Most Depressing Country.

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I have no more words.



28 Eyl 2019




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Borsalino Kizaru
Borsalino Kizaru 2 yıl önce
My only question is why does the North Korean government exist? If a government isn’t there to serve the people, what point does it serve?
iikimida 7 gün önce
You have a very cute perspective and definition of government. They are there to govern, with power, not to serve. I hope you build that polital service entity one day, but for now, men seek power by governing other men.
Joris Bohnson
Joris Bohnson 8 aylar önce
They simply give their dark arts the go-ahead. There’s just no good life for the locals there unfortunately. Deeply saddening.
Justin Bieber Malaysia
Serve themselves
Dr.Shagrat 9 aylar önce
To be powerfull there , you have to be slefish , and cruel... and the more power you have... you become even more power hungry ... why? Cus they know ... that if they ... stop being like this ... they will go out of the goverment... get poor or shoot.... so yea.... they really dont have a choice .... beacause they will be dead ... they and theri familis
It's something special
Man! You literally risked your life by going into that country!! Huge respect!!
F_JunJian (School)
F_JunJian (School) 8 gün önce
@Raman Singh yea
Raman Singh
Raman Singh 12 gün önce
But I think going there isn't that risky What more risky is that recording this video and publishing it!
浩轩 徐
浩轩 徐 Aylar önce
I used to live near the border of North Korea in China and the conditions in the video was totally true! The policies in the country was horrible and against humanity.
Hawk Eye
Hawk Eye 15 gün önce
@Fina Fina don't worry son it'll soon
Fina Fina
Fina Fina 15 gün önce
@Hawk Eye An independent country that cannot join United Nations, an independent country that is only recognize by 14 countries
Hawk Eye
Hawk Eye 16 gün önce
@Fina Fina Taiwan is not part of China. It's independent country
Daniel Wang
Daniel Wang 20 gün önce
@mohammad hadi u could
tangang becky
tangang becky Aylar önce
It's depressing even watching this. Thank you Nas Daily for this documentary, this has been quite interesting yet so sad.
정성주 21 gün önce
as a south korean, I'm so heartbroken.
Vivek 11 aylar önce
Massive respect for bringing this out to the world. Also, do not go to North Korea again. The leaders might be knowing you now.
Nagore Arbaiza
Nagore Arbaiza 3 aylar önce
I have more then 500 pintures, ...you are alloqed to take pictures mostly everywhere you go during the visitt... of course that everything is orquestrated, and that you must go with 3 "guides"... but some thinhs are a bit exagerated...in terms of sensationalism. The place is a shit, and the poor people lives like in a big coult... but i even have north korean currency in my travelling wall, and the north korean military system is not looking for me as a criminal...hahaha
SMASHANDBURN0329 7 aylar önce
@BOSNIAN JESUS nas daily is israeli though
Dante Toshiro64
Dante Toshiro64 22 gün önce
Yeah, this is just so insane and so messed up like on a whole new level entirety of hell on earth I mean man the state of this video's atmosphere alone changed my progression on how I viewed life and want to thank you for making such a thing like this man... I know this video is quite old well only about 3 years old but still I just want to thank you for making this the Best way you could showing the other side of the world besides N.K. that they are such a mess in such trivial mess upon nonsense. I can't say it enough to how messed up it is but how grateful I am to not have been born in that country or come from that kind of place that's poor but full of war on violence like if it was WW2 again or something lol honestly if I had of came from a country like that unlike the U.S.A. and realized what situation I was in from other people the I'd probably would have ended my own life by now or something like that because being held prison in a (In My Opinion) Hitlerlike country which is more worse than a prison because even in prisons or jails I believe from the states at least let you carry a bible or read a book here and there don't they? Well yeah from there in North Korea though man life just wouldn't seem the same for me and really couldn't blame anyone for taking their own life their living in such a hellhole of a situation so I'd cry for them too. It shakes my soul in such a uncomfortable way seeing something like that. Maybe that is how World War 2 was after all or the closet thing to it maybe..
TotallyGoodAtFTF Aylar önce
Big respect to the Camera-Man and Nas to be able to film this entire area and Nas taking a selfie with a north korean.
Tilt_Swea 7 gün önce
Nas isnt his name
-G🦋m 8 gün önce
This broke my heart to see that all the peaceful stuff singing,dancing,celebrating is happening to all countries including Bangladesh. We should bring more peace to North Korea and not make it like a prison.
SenderK Aylar önce
Someone who DOESN’T live in North Korea, I can unsafely say around the government that I have no opinion on North Korea, thank you for listen to my ted talk.
PYW 2 yıl önce
My parents: We are strict parents. Kim: Wait, hold my statue.
Louis Pouliot
Louis Pouliot 14 gün önce
@Taneev Borah You don't know rich then. Maybe hold my Assault Riffle more. lol
skyler29 15 gün önce
mongolian parents: hold my foood
Yui 16 gün önce
@Arnik Chakraborty Asian parents: hold my beer
DxrkScope_YouTube Aylar önce
@Arnik Chakraborty YESSIRR LMFAO
Razøn 2.0
Razøn 2.0 24 gün önce
OMG! I hope all the people in North Korea are okay.I hope one day North Korea will be like South Korea and becomes un-depressing.
Los momazos de Manuel
There are high chances for that to happen. After many leaders maybe one of them will think good about North Korea and start caring less of the army but more in the people.
Ramanan Nair
Ramanan Nair Aylar önce
2:53 this is only part in the video that made me laugh...😂😂
Mewkiki0 20 gün önce
Props to this man for making it out alive
ChristianoLord9 22 gün önce
Everyone: Man that’s a very depressing country, thanks for documenting! Me and a few others: THIS DUDE RISKED HIS LIFE BY DOING THIS, HE DESERVES SUBS AND LIKES
ChristianoLord9 22 gün önce
@Goro akechi interesting
Amerun 2 yıl önce
“Please do not take pictures of military personnel” Nas: Vlogs infront of them
enjoy kids
enjoy kids 10 gün önce
Chamber of thoughts
Chamber of thoughts 13 gün önce
It was in DMZ
Zainab 25 gün önce
Yeah don't cause if you do your gonna go to jail!
catmeows2031Plays 26 gün önce
he did something called pro move
Siddharth Acharya
Siddharth Acharya 9 aylar önce
romeo guille
romeo guille Aylar önce
Them : It's not allowed to take military personnel in uniform . Him: " Not a PICTURE but a VIDEO " Woohhhhh .
GetReadyToSeeHere Aylar önce
You deserve to be the best !!! I hope we “little ones” learn from you and climb as fast as possible !!! Good job !!!
이도하도하 8 gün önce
I like how you pronounced it the most depressing country 😂
Maruku Aylar önce
I just remember when WCW went there. Apparently Ric Flair was so happy to be outta there that he kissed the ground when he landed in free Japan. The government wanted Ric Flair to betray the US by saying that North Korea was the best, but he was like "NEVER!".
Mr. Bald Guy
Mr. Bald Guy 2 yıl önce
Imagine they check your phone's gallery, but you got there some Korean memes stored and it makes the guard laugh.
Leo 고시윤
Leo 고시윤 2 gün önce
Ha!That is funny! Then Kim-Jong-Un will put him in jail!
¿mxštïç 26 gün önce
w3ridc0r3 Aylar önce
The super System
The super System Aylar önce
Squid game anyone
TGDRP ROBLOX 2 aylar önce
Uh oh, thst will end bad
whatever 2 aylar önce
These kinds of videos make me feel proud and grateful of being born in MY country and not THIS
Kande Blubaugh
Kande Blubaugh Aylar önce
NOW DO SOUTH KOREA! Please? If you wanna do it late go ahead! As long we like and HEART your vids we'll still love them!
Ra C
Ra C Aylar önce
They really don’t know what happened outside their country. They literally like living in an isolated island.
azyliee11 21 gün önce
Respects to Nas for going to North Korea and escaping just for this video.
waya 2 yıl önce
“Please do not take pictures of any soldiers” This man: you never said I couldn’t take a video
Jacqueline Perea
Jacqueline Perea 11 gün önce
Alyson 18 gün önce
@Dipron-DPPT who tf cares
ceptemzorpus 21 gün önce
those are many photos tho
☝️☝️For Help/Guidance on building/investing/financial portfolio🚀🚀
Les76 2 aylar önce
You made me 😢! Wow, this is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!! And a lot of us think that we have it Bad!! In reality we all don't know what Bad is!! I WILL PRAY FOR THESE PEOPLE!! GOD PLEASE BLESS THEM😇🙏!! And you said something about South Korea, I assume it is the same way over there too, or am I wrong?💜😇🙏
T-ray The Kid
T-ray The Kid 13 gün önce
South Korea is an amazing country with happiness and cool new technology
Ahmad Danesh Rassa
Ahmad Danesh Rassa Aylar önce
When he said "the people don't matter and its only the weapons that matter," it reminded of a certain country that preaches freedom to others.
General Content
General Content 25 gün önce
"There is no stable power" Pakistan and India: I feel ya
xAlphaBxtch 6 gün önce
Seeing the children broke my heart
Mustafa Baykoz
Mustafa Baykoz 2 yıl önce
And the saddest part is that the people living there think the whole world’s like their country
Bennett Pilch
Bennett Pilch 12 gün önce
How do you know?
Sean Hernandez
Sean Hernandez 16 gün önce
@Just Someone I was born there in the Philippines
quiet 17 gün önce
they sometimes don't even know theres any other thing out there except for their country
Gaming with eagle Official
@Just Someone Philippines have also a lot of stict rule like no divorce
DumbCan 26 gün önce
@Simli :(
JxcksTTV Aylar önce
Sometimes, I’ve heard rumors that the kids are being taught and shown pretty graphic cartoons, and I think I can use my memory form that the cartoons were having firing guns, blood, over the top military (like salutes, border control, ect.) and just overall gore. None of this should be shown, and thank god it’s basically illegal in pretty much everywhere else.
Animeisthebest 27 gün önce
im so happy now i was really sad and depressed when lived in north korea
cherry soup
cherry soup Aylar önce
I admire this man for recording this
MuradGamig 24 gün önce
The fact that he risked his own life videoing and breaking laws
Ferdinand Esquig
Ferdinand Esquig 2 yıl önce
"North Korea is not a joke" Everyone: proceeds to make every North Korea joke ever.
Centauri A
Centauri A 2 yıl önce
Kim Jong Un Kim Jong Dos Kim Jong Tres Kim Jong Quatro
【Aika】 2 yıl önce
Adirondack Blue ikr? In my school someone wrote “north Korea is depressed please save them =)”
Galactic_ClashX 2 yıl önce
North Korea is a sad place I mean you can’t even believe in the one that made you like really I hope one day god will break open the gates of that place and tier the walls down
Sherlock71 2 yıl önce
There are multiple north koreans that people made? Ok
VATSAL VERMA 26 gün önce
2:15 at this moment I cried for the people of North Korea 😭😭
Night Slash Empire [Owner of NSAFA]
I wonder what it feels to live in North Korea. Lets all pay our respect to the people who suffer there. One day they will be free.
Mortis Aylar önce
I almost cried when the north korean started laughing after saying hi... Poor people living in that prison... It's just heartbreaking 😭
Aam Aylar önce
3:00 These children are so adorable its so disappointing that this country chose military over ANYTHING not people or anything, its so locked up I feel bad for the kids,
Bruh...... 2 yıl önce
South Korea: The chill kid who is friends with everyone in class North Korea: The quiet kid
HKAR Aylar önce
@Ascanio Scarpati Wow the quiet kid must be a huge football/soccer fan then. He has a whole football club at home.
Franz Frand
Franz Frand 2 yıl önce
you were not smart, get over it. Let that hurt go.
Mateus Cabral
Mateus Cabral 2 yıl önce
@Savan No, he meant that most of BULLIES have low self esteem
space dog
space dog 2 yıl önce
super funny and original thank you amone chiau
sophssurf!! -utb luvindie
I pray for North Korea. I feel so bad for them! I am moving to South Korea soon. I really hope North Korea will have freedom soon
Brian Griffin
Brian Griffin Aylar önce
I have a feeling that Nas is being tracked by lots of assassin's hired by different companies he exposed and agents from the countries he exposed. I hope he doesn't get into trouble.
Some content creator
Some content creator 29 gün önce
Seeing how depressing North Korea is makes me wanna cry my eyes out till dry.
Ay Sneh
Ay Sneh 24 gün önce
"And it all makes sense because this country is like a prison" True
Kaylee Kim
Kaylee Kim 2 yıl önce
As a Korean, this is extremely depressing and disappointing. Actually, disappointing is not even fair. I’m honestly mortified
Marcellium Mapping
@Maha r/wooooooosh
V.D. 2 yıl önce
North Koreans do not have access to the internet, they have their own network and computers run on Red Star OS, everything is controlled and isolated from the outside world.
Bruh 2 yıl önce
@XM06 Sir, I am sorry to inform you, that woooosh is clearly with 4 os, and I must hit you with the r/itswooooshwith4os.
The Ink Tank
The Ink Tank 2 yıl önce
Wait do you live in South Korea or some other country?
CraZe Bacongan
CraZe Bacongan 2 yıl önce
@DogeNova erebus asked how he/she was on internet since birdbone said he/she is korean so what are you woooshing if there was no joke?
Omg I have a classmate from North Korea and I was like- “how-HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE”
Alice Lee
Alice Lee Aylar önce
me from south korea coming across this and watching it 😩
BŌÝ ĢĄMĪÑG 24 gün önce
Nas:"and I cried for them(north korea)" Me:"WoW you have a white heart nas❤😍tysm for all ur videos
Rick Astley joined osama
2:07 Bro North Koreans can cycle backwards ?!?!?!?!?!??!?
Seth Mouton
Seth Mouton 2 yıl önce
It’s sad knowing the fate of the kids and everyone else
Help me get to 10k with no videos
@memoranda1 what do dems have to do with north korea? in lost
Ahmed199gamer 7 aylar önce
@New Warehouse imagine caring about military and not the people in ur country I think North Korea doesn’t deserve any people in their Is their any country that can save these poor people from this cruelty?
CareLess 11 aylar önce
Its sad to see this poor people
Florin Faur
Florin Faur Aylar önce
From what I heard, there was the same situation in Romania during the Cold War.
William Ward
William Ward 23 gün önce
bruh when he said no wifi it hit me hard and I cried.
Lazy Productions inc
The man smiled for the first time in a long time 😢
RT Productions
RT Productions 2 aylar önce
"everything is produced internally" Siemens, Volkswagen, Yutong, CRRC, Brilliance, Proton and BYD: So am I a joke to you?
Jessica Diaz
Jessica Diaz 2 yıl önce
2019: raid Area 51 they can’t stop us all 2020: raid North Korea they need us all
FloatingBurger 3 aylar önce
Rong D. Memer
Rong D. Memer 3 aylar önce
@ឯម មុនីឃីម ohhhhh a khmer with dio pfp that's rare nice to meet you fellow kom pu chea
Because I'm A Potato
Because I'm A Potato 11 aylar önce
Can we delay to 2022 because pandemic?
Austioperosis 11 aylar önce
2021: escape from North Korea
Bread 11 aylar önce
What about rockets? If the invasion like this happens, the nuclear war is guaranteed
S 19 gün önce
North Korea really needs to change and make happiness like its neighbour, South Korea 🇰🇷 🇰🇵
ITzKracke 2 aylar önce
0:52 how Haram can a country be
 amazing person
amazing person 17 gün önce
Now it makes me sad to see those people suffering ever day of their lives
Basically TrollZilla ❶
This man really had to travel there to suffer for a video to see what it’s like
First World Problems
It’s so depressing how lifeless that country looks and how stuck those people are. Compared to South Korea it’s like a whole new world ...
christian lim
christian lim 2 yıl önce
First World Problems its a hell
PotatoThe Weirdo
PotatoThe Weirdo 2 yıl önce
Yea like they are two opposite worlds
WillZ IRL 2 yıl önce
It’s a whole NEW WORLD no MiSSiles no leaders on EVERY Bulding
Hxppy__ 2 yıl önce
Me: *reads comment* My brain: A WHOLE NEW WORLDDDDD~
glarxscake 2 yıl önce
A dazzling place i never knew
Simple Construction LTD
Nas: the soldiers check every page of every book you have Me who has a 2000 page bible: ok i will bring it Also Nas: religion is banned
HighDamage Youtube Police
nas:”North Korea is depressing” school:am I a joke to you?
toothtaste 16 gün önce
"They will check your photos on your phone" Thats all i need to know, nevermind.
Bianca Dancer
Bianca Dancer Aylar önce
When I watch this I realize how lucky I am
Doapin 2 yıl önce
“Pray for North Korea” North Korea: *Wait, that’s illegal*
¿mxštïç 2 gün önce
Pray for mha Stans
Dizon Mark
Dizon Mark 19 gün önce
wtf hahahah north korea : praying is forbid here
Remigiusz Pachocki
Remigiusz Pachocki 19 gün önce
CrisEnPvP 24 gün önce
SFS Hydro
SFS Hydro 28 gün önce
Pray to roblox so i can play roblox in north korea🤣🤣🤣
Making Sense of This World ♥ Equilibrium
Thanks to my TRvid monthly email I got to see this. Best of luck my friend. Blessings from Italy 🇮🇹🙏
CrisEnPvP 24 gün önce
I love how he uses the same shirt every time
Ashmi_Hxre2022 21 gün önce
Finally,respect has an ACTUAL MEANING Hes literally risking himself showing us the military uniforms being caught just for a video!!
My name is Léonie
My name is Léonie Aylar önce
Let’s take a moment of silence for all the children living there
Sunset . デビル
Sunset . デビル 2 yıl önce
Soldier: “lemme check your phone.” Me: (chuckles) “I’m in danger”
Frosted Flakes
Frosted Flakes 2 yıl önce
Funny thing is they don't ask
Op_ Bozo
Op_ Bozo 2 yıl önce
[̲̅ρ̲̅y̲̅я̲̅α̲̅k̲̅є̲̅] lol
Fib 2 yıl önce
@Gabriel Oliveira *Incognito
Light YagamI ツ
Light YagamI ツ 2 yıl önce
@Citavalo I feel you man feel ya
Fely P.
Fely P. 2 yıl önce
S**t they gonna see my loli pictures
Rocky Is Burnt
Rocky Is Burnt 3 gün önce
Imagine a North Korean civilian on top of the train that they were at going in the China
Tom the Kracken Guy
We seriously need to take action against this as its neighbouring countries like russia and china are also like this just different but north korea is on another level of this and needs to be shown if we want it to be different we need to show the people of north korea what its like outside of the country but unfortunately its physically impossible the soldiers dont know the people dont know it is only the government if things go downhill in Ukraine it will be either be the end or the rise of north koreas segregation to the world
Nex BS
Nex BS 6 gün önce
Nas has big balls to go into North Korea, let alone record
Okumu Oyengo
Okumu Oyengo Aylar önce
I can't imagine living without internet
BeachioSand -Formerly DoomPerson89-
North Koreans actually have internet, but it’s extremely restricted.
Sebastian Davis
Sebastian Davis 2 yıl önce
This is so sad. I can’t imagine living there.
CIV 6 aylar önce
@Kloor cool i like that Power is what matters 🤤💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
unknown 8 aylar önce
powerful gamer
powerful gamer 8 aylar önce
The threat of war
KnowPie 🍰
KnowPie 🍰 8 aylar önce
i think you can live if you don't act as spy
FX EDITS 11 aylar önce
@Heisenberg what?
Mohammad Muneeb
Mohammad Muneeb 24 gün önce
As a wise man once said if in Korea never go north but always go south
Abby Shumka
Abby Shumka 23 gün önce
Now I see why my friend moved away from north Korea
Alice Lee
Alice Lee Aylar önce
it’s actually so sad 😭 😔 😞 tho
cleasy Aylar önce
im praying for your life man
Otis Lm
Otis Lm 2 yıl önce
“Everything that is produced is produced internally” JUST LET THAT SINK IN
Jj ψ
Jj ψ 7 aylar önce
@Mr. Pickle LMAOO
Stellar Politics
Stellar Politics 11 aylar önce
It's called the result of foreign sanctions disallowing participation in world markets. *Sourced Review* This video has to be satire. It's terrible documentation nonetheless. Let's break everything down. To the select few that read this, thank you, my goal isn't to make you believe anything, my goal is to inspire intellectual and educational criticism. > *"Soldiers will inspect everything you own"* This is understandable, even in America, customs officers will search through your belongings, worse yet, nearly all technology has tracking and recording software. > *"Religion is banned"* Presbyterian Minister Gang Ryang Uk served as vice president of North Korea [1972-1982] Methodist Minister Kim Chang Jun served as vice chairman in the People's Assembly Constitutions (1948, 1972, 1992) guarantee freedom of religion and non-religion. Source: Sourced article - politicaltheology.com/religion-in-the-democratic-peoples-republic-on-korea/ > *"Extreme Poverty"* Counter Source: Hwang, Eui Gak. The Korean economies: a comparison of the North and South. Oxford University Press, 1993. Counter Source: Sourced Article, WHO's economic/medical info are outdated - www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-pacific-10665964 > *"Extreme Isolation"* Counter Source: Interview with South Korean Intelligence on the truth about defectors, Interview with North Korean citizens in South Korea - trvid.com/video/video-ktE_3PrJZO0.html > *"No Freedom"* Too vague to address, an empty statement. > *"No WIFI"* Counter Source: Interview with North Korean on their Internet Acess and Foreign Media, cym.ie/2018/05/28/a-conversation-with-a-north-korean-citizen/ Counter Source: South Korean Man Arrested for Re-Tweeting North Korean Government's Twitter Account gizmodo.com/south-korean-man-arrested-for-re-tweeting-north-korean-5881771 > *"No Facebook"* Counter Source: [Western internet, apps, and media are very largely accessible by the North Korean population] - cym.ie/2018/05/28/a-conversation-with-a-north-korean-citizen/ > *"No Access to the Outside World"* Counter Source: North Koreans usually leave the country for work, business, and studying - Sourced Article: www.youngpioneertours.com/can-north-koreans-travel/ Counter Source: Interview with North Korean citizens in South Korea - trvid.com/video/video-ktE_3PrJZO0.html > *"Closed Community" "Produced Internally" "Little Trade"* Yes, this is true. Many nations support sanctions against North Korea, North Korea's ideology conflicts with their own, pro-rich agendas such as economic imperialism. These sanctions are a large cause of the harm that North Koreans face. Source: Serious concern about sanctions’ impact on North Korea aid work - Sourced Article www.nknews.org/2017/12/serious-concern-about-sanctions-impact-on-north-korea-aid-work-un-dprk-rep/?c=1512654806814 Source: North Korea, “Genocide by Sanctions”: UN Double Standards Pertaining to Sanctions and their Devastating Social Impacts - www.globalresearch.ca/north-korea-un-double-standards-pertaining-to-sanctions-and-their-devastating-social-impacts/5364484 > *"North Korea is Poor"* Sourced Article: the myth of the North Korean economic collapse - www.globalresearch.ca/doom-and-gloom-or-economic-boom-the-myth-of-the-north-korean-economic-collapse/5380495 > *"On the highway - Few Cars"* Most citizens have free public transportation such as coal trains, bikes, and subways. They cannot produce cars because resources for cars are not in North Korea, and North Korea can't get them because of sanctions. > *"Because people can't afford them"* No, North Korea as a whole isn't allowed to get them, see above @ cars. > *"No stable power"* Source: North Korea TRUELY at night - cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/396703734400286720/414135952177627146/10494696_1448081815445046_6299519338931416842_n.png Source of image - webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:V80xvcDCCmEJ:en.paperblog.com/the-north-korea-is-dark-at-night-lie-1243799/&hl=en&gl=us&strip=1&vwsrc=0 *"No stable power" My observation:* The documenter is being very unprofessional especially here, where he shows a 2-second clip saying "power went out again" in the dark. That is not enough to make the outstanding claim, where are the power outage statistics? At least interview some people and ask how often power goes out. > *"Poverty is Apparent"* Shows a healthy-looking, well-dressed person sweeping stairs looks better than America's garbage cleaners. > *"People are trapped inside"* Shows people outside, while I've already sourced North Korea's ability to leave the country. Counter Source: North Koreans usually leave the country for work, business, and studying - Sourced Article: www.youngpioneertours.com/can-north-koreans-travel/ Counter Source: Interview with North Korean citizens in South Korea - trvid.com/video/video-ktE_3PrJZO0.html > *"What do you want to say to the camera"* It is unprofessional to assume anything from this exchange. What we can observe is a healthy, well-dressed man saying hi will a smile on his face, laughing, willingly taking a selfie (obviously familiar with what one is). From appearances, looks like your standard business attire, my hypothesis is the person is on his way to work, and analysis of body language determines a sense of needing somewhere to be. > *"They don't matter"* An empty statement not worth addressing. > *"What matters is the missile, the tank, the soldiers..."* Another empty statement. Based on North Korea's good economy and healthcare, we have more reason to believe that multiple things matter to the government, including its means of national defense. Nearly all nations have missiles, tanks, and soldiers. > *"Fake illusion of power"* There is nothing fake about their power, nuclear weapons are the 'paper tiger' that keeps them from being invaded by say, those who emplace genocidal sanctions, like their Southern neighbor who constantly trains for fake-invasions upon North Korea. With neighbors like that, I'd want a good defense too. DPRK's military doctrine is to deter conflict and to make the most damage to anyone that harms them. > *"Military displays are everywhere in the country"* Wow, pretty fireworks, I wonder what's militaristic about that and where the proof is of this statement. Even if that is a military display, where's the proof of that, where's the proof that it's "*everywhere* when we only see one location? You do realize many countries have legal fireworks all year round? > *"Leaders on every building"* At 2:14 where are the leaders on those buildings? Admiring the national significance of those who contribute is nothing crazy. Man, wait until this guy visits Washington DC! > *"This is what the country chose to focus on at every cost"* Couldn't even interview any citizens, or better yet, higher-ranking officials for that claim? > "*And not this*" shows singing students in school (trying to say bad/lack of education?) Counter Source: North Korea: Achievements in Health and Education - www.globalresearch.ca/north-korea-their-health-system-sucks-do-they-have-schools-and-hospitals-in-america-weve-got-medicare-2/5604293 Side Observation: Looks like those children are wearing traditional Korean hanbok, which is commonly celebrated in North Korea. We have no proof that these children are from North Korea, BUT we have no proof that these children are from the South either. Unprofessional footage. > *"Orchestrated for what the government wants you to see"* Another unprofessional claim by the documenter, this claim is conspiratorial as it suggests that all people he documented, every power outage he supposedly witnessed, all firework displays, all displays of the military, everything... was orchestrated? > *"I cried"* If I was as bad of a journalist and documenter as you are, I'd cry too. >*"There country is and will always be a prison"* If DPRK is a prison with healthcare, travel, work, performance shows, fireworks, singing, etc, I prefer this "prison" over any prison, any day. >*"One day it may be as prosperous as its neighbor, South Korea"* Counter Source: A Forgotten Generation: Half Of South Korea's Elderly Live In Poverty - www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2015/04/10/398498496/a-forgotten-generation-half-of-s-koreas-elderly-live-in-poverty Counter Source: South Korean Slave Islands for Disabled People - www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2894429/South-Korea-s-dark-secret-Remote-islands-families-send-mentally-disabled-relatives-work-slaves-salt-farms.html
The Portuguese Communist
That's a good thing
georgiana 2 yıl önce
my home country used to do this kind of stuff.....
PJannat Binte Anwar
PJannat Binte Anwar 14 gün önce
I feel so bad for the people that live there
Asish Deb Roy
Asish Deb Roy Aylar önce
I feel so blessed to be an indian
sbsydney 2 aylar önce
i live in south korea… I wish we could be one already
Shaduza Aylar önce
I genuinely wish North Korea well.
Bobby Schmurda’s Missing Hat
Me: *arrives in North Korea* Freedom and basic human rights: “aight ima head out”
Mundivagant 2 yıl önce
Ulla Britta smitta
darkhorse0404 2 yıl önce
And this is why we need a new crusade
JInxer 2 yıl önce
welcome to egypt
6oulless 2 yıl önce
JustinOnLean 2 yıl önce
@I decided to go the other way! popo
Giang Lê Thu
Giang Lê Thu 2 aylar önce
Respect all countries🥰❤️
JGames Aylar önce
As people who live in America, United Kingdom, Germany, anywhere in Europe and mostly the rest of the world, We don't realize that we have good rights, we take those rights for granted, even though some people who are black are still disrespected, its nothing compared to what the others experience, like Afghanistan or Pakistan where women have 0% rights, or the North Koreans who can't even access the internet or share their opinions on politics. So If you live in a place with freedom and you feel your rights are being disrespected, just think about the people in North Korea. This video almost made me cry.
no father?
no father? 20 gün önce
i am so lucky that im born in my country!
Player Aylar önce
Can we take a moment to respect Nas this video is a risk like I would not go there if I'm a TRvidr
Snow Berry
Snow Berry 2 yıl önce
"They check everything in your phone. " Anime watchers: *sweats nervously*
Us Yart
Us Yart 5 aylar önce
Wolfette Plays
Wolfette Plays 6 aylar önce
@Bready Crumbs buy a burner phone
avalovesyou. 6 aylar önce
Rohan Zener
Rohan Zener 6 aylar önce
Simple solution: visit South Korea instead!
Can I get 2000 Subs?
Can I get 2000 Subs? 6 aylar önce
Don’t worry, I’m sure they won’t mind seeing any anime on your phone. The only thing they care about is media that says anything bad about NK
T133Y 18 gün önce
That guy was an elite that mightve been sent to a concentration camp for speaking to a foreigner. Thats depressing
Shweta Aylar önce
That's the reason why I love my country.....share jahan se achcha Hindustan hamara....proud of my nation India 🇮🇳 ♥
wei xiuqin
wei xiuqin 19 gün önce
Im speechless after this video. I mean like why do they need to be isolated? People should have the same right as the USA and all across the world!
arefin sadot
arefin sadot 10 gün önce
Soldier: Please do not take picture of any military personnel Nas Daily : You never said I can record them
a Yıl önce
“Pray for North Korea” No, pray for the people
joatro kujo
joatro kujo 4 aylar önce
I dont care because i have 100,000 m1abrams tank coming to north korea
BeachioSand -Formerly DoomPerson89-
Pray that they’ll get out of there safe and sound.
Shagun Arya
Shagun Arya 4 aylar önce
pray for north korea pray for the people . just anyone except the person who's behind destroying it
Arleah_gaming Yıl önce
It's true that north korea is the worst county in the world
《little killer》
I was in Korea and I was in Japan now I am in Brasilia so I figured Brasilia is the best place!
Bianca Kelina
Bianca Kelina 27 gün önce
After watching this, I was scared to death and you were right: North Korea is DEPRESSING😨😰 If I was ever there, I would be like “What kind of place is this?!?!!”
does830 13 gün önce
Fun fact: if you were in North Korea you can see your dream TRvidrs that visit North Korea lol
Selsus Aylar önce
Guard: *checks phone* damn u have discord? Nas Daily: yes Soilder: ok call me later
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