sure they aren't as meticulous off camera. All that work and money then and you still have a bra on it...then track it.... No sense.
Gill Chan
Gill Chan 22 gün önce
The zealous workshop elderly snore because mint sequently save failing a quack dime. inquisitive, poised dime
Grant Leo Leo
Grant Leo Leo 22 gün önce
Thanks for the shout-out to the trades. I was a custom finisher/sprayer for 30 years in millwork/furniture industry. I've finished 100k gloss kitchens that require the same finishing procedures as shown in this video. 100's of hours wetsanding and polishing. Nice work 👍
Elblancochingon 22 gün önce
IDIOT for wrapping that paint job! In real life (NOT youtube!) It can't possibly look as good through a wrap! You'll also regret it n after years when yo try to take it off...guaranteed!
Elblancochingon 22 gün önce
No...it could NOT be "literally dropped in the ocean and not rust" if you truly believe that you're an idiot! Prove it!
Dillan Mistry
Dillan Mistry 22 gün önce
Normally black shows defects more than other colours but it shows the defects rather than hiding it
Hauoli Reeves
Hauoli Reeves 22 gün önce
I’m glad I watch this! Thanks for the lesson!
bobcharlotte 22 gün önce
...olly shite...
Stukaman 23 gün önce
How fortunate you are to live in a country that enables you to spend a lot of money to get what you want so you can drive to the store for groceries and gas.
A B 23 gün önce
its a good paint job but I wouldn't call it "most insane paint job ever". Lots of visible orange peel (for example 27:25) - unless of course that is an artefact of the wrap?
BadBrad61169 23 gün önce
Those D90s look amazing. I want to get some for my 944t, it has the 16s, but i think the custom 17s would look better.
david goldstein
david goldstein 23 gün önce
Unbelievably great work they are all artists in their own right , congratulations. I hope their business thrives after this , they deserve it.
Manny Bruce
Manny Bruce 23 gün önce
To think that a stray Wal-Mart Adamantium shopping cart will demolish that paint job .
Omar Moussa
Omar Moussa 23 gün önce
22:20 they stole his centre cap I’m guessing
Elblancochingon 22 gün önce
Probably cause they all know the wheels are hideous
Scotty Walker
Scotty Walker 23 gün önce
The string on the windows is an old school trick!
Scotty Walker
Scotty Walker 23 gün önce
A little insurance is never a bad thing !
Muhammad Hosni
Muhammad Hosni 23 gün önce
Greetings to the great team!
Chris Top Speed
Chris Top Speed 24 gün önce
Its not the finish line, Its the JOURNEY !! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Amr Elwerein
Amr Elwerein 24 gün önce
Micah Paul
Micah Paul 24 gün önce
Wow .Vain.Vanityof Vanities. I pray that the God of Abraham holds u accountable for this waste of money! While there are hundreds of thousands of people with out a home ,or food .I hate snobbery ! I pray that you are humbled. AMEN
Hoover E Londono
Hoover E Londono 24 gün önce
Love your OCD Bro love it
JR 24 gün önce
Hi Larry, love the channel and content. I have a 1996 993 C4S. Have had it since 1999. Want to have it concourse painted and full clear bra wrapped as you did. I do not race it as you do but I do drive it when time allows. Need your advice as to where to do this.
emre deli
emre deli 24 gün önce
how the hack there is still orange peel?
God Bless America
God Bless America 24 gün önce
Beautiful car I feel ya buddy, I’m insanely OCD about cars too
Misty Tharpe
Misty Tharpe 25 gün önce
I think, I think . I hate you a little bit. 😜
Ivo Gomes
Ivo Gomes 25 gün önce
There is a Portuguese plate on the wall??
1234carramba 25 gün önce
bill gregory
bill gregory 25 gün önce
this is a million dollar cost spray job
W T F ?
W T F ? 25 gün önce
Some folks have more money, than common sense.
Jonathan Lemuel Mallare
2021 still watching this. Anyone?
BRYANT4THE3 25 gün önce
Damn 20 different blacks
BRYANT4THE3 25 gün önce
I just wanna know how much was this job? Lol
Shane Jumbo
Shane Jumbo 25 gün önce
I would just buy a good paint job porsche kid.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 25 gün önce
RWB 993 Norway Build #1 | "Ruri" (4K)